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Social Studies SBA

Table of Contents
Title Page
Chapter 1
Acknowledgement 2
Introduction 3
Statement of the Problem 4
Method of Investigation 5

Chapter 2
Questionnaire 6—8
Letter given to the respondents 9

Chapter 3
Presentation of Data 10-15
Chapter 4
Analysis and Interpretation of Data 16
Chapter 5
Findings 17
Recommendations 18

Chapter 1


With great honour, the researchers would like to thank my subject teacher, Ms Reid

for being generous and patient with the researchers throughout this SBA to make it successful

upon this day. The researcher would also like to thank the respondents for taking their time

out to answer the questionnaires that were handed to them.

The researchers would also like to thank themselves for using the internet to gather all

the informations that were needed to provide ideas on various topics where it was needed.

The researchers at last would like to thank God for giving us strength and life that was

needed to accomplish this task.


The topic of the SBA is “Views of people in my village on the topic Capital

punishment. Capital punishment, also known as a death penalty, is punishment which

involves the legal killing of a person who has committed a serious crime such as murder. This

information is from the source: www.bartleby.com. Capital punishment is caused when you

break a law by means of stealing or killing. In most countries that have capital punishment, it

is used to punish only murder or war-related crimes. Another cause is opponents argue that

people don’t have the power to take another human being’s life; so, it encourages a culture of

violence that violates our human rights. Opponents also argue that the execution

discriminates against minorities and the poor. This information is from the source:


The effects of Capital Punishment are that the defendant can be wrongfully accused of such

and criminals sentenced to death. Another effect is that innocent people will die under this

system of punishment. Some solutions to this is restricted and that would have been on

capital punishment, it reduces exercises, phone calls or any other physical contact to the

minimal measure. Capital Punishment should be introduced to those persons who commit

criminal activities such as rapes, mass murder or killing of innocent human beings around the

environment. This information is from the source: www.deathpenaltyinfo.org.

According to the source www.britannica.com, capital punishment should be

distinguished from extra judicial executions carried out without due process of law.

Statement of the problem

Capital punishment

What are the views of people in my village have on the topic “Capital Punishment?”.

Reason for selecting the area of research

The researchers selected this area of research to broadly talk about why capital

punishment is a good way to get rid of criminals. It is simple saying that the penalties will be

carried out in the form of death. It classifies that if a person does his/her wrongs, they will

have to face capital punishment; for example: being hung by law or beaten to death.

The reason why the researcher selected this topic was to let people who are involved

in illegal activities takes in hand the responsibility in order to not face capital punishment.

The topic however, will also teach the younger generations about the aspect of life and the

laws in his/her country. These practices will make the world a better place to be living in

instead of having a country with people facing death penalties to lower its population.

Method of Investigation

For the researcher to collect data from the survey, the researchers have decided to use

printed questionnaires. According to the module of social studies, a questionnaire is a set of

questions for obtaining statistically useful or personal information from individuals. This

information is from the source: www.bartelby.com.

The researcher will use the questionnaire as a tool for collecting data has a number of


 It can be done of a given time of the convenience of the respondents to have it


 It guarantees confidentiality since respondents will not be required to attach their


 It requires a small amount of time to be collected.

 Relatively easy to administer.

This information is from the source: www.123helpme.com.

Chapter 2


1. What age group are you in?

20-25 26-31

32-36 36-45

2. Gender

Male Female

3. Give one measure the country may implement to reduce capital punishment.

Counselling Create Training

Create Jobs Other __________________________

4. Do you think capital punishment should be banned from your country?

Yes Other _______________________


b) Give a reason for your answer




5. Should capital punishment be introduced to teenagers age 17-20?

Yes Other _______________________


6. Should someone who steals animals be feeling penalties?

Yes Other ____________________


7. Should it be better to execute someone than have them sentenced to life?

Strongly Agree

Strongly Disagree

8. Do you believe that inmates should choose death penalties?

Yes Other ______________________


9. Do you believe that death penalty is the right penalty for rape?

Strongly Agree No

Strongly Disagree

10. Should capital punishment be handed down by a unanimous jury?

Yes Other ______________________


11. Is capital punishment a way for society to determine intolerance for crime?



12. Should capital punishment be never applied, no matter what?

Agree Other ________________________________


13. Should capital punishment be a sentencing option in all places of convicted murder?

Strongly Agree Other ________________________

Strongly Disagree

14. Do you agree with the death penalty?

Yes Not sure


15. Should capital punishment be in all countries?



16. Do you think that fear of capital punishment keeps potential offenders from

committing murder?

Strongly Agree Barely Disagree

Strongly Disagree

17. If the death penalty was introduced, how should executions be carried out?

Hanging Shooting

Lethal Injection Other ____________________________

18. Should capital punishment be given according to one’s religion?

Yes Other _________________________________


19. Do we have the right to choose whether someone lives or die?

Strongly Agree

Strongly Disagree

20. Should capital punishment be given according to one’s age?



Coultart Grove

Claremont P.O.

