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Unit 16 Grammar Worksheet

How have you changed in the last year? How about your best friend?
Write sentences.
1. With the present tense: I wear contact lenses now.
a. I
b. My best friend
2. With the comparative: I’m more independent than before.
a. I
b. My best friend
3. With the past tense: My best friend had a baby last year.
a. I
b. My best friend
4. With the present perfect: My best friend has moved to a new apartment.
a. I
b. My best friend

A Think about your personal and professional life. What are your plans?
Complete the sentences.
1. I hope to get a new job.
2. I’d like to
3. I’d love to
4. I plan to
5. I don’t want to
6. I don’t plan to
7. I’m not going to

B PAIR WORK Compare your plans. Take turns asking and answering
A: What are your plans for the future?
B: Well, first I hope to get a new job. I don’t want to work at a store anymore.

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