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Unit 9 Project Worksheet Notes


Aim: Give Ss practice describing clothing.

Preparation: Bring mail-order catalogs. Make one copy of the worksheet for every group.
Materials: Magazines; scissors; colored pencils or pens; glue or tape

Plan Present
■ Elicit companies that sell clothes by mail or online. ■ Have groups share their catalogs or websites. Tell
If necessary, show Ss examples of catalogs or Ss to try to “sell” to the class. Encourage other Ss
websites. to ask questions and “buy” things they like.
■ Divide the class into small groups. Give each group ■ Option: Have Ss write an email to ask questions
a worksheet. about the clothes they want to order.
■ Explain the task. Ss are creating a catalog to sell
clothes. They have to choose a clothing style and
list at least six items they will “sell.”
■ Ss decide what clothing to sell.

■ Explain the task. Groups create a clothing catalog
or website.
■ Encourage Ss to look for other examples. Remind
them to write a detailed description for each item.
■ Option: Each S is responsible for describing one
item of clothing.

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Unit 9 Project Worksheet


GROUP WORK You are going to create a catalog or website to sell clothing. Decide
on a clothing style. Then choose at least six items you want to sell.

Clothing style: ______________________

Clothing items:

1. 4.

2. 5.

3. 6.

GROUP WORK Design and create your catalog or website. Use photos from magazines
or draw pictures of the clothing you want to sell. Then write a detailed description
of each item. Don’t forget to include prices and available sizes and colors.

CLASS ACTIVITY Share your catalog or website with the class. Explain the
clothing you sell and explain why your classmates should order something.

Interchange 1 Teacher’s Resource Worksheets © Cambridge University Press 2013 Photocopiable