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“The stale in this second series oF L.A. Hills widely brown Stories for Reproduction are ll eax. Each story is followed not only by comorehension questions but also by avariety of other exerts, ‘Advanced Stories for Reproduction 2 contains 30 sors, tac about TO words long witha page oF excresos ‘oppasite each story. Vocabulary isrestrcted to LA, Hil’: 2076 hosdyvord oval, and tha rammatical struc ures ate also stietly conse. A word lists Inlused at the end of the back. The four boaks in she series are Introductory Stories for Reproduction 2 (75-neseuord vel Elomontary Storios for Reproduction 2 |1900hcxvord level Intermediate Stories for Repraduction 2 [1500 prado [el | ‘Advanced Stories for Reproduction 2 {207 fivuvord ese eH ADVANCED ri STORIES REPRODUCTION OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Some villagers were going to celebrate an important wine festival in a few days" time, so they borrowed a huge bareel from the nearest town, put i in the village square, and deter- mined that each of them should empty 1 bottle of the best wine he had into it, s0 that there should be plenty at the feast. ‘One ofthe villagers thought he would be very clever. ‘1 pour a bottle of water in, instead of wine, no one will notice ity he said to himself, ‘because there will be so much excel: lent wine inthe barrel thatthe water will be lost init." "The night of the feast arrived. Everybody gathered in the village square with their jugs and their glasses forthe wine ‘The tap on the barrel was openedbut what came out was pure water. Everyone in the village had had the same idea. Wind sae he 2075 fl 4 1. Why did she iar borrow the bare? 2, How di they plan to a2 3, what did the vile who put dhe watrin expec the otere todo? 4, Wine i hey in fat do? 1B. Which word inde sory om pge 4 mean: 1, caleted 4. very big 3. thous (Put the number ofthe comet sentence ender the comet pcre 1. One of dhe wlagers ied abot with water 2, The vlagers went t he fom and borrowed age bare 51 They tamed the tap on-and pete wate come ot 44 Altheeilagers gathered in henge to i the wine. 5: They putt inthe wage aqare 5: He poured tino the are A, Annwer these quetons, 1. What strange about the at sentence inhi tory? i 2 Why dia then sign bares picture of horse 5! Why di the owner of the inn want snow lige 4. Whar din’ he Me aboot dhe weiting om he ew sg? 1. Here isanother problem for you think of a entence in which hat pens four times without any other wards in between, You ll find one atthe bottom of thi page* And ere ic nother pl with word: what word on you {ind which are spelt the sae way Torvarde an taco ke dl, deed and madam? (Sach word ar aed ‘palindromes in Enh} Write this tory. Choote the right words rom each bach ‘A: Ob,lookt what’ that man doing? Br Tekin he (ma paint be pantnginast have painted) } something ‘ ‘hs Ye ta og. pining he sg outs that i. : ® t ‘them every few years, don't you think? i ‘Ah: Yeu napot iT onto he oer de oks le and : De acy font panna Oe patting hse pid) Can you think of a sentence in which the word ‘and? appears a five times, without any words inbetween? Theres one tthe fend ofthis story. ‘hs Yea lot a te window! They ot be patted) mabe ‘There was once an inn which was called “The Horse and ing pated have ee ated) ony once cry ane Gur’ Tt had a sign outside it which had picture ofa horse yeast and cart oni but thet was getting very ol, so the owner Rated of te ven al pe nal ey, fdtheces x pot of gan pat bend I at Be pened? Of the inn decided to have a new one made. He went to ee painter and asked him to paint one, and to write “The Horse and Cart’ on It in large eters. ‘A Tew days later, he went to see how the painter was getting on. He liked the picture of the horse and cart very ‘much, but he did not lke the writing at all. He said to the painter, ‘No, nol There's too much epace between HORSE and AND and AND and GART!" + That “that” that that teacher mid wa wrong relly comet: one an ay "the man that an" ae wel a the man whom Te" 6 7 ‘A young man was called up for army service and had to go to bbe medically examined. The doctor was sitting at a desk ‘when he went in. He std to the man, "Take your coat and shirt off, loosen your belt and sit on that chain.” ‘The young man did so. The doctor looked at him for a ‘moment without getting up from his chair and then sai, ‘All right. Put your clothes on again” "But you haven't examined me at all!” the young man said ina troubled voice "Thin’t necessary,’ the doctor ssi gently. When L told you to take your eoat snd shirt off, you heard me al igh, co you aren't deaf. You saw the chair I pointed to, so your eyesights ood enough for thearmy. You managed to take your clothes off and to sit on the chair, so your body must be healthy, and you understood what I told you to do and did it without 8 mistake, so you must possess enough intelligence for the amy.” A, Anaver thee questions 1. What was the young man being medkly examine for? 2. What wore hin? 5 ow did the doctor know thatthe young a was not dea? 4 How did he know that he ould seal gh 5, How did he how tht iby wal ight 00? 