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1. Question

Which circumstance will prevent a system administrator from deleting a custom eld?

The eld is part of a eld dependency

The eld is used in a report

The eld is used in a page layout

The eld is used in a work ow eld update

2. Question

What should a system administrator consider before importing a set of records into Salesforce? (Choose 2)

The import le should include a record owner for each record

Currency eld values will default to the personal currency of the record owner

Data should be de-duplicated in the import le prior to import

Validation rules are not triggered when importing data using the import wizard


3. Question

What is the purpose of the Ideas community?(Choose 2)

To provide access to articles that answer questions around an idea theme

To post customer ideas by logging cases on the Ideas tab of the portal

To invite customers, partners, and employees to submit ideas around a theme

To comment on and vote for ideas posted by other community members


4. Question

Universal Containers wants to capture the invoice number and account credit score for billing cases. How would an
administrator accomplish this? (Choose 2)

Create a validation rule

Create custom elds

Create a support process

Create a page layout


5. Question

Universal Containers wants to ensure that users complete the standard Industry eld when creating a new account record.
To address this concern, the administrator set the Industry eld as required. However, some users are still able to create a
new account record without completing the Industry eld. What should an administrator do to troubleshoot the issue?
(Choose 2)

Verify the users have the "Edit" permission for accounts on their pro les

Verify the users have the "Modify All Data" permission for accounts on their pro les

Verify the eld-level security for the Industry eld is not set to "Read Only" on the users' pro les

Verify the Industry eld is set as required on all the account page layouts assigned to the users' pro les


6. Question

When are validation rules applied when using Salesforce for Outlook?

Every time a record is updated

Every time data is synchronized with the server

Every time a record is saved

Every time a user views a record


7. Question

Universal Containers is capturing a percentage discount directly on an opportunity record. Sales management needs to
include the discounted opportunity amount in pipeline reports. How can the system administrator make the discounted
amount available?

Create an auto-number eld to calculate the discounted amount.

Create a formula eld to calculate the discounted amount.

Create a cross object formula eld to calculate the discounted amount.

Create a roll-up summary eld to calculate the discounted amount.


8. Question

Where can the multilingual solution search feature be enabled? (Choose 2)

Self Service Portal

Public Knowledge Base

Solution tab search

Salesforce Content


9. Question

Sales management at Universal Containers needs to display the information listed below on each account record. Amount of
all closed won opportunities. Amount of all open opportunities. Which feature should a system administrator use to meet
this requirement?

Work ow rules with eld updates

Calculated columns in the related elds

Cross- object formula elds

Roll-up summary elds


10. Question

Which component can be included in a custom homepage layout? (Choose 3)

Trending Chatter topics

Pending approvals list

Messages and alerts

Dashboard components

Analytic snapshots


11. Question
Which functionality is available when enhanced lists are enabled? (choose 2)

Edit dependent picklists inline from a list view

Create new records from a list view

Edit multiple records directly from a list view

Calculate the sum of a number eld displayed in a list view


12. Question

Which permission is requited to install and uninstall packages from Salesforce AppExchange?

Upload AppExchange Packages

Manage Package Licenses

Create AppExchange Packages

Download AppExchange Packages


13. Question

What should an administrator consider when con guring work ow rules?(Choose 2)

All existing records are evaluated when a new rule is activated

Rule actions can take place immediately or on a speci c date

Rules can be evaluated when records are created or edited

Rules must be deactivated before using an import wizard


14. Question

What feature allows a user to group campaigns within a speci c marketing program or initiative?

Campaign members

Campaign hierarchy

Campaign lists

Campaign in uence


15. Question

Universal Containers populates the industry eld on each account record. The Vice president of sales would like the industry
information on related opportunity records and updated when the value is updated on the account record. How can a
system administrator meet his requirement?

Create a cross-object formula eld on the account

Create a cross-object formula eld on the opportunity

Create a roll up summary eld on the opportunity

Create an account work ow rule with an opportunity eld update

16. Question

A sales user at Universal Containers has updated the opportunity stage for an opportunity in the pipeline. What may be
updated as a result of the status change? (Choose 2)

Sales quota

Forecast category

Amount rating



17. Question

When working on opportunities, sales representatives at Universal Containers need to understand how their peers have
successfully managed other opportunities with comparable products, competing against the same competitors. Which
feature should a system administrator use to facilitate this? (Choose 2)

Similar Opportunities

Chatter groups

Big deal alert

Opportunity Update Reminders


18. Question

How can a System Administrator restrict users from viewing certain elds in list views, searches and reports?

