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1. The shape of idealized stress-strain curve for (a) 90% (b) 95%
concrete as prescribed by is 456-1978 is (c) 99% (d) 100%
(a) Rectangular
(b) parabolic 9. For reinforced concrete members totally immersed
(c) Rectangular-parabolic in sea water the additional cover thickness
(d) None of these recommended by the code is
(a) 25 mm (b) 30 mm
2. In limit state design, the limiting value of depth of (c) 35 mm (d) 40 mm
neutral axis is
(a) 0.43d (b) 0.48d 10. In the case of working stress method of design,
(c) 0.45d (d) 0.53d the design load is
(a) The characteristic load
3. In the limit state design of concrete structure the (b) The characteristic load with appropriate partial
strain distribution is assumed to be safety factors
(a) Liner (b) None liner (c) The characteristic load with appropriate factor
(c) Parabolic (d) Rectangular parabolic of safety
(d) The greatest of (b) and (c) above
4. For slabs spanning in two directions for calculating
the span to effective depth ratio 11. Shrinkage in a concrete slab
(a) Shorter span should be considered (a) Causes shear cracks
(b) longer span should be considered (b) Causes compression cracks
(c) Overage value of shorter and longer spans (c) Causes compression cracks
should be considered (d) Does not cause any cracking
(d) Both the span should be considered in their
respective directions 12. The maximum depth of neutral axis for a beam with
fe- 415 bars in limit state method of design is
5. The clear distance between the lateral restraints for (a) 0.46d (b) 0.48 d
a simply supported or continuous beam to ensure (c) 0.50 d (d) 0.53 d
lateral stability should not exceed
(a) 60 b or 250 b2/d whichever is more 13. In case of two-way slabs the depth of slab is based
(b) 60 b or 250 b2/d whichever is more on
(c) 60 b or 250 b2/d whichever is less (a) Long span
(d) 60 b or 250 b2/d whichever is less (b) Mostly long span but sometimes short span
(c) Short span
6. In doubly reinforced sections total reinforcement (d) Independent of the span
percentage of steel should not exceed
(a) 4.0 (b) 6.0 (c) 8.0 (d) 10.0 14. An RCC beam can have maximum tension
reinforcement as
7. A simply supported beam is considered as a deep (a) 6% bD (b) 2% bD (c) 3% bD (d) 4% bD
beam is the ratio of effective span to overall depth
is less than 15. Minimum percentage of tor steel in an RCC slab is
(a) 1 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 2 (a) 0.1% bD (b) 0.12%bD
(c) 0.15% bD (d) 0.2%bD
8. The term characteristic load means that load which
has a probability of not being exceeded during the 16. Maximum permitted spacing of main bars in a slab
life of the structure is equal to is
(a) 100 mm (b) 3 d (c) 5 d (d) 450 mm 26. Permissible compressive strength of M 200
concrete grade is
17. IN an RCC staircase supported at both ends of the (a) 100 kg/cm2 (b) 150 kg/cm2
going the going is 4 m and the total tise is 3 m the (c) 200 kg/cm2 (d) 250 kg/cm2
total uniformly distributed load is 10 KN/m2 the
maximum moment would be 27. For the deflection of simply supported beam to be
(a) 20 kN m (b) 32.25 kN m within permissible limits the ratio of its span to
(c) 11.25 kN m (d) 25 kN m effective depth should not exceed
(a) 7 (b) 20 (c) 26 (d) 35
18. Diagonal tension reinforcement is provided as
(a) Longitudinal bars 28. The minimum cover of a slab should neither be
(b) Bent up bars less than the diameter of bar nor less than
(c) Helical reinforcement (a) 10 mm (b) 15 mm
(d) 900 bent at the ends (c) 25 mm (d) 13 mm

