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Siemens PLM Software

Digital manufacturing solutions helping companies make smarter decisions
to boost productivity, lower costs and meet quality targets

Smarter decisions powering
manufacturing productivity
Shifting business factors such as the
demand for environmentally-friendly
products, more sustainable production
and increasingly competitive global mar-
kets require companies to constantly
adapt and improve their business strate-
gies. Launching faster, getting more
from their capital investments and deliv-
ering quality products are always at the
core of growth and prosperity even in
demanding economic times.

In the past, innovative products were

enough to succeed, but in today’s world
of unprecedented cost and regulatory
pressures, successful manufacturers know
they must leverage production capacity
as a strategic advantage not simply as
the cost of doing business.

By innovating across their entire lifecycle,

manufacturers realize a two-fold gain as Leading companies leverage digital
they strive to build the right product manufacturing in their product
and build the product right. These lifecycle because they know that the
manufacturers are increasing productiv- economic success of innovative
ity, optimizing more flexible capacity products hinges on the performance
and more effectively leveraging capital of their manufacturing operations.
investments by:
• Enhancing the visibility of process
innovation across their enterprise
• Increasing speed to market by
leveraging engineering assets in
synchronization with manufacturing
• Capitalizing on emerging market
opportunities with proven production
• Driving sustainable profitability
through the continuous optimization
of manufacturing resources and capital
• Reducing cost by implementing more
sustainable production strategies

Introducing Tecnomatix

In today’s global marketplace, innovative Utilizing an open architecture, Siemens

products are the price of entry, but rap- PLM Software delivers world-class solu-
idly changing demographics and increas- tions through open integrations that
ing competitive pressures demand process reduce deliverable timelines and increase
innovation as well. This is why leading the accuracy of your manufacturing plan-
manufacturers are increasingly turning to ning efforts. By associating product, pro-
Tecnomatix® digital manufacturing solu- cess, resource and plant data, manufac-
tions from Siemens PLM Software to make turers are able to leverage a full arsenal of
smarter decisions, earlier for increasing process-oriented capabilities recognized
productivity and agility while lowering as the leading technology in the digital
costs and gaining a higher return on pro- manufacturing domain.
duction investments.
A key component of a robust PLM strat-
Tecnomatix delivers process innovation by egy, Tecnomatix bridges the gap between
linking all manufacturing disciplines with product design and product delivery by
product engineering, including process managing both the design and execution
engineering and simulation, and produc- of manufacturing processes in a fully
tion management. The Tecnomatix com- associative data model. Tecnomatix main-
prehensive portfolio of digital manufac- tains the crucial digital continuity of the
turing solutions utilizes Teamcenter® product lifecycle, thereby helping manu-
software delivering an unmatched prod- facturers to bring more innovative prod-
uct and production integration driving ucts to market faster, as well as to lever-
smarter decisions, better products, faster. age the power of global manufacturing
operations, improve production efficiency,
maintain quality and boost profitability.

Tecnomatix business value

Change is a reality that we all face. Manage complexity

Global trends are the driving force Manufacturing produces orders of
behind new business models with com- magnitude more data than product
plex relationships at their foundation. engineering yet the interrelationships
Many companies adapt to survive, but between these two domains are critical
leaders are seizing the opportunity to for new product development and
be more flexible, productive and com- launch execution. Tecnomatix enables
petitive. They are reaping the benefits you to leverage product change,
of a complete PLM strategy that updates and dependencies throughout
includes Tecnomatix digital manufac- the planning process, resulting in vali-
turing as a vital component. dated manufacturing plans which
ensure first-time quality.
Increase speed to market
Tecnomatix solutions optimize the Improve productivity
business processes that determine your Re-use of best practice processes and
ability to get to market faster. From the ability to optimize manufacturing
product development through delivery, lines or systems in a digital environ-
Tecnomatix aligns manufacturing ment long before they go into
capacity and capability with design production are key enablers to achieve
intent, thereby reducing long lead-time significant productivity gains in manu-
processes, supporting price premiums, facturing. Tecnomatix facilitates these
capturing market share and increasing benefits through the Teamcenter single
brand value. source of product and process knowl-
edge and its ability to manage concur-
rent lifecycle processes.

