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Dominic Covey
EDITING: Chris Davis

DOMINIC COVEY, CHRIS DAVIS, Chris Derner,, Chris Hoover,
Ryan KellEy, Ethan Ripplinger, Aaron Wiggins.



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Shadows Loom
is the first in a
series of linked
adventures designed
specifically for
higher-level parties.
In Shadows Loom the
player characters travel
to the Cartel trading post, Midway, to learn more
of a desperate mission to save the inhabitants of
the Forbidden Lands from the legendary scourge of
the “Doomriders”, one of the Twisted Earth’s most
notorious raider gangs. From Midway the party
travels north to investigate the ruins of Barter Town,
and learns just what this gang has in store for the
rest of the world.
The Halidom campaign should ultimately take
characters from level 10 to 18. Shadows Loom, the
first installment in the series, should take characters
from level 10 to 11 by the adventure’s completion.
Player characters will find certain skills particularly
useful in this adventure, such as Diplomacy, Gather
Information, Investigate, Knowledge (Twisted
Earth), and Survival, but none of these are essential
to succeeding in their mission. Items or abilities that
allow characters to adventure in radiated areas will
also come in handy.


Halidom is a high-level series of
adventures that send the PCs off
on a perilous journey deep into
the heart of unknown country
- the lands of old Wyoming.
Their goal: to track down the
Doomriders, a monstrous raider gang with epic
nihilistic goals, who by all accounts have returned
from a generations-long absence to begin anew a
campaign of destruction, sparing none whom they Braving the mighty citadel they must infiltrate its deep caves
find in their path. No mere raider war, something behind the and assassinate whatever mysterious leader is behind the re-
scenes seems to be driving the vast armies of the Doomriders emergence of the hated Doomriders.
into a blood frenzy that could only come from their legends
of a “Second Apocalypse”. ADVENTURE APPENDIX
Homesteads, villages, and towns have been laid waste, Each installment of the Halidom campaign attempts to
with every last inhabitant viciously slaughtered like make use of new items, feats, creatures, and advanced
livestock. What’s worse, a hideous disease is spreading classes featured in other Darwin’s World expansions and
through the lands the Doomriders have passed through, sourcebooks, both to introduce this new material to new
threatening even more lives. To end this great threat to the gamers as well as to challenge veteran players by making
Twisted Earth the characters are hired to travel many miles, NPC villains more unpredictable. Several of these items,
over mountains and open plains, through the territory of feats, and classes make more than one appearance in the
new and unusual groups unheard of in more settled lands, to adventure, so an appendix has been compiled containing all
the footstep of the great Doomrider fortress of “Halidom”. of the information pertaining to these new features.


ADVENTURE MAP Ideally this first installment of the Halidom series should
Each part of the Halidom series includes a hex map refered only take the party a maximum of a week’s travel time,
to as an “Adventure Map”. These maps are intended to serve considerably lower if they had the foresight to bring a
as a tool for you, the GM, allowing you to plot the party’s vehicle or buy mounts in Midway.
progress during each adventure. Since time plays a factor
in the overall success (or failure) of the campaign, keeping
track of the distances they’ve traveled, day by day, will be
A maniac has emerged from the heart of the desert, and
he claims to be a reborn raider messiah. What’s more
In addition, the Adventure Maps also show the relative
remarkable is that the majority of his followers - the
locations of various encounter areas, including abandoned
Doomriders super-gang - believe him, and believe he is
towns, destroyed villages, and special sites detailed in each
some kind of nihilistic “god” who will fulfill their age-old
adventure, for ease of reference.
prophecy of a “neo-apocalypse”.
This maniac is no charlatan, for he truly believes he
TRAVEL ON THE MAP is the Doomriders’ legendary leader (the “Doomsayer”)
Travel on each Adventure Map can vary depending on each reincarnated. He is gifted with an inexplicable mastery of
party member’s typical move rate, encumbrance factors, combat, is a skilled swordsman, and is surrounded by an
and whether or not they are traveling by foot, mount, or by “aura” of disease that brings death wherever he goes. Where
motor vehicle. Going off-road (i.e. across open terrain) will he came upon these abilities is as mysterious as how he
be slower regardless of the form of travel, but note that the survived the lands from which he came (the Burning Lands,
roads of the Twisted Earth are a shadow of what they once a desolate wasteland of poison and radiation), but one thing
were; crossing an entire region in one day on the interstate is certain - his is a power the world will soon have to reckon
is a thing of the past. Suggested travel speeds (in hexes per with.
day) are given below.
On foot 6 hexes per day THE DOOMSAYER LEGEND
Mounted (horses) 8 hexes per day The mysterious legend of the Doomriders is recorded in
Automobile 10 hexes per day Darwin’s World 2nd Edition, and paints a relatively clear

picture of the cult’s primary beliefs. This legend of ravaging his environment and changing the face
- twisted and muddled through the ages - is of the world), while super-productive industries were
summarized here. meeting and exceeding his every want and need (with
Long ago a mysterious cloaked figure the side effect of ravaging his environment and forcing
emerged from the east and passed him to start living in domed, protected cities).
through many towns and settlements, In this time of change there was discontent, civic
declaring the world to be vile unrest, and outright revolution. At the forefront of
and diseased and deserving of this “anarchic revolution” were the artists, the
destruction. Calling himself the popular face of every revolution throughout
“Doomsayer”, this wandering humanity’s past. Among the most
prophet was rightly feared, but shameless advocates of overturning the
those who tried to fight him and his social order of the time was a death-
crusade were killed. Many died trying to metal band called the “Doomriders”,
end his vicious war against life itself, and whose four members generated a
in the process he merely gained strength phenomenon catalyzing hatred for the
for the great battle still to be fought on the government and the old order almost
horizon. overnight. Appealing to the young,
Gaining a reputation for himself, the lawless, the rebellious, and the
the Doomsayer began to attract those criminal, they united people from a wide
kinds of men who were drawn to variety of backgrounds under a common
his might like peons grovelling in banner - an end to everything that seemed
a new master’s shadow. Gangers, wrong in life.
raiders, and miscreants from all The Doomriders went from being the
over the land flocked to the engineers of simple anarchic music to
Doomsayer and worshipped at almost “messianic” cult figures in a
his feet. It wasn’t long before relatively short time. Hated by the
these “disciples” numbered established order, and hunted by
so many that they became a the law (which only made them
great army, all of whom were more popular, like gangsters
dedicated to following the of the 1920s), the riotous
Doomsayer wherever his visions rockers nonetheless evaded
might lead them. prosecution time and again, in
Eventually the Doomsayer led his no small part due to the fanatic
men to a secret sanctuary, where he loyalty of their fans. Drawn from
imparted them with his wisdom and his every walk of life, they counted
beliefs, purifying them through torture and turning bikers and bankers, criminals and average Americans among
them from men into something far from human. their devoted followers. Frustrated blue-collar laborers
In time the Doomsayer left, alone, wandering off into the found anthems of rebellion in their music, while white-collar
wastes, leaving his followers to continue his work. It is “corporate-types” indulged in their music like dangerous
said that he promised to one day return, and when he did, he drugs. They even drew the sons and daughters of the
would be ready to lead the Doomriders at the head of their country’s elite, including lawyers and politicians.
armies, and begin the Second Apocalypse - a time when the In his music and his public appearances the lead singer
Doomriders will spread across the world and eradicate all of the band (the real self-titled “Doomsayer”) hinted at
life, once and for all. his vision for the world - the globe awash in the blinding
There is more to this legend, however, bits and pieces that brilliance of a total nuclear war. In such a hedonistic and
have faded from memory - even among the Doomriders. anarchic time such a prophecy was appealing to many; those
Time has a way of re-writing the facts, and the current who wanted nothing more than to see the establishment
legends of the Doomrider have only a little to do with true destroyed, even if that meant going up in a flash as well, to
history. those who thought such a doomsday end would bring those
The original Doomsayer lived further back in the past who martyred themselves to the cause into a paradise-like
then the current generation of Doomriders realize. He lived afterlife.
during the time of the Ancients, a time when massive social During their last tour the Doomriders led their followers
upheavals seriously threatened humanity in its darkest across the United States, eventually to Wyoming, where
days. Technology had created a world where change fast a small number of their most devoted “fans” were given
outpaced man’s capacity to adapt to it, both psychologically a special “mission”. Brainwashed and willing, these fans
and physically. Leaps and bounds in science were creating (including bikers, college students, and fans from diverse
phenomenal gadgets and miracle drugs (with the side effect walks of life) headed south to Cheyenne Mountain and,