18, How aid he know tht he was neligent enough for the amy? 1B. Opposites, What word in the sory on page 8 mesh the opposite of Lain 4 ek 2. rea 5. igen 3. Ick G. Choose the ght sentence beside cach pice, 1. 4. The doctors some 1, Ther hes the soldirs shat. 8. &. When he went back to hit ambulance, he found it Uterine " ambulance, he ound it tent. 4.4. When another actor a» ‘ed, he found the a ‘ulace burning. 1, When anther doctor ssived, he found the ‘inbalace bert A man had to go to court, and he asked his lawyer which judge would be hearing his case. His lawyer told im and then ‘aid, ‘Do you know him?” “The man answered, ‘No, but I wanted to know his name so that I could send him dozen bottles of good wine. ‘The lawyer was terribly shocked. “You can't do that,’ he sid. "You would be breaking the law very teriously, and you ‘would be sure to lose the cate” ‘Some weeks later the case was heard, and the man wan it [As he was leaving the court, he said to his lawyer, My pres ‘ent tothe judge was quite successful, wasn't it? The lawyer was even more shocked than before, and said, “What? Did you really send him that wine after what I told you?" “Yes, certainly," answered the man. ‘But I put my oppo nent’s name on the eard which I sent withthe wine. woul eae hea? ‘Why war the nwyer shocked? Wa shocked te awyer eves more after the are had een bead? Wat had the man done to win Bi cae? ser the name ofthe judge who 2 4. 10 1, Which ofthe sneer to thee questions ae gh? Waite the 2 Linen to ht before he goes ino cour. 1. meine we hic busines eel del wth bythe cour 2, What does breaking the law mean? 1 Dong something that i not allowed, aking anew a, © Going into our ‘5. What does even’ mean i ‘even more shocked? meas the by, ever in ‘The tawyer was shocked even when here was no needa be." even in ‘John can jmp even higher than Fred can.” ‘Wit this story, but do mot pu iter put words rie BFL eect get TARE and cenady stom FAR ™ oo tine 29 or ntrrnirine teres sn een dover ini “PERI ‘The lanyer been, ‘So you broke ino the samedi! shop ‘ve times one night, And what did you JL suo EB “One? said the lawyer, aang ie rem €3~ “Yes, but my wifemade me go back and change it for another one four ies. n ‘A man was telling one of his friends the secret of his or tented married life. ‘My wife makes ll the small decisions, hhe explained, ‘and T make all the big ones, eo we never inter Fere in each other's business and never get annoyed with each other. We have no complaints and no argument.” “That souncs reasonable,’ answered his friend sympathet= cally. ‘And what sort of decisions does your wife make?" ‘Well answered the man, ‘she decides what jobs [ apply for, what sort of house we five in, what furnire we bave, Where we go for our holidays, and things like that.” is friend was surprised. ‘Oh?" he sad. “And what do you consider important decisions then?” ‘Welly’ answered the man, ‘I decide who should be Prime Minister, whether we should increase our help to poor coun: ‘ties, what we should do about the atom bomb, and things like that.” A. Anawer these questions 1, Wha was the secret of the man's happy masrage? 2 What srt of decisions id the wife make? 8, What sort of decison did the husband ake? 4 Wile of the wo was able to cary oat or her econ? Not we NB+87 = 52 fone 10, its, Jones come yet? Please go and havea in the waltngsoom toceif shevihere” 11, Coldest ofa 12, Fike 2, He make things which we wow ono fet. Dou 3. Watching carefully These are what themanand 4 Absolutely neeesary Lr wifeinthestoryon page 3. Thing which we have mar T2mde sed to do very wel Write thie stony. Put one word a ach empty apace. You wl find 2th coset words in the story on page 12 AN tua ws fll of about hi wife‘ tha gre ers “amount of mosey, and never with hw she spend he ‘Sil hut she always sing for mote She's never with what Tigre ber hada sin my wages couple af weeks ago, so she tone wanted morc Ar soon as Tget bak from work he stare lemanding more money, and at makes me ery os We have temble vs semetines hase bad really "Themanhe war tlking to aneweed sy And what does he “Tedon'know, answered the husband “'¥e never en her ay.” 13 John was the only son of @ wealthy American businessman, Usually he was aken to school by the chauffeur in his father's beautiful