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Hauora Meeting

19 September 2017

Present: ​Pip, Ashley, Trace, Laura Ngaia, Leigh 

● Look at Hauora 3 year plan 
○ Link here to plan 
● Mid year reflections on Hauora (What have we been doing?) 
○ Physical Education / Keeping kids active  
■ Seniors:Gymnastics, cross country, swimming (terms 1&4), big & 
small ball skills, PALs lunch activities, skills based games, 
triathlon, bike week,  
■ Middles: Gymnastics, huff & puff games, winter sports rotations 
(term 2), cross country, swimming ( term 1 &4), Athletics, Triathlon, 
Team work games, GoNoodle, Yoga, 
■ Juniors: Gymnastics, huff & puff games (fitness), jump jams, 
Swimming (terms 1 & 4), lunchtime activities, fun run, yoga, Ball 
games, Elastics, Skipping, Development of gross motor skills. 
○ Health 
■ Seniors: KOS, fizzy drinks, take aways, supermarket tour (label 
reading), treaties, values based learning, mindfulness 
■ Middles: Project energize, Mindfulness, Keeping Ourselves Safe, 
Treaty, Nutrition-drinks, takeaways, label reading, ABL games, 
Doing sessions on feelings & emotions 
■ Juniors: Project energise (healthy eating), Keeping Ourselves safe, 
Values based activities (Treaty, friendships), mindfulness, road 
- Values stuff is woven throughout our curriculum & year throughout all 
year levels of the school  
- KOS should be done more frequently in our opinion. Need to discuss with 
- Further PD done around Team based activities - both in and out of class. 
● School Houses Term 4 
○ Link to house points sheet 
○ Pip-house writing sharing 
○ Ash - art competition - you in an action shot, sand castle competition 
○ Maree is keen a quiz early next term 
○ Laura - BP Challenge, sand castle comp 
○ Ngaia & Trace - house chalk drawing competition 
○ Link to whole school timetable 
● Discuss needs from each school syndicate 
○ Seniors gymnastics sharing with gymsports PD 
● Upcoming needs 
○ Physical Education 
■ Seniors:  
■ Middles: ABL games - PD around this. PD with Erica from gymsports 
■ Juniors: More work on fine motor skills & gross motor skills. Need 
PMP equipment. Looking further into PMP learning in class. 
Professional development for junior games in skills development. 
○ Health 
■ Seniors:  
■ Middles: Expression of feelings, strategies/activities for self 
managing, road safety 
■ Juniors: Growth mindset, self confidence & resilience 
● Project Energize Needs Analysis 
○ Link to last years needs analysis 
Other Notes: 
- Should share physical & health activities with whole staff 
- Try and get gymnastics for 4 weeks instead of 3