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University of the Philippines Manila

The Health Sciences Center
Taft Avenue corner Pedro Gil Street, Ermita, Manila


The following is a list of instruments, materials, supplies and natural teeth that will
be used in this course. Everyone is expected to have these ready for checking on the first
laboratory session of your 31st semester (this will be on August 1, 2016, Monday). This is
especially true for the natural teeth (with their respective certificates asked for) (if you will
use teeth from Oral Anatomy class, the certificate should state so, and it should be signed
by you. Also, any delay in the complete acquisition of teeth will result in a delay in the start
of the performance of your lab exercises.)

Those who have financial difficulties may approach any endo teacher. We will not
provide monetary assistance, but we may be able to help with some instruments or teeth.

A. Restorative adjuncts.
1. Highspeed handpiece
2. Burs and diamond cutting instruments: #2, #4, #169L, FPD burs
(If you intend to use burs used in Resto and/or FPD class/es, please
remember that dull burs will require more pressure to cut, which may result
in procedural errors.)
3. Bur block
4. Low speed handpiece

B. Basic hand instruments.

1. Front surface mouth mirrors (2)
2. Regular explorer
3. Endodontic explorer, double-ended
(Suggested brands: Hu-Friedy, Sci-Dent, Dent America, Sybron, Dentsply;
suggested, NOT REQUIRED.)
4. Regular cotton pliers
5. Locking cotton pliers
6. Endodontic spoon excavator #32L
7. Woodson / plastic filling instrument

C. Instruments and materials for rubber dam application

(may use the ones you used in Resto lab class)
1. Rubber dam sheets, medium gauge, 6 x 6 (12 pieces); (please store in the
2. Rubber dam punch
3. Rubber dam clamp forceps
4. Rubber dam clamps:
Hu Friedy 0, 2, 14, 56 or their Japanese equivalents #203, #207, #209
(#212 is NOT NEEDED and should not be used during RCT)

5. Rubber dam frame
6. Dental floss

D. Intracanal instruments and other materials

1. Stainless steel K files:
(There are several types of files, such as K-files, H-files, S-files, D-
files, Uni-files; you need to buy K-files.)
Size 21 mm. 25 mm. 28 mm.
06 2 sets of 6
08 2 sets of 6
10 2 sets of 6 2 sets of 6
15-40 2 sets 2 sets 2 sets
45-80 1 set 1 set 1 set
2 sets for
entire class
Total of 19 sets/boxes
2. Nickel titanium (NiTi) K files, size 15-40
Length 21 mm and 25 mm – 2 sets per length
(Please do not buy G Star brand.)
3. Paper points, 1 box each
#25, #30, 45-80
4. Gutta percha points, 1 box each
(Please do not buy Gapa Dent brand; please store in the refrigerator.)
#15, #25, 15-40, 45-80
5. Finger spreaders, 15-40 or 1-6, 1 set
(These are available in stainless steel and niti; if cost is a problem, please
buy niti only; if cost isn’t a problem, please buy both.)
6. Long-handled plugger, #60
7. Nerve broaches, length 25 mm, #20, #25, #30 (2 pieces each in one set),
1 set
8. Directional instruments stops (Some files come with directional instrument
stops, while some do not. All intracanal instruments should be fitted with
instrument stops.)
9. Lentulo spiral, length 21, #25, #30, #35, #40
10. Gates Glidden drills, #2, #3, #4, length 28 mm (2 pieces each) and one set of
#s 1-6, length 32 mm. (May buy one box of #2, 6 pieces, then to be shared
by 3 students; same with #3 and #4.)
11. Canal probes, length 21 mm and 25 mm, 1 set of 6 per length
12. Endo measuring block (Do not buy Sonicare brand because of a discrepancy
between the top measurement and its side ruler.)
13. Plastic transparent millimeter ruler, 6 inches long, Orion brand
14. Clean stand and gauze
15. Disposable syringes, 10 ml (5) and gauge 25 needles (5), screw type, 1 inch
16. File box/organizer (Please make sure the holes for files are depressed.)
17. Old resto spoon excavators

You may try to ask dealers of instruments to bring samples so that you can show to any
endo teacher for approval before bulk purchase.
You may ask us to show you samples or pictures of these items, especially if you cannot
understand the descriptions given.

