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Matt Cassini

194 Free Union Rd

Great Meadows, NJ 07838

December 19, 2017

Paul Simonon, General Manager

1965 New Jersey 57
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Dear Mr. Simonon,

I am writing to apply to work as a cashier at Shoprite in Hackettstown. I learned about this

position online through an advertisement and was interested in working for you. I would like to
be able to better SHoprite with my working there.

I will be a valuable employee as my drive to work hard and strive for more will allow me to make
Shoprite the best it can be. Although, I do not have any experience working as a cashier, I am
eager to learn how to do it and I will work as hard as possible to benefit Shoprite. I will work
efficiently and my best in order to improve customer satisfaction and reduce errors. Being close
to earning Eagle rank in Boy Scouts has given me the opportunity to teach and lead others,
work efficiently with a team and alone, remain calm when dealing with irrational people, along
with manage time well and work long hours.

I believe I will be the best fit to work as a cashier in Shoprite. I look forward to meeting with you
to further discuss this position. I will contact you before January 15 to discuss my application. I
can be reached at 908-798-9580 or Thank You for your time
and consideration.

Matt Cassini