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Bill Blankenship (Billy Bob) has had a love affair with golf all his life. He was born in Glendora,
California and raised on the 16th fairway at the Glendora Country Club. Bill will tell you he has been trying to
improve his golf swing most of his life as well, but to no avail. One thing he has improved over the years,
clubmaking. Bill has been building clubs for 20 years and has had two working golf shops, one in Upland,
California and the other in Riverside, California and now runs his manufacturing company in Ontario,
Califorina. Bill holds multiple U.S. patents, the on golf club extensions and shaft adaptor design. He was also the
original designer for the collared ferrules which have become industry standard for graphite shaft installations.
Bill feels strongly that keeping up with a changing golf industry is essential to the club building community. He
maintains ties and networks with club builders around the world. In this manner he continually receives the
input needed to stay on the cutting edge of developing parts for the clubmaking industry. Bill Blankenship wants
you to know that BILLY'S BOB GOLF continues to strive and remain true to our slogan...Clubmakers
Designing, Developing and Producing Parts for Clubmakers

Please call toll free (800) 568-3868 with product orders or inquiries. You can also reach
us at (909) 635-3100 or place your orders by fax (909) 635-3101. You may even call Billy
Bob on his Cell anytime 24/7 (951) 347-0004. We will do our best to solve your entire
club building dilemmas! Additionally…. you may visit our:
Website and Sign on Acct: On-Line Shopping

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Billy Bob’s New PXG
Factory Adjustable Aftermarket Replacement Sleeves
that fit the Driver & Woods
And Special PXG Ferrules for the Irons

PXG Aftermarket CMX® Sleeve PXG Aftermarket Factory Sleeve

Available in Both 3 Degree 3 Degrees +- 1.5
and 4 Degree

Factory Aftermarket Replacement Adjustable Sleeve for the New PXG Driver and Woods gives you 3 degrees +- 1.5

And the New CMX® PXG Aftermarket Sleeves come in two different adjustments; the factory setting 3 Degrees +- 1.5
and a 4 Degree +- 2 Degree version for more adjustments. The CMX® version will give you more adjustments.

The ferrule for the PXG Irons has a special Deep Collar and the outside diameter that only fits the Factory Irons.

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Ping G Series Factory Replacement Ferrule
The New Ping Series Drivers and Fairway Clubs introduced this year have a unique
size Ferrule and Collar counter sink. The ferrules are made from Different
Materials, it’s softer and more pliable. Older ferrules will not fit as good as these.
So if you want to have that club with a factory finish and look you need to use these.
Also you don't have to turn them down and polish them (Time Saver).

We at Billy Bob’s have come up with the proper replacement Ferrule … that is what
we do.. ENJOY!!!

These Ferrules will fit New G Series Drivers and Woods

Billy Bob’s Ping® New G Series & G 30 Factory Replacement

CMX® Aftermarket Sleeve Adaptors for Both
Factory Replacement Adjustable Sleeve Fits the New Ping
G Series Driver and Woods
Avail: RH .335 2 Degree Adjustment 1o Plus or Minus +- Ping change the style and look for the new
G Series Adaptor Sleeve and added a Softer Poly Ferrule with a deep countersink.

Avail: .335 R-H only

The New CMX® Ping G Series and G30 Driver and

Fairway Woods
We at Billy Bob’s have come up with a CMX® New G Series and G-30 Aftermarket Sleeve that will fit
the G Series as well the G-30 Drivers and Woods.
We made them different than the OEM, they are a bit Longer in Length with more shaft insertion, and
with 2 Different Adjustments: Plus or Minus 1 Degree Adjustment (standard) and a Plus or Minus 1.5
Degree Adjustment.... they are available in .335 and .350 R-H and L-H versions. So now you have same
Ping is a Register Trademark as the OEM or a bit more adjustment than the OEM. Plus you don’t need a ferrule for these.

Billy Bob’s Ping G 400 Aftermarket Headweights

These head weights will fit the G 400 Drivers, Fairway and Hybrids. we had request to come up with an Aftermarket
Replacement Weight System that would fit the Ping Drivers and Woods, Hybrids.
The weights provided are; 8, 10, 12, 14T, 16T, 18T
Tungsten is more Expensive
Standard Factory gram weights are; Driver 7g, Fairway 7g, Hybrid 10g

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Ping G30 Factory Sleeve
The Ping G30 Factory Adaptor is a 1° Plus or 1° minus
Factory Adjustable Sleeve Fits the Ping G-30 Driver and
Woods RH .335 2° Total Adjust.

SKU# PING G-30 Sleeve

BB# 10050

Billy Bob CMX® Aftermarket A-Fit Adjustable Adaptor

Ping Anser Driver and Fairway Woods and G-25, are now
on the market, we at Billy Bob’s have come up with a
CMX A-Fit Aftermarket Sleeve that will fit the Anser
Drivers and Woods.
We made them different from the OEM, they are longer
in length, have more shaft insertion, and come in three
Different Adjustments: Plus or Minus ¼°, a Plus or
Minus ½° Adjustment (standard OEM), Plus or Minus ¾°
Adjustment, and a Full 1°. They are available in .335 and
.350, R-H and L-H versions. With this aftermarket sleeve
you can adjust more than the OEM adaptor can.
Ping is a Register Trademark
SKU# CMX A-Fit .33514 SKU# CMX A-Fit .35014 SKU# CMX A-Fit .33514L SKU# CMX A-Fit .35014L
BB# 10020 BB# 10023 BB# 10026 BB# 10029
SKU# CMX A-Fit .33512 SKU# CMX A-Fit .35012 SKU# CMX A-Fit .33512L SKU# CMX A-Fit .35012L
BB# 10021 BB# 10024 BB# 10027 BB# 10030
SKU# CMX A-Fit .33534 SKU# CMX A-Fit .35034 SKU# CMX A-Fit .33534L SKU# CMX A-Fit .35034L
BB# 10022 BB# 10025 BB# 10028 BB# 10031

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Billy Bob’s Ping Replacement Weights and Removal Tool
We at Billy Bob’s had many requests to
come up with an Aftermarket
SKU# Weight Wrench
BB# 10042 Replacement Weight System that would
SKU# Weight 2.5 Gram fit the Ping Drivers, Woods, Hybrids
BB# 10036 and Irons. Which would be; Anser, G-
SKU# Weight 4.5 Gram 25, i-25, Rapture, Rapture DI Hybrids
BB# 10037 and Irons.
SKU# Weight 5.5 Gram
BB# 10038 As you may know it is very difficult to
SKU# Weight 7 Gram remove the plastic factory plug they are
BB# 10039 Loctite in and you will need Our
SKU# Weight 8 Gram
Special Wrench to remove them, you
BB# 10040
SKU# Weight 10 Gram
will need to clean the threads with a
BB# 10041 wire brush. The weights provided are:
2.5, 4.5, 5.5, 7, 8, 10 gram increments

Billy Bob’s Ping G30 Replacement Weights

SKU# Weight 8 Gram BB# 10046

SKU# Weight 10 Gram BB# 10047
SKU# Weight 12 Gram BB# 10043
SKU# Weight 14 Gram BB# 10044
SKU# Weight 16 Gram BB# 10048

We At Billy Bob’s had many request to

come up with an Aftermarket
Replacement Weight System that would
fit the Ping G30 Drivers
The weights provided are; 8, 10, 12, 14,
16 Gram increments
Please Note* Screw provided is appox
1 gram, or you can use the one that
comes with your Club Head there may
be small difference in weight +- 1/2
Gram due to size

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Ping S-56
The New Anser Irons, I-20 Irons, S-56
are here…. and Ping has done it again.
There is no ferrule out there that will
work. It has a 5/16 “counter bore with
windows for glue expansion and a .355
I.D. for taper tip shaft replacements.
We at Billy Bob’s have come up with
the proper replacement Ferrule.
These Ferrules will fit I-20 Irons, the S-
56 Irons and the Anser Irons they are
Available in Black or Ghost Ferrule™
Ping is a Register Trademark

PING I-20 SKU# Iron Ferrules SKU# PING I-20 Iron

Ghost Ferrule™ Ferrules Black
BB# 10016
BB# 10015


G and I Series Adaptor for the Drivers and Fairway Woods
The G-15, I-15 and G-20, I-20 Drivers and
Fairway Woods from Ping is a Clubmakers
Nightmare. The top of the hosel is .370 and
it tapers down to .350. When you re-shaft
this club with a .350 shaft, you will find
that it is very hard to center the shaft in the
hosel without it Moving Around a Lot.
We here at Billy Bobs have come up with
a Fix for this club so We Developed a New
Adaptor that will fit both G and I Series
Drivers and Fairway woods…You can now
SKU# PING G-15, I-20 Driver SKU# PING G-15, I-20 Driver shaft that club with .335 or a .350 shaft. So
Woods Adaptor .350 Woods Adaptor .335
now those funny fitting hosels has a simple
fix…That’s What We Do!!!
(Also available in the Bubba-L-Gum ™
Color Ferrule Line and for the Limited
edition Bubba Watson G-20 Driver)

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Fits the Fits the Fits the Fits the

and Tec i3 or I-3 Fairway 3 Stainless
Titanium Fairway Woods only Steel Driver
Driver Woods No Driver RH & LH
RH only RH & LH RH & LH
TEC-D SKU# I-3 F PING BB# 10008
BB# 10009 BB# 10007 BB# 10006

Billy Bob’s Golf, Inc. Shaft Adaptors for Ping Drivers and Fairway
Woods allow you to install .335 aftermarket graphite shafts. You can
even ream them out for larger tip shafts when needed. You can sand
the patented rib design to change the loft and lie, standard is 2° up and
2° closed.
Tips for Removal and Installation:
Ping is a Register Trademark

Bubba-L-Gum ® Color Ferrule
PING G and I Series Adaptor for the Drivers and Fairway
We now have the Ferrule that Matches
the Limit Addition G-20 Driver and
Fairway Woods they are available in
.335 and .350 tip shafts. They will fit all
G-5, G10, G15, G20 Series Ping
Drivers and Woods and I Series also.
SKU# PING G-15, I-20 SKU# PING G-15, I-20
Driver Woods Adaptor Driver Woods Adaptor

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Callaway 2017 EPIC Sub-Zero Fairway Woods Head Weights
(weights sold separately)
We are now making the Head weights for the 2017
Callaway Epic Fairway Woods and the Great Big Bertha
Fusion Driver.

They are available in 3, 6, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 26, 28

Grams which is more than the factory is offering. With
the many different head weighs you have many different
combinations for Fade and Draw and Swing weights.

Callaway 2017 Epic, Apex, BB OS, Hybrid Head Weights (weights

sold separately)
Individual head weights for the Callaway 2017 Epic, Apex, GBB OS,
Hybrid Head Weights

Available in 5, 12, 14, 16, and 18 gram increments (All Weights sold

Standard Weight from Factory is 10 grams

2017 Callaway Epic Big Bertha Driver Slider Head weights

The weight is used in the sole of the club to adjust the swing weight due to shaft
changes and adjusting flight variations and weight preferences.
They are available in 7 different gram weights: 6, 8, 10, 12, 24, 28, 30


Please Note * We Now Have the Heavier Weights since they are molded
Tungsten they are more expensive.