St. Ann

September 21, 2017

Re. Respondents,

This letter is based on the researcher’s SBA, the researchers are doing

surveys on the topic “What are the views of people in my community have on the topic

capital punishment”. Questionnaires being handed to you will not require any personal

information like your name, address, age etc. the researchers are students from the Ferncourt

High School and the researchers are seeking the help from respondents so that we can be

successful while doing this survey. Thank you.

Yours Truly

A. Gray


A. Luke


J. Edwards

Chapter 3

Presentation of Data

Pie Chart showing the age group and

number of respondents


20% 40%


20-25 26-31 32-36 37-45

Fig 1. Showing the age group and percentage of respondents

10 | P a g e
Table recorded with gender, tally, total and percentage of respondents

Gender of respondents Tally Total Percentage

Male |||| |||| || 12 60%

Female |||| ||| 8 40%

Fig.2. A table showing the gender, Tally, Total and percentage of respondents

11 | P a g e
Number of Individuals Who Agreed to Capital Punishment

Line graph showing the number of individuals who agreed to capital punishment


4 Males
3 Females

2 Other

Males Females Others

Fig 3. Line graph showing the number of individuals who agreed to capital punishment in the


12 | P a g e
Individuals who agree and disagree that capital punishment should be given
according to one’s age

Bar graph showing information stated above




0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Males Females Others

Fig 4. Bar graph showing number of respondents who agrees and disagrees that capital
punishment should be given according to one’s age.

13 | P a g e
How will the country reduce capital punishment?






Males Females
Counselling Create jobs Create training other

Column graph showing the measures that males and females agreed to reduce capital


Fig 5. The graph above shows how the males and females decides to help the country reduce

capital punishment.

14 | P a g e
How should capital punishment be dealt with

Table showing percentage of capital punishment options and how it should be dealt with

Options Percentage

Lethal Injection 25%

Hanging 20%

Shooting 40%

Other 15%

Fig 6. Table showing the percentage and options of capital punishment

15 | P a g e
Chapter 4

Analysis and Interpretation of Data

Chapter 4 presents an analysis and interpretation of the data gathered and presented

in Chapter 3.

In Fig 1, a pie chart shows the age group of the respondents of the sample. 40% of

the sample was 20-25 years, 30% was 26-31 years, 20% 32-36 years and the remaining 10%

of the sample was 37-45 years.

In Fig 2, a table shows the gender, tally and percentage of respondents. 60% of

males were chosen for the research and the remaining 40% were females.

In Fig 3, a line graph shows the number of individuals who agreed to capital

punishment in the sample. It was see that 5 males and 9 males agreed to capital punishment

while only 6 chose others.

In Fig 4, a bar graph shows the number of respondents in the sample who agrees and

disagrees that capital punishment should be given according to one’s age.it was agreed that

out of the total 20 number of respondents, 6 males agreed, and 7 males disagreed while a total

of 7 chose others.

In Fig 5, a column graph shows the measures that males and females agreed to

reduce capital punishment. It was seen that the number of males who chose counselling were

4, create jobs-3, create training-3 and others-2 while the number of females who chose

counselling were 3, create jobs-2, create training-2 and others-1.

In Fig 6, a table shows the percentage an options of capital punishment. It was

clearly seen that 25% of respondents chose lethal injection, 20% chose hanging, 40% chose

shooting while the other 15% chose other.

16 | P a g e
Chapter 5


The survey has revealed that a number of the respondents agreed to the fact that death

penalties will reduce the crime rate in a country.

Causes of death penalty can be:

Official misconduct

Perjury or false accusation

False or misleading forensic evidence

These capital offences mostly consist of mostly misconduct from people in our

society. However, the effect of capital punishment is the differential or marginal deterrent

effect of execution over the deterrent effect of other available or commonly used penalties.

On the other hand, a solution could be put in place that after an individual is found guilty of

the “ultimate crime”, they would be sentenced to the “maximum penalty under the law”. The

prisoner than has two choices to either accept the death penalty to be carried out within the

period of one month or to accept a life sentence in prison without parole.

17 | P a g e

The importance of capital punishment is to make sure that individuals in the

community or elsewhere abide by the rules of the country so that there will be less crime

rates and criminal activities. In order to abide by the rules of the country is to ensure you

know the rules of the country, the individuals and the government all have their parts to play

to achieve most of these problems we are facing.

One of the most important recommendations is the need for the researchers to know

about correcting the problem investigated. Capital punishment is a matter of active

controversy in various countries and states, and positions ca vary within a cultural religion.

For this to work, individuals should stop committing crimes and ensure the country is a safe

place for everyone.

Members of the community can further play their parts by remembering that everyone

has a right to live, so for this strategy to be corrected. The killing and murders of humans

should be put to a stop and therefore there will be no death penalty for anyone to face. In

order to solve this problem individuals should ignore one when there is a conflict or

otherwise that will cause a fight in the community.

18 | P a g e
19 | P a g e