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UAV Data Solutions for Mining Industry

AIRPIX is a Bombay based
company that provides drone /
UAV-data based analytics solutions
to various industries. Our solutions
help our clients to reduce down
time, improve efficiency and take
better decisions. We have worked
with and provided solutions to
some of the major organizations in
private & government sector in
infrastructure, agriculture, mining
and renewable industries.
AIRPIX mUAV – General Specifications
 Area coverage: up to 10sq.km. (2500 acres)
area per day per drone at 4.5cm GSD

 Data resolution: down to 2.5cm per pixel

 Autonomous Navigation

 Low Voltage Protection, ‘Return to Home’ Failsafe

 Cruise speed : between 40-60 kmph

 Payloads: 16MP & 20MP visual camera | Thermal

Cameras | Multi-spectral cameras

 Range : up to 5 km

 Dynamic flight planning

 STOL – Short Take-Off and Landing

AIRPIX Process for Survey

Establishing Data
Data Export
Ground UAV Processing
Control Flights and Geo- Analysis
Points Visualizations
• Ground Control • UAV is • Photogrammetric • Using the Ultra High • Data analysis in the
Point markers are autonomously processing of Raw Density 3D Point form of accurate 2D
established over flown over the Aerial Photographs is Cloud, data is and 3D
surveyed area which area to be carried out to exported into Highly measurements,
are meant to be surveyed at generate Ultra High detailed feature extraction,
captured in UAV appropriate Density 3D Point Orthophoto, slope analysis, best
imagery. Accurate altitude along the Cloud of the DEM/DSM, Textured path analysis, cut
GPS co-ordinates of designed flight complete Survey Mesh, etc. in and fill volume
the markers are path. High Area. The Data is standard formats. analysis, etc. can be
taken for Geo- resolution Accurately Geo- The high resolution carried out over the
Referencing of geotagged aerial referenced using data can be high resolution
Processed Data photographs of Ground Control Point visualized in 2D as processed data
survey area are Co-ordinates well as 3D formats
Processed Data : High Resolution Orthophoto
High resolution images acquired through UAV flights are seamlessly stitched and
orthorectified to produce highly detailed ortho-imagery. The data is accurately
georeferenced and can be in GIS compatible formats for the purposes of detailed base
mapping, image classification, planimetric measurements, compliance checks,
tree count etc. The enhanced resolution of our data allows for better object recognition
and feature extraction in addition to accurate measurements.

Orthophoto of the entire Mine

Processed Data : High Resolution 3D DSM/DEM
The images are then used to generate high density 3D point clouds and detailed digital
elevation models (DEM) for extracting accurate topographic information. The high level of
3D detail and clearer object definition facilitates improved assessment of relief, slopes
and obstructions and ensures highly accurate volumetric calculations. Our survey
grade topographic data can be further coupled with incredibly detailed visualizations in GIS
or CAD compatible formats.

Break lines of the entire Mine

Processed Data : 3D Visualization (Virtual Survey)
Highly detailed 3D reconstructed models of open cast mines
can be visualized using our bespoke software. The 3D models
are fully geo-referenced and orthorectified which means that
measurements and calculations can be taken directly from
them. This can be anything from basic distance, area and
height measurements right up to stockpile analysis, line of
sight, shading analysis and more.
Stock Pile 3D

3D Model of the entire Mine

Processed Data : Overlay of project .dwg on our data

The mine’s initial CAD drawing can be overlaid on the processed data provided by AIRPIX:
• for initial mining planning & designing of a newly leased mine
• to check for conformity to lease & environmental compliance
• to make changes in the execution plan if necessary with respect to actual progress on site
Data Formats Compatible with Surpac


Dense Contour Map for Highly Accurate Calculation

Monitoring Change in Bench Status
Status as on October 2016

Volume excavated: 33,304.1m3

Volume excavated: 19,239.15m3

Status as on May 2017

Accurate Stock Pile Volume Calculation
Insights on Detailed Profile of Mine Benches


Applications for Mining Sector

 Quick Survey for exploring new mining lease areas

 Progress measurement through differential volume
 Existing Land use & Encroachment monitoring
 Lease area compliance through land record digitization
 Cut-Fill , Open Stockpile volume measurement
 Vegetation cover mapping & change tracking
 Mining area & environmental compliance monitoring &
 Survey of future lease areas
 Feature extraction and GIS of new leased mines
Some of our prestigious Clients
3D model of the benches at the Mine

Thank You!
Shinil Shekhar
shinil@airpix.in | +91 9619 123 020