Factory Stock Weight is Approx. 16.5 Grams

also, these are molded metal parts and can vary - + .03grams

Page 10 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob’s Callaway 2016 Head Weights
We have made the New 2016 Callaway Aftermarket Head weights
that fit the New Callaway X2 Hot, Big Bertha 815, Big Bertha
Alpha Double Black Diamond, the XR 2016 Sub Zero, XR Pro.

They are available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 9.5, 11.5 Grams which is more

than the factory is offering. With the many different head weighs
you have many different combinations for Fade and Draw and
Swing weights. Please Note* Depending on the depth of the toe
and the face on your peculiar club some of the heaver weights may
not have the clearance needed for the insertion depth.

Billy Bob’s Plastic Ball End Cap

Fits all the Callaway Adjustable Sleeves

This is the replacement ball end cap that will fit most Callaway Adjustable Sleeves. The older
version Adjustable Sleeves such as the Razr Fit, Opti-Fit, Tour Fit, BB Alpha. We have had
requests to have a Replacement for these and you should have a few in your shop if needed. We
make them out of a softer and more pliable ABS.
SKU# Ball End Cap
BB# 11055

Page 11 Order Desk 800-568-3868

BILLY BOB’s CMX® Aftermarket Replacement Adjustable Sleeve
Fits the Callaway Razr Fit, X-Hot Drivers with 2 Removable Collars

We at Billy Bob’s Developed an aftermarket Adjustable Sleeve R-Fit.

We added another collar to give you more options for Opening and
Closing the face. Factory Standard is 1o degree but you have the option to
have a 2o degree if you like for More Adjustments. (Also available in the
Tour Model see below)

*Trademark Callaway Golf

BILLY BOB’s CMX® Aftermarket Replacement Adjustable

Sleeve Fits the Callaway Tour Razr Fit, Opti Fit, X-Hot
Drivers & Woods


BB#11025 1.2o .335 BB#11025 -335 TCMX
BB#11025 1.2o .350 BB#11025 -350 TCMX

We at Billy Bob’s Developed an aftermarket Adjustable Sleeve CMX® R-Fit.

We added 2 compound collars with adjustment 1.2 Degree a little bit more
adjustment than the standard Callaway Tour collar. We do offer the collars
separately, if you bought the Razr sleeve then you can interchange the collars.
they will also fit the Factory Sleeve.

Callaway Golf is a Registered Trademark

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Billy Bob’s CMX® Razor Force Adjustable Sleeve
Avaliable in .335 and .350 and R-H and L-H

Callaway came out with the Opti-force 460 and 440 Drivers.
We at Billy Bob’s came out with CMX® Aftermarket Adjustable Sleeve that will fit the Callaway Opti-force
Drivers, 2X-Hot, Big Bertha, and the BB Alpha. New 816 and Double Diamond. We made the Sleeve a
¼°more than the standard OEM sleeve this will give you more draw and more loft adjustments.

For those who want the Authentic Factory Replacement

Sleeve we have them Also

SKU# BBV .335 SKU# BBV .350 SKU# Opti-Force .335

BB# 11056 BB# 11057 BB#11047

New Callaway V Series & Big Bertha Alpha 815 and 816 Adjustable Sleeve. Callaway has redesigned the Head
and the Adjustable Sleeve. They will Still fit the Opti-Force, X2-Hot, Big Bertha, BB Alpha, 816 Series and the
Double Black Diamond. Adaptor Tip sizes .335 and .350 RH

We now have them in Anodized = Black, Green and Red

*Trademark Callaway Golf

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Billy Bob Adaptors for most of the old Callaway Line

Diablo Edge Drivers Hosel View FT iZ & Diablo FT-iZ Drivers FT iZ & Diablo Fairway
.335 &.350 X .630 OD Edge Drivers, Razr Hawk .335 &.350 X .630 OD (Short Shank) .335
.335 &.350 X .630 OD &.350

FT iZ & Diablo Hybrid FT iZ Fairway Woods

Diablo Edge Driver, FT iZ Driver (Short Shank) .370 (Short Shank) .335 & .350 FT iZ & Diablo Hybrid
Available .335 &.350 .630 OD (Short Shank) .370
BB# 11006 335 SKU# FTIZ H370
BB# 11010 335 BB# 11014
BB# 11007 350
BB# 11011 350

Billy Bob’s Golf

Universal Fluted Ferrule Adaptors
•Great Big Bertha II
•Steel Head III
•FT-i, FT-iQ
•FT-5, FT-9
Universal Fluted
•Hyper X
Universal Fluted Ferrule
Ferrule •454 Replacement .350
Adaptor .335 •Big Bertha Diablo
We feel we have the most Complete line of Quality Adaptors and Ferrules on the market today. We have made many
improvements over the years… our Quality and Original looking after market replacement parts make us the Leader in
the Industry. Callaway has made many changes to their club line through the years, if you have any questions on what
club and adaptor will work…please call us were here to help.
Shaft Adaptor for the VFT ERC II, Great Big Bertha II, Steel Head III, Fusion, 454, FT 5, FTi Q, FT 9, X Drivers and
Hybrids, FT iZ Drivers and Fairway woods. These adaptors allow you to install .335 aftermarket shafts or the .350
factory replacement shaft. We have incorporated Our Patented Perforated Sleeve Technology (U S PATENT #
6,887,163) that makes for better adhesion and a breeze to do. We use the same material that’s used on the original,
which doesn’t change the feel of the club. This is very important, because this is a damping and protection system to the
club, and it keeps the feel consistent.

Page 14 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Universal Fluted Ferrule Adaptors Hybrids
Diablo Hybrid & Big Bertha DRS
This is the ferrule that will
This is Callaway’s New
Fit the New Diablo Hybrid
Hybrid Club FT .370
Big Bertha DRS Dual
hosel with a deep recessed
Runner Sole. This is a
collar, this ferrule is
fluted ferrule like the .335
different than the
and the .350 Callaway
previous Hybrids, these
Adapters, the Hybrids take
take a Regular Plastic
a .370 shaft tip. They also SKU# BB#
11018 Ferrule with a deep
SKU# FTIZ-H370 have a much shallower
collar. You will need these
BB# 11014 hosel depth (Short Shank).
if you plan to repair these
This will be the only ferrule
that is needed to repair this
club properly.
Remove shaft and ferrule sleeve from the hosel; using a heat gun or Heat Rod Method with a Billy Bob’s Specialty
Club Shaft Puller works the best or a conventional shaft puller (Golfworks or Mitchell Puller)
Be sure to clean all debris and epoxy from the receiver hole (a 7/16 reamer or drill, works best) and clean and abrade
the rest of the bore-through hosel. Abrade the shaft and remove all the paint, and Dry-Fit the shaft into the adaptor.
Remember that it’s easier to remove a few thousandths from the shaft than to make an adjustment to the adaptor. The
.335 adaptor has only an alignment ring that centers the shaft in the hosel, it doesn’t go all the way into the bottom of
the club. You can use extra epoxy or beads or the bottom portion of my .335-.350 Perforated Adaptor to take up the rest
of the space if you feel a need for it. You can view the entire steps of this repair on Billy Bob’s DVD Video
(Quick Note on metal shims they can damage fibers on the graphite shaft tip in the hosel causing the shaft to fail… We
know that a Plastic Shims are Better in the Hosel see Perforated 335-350 Adaptor).


Replacement Sleeve
Callaway Golf has the I-MIX Series line and has
sold many of these heads and many are now
available without the Metal Sleeve. You may have
people coming into you shop wanting you to install
a shaft or they have the head without the sleeve and
wench.... it is a potential shaft sale walking out the
door or.... let alone impossible to re-shaft without a

We at Billy Bob's have developed a Metal sleeve

hosel that can be permanently installed in the head
which will allow you to use all of our Callaway
Ferrules & Adaptors plus the popular Clock Ferrule
which allows you to adjust the loft and lie of the
club. A Simple fix for a complex problem.
Callaway Golf has the I-MIX series line and has
sold many of these heads and many are now
available without the Metal Sleeve. You may have
people coming into you shop wanting to have you
install a shaft or they the head without the sleeve
SKU# I-MIX KIT U S PATENT # 6,887,163 and wench.... it is a potential shaft sale walking out
BB# 11017 Perforated Technology the door.

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Individual weights for the Callaway RAZR-Fit Driver and
Tour Authentic Opti-Fit Drivers, Big Bertha and Alpha

SKU# Opti Fit Weights Bright Polish SKU# Razr-Fit Opti-Fit Tour Weights Red
BB# 3g=11033, 5g=11034, 7g=11035, Finish, White Finish
9g=11036, 11g=11037, 13g=11038, BB# 3g=11048, 5g=11049, 7g=11050,
15g=11039 9g=11051, 11g=11052, 13g=11053, 15g=11054

The weights are available in seven Razr-Fit & Opti-Fit Tour, Big Bertha and Alpha
Weight options are (3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15 grams) that allow golfers to shift the club head’s center
of gravity to more finely tune ball flight and trajectory. Avail in Razr-Fit Red and Opti-Fit White,
and Bright Polish

Billy Bob’s has NEW TaylorMade 2017 M1, M2 Factory
Replacement Ferrule and Factory Adjustable Sleeve
TaylorMade New 2017 M1, M2 Factory Replacement Ferrule

TaylorMade New 2017 M1, M2 Factory Replacement Sleeve This is

the New Sleeve from TaylorMade, it fits the New M1, M2 2017 it
differs from the old version only in cosmetics. Drivers and Woods it
will adjust to + or – 2º Degree for total of 4º Degrees of adjustment.
this Sleeve will fit the Earlier Models R1, RBZ Stage 2, Jet Speed,
SLDR. and the 2016 M1, M2

Available in .335 RH .370 Rescue R-H

Page 16 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob’s TaylorMade Replacement
Head Weights M2 Driver (Only)
We here at Billy Bobs Have had many request for replacement Weights for
the TaylorMade M2 Drivers. The weight is used in the sole of the club to adjust
the swingweight due to shaft changes (shaft weights and shaft lengths), and also
simple swingweight adjustments. The weight has a very special tip and we
supply the wrench tip so it can be removed.

Note* Taylor says that the weight is not removable. It can be removed with a
special bit that we provide and is included. Also they use a lock tight on the
treads which can easily remove by applying a little heat to the weight screw.

They are available in 5 different gram weights: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Billy Bob’s TaylorMade Factory Replacement Head Weights

M1 Driver (Only)
TaylorMade Factory Replacement Head Weights M1 Driver Head

There are 2 different color Head weights.... Red one is for the High & Low
Launch..... Black one is for Face Fade and Draw. The top caps and screws are all
the same weight, it's the bottom weights that are different grams. We have them
in 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 Grams. The 11 and 13 are made from Tungsten and are a little
more expensive.

