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forecasts for September 2017 - 2030

an Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis Intelligence Report

by clif high
copyright 2017 all rights reserved, claims for invention and labor

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© 2017 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
intrepido!- September 2017
All rights reserved
Future forecasting can seem overwhelming...
Even to me, and even after all these years examining data and creating reports. So if it gets to you, or
you have questions about the reports, my best contact email for such will be
For background on how these reports are created, there is a primer in the last 5/five pages of this report.
If your questions about preparation are not answered after reading these, then send an email and I will
get back to you when I am able to get through the daily work (there is a lot of it).

If you have a need for yet more words on the subjects discussed herein, albeit 'live', please visit the Please note I have to isolate the forum due to the language causing a circuitous
reference issue for our work. For the sake of not affecting my interpretation I do not visit the forum.

Note to new readers, our work tends to concentrate on a negative

view (see primer at the end of this report).
Refunds available on request, no questions asked, so do not feel you
need continue into information you would prefer not, simply over
purchase price.

Meta data
The lexicon cleaning to remove the pollution from the emotive reduction engine part of our
process continues. The following report may not reach previous accuracy levels as we are still in
the recovery phase of the lexicon 're' tuning.
The continuing focus on 'antarctica' is clean of data pollution. The linguistics around 'antarctica' are not
being affected by circuitous loop issues, and our filtering process is effective. The rising emotional
values within 'antarctica' focused sub sets are suggesting that circumstances are once again going to be
turning human heads to the south pole.

Your planet changes faster....

Now the 'root' of the problem starts to reveal. The data sets have 'cracks' in the earth showing 'root-like
patterns' that will span huge distances. Other references for 'roots' include data for 'root disease' that
will be rising into 'global, general awareness'. This 'root disease' will be 'cross species', and is indicated
to be 'threatening (to) global food crops'. These sets are also gaining new support for 'conditional
support' for 'disease patterns' that are showing as being 'destructive to food crops'. These sets are

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© 2017 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
intrepido!- September 2017
All rights reserved
suggesting that 'awareness rises' within large groups as to the 'source of the problem', and thus are
forecasting that there will appear a wave of 'new agriculture', and 'new food sources'. Some of these
sets are also extensively cross linked to 'space', and 'near earth orbit'.
Many new sets have formed, likely as a direct result of the emotional impact of the American Eclipse
on the global population, in which 'seismic activities' are highlighted. The 'seismic activities' are major
sets, globally affecting, and include 'antarctica'. These data sets are also including 'volcanoes', and 'new
land (forms)' with these latter sets including, again, off 'antarctica'.
The 'new land forms' are the more intriguing of the data sets. Many different 'damage' sets of course are
existent within the 'earthquake' sub sets, including 'devastation' and 'left as rubble', but those growing
the fastest with new supporting values include 'new land forms'. These sets are suggesting that a
'marina' with 'multi-million dollar yachts' as well as 'condos' around it will be 'first flooded', then 'left
dry' as the 'new land forms' will be 'rising up' nearby. The data sets would have the 'left dry' aspect
being caused by 'blockage' of a 'natural wall'.
Yet more language showing up about 'geo-engineering', and 'chemtrails', as per usual, however this
processing run brings in several new contexts not normally associated with such subjects including the
idea of 'established academics' who will be getting 'science prizes' for 'work (on) creating chemtrails'.
These sets are seemingly all about giving 'geo-engineering' a 'reputable face' in the 'public mind'. The
data has this to be a significant information spin push. Timing is curious due to recent global
curtailment of chemtrails. Albeit temporarily and not globally.
Many new sets are accruing to 'antarctica', and 'southern hemisphere' sub sets relating to 'new weather
(phenomena)', and to more 'oceanic strange behavior'. This sets include continuing growth in sub sets
for 'new currents'. These 'new currents' sub sets are indicating that 'ocean behavior changes' will be
manifesting over 2018 and beyond, with the 'next occurrences' being a 'series (of) ocean flow changes'
that will be 'reported' to be 'altering shipping routes', and with more immediate impact, 'altering
continental weather' patterns across the 'southern hemisphere'. These sets have major 'climate changes'
to be 'emerging' over this next year and forming into longer term patterns over the subsequent years.
These new 'climate changes' are showing up within our data as being 'continental', and 'new', and
'impacting' as of 'Summer 2017/2018' (southern hemisphere).
Northern hemisphere connected data sets are saying 'confused winter'. These sets have 'winter droughts'
and 'record breaking snow falls' occurring all around the northern half of the planet. These are both
appearing in sets also cross linked over to the 'space' part of SpaceGoatFarts entity where the
terminating sets include 'electrical “weather”' from 'near by space' that will be contributing to the
diverse, yet 'proximate weather conditions'.
More sets for the reappearance of 'sounds' and 'strange noises' from 'deep in the earth'. Many of these
sets are cross linked over to SpaceGoatFarts entity, where we have new terminating sub sets that
include 'plasma', and 'generators'. These sets are also supported by sub sets for 'alternative physics
understanding' that is forecast to be visible late in 2017. These sets are referring to 'planetary
phenomena' and include yet more references to 'lightning whips' along with 'wide spread
New sets have accrued to 'visible effects' from 'plasma' as the data describes a 'suspension bridge' that

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© 2017 by clif high for Halfpasthuman
intrepido!- September 2017
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will be 'video recorded' as 'alive (with) plasma' and 'lighted near as day' from the 'pulsing' of the 'hot
(alive) lights'.
Other infrastructure sets continue to show as being 'involved' with 'climate change' as expando planet
effects begin to appear over these next few years. These sets bring up descriptors for 'bridges' that will
be 'abandoned' by the 'land on either side'. Other 'bridges' are indicated to 'become useless' as the
'waters recede'. Some of these are associated with 'resorts'. These 'resorts' are indicated to be 'removed
from the waters' as the 'oceans leave them'. Other sets have the 'rivers' changing course, or
disappearing, and new rivers appearing in 'shocking' places. Many of these 'rivers appearing' sets are
associated with 'earthquakes'. The 'earthquake' levels are forecast to increase significantly over these
next four years, and then begin to taper lower thereafter.
The 'expando planet' sets continue to add new sets for 'earthquake' of some significant magnitude such
that 'tsunami' is generated. This is showing as more of a 'localized event' in which the 'tsunami'
language would seem to suggest a limited ocean travel distance as though the earthquake happens just
off shore and conditions send the resulting tsunami wave rapidly inland. Much of the language is
suggesting that the affected coastline is mostly uninhabited, and 'barren' The earthquake is also
connected to 'new land forms' and 'underseas obstacles'. The data would have this earthquake be
'temporarily paralyzing' for 'ships'.
The data sets are forecasting increasing 'binary weather patterns' such as 'too wet cold, and too wet hot',
or 'too hot dry, and too hot wet'. These sets are part of large linguistic structures that are themselves part
of the 'ice age' sets. New growth within the larger 'ice age' sets are suggesting that the subject will be
'seeping' into media much more over these next months due to the obviously altered weather patterns.

Your Global Populace changes....

The data sets have GlobalPop, via internet, being reactive to 'information floods' that are described as
'draining (of) energy (to) absorb'. These sets are describing a 'flood' that is going to 'wash over' the
'global (body) politic' as 'scandals', and 'excesses', and 'crimes' come 'pouring out (over) humanity'.
Data growth in sets that are focused on 'deluge', 'overwhelming', 'inundation', and other language going
to the 'flood' of 'information'. The 'information' sets are dominated in 'impact' and 'duration' values by
descriptors including 'scandals', 'litany' (in a liturgical meaning, including a 'list of the dead', and
nautical, 'a list of the missing (at) sea'), 'legends (of large) crimes', 'arguments (around weapons)',
'accidental (damaging) weapons discharge', and many other sets going to 'power sources'.
Other sets for 'information flood', and 'power sources' are clearly pointing toward an 'outpouring' of
'previously secret information' that will include 'disrupting information' about 'new power sources'.
These sets are further augmented by cross links internally to 'new technology', and 'perpetual sparks'.
The 'sparks' reference is both very technical, and very broad. In the past, these descriptors become
general labels. These 'sparks' are extensively cross linked over to 'electrical energy production', and are
also described as 'disruptive', and 'replacements'.

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intrepido!- September 2017
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The data sets have 'fast reaction' and 'changes' at several levels including 'earth changes', and 'planetary
manifestations' occurring over September through November. Many of these changes are also
'political', and 'financial'. The 'labor' component to 'global population economy' is also gaining new
values for 'rebuilding efforts'. These are in direct response to the 'changing weather patterns' and the
'horrific flooding levels'. The idea coming from these sets is that 'sudden' and 'catastrophic flooding'
will be causing such large levels of damage to 'urban life' in so many places (Houston acknowledged,
but only to be one of many) as to cause 'labor pattern shifts' that are forecast to be persistent at least
20/twenty years. Many of these sets are describing 'cities being altered' including 'hillsides sliding into
valleys and plains'.
Forward movement within 'new political groups' is indicated as a 'global' phenomenon after the events
at the end of September. As modelspace is progressed into October, the 'residual after-impact' will still
be lingering, and the 'sudden shifts' of 'world power' will be 'appearing (with) the change of perspective'
to be emerging at that time. The data would have the end of September be the beginning of a 'month of
consequences'. These sets are suggesting that the 'consequences' will be of very large scale in some
instances as there are forecasts for 'massive population relocation' from 'natural' and 'man-made
disasters'. These are described as truly 'staggering' in terms of the 'size of population' being relocated,
as well as the 'duration of impact' on both the places abandoned, and 'newly arrived'. Most of these sets
have geographic references within the northern hemisphere.
Repeated themes of 'successful archaeology expeditions' continue to show in our data sets forecast for
language going through GlobalPop over these next several years. Many of these sets are in support of
the 'world ice theory' and are directly tied to 'antarctica' as location. Others of these sets are focusing on
'technology' and 'successful recovery'.
A good portion of the emotional tone increases for GlobalPop that appear over Fall of 2017 (northern
hemisphere) are deriving from sets for 'arrests'. These 'arrests', and 'parades (of the) arrested' are not
'mass arrests', but rather are indicated to be both 'targeted' as well as 'extremely selective'. These 'arrest'
sets are seemingly referring to 'global personalities' who will be 'discussed' as 'arrested' for 'months'
within independent media, and curiously, are to be 'ignored' within 'mainstream or corporation
propaganda media' for the first month or so following the arrests. After that time the data sets accruing
to modelspace suggest that the mainstream propaganda media will be forced to 'cover', albeit with their
spin dripping from each word, the 'arrests' and the 'personalities involved'. These sets are incidentally
cross linked over to other GlobalPop sets with termination points for 'reduced tensions', and 'crumbling
GlobalPop entity acquires data for 'far vision', and 'entrenched powers (left out/back)', and other
language about 'working (around) global banking system obstacles', all of which are bringing along
supporting sets for 'social changes', 'entrepreneurial bloom', and 'flush (of) emotional excitement', and
other language for 'new prospects', and 'brighter horizons', and 'optimism'. These sets are filling rapidly
as modelspace is progressed through the longer term data out into the decade of the 2020s.
In the sets for 'entrepreneurial bloom', there are geographic references for what we can define as 'focal
points', or 'locations (of emotional activity)'. These sets are not showing where there will be particular
successful companies, but rather are showing as 'innovation nexus' or 'new thinking centers' from
which 'successful companies' will emerge. These are not described as might be a structured business

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intrepido!- September 2017
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incubation center, but rather need to be thought of as 'opportunities awakening' spots on the planet. The
reason for this insistence of a correct view, is that these 'opportunities awakening' locations are also
forecast as being rising centers of 'business' and 'technological successes' from which future
generations will take their inspiration. The geographic references for these 'innovation hot spots'
include the Philippine islands, as well as the islands of Ireland, some islands around Thailand and
India. Not all the areas so cited are islands, as Australia is noted, as are Mongolia, Korea, and much of
the Hindu Kush region. In each case, differing conditions will have the success points and innovations
be 'locally focused', but 'globally applicable'. This is not to say that by noting these locations that other
places on the planet are to miss out on the renaissance, rather the opposite is the case. These locations
are all specifically data intensive likely due to their long 'isolation' from 'successful conditions (for)
youth'. It would seem to be the case that the focus on these locations will arise both from their 'sudden
blossoming' and 'widening impact' due to 'global internet communications'. There are also many
supporting sub sets for 'technological impacts', and new 'material sciences' involved in the linguistic
structure. Many of the sets in support of the 'island innovations' are 'ocean focused' with some of them
including descriptors for 'energy generation'.

