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Scene 1

(A large living room in Baskerville Hall, a manor house located in the English mountains. Dr. Mortimer is on stage reading
a diary.)
Dr. MortiMer: (Reading.) “March, 27th 1892. of the origin of the hound of the Baskervilles there have been many
statements. hugo Baskerville was murdered by a big black beast. it was the biggest hound i had ever seen before.”
(Someone knocks at the door. Watson enters.)

Watson: oh there you are Dr. Mortimer! Did i frighten you?

Dr. MortiMer: oh no! you’ll never know how grateful i am that you are here, Watson! Where is Mr. holmes?
Watson: he will be here soon. (Looking at his watch) in five… four…. three… two… (Holmes enters.)

HolMes: and one!

Watson: you are always on time!

HolMes: elementary my dear Watson.

Dr. MortiMer: a pleasure to meet you Mr. holmes. i’m Dr. Mortimer. i was a very close friend of sir. charles
Baskerville; he used to be the owner of this house.
HolMes: nice to meet you too, Dr. Mortimer. i hope you enjoyed your walk around the Grimpen Mire.

Dr. MortiMer: how do you know i have been there?

HolMes: Because i can see some mud on your shoes. and that kind of mud is only found at the
Grimpen Mire.

Dr. MortiMer: (Clapping his hand.) oh! Bravo! Bravo! you certainly live up to your reputation!
HolMes: Judging from the colour of the mud, you were there within the last three hours.
Dr. MortiMer: amazing!
HolMes: i must advise you that next the time you come, you shouldn’t take your little dog with you.

Dr. MortiMer: Why? and how do you know i have a dog?

HolMes: teeth marks on your walking stick. the space between the marks is not large so it must be a small dog.

Dr. MortiMer: you take my breath away Mr. holmes!

HolMes: elementary.

Watson: you said you needed our help.

Dr. MortiMer: i do.

HolMes: is it related to the death of sir charles Baskerville?

Dr. MortiMer: it is.

Watson: the london newspapers said it was a heart attack.

Dr. MortiMer: not exactly. perhaps this will explain.

(He gives the diary to Holmes.)

Watson: What is this?

HolMes: it describes the origin of the curse of the Baskervilles.

Watson: curse?

Dr. MortiMer: the curse says that all the Baskerville descendants will be murdered by a big black hound.

Watson: you don’t believe this mumbo jumbo. Do you? it’s a fairy tale.

Dr. MortiMer: sir charles believed in the curse.

HolMes: as i recall, sir charles was only lived here for a few years.

Dr. MortiMer: that’s correct.

HolMes: Who looked after Baskerville hall?

Dr. MortiMer: Mrs. Barrymore, the housekeeper. she was the one who found the body.

HolMes: no sign of violence on the body?

Dr. MortiMer: None… But the expression on his face showed panic.

Watson: Who performed the police autopsy?

Dr. MortiMer: i did.

HolMes: any more facts?

Dr. MortiMer: (Fearing.) i saw some marks around the body.

Watson: What kind of marks? Dr.

MortiMer: i saw footprints.
HolMes: a man’s or a woman’s?
Dr. MortiMer: (Pausing and speaking in a low voice.) they were the footprints of a gigantic hound.

(Enter Mrs. Barrymore.)

Mrs. BarryMore: excuse me Dr. Mortimer. it’s sir henry, i saw him from upstairs.

Dr. MortiMer: thank heavens! i’m going to tell him that Mr. holmes and Mr. Watson are here! (Pause) Mr. holmes will you take the

HolMes: Mmm…..

Dr. MortiMer: of course you will.

HolMes: i will do my best, but i must spend a few days in london. i shall leave Watson here to look after sir henry.

Dr. MortiMer: Whatever you think is best. (Exits.)

(Dr. Mortimer exits and Holmes stops Mrs. Barrymore.)

HolMes: excuse me Mrs. Barrymore, may i ask how long you have been in service at Baskerville hall?
Mrs. BarryMore: i’ve been in service here most of my life.
HolMes:in fact, you appear in sir charles’ will.
Mrs. BarryMore: correct.
HolMes: interesting.

Watson: then you must know the area pretty well?

Mrs. BarryMore: i grew up here Mr. Watson.

HolMes: in that case you must know the locals?

Mrs. BarryMore: i do.

