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21st JUL

1 Weekly Report

23 JUL

Fortis Health care Ltd is one of the largest private health care companies in India. The company
is having a network of Hospitals, Satellite Centers and Heart Command Centers. These hospitals
include multi-specialty hospitals as well as super-specialty centers providing tertiary and
quaternary health care to patients in areas such as cardiac care, orthopedics, neurosciences,
oncology, renal care, gastrointestinal and mother and child care.
In the hospital there are highly qualified doctors, nurses, technicians and even the management
professionals who are helped by various other support groups through which they can serve the
patients effectively. Unlike a manufacturing industry, all the employees work towards producing
a quality product, but the hospital is involved in treating human beings, so it requires different
management and handling techniques. All the employees in a hospital ultimately work in one
direction that is to give the patient the best care and treatment.
First day was an orientation cum training session. We were introduced to the Fortis Hospital
Team, its services as well as operations. It was an ICE Breaking Session. We explored company
website & tried to learn about the core services of the organization.
We glanced through various brochures relevant to Indian Fortis Hospital even gathered
informations about their services. The training even focused on language and its accent.

I. How to behave with professional manner.

II. How works an organization with pressure.
III. Learn the dedication & responsibility.
IV. Find out the differences between practical Education & theoretical
24th JUL to

2nd Report weekly 30th JUL

After completing whole hospital then came to the Radiology Department .Started observation
about Radiology related services & talk with Doctors, Nurses, Staffs, Technicians, managements


I. How to maintain discipline of the organization.

II. Maintain proper dress code.

III. Understanding the diversification management

IV. Adjusting with the new employees & staffs.

3rd weekly Report 31th JUL


I worked for developing the service quality in Radiology department. So gradually we were
improving our working efficiency.

I attended many doctors training session & promoting Fortis Hospital among Indian & outside


I. How to interact with customers.

II. Learn some motivational skills.

III. Focus on time management.

IV. Preparing Advertisement.

7th AUG
th to
4 Weekly Report
13th AUG

Assignments this week:

1.Nursing & grooming session

2. Data collection & reporting

3. Feedback session


I. Event management skill.

II. Interact with foreign clients
III. Way of delivering speech & technique of speech.
IV. How to promote their organization through events.
V. Develop the public relation skills
14th AUG
5th weekly Report To
20th AUG

Various tasks for this week were:

1. Data collection & finally report to the authority of the Radiology Department.

2. Preparing presentation on different segments of the organizationon

3. Training session


I. How to research on data

II. Synchronize the data with proper format

III. Focus on target & growth of the organization

IV. How to build a team work

V. Taking care of organization logistics

VI. Research on Foreign University & collect necessary

21th AUG
6th Weekly Report
31th AUG
Various tasks for this week were:
1) Data collection & reporting

2) Improving R & D

3) And started get ready my whole project report from beginning to ending. Really it was an
experiential learning where organization pushed me into every variant tasks to learn and
experience that task practically. So the learning and my experience brings me underline the fact
that there is a huge gap between Academic education & professional experience.

I. Communication efficiency

II. Promoting organization through internet & digital Marketing

III. Develop thinking & conceptual skills

IV. Develop my soft skills & preparing Advertisement.

MR. Debangkar Deb
Roll: 15/FMS/ MBA 080
MBA 3RD Semester

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