19. In a cantilever beam main reinforcement is 29. The load factor for live load and dead load are
provided (a) 1.8 and 2.2 (b) 2.2 and 1.5
(a) Above the neutral axis (c) 1.8 and 1.8 (d) 2.2 and 2.2
(b) as vertical stirrups
(c) As helical reinforcement 30. The shear span is defined as the zone where
(d) Below the neutral axis (a) shear force is zero
(b) Bending moment is zero
20. If d and n are the effective depth and depth of (c) shear force is constant
neutral axis respectively of a singly reinforced (d) Bending moment is constant
beam the lever arm of the beam is
(a) d (b) n (c) d+ n/3 (d) d- n/3 31. Tension bars in a cantilever beam must be
anchored in the support up to
21. The effective span of simply supported slab is (a) Ld (b) Ld/3 (c) 12∅ (d) d
(a) distance between the centre of the bearing
(b) clear distance between the inner face of the 32. When HYSD bars are used in plate of mild steel
wall plus twice the thickness of the wall bars the bond strength
(d) None of these (a) increases (b) Decreases
(c) Does not change (d) Become zero
22. For a continuous floor slab supported on beam the
ratio of the end span of length and intermediate 33. The shear capacity of an rcc beam without shear
span length is reinforcement is
(a) 0.6 (b) 0.7 (c) 0.8 (d) 0.9 (a) Tcbd (b) Tybd
(c) Tcbd (d) Tvbd2
23. If the maximum bending moment of a simply
supported slab is m kg-cm the effective depth of 34. A reinforced concrete beam supported on columns
the slab at ends has a clear span 5 m and 0.5 effective depth
(a) M/100Q (b) M/10√𝑄𝑄 it carries a total uniformly distributed 100 kn/m the
(c) √𝑀𝑀/𝑄𝑄 (d) √(
) design shear force for the beam is
(a) 250 kn (b) 200 kn
(c) 175 kn (d) 150 kn
24. The modular ratio M is given by
(a) 280 𝜎𝜎 cbc (b) 280/2 𝜎𝜎 cbc
35. The length of the straight portion of a bar beyond
(c) 280/3 𝜎𝜎 cbc (d) None of the above the end of the hook should be at least
(a) twice the diameter
25. The partial safety factor for concrete is (b) Thrice the diameter
(a) 1.15 (b) 1.5 (c) 1.95 (d) 2.0
(c) four times the diameter 44. Minimum number of vertical bars in a circular
(d) seven times the diameter column is
(a) six (b) Four
36. Expansion joints are provided if the length of (c) five (d) eight
concrete structures exceeds
(a) 10 m (b) 15 m (c) 35 m (d) 45 m 45. The effective width of a column strip of a flat slab
37. Lap length in compression shall not be less than (a) one fourth the width of the panel
(a) 15 ∅ (b) 20 ∅ (c) 24 ∅ (d) 30∅ (b) Half the width of the panel
(c) Radius of the column
38. If a beam fails in bond strength can be increased (d) Diameter of the column
most economically by
(a) Increasing the depth of beam 46. For a number of column constructed in a row the
(b) using thinner bars but more in number type of foundation provided is
(c) using thicker bars but less in ` (a) footing (b) Raft
(d) None of the above (c) Strap (d) strip

39. Which one of the following statements is correct ? 47. Minimum spacing between horizontal parallel
(a) Maximum longitudinal reinforcement is an reinforcements of different size should not be less
axially loaded short column is 6% of cross than
section area (a) One diameter of thinner bar
(b) columns with circular section are provided (b) One diameter of thicker bar
transverse reinforcement of helical type only (c) Sum of diameter of thinner bar and thicker
(c) Spacing of lateral ties cannot be more than 16 bars
times the diameter of the tie bar (d) Twice the diameter of thinner bar
(d) Longitudinal reinforcement bar need not be in
contact with lateral ties 48. Column may be made of plain concrete if their
unsupported length does not exceed their least
40. When both the slenderness ratios are less than 12 a lateral diameter by
compression member of R.C.C is called (a) Two times (b) three times
(a) short (b) slender (c) four times (d) five times
(c) pedestal (d) short and slender
49. According to is 456-1978 the thickness of
41. The unsupported length for a column between end reinforced concrete footing on pile at its edge is
restraints short not exceed ….. times the least kept less than
lateral dimension of a column (a) 5 cm (b) 10 cm (c) 15 cm (d) 20 cm
(a) 80 (b) 150 (c) 12 (d) 60
50. According to is 456-2000 the maximum
42. An electric pole is 5 m high it is fixed to the reinforcement in a column is
ground it carries a wire at the top and free to move (a) 4 % (b) 2 %
sideways over there the effective length of the pole (c) 6% (d) 8%
(a) 3.25 m (b) 4.0 m 51. For wall columns and vertical faces of all the
(c) 5.0 m (d) 10.0 m structural member the form work is generally
removed after
43. The critical section for two way shear in an (a) 24 to 48 hours (b) 3 days
isolated spread footing is at the (c) 7 days (d) 14 days
(a) face of the column
(b) Distance 1.5 d from column face 52. A simply supports beam is considered as a deep
(c) distance d from column face beam if the ratio of effective span to overall depth
(d) distance d/2 from column face is less than:
60. For R.C.C. construction, the maximum size of
coarse aggregate is limited to:
a. 1 A) 10 mm
b. 4 B) 15 mm
c. 3 C) 20 mm
d. 2 D) 25 mm