using resources that somehow fell into the band’s hands, no heed, even as he began to spout about their town’s
managed to gain access to the command and coordination destruction, and the “return of the Prophet”. Ridiculing him
center located deep beneath the mountain. Using the as just another sun-stroked scav, the people of Barter Town
skills of a particularly talented hacker (who also had drove him out with sticks and stones, and once more went
unprecedented access to the mountain thanks to a stolen about their business.
access card), the fans were able to remove the protocols of The nameless vagabond wandered on, raving with fever
the computers controlling the United States’ nuclear arsenal. and radiation sickness. Eventually he came into contact
At the same time the Doomriders and the rest of their with the most recent Doomrider cell inhabiting Halidom,
traveling fans had moved on from Casper, Wyoming, and right beneath the mountainside of Mt. Rushmore. Though
were already digging in like a doomsday militia preparing the cultists moved to kill him at first, when this mad beggar
for the “big one”. And it was to be THE “big one” after fended off three of their best warriors with only a walking
all. As tensions with foreign nations reached the boiling stick, it gave them pause. Unlike others who had laughed
point, and people all over America headed for shelters in the him off, the insane Doomrider cultists recognized in the
expectation of a nuclear exchange, the Doomriders hastily man’s madness the signs of the Doomsayer’s return. As
constructed a hidey-hole for themselves under the abandoned proof of his own faith in the prophecy, the cell’s leader,
monument of Mt. Rushmore. In the middle of nowhere, Master Merciless, willingly put aside his own ambitions
and with no small amount of poetic appeal (there were four (namely to control the fortress of Halidom) and publicly
members of the band, and four presidents carved into the hailed the blistered, muttering wastrel to be the One.
mountainside), Mt. Rushmore would come to be their home Though he was weak from countless years in the Burning
- their sanctuary - for generations to come. Lands, the Doomriders of Halidom took the wanderer in
Of course, the nuclear war, though devastating, was not and tended his wounds. Giving him the place of honor in
ultimately thorough in its destruction. Some pockets of their dark fortress to recuperate, they have outfitted him
humanity survived. The Doomriders, too, lived on, driven with the best that they have, and have watched him regain
by the knowledge that some day they would finish the work some of his mighty strength. To further prove he is the One,
they had begun. Over the years their numbers grew and the the Doomsayer discovered high in the mountain a secret
great gang split into various smaller “cells”, and infighting chamber that had been long forgotten, containing a priceless
became rife. Seeking legitimacy, each cell’s leader fought treasure linked inseparably to the cult’s legends.
for control of the ancestral fortress of Halidom, for it has Since his arrival (and Master Merciless’ subsequent
always been believed that only when a strong leader controls step-down), word of this stranger has spread among the
the mountain citadel will the Doomsayer return. Doomrider cells, near and far. While some members of the
For generations the fortress of Halidom has been cult doubt his validity, whoever he once was the wanderer
contested, but despite the blood spilled in its name has come to completely assume the role of the Doomsayer;
the mountain has remained at the center of Doomrider lost in delusions and monomania, he truly believes he is the
mythology. Regardless of each cell’s particular ambitions, Doomsayer returned. Perhaps more surprisingly, he has
for generations they have prepared in the mountain’s shadow, shown an amazing aptitude for warfare and personal combat,
with even the most remote Doomrider cell wandering not too further convincing the doubters among the Doomriders that
far from its “sacred” slopes. he is, in fact, who he says he is.
Since the Fall the Doomriders have honed their martial With the seeming fulfilment of the first part of the
skills - like a sword edge put perpetually to the grinder prophecy of the “Second Apocalypse”, the Doomriders grow
- raiding out into the wasteland to slaughter all those they anxious and eager to begin the cleansing of the world. A true
come across. But the time has never been right to fully believer, Master Merciless has handed leadership over to the
reveal themselves, and these raids have been sporadic Prophet, and now serves as his general in the field. And the
and incomplete. Instead they have impatiently waited, Prophet, despite his weakness and pain, has already put a
remembering the ancient Doomsayer and, in the meantime, devious plan in motion.
holding dear to the legend that he will return, reincarnated in In recent weeks the Doomriders have re-emerged from the
spirit, to unite and lead them once more. This Doomsayer- wilderness and ridden out from Halidom to conquer. Several
reborn, this “Prophet”, will come out of the east as the cells, pledging allegiance to the Prophet, have rode north to
legends say he did once before, and when he does he will attack the Montanan Empire, and have laid it to waste. But
assume his rightful place at the Doomriders’ lead - and all this has not been enough. The Prophet seeks to prove his
the planet will scream in fear. validity once and for all to those who would doubt him. In
an audacious move he has sent his own men out across the
RECENTLY plains of Wyoming to sack the frontier trading city of Barter
Recently what seemed to be a sick and dying man emerged Town. Those who cast him out would suffer the most brutal
from the Burning Lands, a barren expanse of radiated and wholesale slaughter, but the destruction of Barter Town
diseased desert, and collapsed near the walls of a decrepit would serve another purpose as well - the Prophet expects
little trading city known as “Barter Town”. Rivaling Biblical word to reach the ears of the heroes of distant lands, who
Sodom, Barter Town’s greedy merchants paid the ill man will be drawn to deal with the Doomrider threat. Eventually,

if they are capable enough, they will find their way to him, in turn carried the plague with them on their recent attacks
and meet him in face-to-face combat. This will be his final on settlements and communities in Wyoming. The threat
test; killing those sent to destroy him, he will prove once and of this ugly disease plays a significant role in the Halidom
for all his mastery over life and death, and then there will be campaign, as both a major risk for the PCs to face, as well as
no stopping him. something they must race against before it spreads beyond
Wyoming and to the unsuspecting lands they call home.
Unknown to the Doomriders of Halidom until recently, the THE PARTY’S ROLE
wanderer they took in was in fact a carrier of a dreaded Halidom begins with the party arriving in the Cartel-
disease, the plague (see The Three Faces of The Plague controlled settlement of Midway, where they have been
sidebar for more information on this disease). While he drawn by a lucrative offer of employment. Looking for
brought it with him from the Burning Lands, he himself the “best of the best” for a vital mission, it is the Cartel
seems unaffected by the sickness, and he has spread it with general, General Dryden, who spells out for the PCs what
him as he has traveled through the region. The people of has recently occurred: the Doomriders, a legendary raider
Barter Town grew ill soon after he passed through, and even gang, has roused from a generation-old slumber and begun
the Doomriders themselves have gradually fallen victim to a new campaign of terror. Striking out from the unexplored
the disease. Some Doomriders have whispered this is a sign northlands, the Doomriders have moved south to sack Barter
the wanderer is cursed, but the vast majority of the cultists Town, a frontier trade city. Not content with destroying just
instead see it as an “aura of death” (and proof that he is Barter Town, the Doomriders have left a cryptic message
death incarnate) that clearly marks him as the Doomsayer giving ALL the people of the Twisted Earth just 30 days
returned. The deaths resulting from the wanderer’s sickness before the beginning of the “Second Apocalypse”.
are in fact looked upon favorably by the cultists, even deaths The PCs are immediately sent north to Barter Town to
among their own; those who die from the plague’s black find maps left behind by some of the fleeing traders, maps
touch are judged “weak”, and those that survive will be all that will lead them into the region once known as Wyoming.
the more stronger for the coming campaign to end the world. With these maps they are charged with finding the secret
However he came to carry the disease, many of the Doomrider stronghold, no matter the cost, infiltrate it,
wanderer’s loyal cult followers are now diseased, and have and assassinate whatever enigmatic leader has risen from


An underlying theme throughout Halidom is the danger of the plague, which the Doomsayer Prophet has unwittingly
spread not only to his own followers, but, with them carrying the illness as well, to the communities the Doomriders
have stricken or simply come into contact with. In the Halidom campaign the PCs will be exposed to the plague in all
three of its forms (“bubonic”, “pneumonic”, and “septicemic”), and as a result having some information on the root
disease may come in handy.
The plague originates as a bacteria (Yersinia pestis) that is quite common among rodents - and the fleas that feed off
of them. These fleas are generally content to remain with the rodent population, but when the rats die out (from the
disease) the fleas are forced to find a new source of sustenance, and if humans are nearby they become a primary target.
Yersinia pestis bacteria builds up inside a given flea, blocking its stomach passage, preventing it from glutting itself.
Unable to sate its hunger the flea continually looks for new hosts to feed off of, but being unable to get the blood past the
stomach blockage it vomits it back up into the host’s bloodstream - contaminating the host. Eventually the flea dies of
starvation, but often only after it has passed the bacteria to numerous victims.
When the plague bacteria is spread in this manner it is characterized as bubonic plague. Bubonic plague generally
manifests after a few days as chills followed by fever, intense body pains, diarrhea, coughing, and the swelling of
certain infected lymph nodes (neck, groin, or under the arms). As the bacteria replicates, these lymph nodes swell into
pronounced lumps, or “buboes”, that give the disease its name (“bubonic” plague, as well as the medieval nomenclature
“black” plague, referring to the discoloration of the lumps from internal hemorrhaging).
Once a human is afflicted with plague she becomes highly infectious; her cough can easily spread the disease to other
unprotected humans that come too close. Transferred in this way the plague becomes pneumonic, so called because it
usually leads to fatal pneumonia in just a matter of days. Once a human becomes infected with pneumonic plague she
develops a high fever followed by difficulty in breathing, the coughing up of blood, seizures, necrosis (i.e. gangrene) of
the lips, and eventual death.
Septicemic plague occurs when plague bacteria manages to contaminate the bloodstream; it is also the quickest
killer of the three variations of the disease. A victim of septicemic plague rapidly develops a fever, internal bleeding,
hemorrhaging of the internal organs, lesions, and bleeds from the skin, and may also suffer necrosis of the extremities,
before dying.


Wyoming represents a “new frontier” for characters from the more traditional regions of the Twisted Earth. This land
lies beyond the known limits of “civilization”, but in reality the people here are not that much more primitive than those
of more familiar lands. There are three major groups in Wyoming: the Fee’Men, the Cattlemen, and the Salvation.
Much of Wyoming is dominated by the tribe known as the Fee’Men, tribal overlords who have taken control of the
plains through trade and cunning. Inheritors of a vast stock of medicines from before the Fall, they have traded their
“juju” to those who’ve needed it, in exchange for guns and ammunition. Building up their arms stockpiles through these
deals, at the same time the Fee’Men have stripped their neighbors of their means of defense, and slowly taken control,
“ruling” loosely from the ruins of Casper, and demanding tribute from those groups too weak to resist them. They are
now widely feared and despised.
The Cattlemen are descended from the state’s original ranchers, and now live dispersed across Wyoming’s grassy
plains, herding angoose, the mutant descendants of cattle. These people live a semi-nomadic life, and constantly strain
at the yoke of their Fee’Men masters.
The self-titled “Salvation” occupies the poisoned wreckage of Cheyenne. The ancestors of these people were white
supremacists and punks who hoped to exploit the chaos of the Fall to create their own “Aryan empire” on the plains.
After the nuclear war their ambitions were stunted by the demands of survival, until they too descended into backwards
savagery. Holding jealously to the ruins of their city, they have resisted all outsiders for years.

