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Conversation outline for parents of “bright” high school child who did not qualify for

gifted services:

 Begin with explanation of district goals of evaluation for gifted services

o To determine if the services offered in general classroom are appropriate for

meeting the needs of the student

 Discuss evaluation results as compared to division score requirements

o Highlight strengths seen

o Explain criteria for meeting score requirements, especially objective test cutoff

o Summarize rationale behind placement decision

 *At all times, use language that promotes 'needs-based' viewpoint, rather than
'inclusion/exclusion' viewpoint.

 Give information about future referral/screening times

o Explain that the student will be eligible for future referral and re-evaluation

o Give approximate timeline for next referral/screening process

o Highlight that results of this evaluation do not play a role in determining eligibility
for future placement evaluations

 Discuss available options for differentiation outside of gifted services

o General classroom teachers will be made aware of above average scores so that they
can differentiate appropriately

 May come in the form of acceleration, compacting, contracting, expansion

options that increase depth and complexity, etc.

o Provide information about other options

 Application for summer governor’s school programs

 After school programs that focus on enrichment, such as STEM classes

 Honors and yearlong governor’s school classes, with progress monitoring to

determine how well the child is performing in those classes

 Conclusion of meeting

o Affirm how well the child is doing and how proud the parents should be
o Thank parents for coming to meeting

o Provide contact information in case parents want to meet again for further