Set the eld to hidden using eld level security

Remove the eld from reports and list views

Set the eld to hidden on the user pro le

Remove the eld from the page layout


19. Question

Which privilege can be granted to members of a content library (workspace) without modifying user permissions? (Choose 2)

Share content with other users in Chatter

Edit a member's library permissions

Add tags when editing content details

Create a new content library


20. Question

What level of access can be set when sharing a document folder with users?(Choose 2)





21. Question

What can a marketing user do using the Manage Members button on a campaign record? (Choose 2)

Associate existing contacts with the campaign

Import new leads and associate them with the campaign

Associate existing opportunities with the campaign

Create a custom report including all campaign members


22. Question

Which statement about formula elds is true? (Choose 2)

Formula elds can reference elds on a child object

Formula elds are read-only on record detail pages

Formula elds can reference elds on a parent object

Formula elds can reference themselves in the formula


23. Question

Which step must a system administrator take before users can use the Salesforce for Outlook client? (Choose 2)

Specify a user's Outlook synchronization folders

Select syncing direction and con ict behavior

Run a rst time synchronization for each user

Assign users to Outlook con guration


24. Question

The cloud scheduler has which capability? (Choose 2)

A custom logo can be added to the meeting request email sent to a contact or lead

Salesforce can automatically propose multiple meeting times based on Salesforce calendars

The cloud scheduler allows users to view available meeting times on lead and contact calendars

The cloud scheduler can be enabled at the user pro le level


25. Question

Which is a feature of Chatter?(Choose 3)






26. Question

Sales representatives at Universal Containers should be noti ed any time support cases related to accounts they own
change status. How can the system administrator accomplish this?

Create an escalation rule to notify the account owner

Create a work ow rule to send an email alert to the account owner

Enable eld history tracking to send an email alert tot the account owner

Create an auto-response rule to send an email alert to the account owner


27. Question

Universal Containers pushes an account number from an external accounting system into Salesforce. Sales users must be
able to view the account number in Salesforce, but must not be able to modify it under any circumstances. How can a
system administrator meet this requirement?

Remove the "Edit" permission on the account object for the sales user pro le

Set the eld-level security for account number to visible and read only for the sales user pro le

Set the account number eld to read-only on the page layout assigned to the sales user pro le

Set the organization-wide default settings for accounts to read only


28. Question

What is a ected by changing the default locale setting for an organization?



Date Fields



29. Question

Which option is available when using the process visualizer? (Choose 2)

Share annotated approval process diagrams

Add approval steps from the process visualizer

Edit the criteria used to trigger the approval process

View approval processes as a ow chart


30. Question
The marketing team at Universal Containers is responsible for creating new leads and distributing them to di erent regional
sales groups for quali cation. How can a system administrator automate the process?

Create a queue for each regional group and a validation rule to enforce that the leads are assigned to the correct group

Create a queue for the marketing team and a work ow alert to notify the team each time a lead is assigned to the

Create a queue for each regional group and a lead assignment rule to route leads to the queues

Create a default sales team for each regional group and a lead assignment rule to route leads to the default sales team


31. Question

Criteria-based sharing rules can be created for which objects?







32. Question

Which accounts are automatically synchronized on Salesforce Classic Lite?

Accounts selected with the sync button

Accounts that the user owns

All recently accessed accounts

Any account created in the last 30 days


33. Question

Which is available when creating list views? (Choose 2)

List views can be ltered by tags

List views can be ltered by record owner pro le

List views can be ltered by record ownership

List views can be ltered using AND, OR and NOT lters


34. Question

Universal Containers has certain customers that must be placed on the Do Not Contact(DNC) list. A system administrator
needs to ensure that sales representatives do not contact these customers. Which step should the system administrator
take to enforce this requirement? (Choose 3)

Filter the DNC contacts from mass email list views shared with sales users

Make the DNC contact records private to all sales users

Remove the phone number and email address elds from the contact page layout for DNC contacts
Add the Do Not Contact eld to the contact layout and make it visible for all sales user pro les.

Select the Mass Email checkbox on the DNC contact record


35. Question

Universal Containers require that support agents take ownership of and respond to incoming cases within two hours of case
creation. How can a system administrator automate this process?

Create case auto-response rules to send an email to the customer within one hour of case creation

Create a work ow rule to send an email to support managers when a case is created and assigned to a queue

Create a work ow rule to assign a task to all support agents if a case has NOT been accepted by an agent within one

Assign cases to a queue and create an escalation rule to escalate cases that have NOT been accepted by an
agent within one hour


36. Question

A marketing user has received a le of leads to import into Salesforce. What tool can be used to avoid duplicate lead

Validation rules

Merge leads function

Data loader

Import wizard


37. Question

Which permission is required to convert a lead? (Choose 2)

"Transfer" access for leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities

"Create" and "Edit" access for leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities

"Convert Leads" pro le permission

"Import Leads" pro le permission


38. Question

A marketing manager needs to view summary metrics across a set of related campaigns. How can this be accomplished?

Build a lead source report to summarize the campaign metrics

Establish the campaign in uence between related campaigns

Create a campaign hierarchy and include the related campaigns

Create a cross object formula eld to calculate summary metrics


39. Question
What can users do with Mobile Lite? (Choose 2)

Search for records that were not previously downloaded to a mobile device

View, create, edit, and delete custom objects

View, create, edit, and delete accounts, contacts, and opportunities

View campaigns and manage campaign members


40. Question

Universal Finance has segmented its customer base into two categories: High Wealth and Retirement. High Wealth accounts
should be visible to High Wealth Sales team members only. Retirement accounts should be visible to all sales users. How can
a system administrator meet this requirement?