seemingly nowhere to lead them. Striking out across the plains the PCs have an opportunity
Leaving the Forbidden Lands the characters enter an to deal with dangers in the open grasslands, finally locating
isolated country of horizon-spanning grasslands and majestic the scientist and his camp not far from Casper. Making his
mountains. Here they make contact with strange and acquaintance they learn he is close to revealing a great secret
colorful natives: the Cattlemen, a freedom-loving nomadic about the world they only thought they knew. However, to
people, who can teach them a little about Wyoming and its complete his research he needs some information that can
native factions. From here they go to Cheyenne, home of only be found in a small xenophobic compound, the tiny
the militaristic Salvation, but just getting into the city may settlement of Hemisphere (a village originally detailed in the
prove to be a major challenge. While the PCs may need the Darwin’s World 2nd Edition rulebook).
Salvation for information, the Salvationists quickly turn out Finding Hemisphere a haunted ruin, the PCs become
to need the PCs just as much, as the disease carried by the firsthand witnesses to the damage a single, diminutive
Doomriders has just begun to afflict Cheyenne’s beleagured creature (a euphorine) can do. But they have a job to finish,
citizens. and recovering the data the scientist requires they return to
Getting what they want will require the PCs to help the his camp and get what they need - a description of Halidom,
natives of Wyoming whether they like it or not, eventually and directions on how to find it.
leading them to the ruined city of Casper, home of the For the last leg of their journey the characters leave the
oppressive tribal overlords, the Fee’Men (a tribe originally plains of Wyoming behind and enter the Black Hills, a
detailed in The Broken & The Lost). Already helping the rugged badlands that has changed considerably since the
Salvationists acquire medicines stockpiled by the Fee’Men, time of the Fall. Poisoned, the mountains reek of death and
they also have a chance to assist a group of “amazon the presence of the Doomriders. Eventually the PCs come to
mercenaries” raid the Fee’Man warehouses for weapons, or Halidom, and must launch their final effort to penetrate the
even help the primitive holdouts of the mountains reclaim citadel, locate the “Doomsayer Prophet”...and kill him while
a tribal relic taken by the Fee’Men by force. However they he is still weak.
decide to help, pretty soon the PCs find themselves in Casper
and fighting the whole of the tribe in force. Unfortunately
the Fee’Men are expecting trouble (albeit from the MIDWAY
Doomriders, but they’re on a war footing regardless), and are
ready to meet the party’s fire with fire. Midway (Visionary Reinventor):
The characters can handle the Fee’Men a number of ways, Walled Village; Population 3,000
ranging from a quick infiltration, an outright assault, and (Mixed Human and Mutant),
even helping a disowned prince overthrow his father. Once combatants 600 (currently 300), fertile
they’ve got what they want, the PCs are soon rewarded with 600; 15,000 cp limit; Assets 60,000 cp
a valuable piece of information: the location of an elusive, (Slaves, Strong Military Leadership, Water Source).
wandering scientist who may know where “Halidom” is Social Structure: Single Strong Ruler w/ Advisors
from his travels. (Cartel).
Tolerance Level: Screened/Limited Entry.


The Cartel fort in Midway was built on the site of a pioneer trading post that had been a neglected state monument up
until the Fall. When the Cartel came to La Junta (the former name of Midway) years ago they saw the old crumbling
fort as a convenient “pre-constructed” stronghold and simply re-occupied its abandoned buildings.
The Cartel fort lies at the center of Midway, which has become something of a large town in recent years, with its
own ring of outer walls. The PCs will come here to be briefed, but they will only be here for a short time. A small map,
along with a quick key to the fort, is given here; details, if needed, are left up to you.

A South Gate (Main Entrance) K Smithy

B Courtyard L General Dryden’s Quarters
C Briefing Room M South Turret
D Quartermaster N North Turret (Gate)
E Radio Room O Latrines
F Officer’s Quarters P Barracks
G Trading Post Q Generator
H Warehouses R Bastion
I Mess Hall S North Gate
J Kitchens

Midway. For some reason you expected something sample hirelings.
fancier. The wide open desert stretches from horizon to As for information, each successful use of Gather
horizon, like a sea of low dunes. The noon sun paints Information (DC 16) will net the party one of the rumors
everything in a blinding light, including the lofty stone below:
walls that make this fortress famous up and down the
trade routes. Huge towers, covered with sloped roofs, • Three high-ranking officials from Barter Town, a
stare out at the approaches to the walled city, and a wretched trade city not unlike Midway, arrived just
handful of armed sentries can be seen patrolling the a few days ago under the cover of night, with only a
battlements. handful of guards escorting them. Something must be
Perhaps it is simply a matter of perspective. To the going on up north... This rumor refers to Rush, Kiss,
scavs and traders who regularly risk the dangers of the and Greenback, the three lords of Barter Town who
Forbidden Lands, Midway must be a welcome sight, an managed to escape before the town was sacked; see
oasis and fortified sanctuary rolled into one. later for details.
You have come here from many miles away for a job. • Two days ago a large force of Cartel cavalry and Clean
Word has been sent to the farthest corners of the trade slave-soldiers left Midway and headed north. They
routes calling for the most skilled men to sign on with haven't returned yet. Is there a war going on? This
the Cartel, one of the new rising powers of this shattered rumor refers to the forces led by General Gary and
Earth. Of all the factions and pseudo-societies of this Erzus H’an, who marched north to do battle with the
world, theirs is a reasonably tame one, with goals to Doomriders; they were wiped out (see Forest of Corpses
build a new civilization through trade and commerce. for details).
In the balance of things there are worse men to work for. • I've noticed a lot fewer guards around town after the
It was a lucrative offer, of a kind that hasn’t been put cavalry left a few days ago. Hope no raiders find
out in recent history. The traders of the Cartel offered out Midway is light on troops right now. This rumor
30,000 corium pieces to any man who agreed to sign on. touches on the fact that General Gary took most of the
With that amount of corium dangling in the air, only the Cartel troops with him when he went north, leaving
best of the best dared to come forward. Midway dangerously under-manned. However, the
You, of course, are the best of the best. real danger will be the spread of disease, which will
An intermediary working for the Cartel signed you devastate the town just in time for the Doomriders to lay
on in the last town, but he didn’t have much to tell you it to waste - if the PCs take too long (see Limited Time
about the job. Only that your presence was expected in the Adventure Appendix).
in Midway as soon as you could get there. It seems • Not sure what's going on, but the Cartel is looking for
something is going on here in the most prominent the "best of the best" for some specific job. I tried to
trading hub of the Forbidden Lands. get hired on but they turned me down - say I'm not
experienced enough. There are lots of people discussing
The adventure begins in the desert settlement of Midway, the “job”, and if needed the PCs could certainly sub-
a vital trading post in the Forbidden Lands and one firmly contract extra help if they need it.
in the control of the enterprising Cartel (for background • A few nights ago the local Clean representative
information on the Cartel, and their Clean allies, see the conferred with General Dryden, the Cartel manager
Darwin’s World 2nd Edition rulebook). here in Midway, at a closed-door meeting. He and his
When the PCs arrive in Midway they find the large janissaries left town in a big hurry the next day, taking
fortified settlement to be under what amounts to martial everything with them. Water has become scarce around
law. Armed guards man the walls at all hours, and many here as a result. After Erzus H’an failed to return the
seem to be trigger-happy. However, a character making Clean got nervous, and following a heated debate with
a Knowledge (Twisted Earth) check at DC 16, or any General Dryden the Clean representative decided to
character who has been to Midway before, senses there are pull the Clean completely out of Midway, returning to
far fewer guards on the walls than normal. Tucumcari until the recent danger is thwarted!
Regardless, the marketplace is bursting at the seams with • Water prices are through the roof since the Cartel left!
travelers, traders, and scavs taking shelter within the town The Clean have left Midway after the army of Erzus
walls. Pack animals, horses, bawthoks, and vehicles contest H’an vanished. Since they pulled out the price of fresh
for space everywhere. The Cartel flag flies from each corner water has risen to 25 cp per liter.
tower, but there is definitely something going on around
town... If the PCs ask around they will be directed to the main fort,
Allow the PCs to scout out the town and get their bearings. which is the Cartel’s headquarters (see nearby map). Here
They’re bound to rub shoulders with talkative traders, they will be taken into the well-guarded halls of the Cartel
gossiping scavs, or even other mercenaries drawn here by merchants to meet with General Dryden, the top commander
curiosity. They may even try to hire extra help if they think of Midway. Dryden is a no-nonsense man and strikes the
they might need it; see the Adventure Appendix for some PCs as a competent leader; his knowledge of business and