Increase re-use and reduce cost Siemens PLM Software provides solu-
A company’s biggest cost center – and tions to transform your manufacturing
that of its supply chain – is manufac- outsourcing strategy and align
turing. This investment goes beyond resources to capture innovation from
physical assets, labor and floor space. every contributor. Visibility into the
Manufacturing planning, process anal- details of product manufacturing is
ysis, discrete simulation, prototyping critical because quality problems and
and mockups all contribute to your warranty costs can quickly erode prof-
manufacturing investments. By itability and impact customer satisfac-
enabling companies to leverage these tion. Tecnomatix fosters quality
investments across multiple product improvement, process accountability
programs, Tecnomatix can significantly and compliance throughout your man-
reduce production costs. ufacturing process by facilitating full
product and process genealogy and
Maximize your production strategy traceability for all products, from plan-
Many companies are approaching ning to as-built data requirements.
global opportunity with a focus on out-
sourcing manufacturing. However, out-
sourced manufacturing relationships
often underperform because informa-
tion is not efficiently communicated.

Tecnomatix advantages

Tecnomatix advantage Why it matters

Leadership Tecnomatix is the leading digital manufacturing solution based on technology, market
share, industry experience and world-class customers served. Backed by Siemens’ leader-
ship in delivery, with over five million Teamcenter users worldwide, Tecnomatix digital
manufacturing solutions are built on the most widely deployed PLM solution in the

Enterprise-scalable, The entire Siemens PLM Software portfolio is built on an open architecture, enabling
open lifecycle Tecnomatix solutions to integrate with any product data management (PDM) system.
foundation This flexibility translates into more cost-effective deployments and unparalleled flexibility
for integration with other key enterprise systems.

Unparalled data manage- The data and process management solution for Tecnomatix provides visibility and process
ment and control accountability between plant, process, resource and product configurations and collec-
tively supports real-time enforced consistency and reconciliation during change. This
reduces confusion and complexity, delineates responsibility and mitigates the risk of ris-
ing costs during new product introductions and inevitable changes to the production

Industry-specific Tecnomatix solutions are geared to support and improve processes specific to a variety of
value frameworks industries, including automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace, defense, high-tech elec-
tronics, consumer products and heavy machinery. Tecnomatix makes it easy for organiza-
tions to implement digital manufacturing solutions leveraging their industry’s best prac-
tices. Within the Tecnomatix knowledge management environment, organizations can
readily configure data structures, workflows and business rules to suit their needs.

Tecnomatix advantage Why it matters

PLM for manufacturing Other manufacturing planning solutions lack either the application coverage to improve
the entire manufacturing cycle or the knowledge management underpinnings to leverage
upstream lifecycle information. Tecnomatix is unique because it brings together a com-
prehensive suite of industry-leading, workflow-based applications covering all of the
domains influenced by your manufacturing requirements.

Efficient planning Tecnomatix leverages the Teamcenter single source of lifecycle knowledge, which creates
a foundation you can use to rationalize and leverage engineering assets and optimize/
synchronize manufacturing deliverables to reduce complexity and accelerate your take-
to-market innovations.

Optimized systems Tecnomatix allows you to tie your factory planning tools together with simulation tools,
which in turn facilitates understanding of the true work flow and material flow for a spe-
cific factory configuration. This approach enables you to interactively analyze multiple
manufacturing processes and layout scenarios, providing an intelligent basis for making
informed and smarter decisions.

Proven validation Optimization is achieved via a managed and shared environment that enables engineers
to react rapidly to changes regardless of source. System device behavior and logic can be
modeled to allow full, line- or system-level validation where errors are reduced through
dynamic interaction. This capability addresses the need for highly automated and config-
urable systems to deliver the flexibility that is required to optimize production

Lifecycle quality Quality characteristics become an integral element of the product lifecycle generating a
competitive advantage through a key business strategy. From design through production,
these characteristics are leveraged to reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality,
program after program.