HolMes: Who lives in that house over there?
Mrs. BarryMore: oh, that house belongs to Mr. stapleton and his sister kathy.

Watson: I see… What does she looks like?

Mrs. BarryMore:she’s a very good looking woman.
HolMes: What about her brother?
Mrs. BarryMore: I’ve only met him once. Chasing butterflies.

Watson: Butterflies?

Mrs. BarryMore: (Nods.) Butterflies.

HolMes: okay, so we have Mr. stapleton’s house over there, and what about that other house by the river?

Mrs. BarryMore: (Avoiding the question.) i’d better go to the kitchen, i must check the pudding.

HolMes: What about that house? i asked you about the person who lives in that house.

Mrs. BarryMore: (Nervous.) Her name is Laura Lyons. She’s been going trough great financial problems
since her husband left her.

Watson: Why are you making such a mystery out of it?

sir Henry: (Offstage.) Mrs. Barrymore! Mrs. Barrymore! i have a few ideas for changing this old fashioned

decor! (Enter a good looking young man, Sir Henry Baskerville.) oh! here you are! (He sees Holmes and

Mrs. BarryMore: he has recently arrived form the united states. now that his uncle is no longer with us, he is the new
owner of the estate, including the house.

sir Henry: (To Watson.) you must be Mr. holmes!

(Exit Mrs. Barrymore.)

Watson: no, i’m W atson
sir Henry: What?
Watson: son.

sir Henry: What son?

Watson: Watson!

sir Henry: Whose son? (Confused. To Holmes.) your son?

HolMes: i’m Mr. sherlock holmes, and this is my colleague John Watson.
sir Henry: i still don’t understand who the father is and who the son is. anyway nice to meet you Mr. holmes and

HolMes: Whatever. May i ask you something, where have you been this morning? sir Henry:
sure, today the sun is shining so i went for a walk around the mountains. Watson: all alone?
sir Henry: no, i was with kathy stapleton. Why?

HolMes: have you heard about the curse of the Baskervilles?

sir Henry: Yes, but I don’t believe in those stupid fairy tales. But the other day I received this letter…
(Shows him the letter.)

Watson: a letter? From whom?

HolMes: Words cut out of the London Times and stuck to the paper. (Reading.) “If you value your
life, keep away from the Baskerville Hall”. someone trying to keep you away from Baskerville hall. no
envelope? no stamp?

sir Henry: no, i found it in the mailbox.

HolMes: Hmmm…. Interesting. (Looking at his watch.) i’d better hurry up, my train to london will depart in twenty
minutes. But, before i go, i must give you some advice.

sir Henry: advice?

HolMes: you will communicate any news to Watson. and under no circumstances must you walk alone around
the mountains at night. i must stress the importance of this advice.

sir Henry: you believe in the curse, don’t you?

HolMes: there’s something in the air that disturbs me. sir
Henry: the air? What’s in the air Mr. holmes?
HolMes: the scent of murder sir henry, murder.

Scene 2

(A few days later. Watson is reading a book. Enter Sir Henry.)

sir Henry: Good morning Mr. son! Did you have a good rest in your beautiful, wonderful and comfortable bedroom?

Watson: not really, i heard someone crying, did you hear it too?

sir Henry: i did not. perhaps it was the wind.

Watson: the sound wasn’t coming from the mountains; it was most certainly inside the house. i thought it might have
been Mrs. Barrymore.

(The doorbell rings. Enter Kathy Stapleton. She is an attractive young woman.)

KatHy: is it safe?
sir Henry: Barrymore’s left, if that is what you mean.

KatHy: (She is holding a boquet of flowers.) We should put these in water. this place looks awful, it’s so old

sir Henry: yes it is, it needs some colour.

Watson: i will introduce myself to your young and beautiful friend. My name is Watson, John Watson.

sir Henry: Do you know what? Mrs Barrymore wants to leave the house.

Watson: What?

sir Henry: that’s what she told me.

Watson: if you’ll excuse me, i want to have a word or two with Mrs. Barrymore.
KatHy: i thought Mrs. Barrymore came with the wallpaper. (Kathy laughs.) (Exit Watson.)
sir Henry: it’s been seen again.

KatHy: What?

sir Henry: the hound.

KatHy: i wouldn’t pay attention to village gossips. they are very superstitious.

sir Henry: the hound is a pet story in my family.