The data sets for PopWar would seem to be suggesting that an 'emotional peak' has been crossed, and
that the energies for continuing PopWar as it has manifest in the last few years are waning. The
interpretation is with the caveat of those areas discussed in the USAPop section. In the main, the
former expression of 'violent duality', that is at the base of PopWar, has new rising primary supporting
sets for 'complexity'. The 'violent' aspect sets are still present, albeit no longer seeming to contract
around two separated focal points. As of this latest processing, modelspace is now presenting more
language around 'fractured', and 'disassociate', and 'splintered'. These sets are also within the USAPop
sets, however the overlay of the next few months will be masking the emotional shifts within PopWar
into 'complexity'.
The data sets are growing in supporting sets for the PopWar meme becoming both more 'intense', and at
the same time, being 'drained (of) energy'. The idea coming from the data sets seems to be a
concentration of the 'hard core' over the next few months, making their 'presence' that much more
'intense', while the 'fringe' of the 'movement' rapidly 'flee' after a series of 'atrocious acts in public'. The
data sets would have the 'core adherents' being really nasty bastards in ScandanaviaPop, EnglandPop,
and USAPop. A curious reference continues to hover around the 'vatican' being involved as well as
being 'visible' as a 'fake victim' of the 'attacks' by 'communist sympathizers', albeit apparently not in
Italy. These 'vatican interests' sets have the 'attack' not being all that 'real', and in some way a
'distraction' from other 'outlandish' and 'off-world activities' including a connection to 'Mars'. No
further details on the Mars to vatican cross links.
Other parts of the PopWar sub sets have new growth in 'purging' which the data sets are indicating will
be both 'internal' to the 'hard core violent revolutionaries', as well as 'internal' to the 'larger society'.
These sets are indicating that the 'revolutionary core group' is going to go through 'upheavals' as it
'sheds' the 'outer layers' of their 'group', as well as being 'persecuted' and 'prosecuted' by the larger
society. The 'prosecutions' sets are specifically referencing the 'costs' that are being 'planned' in
anticipation of some more 'coordinated efforts'.

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New sets within PopWar are specifically focused on 'fake attacks', and 'false flags'. These sets would
seem to be forecasting that the 'proclivity' of the 'deep state' and the 'masters of the world' to use 'false
flag attacks' is already 'waning' in the 'light of net based debunking'. These sets are forecasting that
'things will be different' in both PopWar, and 'geo-politics' over these next 2/two years as the 'war
meme' is also being 'debunked'. The majority of the new growth within PopWar sub sets are tied over to
'waning energies' or 'new distractions (from PopWar)' such as 'climate change' and 'economic upheaval'.
The 'waning' emotional drivers of PopWar are indicated to 'harden off' to the 'populations pressures',
and the 'paid revolutionaries'. The data has 'large population movements' to be slowing due to 'extreme
conditions' and 'climate change' over the winter of 2017/2018. The data has a number of 'rapid changes'
in the expression of 'migration patterns' that will also develop over that same winter.
While the 'population pressures' will continue, via 'invasion/immigration', the data sets are suggesting
that a 'global centrist coalition' (at least across western republics) will be forming that is indicated to
'come under attack' both by the 'right – left dialectic', as well as 'officialdom'. However, the data is also
showing that 'sheer numbers', and 'very angry attitude' will be sufficient to make 'centrism' the 'rising
(new) political flavor of the rest of this decade'. Note that this is indicated to occur without regard to
the 'constant attacks' by the 'waning officialdom' and 'dying mainstream media' complex. The data has
longer term value sets that are extensively cross linked to 'technological renaissance' which is
suggesting that the 'centrist populism' will be emerging in step with 'infrastructure improvements'
which 'alter life', and 'perceptions' for a large percentage of GlobalPop over these next decades. It is
these 'confluence', and 'conjoining' aspects which provide the 'centrist populism movement' its rising
emotional sums tones that are forecasting very broad success, as well as the relatively 'rapid pace' of
that success.
It is worth noting that within the 'black ops world', a special relationship develops between
'mercenaries' and their 'employers'. Such relationships 'bind' both to a contract that cannot be 'reneged
upon' without consequences, which will, occasionally, when world attention is diverted elsewhere,
become 'visible' in small places hidden in 'backwaters'.

AntarcticaPop is being created as its own entity area within GlobalPop due to the growing human
population in Antarctica. The processing for this entity produces a view of the data that suggests that
Antarctica will become the 'point' or 'source' for 'historical disclosure' over these next 4/four years.
These sets are continuations of the sets for 'antarctica' that lead to a 'sci-fi world' forecast for humanity.
Data sets include 'historical humans', 'history rewritten', 'secrets revealed', 'history hidden', history
obscured', and many more of similar language.
Most of the focus of the data sets for AntarcticaPop are on the more mundane issues of 'life far away
from' everything 'usual'. These sets are revealing in that there are sets for 'conspiracy', and 'responses
(against charges) of conspiracy'.
Many other sets have 'antarctica' as a geographic reference within their supporting sets, and some of
these would tend toward an interpretation of 'ocean changes' around the continent. These are very likely

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going to be 'reported (by) snooping' on 'earth monitoring satellites' as we see in the data sets, suggesting
that some 'ocean interactions' will be 'measurable' in a lot of places, but may be sourced in the 'southern
Many of the new sets with 'antarctica' as its geographic reference continue to gain data for 'hot springs',
and 'hot pools', and 'warm rivers', and 'rich soils', as well as 'steaming chambers'. The data also has
'sorting out' and 'great (amount of) work'. Other sets have 'new patterns' for 'weather' in Antarctica
producing 'visible' images of 'under ice cave systems'. These sets are indicated to be a 'gateway' to the
'mainstream media' and a 'global frenzy' over all things 'antarctica'. The data has GlobalPop being
'obsessed with' and 'drawn to' the 'antarctica' meme for decades. The amount of longer term data in
support of the 'antarctica' meme within GlobalPop is at the highest level yet seen in our modelspace.
Data for AntarcticaPop have two curious, well three really, sets; 'now (time)', 'collections of curiosities',
'illness (sudden)'. These data sets are suggesting that a 'collection (of curiosities)' somewhere within
'antarctica' has the 'potential (electrically, or energetically?)' to 'cause sudden illness' within 'humans
and other mammals'. These sets are cross linked internally to the 'hot springs', and 'heated cave system',
as well as the 'ocean changes', albeit from a lesser, or supporting position suggesting that 'exploration'
of the 'heated caves' or 'ocean changes' will result in 'contact' with the 'illness collection'. Further sets
would tend to suggest that there are 'temporal components' to this 'illness'. NO, not 'time travel', but
perhaps distortions in the mind that are caused by 'temporal structures bending'.

While the data forecasts that the 'headlines' will be 'crying “Stop It”', the AustraliaPop entity has new
growth for yet more 'politicians swimming in corruption'. New supporting sets for 'cross range deals'
involving some form of 'currency floats' have their own supporting sets forecasting the 'rising
(distance/delta) trading'. These sets would SEEM to be suggesting that 'personalities' within the
'politicians class' MAY have been 'deliberately manipulating' the 'australian currency' for their 'own
gains'. Hmmm...probably wrong....politicians would not be screwing their own citizens just for profit.
Other AustraliaPop sets have the 'Great Australian Pyramid' starting to poke into the global public
consciousness as 'new information' is indicated to 'surface' from a 'sunken wreck (hidden cache or
submerged(hidden) evidence)'. These new data sets in supporting positions for 'Australian Pyramid'
include descriptors for 'government denial' about the 'newly surfaced evidence'. Other sets are also
holding 'UFO' as rising supporting linguistic structures that bring in 'sighting', and 'video'. Some of
these sub sets also include sets for 'emerging (changing) scenes'. These sets provide the idea of a 'group
(of) tourists' near or at the 'great Australian Pyramid' who will be 'video' recording themselves when a
'burst (gang/group/collection)' of 'UFOs' will be recorded. The data suggests that this 'sighting' will be
even more remarkable in that it will also show 'pyramid activity' (of some unknown form). There are
some sets suggesting that we may be seeing 'light', and 'electrical' activities from the pyramid.
Yet more sets for 'entrepreneurial renaissance' show up for AustraliaPop that include 'laboratories', and
'new technologies'. These 'new technologies sub sets' are within contexts for 'energy', and 'health
(sciences)'. These sets are forecasting that the 'energy' contexts are the first to make it into public
awareness. The 'health sciences' sets are later, but have higher levels of emotional values, and have long

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term data sets going out several years. Both of these sets are tightly focused, and are forecast as having
very large global impacts, at least within the context of 'capitalism', and 'entrepreneurial efforts'. These
both are indicated to be 'centers' for economic growth for years. There are sets for 'silver' in both of
these sets at primary supporting levels.
Some new sets have 'spies', and 'espionage' also surfacing, though there are some sets within these
suggesting that it may be a 'feint' or a 'distraction' to take public awareness away from the 'dirty pols'
and their 'raping (of the) public'. There are many sets for 'public figure' who will be 'claiming' the
'connection (in the) spy story' as a 'pointing away (from)' the 'public anger (over currencies
Many sets are connecting AustraliaPop to 'antarctica', as well as to the general SpaceGoatFarts subject
areas. These new sets are reported upon within SpaceGoatFarts entity as the 'unknown' and 'officially
denied' elements are so prevalent within the new data. These sets are forecasting a 'spewing of verbiage'
from AustraliaPop officialdom that will include many 'denial statements'. Most of these sets are cross
linked over to the Great Australian Pyramid, and the 'UFOs' sighting(s) forecast to be associated with
the structure. Also note that the data suggests that there are 'more pyramids' yet to be 'noticed' in
Australia, and that the Great Australian Pyramid will be 'rumored' to have 'extensive underground
chambers' as well as 'treasures' nearby to it.
Recent processing has brought up new growth in 'food processing problems'. These are new sets that
are still growing, as of this time have mostly shorter term data, but also maintain a clear area of longer
term values going to 'problems' that will continue for 'decades'. The data does not include language
around poisoning, with most of the linguistics going to a 'production fault', or 'industrial design
problem'. The data would have the responsibilities for the 'design correction' being part of 'government'
which brings up the 'side street' of 'corruption' and 'shonky behavior' in 'tall towers'.