Accelerates creation of the part manufacturing plan by as
much as 30 percent

Reduces costs of resources such as tooling through

increased standardization

Supports regulatory compliance with accurate process


Reduces errors and delays on the shop floor by facilitating

direct information access

Part Planning and Validation

Tecnomatix Part Planning and Valida- Accurately establish your part manu- Maximize productivity
tion enables part manufacturing com- facturing plan Part Planning and Validation manages
panies to accurately and efficiently Part Planning and Validation enables all product and related process data to
define the manufacturing process plan you to validate the intended manufac- help manufacturing engineers, CNC
and directly connect it to production turing method for your parts, as well as programmers, tooling managers,
systems. Effectively managing the define the process and specify the machinists and other members of your
plan’s data is essential to this process. tools you use to make them. Its appli- organization to share information and
Manufacturing planning teams must cations manage data from process work as a team. This results in better
be able to easily capture this informa- authoring software, such as NC pro- manufacturing plans and data that is
tion, organize it against sequential pro- gramming, process sequencing, synchronized with the shop floor for
cess steps and provide the shop floor resource allocation, and reporting. maximum production throughput and
with easy access to its most recent machine tool utilization.
versions. Connect manufacturing plans
directly to production
The Part Planning functionality within In order to optimize part machining
this solution enables you to re-use processes, plans can be connected to
proven manufacturing processes, shop floor systems such as DNC (direct
shortening planning time and ensuring numerical control) to provide direct
the use of preferred methods and access and transfer of plan data to
resources on the shop floor. When CNC machines. You can synchronize
shop floor personnel and systems planning and production operations by
access the manufacturing planning enabling access to the single source of
data and apply it directly to produc- machining data and resources.
tion, you are also able to reduce errors
and delays.

Reduce manufacturing planning time and associated
cost as much as 40 percent

Increase transparency into assembly processes and

manage the impact of changes

Enable global engineering to be performed in a

collaborative, multi-user environment

Improve manufacturing productivity by optimizing

processes prior to the start of production

Assembly Planning and

Tecnomatix Assembly Planning and Plan, optimize and validate your
Validation helps you to virtually design manufacturing processes before you
and evaluate assembly process scenar- start production
ios and quickly arrive at the best plan Use a broad range of tools that stream-
for building products. You can synchro- line the process planning workflows,
nize your product and manufacturing automate nonvalue-added planning
requirements and manage a more tasks and validate the best plan for
holistic process driven design (design building products. These tools facili-
for assembly). Make smarter manufac- tate process design and sequencing,
turing decisions by using tools which manufacturing bill of material (mBOM)
provide clear visibility to assembly management, line balancing, time
sequence, resources and activity dura- management, 3D plant layout and
tions. The solution increases your ergonomic analysis, as well as many
productivity by providing you with other capabilities.
the best tools to re-use your proven
solutions and best practices. When Take control of your product and
new processes and technologies production lifecycle
are validated and optimized in a Assembly Planning and Validation
virtual environment, you gain the connects the manufacturing process
flexibility to check your manufacturing lifecycle from process planning and
processes without impacting ongoing detailed engineering to full production.
production. By connecting all members of the man-
ufacturing value chain into one virtual
enterprise, the solution helps manufac-
turers build the best production

Provides optimized manufacturing feature distribution
and management

Reduces planning and automation programming time

as much as 40 percent

Significantly reduces build, test, and installation processes

Leverages event-based, signal-driven simulation

technology to enable virtual commissioning of
production systems

Robotics and Automation Planning

Tecnomatix Robotics and Automation Smarter decisions for greater System-level efficiency
Planning enables manufacturers, flexibility Tecnomatix provides automated opti-
through a product lifecycle manage- Tecnomatix addresses the require- mization tools and technology to facili-
ment platform, to virtually develop, ments for highly automated and tate evaluation and virtual commis-
simulate, and commission robotic and configurable systems, such as mixed sioning at the system level. Users are
other automated manufacturing sys- production scenarios and robot able to dynamically interact as they
tems from facilities producing dedi- gardens. Engineers are able to make construct factory workstations, thereby
cated products to mixed-model produc- informed decisions when purchasing, reducing errors during the planning
tion facilities with combinations of modifying, and implementing new process. Efficiency is also gained as
build variants. or existing technologies without planning teams optimize resource
adversely affecting current production. utilization across the entire manufac-
Synchronize changes across domains turing system.
Tecnomatix utilizes a 3D collaborative, Reduce physical tryouts
multi-user environment to increase Tecnomatix leverages event-based sim-
engineering productivity. Users have ulation, specific robot teach pendant
live access to all project data, which programming, and industry standards
can be dynamically managed. As data to construct and validate manufactur-
is checked in, automatic updates ing systems, alleviating the depen-
ensure synchronization of the 3D dency on physical tryouts by allowing
model and all other related manfufac- for the debug and test of manufactur-
turing process data. This dynamic man- ing systems, virtually.
agement of manufacturing process
data greatly reduces planning and
installation errors.