ear, before the chauffeur took Joba's father t his office. One evening his father told him that he had to go to the airport carly the nextday, so he would need the carat the time that John had to go to school. He ssid that John's mother, who possessed another car, would stil be in bed at the time he had to leave the house. ‘Well, how will I get to school if you need your ear and Mammy is still in bed?" John asked. Hie father thought this was a good opportunity to teach him a lesson about how Inard life was for the les fortunate people of the world, 0 he answered, ‘You'll goin the same way as every other child in the world goes—in a taxi." ‘A. Answer thse question 1, Why was Jn able to go to schoo in a Besul ear driven by aachvaear? 2, Why couldn’ the chauffeur tke John oaehoo one sy? 3. Why coulda his mother do? 4 What was the lesson that Jo's father wanted to tachi? 5: Domest children nthe world goto schol by ti? 1. Which worden the try on page 14 mean 1. ance 4. owned 2 der 5 neh . Prt the number ofthe comet sentence ender the corest pete, 1, Joke's mother stayed in bed 2 Bt ope day john ater cle hi. 5. The chauffeur drove Job’ fther othe aport, 4. Unaly the emaleur drove John to sehool 5 Je went to schoo by tx 6 He told hn that he ncded the cr the next merning. At the entrance to a big office in London there wae a book which all employees had to sign when they arrived cach morning. At nine o'clock, the managers secretary, who lived in small flat above the office, had to draw a redline under the last name in the book, and anyone who came after that hnad to explain why he wat late ‘Whenever theze was @ thick fog in the ity the frst person to arrive late usually weote ‘Delayed by foy? under the red Tine in the book, and then everybody else who came after that just put “dito” underneath But one foggy morning, the First man to arzve late wrote “My wife had a baby early this morning’ instead of ‘Delayed by fog’ under the red line in the book. Twenty or thirty people who came after him put “ditto” undemeath this as ‘sual 1 Why ad the employees have 0 sgn the book? 2. What asa common raion fr being ate? 5! What wath ft man eso onthe dy thie story deal with? 4 What meaning di the vs of the employees really intend when they wrote ‘tothe moray? 5 What di thelr ‘it! sem to mean? 16 |, Which ofthese rentences ate rte? Write them down, 1. The manager knee who were Inte, Bese they ha 10 ome su expt ohm. 2, The manager could ce who were lat by ooking at she names ter the re ie in the bok. 8, ‘Dito usually meant ‘Delayed by fof 4. Ditto’ usualy mean "eae after tha’ 5, The man whose wife hed hada baby arrived befor anyone ele. 1 The man whore wife had had Baby aed before all he others who were late, 18, The people who wrote ‘ito that morning didnot read what 9. Thepeope who wrote to" tha morning pant that the iat san’ wife ha bad a Dib 10, The people who wrote ‘ito! dat moran rely meant "Delayed by fog ‘Wate his tory, Choote the sight word from cach bracket, ‘As Autumn ell ete today, e? 3B: Yea well soon have the fogs (tartstarcedstarting) sgn, |A: Lsuppose so! had my secretary (eniendingen) a notce ‘ound about them, Bs Wel Thad ndce(endzeningter) round to, bat my secrctary made smite fn and he ha all he afl (ough) Inugheaughing for cays. She pu "Soy nrtend of oR 1 Id her (corectfcomectedicomecting) of cour [As Thad alot of my stl come comin) Ite at winter, Ba then "had camp bed puiputing) up the offi, and a lee Annet (vngvnging/rought) fom the nezet Chinese estaran and Tad ule ot of the anearied one [prefer] preereprefesing) ta spend the ight here wen tw OEE: 1B: What a good idea! PU have my seereary (aitefurBinghenten) tomy decors to agen that! an ‘A policeman retuned to his police station one evening and reported to the sergeant that he had found an old ear with no ‘number plates “Where was i" atked the sergeant. ‘in Ecclesiastes Street, beyond the bridge,’ answered the iceman. Pete sergeant opened the report book and begun to waite. When he reached the name of the street, he began to spell aloud: “E-cl’. He looked at this for a few seconds, then tossed it out and wrote ‘Eck’, Then he became annoyed, decided that he was already too busy with other jobs, and ssid tothe policeman, ‘Write the report yourself.” “The policeman had s try too, but after a minute, he put his ‘helmet on and began to go out slowly “Where ate you going?” the sergeant asked, ‘Back to Ecclesiastes Stet’ answered the policeman. ‘Pm ging to pith the car round the comer ito Green Street.” nd ote te 2075: ble, eget, 18 1. What eport di the sergeant wan o write he book? 2. Why dat become aunayed? 