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LIM, Sashin Mae M.

[PRACTICE COURT Sun 5:30-7:30] December 03, 2017

Scope & Coverage Prohibited Pleadings

Violations of: a. Motion to dismiss/quash

a. Traffic Laws except on the ground of lack of jurisdiction or failure to refer to the case
b. Rental Laws to barangay conciliation
c. Municipal/City Ordinances
b. Motion for bill of particulars
All Other Crimes: c. Motion for new trial/ reconsideration/ reopening of trial
d. Prescribed penalty does not exceed 6 d. Petition for relief from judgment
months; or [purely] fine not exceeding e. Motion for extension of time to file pleadings
Php 1,000.00 f. Memoranda
e. Reckless imprudence resulting in damage g. Petition for certiorari
to property where such damage does not h. Motion to declare defendant in default
exceed Php 10,000.00 i. Dilatory motions for postponements
j. Third-party complaints
k. Motion for intervention

All newly-filed criminal cases in: a. Motion for judicial determination of probable cause
a. First and Second Level Courts b. Motion to conduct preliminary investigation beyond the 5-day
b. Sandiganbayan period or inquest proceedings under Sec. 6, Rule 112 (ROC)
c. Court of Tax Appeals c. Motion to conduct preliminary investigation under Sec. 8, Rule 112
d. Special Courts (ROC)
i. Cases involving violation of R.A. d. Motion for reinvestigation once information is filed if without leave
9165 or the Comprehensive of court
REVISED GUIDELINES ON Dangerous Drugs Act or in cases where preliminary investigation is not required, or when
ii. Cybercrimes required and is actually conducted but grounds for reinvestigation are
iii. Environmental Cases unmeritorious
iv. Intellectual Property Rights Cases
v. Family Courts e. Motion to quash without the grounds under Sec. 3
vi. Commercial Courts f. Motion for bill of particulars
g. Unwarranted motion for suspension of arraignment
h. Prejudicial question where no civil case is filed
i. Postponement
Except on the ground of force majeure or physical inability of witness to
appear and testify