war run parallel. He has a few scars (remnants from when
he was just a foot soldier serving the Cartel), and carries General Dryden stands and coughs to clear his throat,
a Skorpion in a shoulder holster and a huge bowie knife before addressing everyone present.
strapped to his thigh. He looks like the kind of man that “I’d like to introduce our newly-arrived friends from
respects force of arms, and the kind of general that leads Barter Town. This is Lord Rush, Lady Kiss, and Lord
from the front. Greenback. They are the last surviving lords of Barter
Dryden has heard of the PCs’ exploits and asks them a Town, who managed to escape the destruction of their
few questions to make sure they are who they claim to be. illustrious city and bring us this terrible news.”
This gives you a chance to give the PCs the recognition The general turns to Rush, who then speaks.
they deserve for the deeds they’ve done in the past, and the “Thank you, General Dryden, for your people’s, you
sense that their sacrifices and labors haven’t gone entirely know, hospitality. Barter Town may have fallen, but
unnoticed. Similarly, if the characters come from different when this is over we’re going to return and re-establish
backgrounds or have never adventured with each other the rule of law and, like, re-open trade for the mutual
before, this gives you a chance to let each party member profit of, ah, both our people.”
stand out as individuals, and for the PCs to learn a little The man’s a terrible speaker, like a backstreet pusher
about their fellow adventurers. who has been thrust - kicking and screaming - into the
Once Dryden is satisfied that the characters are who they role of statesman. Still, the Cartel representatives all
say they are, he rises from his seat, pats down his uniform, clap, though you’re quite sure it’s only because the word
and tells the PCs that they are to follow him to the briefing “profit” was mentioned.
room. “These men,” General Dryden says, “are the
mercenaries we spoke of. We have secured their
THE BRIEFING services and they will help you regain what was illegally
taken from you. They have agreed to take this fight to
You are brought into a room where several prominent our mutual enemy, and put an end to their tyranny. But
individuals sit. You recognize Cartel soldiers standing they’ll want to ask you a few questions first.”
at attention, as well as several of what can only Rush nods nervously, and awaits your questions.
be described as “top brass” of that same powerful
merchant house. Sitting in neat military uniforms they What has taken place?
look like respectable generals of the Ancient past, if not
for their stubble, bad teeth, gross overuse of braiding Rush pulls a piece of paper out from his leather coat
and medals - and an abundance of personal firearms. and unfolds it, before speaking.
Sitting across the table are their “guests” - three “Just a few days ago we got word that an unknown
individuals that look totally out of place here. The first force was moving south towards Barter Town, carving
is a dark-skinned man with a thin moustache and gray their way through the territory of the northern nomads.
hair. He is calm and composed despite being somewhat We heard that settlements up north were being
malnourished. The second is a tall woman with long destroyed, and no one had been able to put up a fight
silver hair and an eyepatch over one eye. As she awaits against whoever it was that was comin’.
the beginning of the meeting she cleans the sand under “We decided to consider the, uh, evacuation of Barter
her nails with a rather large knife. The third is a Town, at least until we could learn more. But the other
portly man who dabs at his sun-burned forehead with a lords wouldn’t listen, so we three left - alone.”
handkerchief; when a Cartel servant offers him water he The woman, Kiss, raises an eyebrow as she looks
drinks it down eagerly. His fat fingers are choked with down at her folded hands. Greenback pats his sweaty
jeweled rings. brow again but his eyes don’t shift from you. You sense
they are being deceptive about something - is it merely
Originally there were seven “lords” of Barter Town; the guilt for abandoning their fellow Bartertowners to their
three surviving lords are Rush, Kiss, and Greenback. Each fates? Or is it something else?
of these once-powerful individuals shared in the ruling “After a few days we sent a scout back to Barter Town
of Barter Town, not unlike the heads of individual mob to learn what he could,” Rush continues, “but he found
families. Each lord (or lady) concerned his or herself with the city destroyed, the enemy gone. A letter was found
one or two aspects of the city - the selling of alcohol, drugs, on the corpse of one of our guys, and it was brought
slaves, “company” (i.e. prostitution), collecting taxes, back to us. It reads as follows:
conducting trade, running the city guard, etc. Rush was
in charge of producing drugs (and pushing his product on You have merely felt the gentle sigh of the Prophet,
visiting merchants and scavs), Kiss ran one of the largest waking in high Halidom.
brothels in the Forbidden Lands (many of the girls being In thirty days’ time he will rise again, and this carnage
little more than slaves), and Greenback was their post- will seem pale in comparison.
apocalyptic equivalent of a “treasurer”. Send your best, for the time of the Second Apocalypse

approaches. nothing to do with him, and his words were all well, you
All the world will be broken on the Wheel. know, the rants of a lunatic or something. After kicking
Thirty days time. him around a bit we threw him out into the desert.”
Kiss has more to add. “Before he left,” she says,
The message is ominous and almost seems to taunt “he cursed us, one and all. We stood up on the walls,
you with its threat. Whoever did this has given the laughing at him, and he cursed us - wild-eyed and
inhabitants of the Twisted Earth 30 days to prepare for smiling - telling us that Barter Town would fall.”
their own annihilation! Greenback chimes in. “The others laughed his words
“It is clear who is behind this,” says General off as ‘nuts’ and went back to business as usual. But
Dryden. “The Doomriders. The message references the me, Kiss, and Rush decided we didn’t want to stick
‘Wheel’ - according to the stories of the Doomriders, around to find out either way. Being sensible types, we
the ‘Doomwheel’ is a sadistic torture device they would made...’arrangements’. When we got wind a while later
often build to execute men, women, and children alike.” that an army was coming our way, it seemed all the
more prudent to leave.”
So what happened that makes you all so nervous? “The day we left the curse had already begun to set
The three surviving lords of Barter Town shift in,” Rush says. “Some of the guards were getting sick,
uncomfortably in their seats as if the question was one and a few of the townsfolk were coming down with a
they don’t want to answer, but Rush finally speaks. strange cough. It’s a good thing we got out when we
“Well, a few days before they struck some crazy son- did. Not long after, Barter Town got whacked.”
of-a-bitch came out of the east, from the direction of
the Burning Lands. A beggar wrapped in rat pelts, he Any character making a Knowledge (Twisted Earth) check
looked like death as he stumbled into town. We wanted at DC 16 will recognize that the Burning Lands comprise a

Smart players will probably want to know as much as they can about the enemy their characters are about to face: the
infamous Doomriders. Luckily rumors and stories of this fabled nihilistic gang abound, so it only requires a Knowledge
(Twisted Earth) check to confirm that a PC knows something about the Doomriders. What exactly that character knows
depends on the DC of her check.
Note that the PCs can also ask General Dryden about the Doomriders; he knows all of the information under the DC
16 through DC 22 entries below.
DC 16: The Doomriders are the most powerful raider gang on the Twisted Earth, whose insane members are said to
slaughter all women and children on sight, only rarely taking fit prisoners from the male population. These in turn are
subjected to untold horrors, brainwashed, and forced into the gang only once they’ve lost their minds. Members of the
cult are said to dress in black, while others are even said to wear capes of human flesh, and their vehicles are said to be
adorned with the bones and skulls of past victims, and fueled with their blood.
DC 19: The Doomriders are no mere “gang”. Those in the know recognize them as among the most destructive of
death cults, though who exactly leads the Doomriders has always been a mystery. It is believed the Doomriders have
only one goal, and that is the destruction of all life on the Twisted Earth, a goal that they believe will “finish the work the
Ancients started”. Their murder of women and children is a deliberate attempt to prevent new generations from being
born and raised, and it is said that their male captives are brutally castrated to prevent them from breeding as well.
DC 22: Doomrider armies are led by powerful warriors known as “zealots”. These zealots continue to foster the
message of their ancient prophet, the “Doomsayer”, a mysterious figure who bade them to murder and destroy in his
name after he vanished many years ago. There is a prophecy that one day the Doomsayer will return from the afterlife
to lead his armies anew, this time in a great campaign that will extinguish all life once and for all.
DC 25: Most people believe there is only one Doomrider army, but scholars suggest there are several separate “cells”
of Doomriders, the largest of which usually controls the ancient fortress of Halidom. The Doomrider factions are united
in their belief that the Doomsayer will one day return, but they never seem to agree when.
DC 28: The reason they haven’t been heard in years is because the Doomriders have been silently waiting for a time
when the Doomsayer will return. Until this day comes the cult’s ranks swell with the most bloodthirsty killers and
maniacs, who train constantly and hone their skills at war with punitive raids into the wild lands of the north. These
raids are just a distraction, however, a way for them to refine themselves for the coming return of their “Prophet”. When
this great visionary-warrior comes it is said he will bring with him a sign that he is Death incarnate. All things will die
before him; first the “innocents and the lambs of the world”, then those who would stand against the cult, and finally,
when the Great Work of extermination is done, even the cult itself will crumble and be consumed by the “darkness” that
follows him like a murderous shadow.

vast region so blasted by radiation that nothing is believed “Neither General Gary, Lord H’an, nor their armies
to live there. A character making the same check at DC 25 have been heard from since. The loss of Lord H’an has
will learn everything about the Burning Lands listed in the been significant enough that the Clean have decided to
Darwin’s 2nd Edition rulebook. pull up stakes and leave Midway for good.”
He lets his words sink in for a moment, then changes
Do you want us to find the other lords of Barter Town tone.
and bring them back safely? “Regardless, I hold onto the hope that a small group
The remaining lords look at each other in can do what a large one cannot.
conspiratorial silence for a moment, but Rush quickly “In any event, Lord Rush tells me that in their haste
speaks up. to evacuate before the attack some important maps
“Uh...yes...I’m sure we could arrange a reward were left behind in the city. You’ll need to go to Barter
for each of our...fellow lords you find alive...Say, 500 Town and find these maps, as they will show you the way
corium pieces?” north. The rest is up to you.
You get the distinct impression they couldn’t care less “You have thirty days to find ‘Halidom’ and this
if you found their fellow lords alive or not. ‘Prophet’. I can’t bring myself to imagine what will
happen if you don’t.”
The PCs don’t know this but one of the lords of Barter Town,
“Two-Fingers”, is still alive. A captive of the Doomriders, In reality the message of the Doomriders is somewhat
he may be found at Halidom itself (see the final part of this misleading. While their Prophet is in fact recovering
adventure series). (“waking”) from his time in the desert, they have given
the people of the wasteland 30 days not only to prepare for
What is “Halidom”? their destruction, but to give them time to find and gather
“I put my best men on deciphering the riddle,” the most powerful adventurers of the land. In this way they
General Dryden says. “It is an old word, from a hope to lure the great merchant houses and factions of the
language that was lost even before the Fall. It means southern lands into sending their finest warriors to face them.
‘holy place’ or ‘sanctuary’. According to legend the In essence the Doomriders are laying a trap; they know the
Doomriders have a vast fortress hidden far to the north, Cartel will hire the best possible men to do the job. Once the
a secret sanctuary. That must be what the message Doomriders kill these “heroes”, it will send a clear message
refers to.” that he is the Doomsayer returned.