Please Note* We sell the Cap, Screw, Bottom Weight as set

2017 M1 Driver Weights

Billy Bob's had many requests for the New 2017 TaylorMade M1 Slider
Head weights (Driver Only).
The 2 weights are used in the sole of the club to adjust Ball Flight
Variations and Weight Preferences.
They are available in 6 different gram weights: 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17
You can also double up the slider weights to add more weight and change
many different combinations.
Please Note* Do not tighten the weight screw so tight it can strip the
threads. Snug tighten only


New 2017 TaylorMade M2 Headweights.
The weight is used in the sole of the club to adjust the swing weight due to shaft
changes also adjusting flight varations and weight preferences.
They are available in 10 different gram weights: 2, 4, 6, 8, 9,10, 12, 13, 15, 18
*NOTE: 12g to 18g weights are made from Tungsten and are little higher in

Page 17 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob CMX® Aftermarket Adjustable Metal Sleeve that
fits TaylorMade R1 & RBZ Stage 2 Drivers and Woods
BB# 9070RH .335 R-H
SKU# CMX R1 .335 L-H BB# 9080
SKU# CMX R1 .350 R-H .335 L-H
BB# 9071 BB# 9082
BB# 9073 .350 R-H
BB# 9081
.350 L-H
BB# 9083

The R1, RBZ Stage 2, SLDR, JetSpeed Drivers and Woods have been real popular and of course
TaylorMade changed the Sleeve configuration. They will not Fit the older Style R11, R9, RBZ
Drivers and Woods. R1 Sleeve is full 2° adjustment; the loft can be adjusted from 8 ° to 12° and with
12 settings open and closing the lie adjustments. settings.
We at Billy Bob’s developed our CMX line of adjustable adaptors a little different. We made the
sleeve a little taller, with 1 ½” shaft insertion and there is No Ferrule. This makes removing and
replacing shafts easier. They are interchangeable with the R1, RBZ Stage 2 heads, SLDR, JetSpeed,
Adams XTD Ti, R15, M1, and M2. They are available in R-H and L-H.

TaylorMade New R15, RSi, Aero Burner, Speed Blade, RBZ,

Rocketbladez Muscle Back Iron Ferrules
This aftermarket ferrule will fit
the NEW TaylorMade Irons, it
has a special collar and one silver
ring that matches the hosel
diameter perfectly. No need to
turn it down. The ferrule will give
you that factory finish.
Available in .370 and .355

Page 18 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob’s Aftermarket Head Weights that fit the
TaylorMade R15 drivers only

We make these Aftermarket Replacement Weights for the TaylorMade R15 Drivers. The weights
provided are; 6, 8, 15 Grams includes the top weight, the bottom weight and the screw. The weights
will fit the TaylorMade R15 Drivers only.


FIT: TaylorMade All Rocketballz, R11, R11s, R11, Old R9
&R9 Super Tri, Super Deep All .335, .350, & .370 Rescue
Hybrids With More Adjustments than the Factory OEM
This is the Billy Bob's CMX Replacement Metal Sleeve
Adaptor, they fit all the TaylorMade RBZ, R11s, R11, R9's
heads. We make this out of 7075 aircraft aluminum with very
close tolerances and it's made here in USA. These will fit
either .335, .350 or .370 shaft tip. With options of 1º, 2º, and
3º full adjustments. These will give you more adjustment than
the OEM Original Part.

You can add 4 Different Colored Ferrules they will all fit the
Original OEM Sleeve and the Billy Bob's Metal Sleeves

Complete Line of Adjustable Sleeves offer by Billy Bob’s

Golf, along with Ghost Ferrule, and Green RBZ ferrule
Available In 335, 350, 370 Hybrid R-H L-H call with
combo you want.

Page 19 Order Desk 800-568-3868

TaylorMade Original Factory Replacement Sleeves
We also have the TaylorMade Sleeves, these will
fit a R11s TP .335 shaft tip. The Metal Sleeve
will make a 3º degree adjustment this will give you
a 1.5º either way. We have a .350 adaptor as well.

SKU# R11s TP33515-RED BB# 9043-335

SKU# R11s 35015-TMR BB# 9043-350

R9, R11 Straight Metal Adaptor Sleeve

This is the New Billy Bob's Straight Sleeve Adaptor for the
TaylorMade R9, R11. This will fit a .335 shaft or a .350 shaft tip,
which ever you prefer (Ferrule and Perforated Adaptor are
included). These will Not have any Adjustment. They are for the
purist who knows where his club needs to perform or changing
from the Original Adjustment Factory Sleeve. They come Zero
Flat, and Zero Closed.

R9, R9 ket Ballz

SKU# R9350-S BB# 9008

BB# 9038- 9040 BB# 9011W-9013W BB# 9011N-9013N

Billy Bob’s Ghost Ferrule TM Billy Bob’s R11 Ferrule Billy Bob’s SupTri Ferrule
Available .335, .350 & .370 Available .335,.350 &.370 Available .335,.350 &.370
Writing on Ferrule Writing on Ferrule No Writing on Ferrule

There is one thing you can be sure of...You will Destroy the Ferrule when you remove the shaft
from this Factory Sleeve. However, do not worry we have the Replacement Ferrules.
You must use caution when removing the shaft with a conventional shaft puller, applying pressure
against the thin wall of the aluminum sleeve. Again, do not worry... We have a complete set of
instructions at

Page 20 Order Desk 800-568-3868

THE BILLY BOB’s Replacement Ferrules for the
TaylorMade Rocketballz Drivers

SKU# R11 RBZ Ferrule Driver Green SKU# R11 RBZ Ghost Ferrule ™ Driver
BB# 9044 BB# 9044G

These Replacement Ferrules fit the TaylorMade RBZ Drivers. They fit both the .335 and .350 shaft tips
you can request these on any of our Aftermarket TaylorMade Metal Sleeves at no additional charge. You
can also purchase them separately.

THE BILLY BOB’s Replacement Ferrules for the

TaylorMade Rocketballz Fairway Woods

SKU# R11 RBZ Ferrule Fairway

BB# 9045- 350

SKU# R11 RBZ Ferrule Fairway

BB# 9045- 335

.335 .350
These Billy Bob’s Replacement Ferrules only ones out there today that are made to fit these Clubs exact,
New TaylorMade RBZ Fairway Woods they will fit in both the .335 and .350 shaft tips.

Page 21 Order Desk 800-568-3868

TaylorMade R1 & RBZ Stage 2 SLDR Factory Replacement
Sleeves & Ferrules

BB# 9050 RH
BB# 9051 RH BB# 9093 RH SKU# R1 FER
BB# 9056
BB# 9050LH
These will fit both .335 and .350 shaft tips

The New R1 and RBZ Stage 2, NEW SLDR Drivers

and Woods have been real popular and of course
TaylorMade change the Sleeve configuration. They will
not Fit the older Style R11, R9 RBZ Drivers and
Woods. R1 Sleeve is full 4° adjustment, RBZ Stage 2
has a full 3° adjustment. We have these Factory Sleeves
in stock along with the ferrules if you need them for re-
They are available in R-H and L-H.
BB# 9090

RBZ Stage 2 Ferrules

BB# 9058
BB# 9059
BB# 9063
BB# 9060
BB# 9064
BB# 9061
RBZ Stage 2 Ferrule fits Factory TaylorMade
Adjustable Sleeve. We made them in three colors
Black, White and Gold... the Gold and White
complements the Colors on the Stage 2 Head

TaylorMade is Registered Trademark

Page 22 Order Desk 800-568-3868

We here at Billy Bobs Have had many requests for replacement
SLDR Weights.
The SLDR came stock with a 16 gram weight, at 46/ ½ length clubs
came out a D-9 to E-4. We came up with an exchangeable weight
that will allow you to customize that SLDR head to the length and
configuration and swing weight you want.
There are a few steps needed to make the change but we have
provided the instructions.
They are available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 gram increments
See instructions page on our website.
SKU# TaylorMade SLDR Weights
BB# 2 Gram = 9098
BB# 4 Gram = 9094
BB# 6 Gram = 9095
BB# 8 Gram = 9096
BB# 10 Gram = 9097
BB# 12 Gram = 9099

TaylorMade RAC Ferrules for the HT, LT, OS and the CGB
Irons and the New Rescue Fairway Woods
TaylorMade has done it again…creating the
TaylorMade RAC HT, LT, OS irons, CGB irons and the
Rescue Fairway Woods that have a uniquely designed collar,
which requires a specialty undercut ferrule! (see photo)
Make sure you are ready to re-shaft with Billy Bob’s RAC
iron replacement ferrule!

*Note: The difference between the RAC and RESCUE types

of ferrules is the I.D is .370 for the Irons and .350 for the
Rescue Fairway Woods. Due to the collar configuration, you
will need to turn down these ferrules with a cloth belt and
finish them with acetone. They clip on hard so pre-install the
ferrule on the hosel then epoxy it.

TaylorMade R7 & R9, R11 Iron Ferrules

Made to fit the special receiver grove now on the R7,
R9, and R11 Irons. You will need these Ferrules to
repair this club.

*TaylorMade is a registered trademark.

Page 23 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob’s Shaft Adaptor Series 5 & R7 and R5
Burner and SuperQuad, SuperFast Drivers & Woods
SKU# R7R5 335 Having to re-shaft these Taylor Drivers is an
BB# 9015 ordeal. You had to get a proper looking
ferrule, get a .335 to .400 adaptor, get a .335-
SKU# R7R5 350 .350 adaptor and cut them to size, and then
BB# 9016
glue all 3 sections together. We have a better
way! We designed the ferrule and the three
step-downs in one part; we have incorporated
r7 & r5 .350 r7 & r5 .335 Our Patented Perforated Sleeve Technology
that makes it a breeze do. We have made a
SKU# SERIES 5 335 Replacement Part for the original .350 tip and
BB# 9023 an Adaptor for the .335 tips. We use the same
material that’s used on the original, which
BB# 9024 doesn’t change the feel of the club. When you
try them you will see that they turn that
frustrating job into a simple one and they fit
Old Series 5 .350 Old Series 5 .335 all older Taylor heads.

*TaylorMade is a Registered Trademark

Patented Perforated Sleeve
U S PATENT # 6,887,163

Billy Bob’s Adjustable Weights for the TaylorMade Drivers

and Woods and Putters

These weights come in 1g, 2g, 4g, 5g, 6g, 8g, 10g, 12g, 14g, 16g and in Tungsten
18g, 22g, 24g which allow you to make many adjustments.
Add a 24 gram Tungsten in the Back Port of your Driver and get another 10
yards on your drive.

You can use the wrench that TaylorMade supplied with your club or they will
fit a #25 Torque Allen Wrench. Also, each weight is numbered with the
appropriate weight. We sell them individually.
TaylorMade is a Registered Trademark

BB# 9027 TO 9039

Page 24 Order Desk 800-568-3868


Nike Covert Ferrule & Adjustable Sleeve

Nike's VR-S Covert and VR-S 2.0 Covert Driver ...Authentic
Original Factory Replacement Sleeve, it is adjustable from
8° to 12° degrees with 3 face angles, closed, neutral, and
open. Combination Sleeve Fits both R-H and L-H .335 tip.


