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Unit 15 Writing Worksheet

Before You Write
Read the notes. Match each note with the correct purpose in the box.

to apologize to ask about someone

to complain to invite
to give information to make a request

Elizabeth – Jin – Luke –

I’m not coming to the office I can’t go out with you You used my phone to
tomorrow. I’m going to be out anymore. I have a lot of download movies again! Now
all day visiting customers. problems and I need to be I have a $200 cell phone bill!
Bert alone. I’m sorry. Ethan

1. to give information 2. 3.

Hiro – Tracy – Monica –

Could you ask Martha to call Are you doing anything this How are you? I haven’t seen
me early tomorrow? I’m going evening? Would you like to you for a long time. Are you
to be at home until 10:30 A.M. have dinner at my place? OK?
Laura Cynthia Glenda

4. 5. 6.

Your First Draft

A Write three notes with different purposes. Use the notes above as a model.
B PAIR WORK Read your partner’s notes. Write answers to these questions.
1. Can you guess the purpose of each note?
2. What information is unclear?
3. What else do you want to know?

Your Second Draft

Use your partner’s answers to revise your notes.

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