KatHy: oh! that’s a bad joke henry!

sir Henry: i’ve heard about the beast ever since i was a little boy. i never thought about taking it too seriously...

KatHy: are you thinking about it now?

sir Henry: this business with my uncle confuses me. the whole thing seems to be boiling up inside my head and i can’t
get it clear yet.

KatHy: there’s always a rational explanation for everything. (She takes a smart pocket watch out of her pocket.)
here! For you, i couldn’t resist it.

sir Henry: thank you, it’s beautiful, just like you.

KatHy: i saw the watch in the jeweller’s window. there’s a letter “B” written on the back. (He takes her hand and
moves closer to her.)

sir Henry: your presence here is a gift in itself, since i met you, these past months have been wonderful. i don’t have
anything to give you, but i could offer you something special. (He turns the radio on, music is playing. He invites her to

(Suddenly the music stops and we hear the news.)

raDio BroaDcaster: “… Newsflash¡ Attention all local residents. The paid assassin Sheldon McAllister

escaped from prison a few hours ago. all local residents are advised to take extra precautions. he is extremely

(Sir Henry turnsoff off.)

KatHy: (Scared.) oh my lord!

sir Henry: Don’t be frightened. no one is going to harm you, not while i’m around.

(Enter Jack Stapleton. He is quite furious.)

JacK: you stay away from her, she is not for you!

sir Henry: What’s the matter with you?

JacK: Just because you are rich and you have a title, you think you can do whatever you want.

KatHy: stop it!

JacK: rich and powerful! you are all the same.

sir Henry: it’s no concern of yours. i shall see her as often as she wishes.

JacK: i won’t warn you again. stay away from my sister! (He turns and both exit.)

sir Henry: Who do you think you are? i’ll thank you to stay away from Baskerville hall too!
Scene 3
(Later in the week. Night. There is the sound of wind. Enter Mrs. Barrymore carrying a lamp. She points it at the
mountains. She is making light signals. Sir Henry enters.)

sir Henry: What are you doing here in the dark? Mrs.
BarryMore: (Nervous.) Actually Sir… The truth is…
(Watson enters.)
Watson: What’s going on here?

sir Henry: i just found Mrs. Barrymore here sending light signals through the window!

Watson: is it true Mrs. Barrymore?

Mrs. BarryMore: Mmmm… errr….

sir Henry: you’d better tell me what’s going on here if you want to stay in this house!

Watson: tell us the truth, Mrs. Barrymore. What’s going on here?

Mrs. BarryMore: Well… I’d better explain. My poor brother is starving out there in the mountains.

sir Henry: You mean your brother is…?

Mrs. BarryMore: the escaped convict sir. sheldon Mcallister, but he is my younger brother. he has the
Devil in him. he is quite insane, but he still is my brother.

Watson: Did you talk to him?

Mrs. BarryMore: yes, a few days ago he came here asking for help and food. every night i come up here and i send him light
signals to check that he is all right and take him something to eat. it’s
cold out there, so i also gave him an old coat that belonged to sir henry. (Crying.) somehow i still feel quite responsible for him.

Watson: is there anything else you didn’t tell us?

Mrs. BarryMore: yes. i should have told you all this before. i know why sir charles was in the mountains the night he died.
sir Henry: Well?
Mrs. BarryMore: he was going to meet a woman.

sir Henry: i don’t believe it.

Mrs. BarryMore: (Taking out a letter.) this letter came the morning of your uncle’s death.

Watson: (Reading.) “ please, please, as you are a gentleman, burn this letter after you read it, and meet me by the
mountain gate at ten o’clock”

sir Henry: What’s the woman’s name?

Watson: no name.

Mrs. BarryMore: only the initials “L.L.” if you don’t have any more questions i’d rather go to bed. (Exit Mrs.Barrymore.)

sir Henry: Good night.

sir Henry: (Reading the letter again.) “ Please, please, as you are a gentleman, burn this letter after you
read it, and meet me by the mountain gate at ten o’clock. L.L” L.L, what does it mean?

(Enter Holmes.)

HolMes: laura lyons!

Watson: Mr. holmes!

sir Henry: What are you doing here?

Watson: We thought you were in london!

HolMes: that is exactly what i wanted you to think.

sir Henry: I’ve never been happier to see anyone in my whole life. But… If you were not in London,
where were you?