The CanadaPop sets are gaining the most emotional support from sets including 'foreclosure', and
'trauma'. These sets are at the same level of tertiary support and are forecast to have the same (nearly)
level of impact on the CanadaPop national psyche (as measured by our emotional tone sums). The
difference between the two sets is the temporal span for each. In the case of the 'foreclosure' sets, the
data has these being discussion focal points for most of the next decade. The 'trauma' sub sets appear in
modelspace over September, and firms up in October. These sets then fade rapidly over the course of
January and February of 2018. Most of the sets are seemingly related to 'electrical power'. While this is
less than illuminating (chuckle here), there are a number of supporting sets that go to providing even
more opaque thinking as we get descriptors for 'humans', 'ufos', 'electrical sub station', 'legendary',
'electrical arcs', 'national lightning', 'continental squeeze (pressure?)', 'convection currents', 'danger',
'electrocution', and many other sets blending 'electricity' related language, and some form of
'continental impact'. It would seem from these sets that a very dramatic occurrence is pending,
HOWEVER, these are offense offered....and they are not known as drama addicts. So,
what is the data talking about? Well, it may be, at a very loose level of interpretation, that the 'national
(continental) display' is some form of a 'UFO fly over' that results in 'electrical sub station failures'.

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There are a number of rising supporting sets that would go to this interpretation including descriptors
for 'mass breakdowns' of 'automobiles' while 'in transit'. These sets are clearly forecasting that the
discussion will be around a 'continental' aspect to a major story around 'electricity'. The UFO's?
Well...time will tell.
Yet more data for 'fires', and curiously 'in (the) rainy season'. These sets continue to grow in both
shorter and longer term values. These sets are not boding well for Canadian wilderness over late Fall
and into next year.
Strange new 'minerals' are still showing up within the CanadaPop sub sets. The growth in these sets are
also continuing to bring in SpaceGoatFarts cross links that terminate in 'new technology
breakthroughs'. These sets in CanadaPop are also cross linked internally to sets for 'fires', 'road
(re)building', 'reconstruction', 'replenishment', 'replacement', and other words about 'repair of damage
(from fires/natural effects)'. There are new levels of rising emotional tones within these sets in both
shorter term values, and immediacy data type, that are suggesting new information will be coming out
around the subject over the next 7 to 8 months.

The data sets for all of CentralEUPop, including DeutschePop, are growing new supporting sets for
'underground technology discovery'. It is as though the data is saying 'dig it and it will have something
in it'. These sets are going to 'repeated' instances of 'new discoveries from holes in ground' over this and
into next year. The 'holes in the ground' are not associated with archaeology, but rather 'industrial
tunnels'. The data would have an 'industrial development' within east central europe 'accidentally
discover' a 'new site of ancient ruins' that will be 'completely underground'. These sets have a 'network
of (existent) tunnels' be discovered by 'new tunneling work'. Many sets about 'blue coveralls', and 'dirty
knees', and 'excited faces' as 'lights shine back (from within) the discovered tunnels'.
Other CentralEUPop sets are more energetic with new supporting sets for 'flight', 'running', 'flooding',
and other 'bad weather moves humans' language. The 'bad weather' sets are associated with 'recent
discoveries' (at the time of the incident) that are 'archaeology' related. The 'ancient' association may be
indicating that what will be discovered is 'history', rather than a current event.
There are a number of sets for 'economic disruption' that have positive emotional values. The
conjunction of the language would suggest that the 'renaissance' influence will be expressing itself
within many of the 'central european republics' in the form of 'disruptive inventions'. The 'economic
disruption' sub sets include 'Germany' as a 'participant' in the 'restructuring' of the 'business
environment'. Some of the subsets are within the area of 'power generation', and 'electrical power
production', and 'electricity distribution efficiency'.
New shorter term sets for CentralEUPop show that 'harsh winter conditions' will be leading to language
around 'rescues (of trains?)', and 'reconstruction (of passageways)' in order to 'rescue commerce'.
New growth is appearing around the 'local hero' meme connected to CentralEUPop in the form of
'masons' (perhaps 'freemasons' as well as 'stone and quarry workers') who will be 'directing' much of
the 'rescue' work due to their 'initiative' and 'preparation (for such events?)'. These 'hero masons' are

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expected to be very much 'viral' as 'hundreds of videos' will be posted by 'rescued people'. Part of the
'popularity explosion' for the 'mason heroes' sets include some sets for 'celebrities (German?)' who will
be 'among the rescued' thus 'elevating' the events even further into the social media world.

Not known for 'seismic activities', the DeutschePop entity area is suggesting that the 'German people'
are going to experience an 'earthquake', that for them, will be of an 'historic level'. The language in the
supporting sub sets includes many references to CERN, and the LHC (large hadron collider). There are
many cross links tying this incident to sub sets that include 'bell ringing', and 'towers shaking'. These
kind of sets are difficult to interpret as they can also refer to some form of social 'earthquake' if that is
how the social events would be portrayed in their press. The data sets are forecasting the appearance of
the language, not the actual events. Sometimes we get the language correct, but as it was metaphoric,
we miss the event. With recent data pollution, this masking effect needs to be noted.
Yet more data continues to grow under several different meanings for 'explosive'. We have 'explosive'
as in 'blowing things up', as well as 'explosive' in the form of 'natural gases building up in a contained
space', and 'explosive' in the meaning of 'humans with fuses lit (engaged)'. This latter meaning has the
larger emotional values by far, and also has supporting sets for 'new endeavors', and 'draining away (of)
resources (from other activities)'. These sets are also containing 'new businesses', and 'divergence (of)
platforms'. This last descriptor set also contains language suggesting some of the larger 'social patterns'
of the last '40/forty years' are going to be 'upended' and 'overturned' by 'rapid deployment' of 'new
DeutschePop also has new growth in sets for their 'immigration problems', as well as 'governance
incompetence (and/or) breakdowns'. Some new sets are connecting 'officialdom' in DeutschePop with
the 'desert city '. These cross links also bring in 'press coverage', and 'foreign influences'. Many of these
sets are curiously cross linked over to SpaceGoatFarts entity where the terminating sets include 'space
aliens', and 'Roswell (NM)' and the '1947 “crash” events'. These data sets would appear to be
suggesting that current time 'personalities' in DeutschePop will somehow be connected in the media to
'ancient history' including 'crashed space aliens'. These cross links themselves are interesting in that
they also include sets for 'UN', and 'underground (new) mining operations'. The preponderance of
geographic references within the 'mining' sets are for 'eastern Europe'.
DeutschePop has many new sets for 'social order changes' that are forecast as being 'visible' on the
streets this year, and emanating from 'elite response to rising social pressures'. These sets are suggesting
that larger 'masses' of the population are going to start 'taking over' in a form of 'mob rule' as 'pressures
(on the) society' reach 'critical mass'. These sets contain supporting sets for 'police (and military)
presence', and 'eruptions of violence' as well as 'push back' from 'police' against 'immigrant violence'.
There are descriptors for temporal markers forecast for this Fall in Deutschland that will be able to be
used as an historical marker for 'policy changes'.

The data sets have 'Rome' as being affected by the 'seismic activities' that will be following the 'solar
eclipse'. While there are not many sets for direct earthquake damage to Rome, there are a number of

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sets that have 'damage' without the 'earthquake' references. These sets are also providing many new
supporting sets for the 'riots', and 'breakdowns' that will be 'crashing' the 'vatican' walls. These sets have
'health' concerns developing within 'Rome' (and also greater Italy). These 'health' sets are specifically
including 'refugees', and many references would seem to be favoring an 'imported disease'. These
'health' concerns are forecast to be in the forefront of the minds of the ItalyPop just as yet more 'seismic
activities' begin. The 'rome' at the center of a number of sets necessarily brings in both the 'italian
officialdom', as well as 'vatican officialdom'. In both sets we have some levels of 'dysfunction' being
brought on by the 'chaos (in the) streets', but the majority of such descriptors as 'damage', and
'transition', and 'transformation', and 'reduction', and 'shifts (in the power structure)' are dominant
within the 'vatican' sets. The 'vatican sets of course bring in the 'catholic church' which is also filling
with supporting sets for 'dysfunction', 'breakdown', 'breaches', and 'leaks'. Many of these later sets are
referencing actual 'water leaks', as there are indications for 'structural breakdowns', amidst the 'social
order breakdowns' that are also forecast. There are extensive cross links over to the USAPop and many
of these links terminate in sets involved in the 'secrets revealed' episode that has extreme emotional
Yet more 'weather problems' are showing for ItalyPop. These new data sets include major, that is,
'significant storms' from 'unexpected quarters'. These sets would seem to be suggesting that 'weather' is
going to be driven 'downward from mountains' at a time 'out of season'. As with other parts of Europe,
and northern hemisphere in general, the data has ItalyPop struggling with 'flooding', and 'water rising'
in 'lakes', and 'rivers' such that 'new paths (for the water) are created within (over) old pilgrim roads'.
These sets have imagery suggesting 'people hanging out from upper stories' in order to 'take video
recordings' of the 'onrushing torrents'. These are part of the 'walls of water' and 'rivers from the sky' sub
sets that we have all been living under this decade.

The data sets are not being kind to ScandanaviaPop. The data has several 'layers' that are indicating that
'anarchy', and 'moral chaos' is going to be 'developing' in the background to the extent that '(sneaky)
violence break outs (into) public view' as the 'public' is 'looking the other way'. These sets are showing
that 'responsibilities' will be 'tossed about' like 'christmas candies', while actually being 'shirked', and
'disregarded'. These sets are connected to others that are forecasting a 'blow back episode' that will be
'resolved' by 'ancient (code?)' or 'laws'. These sets are referencing some form of 'ritual' that has 'social
power', and is indicated to 'demonstrate public determination'.
Other sets for ScandanaviaPop have 'bizarre weather', as well as 'strange effects (phenomenon) in low
earth orbit' over their 'territory and waters' that are forecast to be occurring throughout September and
October to the extent that 'officialdom' will be 'forced by public discussion' to 'respond' This 'response'
is indicated to be its own 'problem' both within ScandanaviaPop, and in the larger European ruling
elites. Further 'clarification' is forthcoming, only to lead to yet larger problems, this time with USAPop
ruling elites.
The 'bizarre weather' sets are becoming more frequently seen in every entity area in modelspace. In the
ScandanaviaPop sets the 'weather' appears to be more of a 'lack' than an over abundance. There are sets
indicating far less 'turmoil' than usual in weather patterns, but also, far more 'traumatic impacts' from

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what the 'new patterns' will bring.

In new processing for SouthAmericaPop, modelspace accrues yet more sets for 'Nazis', and 'UFOs'.
These are both cross linked over to 'collision' and 'contention'. Further sets are showing these
conjunctions of language against a background of 'increase (in) bizarre earth movements', that are
forecast to include 'effects on the Amazon river' including way up into the 'major basin'. These sets are
likely referencing yet another 'water draw down event'. However the data has the 'empty areas' to be
'rapidly filled' with 'onrushing (collisions) between tide and river'. Other 'collisions' sets include two
'marine collisions', one at sea off the northern coast of Brazil, and the other in an 'unsettled port' in
which 'trashing (of the) waves' will cause 'fouled lines' and a very large 'collision' that is suggested to
both 'bring infamy' and 'shut down the port'.
There are many sets for 'power' associated with SouthAmericaPop. The spread of contexts include
'electrical power', 'planetary power (seismic activities)', 'planetary power (food growing)', 'planetary
power military', 'ocean power (storms/ climate change)', 'near space power (military and UFO)', and
'extended power (history)'. These sets all each contain references to 'political power' and almost all of
these have supporting aspects for 'upheaval', or 'overturned', or 'thrown down', or 'defeated', or 'starved
(of money to continue)'. Many of these sets are, curiously, cross linked very extensively, back to
USAPop where some of the terminating sets include 'central bank management mess', and
'congressional failures', and 'money committee corruptions', and 'politicians (fail to raise) funds'. It
would seem safe to interpret these sets as relating the 'money woes' of the SouthAmericaPop 'ruling
elites' as being 'tied' to the 'death of the dollar' and its impact on 'covering up political corruptions'.
Supporting sets for 'electrical power' within SouthAmericaPop include aspects for 'ancient technology'
and 'modern breakthroughs'. Both of these structures are related to 'water', and it would seem to not be
traditional 'water power'. These sets are referencing some 'modern power scheme' that would, if
successful, be the 'largest electrification project' on the planet. Both whimsical, and ironic, that the
'source' is cited as 'green water' within the data.

