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Dewatering Pumps for Mining

The World’s Smartest Dewatering Pump

Whether on the surface or under- With Intelligence Built In • Rapid assessment of operation/
ground, the conditions in mines The ABS submersible dewatering fault history
are harsh. Besides the mud, slurry, pump XJ/XJS is packed with elec- A USB port allows pump condition
stones and rocks, there are large tronic intelligence. Features like to be checked with a PC – without
volumes of water to remove in order AquaTronic, AquaPlug and a smart disassembly.
to keep production moving. level sensor provide major benefits,
• No control panels required
Built-in pump electronics eliminate
This is the real world and it’s tough.
traditional electrical control panels.
It’s the reason Sulzer has taken a
• Correct motor rotation
hard look at mining applications, • Reduced energy consumption
every time
using our experience to develop a and wear
The pump electronically adjusts
new generation of dewatering pumps. The pump can be set to stop at dry
for incorrect phase order.
running and start again at a speci-
The result is the world’s toughest and • Motor protection fied level, which saves energy and
smartest dewatering pump for drain- The pump stops in the event of minimizes wear.
age or sludge. Introducing the ABS a power overload and/or high
submersible dewatering pump XJ/XJS temperature.
– a pump made for the real world.

ABS submersible dewatering ABS submersible dewatering

drainage pump XJ sludge pump XJS

The New ABS Pump for Tough Sites

When you’re working against the With its robust design and smart Key Advantages
clock to meet mine production capabilities, the pump ensures reli- • Plug and pump, and walk away
demands, you need everything to able drainage and sludge dewatering. • Unique design for trouble-free
go right. That’s why you need the That means both an optimal working operation
ABS submersible dewatering pump environment and high production • Robust construction for high
XJ/XJS from Sulzer. efficiency. wear resistance
• Smart features to maximize
pump life
• Saves energy and the environment

Fold out to see how the ABS submersible dewatering pump XJ/XJS saves you both hassle and money.

Smart Reasons for Managers

Mine managers need solid economic Saves Energy and the Environment
reasons for purchasing equipment. • The high-efficiency motor and
The ABS submersible dewatering hydraulics are combined with low-
pump XJ/XJS provides them. Easy friction bearings to reduce power
and safe to use, its trouble-free oper- losses. You achieve low total
ation ensures more time in the water energy costs and minimize your
and less in the workshop. Its low carbon footprint.
energy consumption saves running • Together with the water level
costs as well. The result is a drainage sensor, the AquaPlug control and
and sludge dewatering pump with monitoring module provides cost-
optimal lifecycle economy. effective water level control and
helps lower power consumption.
Trouble-Free Operation
• The new pump design, robust con- Easy Servicing
struction and premium materials • The built-in service software of the
ensure high wear resistance. AquaTronic unit can be viewed on
• With electronic supervision built a PC via USB link.
into the pump, you always know • The condition of the pump can
it’s protected. rapidly be checked without disas-
Easy and Safe to Use • The modular design of the pump
• The correct direction of impeller range saves costs by ensuring
rotation is ensured by our optional maximum pump availability with a
AquaTronic unit. Plug and pump, smaller spare parts inventory.
and walk away.
• Soft-start function with motors Local Support Worldwide
from 8 kW ensures a smooth start • Sulzer has a global reach and pro-
sequence. vides local support for its pump
• The AquaPlug control and moni- ranges. You are assured of excel-
toring module offers a range of lent sales and service assistance,
alarms, enabling quick reaction wherever you are located.
to a potential problem.

Smart Reasons for Users

Users of the ABS submersible Easy to Handle

de­watering pump XJ/XJS will be glad • Stable and balanced design makes
to know that it’s a true plug-and- for a safe and secure installation.
pump unit. There’s no wondering • A vertical handle on top of the
whether the impeller will rotate cor- pump allows simple lifting, either
rectly, or whether the pump will start by hand or machine.
and stop as desired. It’s a stable, safe
and reliable pump that can be trans- Safe Operation
ported and installed easily. Let it do • The pump can be started and
its job, and you’re free to do yours. stopped manually or automatically
with our AquaPlug control and
Plug-and-Pump Installation monitoring module.
• Thanks to our AquaTronic unit, • Environmentally safe white oil is
pumping starts immediately and is used in the oil casing.
fail-safe. The direction of impeller
rotation is always correct. Easy Servicing
• The pump is the first of its kind with • The workshop manual and spare­
built-in compensation for incorrect parts list, readily available in the
phase order. AquaTronic unit, can be viewed on
a PC via USB link.
Reliable Pump Operation
• Built-in pump monitoring avoids
damage due to overheating, water
in the oil or power supply issues.
• Operating efficiency is excellent.
The highly wear-resistant impeller
and adjustable wear ring are both
made of high-chrome alloy steel.
The diffuser is coated with oil-
resistant nitrile rubber.

