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MET6 - Class 06

Task 01 - Supplementing Material

The aim of this task is to design or select appropriate extra activities for a lesson with a solid
rationale. This task will give you the chance to consult ELT sources for extra activities, reflect on their
appropriacy and relevance, as well as consolidate the concepts and ideas from chapter 16.

Instructions: Work in pairs or groups of 3. Together, go over Unit 10 Lesson A of the Basic 4 book
(World Link Second Edition.) Find or design 3 extra activities that would serve as a supplement to
the activities presented in the lesson. If the activity has been taken from another book or website,
acknowledge the source. Then, describe each extra activity, what kind of activity it is, when you
would use it, how it would be run, why the material is necessary, and how it would benefit your


1. Name of activity - Type of activity

a. Description + When would you use it?

b. Rationale: Why is the material necessary? - How would it benefit your Ss?
c. How would you run the activity?
d. A copy of the activity or the instructions + source

Submission date: January 18th, 2018