HolMes: here! up in the mountains.

Watson: since when?

HolMes: since the day Mr. Mortimer invited us for tea.

Watson: then you never left.

HolMes: Correct. How did it go here? What did you find out?

Watson: nothing special, except for two things.

HolMes: i’m listening.

Watson: The first thing we did when you left was to find out who lived nearby. There are two houses less than 500
metres away. one belongs to Jack stapleton and his sister kathy. Jack is rather eccentric; he is obsessed with butterflies and
botany. His sister Kathy is a charming and attractive lady. (Under his breath.) and it seems that our friend here sir henry gets
on particularly well with her.

HolMes: i see.

Watson: the other house is home to a lady named laura lyons. initially it didn’t seem she had have anything to do with
Mr. charles’ murder, but now Mrs Barrymore has given us a letter, that seems to have been signed by laura lyons. if the
evidence is proven correct, it will make her a direct suspect of sir charles’ murder.

Sir Henry: We found Mrs Barrymore sending light signals through the window. it seems that sheldon Mcallister, the
murderer who escaped from prison, is her brother. that’s the reason why she was crying every night.

HolMes: Who was crying?

Watson: Mrs. Barrymore. Some nights we could hear weeping sounds, coming from the second floor.

sir Henry: after pressurising her into talking, she confessed everything. she also told us about the night Sir Charles died, how
she had found a letter in his office asking him to leave the house at ten o’clock and wait by the garden gate.

HolMes: is there anything else i don’t know about?

(Sir Henry and Watson look at each other.)

Watson: no.

sir Henry: What about you? What did you learn out there?
HolMes: i will answer that question when the time comes. But remember my warning: you must
not venture out alone into the mountains at night.

sir Henry: What’s out there, Mr. holmes? you know, don’t you?

HolMes: there is more evil surrounding Baskerville hall than i have ever seen before.

(Sound of “something” on the mountains.)

HolMes: listen!

sir Henry: It can’t be…

HolMes: i fear it is. the horror that killed sir charles is haunting the mountains once again.

Scene 4(Two days later. Laura Lyons enters the living room, trying not to be seen by anyone, looking desperately for
(Enter Holmes.)

HolMes: laura lyons?! i was planning to see you tomorrow. What are you doing here?

laura: i’ve been spending some time with a friend who lives near by.

HolMes: a friend here in the mountains you mean?

laura: yes sir, his name is Jack stapleton.
HolMes: really? i had no idea he was that sociable
laura: i’m sorry, i should have made an appointment.

HolMes: no, no. your arrival is most opportune. Won’t you sit down?

laura: today, everybody in the village is quite excited.

HolMes: oh?

laura: the police are looking for a dangerous convict in the mountains.

HolMes: that would be sheldon, the nothing hill murderer.

laura: you are well informed, Mr. holmes.

HolMes: i know much more about what’s

happening in the mountains than you can ever imagine. i
understand you had the pleasure of meeting sir charles.

laura: yes.

HolMes: Did you correspond with him?

laura: Why are you asking these questions?

HolMes: i assure you Mrs. lyons, they are necessary.

laura: i wrote to him once or twice to thank him for his kindness.

HolMes: kindness? Would you mind explaining?

laura: i’ve already explained as much as i can. he gave me money several times.

HolMes: Did you ever write to sir charles asking him to meet you?

laura: (Nervous.) that’s a strange question.

HolMes: one i intend to repeat. Did you ever write to sir charles asking him to meet you?

laura: (Unsure.) no.

HolMes: not on the day of his death?

laura: no.

HolMes: surely, your memory deceives you. “Please, please, as you are a gentleman, burn this letter and be at the gate
by 10 o’clock”.

laura: all right, i wrote it. i needed his help once again, so i asked him to meet me.

HolMes: at an hour when the mountains are deserted and dark?

laura: What does it matter? i never went.

HolMes: Why?

laura: that is a private matter, it concerns only me.

HolMes: Ýou admit you made an appointment with sir charles at the hour and place he met his death.

laura: i do.

HolMes: is that all you wish to tell me?

laura: that is all i’m going to tell you. Good evening Mr. holmes. (Exits.)

HolMes: (Ignoring him.) I was surprised to find Laura here.

