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11. Cable sizing

Cable sizing

Cables Formula designations

Grundfos offers submersible drop cables for all U = Rated voltage [V]
applications: 4-core cable, single leads. ∆U = Voltage drop [%]
Cables for Grundfos 4" submersible motors are I = Rated current of the motor [A]
available with or without plugs. The submersible drop cos φ = Power factor
cable is chosen according to application and type of
ρ = Specific resistance: 0.025 [Ω mm2]
q = Cross-section of submersible drop cable
Standard version:
Maximum liquid temperature 70 °C, for short periods
sin φ = 1 – cos2 
up to 90 °C.
Tables indicating cable dimension in borehole XL = Inductive resistance: 0.078 x 10-3 [Ω/m].

The tables indicate the maximum length of drop cables Example

in metres from motor starter to pump at direct-on-line
Motor size: 30 kW, MMS 8000
starting at different cable dimensions.
Starting method: Direct on line
If star-delta starting is used, the current will be reduced
Rated voltage (U): 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
by 3 (I x 0.58), meaning that the cable length may be
3 longer (L x 1.73) than indicated in the tables. Voltage drop (∆U): 3%
Rated current (I): 64.0 A
If, for example, the operating current is 10 % lower
than the full-load current, the cable may be 10 % Power factor (cos φ): 0.85
longer than indicated in the tables. Specific resistance (ρ): 0.025
The calculation of the cable length is based on a Cross-section (q): 25 mm2
maximum voltage drop of 1 % to 3 % of the rated sin φ: 0.54
voltage and a water temperature of maximum 30 °C. Inductive resistance (XL): 0.078 x 10-3 [Ω/m]
In order to minimise operating losses, the cable
400 x 3
cross-section may be increased compared to what is L =
indicated in the tables. This is only economical if the 64.0 x 1.73 x 100 x (0.85 x + 0.54 x 0.078 x 10-3)
borehole provides the necessary space, and if the
operational time of the pump is long, especially if the L = 120 m.
operating voltage is below the rated voltage.
The table values are calculated on the basis of the
Maximum cable length of a single-phase submersible
U x ∆U
L = [m]
I x 2 x 100 x (cos φ x + sin φ x X L)

Maximum cable length of a three-phase submersible

U x ∆U
L = [m]
I x 1.73 x 100 x (cos φ x + sin φ x X L)