BB# 4011

Nike's VR-S 2.0 Covert Fairway... The Authentic Original

Factory Replacement Sleeve is adjustable from 13° to 17°
degrees with 3 face angles, closed, neutral, and open.
Sleeve Fits R-H .335 tip


BB# 4012

Nike has come out with a the VRS Covert...It has

Adjustable Sleeve, and comes with a very wide short
Shank Ferrule, it would be hard to find a ferrule that will
fit this sleeve. We came up with the replacement. That’s
what we do!!! .335 shaft tip and will fit the factory sleeve
quite nicely.
BB# 4010

New Nike STR8-Fit Replacement Ferrule for the Nike Series

Adjustable Metal Sleeve
Nike has had this STR8-Fit Adjustable Sleeve on the market for quite
some time now, and has produced the following line of drivers and
woods, with this Sleeve system;

You've seen many customers coming into your shops, and many of
us have turn down requests for re shafting this club due to the special
characteristics that this ferrule imposes. Telling the customer to send
it back to Nike is letting a Simple Repair or Shaft Sale going out the
front door of your shop.


BB# 4005

Page 25 Order Desk 800-568-3868

*Nike Sasquatch & Sumo
For the Driver only .335 Shaft Tips Factory Replacement
Sasquatch Driver Sumo Driver

New Design Larger

Hosel with Deep
Reciver Hole
BB# 4001 BB# 4004
*Nike Registered Trademark

*Also please note the collar is longer on the New Sumo Driver
Nike incorporated a special hosel with a deep collar recess and a large outside diameter which make these
heads very difficult to find the proper ferrules for repairing or re-shafting. We made a new ferrule with an
outside diameter of .545 (the largest ferrule on the market for a .335 Shaft Tip Driver) and a wide deep
collar to fit the reset hosel. When this club comes into your shop be ready with the Billy Bob’s Ferrule
for the Nike Sasquatch and Sumo that fit the Nike Sasquatch Driver. Billy Bob’s Golf has once again
made the frustrating job of finding the correct ferrule easier.

Billy Bob’s Special Wedge Ferrule

We have had many requests for a Ferrule
that is 1” long and will fit the Newer Wedges
on the market today they have a OD .575 and
ID of .365, they will fit all the taper tip shafts
including the KBS Special Wedge Shafts
which has a bit larger OD due to the finish of
the shaft, and if you what install a .370 shaft
they can be ream to .370 easily. So now you
have a ferrule that will fit those large hosels
wedges and retain that same factory look.

BB# 3099

Page 26 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob’s Ferrule Line:
Made here in U.S.A
We were the first to come out with the Collared Ferrules for Graphite Shafts. Collared
ferrules take a little extra work (see reamer below) to install, but they are well worth it. We
have even had manufactures tell us that the collars cut down graphite shaft breakage to less
than ½ of one percent.

SKU# CF33518 SKU# CF35018 SKU# CF37018 SKU# CF33514 SKU# CF35014
BB# 2001 BB# 2003 BB# 2005 BB# 2007 BB# 2009

1/8 .335 ID X .485 OD 1/8 .350 ID X .545 OD 1/8 .370 ID X .545 OD 1/4 .335 ID X .485 OD 1/4 .350 ID X .545 OD

SKU# CF37014 SKU# CF33512 SKU# CF33512 SKU# CF35012 SKU# CF37012
BB# 2011 BB# 2015 BB# 2013 BB# 2017 BB# 2019

1/4 .370 ID X .545 OD 1/2 .335 ID X .485 OD 1/2 .335 ID X .545 OD 1/2 .350 ID X .545 OD 1/2 .370 ID X .545 OD

SKU# CF33534 SKU# CF35034 SKU# CF37034 SKU#CF35534T SKU#CF335100

BB# 2021 BB# 2023 BB# 2025 BB# 2033 BB# 2027

3/4 .335 ID X .545 OD 3/4 .350 ID X .545 OD 3/4 .370 ID X .545 OD ¾ .360 ID X .545 OD 1” .335 ID X .545 OD

SKU#CF350100 SKU#CF370100
BB# 2029 BB# 2031

1” .350 ID X .545 OD 1” .370 ID X .545 OD

Page 27 Order Desk 800-568-3868

We also have found a Special 20°
Solid Carbide Reamer that cuts through
These hosels like a hot knife through

SKU#NCF33518 SKU#NCF35018 SKU# NCF37018 SKU# NCF33514 SKU# NCF35014
BB# 3001 BB# 3003 BB# 3005 BB# 3007 BB# 3009

1/8 .335 ID X .485 OD 1/8 .350 ID X .545 OD 1/8 .370 ID X .545 OD 1/4 .335 ID X .485 OD 1/4 .350 ID X .545 OD

SKU# NCF37014 SKU# NCF33512 SKU#NCF33512 SKU# NCF35012 SKU# NCF37012

BB# 3011 BB# 3015 BB# 3013 BB# 3017 BB# 3019

1/4 .370 ID X .545 OD 1/2 .335 ID X .485 OD 1/2 .335 ID X .545 OD 1/2 .350 ID X .545 OD 1/2 .370 ID X .545 OD

SKU# NCF33534 SKU# NCF35034 SKU# NCF37034 SKU# NCF35534T SKU# NCF335100
BB# 3021 BB# 3023 BB# 3025 BB# 2034 BB# 3027

3/4 .335 ID X .545 OD 3/4 .350 ID X .545 OD 3/4 .370 ID X .545 OD ¾ .360 ID X .545 OD 1” .335 ID X .545 OD

SKU# NCF350100 SKU# NCF370100 SKU# NCF3651T 20° Bevel on Non-Collared Ferrules.
BB# 3029 BB# 3031 BB# 3099
All are in solid black. Shaft
preparation is important.
Remember to remove paint at shaft
tip to allow sufficient clearance
between the outside dimension of
shaft and the inside dimension of
ferrule. Forcing ferrule on an
improperly prepped shaft may
1” .350 ID X .545 OD 1” .370 ID X .545 OD 1” .365 ID X .575 OD cause the part to fracture.

Page 28 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob Wide Collared Ferrule
For Callaway Product Line
Wide Collared Ferrules BB# 1001 BB# 1003 BB# 1005
That fit the Callaway* Clubs Old and New

The wide collared ferrules are the answer for that frustrating
job of looking for a ferrule that fit the Callaway Line of clubs.
The ferrules will center the shaft in the hosel and covers the
receiver hole at the top of the hosel-less head! These will work
on most of the Callaway* club line and some of the other club
lines that have a big receiver hole in the club head.

Billy Bob’s New Colored Ferrule Line:
Add “A” Lot More Color to Your Game!!!
All of our Ferrules are Made with Our Own Injected Molds Here in the U.S.A,
They are not turn on CNC Machines in China.
We use Butyrate and not Cellulose Acetate which is softer and not of good Quality. Our colors are
Deeper and Brighter and, of Exceptional Quality.
They are available in ¾ “tall,
.335 and .350, and .355 Taper Tip and .370 Shaft Tips


SKU# NCF33534-DPINK 3/4 .335 ID X .545 SKU# NCF33534-LPINK 3/4 .335 ID X .545 SKU# NCF33534-DBLUE 3/4 .335 ID X .545
BB# 3053 BB# 3049 BB# 3041
SKU# NCF35034-DPINK 3/4 .350 ID X .545 SKU# NCF35034-LPINK 3/4 .350 ID X .545 SKU# NCF35034-DBLUE 3/4 .350 ID X.545
BB# 3050 BB# 3042
BB# 3054
SKU# NCF35534-LPINK 3/4 .355 ID X .545 SKU# NCF35534-DBLUE 3/4 .355 ID X.545
SKU# NCF35534-DPINK 3/4 .355 ID X .545
BB# 3051 BB# 3043
BB# 3055 SKU# NCF37034-LPINK 3/4 .370 ID X .545 SKU# NCF37034-DBLUE 3/4 .370 ID X.545
SKU# NCF37034-DPINK 3/4 .370 ID X .545 BB# 3052 BB# 3044
BB# 3056

Page 29 Order Desk 800-568-3868


SKU# NCF33534-LBLUE 3/4 .335 ID X.545 SKU# NCF33534-YELLOW 3/4 .335 ID X.545 SKU# NCF33534-LGREEN 3/4 .335 ID X.545
BB# 3045 BB# 3065 BB# 3057
SKU# NCF35034LBLUE 3/4 .350 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35034-YELLOW 3/4 .350 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35034-LGREEN 3/4 .350 ID X.545
BB# 3046 BB# 3066 BB# 3058
SKU# NCF35534LBLUE 3/4 .355 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35534-YELLOW 3/4 .355 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35534-LGREEN 3/4 .355 ID X .545
BB# 3047 BB# 3067 BB# 3059
SKU# NCF37034-LBLUE 3/4 .370 ID X.545 SKU# NCF37034-YELLOW 3/4 .370 ID X.545 SKU# NCF37034-LGREEN 3/4 .370 ID X.545
BB# 3048 BB# 3068 BB# 3060


SKU# NCF33534-DPURPLE 3/4 .335 ID X.545 SKU# NCF33534-PURPLE 3/4 .335 ID X.545 SKU# NCF33534-BUBBAL 3/4 .335 ID X.545
BB# 3085 BB# 3089 BB# 3093
SKU# NCF35034-DPURPLE 3/4 .350 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35034-PURPLE 3/4 .350 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35034-BUBBAL 3/4 .350 ID X.545
BB# 3086 BB# 3090 BB# 3094
SKU# NCF35534-DPURPLE 3/4 .355 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35534-PURPLE 3/4 .355 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35534-BUBBAL 3/4 .355 ID X.545
BB# 3087 BB# 3091 BB# 3095
SKU# NCF37034-DPURPLE 3/4 .370 ID X.545 SKU# NCF37034-PURPLE 3/4 .370 ID X.545 SKU# NCF37034-BUBBAL 3/4 .370 ID X.545
BB# 3088 BB# 3092 BB# 3096


SKU# NCF33534-ORANGE 3/4 .335 ID X.545 SKU# NCF33534-RED 3/4 .335 ID X.545 SKU# NCF33534-GWHITE 3/4 .335 ID X.545
BB# 3081 BB# 3061 BB# 3037
SKU# NCF35034-ORANGE 3/4 .350 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35034-RED 3/4 .350 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35034-GWHITE 3/4 .350 ID X.545
BB# 3082 BB# 3062 BB# 3038
SKU# NCF35534-ORANGE 3/4 .355 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35534-RED 3/4 .355 ID X.545 SKU# NCF35534-GWHITE 3/4 .355 ID X.545
BB# 3083 BB# 3063 BB# 3039
SKU# NCF37034-ORANGE 3/4 .370 ID X.545 SKU# NCF37034-RED 3/4 .370 ID X.545 SKU# NCF37034-GWHITE 3/4 .370 ID X.545
BB# 3084 BB# 3064 BB# 3040