53. Section modulus for a rectangular section is 61. The working stress of a material is expected to be
given as: (A) equal to ultimate stress
A. bd2/36 (B) equal to yield stress
B. bd3/36 (C) less than yield stress
C. bd2/6 (D) more than yield stress
D. bd3/12
62. All R.C. columns must be designed for a
54. Partial safety factors for concrete and steel minimum eccentricity of
respectively may be taken as (A) L/50+D/3
a) 1.5 and 1.15 (B) L/25+D/30
b) 1.5 and 1.78 (C) L/500+D/30
c) 3 and 1.78 (D) L/30+D/500
d) 3 and 1.2
63. The thermal expansion coefficient (𝛼𝛼) fo steel is:
55. A Pre-cast pile generally used is: (A) 13 x 10-6/c and closely resembles to 𝛼𝛼 of
(A) circular concrete
(B) square (B) 11 x 10-6/c and differs widely from 𝛼𝛼 of
(C) octagonal concrete
(D) square with corners chantered
(C) 12 x 10-6/c and closely to 𝛼𝛼 of concrete
(D) 14 x 10-6/c and nearly equal to 𝛼𝛼 of concrete
56. Tension bars in a cantilever beam must be
enclosed in the support up to:
64. Maximum spacing of longitudinal bars measured
a. Ld
along the periphery of the RC column shall not
b. Ld/3
c. 12 ф
(A) 200mm
d. d
(B) 250mm
(C) 300mm
57. According to IS : 456-2000, the maximum
(D) 20 times dia of longitudinal bar
reinforcement in a column is :
a. 4%
65. The tensile strength of concrete in flexure as per IS
b. 2%
: 456 is:
c. 6%
(A) 0.6.√fck
d. 8%
(B) 0.7 √fck
58. The minimum grade of reinforced concrete in sea (C) 0.75√fck
water as per IS 456 :2000 is : (D) 0.9 √fck
(A) M 15
(B) M 20 66. For mild and moderate exposures, if 20 mm down
(C) M 30 coarse aggregates are used , minimum cement
(D) M 40 content per cubic metre of concrete must not be
less than
59. Shear reinforcement is provided in the form of : (A) 280 kg
(A) vertical bars (B) 300 kg
(B) inclined bars (C) 320 kg
(C) combination of vertical and inclined bars (D) 340 kg
(D) any one of the above
67. The bond strength of concert increases with 75. As per IS 456 The effective length of cantilever
(A) the quantity of steel shall be taken as
(B) the tensile strength of steel (A) clear span
(C) the grade of concrete (B) clear span + effective depth/2
(D) the quality of concrete (C) Clear span + effective depth
(D) clear span + effective width
68. According to IS : 456-2000 ,side –face
reinforcement should be provided when depth of 76. If the modular ratio is ‘m’ stress ratio in steel and
web of a beam exceeds: constant ‘r’ then the critical neutral axis constant
(A) 650mm ‘k’is given by
(B) 700mm (A) m/(m-r) (B) m/(m+r)
(C) 725mm (C) (m+r)/m (D) m2/r
(D) 750mm
77. For two way action, i.e. punching shear , the
69. If a beam fails in bond then its bond strength can calculated shear stress, τv, should satisfy the
be increased most economically by: following relation τv< ksτc, where τc according to
(A) increasing the depth of beam working atress method is expressed as
(B) using thinner bars but more in numbers (A) 0.1 √𝑓𝑓 ck (B) 0.16√𝑓𝑓 ck
(C) using thicker bars but less in numbers (C) 0.25 √𝑓𝑓 ck (D) 0.4 √𝑓𝑓 ck
(D) providing vertical stirrups
78. The minimum horizontal distance between two
70. A flat slab is supported on : main reinforcement bars should be
A) beams (A) diameter of larger bar or 5 mm more than
B) columns the nominal maximum size of coarse aggregate
C) walls , whichever is higher
D) columns monolithically built with slab (B) 5 mm more than the nominal size of the
aggregate only
71. The minimum cover in a slab should neither be less (C) 5 mm more than the diameter of the bar
then diameter of bar nor less than : (D) None of the above
(A) 10mm
(B) 13mm 79. As per IS 456 splitting tensile strength (fcr) or
(C) 20mm modulus of rupture if concrete may be estimated
(D) 25mm from compressive strength as
(A) fcr =0.65 √𝑓𝑓 ck (B) fcr=0.7√fck
72. Maximum spacing of side face reinforcement of
(C) fcr=0.75√fck (D) fcr =0.8√fck
beam having depth of web more than 750 mm is :
(A) 300mm
80. Maximum admissible water cement ratio for mild
(B) width of web of beam
environmental exposure should be
(C) smaller of A & B
(A) 0.55 (B) 0.50 (C) 0.45 (D) 0.40
(D) greater than A & B
81. In a singly reinforced beam , if the permissible
73. The grade of cylindrical M20 means that
stress in concrete reaches earlier than the
characteristic compressive strength of 15 cm cubes
permissible stress in steel , the beam section is
after 25 days is given by
(A) 10 N/mn2 (B) 15N/mn2
(A) under reinforced section
(C) 20N/mn2 (D) 25N/mn2
(B) over reinforced section
(C) balanced section
74. Minimum percentage of tension steel in an RCC
(D) economic section
beam for fe 500 steel is
(A) 0.12 (B) 0.17
82. If sb is the stress in bar and 𝜏𝜏bd is the design bond
(C) 0.22 (D) 0.80
stress, than the development length of a bar of
diameter ∅ is given by
(A) 4∅𝜎𝜎b/𝜏𝜏bd (B)∅𝜎𝜎b/4𝜏𝜏bd 91. If tv is the nominal shear stress, tc is design shear
(C) 2∅𝜎𝜎b/3𝜏𝜏bd (D) ∅𝜎𝜎b/3𝜏𝜏bd strength of concrete and tcmax is the maximum
design strength of concrete ,which of the following
83. Side face reinforcement shall be provided in the statements is correct ?
reinforced concrete beam when depth of web in the (A) If tv>tc, max section is to be designed for shear
beam exceed (B) If tv>tc,max minimum shear reinforcement is to
(A) 500 mm (B) 750 mm be provided.
(C) 1000 mm (D)1200 mm (C) If tv<tc minimum shear reinforcement is to be
84. A cantilever retaining wall should not be used for (D) If tv>tc, minimum shear reinforcement is to be
heights more than provided.
(A) 4 m (B) 6 m (C) 8 m (D) 10m
92. In limit state of collapse for direct compression the
85. Diagonal tension in a reinforced concrete beam maximum axial compressive strain in concrete is
(A) is maximum at neutral axis (A) 0.002 (B) 0.003
(B) decrease below neutral axis and increases (C) 0.0035 (D) 0.004
above neutral axis
(C) increases below neutral axis and decreases 93. A reduction factor Cr to load carrying capacity for
above neutral axis a long column of effective length Le and width b is
(D) remains constant throughout the depth applied as obtained from following expression:
(A) 1 − (B)1.25 −
24𝑏𝑏 36𝑏𝑏
86. If the area of tension reinforcement provided is 𝐿𝐿𝐿𝐿 𝐿𝐿𝐿𝐿
(C) 1.25 − (D) 1.5 −
less than that required for a balanced section, then 48𝑏𝑏 60𝑏𝑏
the RCC beam is called
(A) over reinforced (B) neutral reinforced 94. The minimum clear cover (in mm) for the main
(C) under reinforced (D) bottom reinforced reinforcement in column ,according to IS : 456-
2000 is
87. Workability of concrete for a given water content (A) 20 (B) 25 (C) 40 (D) 50
is good if the aggregates are
(A) Angular aggregates 95. The diameter of longitudinal bars of a RCC
(B) flaky aggregates column should never be less than
(C) rounded aggregates (A) 6 mm (B) 8 mm
(D) irregular aggregates (C) 10 mm (D) 12 mm

