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Working Capital Management

(Training seminars)
The main objective of this seminar is to enhance the participants’
knowledge and understanding on working capital management by
introducing the best practices and new developments in this area. The
course is aimed at helping the participants better understand what the
working capital of organisations is and how this can be managed by them.
The participants will gain an inside of the Managing of Cash and
Marketable Securities and they will also get a practical knowledge of how
businesses manage their Inventory, Receivables and Payables for more
efficient working capital management.
Session Targets
What is the meaning of working

Understand the best practices in
managing inventories, receivables,
payables and cash with a view to
increase a client’s repayment ability
Cash and operating cycle

Understand working capital needs
based on corporate operating cycles
Short term Vs long term

Understand when
each is more
appropriate, based in corporate
Case studies

Practices assessment of corporate
working capital needs/ loan
restructuring priorities