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* New creature sprites that show skin color and equipment.
* Centralized the material color lookup, to make sure everything is on the same
page, so to speak.
* Adjusted a few materials.
* Made a basic system for setting sprites for generated creatures. Needs more
work, and about 200 sprites.
* Many new creature sprites, using the new sprite system.
* Made the startup loading function respond better, rather than freezing the
entire program.
* Updated unity version to 2017.2
* Fixed some crashes when plants have a material index of -1
* Added a button to toggle the minimap.
* Fix some adventure mode errors.
* Fix following the DF view in adventure mode.
* Fix rendering hidden fun stuff in adventure mode.
* Brought back the side view distance behavior.
* Made the low-detail terrain render instead of the infinite hole of doom.

* Fixed buildings not removing themselved when they're removed from DF. This made
Adventure mode unusable.
* Changed how material textures and colors are stored, leading to more ease of
material creation. Now they are stored inside the unity archive itself, rather than
* Added shadows to transparent geometry.
* Made all objects built from transparent materials actually appear transparent.
* Improved textures for many materials, most notably gems.
* Made units riding other units appear on top of the units they're riding.
* Improved gem windows
* Added hatch cover model back.
* Made buildings rotate properly again.
* Some performance improvements.

* Fixed some creature-related bugs
* Save Armok Vision, DFHack, and DF versions to the log file, for debugging.
* Disable Item rendering, temporarily, due to performance issues. To be brought
back in a later version.
* Add in optional analytics, if users so desire.
* Completely overhauled the building rendering code, enabling better control over
buildings, and more customization options. Also slightly faster loading.
* Added many new building types, to go with the new rendering mode, including some
from artist @mana
* Added a yellow hilight to buildings when you hover over them.
* Made mechanics mostly respond to active state
* Fixed copper being too lightly colored.
* Made bridges raise properly according to their state in DF.
* Made all buildings not render when too small on screen.
* Made many performance optimizations here and there.
* Added a minimap, showing an overhead view of the current level.
* Added a button to save an enlarged version of the Minimap.
* Changed config and screenshots to both go to Documents/Armok Vision.
* Added ability to automatically update the DFHack RemoteFortressReader plugin, if
the user allows.
* Added some friendly messages if Armok Vision can't run for whatever reason.

* Fixed fog.
* Made the help menu automatically show only when loading.
* Fixed creature sprites so they don't glow in the dark.
* Added fake 3D effect to creature sprites.

* Added new nestbox model, made by Ola Tuvesson
* Added an onscreen help, togglable by F1

* Removed VR support until a dedicated dev steps forward.
* Load creature sprites from DF graphics packs.
* Added Gemset creature graphics as a default sprite set.
* Made open-air fortifications have a different model.
* Added models for menacing spikes, levers, farm plots, roads, weapon racks, and
armor stands.
* Added a quick feedback mechanism using Stomt.
* Fixed some bugs with UI stuff not blocking keyboard input to the rest of the

* Use HQ4x scaling on small sprites
* Completely new terrain generation system, with rounded corners, and fewer
* New terrain texturing system, with smoothly blended textures
* Lots of new terrain textures to go with the new system.
* New grass textures, including custom textures for evil and good grass.
* Added onscreen debug logging.
* Added a feedback button in the options menu.
* Added a donate button in the options menu.
* Added coffin and slab models
* Added floating Question marks for unknown buildings.

v 0.14.0
* Added basic designation support. Only freehand at the moment. More brush types
will come later.
* Added support for items on the floor.
* Added sprites for all items, and 3D models for several
* Added a clock and calandar.
* Added a button to pause and resume Dwarf Fortress

v 0.13.1
* Use texture arrays instead of texture atlases when available.
* Use a single postprocess stack instead of multiple separate effects.
* Lighten hidden tiles.

v 0.13.0
* Added a loading screen
* Removed the mesh generation timer that never worked well.
* Show snowfall on the world map.
* Added a simple hardware survey.