88. Generally strength of concrete is considered 96. In an RCC section of effective depth ‘d’, if
negligible/very low in vertical stirrups are provided to resist shear their
maximum spacing measured along the axis of the
(A) Compression (B) tension member as per IS : 456-2000should not exceed
(C) fatigue (D) none of the above (A) 0.25 d (B) 0.50 d
(C) 0.75 d (D) 1.00 d
89. In concrete while hand mixing is adopted,
excess cement to be added is
97. For a continuous slab of 3 mх3.5 m size, the
(A) 4% (B) 10%
minimum overall depth of slab to satisfy vertical
(C) 14% (D) 20%
deflection limit is
(A) 5 cm (B) 7.5 cm (C) 10 cm (D) 15 cm
90. A T-beam behaves as a rectangular beam of a
width equal to its flange if its neutral axis
98. The minimum percentage of steel in R.C.C slab
(A) falls within the flange
using mild steel reinforcement in given by :
(B) falls below the flange
(A) 0.35% (B) 0.12%
(C) coincides with the geometrical centre of the
(C) 0.15% (D) 0.30%
(D) falls below the centroidal axis of the beam
99. In limit state method of design ,for bars in treated as short column if the ratio of L/B is equal
compression the values of bond stress shall be: to or less than:
(A) decreased by 25% (A) 18
(B) increased by 20% (B) 16
(C) decreased by 20% (C) 14
(D) increased by 25% (D) 12