3. Why dl the pliseran give up too? ‘4. Why athe want to push the ear nfo Green Stee? B. Opposites, What words inthe sory on page 18 mean the opposite of 1. amused 4. rpily 2 ide 5 sleasy Bon tisite of Choose the right sentence bei each picture 1, This man as found someone {aking his car aay '. Taira hat found someone to take biscar away. 2a, Ths ma hs found someone {shag hirer say, , Thrman hat fund someone torah kincar away. 45.4, This policeman ae topped looking ata notice. . This policeman har topped ‘The policeman he eopped Teoking a he note, ‘The policeman hs stopped their playground pulling = . Theseboys are going ont of thet playground to pelle 6 2 Tac boyt are ging out of thet playground paling» 3b Thee boys ae going ot of ‘ek playground vo pls 19 “The leader of « band was finding it extremely difficult to prepare for an important performance, because the members Df the band were never all present at any one of the rcheas- als Then the lst rehearsal before the show came, and agin Some of the members were not there. At the end of the rehearsal, the leader said to all the memabers of the band who were present, ‘Ihave been making a note of 1 been absent from our various rehearsal Here i piece of paper out of his pocket and looked at it. the only man who has bees hard-working and faithful enough tobe present every time isthe drummer. ‘The drummer went very red, stood up and answered, I thought it was the only right thing to do, as I won't be able to come to the show tomorrow.” A. Anaver these questions 1, What mide i diffialt forthe leader of the bund odo his work propery? 2, Tow did he Aino wh ad Been 2 previous reheural? 44 Why had Been 0 ardworking and faithful? Word aide he 2075: eben 20 1, Which ofthe neers othe qoetions ae sight? Write the helio al the comectanawer down 1. Wat wath eer af he bad ying to da? 1 Toprepate for abi tear, ¢ Toget veady foran mportat show. 2 What wasn the pec f ape that the lade ofthe band had? 1. The names of people who hed bees presen at rehearsal 1, The name of people wh had been bse rm rehene The mame ofthe drunmes, 8. How many members of the band had atended etry seberal? a Alot the, 1. One of ther. © None of them 4. iy aid the drummer go very sed? 2 Becnore he was proud of what the leader ofthe and ha tb, Beene he was asamed ©. Write this story, but donot pr pita Mr Jones went ts dheatze to hear a famous anasto in ne made 1ot of noe with hin and then began to af EBD wir vit he men on he ESN Mr, Jones Became to annoyed that he id gute loud, shat fot” The man in rotted ound, He hada big snot KORG ae higered theteningy ‘Ave you alkng about me?" "Obs no!anrwered Me, Jone sudden eling ald ‘war tnking about the man on the ae, who at ORPINE sme bearing you properly. 7m words, a ‘A man vas tired of living in his old house inthe country and ‘wanted to sell it and buy a better one. He attempted to sell i for a long time, but was not successful, so at last he decided to solve the problem by using an estate agen. ‘The agent promptly advertised the house, and a few days later, the owner raw a very attractive photograph of it, with a ‘wonderful description of its gardens, in an expensive maga “After the howe owner had read the advertisement through, he hastened to telephone the estate agent and suid 19 him, “I'm sorry, Mr. Jones, but I've decided not to sell my hhouse after all. After vending your advertisement in that magizine, can see that i's just the kind of house I've ‘anted 9 lve in all my life.” A. Annver thee questions 1, Why id the man want to sel his Bouse? 2, Wy ie nally have to go to an xa agent? 5 What the ete agent do about sling te house? 44 How did he lose se By being too good a is ob? 22 1. Do this pute 5. The hoose agent put 2 Dental af the house ne maga 8. Theman decided. she id’ want tose his howe, 9, Not polit 12, People hoot with hese 1. Smal bullaing ina gaden, 1, Tews so wonder... ad 17, Nova. 1B. Not early and not ate, 1. Bmpty space in something 10 fever io the wonder 1N°A person who thinks alot sine thatthe owner of the sas. peson. ose changed is mind 2, Belag prevent oat sling 3. Notre, 16 tid the hous agent expect, 4, Wonderfaty: the owner ofthe hows fo 1, Wesometimes say thir when behave ashe dd?" "expect. (C. Wate ws tory. Put one word in etch empty spc. You wi tin alle correct words in the tory on vate 2, Jot ha dificult... which he bad stil not been able o afver sc months of hard work: be wanted tba aout, He 0 {etone by putting an sin the lea paper, with adetaled «of ‘hac he wanted Reagan In magazines adhe went 028 {ste But without sce, Then one da he sor ome men Tnulding «amber of. oust, soe +» nto what looked ke "he man siting Behind the dedk snewered..., Twat to buy fone too, ut we wont fet much help hee Theyre bung 20 felent Greek cy for sf that's going tbe made hee” 23