(Enter Sir Henry.)

sir Henry: Mr. Holmes! I can’t find my old boot! Why would someone want to steal an old boot? I’ve been looking for it all
day long, it’s silly. I can’t find it. My favourite pair! Just see if you can find the other one.

HolMes: (Ignoring him.) i’m going to look for Watson. (Exit.)


(We see Laura and Jack Stapleton through the window in an affectionate pose.) (Enter
JacK: hello sir henry! i should have come back sooner.
sir Henry: (Distant.) is there anything you wish to tell me? JacK:
there is.
sir Henry: anything you have to tell me, you may say it in front of Mr. holmes.

JacK: First of all, i must apologize for my temper. you must understand the thought of losing my
sister is hard for me. she’s my only family. i suspected you of using your title and position to impress her.

sir Henry: nothing could have been further from my mind.

JacK: i know that now.

sir Henry: i must tell you that i have every intention of marrying your sister. Did she tell you?

JacK: she did. i’ve seen one unhappy marriage here in the mountains, i have no desire of seeing another one. My
sister’s happiness is my only concern.

sir Henry: i just want to make her happy.

JacK: i wonder if you would mind joining us for dinner tonight?

sir Henry: of course. What time?

JacK: let’s say at seven o’clock. i must run along now, to get everything ready.

sir Henry: Good bye.

(Exit Jack, enter Holmes.)

HolMes: I can’t find Watson anywhere…

sir Henry: I can’t find my boot either… Maybe they are together!

HolMes: listen, i found this letter under the door, sir. i heard someone outside but when i looked i
couldn’t see anyone.

sir Henry: let me have it.

HolMes: one moment sir henry. are you used to receiving mail in this manner?

sir Henry: under the door you mean? certainly not.

HolMes: (Reading the letter.) interesting.

sir Henry: What is it?

HolMes: Unless I’m mistaken, this is the same message used in your first letter.

sir Henry: What? What’s the message?

HolMes: (Reading.) “If you value your life, leave Baskerville Hall tonight. There will be no further

sir Henry: the words cut out from a newspaper again?

HolMes: not this time. it’s handwritten and it’s signed sir
Henry: signed?
HolMes: Signed… By Dr. Mortimer. (Silence.) interesting

.Scene 5
(Sir Henry is getting dressed for the dinner with the Stapletons. As he exits we see Watson following him outside.)

Watson: (Stopping Sir Henry.) Where do you think you are going?

sir Henry: (Unsure.) Humm…. Err. I just needed some fresh air.

Watson: you shouldn’t be alone outside at night, please go back inside.

sir Henry: i guess you are right, i’ll be inside.

(Sir Henry walks towards the door but when Watson isn’t looking, he changes direction and heads for the Stapleton

HolMes: (Offstage.) Watson? Watson!

Watson: i’m outside, holmes!

(Holmes appears in the garden.)

HolMes: Where were you? i’ve been looking for you. there are been many important matters that we
need to talk about.

Watson: i’m a human being, i need to sleep, and relax, sometimes i need a break. Dash it holmes!We
haven’t even sat down for dinner.

HolMes: My apologies.

Watson: i’m hungry.

HolMes: you make too much of food Watson. you should follow my example. i am perfectly
content with a roast beef sandwich and a sudoku.

Watson: Unfortunately I can’t eat Sudokus. I don’t want a dry sandwich… I want… I want… a steak
and an apple pie… doughuts… Ice-cream with chocolate and cream….

HolMes: i’ve got some fresh news for you. sir henry received another letter warning him to stay away
from Baskerville hall. But this time it was signed.

Watson: Who signed it?

HolMes: your friend Dr. Mortimer.

Watson: ouch! (Looking at the stars.) it’s a beautiful night, isn’t it?

HolMes: there’s something terrifying about this place. now i have to call your friend Dr. Mortimer. i’m sure he’s got
something to tell us. (Holmes leaves.)

(Watson stays outside looking at the stars. Suddenly we hear the hound howling outside the house and he runs back

(Black out.)

(Dr. Mortimer is sitting in the living room. Holmes and Watson look quite serious and distant.)

HolMes: it’s good of you to come, Dr. Mortimer.

Dr. MortiMer: have you found out something important, Mr. holmes?

(Holmes gives the letter to Watson.)

HolMes: Watson, if you’d be so kind.