v 0.12.0
* Added support for displaying material spatters, including blood, vomit, fallen
leaves, mud, snow, etc.
* Added a few more options to the esc menu, including camera stuff.
* Brought back the old first person camera, and added a key to switch between
floating and walking cameras. Default is C.
* Fixed a set of bugs that caused the map to not render when playing a heavily
modded Dwarf Fortress.
* Added basic VR support. Needs heavy testing. To use it, just start Armok Vision
with SteamVR running.

v 0.11.3
* More improvements to the automated build process.
* Allow the user to instantly turn off distant terrain and clouds, but enabling
them stil requires a restart.
* Include a manifest.json for pylnp.

v 0.11.2
* Made first person mode follow physics rules, turning the user into a visitor of
the fortress.

v 0.11.1
* Fixed a bug where the outside landscape trees would be different every time.
* Added tree color to the very very far terrain.
* Fixed scene reflections not respecting time of day.

v 0.11.0
* Added new mason's workshop model
* Added many temporary workshop models made fron chunky voxels.
* Fixed various rendering issues.
* Made hidden tiles optional
* Added trees and buildings to the world map.
* Added a screenshot button. F9 by default.
* Added SSAO effect.
* Changed textures to use point filtering.
* Fixed a bug where panning with the middle button wouldn't turn off following.
* Added onscreen settings menu. Press esc to open it.

v 0.10.1
* Fixed compatibility with new DFHack plugin.

v 0.10.0
* Zooming in and out changes the world size in VR now.
* Made hidden areas black
* Overhauled the outside world, giving much nicer looking maps
* Added rivers to the world map
* Added lakes to the world map
* Changed some internals relating to tile mesh generation
* Made mesh generation always include surrounding tile data
* Changed how reflections work.
* Show designations

v 0.9.1
* Fixed tree foliage textures.
* Fixed keyboard not responding on startup.
* Made all debug stuff off by default. You can turn it on in the config json file.

* Added a toggle to follow the DF screen. Press F to activate.
* You can now press ` to bring in the screen from Dwarf Fortress. Currently rather
* Hidden map tiles are now invisible in Armok Vision. TODO: Make them black.
* Models can now have metallic and self illumination maps. Beds temporarily have

* Fixed units showing up when they're caged or off the map
* Added creature names above sprites
* Added option to export the generated map to collada file, using Ctrl+M. Quite
* Made clouds and distant terrain optional
* Trees now show leaves, flowers, and fruits, in their proper times and colors.
* Backend stuff related to creatures. Not usable yet.
* Performance improvements by Kazimuth
* Save various settings to a JSON file that is created on first run.
* Remodel tree branches
* Added palm leaves to trees that can use them.
* Made the sun angle change according to season.

* Fixed time-of-day changing that 0.7.1 broke.
* Fixed caged and gone creatures showing up where they're not supposed to.

* Fixed a bug that caused the landscape to not render whenever you moved as an
* Various performance improvements.

* Allowed loading up a DF world without a fort loaded, like on the embark screen.
* Added support for adventure mode entering and leaving fast travel.
* Changed how textures are loded. Alpha maps now go into texture shape, and
specular smoothness maps go into the material texture.
* Added building support.
* Added basic meshes for many, but not all, buildings.
* Added support for semitransparent meshes, like glass.
* Added a day/night system. Time can be paused by pressing P, and can be moved
forward and back with [ and ].
* Added optional scaling of unit sprites. Can be toggled with L.
* Added ability to toggle shadows from overhead hidden geometry by pressing O.

* Graceful handling of out-dated Remotefortressreader DFhack plugin.
* Optimized filesize

* improved ramp joining at block borders. Still not fully working.
* Added distant terrain and clouds
* Fixes for normal map loading
* Show basic units, only ascii for now.

* Added support for loading user-textures
* Added many new landscape textures
* Added screen-space reflections

* Added multi-threading for geometry generation and map reading
* Fully movable camera
* Click the map for debug info

* Upgrade to unity 5
* Added a bunch of pretty effects.
* Added a movable camera. Use right click to rotate, and wheel to zoom.
* Added systems in place for setting tiles according to any combination of
material, tiletype, ramp direction, or random variation.
* Added some amount of content that uses this.
* Added water
* Added lava