100. Spacing of stirrup in a rectangular beam is 108. The factored loads at the limit state of collapse for
(A) increased at the ends DL+LL,DL+WL and DL+LL+WL combinations ,
(B) kept constant throughout the length according to IS : 456-2000 are respectively:
(C) decreased towards the centre of the beam
(D) increased at the centre of the beam

101. The minimum percentage of longitudinal

reinforcement in RCC column is :
(A) 1.2 (b) 0.6 (c) 0.8 (d) 1.0

102. A RCC column is as long column if the ratio of its

unsupported length between end restraints to least 109. A compression members is termed as column or
lateral dimension is more then: strut if the ratio of its effective length to the least
(A) 25 (B) 150 (C) 125 (D) 60 lateral dimension is more than:
(A) 1
103. As per IS 456-2000 in the absence of test data, the (B) 2
approximate value of the strain for design in (C) 3
bending may be taken as . (D) 5
(A) 0.004 (B) 0.001
(C) 0.002 (D) 0.003 110. In reinforced and plain concrete footing resting on
soil , the thickness at edge shall not be less than:
104. The concrete mix design is conducted as per: (A) 15 cm
(A) IS :383 (B) 25 cm
(B) IS : 456 (C) 30 cm
(C) IS : 10262 (D) 50 cm
(D) IS : 13920
111. Bending moment co-efficient and shear co-
105. The modulus of elasticity of concrete in N/mm2
efficient for continuous beams of uniforms cross
can be assumed as follows where is fck is the
section as per IS – 456 (tab 12 and 13)may be used
characteristic cube compressive strength of
when spans do not differ to the longest span by:
concrete in N/mm2:
(A) 10%
(A) 2000 √𝑓𝑓ck (B) 12%
(B) 3000 √𝑓𝑓ck (C) 15%
(C) 4000 √𝑓𝑓 ck (D) 20%
(D) 5000 √𝑓𝑓 ck
112. A slender sections buckle locally :
106. Critical section for calculating bending moment for (A) before reaching yield moment
a spread concrete footing is given by the place at : (B) as soon as it reaches yields moment
(A) column face (C) after reaching yield moment
(B) 75 mm from column face (D) as soon as it reaches ultimate moment
(C) (d/2) from column face
(D) d from column face

107. If L is the effective length of a column and B is

the least lateral dimension then the column will be
Answer Key:

1.(c) 2.(d) 3.() 4.(a) 5.(b) 6.(c) 7.(d) 8.(b) 9.(d) 10.(c) 11.(c) 12.(b) 13.(d)
14.(d) 15.(b) 16.(b) 17.(a) 18.(b) 19.(a) 20.(d) 21.(a) 22.(d) 23.(d) 24.(c)
25.(b) 26.(c) 27.(b) 28.(b) 29.(b) 30.(c) 31.(a) 32.(a) 33.(a) 34. (a) 35.(c)
36.(d) 37.(c) 38.(b) 39.(a) 40.(a) 41.(d) 42.(b) 43.(d) 44.(a) 45.(b) 46.(d)
47.(b) 48.(c) 49.(c) 50.(c) 51.(a) 52.(d) 53.(c) 54.(a) 55.(a) 56.(a) 57.(c)
58.(c) 59.(d) 60.(c) 61.(c) 62.(c) 63.(c) 64.(c) 65.(b) 66.(b) 67. (c) 68.(d)
69.(b) 70.(d) 71.(b) 72.(c) 73.(d) 74.(b) 75.(b) 76.(b) 77.(b) 78.(b) 79.(b)
80.(a) 81.(b) 82.(b) 83.(b) 84.(b) 85.(c) 86.(c) 87.(c) 88.(b) 89.(b) 90.(a)
91.(c) 92.(a) 93.(c) 94.(c) 95.(d) 96.(c) 97.(b) 98.(c) 99.(d) 100.(d) 101.(c)
102.(d) 103.(d) 104.(c) 105.(d) 106.(a) 107.(d) 108.(d) 109.(c) 110.(a)
111.(c) 112.(a)