Reduces factory design time as much as 50 percent
when compared to typical 2D methods

Increases productivity of existing systems as much as

20 percent

Reduces inventories and throughput time as much as

60 percent through fostering of optimized production

Facilitates visibility and predictability by sharing

3D layouts across diverse teams

Plant Design and Optimization

Tecnomatix Plant Design and Optimiza- Improve material handling Bring diverse teams together
tion allows organizations to create Employing factory logistics analysis Through collaborative factory design
factory models faster and ensure that and optimization, Tecnomatix drives management, Tecnomatix brings
they are operating at peak efficiency the productivity of factories based on diverse teams together through a prod-
before the start of production. By material flow distances, frequency, and uct lifecycle management platform.
letting engineers see the outcome of cost. This is accomplished by evaluat- Productivity is increased by reducing
plans within virtual plants, organiza- ing and analyzing data, such as part the nonvalue-added administrative
tions can avoid wasting valuable routing information, material storage tasks associated with managing and
resources fixing problems within their needs, material handling equipment sharing large volumes of facility data.
real plants. specifications, and part packaging
information, against the factory layout.
Smarter decisions for better factory
design Optimize production throughput
Using 3D factory design and visualiza- By utilizing production throughput
tion, Tecnomatix offers critical insight simulation, Tecnomatix optimizes the
into factory design, layout, and instal- parameters that define production
lation processes. This is made possible system capabilities. Tecnomatix
by using “smart objects” that represent facilitates this by tying factory layout
all of your factory resources, from con- together with event-driven simulation.
veyors, mezzanines, and cranes to con- This makes it possible to develop and
tainers, AGVs, and operators. You can analyze multiple production scenarios
create factory layouts much faster than quickly, eliminating bottlenecks,
typical 2D methods by combining 3D improving efficiency, and increasing
layout techniques with these smart throughput.

Reduce total cost of quality by nearly 10 percent
of revenue

Decrease root cause analysis time

Analyze production quality variation against nominal

math models

Automate inspection programming efforts

Leverages industry standards to reduce dependency

on proprietary solutions

Lowers deployment cost by leveraging your business

processes and PLM infrastructure

Quality Management

Tecnomatix Quality Management a crucial continuity which closes the This digital approach leverages embed-
streamlines the entire quality process gap between design intent and produc- ded information allowing your engi-
by linking quality information with all tion results. Unique technology deliv- neers to evaluate dimensional charac-
of your manufacturing and engineer- ers a competitive advantage that teristics and the major contributors to
ing domains through a product lifecy- directly addresses your most pressing production variation well before
cle platform. This enterprise scalable quality-related issues in the same PLM impacting the shop floor.
solution delivers the quality knowledge environment you use to plan, design,
your engineers need to make smarter build and deliver quality products to Measurement, make it count
trade-off decisions, define more effi- the global marketplace. Collecting inspection data from
cient inspection strategies and moni- production is a cost of doing business,
tor, analyze and fix production issues, Smarter decisions by design yet most manufacturers never see a
faster. Manufacturers spend millions of dol- return on that investment because the
lars every year due to assembly build knowledge captured is hard to leverage
PLM quality foundation problems which inevitably lead to a when it is contained in disconnected
Delivering quality products requires an loss of productivity and profitability systems. Tecnomatix delivers a unique
enterprise effort which must bridge through rework, repair or scrap. And in solution which captures as-built
the gap between product design and many cases, over-engineered product measurement information and closes
product delivery by managing product, adds unnecessary cost burdens on the loop to design through a full
planning and production activities. production. Powerful dimensional association to your lifecycle data
Tecnomatix delivers the ability to incor- analysis allows you to predict build model. Real-world information is moni-
porate quality into these domains mak- problems and identify their root tored, analyzed and compared across
ing it an integral element of your PLM causes – before physical parts are your production footprint, regardless
environment. This ensures made or tooling is built. of location. This interoperability deliv-
ers the ability to find problems quicker,
fix them faster and share that informa-
tion across the enterprise.

Reduces raw material inventory

Increases production efficiency

Aligns manufacturing processes across the enterprise

Reduces direct labor cost

Tracks real-time product yields

Provides optimum operations visibility

Production Management

If you want a complete picture of your Production Management components Human Machine Interface (HMI)
manufacturing lifecycle – as well as work together through your lifecycle and Supervisory Control and
the ability to manage your production processes and incorporate world-class Data Acquisition (SCADA)
processes in today’s fast paced, distrib- capabilities in two main areas. This solution enables you to collect
uted word, your company needs real- realtime information on plant and
time access to its production data. Manufacturing Execution Systems equipment status and feed upstream
Capturing real-time operational data is (MES) systems, including MES. Siemens’ HMI
the only way to measure performance This model-based system monitors and SCADA products provide compre-
for your planning initiatives. This work in process, controls operations hensive state-of-the-art tools that
information is also vital for validating and labor and feeds production empower users with configurable
cost estimates for your new product information to business systems and applications that can be tailored specif-
development projects – as well as for lifecycle repositories. It also includes ically to their requirements. Spanning
mitigating the risks associated with extensive quality management the spectrum of real-time human
nonconforming products. functionality. The solution consists of machine interfaces, supervisory con-
three software suites, focusing on trol and data acquisition and industrial
Tecnomatix Production Management production, development and manu- information management applica-
provides visibility into your as- facturing intelligence. It offers a wide tions, the versatility of the solution is
designed, as-planned, as-built and as- range of components for optimal plan- virtually unlimited.
maintained configurations. It extends ning, execution, documentation and
the PLM footprint to the manufacturing visualization of production and
shop floor, enabling accelerated pro- development processes.
duction launch, continuous process
improvement, regulatory compliance
and increased operational efficiency.

