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​Curriculum vitae


19 Blessington street, D7 Dublin, Éire/Ireland

+353 (89) 953 0940



14/09/2015–11/2016 Master's degree in Geospatial Engineering EQF level 9

Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Éire/Ireland

Course name: MSc Geospatial Engineering
List of the modules covered during the 2nd semester: Semester2:
1. Systems and Practice: use of 3D terrestrial laser scanners in surveys; data manipulation in
Trimble Realworks. 1. Building Information Modelling (BIM)​: overview of BIM documentations;
Autodesk software packages such as: Recap, Revit, Navisworks, Civil 3D; interoperability​ of
software. 3. Geospatial Reference Systems: coordinate and terrestrial reference systems;
coordinate conversions and calculations. 4. Point Cloud Science: terrestrial laser scanners;
point cloud file formats; existing issues and surveying workflows. 5. Research Skills:
techniques and guidelines for writing a thesis.​ 6. Work Placement at The Discovery
List of the modules covered during the 1st semester:
1. Systems and Practice: control and topographic survey, setting out. 2. Visualisation and
Delivering of Geospatial Information: approaches of acquiring spatial data; CityGML. 3. Project
Management. 4. Coordination Transformation: reference figures; geodetic datums; epochs;
coordinate systems. 5.Geodetic Surveying: surveying requirements, height datums. 6. Spatial
Data Provision: satellite systems; satellite signals; terrestrial and urban data acquisition
URL: https://​www.dit.ie​

15/09/2016 Topcon Field and Office: Total Station Workshop

Topcon GB & Ireland, Dublin, Éire/Ireland

04/2016 Safe PASS - Health And Safety Awareness Training

SOLAS, Dublin, Éire/Ireland

01/09/2014–25/01/2015 EQF level 7

University of Georgia, Tbilisi (Georgia)

Course name: MSc of Information Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics
List of the modules covered: Project MGMT; ERP systems, Structures and Functionality
(OpenERP); Mobile Platform-Based development (Java programming), Logical Modelling of
Complex Systems
URL: https://www.ug.edu.ge/​

https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59.2708-21/18741033_10209390531977…oc?oh=b3306bac3fa186322336a754417c1c2a&oe=593A4B10&dl=1 6/7/17, 14H06

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01/09/2009–15/01/2014 Bachelor of Science (with Honours degree) EQF level 6

University of Georgia, Tbilisi (Georgia)

Course name: Information Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics
Short list of modules covered: Compute modeling (AutoCAD); Geo-informatics (MapInfo);
Graphical Systems (Adobe Photoshop); Programming languages (C++, C#, VBA,
Actionscript); Web technologies (html, css); Computer networks (Cisco academy)​; MS Office &
operational systems; Database management systems (MS Access, MS SQL server).
Final result: GPA 98
URL: https://www.ug.edu.ge/​​

2012 Local Winner in Imagine Cup 2012, 2nd Place

Microsoft, Tbilisi (Georgia)
Group name: Spark​
Project name: Virtual Pregnancy Guide
- Problem: maternal mortality rate (within Georgian and Caucasus region)
- Aim: reduction of maternal mortality rate through the simplification of accessibility to the
compatible literature and recommendations for people regardless of their income
- Creating Mobile(online) and desktop(offline) version of application named "Virtual Pregnancy
URL: https://www.facebook.com/imaginecupgeorgia/​

20/03/2012 CCNA Exploration

CISCO, Tbilisi (Georgia)
- Cisco Networking Accademy, CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals

ESM-LYCEUM, Tbilisi (Georgia)
Subjects covered:
Business basis: evaluation of market trends & business viability, techniques of market
research & problem solving approaches (68 hours); Marketing & Management: main principles
of marketing and management in business (136 hours); Office management: rules of business
corresponding and document structures (68 hours); Computer: MS Office (128 hours)

01/09/2002–10/07/2008 Specializing in six-year guitar classes

ART GYMNASIUM named after Anastasia Virsaladze, Tbilisi (Georgia)
Modules covered: Specialty, Sol-fa, Music Literature, Ensemble, Georgian Folk Creation


09/2016–PRESENT BIM Technician

Murphy Surveys, Kilcullen, Éire/Ireland
3D as-build modelling from 2D CAD, MBS and 3D point cloud data.
Main tasks related to modelling architectural, mechanical and structural objects as well as topo
surfaces using Autodesk Revit software.
Creating Quality Assessment reports of Revit models using Revit and Navisworks Simulate.

Basic experience in Software such as: Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Recap, Rhinoceros3D,
ArchiCAD, Trimble Realworks, Faro SCENE, Solibri model checker.