SpainPop (including Catalan)

The SpainPop entity area has many new sets for an 'effective social/political movement' that will see
both the 'officialdom loss (of Catalan)', as well as the 'embracing of Catalan' within this 'rising social
movement'. These 'social movement' sets are pointing at Spain (including Catalan) as being the
'genesis' for a new 'global (mostly western republics) centrist movement'. These sets are curiously
showing the 'centrist' sets in conjunction with 'revolution', and 'successful (overturning) of existing
Spain, as with most of the Mediterranean, has both 'immigration' problems, and 'strange weather
(mostly from northern Africa)'. New global weather patterns are indicated to be bringing far more 'rain
to all of Spain not merely the plains'. The new 'rain patterns' are forecast as both a blessing and a curse.
The blessing includes the 'new water flows', as does the curse as the 'new water flows' will be causing
'wild flooding', including 'urban flooding' and 'urban (street) rivers'. These sets are also indicating much
recording of events on video as the first of what will be described as 'New Winter' arrives early.

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Get ready for the 'unveiling of Sci-Fi world' over these next few years. In ways the data describes as
'shocking', and 'not imagined', the forecast is for 'revelation' of the 'real understanding' of 'human
history' here on earth. These sets are also concurrent with 'political turmoil', 'officialdom chaos',
'crashing (debt) markets', 'erupting volcanoes', 'earthquakes', 'broken pipelines', 'destroyed buildings',
and many other sets of real 'disaster' within USAPop for the end of Summer and the transition into Fall,
Yet more data is growing in supporting positions for the 'american renaissance'. These sets have
descriptors for ' innovation, revolution, energy, ingenuity, creativity' that are all being modified by their
supporting sets that include 'practical, pragmatic, persevering, recovery, regeneration' and other sets for
'working' and similar language.
The data sets have the various 'power structures' across the western republics being 'assaulted' by the
'dirt' and 'corruption' being brought up by the resignation of key people within key slots across the 'sub
layer' of the USA governance infrastructure. The data is basically saying that minor level workers in
'government agencies' are going to 'resign' as part of internal (money) politics, and the result of the lack
of person within the 'slot' will set off many divergent streams of 'corruption' being exposed as there will
be the 'lack of a paymaster' to hand out 'hush money'. Other impacts of the 'resignations (wave)' are
forecast as including 'breakdowns' in 'money collections' (parking?) that are going to lead to 'news
stories' about 'corruption' at the level of 'quarters, nickels, dimes'. Further sets are going to the idea of
the resignations revealing 'storehouses (of surplus materials)' that will be 'jammed' with 'stolen items'.
Other sets have 'breakdowns' in 'funding flows' show up with 'whole cities' being 'cut off' from 'public
services (water)' as 'payment mechanisms' will also be 'broken' by the 'lack of personnel'.
Our data sets have the 'legacy' of the 'American solar eclipse' being a Super Stormy September. Noting
all of the 'political storms' that will be ongoing during September, we also now can add 'hurricanes',
'tornadoes', and all manner of 'freak storms'. Please note the language. The words for 'freak' and
'freakish' attached to 'storms' are rising in all the USAPop supporting sub sets related to 'weather'.
The other storms are showing up as being man-made. These sets are in contexts for 'politics', 'religion',
'money', 'military', and 'judicial'. These sets are increasing in their numeric values for 'intensity',
'duration', 'motivation', 'action', 'emotion', and even the 'constraints'. That all of the top six value sets are
rising simultaneously is likely NOT a good sign for a calm and orderly Fall season.
As modelspace is progressed through into 2018, the values wax and wane to a lesser degree than what
we consider 'usual', and they are doing so from much elevated levels. As modelspace moves through
December and into Spring of 2018, the 'intensity' values escalate rapidly in the contexts of 'money', and
'climate/weather'. These sets in supporting positions under 'money', within the USAPop entity, are
clearly focusing on the reasons for rising cryptocurrencies prices in US dollar terms.
As modelspace is progressed into early September, the data sets have the emotional intensity values for
'confrontation' and 'freak out' being in the red zone. These value levels are mainly consistent through
into June of 2018, at which time there is a release level shift suggesting some form of 'rapid deflation'
of the 'angry balloon'. While in 'freak out' mode, from early September onward, there are yet still sets
indicating that something of a 'calming effect' will be occurring within USAPop simultaneously. This is

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showing in the data sets as trailing the 'confrontation' level values, and yet also rising at the same steep
pace. The interpretation is a that as people become 'aware' of the independent economy and point of
view, of the cryptocurrencies world, they drift away from being as 'engaged' within the 'USA dollar
machine', and thus it becomes 'deflated' of 'participation', and 'energy' even as the machine controllers
are trying to raise internal pressures to compensate.
Many of these 'deflated participation' sets are cross linked over to, or in direct supporting positions for
the 'September Putsch' or 'financial (uncertainty) wave' that is indicated to 'roll through' the 'Special
Access Projects (UFO/space alien reverse engineering)' world.
The data sets for USAPop are more divergent than has been seen in modelspace over the last decade.
The divergence has the growing set of the 'drop out (cryptocurrencies) unplugged off-the-grid' part of
USAPop having a 'creative', and 'positive' mood with 'high levels of energy'. The other, larger majority
of USAPop is described with the same level of response to the 'unknown energies from space', but
focusing on 'confrontation' and 'narrowing (of) focus', rather than the 'expansive' and 'creative' new
view being demonstrated within the 'cryptocurrencies economy'.
The majority sets within USAPop are seemingly narrowing their focus, as the intensity values rise,
toward 'confrontation'. The supporting linguistic structures are bringing in details sets of yet more
'street battles', and 'crazed officialdom (local levels)', as well as 'city centers (being seized , patrolled by
armed 'militias')', 'exclusion zones', and other 'global culture manifestations'. The good news that is
visible within the data sets is that the 'deep state' and its 'agents' are, as modelspace is moved through
the next 12/twelve months, increasingly 'weakened', and 'ineffectual'. These sets relating to the 'weak'
descriptor are extensively cross linked over to sets involving money. The larger picture being presented
is that the 'governance' problems are relating to the 'degradation of 'fiat currencies', and a 'debt
There are a number of very positive sub sets within the USAPop entity that are going to the idea of
'engaging' with the 'wider world view'. Not relating to the internet, but may well include 'antarctica'.
Many new sets relating to 'business contracts' and 'antarctica' are showing as having a 'greater visibility'
from September 9th forward. As modelspace is progressed into middle of September, there are more
areas relating to 'grand vision' and 'contractual obligations'. These are also 'antarctica' focused, and the
supporting sets are cross linked over to sets that contain 'financial bonus'. No details available within
our sets.
USAPop 'officialdom' and the 'north Korea officialdom' may well be involved in negotiations over the
latter half of September. We have a number of sets that tie the Korean peninsula to 'negotiations',
'deals', 'trades', and 'business'.
Other sets are showing that a great amount of 'words run amok' will be 'spewing' out as the language
shifts to “Kennedy's Ghost” as a central meme with lots of language about 'assassination'. These data
sets are suggesting that the language of the 'body politic' will be centering on 'assassination (of) JFK'
language in the months of September and October. These sets are deeply cross linked with any number
of both 'conspiracy', and 'religion' sub sets. The 'religion' sub sets have a wide range from 'astrology'
through to 'extreme fundamentalism' of many different types. All of these sets are inclusive of the
“Kennedy's ghost” language. All of these sets are cross linked into both the GlobalPop entity, and the
SpaceGoatFarts entity where we have the majority of the cross links focused on 'astronomic alignment',

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and 'grand conspiracy', along with 'deep state'. Further within the GlobalPop sets are descriptors
indicating a very wide spread discussion of 'assassination' as a 'tool of the state' against it's own
'political class'.
Other sets that are cross linked into the 'shades (ghosts)' and 'recurrences', and 'great conspiracies'.
These sets include descriptors for 'documents', and 'history', and 'secrets revealed'. The 'secrets
revealed' sub sets form a large nexus of cross links around the language for 'replications', or 'repeats', or
'similar situation', or 'template'. Many of these sets are indicating that the 'discussion' around the
'assassination' language will be focused on 'left turns'. Other sets have descriptors for 'outer space', and
'space intrusions' into the language. These sets would seem to be relating to 'astrology'. Other sets
would have 'active' be associated with the 'intrusions', so there is some doubt as to just what may
intrude from outer space, but not from where it will originate, nor its state of being as in 'agitated',
'active', 'energetic', 'oily?', 'sustained (pressure)', 'bubbling (pulsing, intermittent)', and others along the
same line. Divergent sets go to 'separation', 'impossible (view)', 'minute by minute', 'modification', yet
more 'secrets revealed' and these include 'scientific', and 'instructions'.
Admittedly a confusing mass of disparate language, however, the contexts of 'politics', 'history',
'science', 'religion', and 'money' converging around the sub sets for “Kennedy's ghost” are all showing
up with emotional values at extreme levels. While described as 'traumatic' by the data sets at several
different levels, there are also 'cathartic', and 'cleansing' sets in the supporting chain for our
'shades/ghosts/memories' sub sets.
These 'shades' of the 'past' are indicated to be affecting 'political officialdom', especially in WA DC,
over the rest of the year. These sets have 'political players' and even the whole of the 'political (playing)
field' being 'altered' in these next few months. Many of these sets are indicating that the 'political elites'
will be in 'panic mode' so 'repetitiously' as to be feeling as though their 'momentum' has been
'hijacked'. These sets have 'repercussions' from the 'elite freak-outs' to be 'publicly visible', and to have
very long term 'duration of impact' values that go out several years.
Other sets of interesting linguistics are showing up around the idea of a major change in the 'common
(contexts and terms) language'. These sets have sub sets going to the idea of 'increasing corporation
censorship' on the net, but also have supporting sub sets that bring up the idea of the language, as it is
used, being 'self changing' over this Fall. These sets are containers for linguistic structures around the
idea of 'new contexts', and 'returning themes/memes'. These latter sets do contain some overlap with the
'repeat' of the Kennedy assassination language, but are larger by far, and going to a more general
'retooling' of 'daily expression'. These sets are filled with longer term values going out a few years, and
are also containing 'resurgence', and 'revolution', as central sets. These sets do not have supporting sets
for a 'top down push', and do explicitly include 'push-back' to 'officialdom pronouncements' that will be
'creating new slang' around 'banned terms'.
These sets have 'observation' becoming a severe problem for the 'political elite' as 'fear', 'anger', 'abuse',
'murder', 'death', and 'destruction' are all indicated to be rising in the public awareness as modelspace is
moved through September and October. The data sets have a 'central point' around an 'obscuring event'
being 'popped' into the 'visibility' of USAPop in such a manner as to cause an 'electrical shock'. The
data sets are clearly providing language for 'energy', 'electrical', 'shocks', and other language. These sets
are also cross linked internally over to the 'ghosts', and 'hidden closets' of the 'USA (American) past'.