Page 30 Order Desk 800-568-3868


SKU# NCF33534-ORANGEEDGE 3/4 .335 IDX.545 SKU# NCF33534-REDEDGE 3/4 .335 IDX.545 SKU# NCF33534-YELLOWEDGE 3/4 .335 IDX.545
BB# 3069 BB# 3073 BB# 3077
SKU# NCF35034-ORANGEEDGE 3/4 .350 IDX.545 SKU# NCF35034-REDEDGE 3/4 .350 IDX.545 SKU# NCF35034-YELLOWEDGE 3/4 .350 IDX.545
BB# 3070 BB# 3074 BB# 3078
SKU# NCF35534-ORANGEEDGE 3/4 .355 IDX.545 SKU# NCF35534-REDEDGE 3/4 .355 IDX.545 SKU# NCF35534-YELLOWEDGE 3/4 .355 IDX.545
BB# 3071 BB# 3075 BB# 3079
SKU# NCF37034-ORANGEEDGE 3/4 .370 IDX.545 SKU# NCF37034-REDEDGE 3/4 .370 IDX.545 SKU# NCF37034-YELLOWEDGE 3/4 .370 IDX.545
BB# 3072 BB# 3076 BB# 3080

Billy Bob’s Silver Ring White Ferrules

We’ve had a lot of request for a White Ghost Ferrule™ with Silver Rings
We now have them in theses sizes ½” .335 id x 520 od, ½” .350 id x 520 od
Tip x 560 od, 3/4” .370 id Parallel Tip x 560 od

SKU# NCF33512-G-2silver rings BB# 034-GSR

SKU# NCF335012-G-2silver rings BB# 3035-GSR

SKU# NCF36034-Gtp-2silver rings BB# 3036-TPSR

SKU# NCF37034-G-2silver rings BB# 3037-GSR

Billy Bob’s Black Silver Ring Ferrules

We’ve had a lot of request for a Black ferrule with Silver Rings
We now have them in theses sizes ½” .335 id x 520 od, ½” .350 id x 520 od
3/4” .360 id Taper Tip x 560 od, 3/4” .370 id Parallel Tip x 560 od

SKU# NCF33512-blk-2silver rings BB# 3034-BSR

SKU# NCF335012-blk-2silver rings BB# 3035-BSR

SKU# NCF36034-blk-2silver rings BB# 3036-TPBSR

SKU# NCF37034-blk-2silver rings BB# 3032-BSR

SKU# NCF33534-blk-2silver rings BB# 3038-BSR

Page 31 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob Replacement Sleeve for the
BB# 5001

Titleist has created the 905T, these new heads incorporate an aluminum sleeve that goes all the way
through the head. When you remove the shaft you can damage the aluminum sleeve either with
heat, crushing the aluminum collar, or drilling out the shaft in the soft aluminum sleeve. Titleist says
you don’t have to remove the sleeve, so why do they remove it in the tour vans for the Pro’s????

We have created a
Replacement Sleeve
Removal Kit Contains:
Treaded Rod, Tap,
Heat Protector Shield

SKU# 905removeal
Billy Bob's Sleeve Removal Kit BB# 5002
(Instructions included) Billy Bob's Aluminum
*Titleist is a registered trademark
Sleeve and Ferrule

Billy Bob’s Replacement Sleeve for the

SKU# 907 Sleeve
Right Handed Clubs only BB# 5003

Titleist has created the 907 D1, D2 MOI Driver and Woods. Like the 905
the new heads incorporate an aluminum sleeve, which is epoxied and
threaded only half way into the head.
When you remove the shaft the heat can cause the epoxy to degrade
around the sleeve. You may get the head back from the customer with
the Aluminum Sleeve Broken at the first thread, the weakest point,
leaving the broken part of the sleeve inside the head. You will need to use
a Screw Extractor #5 reversed thread; (right handed clubs use a left
handed thread), or simply called a reverse thread. We at Billy Bob’s Golf
provide the sleeves for right handed drivers and woods only, we suggest
that you replace the sleeve which will make the repair stronger, also you
can charge more for the repair and doing it right

Page 32 Order Desk 800-568-3868

That fit the New Titleist 913, 915, 917
Fairway and Hybrid


BB# 5025
BB# 5026

Billy Bob’s 913 CMX Aftermarket Fairway and Hybrid Adjustable Sleeve will give you all the 16
different settings like the Factory Club. Titleist changed the adaptors from the 910. The 913 sleeve is
shorter and will not fit the old style 910 fairway. Our 913 Fairway and Hybrid adaptor is all metal,
so you don’t melt it when you want to change shafts. We make 3 different collars 1/4" degree and
1/2" Degree (Factory Standard) and 3/4" degree this will give you 48 different adjustments.
Avail: .335, .370 Tip
Interchangeable Compound Collars
 1/4° Compound Collar
 1/2° Compound Collar
 3/4° Compound Collar


That fit the Titleist 910 Driver and Fairway
913, 915, 917 Driver (only)

SKU# 910 ,913

BB# 5013, 335 ½ COLLAR
BB# 5017, 350 ½ COLLAR
BB# 5016, 370 ½ COLLAR
BB# 5014, 335 1/4 COLLAR
BB# 5015, 335 3/4 COLLAR

Billy Bob's CMX Aftermarket Replacement Sleeve fits the Titleist 910 Driver, Fairway and Hybrid.
913, 915, and 917 Drivers only.

This Sleeve is uniquely different than the OEM original, the CMX® sleeve itself still has the factory
offset which is the same as the OEM. What makes the CMX® Tour Fit Adapter different is
the Compound Collar can be removed and replaced with other Collars to give you a combination of
approximately 48 different adjustments (any extra collars are sold separately).... Sleeve comes with
Factory 1/2 Collar. RH and LH

Page 33 Order Desk 800-568-3868

CMX® Straight Sleeve Version
SKU# 910 ,913 Straight
BB# 5027 .335
BB# 5028 .350

Billy Bob's had many requests for a CMX® Straight Sleeve Version that fits the Titleist 913, 915
(Driver Only) and the 910 D2 D3 Drivers and Fairway Woods.

With a Zero Loft and Zero Lie. Now you can have many shaft combinations within a straight fit
Hosel configuration.


CMX® Bio fits Cobra MyFly 8 Bio Cell
BB# 11533, .335 D RH
BB# 11534, .335 D LH
BB# 11541, .350 D RH SKU# CMX® BIO COBRA
BB# 11542, .350 D LH BB# 11539 HYBRID RH
BB# 11535, .335 F RH BB# 11540 HYBRID RH
BB# 11536, .335 F LH
BB# 11537, .350 F RH
BB# 11538, .350 F LH

Billy Bob's CMX® Aftermarket Replacement Sleeve that fits the Cobra Bio Cell line of Drivers,
Fairway and Hybrids; they fit the MyFly 8, MyFly, ZLE. It has a 1.5 degree offset which will give a
total 3 degrees from side to side, Driver; (std) 9 to 12 Loft, Fairway 13 to 16 and Hybrid 23.5 to 26.5.

Available in R-H .335, .350 and .370 Hybrid

L-H .335, .350 and .370 Hybrid

Cobra Universal
Billy Bob's CMX® Aftermarket Universal Cobra adaptor allows for 8 different
lofts and or face angle adjustments for the Cobra F7, F7+, King LTD, F6, F6+, Fly
Z, Fly Z+, Bio Cell and Bio Cell Pro drivers. Because the Universal Adaptor simply
list +/- loft and face angle settings it can be used in any of the above-mentioned
models without having to stock multiple adaptors for Pro and Standard Drivers,
Fairways and Hybrids.


• Right Hand (Can be used in left hand heads - Numbers will be reversed)
• Available in .335" for drivers and fairways or .370" for hybrids
• 8 loft and face angle settings 1/2" Degree increments.
• Milled aluminum
• Made in USA

Page 34 Order Desk 800-568-3868

COBRA My Fly 8 Bio Cell
Factory Replacement



Billy Bob’s has the Factory sleeve replacement that fits the Cobra My Fly 8 Bio Cell New line of
Drivers, Fairway and Hybrids; they are MyFly 8, MyFly, ZLE.

It has a 1.5 degree offset which will give a total 3 degrees from side to side. Driver; (std) 9 to 12
Loft, Fairway and Hybrid.

Available in R-H .335, .370 Hybrid

Aftermarket COBRA AMP
Adaptors for the Drivers and Fairway Woods

SKU# Cobra AMP Driver SKU# Cobra AMP Driver

& Woods Adaptor .350 & Woods Orange Ferrules
BB# 11022 with .350 AMP Orange .335 BB# 11023
.350 BB# 11024

We are introducing our new line of the Cobra AMP

Ferrules and Metal Sleeve Adapters .335 and .350

SKU# Cobra AMP Driver

& Woods Adaptor .335
BB# 11026

Page 35 Order Desk 800-568-3868

BILLY BOB’s CMX® Aftermarket Replacement Adjustable
Sleeve that Fit the Cobra AMP Cell

We at Billy Bob’s Developed an Aftermarket Adjustable

Sleeve, CMX® that fits the Cobra AMP Cell New line of
It comes with a choice 3 colored Ferrules to match the Heads
or factory ferrule black with 2 silver rings, it has a 1.5 degree
offset like the factory sleeve which will give a total 3 degrees
from side to side 8.5 to 11.5 its set in the draw position which
SKU# CMX Cobra Amp Cell is the most popular. We make all our CMX® sleeves in the
BB#11521, 3o .335 R-H
BB#11520, 3o .335 L-H
BB#11522, 3o .350 R-H Available in R-H or L-H .335 and .350
BB#11523, 3o .350 L-H

CMX® Aftermarket
COBRA S2, S3, ZL Kit Adaptors for the Drivers and Fairway
Cobra S-2 Adjustable Sleeve Replacement Kit
With the Billy Bob Adjustable Sleeve you will still be able
to make the same factory adjustments. 3 positions= Open,
Closed, and Neutral.

We then made the sleeve to fit our Complete line of

Adaptors and Ferrules along with our loft and lie ferrule
you will be able to Dial-in (Clock) any changes to the loft
and lie, up Appox to 2 degrees, within a 360 degree
rotation, also increases the open and closed position as

Kit includes: Billy Bob's 2o Degree Adjustable (Clock) Ferrule,

.335 Adaptor, .350 Factory Replacement Ferrule

Page 36 Order Desk 800-568-3868

CMX® Aftermarket Adjustable Sleeve that Fits the Adams Fast
Speedline Tech, the Super LS Speedline, Super S Speedline Driver


BB#15016, 4o .335 R-H BB#15028, 3o .335 R-H BB#15024, 3o .335 R-H
BB#15017, 4o .335 L-H BB#15029, 3o .335 L-H BB#15025, 3o .335 L-H
BB#15018, 4o .350 R-H BB#15030, 3o .350 R-H BB#15026, 3o .350 R-H
BB#15019, 4o .350 L-H BB#15031, 3o .350 L-H BB#15027, 3o .350 L-H


BB#15020, 2o .335 R-H
BB#15021, 2o .335 L-H
BB#15022, 2o .350 R-H
BB#15023, 2o .350 L-H

Billy Bob’s Developed an Aftermarket Adjustable Sleeve that fits the Adams Old and New line of Drivers. It fits the Adams
Fast Speedline Tech, the Super LS Speedline, and the Super S Speedline. The Sleeve is different than the Factory sleeve. We
made Four Different Sleeves with Three Different Adjustments; 2o (Standard), 3o and 4o
They are all interchangeable and will fit all the Speedline Drivers. We made them in Red to match the Red on the Driver
Head…. Looks Cool!
Available in R-H or L-H .335 and .350

Mizuno JPX-900 Driver, JPX-850 Driver, Fairway, Hybrid Adjustable Sleeve
Mizuno introduced a sliding weight system called Fast Track to alter a driver's
draw/fade tendency. Mizuno has now evolved this break through technology to also be
able to customize spin rate and launch angle in the JPX-900 Driver, JPX-850 Driver,
Fairway, Hybrid helping all swing speeds achieve maximum possible total yardage.
"The genius of the new Fast Track is that it adds the dimension of launch angle and
spin rate. Now the player is truly in control of maximizing all aspects of their ball
flight off the tee."

