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Live Leak - IBPS SO Mains Model Question

Paper for IT Officer (Based on New Pattern)

Q 1. VoIP stands for-

1) Voice over Internet Protocol

2) Voice on Internet Protocol

3) Valid online Internet Protocol.

4) Voice over International Protocol

5) None of these

Q 2. Which of the following is/are type(s) of network?

1) WAN

2) PAN

3) LAN

4) MAN

5) All of these

Q 3. In SQL which of the following commands is mainly used to remove a

user-defined object from a database?

1) Remove

2) Drop

3) Delete

4) Erase

5) Rollback

Q 4. Consider the following encryption algorithms?

I. Data Encryption Standard (DES)

II. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

III. Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA)

Choose the option that correctly matches the given algorithms with the type of
cryptography (public-key of private-key) utilised by them.

1) DES & AES: private-key; RSA: public-key

2) AES & RSA: private-key; DES: public-key

3) DES & RSA: private-key; AES: public-key

4) RSA: private-key; DES & AES: public-key

5) AES: private-key; DES & RSA: public-key

Q 5. Which of the following phases does not belong to the software

development life cycle?

1) Testing

2) Maintenance

3) Marketing

4) Coding

5) None of these

Q 6. The full form of ISR is.

1) Information Service Request

2) Information Select Routine

3) Interrupt Service Routine

4) Information Service Routine

5) None of these

Q 7. In Oracle, which data type is used to store unstructured binary data?

1) INT




5) None of these

Q 8. The hexadecimal number system is represented by the symbols

_________ and the alphabets

1) 0-9, A-E

2) 0-9, A-F

3) 1-10, A-E

4) 1-10, A-F

5) None of these

Q 9. Which layer of the OSI model defines the language and syntax for

1) Data link layer

2) Presentation layer

3) Application layer

4) Session layer

5) Transport layer

Q 10. Which of the following is not a secondary storage device?

1) Pen drive

2) Memory Stick

3) Random access memory

4) None of these

Q 11. UDP and TCP are categorised under the _______ layer of the OSI

1) physical

2) data link

3) application

4) transport

5) network

Q 12. In an ER diagram, what does an ellipse represent?

1) Entity set

2) Relation between the entity set

3) Attributes
4) Link between the attributes and entity set

5) None of these

Q 13. We can connect a table to another table by using a ________.

1) Foreign key

2) Table key

3) Primary key

4) Unique key

5) None of these

Q 14. Which of the following topologies mainly use hub for interconnection of

1) Ring topology

2) Bus topology

3) Tree topology

4) Star topology

5) Mesh topology

Q 15. Which communication mode allows both the sender and the receiver to
transmit data at the same time over a single communication channel?

1) Simplex mode

2) Half - duplex mode

3) Full - duplex mode

4) Semi - duplex mode

5) None of these

Q 16. What is the SI unit of frequency?

1) Newton

2) Hertz

3) Watt

4) Hertz/second

5) None of these

Q 17. A certain company changed its name to International Business Machines

Corporation (IBM) in 1924. What was it called before 1924?

1) Computer Tabulators and recorders limited (CTR)

2) International Tabulating and Recording Company (ITR)

3) Computing Tabulating Recording Company (CTR)

4) Computing Tabulating Recording (CTR)

5) None of these

Q 18. Which is the correct place to write the main function in a program?

1) The first function in the program

2) The second function in the program

3) The last function in the program

4) Anywhere in the program

5) Before initialising the value of the variable

Q 19. Which of the following security protocols is used with IEEE 802.11a?

1) WEP

2) AES

3) DES


5) SSL

Q 20. The CD-ROM is an example of__________.

1) Flash memory

2) Optical memory

3) Magnetic memory

4) Solid state drive

5) None of these

Q 21. A commonly used graphic format for the Web is

1) GIF

2) BMP

3) TXT

4) LMP

5) TIF

Q 22. Which of the following commands belongs to Transaction Control





5) None of these

Q 23. Which of the following SQL statement is used to change data in a

database table?





5) None of these

Q 24. TCP is a ________________ oriented protocol.

1) Data

2) Network

3) Sessions

4) Connection

5) Application

Q 25. An ODMR (on-demand mail relay) is a _______________________.

1) SMTP extension

2) SMTP protocol

3) SMTP network
4) SMTP device

5) None of these

Q 26. Magnetic Disk is an example of:

1) Register

2) Primary Storage Device

3) Dynamic Storage Device

4) Non-volatile Storage

5) None of These

Q 27. Which of the following algorithm can be used to efficiently calculate

single source shortest paths in a Directed Acyclic Graph?

1) Dijkstra

2) Bellman-Ford

3) Topological Sort

4) Strongly Connected Component

5) None of these

Q 28. BIOS software is stored on a non-volatile ROM chip on the


1) Central processing unit

2) Motherboard

3) Hard Disk

4) CPU Cache

5) None of these

Q 29. Gray code representation of 14 is___________________.

1) 1010

2) 1100

3) 1001

4) 1110

5) 1101

Q 30. What does OCR stand for?

1) What does OCR stand for?