“A leader,” Greenback says. After the briefing the three lords of Barter Town are escorted
“A legend,” Kiss sneers under her breath. from the chamber and back to their temporary quarters in the
“Someone who can be killed,” asserts General fortress. General Dryden watches them leave, but motions
Dryden, turning to you. “I want no misunderstanding - for the PCs to stay.
we aren’t hiring heroes here. We contacted you because Once the lords are gone, General Dryden has a few more
you are men who can get things done. Dirty things, words for the PCs:
things that leave the hands bloody. Assassins.”
“I don’t believe in mad prophets or curses. We
What do you want us to do? believe the Doomriders attacked Barter Town for an
“Here are your orders: Travel north. Follow the earthly reason. Like most settlements in this land Barter
Doomriders’ trail. Make contact with whatever people Town is like an oasis, the only stopping point in a vast
live in that land, and find out where the Doomriders are. desert. The Doomriders know that should any army
Find their leader...” march to meet them it will need Barter Town as a base
He stares at each of you. “And kill him”. to operate from. By destroying it they have made it
“I won’t lie to you, gentlemen. You’ve probably impossible for anyone to send a large army north to take
already heard that something terrible looms over the fight to them. There’s just not enough to forage off
Midway. The rumors are everywhere, from the traders of in the Forbidden Lands.
in the marketplace to the men guarding the walls. What “Keep in mind we don’t trust the Bartertowners any
they don’t know - what you don’t know - is that when farther than we can throw them. Hell, the wasteland
our friends from Barter Town first came here seeking will probably be better off without them. But there is a
sanctuary, we mustered a large force - along with our code among merchants, and we won’t turn our backs on
Clean allies - and sent it north to meet the Doomriders them when they’ve asked for sanctuary. But at the same
on the field of battle. I personally appointed General time remember who is paying you - you work for the
Gary, my very best commander, to lead it into the desert. Cartel, not the lords of Barter Town.
The Clean sent their own commander, Erzus H’an, to “Once you’ve got the maps from Barter Town head
lead their forces. north and see what you can find. The Bartertowners

say there are others living to the north, so you may BAB +3; Grap +5; Atk +5 melee (1d6+3, bite); Full Atk +5
get shelter or information from them. But keep an melee (1d6+3, bite); FS 5 ft. by 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.; SQ Scent,
eye out; we want to know what’s up there and who the Sense Disease; AL none; SV Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +1; AP 0;
Bartertowners do business with. After all, should you Rep +0; Str 15, Dex 13, Con 18, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6.
succeed in your mission, Bartertown will still be a Skills: Jump +4, Listen +3, Spot +4, Survival +4 (+8
shadow of its former self...and the Cartel wouldn’t mind when tracking by scent).
taking over in their absence... Feats: None.
“I trust we understand each other. Well then, good
An eerie and unnatural glow hovers over the distant
HEADING OUT deserts to the east, a hellish red radiance that marks
the land as blighted. As far as you can tell, the glow
This adventure assumes the player
characters are high-level adventurers, extends north and south further than the eye can see.
heroes, or simply grim and grizzled
veterans of many past conflicts. They The region known as the “Burning Lands,” occupies the
have been hired solely on the basis of entire eastern edge of the adventure map, and are largely
their considerable reputations (whether impassable during the course of this adventure. This barren
heroic or shady), their ability to get things done (proven region (as described in Darwin’s World 2nd Edition) is a
through the sheer fact that they’ve survived this long), and pock-marked desert of radiated sands, believed by most to
their own resourcefulness. As a result, short of being paid be too inhospitable for life to thrive within its ever-growing
a very handsome sum to get the job done, the PCs will get boundaries.
no tangible help from the Cartel. This shouldn’t come as In Shadows Loom, if the PCs attempt to travel through
a surprise; if the PCs ask for help or material assistance the Burning Lands (perhaps to try and get to Barter Town
it will simply reflect badly on them (whether this merely without encountering other creatures) they will expose
manifests in a frown from General Dryden, or results in him themselves to the threat of radiation. At all times the level
reconsidering them for the job, is up to you). of gamma radiation in the Burning Lands will never fall
That’s not to say the PCs have no time to prepare. below Low, though hotspots of High and even Severe will
Midway is a big town by wasteland standards, and is a major crop up on a 1 in 6 for each hex the party travels through. If
trading hub, eclipsing even the late, great Barter Town. As the PCs do manage to make the journey through the Burning
a result there are resources here, but anything extra the PCs Lands, however, they will have no encounters while there.
need to take along on their journey will have to come out of
their own pockets, including food, water, medical supplies, CAMPSITE (EL 0)
and mounts/vehicular transport. The Cartel stronghold of Midway is far behind you
When the PCs are ready, they are expected to head to now, and the sun over the Forbidden Lands bores down
Barter Town and complete their mission. unrelentingly on your journey. The desert has been
unbroken since you left that trade town, and your only
CARNAGES (EL 6) guide has been a thin trail winding ever northwards.
The wind blows with tremendous force across the wide Ahead you see a cluster of ancient tree stumps around
open desert, taking with it dry bits of vegetation and a dried-up streambed, a number of holes dug into the
tumbling sagebrush. Walking against the wind along a ground, and the signs that a large force recently used
nearby rise you see a trio of strange-looking dogs with this area as some sort of campsite.
beady red eyes and quills running the length of their
backs. The animals stop when they spot you, eyeing you A search of this area reveals that is was in fact used as a
from a distance. campsite recently, by a large, mixed group of individuals.
The holes in the earth were unsuccessful attempts to find
The characters have come across a small group of three underground water. An investigation (Investigate DC 28) of
advanced carnages [B&L], crossing the desert wastes the entire area reveals the approximate number of men and
towards some distant destination. If the PCs don’t attack horses, which corresponds to the exact number of men and
the creatures will follow the party, hoping they will lead the cavalry that left Midway under General Gary’s command.
animals to food. They will not attack the characters, but if This, then, was apparently their last resting area before
the PCs approach them the animals will defend themselves. striking out to find the Doomriders.
Advanced Carnages (3): HP 34 (see below). A Spot check (DC 16) by any PC at the site allows her to
notice a piece of paper stuck on a bare branch of one of the
Advanced Carnages [B&L]: CR 3; Medium-size Mutated dead trees surrounding the site. It is apparently a message,
Animal; HD 4d8+16; HP 34; Mas 18; Init +1; Spd 40 ft.; left for anyone who might follow in the army’s footsteps.
Defense 12, touch 11, flatfooted 11 (+1 Dex, +1 natural); The message is written in scrawled handwriting, but is

legible to anyone who can read Unislang: Gen. Dryden: • Scar knows virtually nothing of the Doomriders, though
Camping 30 m N of Midway; Proceeding NE to intercept; they are not held in high regard by the Ravagers, who
Morale high. - Gen. Gary. think them a "sickening lot" because of their fascination
GM’s Note: The message was apparently General Gary’s with senseless murder. Neither Scar nor any of his men
last correspondence before moving his army out. It gives have actually battled the Doomriders, however.
only vague directions to the battle site where the Cartel/ • The Ravagers aren't worried that the Doomriders may be
Clean force met the Doomriders; the PCs can find more active again. The leader of the Ravagers sits secure in
detailed directions by visiting Vendorville. his fortress to the west, and has given his men no reason
to be concerned. He actually seems more worried about
PUEBLO (EL 8) the strange reports of "shambling zombies" wandering
The wreckage of an ancient city stretches to the north. down from the Big Rocks (for more on this rumor, see
Stripped heaps that were once cars sit scattered here The Wastelords series of adventures).
and there; telephone poles and old street lights gather • The Ravagers know the Doomriders kill everything
rust and weird vegetation. in their path, but they believe themselves capable
The sound of automatic fire echoes through the ruins, of handling the Doomriders if they ever come (this
followed by a thundering “roar” and the trembling of probably won't be the case, however, as the Doomriders
the earth. are far more powerful than the Ravagers realize).
• Scar and his men garrison a Ravager camp a few miles
These ruins mark the beginnings of a stretch of urban south of Pueblo. They were getting bored and came
terrain that once ran from Pueblo to Denver. Pueblo and the here to hunt; the ruins are famous for its large mutant
outlying cities are almost completely abandoned; Denver is creatures. They've been tracking a heap turtle for
occupied by ghouls (see Ember, later, for details). days, and this morning injured the beast. It managed
This particular area, the southernmost edge of Pueblo, to burrow away, but they are confident they'll catch it
is desolate but a force of raiders from the Ravagers (for again. If the PCs offer to help kill the creature, Scar
background info on this raider gang see Darwin’s World 2nd accepts their assistance; see the Darwin’s World rules
Edition) has moved into the ruins for some “sport”. They are for the statistics of a heap turtle. If they succeed in the
out hunting, and their prey is a heap turtle, a giant armored hunt, the characters will have made a friend among the
beast that is known to inhabit these eerie, crumbling ruins. Ravagers raider gang.
If the PCs follow the sounds of battle they eventually • Scar can tell the PCs about Vendorville (“just another
come across the Ravagers. Read the following: piss-ant trade town”) and how to find it. He hasn’t heard
anything about the fall of Barter Town, and will be
Following the sounds of battle you come to a decaying incredulous if the characters claim it has been destroyed
intersection where a few rusted vehicles sit. All of by the Doomriders.
them are armored with extra plate welded on, and are • If asked about Ember, Scar tells the party that the
decorated with paint and graffiti. Standing around are Ravagers never go there anymore, as the ruins have
a half dozen raiders with stitched up leather armor and been taken over by ghouls. The ruins are also radiated.
wild mohawks, and at their side stand several strange-
looking dogs. When the men see you they turn as if The Ravagers will fight to defend themselves, but won’t
ready for a fight, but one of them - probably their leader attack unless deliberately provoked. There are seven of
- motions for the raiders to hold their fire. the men (including “Scar”), accompanied by three trained
As raiders the Ravagers are always looking for a fight, but Ravagers (6): HP 37 (see below).
their leader (“Scar”) is no fool and can tell the PCs are Scar: HP 44 (see below).
probably beyond their capabilities. With an appraising Advanced Carnages (3): HP 34 (see Carnages).
look he nods to the party and, if need be, reigns the most
aggressive of his men in. Ravagers (Mutant Strong Hero 3/Raider 2): CR 5;
This tense encounter should be dealt with using Medium-size humanoid; HD 3d8+6 plus 2d10+4; HP 37;
diplomacy. Scar doesn’t want to fight the party, even though Mas 14; Init +2; Spd 30 ft; Defense 18, touch 15, flatfooted
his men are eager for blood and loot. He is willing to talk to 16 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +3 class, +3 equipment); BAB +5; Grap
the party, though what he knows about the current situation +7; Atk +8 melee (1d6+4, chain), or +7 ranged (2d6, Uzi);
(namely the Doomriders) is limited. He can pass on the FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical incompatibility; AL
following information: Ravagers; SV Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +0; AP 2; Rep +1; Str
15, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 11.
• The Ravagers have heard vague rumors of another gang Occupation: Predator (Hide).
stirring "up north". The "gang" is the Doomriders, Background: Radical (Intimidate).
a weird fanatical cult that hasn’t been seen for many