(Watson takes the letter and gives it to Dr. Mortimer.)

Dr. MortiMer: incredible!

HolMes: is it your signature?

(Dr. Mortimer gets a pen out of his pocket and starts writing on a piece of paper.)

Dr. MortiMer: (Reading as he writes.) “If you value your life leave Baskerville Hall tonight.” Whoever
used my signature has no idea of what my handwriting is like.

Watson: Why would anyone sign Dr. Mortimer’s name and not pay attention to his handwriting? HolMes: to
delay the investigation. But i’m sure that the writer is someone who knows you very well. Dr. MortiMer: You mean….
HolMes: Maybe. Were you aware she was in correspondence with sir charles?

Dr. MortiMer: no.

HolMes: have you told us everything?

Dr. MortiMer: i’m not in the habit of lying.

HolMes: you forgot to mention one important point. you appear in sir charles’ will.

Dr. MortiMer: so what if i do?

HolMes: if sir henry died, you would receive a lot of money.

Dr. MortiMer: i come from a rich family. i don’t need money.

HolMes: We know about your recent bad financial difficulties. Watson told me.

Dr. MortiMer: he always had a big mouth.

Watson: i protest!

(Mrs. Barrymore interrupts them.)

Mrs. BarryMore: Mr holmes! Mr Watson! have you seen sir henry? he is not in his room.

Watson: Where can he have got to?

HolMes: (Shocked.) the hound! come, Watson! We may be too late!

(Watson and Holmes exits.)

(Dr. Mortimer hides the letter in his pocket.)

Dr. MortiMer: are you worried, Mrs. Barrymore? about sir henry?

Mrs. BarryMore: Not for Sir Henry… (Crying.) My brother… He’s been out there for weeks.

Dr. MortiMer: Brother?

Mrs. BarryMore: sheldon Mcallister, the notting hill murderer!

Dr. MortiMer: oh my god! you knew he was out there and you didn’t do anything?

Mrs. BarryMore: Mr holmes said he would help him!

Dr. MortiMer: i’d better see if they need me.

Mrs. BarryMore: no! please! Don’t leave me!

Dr. MortiMer: i will give you a sedative to help you sleep.

Mrs. BarryMore: thank you.

(Exit Dr. Mortimer.)

(Enter Holmes and Watson.)

Watson: i’ve never heard screams like that from any man or woman.

Mrs. BarryMore: Doctor Watson, calm down.

Watson: you’ll have to excuse my nerves. i’ve never seen anything like this before. the supernatural is quite beyond
me. the beast is out there, it really exits!

Mrs. BarryMore: (Crying.) oh! My brother! My brother is out there in the mountains!

HolMes: Don’t worry about your brother. We just saw the beast trying to attack another person!

Mrs. BarryMore: Who?

HolMes: sir henry.
Mrs. BarryMore: is he dead?
HolMes: We don’t know for sure, but i’m afraid he might be.

Mrs. BarryMore: What could have made him go into the mountains after all the warnings?

Watson: i don’t know. he tried to escape, but the creature was too fast.

Mrs. BarryMore: (Shocked.) uncle and nephew murdered!

(The hound howls.)

HolMes: the hound is getting closer.

Watson: We must do something!
Mrs. BarryMore: (Crying.) We are going to die.
(The hound howls again.)

Mrs. BarryMore: (In panic.) it’s here!

(Suddenly we hear someone banging on the door, begging for help.)

Mrs. BarryMore: sir henry! he needs help! open the door!

Watson: no! if we open the door the beast will kill us all.

HolMes: We promised to protect sir henry, Watson! a man’s word of honour goes beyond his own life.

(The person at the door cries for help again.)

(Holmes tries to open the door.)
Mrs. BarryMore: (Stopping him.) Watson is right! no one is going to open this door. i need to stay alive to protect my

(The beast can be heard just outside the door. A man screams, followed by a deadly silence. They are all in shock.

(Sir Henry enters the living room whistling.)

everyone: sir henry!

sir Henry: Why are you all looking at me like that? is it my hair?

Watson: Where have you been?

Mrs. BarryMore: We were scared you might be dead!

sir Henry: i was having dinner with the stapletons.

HolMes: Wait a minute, if you are here… who is out there?

(Holmes slowly opens the door, we can see part of a man’s corpse covered in blood, lying face down. Holmes looks at
his face.)