Available .335 includes screw and washer will fit Driver

Note* Fairway is different and so is the Hybrid.

.335 Fairway Shorter Length

.370 Hybrid Larger I.D

Page 37 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Krank Golf®
This is the Factory Sleeve that fits the
Krank 6.5 Driver

Adjustment are + - 1 Degree with a total of

2 Degrees of adjustment

588 Driver Adjustable Sleeve

Cleveland 588 Custom Driver Factory Replacement Adjustable Sleeve .335

Avail: RH

715 & 815 Driver Adaptor Tour Stage X Driver GR

Bridgestone 715 and 815 Adaptor Bridgestone Tour Stage X

Sleeve for Drivers and Woods Driver GR
...includes Ferrule and Screw and
Washer Avail: .335
Avail: .335

Page 38 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob’s
Universal Graphite Shaft
Billy Bob's has had many requests to come up
with a Universal Graphite Extension, one that
will work with both standard and oversize butt
diameters as well as fill up those larger butt
diameters that our oversize extension won't
do. We designed it based on the same
engineering principals that we have used in our
existing graphite extension line.

• Regular Extension (.600 O.D on the Handle .480 O.D on the Insertion Tip)
• Oversize Extension (.600 O.D on the Handle .535 O.D on the Insertion Tip)
• Universal Extension (.600 O.D on the Handle .560 O.D on the Insertion Tip at Full

REGULAR.490 X .600

OVERSIZE.540 X .600

The Oversize Graphite Shaft Extensions fit most of the thin walled Graphite Shafts. Grafalloy, UST,
Graphic Design, True Temper, Fujikura, Aldila, etc...) The Regular graphite shaft extensions fit most
standard Graphite Shafts.
Based on the number of our graphite shaft extensions and customer satisfaction, we feel that our graphite
shaft extensions are the number one graphite shaft extensions used in our industry. They can easily be
sanded with belt sander for the proper fit.
As we say at Billy Bob's "5,000,000” clubs can't be wrong". Sold Since 1995

There is a complete chapter on The Billy Bob, Video Web Site on proper
installation of the Graphite Extensions (US PATENT # 5,674,134

Page 39 Order Desk 800-568-3868

AVAILABLE SIZES: .580 (yellow) .600 (red).620 (green)

Just recreating another double crushed end tube would not be

my style, so I made the insertion tip longer for better
adhesion, back weighting, and counter balancing. They also
have a chrome style finish so if you need to use it for a belly
putter extension you can leave it exposed.

This is the difference between a standard steel shaft

extension and Billy Bob Steel Shaft Extension: Example: a
1” inch regular extension on a club will increase the swing
weight from 6 to 7 swing weight points. Billy Bob Steel
Extensions at 1 inch will increase the swing weight by only
3 points. This is due to the insertion going farther into the
shaft to counter balance the swing weight, which makes the
Swing Weight Adjustment more Flexible and much Better
Epoxy Bond.
BB# 12001 BB# 12002 Try them! I know you will like them...once you use ours
you won't use anybody else’s!
BB# 12003

Wilson D 300 Driver Adjustable Sleeve

The D is D300 not only stands for distance, it defines it.
The newly designed D300 driver combines Right Light
Technology with Micro Vortex Generators to reduce the
drag force leading to increased club head speeds and
greater distance. This Sleeve also fits the Triton Driver

.335 tip

Billy Bob Adaptors for Wilson Fat Shaft Drivers & Woods


BB# 8001 BB# 8002

Page 40 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Wilson Fat Shafts…A customer brings these clubs into your shop and asks you to re-shaft or repair them. You
already know it very difficult to do since the .428 or .480 shafts are near impossible for you to get. The only option
for shaft repair or replacement was through Wilson or by special ordering the shafts through a major distributor.
Our thinking is “Why send shaft sales and repairs revenue away?” Now with the Billy Bob’s .335, or ream to .350,
you can quickly and easily repair and / or re-shaft the Wilson Fat Shaft Drivers and Woods in house! Please note
that the adaptors work only on the drivers and woods, the irons are shank and fit up inside the shaft, which is a
different configuration than the woods.
We have the .428 and .480.
The Wilson Fat Shaft Adaptors will keep your customers happy and boost your profits by keeping those sales and
repairs in your store! Oh, by the way…a .335 shaft in the Deep Red Driver II Hits A Ton!!

Bore-Through Shaft Pins

For Steel Shafts For Graphite Shafts Our Pins are designed to finish graphite and steel shafts that are
used for bore-through clubs. You can epoxy or hammer them in
the tip of the shaft and finish them off with acetone for a factory
finish. We have improved many features in our graphite pins.
We have increased the size. Due to the thin walled shafts that
are now being used, we have added a Nail Head for easy
installation and we changed the plastic composition so now
there less cupping when sanding and buffing the sole of the
club. Avoid other products, they have air holes that will leave a
pin holes when sanding down the pin!! Additionally, they shine
up great with a little acetone.

Important Note: These pins are tapered, so remember to cut

and contour the shaft tip in the head BEFORE YOU INSERT

Yes! Now a better hosel plug that is more user friendly!
(Can be used in .335 and .350 hosels)

In our shop, we have found that the hosel plugs that are currently used
when re-shafting metal wood heads would get stuck sideways in the
hosel creating a problem trying to get them out and resetting them flat
on the bottom (especially when using tacking adhesives when repairing a
rattle in the head).
We came up with a better way!
The new Billy Bob Golf Hosel Plug incorporates an easy to grip pin
that can be held during placement of the plug or during removal and
resetting. They work great and we now use them in our shop every day!
The new Billy Bob’s Golf Hosel Plug is much more user friendly than
competitive brands AND more economical.


BB# 12011

Page 41 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Your Request has been Answered!
For those of you that want the
SKU# BF335350
of a .335 Tip Shaft to fit in BB# 7001
your With sleeve

.350 Hosel Clubs

S PATENT # 6,887,163
the answer for you!
Perforated Technology

A foolproof .335 - .350 Ferrule Shaft Adaptor that will not fail.

I feel that this .335-.350 Perforated Shaft Adaptor with Ferrule is a much-needed product for the
club making trade. I know that there are many products out there, and some may have their merits.
I’m talking about Springs, Plastic Sleeves and Brass Slims,
Ours are Significantly Better!

Let’s face it’…some adaptors fail due to improper gluing, improper prepping, and the use of thin
walled plastic that even prepping will cause damage to the part. How can you even get the proper
prepping done? I have found that springs don’t work as well as they should they collapse, while
inserting them in the hosel or how about Smashing in a Collapsible Brass Shim. I’ve had customers
bring me clubs that broke in the hosel, even though there is good adhesion, there was failure due to
metal contact on the graphite fibers. Additionally, springs have a tendency to collapse in the hosel
when inserting the shaft, which leaves a void between the shaft and hosel. Then there are plastic
sleeves, they can work but are hard to prep because of the wall thickness, which are extremely thin
and are very hard to work with. We have developed the best of both worlds by allowing for good
adhesion and proper preparation, most of our adaptors have this Perforation technology. The
proprietary perforation allows the epoxy to bond between the prepped shaft tip and the prepped
club hosel insuring a strong bond and the reinforced wall sections an added strength and flexibility.
This adaptor comes with an attached ferrule to boot with a .560 outside diameter to cover “All
hosels” on the market today!
INSTALLATION TIP: Make sure all debris is remove from the hosel, Dry-Fit the shaft into the adaptor
and the hosel. Remember that it’s easier to remove a few thousandths from the shaft than to make an
adjustment to the adaptor, and then glue everything at once. Always Dry Fit components first, then

Page 42 Order Desk 800-568-3868

New Billy Bob’s Universal Brass Shim
We have had so many requests for these Brass Shims, we decided to
conform. We decided to make them the Billy Bob's Way.

We made them Universal... they will work to adapt a .335 to .350 and
a .335 to .370, they also work to adapt a .355 Taper Tip to a .370
parallel tip iron. So now you have the best of both worlds. One shim
all sizes. We also contoured the shim edges and smoothed them for
less abrasion to graphite shaft tips.


BB# 7010

Billy Bob’s Golf

Bushing Ferrules
The 335-400 Bushing The 370-400 Bushing
Ferrule for the larger Ferrule for the iron
hosels, which allows you heads allows using .370
to use .335 after market after market shaft in the
shaft in the old style old style iron heads and
Taylor heads (Burners & we have used this
Etc.) bushing ferrule in some
.350 shaft applications,
as well with shafting
SKU# BF335400 SKU# BF370400 beads.
BB# 7006 BB# 7008
With Ferrule With Ferrule

The 365-335 Bushing Sleeve WITH NO FERRULE

ATTACHED only the sleeve. This application will
allows you larger size hosels and using your own SKU# BS335365
ferrules. You will find the 365-335 bushing helpful BB# 7004
with the Orlimar, Cobra and TaylorMade heads. Without Ferrule
Other uses are; taking .370 hybrids and using .335
driver shafts, very popular these days.

Page 43 Order Desk 800-568-3868


These fit all the Specialty Club's 264 items (Includes New Items for 2013)
This kit is perfect for the central source and location for all the adaptors that are needed for
The Complete Golf Repair Shop! All the adaptors are here in one place that is easy to get to as
needed! Inventory re-ordering is at a glance! Additionally, you SAVE OVER $175.00 purchasing the kit,
instead of buying the same as individually ordered.... and you are getting an organizer for Free.

Page 44 Order Desk 800-568-3868


BB# 6005

BB# 6006

(444 items…Collared Ferrules) (372 items…Non-Collared Ferrules)

We’ve updated our Ferrule kits. There have been some New Items added and we split it into 2 separate kits,
Collared and Non-Collared. These kits are perfect for the central source and location for all the ferrules that are
needed for The Complete Golf Repair Shop! All the ferrules are here in one place that is easy to get to as needed!
Inventory reordering is at a glance! Additionally, you SAVE OVER $40.00 purchasing each kit, instead of buying
the same as individually ordered Dealer Price for the parts, and you are getting an organizer for free.
There are 24 of each size (.335, .350,.355 in ¾ only, .370) and length (1/8", 1/4", 1/2" 3/4") and 12 each 1" Tall.