Increase productivity and support continuous improvement
and design-for-manufacturing initiatives

Enable product and manufacturing teams to work in

parallel and make smarter planning decisions

Synchronize as-designed and as-planned BOM, helping

cross discipline teams to get better visibility of change

Manufacturing Process Management

The Manufacturing Process Manage- Get clear visibility to manufacturing Gain the freedom to react to
ment solution in Teamcenter is a set of decisions, analysis and results change efficiently
foundation technologies that enable Using a set of powerful data manage- When you have a fully integrated prod-
you to manage your product, as well as ment, 3D visualization and analysis uct design and manufacturing depart-
process, resource and plant layout tools you can optimize your manufac- ment, you are in full control of your
knowledge, in a common PLM environ- turing plans by evaluating various product development processes and
ment. Built on open standards, this alternatives. An improved user know the exact impact of change at
solution helps to streamline your new interface is designed to help you every step. If change is introduced at
product design and manufacturing analyze data from different sources any stage of product design or manu-
process workflows. A single source of quickly and easily. You can improve facturing you can quickly communicate
product and process knowledge allows your productivity using intelligent and reconcile the entire scenario using
you to efficiently manage your global search which is fast and only displays powerful analysis and validation tools.
product design and production activi- the relevant information in the context Through Teamcenter change manage-
ties thereby significantly decreasing of your tasks. Generate animated work ment, responsible parties are informed
your time-to-market and time-to- instructions using 3D PDF technology, and notified so that your organization
volume goals. which clearly and accurately communi- can make better planning decisions if
cates assembly instructions to the and when change is introduced.
production floor.

Assembly With its open architecture,
Machining Robotics Teamcenter manages critical
lifecycle data streams including
Tooling product, process, plant and
Plant resource information. Users
can visualize and collaborate
Simulation on this associative data, taking
Quality advantage of powerful
workflow control, change
management functionality and
Design product variant effectivity.

Styling Platform
Planning Support

Tecnomatix manufacturing knowledge

By industry estimates, manufacturing Full process visibility enables all manu- Understanding the impact of change
engineering uses over one hundred facturing stakeholders to react more Tecnomatix associates product, pro-
times more data than design engineer- effectively to change, make the right cess, resource and plant information
ing and involves many disciplines decisions earlier and accelerate their together so that changes to any one
beyond the normal product engineer- role in the take-to-market process. facet will ripple through related ele-
ing scope. The benefits of efficiently ments automatically. If a design fea-
managing such a vast amount of infor- A single source of manufacturing ture gets changed, the tooling for that
mation are enormous. These benefits knowledge feature may also change, as might
motivate world class manufacturers According to industry reports, the plant where the part is machined.
across the globe to implement manufacturing engineers spend over Tecnomatix automatically shows you
digital manufacturing solutions from half their time searching for data. how that single design change influ-
Tecnomatix. The Tecnomatix manufac- Teamcenter manages all the informa- ences every other aspect of your man-
turing data model is directly associated tion defining your products, processes, ufacturing planning and execution.
with the Teamcenter product data production resources and plant facili-
model, providing the single most ties. This single information source
effective source of lifecycle knowledge gives users complete confidence that
available on the market. Teamcenter they are working with the correct data
enables manufacturers to establish in configurations that simplify their
digital continuity from start to finish. job and create more productive busi-
ness processes.

About Siemens PLM Software
Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens
Digital Factory Division, is a world-leading provider of
product lifecycle management (PLM) software, systems and
services with nine million licensed seats and 77,000
customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas,
Siemens PLM Software helps thousands of companies make
great products by optimizing their lifecycle processes, from
planning and development through manufacturing and
support. Our HD-PLM vision is to give everyone involved in
making a product the information they need, when they
need it, to make the smartest decisions. For more
information on Siemens PLM Software products and
services, visit www.siemens.com/plm.

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