Watson: you promised never to go to the mountains at night.

sir Henry: i know but i had something important to do. i’m engaged! aren’t you going to congratulate me?

HolMes: there’s no time for celebration. Mrs. Barymore, you must prepare yourself for another shock. the man out
there is your brother. he is dead.

Mrs. BarryMore: Oh no! it was my fault, I refused to open the door… it’s my fault… I want to see him!
(Holmes stops her.) i want to see him!

HolMes: i fear it is not a good idea, Watson, please take Mrs. Barrymore upstairs to rest.

(Exit Mrs. Barrymore and Watson.)

sir Henry: poor Mrs. Barrymore. (Amazed.) so, the curse doesn’t only apply to the Baskervilles.

HolMes: i wish that were true.

sir Henry: What connection does sheldon have with me?

HolMes: he was wearing your coat, sir.

HolMes: Mrs. Barrymore gave him the coat. the hound smelled your scent.

sir Henry: How could he know my scent in the first place?

(Enter Watson.)

Watson: When you deal with the supernatural, ordinary explanations are worth nothing.

HolMes: so, now you believe in the supernatural?

Watson: (Imitating him.) elementary. after what i saw tonight i think i can believe in anything.

sir Henry: can you promise to help me?

HolMes: i can promise you something far better than help.

sir Henry: What?

HolMes: By tomorrow Sir Henry, the Curse of the Baskervilles will either be broken. Or…

sir Henry: or?

Watson: or?

HolMes: someone in this room will be dead.

(Black out.)

Scene 6

(The following evening. Watson and Sir Henry are on stage.)

Watson: Poor Mrs. Barrymore…

sir Henry: actually, i never did trust her. there was something strange in the way she looked at me.
Hmm…. But I’m used to that, people always look at me, I’m beautiful, handsome, and almost
perfect. Don’t you think “Son”?

Watson: What.

sir Henry: What, what?

Watson: Watson
sir Henry: you’re Watson. Watson: i am Watson sir Henry: i am henry. (Enter Laura.)
sir Henry: and who are you?

laura: i’m laura! and i must see Mr. holmes, it’s important.

Watson: Good, so now that everyone knows each other’s names, I will go and find Mr. Holmes.

(Exit Watson.)

laura: i’ve heard about you, sir henry. you are quite famous around the village.

sir Henry: am i?

laura: Oh yes! Everybody is talking about you and the hound…. Aren’t you afraid of travelling
through the mountains alone? Did you see the beast?

sir Henry: (lying.) Well…. It’s not that big.

laura: you are brave sir henry, just like your uncle. (Flirting) i want you to know sir henry,
that i respected your uncle greatly, he was kind, generous and most thoughtful. his death upset me…

(Holmes and Watson enter.)

sir Henry: i expected to see you earlier than this, Mr. holmes.

HolMes: hello Mrs. lyons.

sir Henry: you’ll probably be wanting some privacy.

HolMes: i think you’d better stay, sir henry. What Mrs lyon is about to reveal concerns you.

sir Henry: Me?

HolMes: your uncle, to be precise.

laura: you are getting ahead of yourself.

HolMes: you don’t look like the kind of woman who could live comfortably with such a serious lie.

sir Henry: What do you mean?

laura: it’s true; i wrote the letter to sir charles.

HolMes: Did someone help you?

laura: What do you mean?

HolMes: the evidence may implicate not only your friend Jack stapleton, but his wife as well.

laura: his wife?

sir Henry: Wife? What are you talking about?

HolMes: the person who passed herself off as his sister. she is really his wife.

sir Henry: kathy?

Watson: i don’t believe it.

laura: neither do i! he is not married.

HolMes: He is. I made some investigations and I found this marriage certificate (He gives a note to Laura.)

laura: (She takes it.) It’s true! He lied to me! Bastard… we were going to get married.

HolMes: stapleton asked you to write the letter to tempt sir charles out of the house.

laura: (She nods.) he... promised to marry me once my problems were settled.

sir Henry: now i know why kathy lives in fear of her “brother”.

Watson: that’s why he went mad when he saw you and kathy getting close. he couldn’t control
the instincts of a jealous husband.

HolMes: i understand. now, let’s go back a bit and take a look at all this that’s been going on.
First of all, Jack promised to marry you but as he is very poor and doesn’t have any money he
persuaded you to ask Sir Charles for financial help, and maybe pay for your wedding.

laura: true.