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The data have new supporting sets for the 'deep state' being 'run up (upon)' the 'real history' of 'past
conspiracies'. These sets have the 'population' being 'rocked', 'shocked', 'stupefied', 'stunned', 'bummed',
'disturbed', 'shaken', 'rattled', 'laid out (mentally)', 'horrified', 'disbelieving', 'reeling', 'racked', and
'cracked (under the strain of trying to grasp and/or accept)' the 'new state of reality'.
In reading into the USAPop data sets that accrue over September and through the end of the year (and
into March of 2018), it becomes apparent that it will be difficult to overstate the upcoming emotional
turmoil within the USA population as it is forecast within modelspace. The data accretion patterns
would have the movement of the 'population of the USA' into this state of 'extreme emotional and
mental turmoil' to be both 'quick', and '(seemingly) accidental'.

The data sets are forecasting that an 'accidental disclosure' of 'old information' is going to be the 'pin'
that will be pulled to 'ignite' the 'hidden ghosts' language in the mainstream, and independent media.
The data has a 'small', 'incidental', and 'accidental' revealing being a 'public pry bar' to 'giant caches', or
'large storehouses', or 'big storage centers' worth of 'information' of a 'transforming nature'. The
'alteration pivot' is described as being a 'tail end (of a) conversation' which will have a 'name dropping
incident' become a 'global viral key'. The 'unlocking' of the 'informational storehouse' is also part of an
'unclogging (of the) public mind (memory)' that is going to last for 'decades'.

There are a number of new supporting sets to USAPop for the 'rebuilding' of the 'social order'. These
sets are not about the 'bricks' and 'steel', but rather about the 'social connections infrastructure'. These
sets are focusing on 'wounding', and the 'challenges' of 'healing'. Many of these sets are focusing on the
'healthcare dysfunction'. Other supporting sets continue to forecast the 'destruction' via 'self immolation'
of the 'democratic party'. The 'rebuilding' of the 'social order' is apparently going to be done with the
'democratic party' as a 'side show'. The data sets are forecasting that 'election problems' for the
'democrats' will begin as early as December of this year as they 'try to 'gear up' only to 'suffer
(repeated) break-downs (publicly)'. These 'immolation' of the 'democratic party' sets are growing,
gaining emotional values, and have brought in long term data sets of considerable size in areas from
'local government', out to 'national politics', and including 'banking', and 'military industrial complex'.

As had been forecast, the 'repudiation' words have begun to appear from USAPop 'officialdom' as the
'ruling elites' shift over to their 'new strategy'. These 'repudiation' sets are interesting in the many
aspects sets going to 'public defaming (of former supporters)'. These sets are going to be very visible
indeed, and have 'officialdom (mainly politicians)' who will be 'condemned (by) both sides' as they
'repudiate' and 'castigate' their 'former stooges'. The whole 'useful idiot' meme is showing up as 'writ
large' in the 'public minds' by these incidents. The data has the 'politicians' causing 'anger' and
'disillusion' among their 'former supporters' (most of the 'left', 'radical left', 'resistance', and
'communists' with their 'public renunciation' of the 'violence' and their 'creeping shift (over to)
conservative values'. These sets are also showing very large impacts on the 'mainstream media' as a
result of this 'move from the far left towards the center'. It is indicated to cause a great deal of
'employee churn', as well as many many 'lawsuits' by 'former employees' within 'left-leaning
publications'. Many of these publications are forecast as not surviving this next year and the turmoil in
the 'money world'.

There are other, related, sets that are suggesting that the 'government', at the level of the 'internal policy

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structures', are going to go through a 'withering' as many 'department heads', and 'division level
administrators' will be 'resigning'. These 'resignations' are connected to both 'old money systems', and
'new money systems'. Many of these sets are suggesting that, to some extent not yet measurable, a
motivating factor for a significant portion of the resignations to be 'personal financial conditions', and
'deteriorating dollar flow'. The idea percolating up from the data is that 'financial squeeze' will motivate
enough 'middle level management' within 'deep government' to 'resign' as to be 'notice-able', and 'note-
able', especially in the aftermath. These sets would have 'officialdom' through the 'press' reporting and
'complaining' about 'short-handed-ness' for a number of months into 2018. Of course, it could not be
coming at a worse time, relative to the 'dollar based' financial system.

There are a number of sets that are cross linked from the 'renaissance' over to 'central bank system
failure'. The temptation is to draw the conclusion that the 'central banks failing (to preserve their
franchise)' is what causes the 'liberation' of the 'entrepreneurial spirits' within USAPop. Many of these
sets are suggesting that visibility levels will be rising for the 'entrepreneurial stories' such that it
becomes developing meme over 2018 and into 2019, just as the data also has the 'central banks
depression' settling over the 'western republics' like a 'thick cold fog'.

In the parts of the 'economy' where the 'entrepreneurial spirits' are active, the data has forecast for
language about 'new successes' run by people who will be 'hesitant', and 'tentative' as the 'successful
outcome' seems to arrive 'too easily'. These sets have supporting groups for 'continued flows', and 'new
ventures' that will also 'spawn (throw-off/spin-off)' even more 'successes'. These sets have large levels
of longer term values in supporting sets indicating many years of this energy, again, progressing out
into the 2020's.

Other sets have continuing 'roll out' of 'disruptive energies' continuing well into September as seismic
references are forecast as being within the USAPop chatter. These sets are also forecasting language for
more appearances of 'volcanoes', and 'pipeline distortions'. These 'distortions' sets are also cross linked
to 'disruptions within energy delivery' as well as 'disrupting (of) markets'. There are sets for 'seismic'
activity to be a 'damaging' aspect to 'oil storage' as well as 'refining'. Other sets have 'transfer facilities'
being 'shifted' such that 'docking is not possible' due to 'lack of water'.

There are many sets going to the idea of a 'putsch (cleansing/purging)' within the 'political classes' over
2018 and into 2019. These sets are pointing toward 'committees' and 'deep background investigations'
that will be the 'meat for media' over these years and beyond within USAPop. There are sets for
'commissions' to be set up to 'deeply investigate corporation foundations'. Many of these sets are
pointing toward a new 'pogrom against un-American activities' forecast to be very 'riveting', and
'attention demanding' for well over a year.

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The data sets for the 'debt based market system' have the 'cryptocurrencies' going into 'break out' or
'breaking free' mode against 'debt based fiat'. These data sets have the 'crypto space' taking over the
'media chatter' as modelspace is moved through September (immediacy data lives here) and all the way
through to the end of March, 2018 (longer term values reliability peak).
The data sets have the 'cryptocurrencies' being in a 'running' mode that will last through into early 2018
(late February into March). The longer term data sets are thereafter indicating that the 'running' mode
moves into 'jumping' from that point forward through the extent of the longer term data which reaches
out into 2019, albeit with decreasing reliability.
The Markets entity area has 'black swan' showing up in the data sets in a number of places, and in a
number of aspects. The data would have 'black swan' being the 'new topic' of conversation as we move
into September. The data has 'separation' of the (or 'at the') extremes' as being one of the many
referenced 'black swans' that will be 'rising up (and) hissing'. These 'separation at the extremes (far
edges)' likely refers to a trading range or metric that has 'come undone'. The effect of the 'undoing' is
indicated to be 'turmoil', and 'thrashing'. Both of these sets have supporting sets that include 'gold' and
'silver' at the 'retail' level. Both of these sets also have 'restrictions', and 'withdrawals', and 'constraining
bonds' as being in the mix. Many of these sets are also supported by 'discord', 'disharmony' and other
words indicating that the 'disruption' will be focusing on the 'core level (of competency)' within the
Many of the new Markets entity sets are bringing in 'capital flow' in with sets for 'diversion', and
'dynamics changed (globally)'. The data sets also have 'deep (not) harmony' that is also in primary
supporting position for 'capital flow'. These sets are suggesting that, in September, the ability for the
'usual' or 'past' forms of 'capital flows' to continue will be 'disrupted'. The 'disruption' is indicated to
affect the 'technical distribution' of 'capital flows' within 'markets', but not all, and not uniformly. These
'interruptions' are indicated to be 'combinations' of 'communications woes', and 'conceptual errors'.
Other than the 'capital flows', the majority of the Markets entity has more 'powerful', and 'smooth, or
'harmonious' energies within the 'markets'. While much of the language is about 'chaos (in markets)',
'destruction of traditional markets' and 'disrupted marketplaces', these sets are within larger linguistic
structures going to 'new markets', 'innovation (in markets)', and 'implementation of (new) ideas', and
other language for 'new opportunities' that will be 'manifesting'. Much of the 'disruption' language is
about 'expelling' the 'older system', which is shown as being replaced by the 'new perspectives (on
markets)', and 'new inventions'. Both of these are intensely cross linked to, and contain as directly held
supporting values, 'cryptocurrencies', and 'blockchain technologies'.
The Markets entity has 'technology' as a primary supporting aspect with a wide range of different
supporting attribute sets including 'computers' (expected), but also 'energy', that will 'rival nuclear' for
'sustained output', and 'engineering'. This last descriptor set is heavily dominated by 'genetic', and
'quantum' within the rising emotional tone values of the supporting sub sets. The 'quantum' sets are
mostly not related to computing, but rather seem to be suggesting that a new 'layer' of 'technological
achievement' will become 'visible' to the public as we move into mid September. The 'new quantum
technology layer' may be related to 'surface materials', and 'newly discovered transmission potentials'.
These supporting sets would seem to be describing the ability to 'sensor-ize' most surfaces. Stated

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another way, the data is suggesting that new forms of 'remote sensors' that can be 'painted on' will
become available (at least at a commercial level) over the remainder of this year. These 'painted on
sensors' and the 'other planar technologies' are indicated to be coincident with a very 'negative' impact
on the 'debt markets'. The 'negative' descriptor set is supported by language suggesting that the 'new
technological wave (of innovation)' will be 'clearly demonstrating' that 'traditional capital markets' have
been 'left out', and are 'obsolete'.
The Markets entity, as a sub set of modelspace, gains its largest groups of new sets for 'systemic (debt
based) breakdowns' as modelspace is progressed through December 2017 and into January 2018. The
pace of new supporting data for 'governance breakdowns' continues to grow through 2018 at a slightly
lower level thereafter. Not much lower. The Markets entity has new growth in sets in April, May, and
June of 2018 that are temporal echoes of emotional tones to be expressed this coming Fall. In other
words, the 'financial turmoil' language of September through December will be repeated at a much
larger, and more deeply penetrating level next Spring (northern hemisphere).
Within the Markets entity, the 'silver' and 'gold' sets are growing in both volume of new supporting sets,
as well as in emotional tones in all our categories. The recent processing is bringing in both
confirmatory sets for 'disruptions', and 'dissolving (of) blockages' within both the 'silver' and 'gold' sub
The 'gold' sets also have longer term data forecasting very rapid price rises within the 'spring season
(northern hemisphere)' of 2018. These 'new spring (for) gold' sets are showing a 'surge' in demand,
albeit within 'new markets'. The 'new markets' sets are clearly forecasting successful new 'mining to
marketplaces ventures' that are to be 'coming on line' during the 'eruptive Spring (of 2018)'.
As modelspace is progressed through September, the data sets have 'new demands' on the 'silver
supplies' being 'discussed' in several significant meetings globally. The 'wider world view' sets are
showing that there is going to be a very large 'out bursting' of 'new entrepreneurial talent' across the
'mining' AND more significantly, 'end user' communities that are defined as 'silver based'. These sets
have a 'silver funnel (tunnel/siphon/vacuum)' that will be 'forming up (like a) tornado' over 2017 that is
forecast to produce the 'insatiable demands' that will arise with the 'silver surprise Spring' in 2018.
Many of the sets for 'silver' and 'gold' are extensively cross linked to cryptocurrencies, and those links
grow as modelspace is progressed into mid 2018.
The new 'silver' sets are also forecasting several 'breakdowns' in 'production facilities (likely raw
material source failures)' that will be occurring over October or November, such that 'jitters' are in the
language about several differing kinds of 'silver dependent productions' will be appearing later in
December and January of next year. These sets are indicated to be 'good news' for both 'new mining
talents', and 'new delivery systems', though not such good news for 'paper contract markets' as these are
indicated to be first 'disrupted into dysfunction', then 'ignored'.
As modelspace is moved from mid September, perhaps as early as the 9th or 10th, there are new sets that
accrue for 'gold shenanigans'. These sets are referencing both 'theft', and 'discovery' that are going to be
very well timed for 'political gains' at the expense of 'old school powers'. These sets would have 'new
(criminal) pressures' being put on 'people in exalted offices' to 'surrender power (and depart)'. Much of
this language is cross connected to 'vatican', and Rome, as well as Melbourne, Australia. These sets are
further complicated by cross links over to 'Turkish smuggling', and 'Italian bricklayers (in Australia)'.

