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CIVICON Engineering Africa CIV-T-QAC-00124

Project : Lake Turkana Wind Power Road Project: upgrading, strengthening and rehabilitation of public roads
situated Off-Site (201km) & design & construction of internal wind-farm roads situated On-Site.
Contract No : LTWP/024
From : CIVICON LIMITED (Contractor) To : Engineer (Worley Parsons RSA (Pty) Ltd
DOC No.: C00109-HRH-CIV-WP-FIR-0034
DOC No.: CON024-Q02-7HH-0034
Location: On-site Row H Description of the Works to be Inspected/ Surveyed/ Tested/ Measured
Chainage H 10 Hardstand : Rock fill 2nd layer
Side/Offset Hardstand Date of Submission: 28th July, 2016 Time: 17:00
Layer (Rock-fill) 2nd Layer If retest, state Previous RFA No. & Date RFA No.: Date:
Ready for : Inspection Survey Testing Measurement EHS Check Date: 29-07-2016
Other (pl. specify):________________________________________ Time: 08:30 am
Name: Signature: Date: Time:
Submitted by Lawrence Nyarko
(For Contractor’s)
Received By Mashau Nafale/Alemu Demana
(For Worley Parsons)

Checked: Inspector: ( ) Surveyor: ( ) Laboratory: ( ) EHSO: ( ) Other:________________ ( )


No and Description of Attached Pages ___ pages of _______________________________ are attached

Name: ______________________ Signature: ________________ Date: _____________ Time:_____________

APPROVAL :  Approved  Not Approved  Not Ready  Approved as Noted  Measured
   Other: _____________________________________

Signature: ____________________ Initials: ____________________ Date: _____________ Time:_____________

For Worley Parsons (MN)

Signature: ____________________ Name: _____________________ Date: _____________ Time:_____________

Received by Contractor
Notes: (1) Approval shall not relieve the contractor of his obligations under the contract
(2) This approval shall be null and void if the work is left to deteriorate for undue period or is damaged
subsequent to approval