2) Optical Character Recognition

3) Operational Character Reader

4) Only Character Reader

5) Optical Comprehensive Research

Q 31. A stack is an abstract data type that works on the _____________


1) First In First Out (FIFO)

2) Last In First Out (LIFO)

3) First In Last Out (FILO)

4) First Come First Served (FCFS)

5) None of these

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Q 32. Which of the following data structure is used by Breadth First Search of

1) Array

2) Linked list

3) Pointer

4) Queue

5) None of these

Q 33. ____________________ do not reproduce by infecting other files nor


1) Trojan Horse

2) Blue c

3) Cho bed

4) Full hall

5) None of these

Q 34. Choose a disadvantage of Waterfall Model in software engineering.

1) It is not suitable for those projects where requirements are at a moderate to high risk
of changing.

2) Its phases are not processed and completed one at a time.

3) It does not clearly defined stages.

4) It’s very tough to manage due to the rigidity of the model. Each phase do not specific
deliverables and a review process.

5) None of these
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Q 35. Transport layer aggregates data from different applications into a single
stream before passing it to______________________.

1) Network layer

2) Data link layer

3) Application layer

4) Physical layer

5) None of these

Q 36. A nibble and a byte respectively are of:

1) 4 and 8 bits

2) 8 and 16 bits

3) 10 and 20 bits

4) 16 and 8 bits

5) 32 and 8 bits

Q 37. Which of the following protocol is connectionless, low overhead and

high speed?

1) ARP

2) TCP and ARP


4) UDP

5) TCP

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Q 38. What is document object model (DOM)?

1) Convention for representing and interacting with objects in java program.

2) Application programming interface

3) Architecture for create an object

4) Hierarchy of objects in ASP.NET

5) None of the mentioned

Q 39. __________________ is the execution of a series of programs each

on a set or "batch" of inputs, rather than a single input.

1) Batch gathering

2) Batch processing

3) Batch channeling

4) Batch networking

5) None of these

Q 40. Which one of the following is used as a synchronization tool in a

multiprogramming environment?

1) Semaphore

2) Address bus

3) ICs

4) Logic gate

5) None of these

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Q 41. What is the sub-network number of a host with an IP address of





5) None of these

Q 42. Which of the following is a common characteristic of HTTP and FTP?

1) Both run on top of TCP

2) Both are independent of Internet connection

3) Both uses two parallel TCP connections

4) Both A & B

5) None of these

Q 43. SNMP is a popular protocol for:

1) Network Management

2) Protocol Management

3) Wave Management

4) All of the above

5) None of these

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Q 44. A bridge is a connecting device that operates in the ______________
and data link layers of the Internet model.

1) Session

2) Application

3) Network

4) Physical

5) None of these

Q 45. Which type of members of a base class is never accessible to a derived


1) Public

2) Private

3) Protected

4) Unique

5) All of the above

Q 46. A struct is the same as a _________ except that cannot be used in

inheritance hierarchy.

1) Object

2) Class

3) Entity

4) Array

5) None of these

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Q 47. Which of the following is not a concept of OOP?

1) Inheritance

2) Polymorphism

3) Encapsulation

4) Global variables

5) None of these

Q 48. In OSI network architecture, the dialogue control and token

management are the responsibilities of:

1) Session layer

2) Network layer

3) Transport layer

4) Data link layer

5) None of these

Q 49. When you start up the computer the bootup storage at which the BIOS
versions, manufacturer and data are displayed on the monitor is

1) Bootstrap

2) Power on self test (POST)

3) System configuration

4) Kernel loading

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5) None of these

Q 50. Inverted page table scheme uses a __________ that contains an entry
for each physical frame, not for each logical page.

1) Page table

2) Inverse table

3) Segmented table

4) Look table

5) None of the above

Q 51. Choose the syntactically incorrect statement:

1) /* Is /* this a valid */ comment */

2) for(;;);

3) return;

4) return(5+2);

5) All are correct.

Q 52. A constructor is called when:

1) An object is declared

2) A class is declared

3) An object is used

4) A class is used

5) None of these

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Q 53. The word __________ means the ability to take many forms.

1) Polymorphism

2) Overlaoder

3) Overrider

4) Aggregation

5) Generalization

Q 54. Which of the following is correct about a pure virtual function?

1) It has complete function body

2) It will never be called

3) It will be called only to delete an object

4) It is defined only in derived class

5) None of these

Q 55.__________________ is a high speed cache used to hold recently

referenced page table entries a part of paged virtual memory.

1) Translation look a side buffer

2) Segment table

3) Segmented page table

4) All of the above

5) None of the above

Q 56. TLB is a high speed cache used to hold recently referenced page table
entries a part of paged virtual memory. Inverted page table scheme uses a

18 | P a g e
page table that contains an entry for each physical frame, not for each
logical page. This ensures that the table occupies a fixed fraction of
memory. The size is proportional to physical memory, not the virtual
address space.

1) Three

2) Four

3) Five

4) Six

5) More than Six

Q 57. Which of the following schema established a top-to-bottom relationship

among the items in a database structure?

1) Hierarchical

2) Network

3) Relational

4) All of the above

5) None of these

Q 58. Which of the following SQL command is used to change the structure of
a table?




4) All of the above

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5) None of these

Q 59. A relation with atomic values and with no partial dependency is in:

1) First Normal Form but not in 2NF

2) Second Normal Form

3) Third Normal Form

4) Fourth Normal Form

5) None of these

Q 60. Which one is capable of overlapping I/O operation for one job with
processor operations for another job?

1) Register

2) Operating System

3) Spooling

4) Buffering

5) None of these

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