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While nonsensical, there are threads within the supporting sets for these descriptors that are all tied
back to a 'theft of gold'. This appears to be more of a 'brute force theft', at least in the description, but
many sub sets for 'theft' are within the larger set, so it may be a case of data masking yet to be resolved.
The data sets do have rising visibility within global media for the 'gold shenanigans' emerging in late
October, and then cross links over to 'secrets revealed' continue to grow as modelspace is progressed to
mid 2018.
Many new sets within the combined 'precious metals' sub sets include many indicators of the 'gradual
capitulation (to) cryptocurrencies'. This is not a bad thing at all. The data sets are indicating that
'precious metals' and 'cryptocurrencies' will be 'blending' across the 'happy Fall (northern hemisphere)'
period of the equinox, and that the Fall season will be very good for the 'ripening' of this blended
energy fusion. Many new sets continue to forecast 'disruptive technological innovations' within both
the 'end user sector' and the 'mining sector' for precious metals. Other attributes of the 'disruptive
changes' include the 'communications (among) gold/silver communities'. These are indicated to be
greatly improved over September and October such that proclamations of a 'united front' will be visible
over these months as the 'blending' of 'precious metals' and 'cryptocurrencies' into a 'sound money
cohort' becomes 'globally' visible.
In the case of 'gold', the 'use sector' includes new sets for 'subversion' of the 'banking system' by at least
one 'golden cryptocurrencies' plan. The data would seem to be suggesting that the 'banks' are going to
be used as 'secure end user delivery centers' for 'plastic strip gold'. The data sets include many cross
links that include 'India' within the geographic references, and would seem to be suggesting that a form
of 'foil' or 'strip' of gold with 'imprinting' will become a 'new tier' for money at a global level.
As modelspace is moved into 2018, well into the longer term value sets, we find data that suggests that
all of 'global money' will 'come unglued'. These sets can also be interpreted as 'unstuck', 'unfixed', 'not
pegged', 'not bound', and other language in the same vein. In these sets, and their supporting sets, the
data has 'confidence' and 'hidden finance' to both be 'crumbling', and 'falling (down) the elevator shaft'.
The longer term data types are providing a view of 'money (financial) turmoil' that extends out into the
2020s some number of years. This 'turmoil' is forecast to be quite visible by the June solstice, 2018.
There are many sets suggesting that 2017 will be recorded in 'historical renderings' as being the 'year of
the spark'. The next year will be the year of the 'flames' within the financial system.
The major linguistic structures for 'money', and 'the financial system' (western republics based) are both
showing multiple years of 'chaotic transformation'. These sets are not inclusive of the 'economy', or
'economic' related sets. Rather they are somewhat limited by the 'financial system' or 'central bank
system'. These sets are indicating that very powerful changes are manifesting now, such that the larger
mass of humanity will be able to see these changes as 'existent' by mid next year. These 'powerful
changes' and their supporting sub sets include 'bank failures' that will be first 'local', then very very
rapidly escalating to 'regional'. Other sets have 'governmental incompetence' to be 'exposed' as the
'central bank depression' becomes more entrenched within the 'dying central bank system'.
Aspects continue to accrue to 'money (patterns) shift' all focusing on the level of the 'daily interactions',
and 'global interchange'. More 'crazy language' is indicated to come out from early September onward
related to 'current conditions'. The data seems to show that the language of this Fall will have an echo
in March of 2018 that will be several orders of magnitude larger in terms of our emotional sums. The

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larger echo of 2018 Spring has language around the 'shifting (of) capital' at such levels as to be
'globally in your face', also defined as 'visibility undeniable daily'.
A great number of the Markets entity's new supporting sub sets bring along emotional tones that are
either in 'anger' state or rising close to it. Many of these sums are within sets that are laser focused on
'money', and 'wealth'. Within these sets are many references within longer term data for 'significant'
changes in 'confidence' within 'the money system'. These sets are gaining for the idea of a 'rebellion'
against the money system within the central bank's system that will be well underway by mid 2018
such that our previously forecast 'attacks on banks' that necessitate the 'closing of branches', and
'hardening of headquarters' and the 'employment of armies of security'. Note too that the 'security
industry' is showing as being a real growing employment area for those fit enough for the work. In such
jobs one will have a great deal of interaction with one's neighbors as they join the 'anti-bank' riots later
in 2019.
Immediacy data sets are indicating that 'market moving' language will be hitting the media on the 16th
to the 24th of September. These sets contain descriptors for 'law', and 'authority', and 'maritime law'.
There are sets for 'practical' and 'commitments', and 'delayed (acceptable somehow)'. All of these sets
are within the larger 'markets' set are within the supporting aspect sets for 'shocks', and 'overload'.
There are sets within the details that suggest that the 'language over burden' will be 'sending (German)
traders' out to Octoberfest with 'no intention' of returning to work that day (or sober). This is not to say
that the data is predicting 'market crashes', but rather that the 'burdens' of the language are pointing to a
'large challenge suddenly visible'. Some sets are within larger sets for 'taxation', and 'opposition (to)
taxation'. Many of these sets also contain 'uncomfortable', 'rapid succession', 'saturated', 'reality check',
and other building tension language with rising emotional values. The near term peak of the rising
emotional values appears in modelspace in the last four days of September. These sets of building
emotional tension continue to grow as modelspace is moved into October.
Other new sets accruing to the Markets entity for October include language about 'new technological
innovation', and 'sudden change'. These 'sudden' and 'shocking shifts' show as continuing through into
mid December. The data would have this period experienced as an 'unfolding' in the feeling of the
'events being laid out (secrets revealed)'. Many of these sets are clearly pointing to the 'mainstream
(greater population mass) shock' as 'software eats the world of money'. The data sets are describing
this 'secrets revealed' wavelet as being the 'precursor' to 'global (mostly western republics) money
madness' of 2018 and 2019. This is the true 'wave' that will pass through the social order. The data sets
would have a very large portion of the population of the western republics moving out of 'dollar' and
even 'local debt based currencies' into new forms of 'currencies' over these two years. This 'wave' will
be very large and is described as being 'unbelievable' or 'incomprehensible' as to how 'persistent', 'long
lasting', and 'strong' it will manifest.
A near majority of the long term data sets gathering to Markets entity forecasting for the next few years
are involved with 'revealing the secrets (long) hidden'. Many of these sets are either directly holding
linguistics for 'corporations (aka 'deep state')', or are cross linked over to sets that do. These linguistic
structures include descriptors for what we can define as 'the secrecy state' which is much 'deeper' than
even the 'deep state'. In these sets, the 'secrecy state' is indicated to be 'wracked', and 'wrecked' by
'secrets revealed' over these following years, with the initiation of this long term trend beginning in the
second half of September.

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The SpaceGoatFarts entity has different 'dynamics' arising from September onward. The different
'dynamics' are indicated to 'impact' humanity to the point that 'open discussion' of the 'post eclipse
energies' and the 'changes' that have been 'reported' within humanity. The data has the 'suspension' of
'military activities' become 'public', and 'embarrassing' as it appears that 'military apparatus (radar?
lasers?) suddenly 'not working'. There are some sets that are suggesting that the 'radar installations' are
going to be 'acting oddly', and 'wildly variable'. These 'abnormalities' are forecast to become visible
within 'video captures'.
The SpaceGoatFarts entity data sets grow within 'unexpected opportunity', and 'sudden dampening' as
modelspace is progressed through the rest of 2017 and into 2018. These sets are seemingly divergent,
yet are within a partial union within modelspace. Within the selected sub set, the data can easily be
interpreted as a 'UFO unexpected opportunity' brings along right behind it the 'sudden dampening' as
the 'officialdom (MIB)' get involved. What is very very interesting is the data is forecasting that
'business people', as in a convention, or other 'meeting/gathering' will be the 'witnesses', as the 'UFO
unexpected opportunity blazes (across the) sky'. The subject of the 'illuminati' and 'mind programming'
will be coming up within the language, however the data insists that the 'business opportunities' will be
quite real. Perhaps it will be a 'leak' from the 'UFO' and 'bits and pieces' will shower the convention
with new ideas.
While the cryptocurrencies revolution is well underway, the 'disclosure revolution' that is forecast
within the SpaceGoatFarts entity does not start showing through the 'noisy chaos' of 2018 until late in
the year. At that point, the echoes of the September Putsch (2017) in the USAPop 'special access
programs' (Secret Space Programs) come back into public awareness in giant strides toward new 'break
outs' in 'secret knowledge' by the 'failing systems'. These sets are suggesting that 'scientists', and
'engineers' formerly working for the 'special access projects' parts of the USA government will be 'out
in herds' as they 'seek work' and 'flog wares (machines, inventions)' to 'stay alive'.
New data sets are growing for 'resurgence' applied to 'foods', and 'nootropics'. The data has
'bioflavinoids', and many other words relating to the 'tongue response' to 'nutrients'. These sets have a
coincident aspect that is being shared in many different sets as modelspace is moved forward through
2017 and into early 2018. The data has the 'nutritional reaction' to become a major meme for humanity
for the next few years. These sets are cross linked over to the 'scientists escape from holes in ground'
The SpaceGoatFarts entity has a diverse set of Antarctica data. These sets are now spooky as they are
manifesting in the real world as the data sets are being processed. We had 'space cannon' showing up in
the immediacy data just as new and mysterious 'waves' coming up from Antarctica, going across the
Pacific ocean towards Hawaii, as well as little squiggly wavelets going to South Africa.

Other planetary monitoring satellites also have picked up the increasing activities around and within
Antarctica. These monitoring satellites include some that are not public. In a few instances, there are
minor discussions about what non public satellites are recording. Again, discussions about 'waves', and
'pulses', and other language BUT all of it is not in the vein of 'weapons', instead we discover that these

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are related to 'transitory states' that are cross linked over to 'transportation'.

Segmented, is how the 'sentinel waves' are described within the data sets. These are part of a 'guidance
system' that is also described as being 'hot', 'active', and 'in use'. These sets are not holding any sets that
are holding 'alien' within the set, but there are a number of sets that cross linked over to the 'space alien'

The 'space alien' sets have new supporting sets with both IM data sets and shorter term sets hovering
near the mean in various sets. These new supporting sets include 'disturbances' that are also include
atmospheric, and oceanic sets. The idea coming from the data is that the 'visible trails' captured on the
various satellites and various wavelengths are a 'side effect' of the described as a 'guidance system'.

There are a great many oceanic sets, many of which include 'Navy' in the sense of 'officialdom US
military', but none of which are suggesting that the 'waves' captured (and yet to be captured in the near
term future), are within the ocean. Explicitly the data suggests that the 'guidance system' is for 'off
world craft'.

One interpretation *could be * that some 'ancient' or 'unknown technology' has been discovered, and is
being 'explored' by someone down there now. And we know that the population of Antarctica has never,
in modern days, been larger. Other sets within the larger 'waves' data have 'rays', and 'heat signature', as
well as other language going to the idea of 'measurements', and 'traces', and 'echoes'. The idea from all
of the data sets within the linguistic structure is of an 'air traffic control system' being activated.