Billy Bob’s CMX® Fitting System
New and Old Adjustable Sleeves Titleist, Callaway,
TaylorMade, Ping, Adams
BB# 15020-RH
BB# 15021-LH

Patent Pending

Many different shafts that will fit on

to the CMX® Threaded Ferrule Fits the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2,
System CMX® Threaded Ferrule System SLDR, JetSpeed, Adams XTD Ti
3 Degree Adjust

Page 45 Order Desk 800-568-3868

BB# 15022-RH BB# 15005-RH BB# 15015-RH
BB# 15023-LH BB# 15006-LH BB# 15016-LH

Fits the TaylorMade R1, RBZ Stage

2, SLDR, JetSpeed, Adam’s XTD Ti
4 Degree Adjust Fits the Titleist 910 and 913 Fits the Ping Anser and G25, i-25

BB# 15007-RH BB# 15013-RH BB# 15011 RH

BB# 15008-LH BB# 15014-LH BB# 15012 LH

Fits the Callaway Razr and Opti Fit, Fits the Callaway Opti Force, X2 Fits the Callaway Opti Fit Tour
Extreme, and X Hot Hot, Big Bertha and the Big Bertha

We at Billy Bob’s have seen many different Club Fitting Systems, some good and some not so well. As a result, we came
up with a system that will give you the closest specifications to a Regular, Permanently Epoxied Shaft, plus giving you all
the adjustment of the Original OEM Adjustable Sleeves, not just a 4 point generic Open, Close and Neutral.
The reason this works is that the shaft goes down through to the bottom of the hosel sleeve and the shaft is attached to
the sleeve with our Patent Pending CMX® Threaded Top Ferrule System. (This will come with a complete set of
instructions on our website).
We start out with our Billy Bob’s CMX Aftermarket Adjustable Sleeves that fit all of the different OEM Heads
(Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Adams XTD etc.) We manufacture a CMX® Threaded Metal Ferrule that is
epoxied to the tip end of the shaft that fits within the sleeve. Now you can have unlimited shaft combinations – fitting
One or All OEM driver heads.
This creates a huge advantage in club fitting or you may want to have the ability to change multiple shaft combinations
or different heads if you like, all while being extremely cost effective.
We will offer these CMX® Sleeve Bodies and the CMX® Threaded Metal Ferrule separately based on the fitter’s or
golfers needs. Billy Bob’s CMX® Proudly Made in the USA
Titleist, Callaway, Ping, Adams, TaylorMade are Registered Trademarks

Page 46 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob’s CMX® Fitting System
Swing Weight Counter Balance Weights
These small weights are pushed in the hole at the Butt End of the
Grip. They are helpful in counter balancing swing weight for a
launch monitor or for fitting purposes. Note* You may have to drill
and extend the small hole in the grip, as some manufactures don't
have the hole go all the thru the Butt End of the grip.
Avail: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 14 grams
BB# 15050

Billy Bob’s CMX® Universal Straight Fitting System for Standard

Woods and Irons
These will fit most Standard Hosel for Woods and Irons.
You can fit multiple shafts on those standard clubs with full insertion. This will allow you to use our CMX® Threaded
Metal Ferrule (Patent Pending)

Drivers and Woods

Straight Fit Bottom Sleeves
SKU# STRITFIT Woods SM .480-.490 RH, BB# 15030
SKU#STRITFIT Woods SM .480-.490 LH, BB# 15031
SKU# STRITFIT Woods MED .487-.515 RH, BB# 15032
SKU# STRITFIT Woods MED .487-.515 LH, BB# 15033
SKU# STRITFIT Woods LRG .522-.526 RH, BB# 15034
SKU# STRITFIT Woods LRG .522-.526 LH, BB# 15035
SKU# STRITFIT Irons .540 RH, BB# 15036
SKU# STRITFIT Irons .540 LH, BB# 15037

CMX® Threaded Metal Ferrule
SKU# FIT FERRULE .335 RH BB# 15001
SKU# FIT FERRULE .335 LH BB# 15002
SKU# FIT FERRULE .350 RH BB# 15003
SKU# FIT FERRULE .350 LH BB# 15004
SKU# FIT FERRULE .355 RH BB# 15040
SKU# FIT FERRULE .355 LH BB# 15041
SKU# FIT FERRULE .370 RH BB# 15042
SKU# FIT FERRULE .370 LH BB# 15043

We manufacture these bottom sleeves to go over the existing club hosels, which will allow you to install your
shafts with full insertion (see above) into the bottom of the club head.
We can provide the proper reaming the sleeve at a nominal charge, but we will need the club or clubs O.D hosel
dimension. If you want to ream the sleeve we can provide instructions to do so. It comes with a 21/64 I.D dimension
for centering. (see instructions)
For those who are concerned about swing weight we have a grip back weight balance system you can use in the
fitting process, it comes in kit form or separate pieces which every you prefer (2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 14 grams)

Page 47 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob’s Tools and Supplies
Billy Bob’s Assembly Board

Here at our shop, we found that sometimes we would have a problem keeping the heads and shafts
in proper sequences, gluing the 3 iron shaft to the 4 iron head. With this simple separator, it keeps
all your work visible and inline. Made from solid oak, it is very sturdy and will last. Everyone could
use this in their shop! SKU# ASSEMBLY BOARD
BB# 13003

Wire Hosel Drill Bits & Sanding Sleeves

Wire Hosel Drill Bit Iron Sanding Sleeve D/W Sanding Sleeve

BB# 13011
Used for Both Irons and Woods SKU# SANDSLEEVE-IRON BB# 13013 SKU# SANDSLEEVE-D/W BB# 13014

Sand Mandrel Here at our shop, we found these items to be very

useful in prepping club hosels. I always thought…
why buy two different size brushes for irons and
woods, just use the worn iron brush for your drivers
and woods, the sanding sleeves will give the clean
fresh surface for proper epoxy adhesion.

Used for Both Irons and Woods Sand Sleeves

Page 48 Order Desk 800-568-3868

CLUB HEAD SHAFT EXTRACTOR (Hydraulic Jack included)
It’s a Monster!

This will be the last Shaft Puller You will ever Need!!
This space saving Vertical Shaft Extractor will meet all your club-head pulling needs!
It will pull all the specialty clubs including: CALLAWAY, PING, TITLEIST,
WILSON FAT SHAFTS, TAYLORMADE, CLEVELAND, and All Others including the New Composite
There were a lot of requests to bring back a hydraulic unit includes a 6 ton husky jack.
I decided to tackle a problem I’ve had with every shaft extractor I’ve ever owned. No matter what type of shaft clamping unit they
contained, only a small fraction of the clamp contacted the actual shaft. To correct the many problems this caused, such as over
torque and crushing shafts, I developed a revolutionary clamping system, (Patent Pending) that tapers with the contour of the shaft,
completely gripping a 5 ½” length of shaft, we added special griping rubber compound now don’t have to clamp down so hard and
crack those graphite shafts, and if you have to crank down on those shafts such as the Titleist and Callaway’s they are no problem
because they lock into the tapered clamp adding even Pressure on the shaft!
If that isn’t enough to convince you that this is the best shaft extractor on the market today, I have also designed the griping station
to float and move with the holding wheel of the shaft extractor, this allows the pressure on the shaft and club head to position itself
evenly, allowing the puller to remove the head squarely.
Not only is it simple to use, all that’s required is a ¾” socket and ratchet, or a ratchet wrench
This Puller is good for the high volume repair shops.
I am so confident that my Vertical Shaft Extractor is the easiest and best shaft extractor you have ever used, I offer this guarantee:
Repair or Replacement as long as you own the puller, less rubber gripping jaws and Teflon Bushing, both can ware with heavy use
(replacements available). Plus a 30 day trial period: if you do not agree with me, you may return it for a refund of your purchase
price. Less shipping

WAS $650.00 now $385.00 made in USA

BB# 13006

Page 49 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob’s Grip Tape

2-inch x 36 Yards 2-inch Grip Tape Strips 20 pack Build Up Tape

BB# 13005 BB# 13035

I have used many types of grip tape out there. I have found this one to be the best. It's manufactured
from a firm here in Southern California; it is consequent in weight and quality, use with order-less
mineral spirits... It's the easiest and best way to install grips. 2-Inch x 36 yards Grip Tape and we
have it available in 2” x 9-inch individual Strips also we have Grip Build up Tape.


Removal of Broken or Rusted Steel Shafts Tips


BB# 13009
BB# 13010

This handy tap puller will save you time and money. A customer brings in his Iron or Driver or Fairway club head with
a broken steel shaft that has fractured or rusted in the bottom of the hosel, most try to drill them out, but soon find out
the drill traces off center (due to the harden spring steel shaft tip) and the club head becomes a throw away, not to
mention dulled drill bits.
Well there's a better way. All you do is heat the head hosel first… then put it in a soft vise and insert the hand tap
puller, then use a crescent wrench on the large nut and back out the broken shaft... it’s that easy. The Billy Bob Hand
Tap Puller is made here in U.S.A, at our shop. The Material is made from Solid 302 Stainless Steel, so it won't become a
piece of rust later.
Any Questions on its use, Please call us at 800-568-3868, E-MAIL

Page 50 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Billy Bob’s Universal Torque Wench
We had this wrench made to our specifications it
will remove and reset the proper Torque Pressure
for all the TaylorMade removal sleeves, also the
Ping, Nike, Callaway, Titleist, and Mizuno.

BB# 13030

Repair Components
Cartridge Gun Grip Needle Kim Tech Wipes

Billy Bob's has found that this Epoxy Grip Needle We use these wipes in our shop. They are lint
Cartridge Gun is the easiest way to Replacement for many free and are perfect for shinning up those
dispense epoxy using 1.7 oz. of the Popular Spray Ferrules to a High Gloss with Acetone, and
cartridges or 50 ML cartridges. The Solution grip removal they are great for removing epoxy and Finish
tools. Cleaning Clubs. Box contains 280 wipes.
gun will dispense 1:2 or 1:1 mixing
BB# 13070 BB# 13025 BB# 13040

Cutting Wheel 1” X 42” Cloth Belt

Billy Bob's uses these 1x42 Cloth Linen Belts with great
success. 1x42 Linen Belt removes small layers of the plastic
ferrule without scratching the club head or shaft.. A must
in any golf shop. After turning the ferrule then wipe down
with Kim Wipes and Acetone for that factory finish.

