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90m OPV

Patrol Vessel

The Offshore Patrol Vessel is a highly versatile

ship, designed to perform Economic Exclusion
Zone management roles, including the provision
of maritime security to coastal areas and
effective disaster relief.

Maritime – Naval Ships

The 90 metre Offshore Patrol Vessel is based Weapons and sensors Propulsion
on the design of the smaller (80 metre) River
Main armament: 30 mm 1 2 x 7,350kw diesel engines
Class vessels used by the UK Royal Navy and
Secondary armament: 25 mm 2 2 x Warstilla propellers
is a highly capable and versatile ship that is
(port & starboard)
attractive to the export market. The ship’s 90 metre
12.7mm gun location (port and starboard) 3
flexible design can be altered according to
Air and surface surveillance radar Displacement 1,800 tonnes
individual customer needs and requirements,
X-band navigation radar Length 90 metres
meeting the operational requirements of navies
S-band navigation radar Maximum beam 13.5 metres
around the world.
Electro-optic system electronics Top speed 25 knots
United Kingdom Fire monitors 4 Range 5,500 miles
We provide support to the UK Royal Navy’s River Crew size 70*
Mission capability
Class ships under a contracting for availability Embarked troops/passengers 50
arrangement. HMS Clyde, HMS Mersey, HMS 20 metre flight deck for seven 5 Endurance 35 days
Tyne and HMS Severn. tonne helicopter
80 metre
16 tonne crane 6
6 x six metre ISO containers 7 Displacement 1,700 tonnes
We have a technology transfer agreement with
Pacific 24, speed 39 knots 8 Length 81.5 metres
Bangkok Dock, providing the design for a 90
Fast interceptor craft Maximum beam 13.5 metres
metre Offshore Patrol Vessel for the Royal Thai
Top speed 20 knots
Navy. Construction of the vessel is underway Communications
Range 5,500 miles
in Thailand, with engineers from our business
High Frequency transceiver Crew size 36
working alongside Bangkok Dock to transfer
Very High Frequency transceiver Embarked troops/passengers 20
design knowledge, technology and skills.
Very High Frequency marine band Endurance 21 days
HTMS Krabi.
Global maritime distress safety system *Accommodation provided for 70, but designed to be operable with
Brazil a crew of just 36
We are supplying three Ocean Patrol Vessels
and ancillary support services to the Brazilian
Navy, as well as a Manufacturing Licence to
enable further vessels of the same class to be
constructed in Brazil. P120 Amazonas,
P121 Apa and P122 Araguari.

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