War on the moon! From the first contact with these sets, it has become apparent that this is not a case of
data pollution. Rather we are indeed seeing data sets that are suggesting that NASA and the 'planetary
deep state' has been at war with 'something (unknown, probably not human)' since the early 2000's. We
have data sets suggesting that this 'war on the moon' is but one 'theater' of this 'inter species contention'.

The 'war on the moon' sets are directly held within the super-set of 'antarctica' focused data. This may
seem odd, but the larger sets of the 'war on the moon' are subsets cross linked to 'antarctica' by way of
the 'war' sets, not the 'moon' sets. The 'war' sets that are the bridge between 'antarctica' and the 'moon'
include sets for 'weapons (under the ice)', and real 'ancient remnants'. There are sub sets for 'space
alien', but these have not enough supporting sub sets for details to be reliable. However, the 'ancient'
and the 'weapons', and 'powered (electrical?)' are strongly supported with continuing growth in those
sub sets.

Yet more data arriving into SpaceGoatFarts in the area of 'galactic center', and 'secrets revealed'. These
sets are internally cross linked over to the 'strange energies from space' as well as 'solar energies'. These
sets are also cross linked over to both GlobalPop entity, and the USAPop entity. The data sets have
some examples of the language being related to 'expanding universe', and 'galactic center interception'.
The 'interception' sets include supporting sets for 'space aliens', and 'energy flow/conduits'. In this last
set, there are many supporting sub sets for 'scientific', and 'scientists', and a 'gathering (in near secret)
on an island'. These sets also include 'informational lock-down', and 'containment on the subject'. These
sets are extensively cross linked back over to the USAPop where the terminating sets are 'control

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structures' under the 'political elite'.

New sets are accruing to SpaceGoatFarts entity for a 'binding' of 'Mars' and 'Antarctica' both at a level
of 'large (global) focus'. The sets are mostly longer term data with not many details, but they are
bringing along language about 'expeditions' to Antarctica, that will somehow be connected to Mars (the

Several sets with descriptors for 'cracking control', and 'fractured consortium' and 'crushed
organizations' all have 'claims' being 'processed' against many of the 'sub groups' of the 'deep state
(control structures)'. There are several sets that are describing the discussion being about 'breakdowns
(within) government'. These 'breakdowns' sub sets have 'skirmishes' being 'exposed' in which 'shooting'
and 'ray guns' are between 'space vessels'. These may not be 'earth based space vessels'. These sets are
suggesting that the discussion will be about 'unauthorized video' that will be 'getting attention' in ways
not usually seen, even on the internet. There are many sets within which we find sub sets in supporting
positions that are headed by 'unaware', and 'politicians'. The data sets are suggesting that 'unaware (non
interested) people' are going to be 'prompted' into 'shifting their stance (on UFO's)' by an 'organized
group' of 'politicians'. The data is suggesting that the 'politicians' will be called something along the
lines of the 'crowd', or the 'mob' or the 'group', and that they will be 'instantly inflamed' at a 'social
media level'. These sets are also suggesting that the 'group' will be also 'instantly fighting' with the
'mainstream media' as the 'corporations', described as being 'caught off guard', try a 'blow-back
campaign'. Unfortunately for the 'mainstream media', their 'advertising campaign' is forecast to be
'hijacked' by the 'social media creators' and 'ground up (in their mill)'. These sets are from the far edge
of the shorter term sets, and the leading edges of the longer term data sets. These sets are cross linked
over to 'climate', and 'weather'. These cross links are terminating in sets that suggest that 'weather
satellites' will be the point of the 'secrets revealed' for the 'skirmishes' in 'near earth space'.

The SpaceGoatFarts entity continues to acquire new data sets in support of the idea of a 'seeping out
(of) knowledge' from Antarctica. These sets are also extensively cross linked over to the 'renaissance'
sets that are also continuing to grow. These data sets are now, in the majority, accruing shorter term
data types. The shift from longer term data is indicating that some level of both manifestation and
visibility should be appearing within these next 4 months (or so). The data sets have 'antarctica' and
'renaissance' linked by sets containing 'technology', and 'teachings (knowledge)', as well as 'deep
evidence'. Other sets within the new growth include 'mountains', and 'order (in the sense of 'not in
disarray')', and 'leaks of (geometry)'. There are a number of sets for 'researchers' who are going to be
the 'beneficiaries' of the 'deep evidence'. These sets are the cross link centers from SpaceGoatFarts
outward into GlobalPop. There are some small sets for 'command center/ control center', and 'geometric
harmonic'. These are within the larger 'connected (discovered) technology' sets. These sets are not
clearly connected to our previous discussion of 'strange rays' from Antarctica now becoming visible to
earth watching satellites, and thus, internet 'data snipers'.

The Antarctica and 'renaissance' sets are cross linked at many different levels. The data sets are
suggesting that the 'renaissance' sets will be, in some part, 'supported' by the 'deep state'. These sets
include some 'oceanic adventures (not nice ones)' that are forecast to be 'calling attention' to Antarctica,
and its 'new citizens'. These aspects are growing in new supporting sets with descriptors of the 'earlier

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times', and 'symbol sets' that are both showing for early 2018.

In late stage processing there are still more sets for 'renaissance' accruing to the SpaceGoatFarts entity
over September. These sets have just a hint of paranoid conspiracy language within them as they are
discussing 'officialdom', more or less at the level of the 'western republics', having their own
discussions about the 'creativity wave' (or X-the-unknown-energy ) that is seemingly running through
their respective 'societies' such that 'entrepreneurial renaissance' is 'breaking out all over'. The idea
further is that the 'discussions by officialdom' will become visible to some degree as we move into
October. There are some sets for an 'outside report' that suggests that a 'foreign news agency' will break
the story into independent media. The idea emerging from the new data is that the 'unknown energies
from space' will be 'leaking out' into media as 'officialdom' has to 'respond to questions' about
'meetings' and 'agendas'. At its core, these sets are about 'renaissance values' emerging into the 'social
order' as 'disruptive' to the 'planned mind set programs' of the 'state elite'. In other words, just for
clarity, the data is forecasting that there will be significant changes in our society, probably all for the
better, but because it will not be in line with the ruling elite's fear based agenda, they will put their
mainstream media press to work to try to regain some measure of control over the language. The data
sets are indicating that we will all, as victims of mainstream media to some degree, become aware of
large scale shifts in daily 'talking points'. These are indicated to be a temporal marker just ahead of
several 'enormous breakthroughs' in technology.

There are a number of new sets for 'captures' or 'recordings' of the 'strange waves' coming off of
Antarctica. These sets include some minor sets for 'long waves', and 'seismic waves' that will be
'leaving trails' of 'activities' of some unknown nature, but quite clearly 'earth affecting'. These sets are
accruing as modelspace is moved through late September and continuing into at least early 2018. These
sets are cross linked over to USAPop quite extensively.

Conclusion: Organic versus GMO

In this reality, all things arise from duality.
The very first 'context' created on the internet after the technical information necessary to make it
function was 'woo-woo', sub set “UFO's”. From that point forward, the context of 'woo-woo' has
continuously outpaced 'tech', and even 'politics' as the area most appealing to the human mind. Woo-
woo, to this day, still commands more of human attention on the internet than all other subjects
combined, including 'porn'.
The whole point of this work is to produce the finest grade of woo-woo possible. Over the decades, a
process has developed that is primarily reductive in nature, in the sense of 'removing'. The data sets are
combed repeatedly to concentrate the woo factor words that are naturally arising. Organic woo.
Having begun this work in 1993 just as HTML was moving into the nascent, though existent, internet,
it was possible to then capture the development of 'woo' on the internet as a natural expression of the
interests of the users. Were such initial experiments to be conducted today, it would not be possible to
separate the organic woo from the polluted GMO woo.

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The GMO woo originates from a central source, and one that is well funded. It has been the funding
that has been the only reason that the GMO woo has been able to spread as far, and penetrate as deeply
into the general woo lexicon.
In my opinion, having observed organic woo formations within internet chatter for over 20 years, the
GMO woo would seem to be a deliberate effort with a very pointed focus, that has many similarities
with other operations of what we call the 'deep state'. The language employed by the GMO woo is
specifically directed at an easily identified cohort in a way that, at first blush, seems to be merely a
'harvesting' marketing effort aimed at purely commercial goals. However, as with all things 'deep state',
there are additional layers to be found with but a small effort at investigation.
Of course there are the obvious issues of 'what and who' are being ignored while GMO woo has the
stage? But a deeper question comes down to the details of the cohort being 'harvested' as that
component is very visible. The targeted audience for the GMO woo has being from the beginning
defined, including within itself, as being the 'credulity crowd' as though the ability of the members of
the cohort to 'believe in' outlandish, or fanciful tales was the point of their selection. That the GMO
woo was being marketed so heavily to this subset of the UFO 'believers' cohort has a deeper, more
conspiratorial aspect that goes to the idea of a 'broad stroke pollution' of the general chatter around the
In other words, it is not merely that the 'new age crystal gazing UFO seeking believer crowd' could be
harvested that led to this particular form of GMO woo, but rather who the members of this targeted
group are in their 'day jobs' that was the real prize in this effort.
The deeper conspiracy view would have the goal be far more than stripping as much money from this
group as possible. The deeper conspiracy view would have the goal be the release of the GMO woo out
into the wilds of the internet with the intent to pollute the rapidly developing Organic woo. Hmmm.....
It would be too paranoid to suspect that the pollution of the Organic woo was intended to disrupt our
woo-woo processing, however, that was/is the effect. The data has been influenced at a level that has
required several months, and many more remain, in the cleaning of the lexicon at the level of the
emotional values.
The GMO woo pollution was spread by the adherents to the blue chicken cult through their
promulgation of the story line, as well as through the changes in their language expression through
their 'day jobs' and on the social media. Not a large cohort by any means, but enough to drive emotional
values up on specific descriptors within a circuitous re-routing of material from these reports. The
looping problem has been known and well controlled since 2001 until recently in 2016. That was the
time that the GMO problem became visible within the data sets.
It needs to be explicitly stated, that there is no 'dark alliance' trying to 'get' Corey and David.
Specifically, no one here at halfpasthuman has coordinated with anyone else in any 'attacks' on the blue
chicken cult. The claims of these 'attacks' are acts of self-aggrandizement by those who cannot face
even questioning of their fantasy assertions. .Stated again for clarity: there is no 'dark alliance' after
Corey. Nor are there any attacks on David or Corey coming from a coordinated disinfo 'intel' op within
UFO community. What has happened is that people who care about reason and reality decided
individually to accept the responsibility of stating their opinion. It is NOT an attack on Corey Goode
nor David to state, that in my opinion, one is spouting delusions or lies, and the other is shamelessly

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promoting same for his own benefit. To label such statements as 'attacks' is the tactic of people who
cannot defend their position, and wish desperately to deflect the criticisms.
There was no collusion, merely universe bringing together like minded individuals to voice their
similar opinions and conclusions based on the words and behavior presented by the blue space chicken
Through open debate and by reasoning together is how humans, and civilization progresses. The
language, and behavior, exhibited by both Corey and David are exactly similar to how the sociopaths at
the top of the power pyramid respond...e.g. by claiming random acts as 'proof of attacks (virtue
signaling)', and defaming open challenges as 'slanderous attacks' (victim identity claims for sympathy).
Further, their language is exactly similar to that of the deep state in its continual assault on independent
media. Hmmmmm....curiouser and curiouser.
An examination of linguistics supports the view that the marketing effort has peaked, although the
repair of our lexicon needs to continue for a number of more months. Universe is self-repairing,
frequently leaving humans wondering about its timing. Balance is being restored. Pollution settling to
the bottom in the eddy currents.
The woo continues, organically.
GMO in this context is “goodie's marketing organization”.

