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(Oratorical Speech)

Why do you live? What happens to you after this life? We challenge you to think for one week
about your life and your future! Discover how incredibly complex the world is. Science has
discovered many factors that all are necessary for life on a planet. Find out why spontaneous
start of life seems impossible! So how can it be that there is a unique earth full of complex life in
an immense space? It makes you think if there might be a design behind all of this. For a design,
you also need a designer. If you think about it, you may conclude that there is a designer: His
familiar name is God. He created the universe, earth and everything on it. But not as an
automated mechanism which runs on natural laws. God went beyond that and even created
humans that can make their own choices. This freedom, however, creates a huge problem: you
can choose to be in the plan of the Creator, or live just for yourself. Every human is self-
centered, tending to make wrong choices, and behaving against the -good intended- rules of God
(we call them ”sins”). These sins will finally result in a condemnation or judgement at the end of
your life: an eternal future without God and no entrance to Heaven. However, such a future is not
God’s wish for you. God loves you and He wants a relationship with you: now in this life and
after death as well. That’s why God Himself has provided a solution. God sent His own Son,
Jesus Christ, to the earth. The only perfect Man ever. The Lord Jesus gave His life and blood for
you on a cross. Only this way is salvation for humans possible. Jesus Christ took your place in
the punishment for everything you have ever done wrong. After 3 days, He rose from the dead to
prove that He is stronger than death. Right now the Lord Jesus lives with God in heaven. These
are the facts in short. God’s requirement for a relationship with Him is that you will believe that
Jesus Christ is His Son and that He died and rose from the dead for your mistakes. You have to
accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and your Lord. Only that way will God forgive your mistakes
and disobedience. He will adopt you as His child, and because of belief in Jesus Christ, God
guarantees you eternal life with Him in heaven after you die. Often people simply choose to
ignore God. Others believe there is “something”, but do not bother to find out what. Or they just
believe what science presents to them about life. Only by faith in Jesus Christ is it possible to
have a relationship with God. Now, and after this life.