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New edition



2rid edn (Vois I and


edited by HerbertA. Lieberman, Martin M. Riegerand Gilbert S.

Banker, Marcel Dekker, 1996. Vol. 1:$165.00 (xviii + 532 pages) ISBN 0 8247 9~87 0 Vol. 2:$165.00 (rx + 506 pages) ISBN 0 8247 9713 2

This edition, revised and expanded, is published about eight years after the first and contains25%new mate- rial and several new chapters. The second edition is now in three, as opposed to two, volumes. A variety of topics are covered, ranging from the theory of suspensions, colloids and emulsions to products such as

pharmaceutical suspensions and ophthalmic ointments. This short description will highligl-.', some of the changes incorporated into this new edition. Volume 1(10chapters) covers the- oretical aspects involved in the for- mulation of different types of dis- perse system drug products, such as suspensions, emulsions, aerosols and ointments. Chapter 2, entitled 'Theory of Suspensions' covers the characterization of suspension-type products and includes a new section on light-scattering techniques. Chapter 3 on emulsions has been expanded and the chapter on col- loids, which now contains many new references, has been updated. 'Bioavailability of Disperse Dosage Forms' (Chapter 8) has been texten- sively rewritten, reorganized and enlarged. The finalchapter (Chapter 10), on experimental design, model- ling and optimization strategies is a mathematical chapter that has been


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revised and updated and includes statistical techniques and strategies useful for pharmaceutical product development. Volume 2 (12 chapters) focuses on specific types of disperse system

dosage forms.

maceutical suspensions, includes topics on stabilization and formula- tion of suspensions and both theo- rectical and practical aspects of sus- pensions are covered. An important

change in this volume has come from combining the chapters on pharmaceutical emulsions and microemulsions into one chapter, which includes more than 250 refer- ences. The chapter on antacids and clay products (Chapter 3) contains several new figures and also includes information relating to the testing and evaluation of antacid suspensions. Chapter 6, on reconstitutable sus- pensions, also contains some modifi- cations, the most significantbeing an

Chapter 1, on phar-

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1996 (VoL



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addition of current information on stability evaluation of reconstituted antibiotic oral suspensions, e.g. determination of shelf-life at differ- ent temperatures. Major revision has been undertaken on the cover- age of ophthalmic ointments and

suspensions, particularly in the area of product safety and a new section on the packaging aspects of oph- thalmic ointments and suspensions has been added. Finally, Chapter 12 on supvository development and production has been extensively

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reworked and updated. It is antici- pated that this new edition will appeal to a cross section of the scientific community, including industrial pharmacists and scien~ts working in both academia and government.

Academic Press, 1996. £35,00 (xvi + 156 pages) ISBN 0 12 490540 4

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(vi ÷ 63 pages) ISBN92 4 154482 1




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