02/03/2015–28/08/2015 Intern in the Department of Pre-production Center

AUDI AG, Ingolstadt (Germany)
During my internship at AUDI AG I familiarized myself with the production processes and with
the methods and techniques how production is being controlled (MES-Manufacturing
Execution Systems). I had an opportunity to get a proper impression of how a successful
Automotive Industry goes. My daily tasks were established on the fulfillment of my obligations

https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59.2708-21/18741033_10209390531977…oc?oh=b3306bac3fa186322336a754417c1c2a&oe=593A4B10&dl=1 6/7/17, 14H06

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On a daily basis I was responsible for:
- Introduction to the PSI Penta programs
- Defining necessary characteristics and functionalities for the program PMX(Projekt
- Documenting interfaces and functionalities of the program
- Preparing presentations for the meetings
- Creating graphical schemes to describe certain processes to the colleagues and counselors
On a weekly basis:
- Taking part in the planning and organizing activities to the implement optimized control in the
production processes
- Attending internal and external meetings

01/09/2014–27/02/2015 Database Administrator Assistent

University of Georgia, Tbilisi (Georgia)
- Creating and managing databases using procedures, functions and attributes
- Storing and retrieving data into/from the university databases
- Filtering data according to the categories
- Modifying and saving data into the university databases

01/09/2014–31/10/2014 Intern
Redberry LTD, Tbilisi (Georgia)
- Websites developement using WordPress platform.
- Creating WordPress Themes

01/09/2012–30/07/2014 Graphic designer

University of Georgia, Tbilisi (Georgia)
- Creating and slicing Web-designs
- Photo editing
- Creating the logo designs
- Creating banners, visit cards, posters and etc.

01/12/2012–01/01/2013 Assistant of the school of Informatics, engineering and Mathematics

University of Georgia, Tbilisi (Georgia)
- Translating syllabuses
- managing the correspondence

01/09/2012–25/05/2013 Teacher
University of Georgia, Tbilisi (Georgia)
- Teaching Microsoft office and Adobe Photoshop at the private secondary school of University
of Georgia

28/06/2012–30/08/2012 Cashier
McDonald's, Hamburg (Germany)
- Receiving and handling out orders

01/09/2011–01/06/2012 Assistant of the General Director

Construction and consulting company “PARALLAX”, Tbilisi (Georgia)
- Managing daily office matters
- Managing the correspondences
- Organizing meetings between the customers and the company representatives
- Updating the data base on a daily basis

01/09/2010–01/06/2011 Costume design & Wardrobe Assistant

“Sarke Studio”, Tbilisi (Georgia)
- Assisting with the design of outfit and carrying out research into costumes;

https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59.2708-21/18741033_10209390531977…oc?oh=b3306bac3fa186322336a754417c1c2a&oe=593A4B10&dl=1 6/7/17, 14H06

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- Making, ordering and adapting the costumes and accessories required for the production;
- Organizing fittings, dressing performers and overseeing continuity on sets (during filming in
Georgian, Azerbaijanian and American projects)


MOTHER TONGUE(S) Georgian (!"#$%&')


English C1 C1 C1 C1 C1
IELTS - Overall Band Score 7.0 (C1) in 2013

German C1 B2 C1 B2 B1
Spanish B2 B2 B2 B2 B1
Russian C1 C1 B2 B2 B2
Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

COMMUNICATION SKILLS - Good communication and team working skills gained through my previous job experiences
where I had to deal with different people and departments

ORGANISATIONAL / - Strong skills of work ethic and a dedication to success gained during doing the internship at
​- Strong mathematical and logical cognitive skills gained during my study at the University of
- Leadership and team-leading skills gained during taking part in the Microsoft Imagine Cup
competition (working as a team with 4 other persons)
- Solid time organisational skills, always bearing in mind existing priorities gained as an
assistant to the General Director at Construction and consulting company
- Good stress-resistant skills gained as a Costume design & Wardrobe assistant
(unpredictable timetable related to the filming schedule)

DIGITAL COMPETENCE - Very good command of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook Express)
- Very good command of Microsoft operating system, software installation, various tasks
related to IT
- Very good command of digital imaging software Adobe Photoshop
- Very good command of relational database management systems (Microsoft SQL Server,
Microsoft Access)
- Good command of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
- Basic command of Wordpress (beginner, self-educational)
- Basic command of computer-aided design (CAD) program used for 2D and 3D design and
drafting (AutoCad)
- Basic knowledge of programming languages (C++, C#, php,​ Java for Android)


CONFERENCES 25/07/2013 - The Geopolitics of the Internet by GFSIS, Tbilisi, Georgia

6-7/07/2013 - International WEB conference, Baku, Azerbaijan (I was involved in the
organizing issues related to the graphic designs)
10-11/12/2012 - International PHP Conference, Tbilisi, Georgia (I was involved in the
organizing issues related to the graphic designs)
16/11/2012 - Georgian Young Greens – Seminar “Sustainable Environment”

MEMBERSHIPS Volunteer at Georgian Young Greens April 2012-2014

https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59.2708-21/18741033_10209390531977…oc?oh=b3306bac3fa186322336a754417c1c2a&oe=593A4B10&dl=1 6/7/17, 14H06

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- Dealing with various topics such as: rights of minorities, sustainability and democracy,
environment and natural resources
- Organizing training
- Protesting law violations

2007-2014 solo guitar at the classical guitar ensemble

2013-2014 bass guitar at local electronic band "Avro York"
2007-2008 rhythm guitar at local electronic band "Play Paranoid"

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https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59.2708-21/18741033_10209390531977…oc?oh=b3306bac3fa186322336a754417c1c2a&oe=593A4B10&dl=1 6/7/17, 14H06

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