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Joseph Manuel P.

Estorque Social Philosophy

Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate

Pope Francis

Laudatu Si


In the book of Pope Francis, talks about our environment, about the beautiful creation
of God. As we can see in a paragraph from the book: “Theological and Philosophical
reflections on the situation of humanity and the world can sound tiresome and abstract,
unless they are grounded in a fresh analysis of our present situation, which is in many
ways unprecedented in the history of humanity. So, before considering how faith brings
new incentives and requirements with regard to the world of which we are a part, I will
briefly turn to what is happening to our common home.” A specification of the topic that
Pope Francis highlighted all throughout his works. The environment is a gift from God
that must be take care of. In this paragraph said that man does are not alone but with the
creation of God which is so called “our common home.” To the question of commonality,
this requires a deeper understanding and that is why the blow towards deep analysis has
required the Pope to underline salient information that must be included. In his
introduction, the Pope enumerated several abuses humanity has inflicted the world. This
is very obvious when we are to consider pollutions anywhere particularly to urban settings
where exposure on various gases became the massive problem ever since
industrialization evolved so much. It does not only affect one’s health, but also the
atmosphere where our environment maintains its balance. Aside from one’s and
environment’s health, this excessive consumption of nature entails greater risk as well to
those who pursue their life in great dependence on nature. Their life is the life of nature.
Without which, pope Francis exclaimed that they’ll suffer a lot more, and the possibility of
death will not be too far anymore.
There a terminology for the product of these imbalances, which is the climate change.
Climate change is a gradually deteriorating the nature’s protective qualities. For example,
the rain that should have been providing growth for so many plants, and fine waters for
lands, has been considered already a threat particularly that of an acid rain, and more
often with typhoons. In these consideration, many lives were devastated and lost because
of these threats. Many lives and habitants were devastated. Even under the ocean,
creatures get extinct. With all these uncertainties, the Pope Urges for the Hope which is
that of the catholic faithful to move and respond to the cry of nature.

Moreover, every chapter of his work, help us to have an awareness to our

environment. Especially in the Chapter three, Pope Francis had become so blunt when
he said that technology is never a neutral one. This consideration in fact, does not solve
any issues. And that is why the call for a deeper analysis should go hand in hand with the
inventions being procured in today’s societies. Men are intelligent animals. Therefore the
manifestation of such quality should represent a better society that could consider the
destruction being caused by lots of experiments, and the denials of one’s abuses. From
these efforts is the movement to integrate all societal concerns to become a part of the
reasonable actions for the betterment of our World. This integration requires open-
mindedness in order to fit one’s goal towards the attainment of an immense evolution of
the planet, becoming a HOME once again to all creatures. In addition, in chapter four
explains the integral Ecology, in chapter five, lines of approach and action, and lastly in
the chapter six, the ecological education and spirituality.

Pope Francis give us an awareness to our environment because this is a God gifts to


Men must be educated because plenty men destroy the environment which causes
the climate change. This environment is part of man’s life. If there is no environment exist,
how can a man live? Moreover, every time I see a person who throw his garbage
anywhere, I used to call him uneducated. Even though, this word is an offensive that is
the truth, because how can a field be a trashcan. Trashcans are made for disposing your
garbage. Field are not to be used as trashcan, it is used as to be lived in. They see nature
just a thing but not a God’s gift. Money are more important in some people. Some people
do not care about the environment. God’s gift must be take care very well.


What are the suggestions of Pope When it comes to the behavior of the people
regard to the environment?