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Unit 16 Vocabulary Worksheet

Your Vocabulary Log
Make a vocabulary log. Write words or draw pictures to help you remember.

change my hairstyle have children
change schools improve my English vocabulary
cut my hair short join a club
dress differently learn a new sport
dye my hair learn how to dance
fall in love make new friends
get a bank loan
move into my
get a credit card own apartment
get a driver’s license move to a new city
get a part-time job open a savings account
get a pet pierce my ears
get engaged start a new hobby
get glasses study abroad
get married take art / music lessons
graduate from school turn 18
grow a beard / mustache wear contact lenses
grow my hair long win the lottery
(italics = new word)

A Write four sentences about your plans. Three are true and one is false.
Use words from your vocabulary log.

I hope to get married next year.

I plan to take a Spanish course.
I’d like to change my hairstyle.
I want to fly an airplane.

B GROUP WORK Read your sentences to your classmates. Your classmates

guess the false sentence.

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