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Money & Banking – the basics

A. Put the correct word in each space.

account back banknote borrowed

change lent coins currency
earn cost of living salaries spend
1. In the USA,
wealth interest rates money-grubber commission "quarters" (25
cents) and
"dimes" (10
cents) are
types of _______________.

2. In the United Kingdom, "a tenner" means a ten pound _______________.

3. The US dollar and the Euro are types of _______________.

4. The increase in interest rates will raise the _________________.

5. During a successful business career, she accumulated a great amount of _______________.

6. I need to _______________ some Euros into Australian dollars.

7. My friend _______________ a hundred pounds from me.

8. I _______________ a hundred pounds to my friend. When she can, she'll pay me _______ .

9. The bank has plans to raise ________________.

10. She gets a 15 percent _________________ on every machine she sells.

11. Most dentists _______________ at least £30,000 a year.

12. _______________ are paid to employees monthly.

13. In business, you have to _______________ money to make money.

14. A: Do you have a bank _______________?

B: Yes. I bank with the Bank of Scotland.

15. He was the top _____________ among his friends.

16. The school _______________ is going to be cut again this year.

B. Match the words on the left with the words on the right.

1. conditions of a. payment
2. living b. the expenses
3. donate c. cash
4. big d. wage
5. to cover e. credit card
6. pay by f. money
7. pay in g. money to charity
8. Money h. talks.
C. Choose the correct word.

1. I bought a TV which doesn't work. I'll take it back to the shop to get ___________.
a. it repaired b. a refund c. a repayment

2. In a shop, to get a refund, you usually have to show the ___________.

a. cash receipt b. recipe c. payment ticket

3. I'm paying for my new car in 36 monthly __________.

a. instalments b. pieces c. parts

4. I earn a lot of money, but I have a lot of _________.

a. payouts b. expenses c. paying

5. Famous paintings are usually sold by __________.

a. bid b. highest price c. auction

6. In an auction, the item is sold to the person who makes the highest __________.
a. bid b. price c. offer

7. In Japan, the US dollar is __________.

a. foreign money b. strange money c. a foreign currency

8. You can _________ a house and __________ a car.

a. hire / rent b. hire / hire c. rent / rent or hire

9. The best things in life are __________.

a. free b. not bought at a discount c. not bought and sold

D. Fill the gaps using the correct word from the words in the table.

pocket money to have money to burn to throw money

to owe spenders to be worth sth
bread and butter bankruptcy will

1. Tourists are often big ___________ .

2. I can't miss another day of work. That's my ____________.
3. My dad gives me €10 a week _____________.
4. Many established firms were facing ______________.
5. Our house ____________ £200,000.
6. I don't know what her job is but she certainly seems to
7. We still ______ $1,000 on our car.
8. Have you made a _______ yet? It is necessary so that your son could
inherit your property.
9. Many people think that ___________ at our schools is useless.
E. Choose the correct words in the article.

Open an account today!

Open an account with our bank, and start benefiting from our great rates /
2 3
levels of interest and small / low charges. With over 3,000 branches /
outlets, you'll never be far from us.

Our customers can take money / withdraw money from more than a million
cash dispensers / money machines worldwide, and of course you'll receive
7 8
a cheque book / book of cheques and a paying
card / debit card within a few days of opening your account.

Computer-users may be interested in our e-account - all the

benefits of a current / day-to-day account, with the added
convenience of being able to view your lists / statements.
Whether you're opening your first current account,
switching / changing from another bank or simply want to
take advantage of our range / variety of savings accounts,
you'll be glad you chose our bank.

E. Match the method of payment with the definition.

1.Credit card a.A small plastic card that can be used as a
method of payment, the money being taken from
your bank account automatically.

2.Debit card b. A small, plastic card that you get from a particular
shop and use to buy goods from it that you can pay
for later.

c.A small plastic card that can be used as a method of

3.Charge card payment, the money being taken from you at a later
F. Choose the best word.

1. If you are a taxpayer, you will have to fill in a ________________.

a. tax return b. employment contract c. contract of sale

3. We've decided it's time to invest in _____________________.

a. a car b. real estate c. a new computer

4. While your account is __________ credit, there are no charges.

a. under b. in c. with

5. The account was _________________.

a. overcrowded b. full c. overdrawn

6. I pay electricity by _____________.

a. direct debit b. standing order c. cash

7. …you will be sent a PIN (Personal _________ Number)

a. identifying b. identifier c. identification

8. You will need to _________ your PIN each time you use the card.
a. push b. type c. enter

11. Many students have to take out a _______ to cover the expenses.
a. money b. mortgage c. loan

12. You may __________ your account at any time.

a. close b. finish c. end

Operating an account – useful phrases and expressions!

A. Match the formal phrases on the left with the informal phrases on the right.

1.I deposited some money in my account. a. The money's been sent.

2.I withdrew some money. b. I put money into my account.

3.The funds have been transferred. c. It goes out of my account every month.

4.I have a lot of money. d. I am in the money. (I am well-off.)

5.It's paid by standing order. e. I took out some money.

D. Choose the words to complete the sentences.

1. The money will be _____________ your bank account.

a. put in b. trasnferred into c. shifted to

2. The supplier must issue ____________ for all taxable supplies.

a. an invoice b. a paper c. a ticket

3. I __________ a standing order.

a. insert b. give c. set up

______ .
4. You need someone to act as surety for you in case you are not ____________
a. moneyed b. creditworthy c. rich enough

5. With my savings account, I have to ________ 30 days notice if I want to ________ a withdrawal.
a. say / do b. give / make c. ask for / take