Set the organization-wide default sharing to private and create a sharing rule to share Retirement accounts
with all Sales users

Create a new pro le for Retirement Sales team members and remove read access to High Wealth account records.

Set the organization-wide default sharing to public read-only and create a sharing rule to limit access to High Wealth

Create a new record type for high Wealth accounts and share the record type with High Wealth sales team members


41. Question

Which setting can a system administrator control in the Salesforce user interface? (Choose 3)

Enable hover details

Enable Chatter for speci c users

Enable spell checker

Enable customizable recent items

Enable enhanced list views


42. Question

Sales representatives at Universal Containers should not be able to create leads, delete their own accounts, or send mass
emails. How can an administrator meet these requirements?

Create a custom pro le

Change the organization-wide default settings

Create a sharing rule

Modify a standard pro le


43. Question

How can a system administrator grant users access to dashboards? (Choose 2)

Designate running users

Share folders with Public Groups

Create and share data categories

Share folders with roles


44. Question

What will occur when a system administrator creates a dynamic dashboard?

The dashboard components resize based on the device used to view the dashboard

The dashboard automatically sends an email when the underlying data changes.

The data displayed varies based on the user viewing the dashboard

The dashboard refreshes automatically whenever the underlying data changes


45. Question

What record can be created when a lead is converted? (Choose 2)






46. Question

What should be used to control a user’s ability to view a dashboard? (Choose 2)

Source Report folder access

Dashboard folder access

Sharing Rules

Dashboard properties


47. Question

Universal Containers sells products to both businesses and consumers. Sales representatives must capture di erent
opportunity data for each customer type. How can a system administrator ensure that the correct information is entered for
the di erent opportunity types?

Add the business and consumer speci c elds to a single opportunity page layout

Create one page layout for business opportunities and another for consumer opportunities

Create a custom object to capture the business and consumer speci c data

Add the business elds to the opportunity page layout and make read-only for consumer sales users.


48. Question

Universal Containers set the Organization-Wide Defaults for accounts to public read/write. The sales management team is
importing a new set of account records and needs to limit access to them. Access should be restricted to the account owner
and members of a public group. How can this be accomplished?

Manually share each account record with members of the public group.

Create a sharing rule to grant access to members of the public group.

Upgrade the role hierarchy and assign members of the group to a role at the top of the hierarchy.

Update the organization - wide defaults for accounts to private and create a sharing rule for the group.


49. Question

Which statement about report folders is true? (Choose 2)

System administrators can access reports saved in user's personal folders

Chatter Free users can access report folders but cannot see results returned in reports

Each user has a personal folder for email templates, reports and documents

Users with the "Manage Public Reports" Permission can create report folders


50. Question

A system administrator has created a formula eld on a lead object to calculate a number. How can the numerical value be
mapped to the account record upon lead conversion?

The lead formula eld can be mapped to a formula eld on the account record

The lead formula eld can be mapped to a standard eld on the account record

The lead formula eld value can be mapped to a roll up summary eld on the account record

The lead formula eld value can be mapped to a number eld on the account record


51. Question

A system administrator at Universal containers incorrectly imported a set of records and needs to remove them from
Salesforce. Which tool should the administrator use to complete the task? (Choose 2)

Import Wizard

Data Loader

Mass Delete

Excel Connector


52. Question

Which data can be highlighted in a report using conditional highlighting? (Choose 3)

Date Fields

Summarized Totals

Grand Totals

Summary Formulas

Grouped by eld names


53. Question

What option is available when scheduling a dashboard refresh?(Choose 2)

De ne the refresh times for speci c dashboard components

Send a refresh noti cation to users with access to the dashboard

Schedule the dashboard to refresh in di erent time zones

View and remove a scheduled dashboard refresh


54. Question

Which eld type can be used as an external ID? (Choose 3)

Formula eld

Email eld

URL eld

Text eld

Number eld


55. Question

A sales user needs to create and modify all public reports. The user has the “Create and Customize Reports” permission on
his pro le. How can the system administrator provide the correct access?

Add the "Manage Public Reports" permission to the user's pro le

Enable the report builder feature for the user

Grant the user access to the appropriate report folders

Add the "Manage Custom Report Types" permission to the user's pro le


56. Question

What can be transferred from one user to another user during a mass transfer of account records? (Choose 3)

Open cases

Open activities

Related custom object records

Closed cases

Closed activities


57. Question

A marketing user has received a le of leads to import into Salesforce. What is the best way to avoid duplicating records?

Import Wizard

Merge Leads Function

Validation rules

Data Loader


58. Question

Which tab can be included in a customer portal? (Choose 2)






59. Question

Universal Containers has a marketing team set up as a public group. A sales representative would like to engage the
marketing team on one opportunity. What should the sales representative do to ensure the marketing team can access the

Change the opportunity owner to the public group

Add the public group to an opportunity queue

Add the public group to the opportunity team

Manually share the record with the public group


60. Question

Which customization option is available for standard elds? (Choose 3)

Rename standard eld labels in the user interface

Edit picklist values for standard elds.

Remove no required standard elds from page layout

Delete standard elds

Change the eld type of standard elds


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