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Date Name of Classification Dose, Mechanism of Contraindication Side Effects Nursing

Ordered the Drug and Indication Route and Action Responsibilities

Generic Func. Class: 5 units IV Acts directly on Hypersensitivity, CNS: Seizures, Assess:
Name: Hormone route myofibrils, thereby serum toxemia, Tetanic -I&O ratio
Oxytocin Chem Class: producing uterine cephalopelvic contractions -Blood pressure
Oxytoxic, Uterine contractions;stimulat disproportion, fetal CV: Hypo/ and changes that
active es milk ejection by distress, Hypertension, may indicate
management breast; vasoactive hypertonic uterus, dysrhythmias, hemorrhage
antidiuretic effect prolapsed increased pulse, -Length, intensity,
Indications:Stimul umbilical cord, bradycardia, and duration of
ation, induction of active genital tachycardia, PVC contraction
labor;missed or herpes GI: Anorexia,
incomplete nausea, vomiting, Evaluate:
abortion; constipation -Therapeutic
postpartum INTEG: Rash response,
bleeding SYST: Water stimulation of
intoxication of labor, control of
mother postpartum