Mutations and Defects: Interior Moisture Reservoir, Development: If the party includes either Sergeant or Sir
Serrated Dental Development, Bilirubin Imbalance, Cystic Goodyear (see Adventure Appendix), they will want to drive
Fibrosis. the raiders off rather than talk with them. As a result the
Skills: Bluff -2, Diplomacy -2, Disguise -2, Drive +5, encounter above may resolve much differently...
Hide +5, Intimidate +6, Jump +5, Knowledge (Tactics) +3,
Feats: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Armor Proficiency The remnants of the old American freeway system
(light), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (chain), Personal pass through a broken cityscape that runs like a crushed
Firearms Proficiency, Post-Apocalyptic Technology, spine along the base of the great Rocky mountains that
Primitive Technology, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Weapon rise majestically to the west.
Focus (chain).
Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee If the party continues north through the city ruins (despite
Smash. possible warnings from the Ravagers in Pueblo), they
Talents (Raider): Chaps and Chains +1, Bloodthirsty eventually pass through the destroyed rubble that was once
Cry. Colorado Springs.
Possessions: Chain, Uzi, two boxes of 9mm ammunition There are many stories about this fabled ruin. Legend
(60), two tear gas grenades, leather armor, two juju potions has it that the city served as a last-ditch “holdout” of the
(1d4+2), gas mask, walkie-talkie, power cell. Ancients during the Final War, after the great cities of the
eastern seaboard fell, one by one, to the Great Enemy.
Scar (Mutant Strong Hero 3/Raider 3): CR 6; Medium- Relocating to this distant spot at the foot of the Rocky
size humanoid; HD 3d8+6 plus 3d10+6; HP 44; Mas 14; Init Mountains, the teetering government continued a desperate
+2; Spd 25 ft; Defense 23, touch 16, flatfooted 21 (+0 size, fight until, at some point, they simply vanished in a great
+2 Dex, +4 class, +7 equipment); BAB +6; Grap +8; Atk +9 nuclear fireball.
melee (1d6+4, chain), or +9 ranged (2d8, M16A2); Full Atk Other stories tell of rare sightings of “metal men”
+9/+4 melee (1d6+4, chain), or +9/+4 ranged (2d8, M16A2); wandering the ruins, as well as sightings of giant metal “war
FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical incompatibility; AL machines”, some of which stand 20 or 30 ft. tall. Whether
Ravagers; SV Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +1; AP 3; Rep +1; Str or not the legends and sightings are real, Colorado Springs
15, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 11. appears to have been utterly laid waste. Multiple strategic-
Occupation: Predator (Hide). scale weapons were apparently used on the city, and all that
Background: Radical (Intimidate). remains now are glowing ruins that stretch for miles beneath
Mutations and Defects: Interior Moisture Reservoir, the shadow of the Rockies.
Serrated Dental Development, Bilirubin Imbalance, Cystic GM’s Note: Though there are many legends concerning
Fibrosis. what exactly happened to Colorado Springs, it is
Skills: Bluff -2, Diplomacy +0, Disguise -2, Drive +5, probably most likely that the city was destroyed due to
Hide +5, Intimidate +6, Jump +5, Knowledge (Tactics) +3, its military importance; as the headquarters of Air Force
Spot +1, Survival +0. Space Command, United States Northern Command
Feats: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Armor Proficiency (USNORTHCOM), as a training ground for infantry and
(light), Armor Proficiency (medium), Exotic Weapon armor units up to and during the Final War, and its proximity
Proficiency (chain), Personal Firearms Proficiency, Post- to the refurbished NORAD complex at Cheyenne Mountain
Apocalyptic Technology, Primitive Technology, Simple which contained the computerized command structure
Weapons Proficiency, Weapon Focus (chain), Weapon Focus that coordinated the war effort during the Fall (for more
(M16A2). information on the possible role of Cheyenne Mountain
Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee during the Fall, see the Darwin’s World supplement Metal
Smash. Gods).
Talents (Raider): Chaps and Chains +1, Bloodthirsty Regardless of the vague rumors of “metal men” and “war
Cry. machines” being spotted in the ruins (these legends are
Possessions: M16A2, two boxes of 5.56mm ammunition somehow related to the stories of the “Chrome Children”,
(60), tactical vest, chain, gas mask, walkie-talkie, power cell, a group mentioned in The Broken & The Lost), when the
binoculars, survival kit, Geiger counter, power beltpack. party comes to Colorado Springs the city will prove to be
empty; there will be no strange encounters or sightings. The
Treasure: The Ravagers have a few vehicles, including ruins are not without danger, however, especially in the form
a battle cycle and two battle cars, all of which have half of radiation. Radiation levels throughout the old city are
their maximum load of fuel (in ethanol). All of these are considered High, and unprotected parties will be affected if
armored [RT] (see Adventure Appendix for what this vehicle they pass through the area.
modification does). One of the battle cars contains three
animal cages and an additional four tanks of ethanol.

VENDORVILLE (EL 0) mules, and they’re noticeably on edge. A Diplomacy check
The sky is turning dark but there should be several (DC 16) gets them to calm down; otherwise they abandon
hours of daylight left. Coming to the top of a nearby their mules and attempt to flee for their lives.
crest you look out to see what appears to be a sandstorm If the PCs manage to calm them down, Wheel and Deal
brewing perhaps twenty miles away on the horizon. can be convinced to converse (while they continue packing,
In the sandy depression beyond the crest lies the ruins of course). A Gather Information check (DC 16) will net a
of an old pre-Fall town. On the edge of the ruins is a few pieces of information:
settlement of tents, huts, and run-down shacks, which
appears to have recently been the center of a lot of • Wheel and Deal confirm that "Vendorville", a trade
activity. As you watch a few vehicles, overloaded with town, was set up only two weeks ago, and for a while
goods packed onto their roofs, race out the open front business was booming. But just a few days ago word
gate and into the desert to the south, trailing columns of reached them that Barter Town had been attacked by an
dust. "unknown army". Since Barter Town isn't that far from
Vendorville, a lot of folks started getting scared and
The small settlement the characters see in the nearby most left overnight.
depression is “Vendorville”, one of many temporary “trade • If asked directly Deal can confirm that a large army
towns” that spring up virtually overnight in the Forbidden from the Cartel/Clean passed through the area three
Lands - and disappear just as quickly. Trade towns such as days ago. Deal guesses there must have been a battle
this are a common sight in the region, communal gatherings to the northwest, as gunfire, cannon booms, and strange
where people from all over get together to do trade and enjoy music (heavy metal) was heard on the horizon from that
simple (and sometimes brutal) entertainment before going direction. No one knows who won. If the PCs ask,
their separate ways. the peddlers can identify where the army was headed;
If the PCs attempt to hail the departing vehicles they if they follow these directions it will lead them to the
simply race by, not bothering to stop. If they descend and Forest of Corpses.
approach the town, they find it eerily quiet and empty. • If the PCs bring up the Doomriders, Wheel and Deal
The town appears to have hastily dismantled, like a circus admit raiders are a constant trouble in the Forbidden
hurriedly moving on to greener pastures. The tents, shacks, Lands, from the Wastelords to the Ravagers, but the
and huts are all empty, though a few non-essential items may Doomriders are different. They haven't been seen
have been left behind in the inhabitants’ rush to leave, at around these parts in over a generation, but the stories
your discretion. of their depravations are still vivid in the minds of the
The small settlement appears deserted, but characters people who live here. The inhabitants remember the
searching around eventually hear, over the roar of the legends well: an army that erases entire towns from the
growing wind, the sound of movement and activity. If they map, killing every last man, woman, and child in their
investigate, they soon find two men that haven’t yet left. path. According to the stories the Doomriders don't
These two men are traveling peddlers, Wheel and Deal, seem interested in conquest or tribute; instead they seem
and they will be surprised when the PCs make themselves solely bent on exterminating all life they come across.
known. • There are other dangers in this area, and the two
Wheel and Deal are somewhat in a panic, as everyone else peddlers will be glad to pass on a warning. The
has left town already, leaving them by themselves. Both Forbidden Lands are notorious for being infested with
men are packing all of their worldly belongings onto their sandmen; one tribe, known as the “Black Talons”, are
particularly bold, and are said to emerge from their
underground warrens to hunt on the surface when it is
dark. The PCs are advised to be on guard at night.
• If asked about the sandstorm, Deal says he predicts it
will hit the area around Barter Town and will last for
several days (he's correct).
• If asked specifically, Wheel warns the PCs away from
Denver ("Ember"), describing it as a lifeless, radiated
ruin. He went there once looking for gizmos to
scrounge, but found only signs of radiation (he knows
nothing of the ghouls living there).

If the PCs offer their help in packing the men's wares, Wheel
and Deal will be a bit suspicious of their intentions at first,
but eventually will gratefully accept. Each of the men offers
the party one pick from their stock before heading out (they
are also willing to sell these items; see below for prices).