HolMes: then you sent him the letter arranging to meet him at 10 o’clock.

(Laura nods.)

HolMes: immediately after that he persuaded you not to go to your appointment, and the next
thing you knew was that sir charles was dead.

laura: oh my god, you’re right. that’s how it all happened. Jack told me that he’d died in
mysterious circumstances and that i could be a suspect if it came out. he was pressurising me to keep me
quiet, but i can’t do it for much longer... (Crying.) can i go home now, Mr holmes?

HolMes: as you have been honest with me i shall be honest with you. you are still in danger.

Watson: I’ll go with you, my dear. You can trust me to protect you…

(Exit Watson and Laura.)

sir Henry: you must be really worried about her safety.

HolMes: actually i asked Watson to walk with her to make sure that she wouldn’t say anything to
Jack stapleton.

sir Henry: kathy!.. We must help kathy!

HolMes: All right, listen. This is what we are going to do:…

sir Henry: ’m ready.

HolMes: tonight you’ll go and have dinner with the stapletons.

sir Henry: are you crazy? i cannot face Jack stapleton!

HolMes: that’s exactly what you must do.

sir Henry: and where are you going to be?

HolMes: i will be nearby, don’t worry. (He looks at his watch.) oh! We are running out of time!! i must get
everything ready!

sir Henry: Where are you going? Wait!

HolMes: Just trust me!

(Holmes runs off.)

sir Henry: Wait a minute Mr. holmes! Mr. holmes! holmes? Mrs. Barrymore? Barrymore! Mr. son?Mr. What? (Silence)
they are all gone. (A clap of thunder. He is frightened.) okay, don’t panic…. I need to keep my mind busy.

(Enter Kathy.)

KatHy: Good evening henry.

sir Henry: kathy?

KatHy: Yes, Kathy…. Sweet, warm and innocent Kathy.

sir Henry: What’s wrong with you? i told holmes i was scared something bad might happen to you.
he knows you are married to Jack.

KatHy: Does he? i will have to deal with that later.

sir Henry: Did you plan all this together?

KatHy: (Evil laugh.) Jack? Don’t be such a fool, he is weak. i had it all planned.

sir Henry: I… I don’t understand.

KatHy: Jack is your cousin; he is the son of roger Baskerville, sir charles’ brother! now everything
will belong to Jack and that means… it will be mine!
sir Henry: he is my cousin?

(The hound howls.)

KatHy: the hound is just outside the front door. it’s tied up. i waited until the house was empty, until the mountains
were dark.

sir Henry: What… what’s all this about?

KatHy: You’ll see. He’s hungry; I haven’t fed him for days…but now… I’m going to let him go.

SirHenry: no!

KatHy: you only have one chance, run for your life, to the mountains, henry! run, run, run. Get away from him if
you can! it’s your only hope! run!

(Confused, Sir Henry walks around the room in panic. There is the sound of gunfire from outside. Enter Holmes.)

HolMes: that bullet was for the hound.

KatHy: What’s happened to him?

HolMes: i suspect the police have killed the beast.

KatHy: the police? (Furious.) Jack warned you, didn’t he?

HolMes: you weren’t quite as sure about him as you thought.
KatHy: you haven’t won yet Mr. holmes! (She runs off.)
Sir Henry: kathy!

HolMes: you don’t have to worry, sir henry. the house is completely surrounded by the police.

sir Henry: then there really was a hound.

HolMes: an enormous dog. Gigantic. half Doberman, half wolf. By the way, here’s your missing boot. kathy used it to
make the hound follow your scent.

sir Henry: and did Jack try to save my life?

HolMes: he did, in his own way. he sent you the warning letters.

sir Henry: Didn’t kathy feel anything for me at all?

HolMes: kathy had no feelings for anyone, if it is of any consolation.

(Enter Watson.)

Watson: Mr holmes! the police have arrested her. can we go for dinner now? i’m hungry!

HolMes: no, Watson! We have no time to waste if we want to catch the late train.

Watson: right now, at this minute?

sir Henry: What? are you leaving?

HolMes: Game’s over. We have another case in london.

sir Henry: come back whenever you like! you will always be welcome!

(The hound howls one last time.) (Black