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Contract for Professional Services 2017

Ref: 17C001-3

DATE: September 26, 2017

ATTN: Ms. Lita Melgar

Thru: Mr. Joey Garcia

Cebu Modern Japanese Corp.

SUBJECT: Commercial Proposal for the Interior Design of Rai Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant
Shell Mamplasan Branch

Dear Mam:

In response to your most welcome request, we are pleased to present to you our best offer for
the Interior Design Services for the abovementioned project. Detailed below are the inclusions/ scope of
services and the corresponding design fees per phase of the project:

ITEM 1. Scope of work

1. Interior Design Services
1.1 Pre- Design Services
1.1.1 Ocular Inspection, data gathering and project evaluation of existing conditions
pertinent to the design of the project.
1.1.2 Coordination and consolidation of client’s design preferences to actual retail
1.2 Schematic Design Services
1.2.1 Presentation of two dimensional and/ or three dimensional drawings on the
preliminary concept design proposals based on initial survey and deployment
1.3 Design Development Services
1.3.1 Presentation of two dimensional and/ or three dimensional drawings on the
preliminary concept design proposals based on the approved Schematic Design
1.3.2 Presentation of preliminary specification sheets for approval.
1.4 Contract Documents Services
1.4.1 Furnishing and submission of signed and sealed Architectural Set based on
approved Developed Design- 10 sets
1.4.2 Furnishing and submission of drawing details in A3 size paper- 3 sets
1.4.3 Specification Sheet- 5 sets
1.4.4 BOM- 5 sets (for permit purposes only)

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1.4.5 Photocopy of PTR and PRC license of the Architect
1.5 Construction Phase
1.5.1 Periodic site visits for project coordination of not more than once every week for
1½ months or throughout the duration of construction (within Metro Manila).

ITEM 2. Schedule of Submittals

Schematics 5 working days
Development of Design 5 working days
Preparation of Contract Documents (blueprints) 14 working days


a. Approval and/or comments for revision must be made within three (3) working days from each of
the preliminary submissions. The designer will claim extension on the duration should there be
any delay to meet this condition on the part of the client or its representatives.
b. Submittal shall be limited to not more than three (3) major revisions within the scheduled
duration. The designer will claim extension on the duration as well as charge for the revision
should it exceed the aforementioned limit.
c. Item shall only include design adjustments incurred during the construction phase and shall
exclude the AS-BUILT drawings of the new construction.
d. Existing drawings/ as-built plans (architectural, electrical, mechanical, sprinkler, location of stub
outs, etc.) of the previous design shall be provided by the owner for reference of the designer
e. Should there be adjustments on the lighting layout (in case of discrepancies on actual site), it will
be adjusted by the construction lead with reference to the original design.
f. Kitchen maintenance c/o owner

ITEM 3. Exclusions

a. Kitchen design
b. Cost analysis of the project
c. Other Engineering drawings (Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Protection, Gas line, Etc)
d. Electrical Analysis
e. As built plans
f. Sign and seal of permits under construction supervision
g. Graphic design
h. Construction/ Project management
i. Processing of administrative papers
j. Items not on scope

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ITEM 4. Professional Fees and Schedule of Payments

Professional Fee: Eighty Five Thousand Pesos Only

(Php 85,000) VAT INC.

Schedule of Payments:

Item Description Percentage of Amount

Professional Fee
First payment Upon confirmation of offer 30 % 25,500.00
Second Payment Upon submission of Contract 60 % 51,000.00
Documents (signed and sealed
working drawings and
specifications as provided by
Final Payment Upon Completion of 10 % 8,500.00
Construction Project

Reimbursable Expenses:

Reimbursable expenses include:

Outside Metro Manila

a. Transportation expenses
a. Fuel expenses
b. Toll fee
c. Parking (if applicable)
b. Travel fare & lodging (if project is located in the province/ outside Luzon)

Item 5. Terms


The agreement may be terminated by either parties, upon written notice, should the other party
fail substantially to perform in accordance with its terms through no fault of the party initiating the

In case the Client/ Owner terminates, suspend or abandons the project, the Client/ Owner shall
pay the Designer that portion of the Interior Design Fee corresponding to all services that have been
rendered until such termination, cancellation, suspension or abandonment. This amount shall be in lieu

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of all other fees, charges, and damages to which the Designer may be entitled on account of such
termination, cancellation, suspension or abandonment.


The Interior Designer and Client/ Owner each bind themselves, their successors, and legal
representation and assigns, to the other party of this Agreement, and to the successors, legal
representative and assigns of such other party, with respect to all covenants of this Agreement.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Agreement may not be assigned by either party without the prior
written consent of the other party.


Upon completion of the construction of this project, the Interior Designer shall maintain their
rights under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines and Art. 4, Section 33 of Republic Act 9266
or the Architect’s Law.

The Interior Designer, however, will allow the Client (Rairaiken) to copy or reproduce the design in part
or in whole for use with written approval from the Interior Designer (NYI).

Entire Agreement

This offer supersedes any prior Agreement between the parties and constitutes their entire
agreement and understanding on the matters herein covered. No changes, modifications or termination
of this agreement/offer may be made except in writing signed by the parties.

We hope you will find our offer just and fair to merit your favorable approval. Thank you for this

Sincerely Yours, Conforme:

Idr. Karen Iledan- Abrera UAP, PIID Ms. Lita Melgar

Architect- Interior Designer

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