Whether or not the characters help, after packing away a GM’s Note: Brannick was in Barter Town for the battle,
few more things the men are ready to head south towards and if asked will describe the Doomriders as “scarred,
Midway. Regardless of any deals made, the two men won't sickly-looking warriors” who fought like demons, without
be returning any time soon. any regard for their own lives. Brannick describes their
weapons as a mixture of “roaring rifles” that shoot pure sonic
Wheel’s Stock Qty Price
Radio-control detonator 1 100 cp energy, and powered melee weapons such as power swords.
Power fist 1 5,000 cp The army that struck Barter Town was led by a general clad
Bollix pack* 1 5,000 cp in powered armor, and whose eyelids had been cut away so
Power cell 2 50 cp that he never blinked (this was Master Merciless, a major
NPC the PCs will later encounter in the final part of this
Deal’s Stock Qty series - however, Brannick does not know the man’s actual
Flash goggles 2 75 cp name). There were many others as well, too many to count.
Boron solution spray (3 uses) 1 500 cp He shows no outward signs (and doesn’t even know it
Gasoline (tank) 1 50 cp
himself), but Brannick is in fact infected with the pneumonic
Rolling Stone magazine** 1 200 cp
form of the plague, having picked it up fighting the
* This item is damaged and must be repaired (Repair check DC 30, Doomriders in the battle for Barter Town. Only 1d2 days
and requiring 650 cp in spare parts) before it can be used. after joining the group Brannick will begin showing plague
** This item is located at the bottom of a box that Deal planned on symptoms: high fever, chills, and the development of a
leaving behind. In reality the old magazine is in poor shape and hacking cough. At this point, each additional day he spends
contains little of use to the party, but if the PCs take it and look with the party the characters must make Fortitude saves (DC
through it they find (much to their surprise) an old article about a 15) to avoid catching the disease themselves.
heavy metal band coincidentally called “The Doomriders”. See Brannick: HP 78 (down to 21 due to injuries; see below).
Handout #1.
Brannick (Mutant Fast Hero 3/Skulk 5/Guardian 2):
VENGEFUL SURVIVOR (EL 10) CR 10; Medium-size humanoid; HD 3d8+9 plus 5d8+15
To your surprise an excited voice shouts out across plus 2d10+6; HP 78 (down to 21); Mas 16; Init +6; Spd
the flat desert, not far from where you are. Turning you 35 ft; Defense 25, touch 20, flatfooted 23 (+0 size, +2
see a bedraggled man rise from a clever hiding place Dex, +8 class, +5 equipment); BAB +7; Grap +9; Atk +9
in a dry streambed that you hadn’t noticed. He raises a melee (1d6+3, rifle butt, two-handed), or +10 ranged (2d8,
rifle over his head inoffensively, and with his other hand M1903 Springfield [B&L]); Full Atk +9/+4 melee (1d6+3,
waves a greeting. He looks badly wounded, and what’s rifle butt, two-handed), or +10/+5 ranged (2d8, M1903
worse, a sandstorm seems to be picking up strength on Springfield [B&L]); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical
the northern horizon, headed this way. incompatibility, adrenaline surge, darkvision; AL none; SV
Fort +9, Ref +10, Will +1; AP 5; Rep +2; Str 14, Dex 14,
The man is Brannick, a former guardsman from Barter Town Con 16, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 12.
who fled during the Doomriders’ attack. He got away, but Occupation: Slaver (Gamble, Knowledge [Business]).
not before he was badly injured in the battle. He is excited Background: Radical (Knowledge [Tactics]).
to see the party, since he believed he would certainly perish Mutations and Defects: Adrenaline Control, Sensitive
out here without food, water, or medical treatment. He’s also Sight, Immune-System Abnormality x2.
been wandering around in circles for days. Skills: Bluff +6, Escape Artist +7, Gamble +3, Hide
Brannick will approach the characters and openly explain +15, Intimidate +5, Knowledge (Business) +3, Knowledge
where he came from and how he survived. From the get- (Current Events) +2, Knowledge (Tactics) +7, Listen +1,
go it is clear he has no love for the lords of Barter Town, Move Silently +15, Sleight of Hand +13, Spot +1.
blaming them for the town falling to the Doomriders - and Feats: Alertness, Armor Proficiency (light), Armor
the ensuing massacre. Having seen many friends (i.e. other Proficiency (medium), Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative,
slavers) murdered by the Doomriders, it is obvious he Personal Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank Shot, Post-
despises his former employers. Apocalyptic Technology, Primitive Technology, Simple
Since he needs the characters, Brannick tries to be Weapons Proficiency, Stealthy.
friendly - but despite his best efforts comes off as a little bit Talents (Fast Hero): Increased Speed, Improved
desperate. He will try to trade for any medicines the PCs Increased Speed.
may have (or treatment, if they don’t have actual stimshots Talents (Skulk): Sweep, Sneak Attack +1d6, Skill
to give out). He will also ask the party to let him join them, Mastery, Sneak Attack +2d6.
since he can’t survive out here on his own. He knows little Talents (Guardian): Defender +2, Weapon Focus
of the region beyond the established trade route, but can (M1903 Springfield [B&L]).
offer them an extra arm in a fight. Beyond that, however, he Possessions: M1903 Springfield [B&L], 7 rounds of .30-
has nothing to give except for information on what he saw 06 ammunition, bullet bandolier, machete, light-duty vest,
during the fall of Barter Town. canteen (empty), 2d10 cp.

Development: Brannick is destined to become the FOREST OF CORPSES (EL VARIES)
party’s enemy, but for the time being he will do anything The sun is slipping slowly towards the horizon,
to join them. If the party allows Brannick to accompany its golden rays causing each shadow to deepen and
them, sooner or later he will learn of their mission and their lengthen. But the clear sky is smudged with greasy
association with the lords of Barter Town. If and when he black smoke ahead, and as you top the next dune you
learns the PCs are actually working for the lords of Barter see a small forest just a mile or so away. The dim
Town (even if indirectly) his sympathies will suddenly turn pinpoints of bonfires along the roadside, and among the
against them. He won’t attack them directly, of course, but bare trees of the forest, can be seen even from this great
will instead wait until the most opportune moment to steal distance.
something from them and make off on his own.
Brannick’s timing depends on if and when the party gives Though the PCs may have reason to be cautious, if they
him the opportunity. He could easily steal some power clips investigate the bonfires they find a scene of total carnage,
or other valuable item while the characters camp (especially with dozens of dead bodies to meet their gaze. The “forest”
if they’ve come to trust him), or he could steal their vehicle/ they thought they saw is nothing more than a collection
mounts if they leave him along with them while they of 100+ crucifixes, each adorned with the body of a dead
investigate another adventure location later in the campaign. Cartel (or Clean) soldier crucified by the roadside. This is
Whenever and wherever he chooses to make his move, he most certainly the army led by General Gary and Lord H’an
will make sure the party doesn’t catch up to him when he to meet the Doomriders on the field of battle; tragically, it
leaves. appears they were unsuccessful.
Ideally Brannick will abandon the party somewhere Bonfires burn the army’s dead animals (horses and mules
between the time they let him join and the time they enter used by the Cartel cavalry) and light the spectacle by night, a
the refugee camp outside Cheyenne in part three of this ploy intended to draw passerby from miles around to witness
series, Plaguelands. Perfect opportunities for him to desert the futility of resisting the Doomriders.
might include while the party searches Barter Town (in this GM’s Note: PCs searching through the charnel “forest”
adventure), when they search the mutant settlement in the may find a few items of interest; see individual locations
latter part of The Long Drive, or when the party rests and below.
recuperates at Stronghold (in Plaguelands).
Regardless of when he chooses to abandon the party,
Brannick will eventually re-appear as an enemy in part five
What at first you thought to be the bare trees of a
of this series, Halidom.
forest proves to be dozens of crucifixes standing over
a field of bloody carnage. Nailed to each of these

ramshackle crosses is the dead body of a Cartel soldier, F3. OFFICERS (EL 0)
gutted, dismembered, or in many cases decapitated. Crucified to a cluster of wooden crosses at this spot
Large vultures perch atop a number of these crucifixes, are several dead bodies in uniform. The corpses have
pecking away at the dead that have been left for their been tied to their crosses to prevent them from sagging
consumption. and breaking free as they rot.

After slaughtering the Cartel/Clean army the Doomriders These men were the officers of the Cartel/Clean army, and
took their time crucifying the dead soldiers, making a to mock their importance in life the Doomriders gave them
mockery of the coalition’s force of arms. Each of these a special place of honor in the “forest of corpses”. Stringing
crucifixes bears aloft a single corpse, already badly rotting. them up and nailing them to these posts, the Doomriders
Huge scavenging birds sit atop many of these, carrion arranged them on the tallest crucifixes, head and shoulders
feeders that have been drawn for miles to feast. The birds above the rest.
will watch the PCs only momentarily before returning to GM’s Note: Characters deliberately searching for the
their meals, but if attacked will defend themselves. Once the corpses of either General Gary or Lord H’an will not find
PCs kill at least two of them, the rest keep their distance. them among the dead at this location, which may strike them
None of the dead bodies on these crucifixes has anything as odd. The terrible fates of these two generals will only be
of interest on them, except for the rotted remains of Cartel discovered in the final part of this series.
Advanced Vultures (2): HP 22 (see below). F4. DESPERATE SCAVS (EL 14)
As the party searches around the field of dead, allow each
Advanced Vulture: CR 3; Medium-size animal; HD character to make a single Listen check at DC 28. Those that
5d8; HP 22; Mas 10; Init +3; Spd 10 ft, fly 60 ft (average); succeed detect the faint sound of two individuals scavenging
Defense 15, touch 13, flatfooted 12 (+3 Dex, +2 natural); nearby. If the PCs follow the sound (or otherwise investigate
BAB +3; Grap +4; Atk +6 melee (1d6+1, bite); Full Atk +6 this area), read the following:
melee (1d6+1, bite); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ none;
AL none; SV Fort +1, Ref +7, Will +3; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 12, Up ahead you see two dishevelled men in long leather
Dex 17, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 14, Cha 10. coats (stitched together with bone and sinew) and
Skills: Listen +6, Spot +6 (+14 in daylight). wearing gas masks rummaging feverishly through the
Feats: Weapon Finesse (bite). pockets of several dead bodies. When they spot you,
without warning they suddenly raise their pistols and
F2. PILES OF BODIES (EL 7) open fire!
Unusually large - and bold - vultures screech as
you approach this field of dead bodies. Several dozen The two men, “Vanish” and “Torg”, are mangy, degenerate
corpses lie strewn all over this area, lending the air an scavs from up north. Desperate survivors, they used to make
awful stench. their living preying on traveling merchants and dodging the
rare encounter with Cartel patrols, selling their ill-gotten
These dead bodies were also foot soldiers of the Cartel army gains in places like Barter Town. They recently visited the
led by General Gary, all of whom were massacred and their ruins of Barter Town but only briefly, encountering signs
bodies left in the open. Characters wishing to search through of the Black Talons there and deciding it was best to leave.
the dead will have to fight off the vultures that have claimed They are now desperate to find food and water.
the field as their own. Unfortunately both men became ill with the plague from
Advanced Vultures (4): HP 22 (see area F1). spending too much time in Barter Town (where Vanish was
Treasure: Once the vultures are killed or driven off bitten by an infected rat), and are now raving with fever.
the characters can take their time searching the dead. The They will attack the PCs on sight; they have nothing to do
terrible smell of decay gives the PCs a -2 penalty to the with the Doomriders other than being indirect victims of
Search checks, however. On a successful check (at DC 28) their foul menace.
the characters find something; roll randomly on the table GM’s Note: During the fight the two scavs hope to win
below for each success: initiative to do as much Sneak Attack damage as possible.
Roll Find They then split up, with Vanish using his Light Distortion
1 A set of electro-optical binoculars Field mutation to turn invisible and hopefully arrange
2-4 2d10 loose rounds of 5.56mm ammunition another Sneak Attack next round. Unable to disappear like
5-7 1d6 canteens (empty) his companion, Torg simply resorts to trying to pin the PCs
Mastercraft combat knife +1 (bonus to down with his Glock pistol, using Double Tap whenever
attack) possible (this reduces his ranged attack bonus to +11, but
increases the damage to 3d6). Both men reserve their Optic
Emissions ability to deflect potential energy attacks against
them. Not particularly brave, Vanish will use his Light