The Next-Generation Dewatering Pump

Sulzer has over 50 years of experi-

ence with submersible pumps and
plays a leading role in their develop-
ment. As increasing demands are
placed on our customers, we enable
them to work in a more efficient way.
With the high performance of the
ABS submersible dewatering pump
XJ/XJS, the demand for quick and
effective dewatering is met.

Endurance for a Hard Life

The ABS submersible dewatering
pump XJ/XJS is a total solution for
operation in tough conditions. It offers
a sturdy, heavy-duty housing of cast
aluminum, as well as an impeller and
a wear ring in high-chrome steel alloy.
It also has diffusers coated in nitrile
rubber, opposing seal surfaces of sili-
con carbide and a double-cable-seal
system for the power cable entry.

Electronic Intelligence
Building the world’s smartest sub-
mersible dewatering pump means
eliminating potential problems and
unnecessary service work. Our
AquaTronic unit prevents incorrect
impeller rotation, as well as voltage
and over-amp problems. It also has
internal software that presents service
history and helps you monitor
the pump’s life cycle.

Our AquaPlug operates as a start-
stop panel would, offering a series of
monitoring features to warn the user
of potential problems before they
cause failure. There is no need for an Hands-On Development We learn which improvements to our
external control panel. At Sulzer, our entire staff is committed products would make your job easier,
to improving our products. and we channel this valuable feed-
We visit the worksites and mines back into our R&D.
where pumps are being used. From
sales to service, we listen to the views
of users.

Multi-contact for connection
of level sensor and service
assessment via USB and PC
Sturdy handle for easy manual
or mechanical lifting

Level sensor* that provides

effective level control together Double cable seal
with AquaPlug*

Built-in AquaTronic* unit for

fail-safe impeller rotation

Overheating and overload


Built-in direct start with

2.5-5.5 kW motor, soft
start with 8-56 kW

High-efficiency motor Oil and motor checkpoints

for energy savings on the outside of the cooling
jacket – no pump disassembly
required for access

Impeller and easily adjustable High-efficiency hydraulics

wear ring in high-chrome for energy savings
alloy steel for improved wear
resistance and pump efficiency

ABS submersible
dewatering pump XJ

AquaPlug* control and monitoring module

providing automatic stop/start, optional level
control and service indication


Several Outstanding Innovations

The ABS submersible dewatering

pump XJ/XJS is packed with excep-
tional innovations. These innova-
tions allow the pump to truly deliver
in mine-site dewatering applications.
For both management and users, the
superior features shown below pro-
vide benefits not found in any other
submersible dewatering pump.

• Ensures correct motor rotation,
irrespective of power connection
• Stops the pump at dry running
• Allows pump start via temperature
control or level sensor
• Stops the pump upon alarm for
overload or high temperature
• Stops the pump upon missing
phase or extreme phase unbalance
• Allows pump performance and ser-
vice diagnostic data to be viewed
on a PC via USB connection, ena-
bling accurate evaluation of service
and maintenance needs
• Provides warnings for: AquaPlug Level Sensor
- High and low voltage • Identical plug for all pumps, availa- • Together with AquaPlug, provides
- Low motor insulation ble with 16A and 32A sockets precise water level control
- Water in oil • Alarm for motor overheating or
power failure, plus indication when
service is needed, e.g. due to water
in oil
• Selector for automatic or
manual stop/start
• Pump control and monitoring
– can stop the pump when
• Power line communication
over 4-core power cable

ABS Submersible Dewatering
Pump Range, XJ/XJS
Pump performance curves for the range of ABS submersible
dewatering pumps XJ/XJS allow you to select the most
suitable pumps for your applications.

Drainage Pumps, ABS Submersible Dewatering Pump XJ




High-Efficiency Motor
Head (m)

and Hydraulics 40
• Reduce power losses
• Lower total energy costs
• Run cool for longer life cycle 20

High Performance and
Wear Resistance 0
0 10 20 30 40 50
• A double outer casing and good
Flow (l/s)
heat convection allow continuous
operation at low water levels – or
even dry running – without motor Sludge Pumps, ABS Submersible Dewatering Pump XJS
• Robust and reliable materials: 35
outer casing in cast aluminum, cast
parts in lightweight aluminum alloy,
mechanical shaft seals in silicon 25
• High-efficiency, long-life construc- 20
Head (m)

tion: highly wear-resistant impeller

and adjustable wear ring, both of
high-chrome alloy steel, plus dif- 10
fuser in oil-resistant nitrile rubber

0 5 10 15 20 25 30
Flow (l/s)

As our product range is under constant development,

visit www.MadeForTheRealWorld.com occasionally to
check the progress of new model introductions.

Combined Strength for Unmatched Expertise

ABS, associated with innovation and well proven solu- with extensive application expertise in solving wastewater
tions for wastewater handling and dewatering, is a prod- and dewatering challenges is the foundation of this strong
uct brand of Sulzer. Strong customer service combined global brand. For more information, visit www.sulzer.com


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