Addendum: With respect...

We will not be continuing the ALTA reports.
After 20+ years of this work, while now facing the demands of relocating our household, and business,
and given the experience of recovery from the impact of the GMO woo-woo on the system, we have
decided to stop the ALTA reports at this time.
We will still continue to produce the bare naked Wealth reports. These data sets for these reports have
not been affected by the data pollution of these last 2/two years and can be continued without the
extensive lexicon rewrites and the subsequent months of testing for reliability of the ALTA reports.
From all of us at halfpasthuman, it has been a privilege to have had these reports so well supported over
these last 20 years. It has been our honor to serve the woo-woo community in its needs for future
viewing forecasts. All of us here at Halfpasthuman are most gratified by the continuing demand for this
work, and are acutely aware of the void that will be created by the cessation of the ALTA reports.
There is some measure of sadness in taking this step out of the ALTA report business as with all major
life transitions. However, the exciting world of emerging cryptocurrencies just now manifesting will
provide us with very fertile ground for service over these next few decades.
Thank you for your continuing support for our work at

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Houses and moving: Next location
We have purchased a small lot and an older rental house at an unnamed location among one of the
small communities along coastal Washington state. The plan is to do a minor level of updating on the
rental house and to live in it while building a new house on the lot.
We are in the process of moving and redoing the temporary house over September, and likely October
as well. Hopefully not too much into December.
The new place will be featured in videos as we go forward taking advantage of the good views from its
150 foot height above the beaches, which also places us well out of tsunami range.
Much work remains, so, on the road with cheerful courage.
Masa Katsu! True victory is victory over self!

Sequitur quod ALTA:

That which follows the ALTA reports will include new ventures for halfpasthuman, as well as the
continuation of the bare naked Wealth reports. The processing for report #7 is currently underway. It is
expected to be available in the last week in September, or as universe may allow.

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About Predictive Linguistics and our methods
Predictive Linguistics is the process of using computer software to aggregate vast amounts of written
text from the internet by categories delineated by emotional content of the words. Predictive
Linguistics uses emotional qualifiers and quantifiers, expressed as numeric values, for each and all
words/phrases discovered/filtered in the aggregation process. Over 80 % of all the words gathered will
be discarded for one or more reasons.
Predictive Linguistics works as NO conscious expressions are processed through the software.
Rather the contexts discussed within the report in the form of entities and linguistic structures (see
below) are read up in the various intake software programs, and the emotional sums of the language
found at that time are retrieved. Words that are identified within my system as 'descriptors' are passed
through the processing as well. These descriptor words, in the main, are those words and phrases that
provide us with the detail sets within the larger context sets.
As an example, the word 'prophecy' may be read up by our software at a sports oriented forum. In that
case, perhaps, due to the emotional sums around the context, and the emotional values of the word
itself within the lexicon, it would be put into the contextual 'bin' within the database as a 'detail word'.
Note that the context of the use of the word in the sports forum is lost in the process and is of no use to
us in these circumstances. What occurs is that the word is picked up as being atypical in its context,
therefore of high potential 'leakage of future' value. The way this works is that most sports forum
language about future events would be statistically more likely to use words such as 'bet' as in 'I bet this
XXX will be outcome', or 'I predict', or 'I think that XXX will happen'. So it is the context plus
emotional values plus rarity of use within the context that flags words for inclusion in the detail level of
the data base. Further, it is worth noting that most detail level words are encountered in our processing
mere days before their appearance. Within the IM (immediacy data) primarily, and then within ST
(shorter term) data next. But a preponderance are discovered within the IM time period. Perhaps an
artifact of our processing, if so, one not explored due to lack of time (cosmic joke noted).
Words are linked by their array values back to the lexicon using our set theory model (see below), and
the language used within the interpretation (detail words excepted) derives from the lexicon and its
links to the changing nature of contexts as they are represented within our model.
Predictive Linguistics is a field that I pioneered in 1993. The software and lexicon has been in
continual change/update mode since. This is due to the constantly changing nature of language and
human expression.
Predictive Linguistics works to predict future language about (perhaps) future events, due to the nature
of humans. It is my operating assumption that all humans are psychic, though the vast majority do
nothing to cultivate it as a skill, and are likely unaware of it within themselves. In spite of this, universe
and human nature has it that they 'leak' prescient information out continuously in their choice of
language. My software processing collects these leaks and aggregates them against a model of a
timeline and that information is provided in this report.

The ALTA report is an interpretation of the asymmetric trends that are occurring even this instant as

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millions of humans are typing billions of words on the internet. The trends are provided in the form of a
discussion of the larger collections of data (dubbed entities) down to the smallest aspect/attribute swept
up from daily discussions within that context. Within the ALTA report format, detail words are
provided as noted below. Phrases and idiomatic expressions are also provided as details. In the main,
geographic references are merely summed, and if deemed pertinent, the largest bag in the collection is
discussed as a 'probable', or 'possible' location to the events being referenced within the details.
In our discussions, the interpretation is provided in a nested, set theory (fuzzy logic) pattern.

Aspects/Attributes are: collections of data that are within our broader linguistic
structures and are the 'supporting' sets that provide our insight into future developments.
The Aspect/Attribute sets can be considered as the 'brought along' serendipitous future
forecasts by way of links between words in these sets and the lexicon.

Entities are: the 'master sets' at the 'top' of our nested linguistic structures and contain
all reference that center around the very broad labels that identify the entity: Markets,
GlobalPop, and SpaceGoatFarts, as examples.

Lexicon is: at its core level, the lexicon is a digital dictionary of words in multiple
languages/alphabets stripped of definitions other than such technical elements as 'parts
of speech' identifiers.

The lexicon is quite large and is housed in a SQL database heavily populated with
triggers and other executable code for maintenance and growth (human language
expands continuously, so the lexicon must as well).

Conceptually, at the Prolog software engine processing level, the lexicon is a predicate
assignment of a complex, multidimensional array of integers to 'labels', each of which is
a word within the lexicon. The integers within the 8x8x10 level array structure are

composed of: emotional qualifiers which are assigned numeric representations of

the intensity, duration, impact and other values of the emotional components given
by humans to that word.

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and also contain: emotional quantifiers which are assigned numeric
representations of the degree of each of the 'cells' level of 'emotional assignment'.

Spyders are: Software programs, that once executed are self directing, within
programmed limits, thus are called 'bots', and within these constraints are allowed to
make choices as to linguistic trails to explore on the internet. The job of the spyders is to
search, retrieve and pre-process (part of the exclusions process that will see 90% of all
returned data eliminated from consideration in our model) the 'linguistic bytes' (2048
words/phrases in multibyte character format) which are aggregated into our modelspace
when processing is complete.

List of entities explored in this report:

The GlobalPop entity represents the linguistic sets within the data that are focused on the
future of humanity, local or global. The 'local future' focus language is aggregated into
our 'global future language' sets. This entity is independent of language, alphabet, or
script form, and thus is our deepest and broadest set for emotional quantifiers and
qualifiers about humanity's future.

USAPop (and any other nation state/territorial reference)

All sub sets of the populace of the planet, within our modelspace are identified by either
a geospatial term such as a regional terrestrial label, e.g. 'AlpinePop', or a geopolitical
label, e.g. 'CanadaPop'. These are used to isolate the subset of the global populace to
which the terms are being applied in the forecast. The terrestrial references are
frequently used to provide a context of 'shared views/concerns', as in 'those things all
mountain dwelling people will have in common separate from other humans'.

The Markets entity is a super set of linguistic structures covering paper debt markets of
all kinds, commodity trading markets, physical swap markets, currency usage (within
populace), digital currency developments, new technology (FinTech),

The Terra entity is the master set for all structures that relate to the planet, and the
physical environment of planet earth. This master set frequently and increasingly has

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extensive cross links to the SpaceGoatFarts entity.

This master set is where all data that fits under the contexts of [officially denied],
[unknown], and [speculative] arrives. Our processing discovered significant amounts of
data of the [unknown], and [officially denied] over 2000 – 2003 which led to the
creation of the separate entity view labeled SpaceGoatFarts. As may be expected, this set
contains the references to UFO's, Area 51, Break-away Civilization, and other 'woo-woo'

Data Types
IM = Immediacy data with forecasting effectiveness from 3 days to the end of the third
week. Error range is 4 weeks.
ST = Shorter Term data with forecasting effectiveness from the 4th week out through
and inclusive the end of the 3rd month (from date of interpretation). Error range = 4
LT = Longer Term data with forecasting effectiveness from the end of the 3rd month
out through and inclusive of the end of the 19th month. Error range = 19 months.

Terms employed:

Cross links – links from one cell in the data base and its software representation to another due to a
shared linguistic structure or pattern.

Linguistic structure – In my modelspace, a linguistic structure is a 'master set' and all its contained
sub sets (also known as 'directly held' sub sets). At the very highest level, each and all entities within
my model are linguistic structures; which, in their turn, are composed of many sub sets of other
linguistic structures. Modelspace allows for 256 layers of 'nesting' of these sets and sub sets. Each of
which, can and may, be a complex set of its own. Obviously the model is derived from Object Oriented
Programming at its highest level.

Meta Data Layer – in modelspace, when a meme appears directly held in numerous sets, at the same
level of support, it is labeled as a 'meta data layer'. These 'layers' can be thought of as a common
linguistic structure that forms with differing supporting sets in the various entities. For clarity, a meme
in Terra entity would not have the same supporting sets as that same meme in the GlobalPop entity, but
both would be part of the larger meta data layer that the meme reveals.

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Modelspace – in the interpretation, the data sets are represented on screen in a 'virtual box' fashion in
which a 3d box is drawn and the lexicon linked words from the latest data processing are shown within
the 3d box by position, and color, brightness and hue of the individual pixels. Using an algorithm of my
own design and the predicate calculus of the prolog programming language, modelspace is populated
by these data base representations in a manner that resembles 'scatter graphs', but at a 3 dimensional
level. By toggling on or off several advanced features of our 3d box software, the various levels of
data, and cross links and other technical elements may be displayed.

MOM – model of modelspace. In the very first public release of information from my process, a self-
referencing loop was created by internet articles about the release, and thus the next time the spyders
were invoked, the process crashed on self-referential, circuitous references to my own work. As a
corrective measure, MOM (models of modelspace) was devised as my very improvement on the
process. MOM holds a copy of my interpretation as well as links to areas on the net to exclude from
consideration within the predictive linguistic work.

Set – Our approach involves the use of complex (fuzzy) set theory originating in the software industry's
quest for 'intelligent machines' or 'ai (artificial intelligence)'. In our approach, the fuzzy sets are based
on the ability to define such concepts as 'near', 'close to', 'about', and 'like' among many others which
provide me the ability to assign a numeric representation as a 'quantifier' to human emotions which are
the key element to future forecasting from predictive linguistics.

Temporal Echo – these are linguistic echos across time that will reference the same, previously
forecast, meme and its emotional parameters. The language manifest in both instances, that is, the
temporal (meme) anchor and its echo will be related to each other, though frequently the repeating echo
is larger in both scope and intensity. In some cases the meme is 'completed' in our predictive linguistics
sense of that word by the echo phase of the meme.

TM = Temporal Marker, think of this as a 'book mark' against which you may remember specific
details of the forecast. These are chosen due to some (more or less) easily identified linguistic 'tell-tale'
that we expect to show up in the forecast language within media discussions.

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