Shaft Cutting Wheel 6" 1/2 arbor BB# 13080

10,000 RPM

BB# 13060

Page 51 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Mix Sticks Calipers Tungsten Powder

We use this Tungsten Powder

Billy Bob's Mixing Sticks are 5 1/2" I found these Fowler Electronic Calipers (Stainless in our shop, we find this to be
long and very durable and are excellent Steel not plastic) are the best buy for the money, much better than lead.
every golf shop should have a set of these. They are Difference in specific weight
quality made here in the USA, they are great for measuring hosel depth and width, ferrule
narrow for easy application of epoxy height and width and shaft tips. These come with and space.. sold in 1/4 pound
into the club hosel for complete Auto Shut Off for saving battery life.
Measurements are done in Millimeters and Inches
coverage and adhesion. (.000) and has a conversion chart to fractions.
Extra battery included
100 pack of Epoxy Mixing Sticks

5/15 Epoxy 20/20 Epoxy

We have found that This Quick Cure is a We have found that This 20-min work time and
toughest medium-viscosity impact resistant two- 20 hr cure time is the best long term curing
part epoxy that gives the strength of long cure epoxy out there, this is what we use in our
adhesives. Quick Cure has a gel time of 5-8 shop. PRO-FIX 20/20 forms a tough off-white
minutes and a Playable Strength within 20-30 bond line that provides very high impact
minutes at standard temperature (allow longer resistance and shear strength. The two-
time for colder temps) This is what you use for component adhesive is mixed 1:1 by volume
those Quick Repairs with incredible bond and has a 20-30 minute work life and a 20 hour
strength. cure at room temperature. 3800 psi lap shear
strength within 24Hr
• Superior bond strength on all shaft Avaliable in 1.7 oz Cartridges
types and 8oz Squeeze Bottle
• Very easy to use squeeze bottle
• 1:1 mix ratio by volume • Very high impact resistant
• Cure in 20-30 minutes • Excellent adhesion on steel, graphite,
• Easy cleanup titanium, composites
BB# 13077 Kit • Full Performance from -50F to 180F
• Easy cleanup
BB# 13071 Cartridge

Page 52 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Grip Tape Scraper Grip Solvent

BB# 13079


use this Tape Grip Scraper in our shop,
it’s the fastest and safest way to
Billy Bob's has found this a nonflammable, non-toxic, non-ozone depleting, low VOC.
remove grip tape from graphite or steel Very economical using 50% less than standard solvents. HF-100 is odorless and colorless
shafts. Will not scratch or mar graphite and works with any double-sided grip tape.
or steel shafts. Does not require the The Grip Solution HF-100:
use of a vice. It can be re-sharpened
using a belt sander following the • Non-toxic
original contour .Difficult to remove
• Non-flammable BB# 13074 QT.
tape or clubs with more than two
• Odorless BB# 13075 GAL
wraps may require several passes with
• Effective with all standard grip tapes
a heat gun for easier tape removal. It
will also remove lead tape and Mylar • Reusable
tags. • Easy clean-up
• Economical - use half the normal amount to apply the grip

Billy Bob’s Grip Installation Air Tool

This Grip Installation Air Gun makes it a snap to install and
adjust grips without the use of solvent and 2-sided grip tape.

We recommend that you use a buildup tape for standard and

undersize shafts for a more… conforming and tighter fit. You
can also use the air tool to remove old grips that are in good
shape, but we recommend that use grip solvent with a needle
pressurize applicator (see ours below or the Website).
With old worn out grips, it’s easier to cut them off and avoid
the mess and the extra time involved. (Recommended air
pressure 55-65 psi)

BB# 13084

Page 53 Order Desk 800-568-3868

Pressurized Spray Solution Grip Remover
Remove and Adjust Grips made easy, Use with Billy Bob's Grip Solvent
Caution: Do not use perchloroethylene as it will damage the seals in the
Please follow the instructions that come with the sprayer.

BB# 13076

Scotty Cameron Putter Weights

Fits most Scotty Putters

Scotty Cameron Putter Weights that fit most of the Putters that is out there. We have The Gram Number Design which
we have in Red, Blue and Black. Two types of wrenches one that breaks the factory seal with 3/8 ratchet.

All Weights Sold Per Pair

Scotty Cameron Putter Weights Fit the Following Putters;

Golo Square Back Select Futura

• Golo 3 • Square Back Limited • Newport • Futura X
• Golo 5 • My Girl • Newport 2 • Futura X Dual
• Golo S 5 • Golo N 7 • Newport 2.5 • Dual Balance
• Golo 7 • Golo N 5 • Fast Back
• Golo 7 Dual Balance • Square Back

Gram Number Design Gram Number Design Gram Number Design

Color Blue Color Red Color Black
SKU# 10 Gram, BB# 18015 SKU# 10 Gram, BB# 18008 SKU# 10 Gram, BB# 18000
SKU# 15 Gram, BB# 18016 SKU# 15 Gram, BB# 18009 SKU# 15 Gram, BB# 18001
SKU# 20 Gram, BB# 18017 SKU# 20 Gram, BB# 18010 SKU# 20 Gram, BB# 18002
SKU# 25 Gram, BB# 18018 SKU# 25 Gram, BB# 18011 SKU# 25 Gram, BB# 18003
SKU# 30 Gram, BB# 18019 SKU# 30 Gram, BB# 18012 SKU# 30 Gram, BB# 18004
SKU# 35 Gram, BB# 18020 SKU# 35 Gram, BB# 18013 SKU# 35 Gram, BB# 18005
SKU# 40 Gram, BB# 18021 SKU# 40 Gram, BB# 18014 SKU# 40 Gram, BB# 18006

Page 54 Order Desk 800-568-3868

We were the first to come up with the adjustable sleeve
shaft removal system in 2008 (refer to our instruction
sheet on removal of the R9 and the R11 adaptor sleeve) in
our instruction section on our website
We came up with the idea using a washer and screw to
remove the sleeve without damaging the delicate top of
the aluminum sleeve. There are many different types of
shaft removers so we include shim collars for the different
lengths throws to adjust to your own shaft puller.

GRAY FITS – TITLEIST 910/913/915


Counter Balance Weights

We at Billy Bob’s came up with a Machined Counter Balancing Weight which is very simple to
install and economical when building a set of clubs, or when needing to offset heavy golf clubs
or longer length clubs. Counter Balancing has become very popular. It allows the club to create
a faster club head speed by shifting the balance point closer to the butt of the shaft. There are
many products out there that are very expensive, such as brass insertion, self-locking, and
there’s nothing wrong with that. We are just offering an economical alternative.

Simply remove the grip or before you grip the club, then install the proper weight in the shaft
butt. They fit graphite shafts and iron shafts with .600 Butt.

Available Weights in: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32 Grams and for Putter Shafts 40, 60, 80, 100 Grams

Quick Note* 4 grams on the Butt is equal to 1 swing weight point

2 grams on the tip will equal to 1.5 swing weight points

Brass Swingweights

Billy Bob’s had many requests for precise brass Swing weight for .335, .355 and
.370 tips for Steel Shafts also the we include Rubber Tungsten Swing weights for
Graphite Shafts. These are the same as the OEM use in their irons and woods
and can be reused if needed. The Rubber Tungsten weight can be cut down for
the precise weight and will not rattle in the shaft like most weights in graphite
shafts. The extra expense is well worth it, when you don't have to remove a
customer’s Club head because of a rattling swing weight.

Available Weights in: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Grams in Brass

Available Weights in: 8 Grams 10 Grams Rubber Tungsten

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Repair Components
Shafting Beads Rattle Stop Shafting Beads

This product is ideal for centering the golf This stops a rattle in the head from debris Temporary weight for woods and irons,
shaft in the club hosel, use when there may be that maybe trapped inside the club head. use in correcting overall weight and
a need to fill oversized areas in the club hosel. swingweight.
BB# 13087 BB# 13086
BB# 13088

DP 810 NS TAN Acetone Cool Gel

We have found that this Acrylic adhesive 810 We use this Acetone for putting on that We use this Product for those touchy situations
NS Tan non-sage (better adhesion) is the best Polish Shine on ferrules after they have that involves HEAT... If you want to protect
epoxy that is available.... it is used by PXG been turned down, apply on a Kim those $500.00 Delicate Composite Heads without
exclusively, it has an unbelievable sheer Wipes and bring up that polish shine damaging the rubber seals and removing the
strength... 10 min work time and can be shafts without damaging the club Finish, or
1 Qt can SORRY NO AIR saving those ferrules... or damaging those
hit with full strength in 30 Minutes, the
problem is that it is very expensive use only SHIPMENT anodize adjustable Sleeves, this is a product you
on the clubs that need to be bullet proof. BB# 13082 need to have in your shop...$29.00 a small Price
to pay instead of $400.00 or $500.00

Grip Restorer DP 810 NS TAN Corks

GET A GRIP - New Grip Restoring Product We use this Lead Powder in our shop, we use We at Billy Bob's Use these corks for steel
Brampton Technology has introduced GET A this for weighting down ultra-light shafts for shafts to lock in powdered lead or powdered
GRIP restoring product. It's the easy way to swingweight and also using it for weighting Tungsten for swingweight adjustment. Fill the
rejuvenate, refresh, and re-tack golf grips old wood heads under the soleplate. Sold in 1 shaft tip with the powder and get the proper
back to that "like-new" feel. Simply apply pound. When handling lead be careful not swingweight, then insert the cork with a little
and towel dry. Within seconds, you will have breath is dust and wash hands after use. epoxy and use a ram rod to set the cork. Cork
the confidence building feel of brand new size available for steel shafts Irons and
grips. Woods 25 TO A PACK

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Billy Bob’s Aftermarket Fitting Cart Iron Adaptors

Fits Callaway Iron Fitting Fits Mizuno Iron Fitting

Fits Ping Iron Fitting Fits Titleist Iron Fitting Fits Wilson Iron Fitting

Billy Bob’s has made aftermarket sleeves for the Ping, Callaway, Titleist, Mizuno, and Wilson fitting carts. If you are a Golf
Shop, Pro Shop, or Fitting Center and wish to expand your shaft selection or revamp your cart then we have the adaptor sleeves
for you.

Billy Bob’s CMX® Shaft Clamping System

We have used a similar shaft clamp in our shop for many years they are good
and are fast for re-griping and a solid holding device for many different
operations use in the golf shop. I found there were few things that needed to be
improved on, so we did the following:
• We increased the size of the clamping jaws instead of 3 inches ours are 5
½ inches and are replaceable.
• The jaws connect the shaft at angle, all golf shafts are tapered so there is
positive contact and increased holding power without a lot of pressure a
plus for those light weight shafts.
• The Cam Mechanism which can wear out in time, is radially reduced due
to a coating we use that is hard as Tungsten Carbide.
• The wear points on the clamping system are made from Carbon Alloy
Steel Core Pins, keeping wear points down to minimal.
• We Machine this out of 7075 Aircraft Billet Aluminum (like our Shaft
Extractor) its stout and strong it can hold up to heavy use for commercial
shops or the everyday club builder.
• It will attach to a Vise or can be mounted to a Bench.

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DuraBrite Felt Belt
Billy Bob's have use these 1x42
Scotchbrite Belts with great success. 1x42
Belt removes and polishes plastic ferrule
without scratching the club head or shaft,
use them on a 1x42 belt sander.... a bit
more but worth it! They last longer.

Take a Look at the Instructional Videos on

the home page for more tips on ferrule

This is the New CMX® Billy Bob Hot Melt System

This is the System that's used in the Tour Vans and the Large High Volume Custom Repair Shops, it’s not something
you get from your local hardware store, nor is the Hot Melt Glue packs it comes with. This is used for weighting Heads
and allowing you to place the weight in certain places in the head, this adjust the MOI and Center of Gravity and spin
rate, it's also used for damping the sound if you want, depending on the glue placement inside the head. The gun comes
with special glue packs that are specific for these applications.

This gun shoots and exact 4 grams of Hot Melt.

There are two types of Tip Nozzles Straight and Curved which are Sold Separately. The gun comes with standard
nozzle, but we don't recommend it for proper glue placement inside the head.

Note* Photo shown above with straight Tip not included... Tips Sold Separately.

Curved Tip $85.00 Straight Tip $85.00

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