E. Miscellaneous items
1. Lab gown (NOT scrub suit top)
2. Name plate attached to the lab gown, not to your uniform
3. Long folder with plastic cover (one kind for entire class), one per student,
plus two extra folders for entire class (for seating arrangement in lab) (So
total number of long folders is number of students plus two)
4. Short folder with plastic cover and fastener for handouts and treatment
(So each student should have one long folder {#3 above, no fastener} and
one short folder {#4 above, with fastener}, both with plastic cover)
5. Current picture of student, passport size or 2 x 2 and 1 x 1 with name at the
back (so total of two pictures per student)
6. Detachable name tags, at least 6 inches long (may be longer, depending on
the length of the surname) and 2 inches high, for simulators
7. Glass slab
8. Cement spatula
9. Hand towels, hand soap; liquid dishwashing soap, old toothbrush
(The old toothbrush is for adequate cleaning of clamps after use to prevent
the early formation of rust.)
10. Xray films (1 box each) (Please do not buy from MedSurDent because in the
past, they have been found to sell poor quality films, even if branded; if cost
is a problem, (a) may buy D speed films for lab, then E speed ones for
clinics and/or (b) two students may share one box.)
11. Xray film clips
12. Xray film hanger
13. Endodontic paralleling device
(The one you bought for Radio class may be used as long as it is an
endodontic paralleling device.)
14. Plastic radiograph mounts (4 pieces)
15. Dappen dishes (2)
16. Alcohol lamp, denatured alcohol, lighter or matches
17. Cotton balls and pellets
18. Waste receptacle
19. Temporary filling material (Fermin, Cavit, etc.)
20. Bleach, small bottle (or you may buy one big bottle for the entire class and
leave the same with Mang Wilfred.)
21. Small plastic container for irrigating solution
22. Face masks, head caps, gloves, protective eye wear for those without
prescription glasses

23. Materials for mounting natural teeth:
Fine sawdust
Plaster of paris
(Proportion of plaster and sawdust ( please try first 1:3 by mounting one
tooth {with a ball of baseplate wax covering the apex} on a 1 inch by 1 inch
by 1 inch cube and then taking a radiograph ( show to teacher.)
Plaster bowl and spatula
Cardboard box (Dimensions and mounting instructions to follow; please
remind CBM to send to your president when the class is ready to mount.)
Nissin articulator
Pink baseplate wax

F. Natural teeth (numbers 1-3 below should have fully-formed roots)

1. Maxillary central incisor (2)
2. Maxillary or mandibular first molar (1)
3. Maxillary first premolar, same side as #4 below
4. Half arch, upper and lower, same side as #3 above

Numbers 1-3 above should meet the following criteria:

1. Should have relatively straight or slightly curved roots
2. Caries lesions or restorations, if present, should not be extensive
3. With prior approval before mounting
4. With certificates to show that they were not obtained from unscrupulous
persons who remove them from deceased people

Number 4 above may have curved roots, minimal caries lesions or restorations,
open apices.

Criteria for approval of teeth for mounting:

1. Should pass visual inspection, after which it should be radiographed
2. Should pass radiographic examination
We have some expired xray films that you may use for #2. Please ask
from CBM.

For assistance, please approach any of the following faculty members:

Dr. Katrina R. Go (F pm)
Dr. Emabel S. Jugo (ThF)
Dr. Viviane M. Pagdanganan (TTh)
Dr. Ma. Concepcion B. Medina (MTF)

NAME: _________________________

Tooth Visual Radiog. Visual Radiog. Visual Radiog.
Exam Exam Exam Exam Exam Exam
Max. 1

4 (RCT)
Mandi. 1

NOTE: Upon approval of all teeth, you are required to submit all radiographs (put inside a small self-locking
plastic bag), certificates and this piece of paper to CBM prior to mounting.

Certificates and radiographs submitted: ________________________

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