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vision mission and objectives of reliance


To lead the industry while generating value to the stakeholders, be the pioneer in setting
ethical standard and be everyone's investor.


To lead the industry by providing innovative financial products and services

To value to the shareholders with total satisfaction

To establish "customer-first" business strategy

To be a social responsible investor by making investment only in desirable industry

Provide employees with motivating work environment, opportunities for learning and
career development, competitive compensations and equal opportunities.


Create synergetic effect by creating high quality and diversified portfolio

Provide diversified financial services with focused people

Appreciate uniqueness of each customer's requirements and serve the customers with
product flexibility

Diversification of sources of fund

Enhance Corporate value through sustained growth.

The Shipping Corporation Of India Ltd.

To serve India's overseas and coastal seaborne trade as its primary flag carrier, and be an important player
in the field of global maritime transportation, as well as in diverse fields like Offshore and other marine
transport infrastructure.
To emerge as a team of inspired performers in the field of maritime transportation, serving Indian and
global trades, with the focus on:
• Maintaining its ‘numero uno’ position in Indian shipping.
• Establishing a major global presence in energy–related, dry bulk and niche
container shipping markets.
• Evolving suitable business models to exploit emerging opportunities in the
offshore oil sector, port/terminal management, logistics, etc.
• Safety of people and property and protection of the environment.
The Shipping corporation of India works to fulfil the its objectives as mentioned below:
• To provide its clientele safe, reliable, efficient and economic shipping services.
• To be an optimally profitable, viable, commercial organization and contribute to
the national economy by securing a reasonable return on capital.
• To own or acquire through options like leasing, demise charter, joint ventures and
other innovative financial measures, an adequate fleet to cater to a significant
portion of India's overseas trade, particularly in items of strategic importance like
crude oil and petroleum products.
• To increasingly participate in India's offshore and other marine activities, and to
continue to explore opportunities for diversification to ensure overall and steady
growth of the Company.
• To develop internal Human Resources with a view to achieving higher
• To initiate e-governance in the working of the Company at the earliest, covering
areas such as operations, tendering and purchase through the ‘SET-IT’ project, i.e.
SCI’s Enterprise Transformation through Information Technology.

Electronics Corporation Of India Limited

Vision, Mission & Objectives


To contribute to the country in acheving self reliance in strategic electronics.

ECIL's mission is to consolidate its status as a valued national asset in the area of
strategic electronics with specific focus on Atomic Energy, Defence, Security and
such critical sectors of strategic national importance.

• To continue services to the country's needs for the peaceful uses Atomic
Energy. Special and Strategic requirements of Defence and Space, Electronics
Security Systems and Support for Civil Aviation sector.
• To establish newer technology products such as Container Scanning Systems
and Explosive Detectors.
• To explore new avenues of business and work for growth in strategic sectors in
addition to working for realizing technological solutions for the benefit of
society in areas like Agriculture, Education, Health, Power, Transportation,
Food, Disaster Management etc.
• To progressively improve shareholder value of the company.
• To strengthen the technology base, enhance skill base and ensure succession
planning in the company.
• To re-engineer the company to become nationally and internationally
competitive by paying particular attention to delivery, cost and quality in all its
• To consciously work for finding export markets for the company's products.