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Group 5

1. M. Gibran Syahid Ramadani

2. Mita Permata Sari
3. Nurul Savitri
4. Silvi Dwi Putri
Present Continious
Choose the best answer!
1. lanny: please be quiet!
rhein: what’s up?
lanny: ….
a.the certificates were being given
b.the people are very busy right now
c.the children were sleeping soundly
d.the students are having an examination

2. dinda: what’s susan doing?

budi: …
a.she is doing fine.
b.she is doing her homework.
c.she enjoys doing chores
d.she has finished doing her work.

3. Uncle : i didn’t see your mother. where is she?

Nephew : she is in the kitchen. …
a.she is preparing our meal.
b.she should have cookedlunch.
c.she was busy helping father in the office
d.she used to order some fruits from that place.

4. teacher : what are you doing here?

Students : …
a.we waited for you, ma’am.
b.we talk about our holidays.
c.we will be studying after this
d.we are discussing english exercises.

5. mr. Huber: is mrs.kate explaining about our new project to the other staff right
mrs. kelly: i don’t think so. the meeting room is empty and i saw mrs. kate out
of her room an hour ago.
mr. Huber : what is she doing now out there? she must explain it soon.
mrs. kelly: …
a.she is going to explain the project now.
b.she is having lunch with her boyfriend.
c.she typed all the documents herself there.
d.she has explained it to me.

6.mother: don’t be noisy. ….

robin: is she continuing to finish her project?
a.your sister is slept
b.your sister is doing her final task
c.your sister does her homework all day
d.your sister will rewriting the task

7.awan: please, don’t disturb me. ….

atik: i won’t let you do it yourself. i’ll help you.
a.i should try to use your computer
b.i am trying to fix the computer
c.i had install the new program
d.i will let you

8. Joko : I didn't see Annisa in her class. Where is she now?

Badra : ... It has to be submitted tomorrow
A. She is finishing her accounting assignment in the library
B. She's gone hiking to Mount Salak with her classmates.
C. She was attending the meeting of students association
D. She is operating the new photocopy machine

Past event

9. Shinta : What did you do last night? I called you twice but you didn’t answer
Linda : … My old friend invited me for the reunion party. I... .
a. Visit my old friend at the hotel
b. Will be at home before mid night
c. Went out until late with my husband
d. Will have a chat with my companion

10.Raka : Mr. Juna still gets mad with me. I didn't join his class this morning.
What I am supposed to do?
Chandra : Why did you miss his class?
Raka : Well, I came late because of the flat tire and the gate guard did not let
me in.
Chandra : Then, _____
A. I was absent with Mr. Juna before
B. I also came late yesterday morning
C. You should meet Mr. Juna and explain him about it
D. Don't think about Mr. Juna anymore.

11.Ary : How was your trip to Bandung?

Sandy : It's nice_____. It made two days too short to pass.
A. I really enjoyed being there
B. I couldn't see any places
C. I'll be there again tomorrow
D. Bandung really makes every one happy.

12.Ashar : Where were you yesterday morning, Tin?

Titin : I _____ to Malang with my parents. Why?
Ashar : I dropped in your house and you were not at home.
A. was
B. went
C. were going
D. was to go

13.Cecil : There was a big theater in this area when I lived here, I _____ .
Sigit : That's right, but it went bankrupt as it was ground down by a big
A. I am used to watch the films.
B. I am used to watching film
C. I used to watching films
D. I used to watch films

14. Beny : Where did you go on your last holiday?

Yany : ...
Beny : Yeah. It was a great place.
A. I have a great holiday
B. I went to Pindul cave
C. We were very happy there
D. We are going to Maninjau lake.

15. Dudi : Who finished the project?

Harve : Citra did. Last night, ...
A. she worked over time
B. she finishes it on time
C. she hasn't started it yet
D. she will do it
16. Psychologist: What can you say about your childhood?
Client: I'll always remember my sweet time when I was still young. My friends and
I loved to play in a small field near our houses and ... our bicycles together.
A. we will ride
B. we're riding
C. we used to ride
D. we will use to ride

Futre Plan
17.Teacher : What is your plan for this coming year?
Student : ..., sir.
Teacher : Then, you must work hard and prepare yourself right away.
A. I'm thinking about getting a job
B. I'm confused what I'll do
C. I'll visit my grandmother
D. I'll prepare it next year

18. Duta : It will be a long weekend next week. What is your plan?
Echa : ... There will be a family outing sponsored by the office.
A. We have gone by a tourist bus
B. We are going to go to Anyer
C. We stayed in a cottage
D. We have a barbecue

19. Nisa : Do you have plan this weekend, Nurul?

Nurul : No, I don’t, why?
Nisa : . . . . .
a. I’m planning to have a vacation, would you like to go with me?
b. I will have a vacation
c. I was just asking, maybe you went somewhere
d. I’m going to go to the beach

20. Andara : What will you do after finishing the study?

Putra : …How about you?
a. I can’t manage myself
b. I don’t know what to say
c. I will work to earn money
d. My mother works hard for me