Distortion Field to try and get away once reduced to 20 hit Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Armor Proficiency
points or less. (medium), Dodge, Double Tap, Personal Firearms
Vanish: HP 69 (see below). Proficiency, Point Blank Shot, Post-Apocalyptic Technology,
Torg: HP 81 (see below). Primitive Technology, Quick Draw, Radiation Sense, Simple
Weapons Proficiency, Toughness, Weapon Focus (Glock 20).
Vanish* (Mutant Fast Hero 4/Post-Apocalyptic Hero Talents (Fast Hero): Evasion, Uncanny Dodge 1.
3/Scav 5): CR 12; Medium-size humanoid; HD 4d8+4 plus Talents (Post-Apocalyptic Hero): Wasteland Lore,
3d8+3 plus 5d8+5 plus 3; HP 69; Mas 13; Init +3; Spd 30 Conserve.
ft; Defense 26, touch 24, flatfooted 23 (+0 size, +3 Dex, +11 Talents (Scav): Scav Scan, Sneak Attack +1d6, Scav
class, +2 equipment); BAB +8; Grap +10; Atk +10 melee Survival, Sneak Attack +2d6.
(1d3+2 nonlethal, unarmed), or +13 ranged (2d6, Glock Possessions: Light duty vest, gas mask, Glock 20, 11
20); Full Atk +10/+5 melee (1d3+2 nonlethal, unarmed), or rounds of 10mm ammunition, 7 cp, canteen (empty).
+13/+8 ranged (2d6, Glock 20); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft;
SQ medical incompatibility; AL none; SV Fort +8, Ref +10, * Both men are diseased and carry the bubonic plague (they
Will +3; AP 6; Rep +2; Str 14, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 9, Wis have taken the initial damage of -1 Con, as reflected in the
11, Cha 12. stat block above).
Occupation: Predator (Move Silently).
Background: Ritual Preservationist (Repair). F5. FAMILIAR FACE (EL 0)
Mutations and Defects: Light Distortion Field, Optic In the shadow of several towering crucifixes you see
Emissions, Immune-System Abnormality x2. numerous dead bodies.
Skills: Balance +7, Bluff +5, Escape Artist +7, Hide +7,
Knowledge (Current Events) +1, Knowledge (Technology) Pick one of the player characters randomly. One of the
+1, Move Silently +8, Navigate +1, Repair +2, Search +9, bodies lying at the top of the pile is familiar to that character.
Sleight of Hand +7, Spot +4, Survival +10, Tumble +7. A closer examination reveals it to be an old friend, or even a
Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Dodge, Double Tap, relative, apparently killed in the recent massacre.
Personal Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank Shot, Post- GM’s Note: Use this discovery as a way to hit home
Apocalyptic Technology, Primitive Technology, Quick Draw, the threat of the Doomriders; there’s no better way to get
Radiation Sense, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Toughness, the players involved than to make it personal. The familiar
Vulture, Weapon Focus (Glock 20). face could be an old NPC hireling the party was fond of,
Talents (Fast Hero): Evasion, Uncanny Dodge 1. someone the characters saved on a previous adventure, or
Talents (Post-Apocalyptic Hero): Wasteland Lore, even a younger brother of one of the PCs. Whoever it was,
Conserve. he apparently joined the Cartel hoping to make the wasteland
Talents (Scav): Scav Scan, Sneak Attack +1d6, Scav a safer place, or perhaps simply to become a “hero” like his
Survival, Sneak Attack +2d6. PC mentor. Whatever the case, when the call came to march
Possessions: Leather armor, gas mask, Glock 20, 12 north and fight the Doomriders, he was apparently part of the
rounds of 10mm ammunition, 25 cp, canteen (empty). army. Unfortunately, like everyone else in General Gary’s
command, the old friend/relative didn’t stand a chance
Torg* (Mutant Fast Hero 4/Post-Apocalyptic Hero 3/ against the Doomrider army. He is now nothing more than
Scav 5): CR 12; Medium-size humanoid; HD 4d8+8 plus another lifeless body on the field of battle.
3d8+6 plus 5d8+10 plus 3; HP 81; Mas 13; Init +3; Spd 25 Development: If the PCs hired Sergeant in Midway
ft; Defense 28, touch 23, flatfooted 26 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +11 (see Adventure Appendix), he will also recognize an old
class, +5 equipment); BAB +8; Grap +10; Atk +10 melee friend among the dead, a man he knew as “Bo”, a fellow
(1d3+2 nonlethal, unarmed), or +13 ranged (2d6, Glock Cartel soldier. On seeing his dead friend Sergeant will
20); Full Atk +10/+5 melee (1d3+2 nonlethal, unarmed), become even more set on hunting down the Doomriders and
or +13/+8 ranged (2d6, Glock 20); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach destroying them, avenging his old friend’s death.
5 ft; SQ medical incompatibility, DR 5/- vs. bludgeoning,
concussion, slashing; AL none; SV Fort +8, Ref +10, Will F6. DEAD HORSES (EL 11)
+3; AP 6; Rep +2; Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 9, Wis 10, Cha You hear pained whinnying over the wind. Stretching
12. out into the desert are dozens of dead horses, their
Occupation: Predator (Move Silently). swollen corpses attracting flies and vultures. One of the
Background: Ritual Preservationist (Repair). horses is apparently still alive and struggling, but three
Mutations and Defects: Increased Body Density, Optic decrepit humanoids of some sort appear to have gotten
Emissions, Anaphylaxis (fur) x2. to it first, and have already begun to feed on the poor
Skills: Balance +7, Drive +5, Escape Artist +7, Hide +8, crippled beast. When they spot you, the humanoids -
Knowledge (Current Events) +1, Move Silently +8, Navigate hunched over ghouls - immediately dart off in different
+1, Repair +2, Search +9, Sleight of Hand +7, Spot +7, directions and flee.
Survival +10, Tumble +7.

There are dozens of dead horses here (stretching off the SILVERDISCS (EL 10)
map), at one time making up the formidable cavalry of the You see something flashing in the sky overhead.
combined Clean/Cartel force. Like their riders, the animals
were brutally slaughtered by the Doomriders in an effort to A small group of five advanced silverdiscs (a “gargoyle”-like
leave nothing alive. flying creature introduced in The Broken & The Lost) hovers
If the characters fire on the ghouls they may bring one or over this part of the desert, searching for prey. If the party
two down, but due to their high movement (200 ft. with the is wounded or few in number (less than four members), the
Run feat) at least one will likely get away, fleeing to the west silverdiscs fly down and attack them; otherwise they merely
towards distant Ember (see later for details). The PCs can circle before flying away.
track the creature if they want, but unless they are extremely GM’s Note: These silverdiscs were formerly part of a
fast themselves the creature will probably get away. If they larger flock that remains under the control of a group of
follow its trail, it takes them to the ruins of Ember. mutants living further north (see part two of this series).
Once the ghouls are chased off the PCs can treat the horse, The creatures here managed to resist their domination and
but it is badly wounded; they will have to put the horse down are now marauding in the skies over this area. They will
unless they can provide immediate medical care. The animal attack anything they come across, engaging until two of their
is in pain and won’t make it easy, however, and its thrashing number are killed, or if they manage to kill one of the PCs
gives the PCs a -4 circumstance penalty to their Treat Injury (picking her up and carrying her body away to be eaten).
checks. Advanced Silverdiscs [B&L] (5): HP 51 (see below).
If any PC succeeds in a Treat Injury check (DC 28), or
otherwise administers medicine to the animal, it will be Advanced Silverdiscs [B&L]: CR 6; Medium-Size
effectively treated and calmed down, though it will still be Mutated Beast; HD 6d10+18; HP 51; Mas 17; Init +5; Spd
unable to move more than its base speed for another 1d3 10 ft., fly 60 ft. (good); Defense 20, touch 15, flatfooted
days. The animal is trained and can be used as a mount. 15 (+5 Dex, +5 natural); BAB +6; Grap +9; Atk +9 melee
GM’s Note: Award the party experience for this (1d6+5, bite); Full Atk +9 melee (1d6+5, bite); FS 5 ft. by 5
encounter only if they manage to kill the ghouls before they ft.; Reach 5 ft.; SQ Blinding Wings, Vital Strike; AL none;
get away. SV Fort +9, Ref +11, Will +4; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 17, Dex 20,
Ember Ghouls (3): HP 58 (see below). Con 17, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 4.
Horse (1): HP 37 (down to 1 from wounds) (as herd Skills: Listen +7, Spot +10.
animal, see d20 Modern). Feats: Flyby Attack, Wingover.

Ember Ghouls (Mutant Strong Hero 3/Horde Warrior Treasure: One of the silverdiscs has a collar around its
5 [B&L]): CR 8; Medium-size humanoid; HD 3d8+6 plus neck fitted with a small silver tag. The tag apparently had
5d10+10; HP 58; Mas 17; Init +3; Spd 40 ft; Defense 18, writing on it once, but it is too scratched to read. The silver
touch 18, flatfooted 15 (+0 size, +3 Dex, +5 class); BAB +8; in the tag is worth 50 cp.
Grap +10; Atk +10 melee (1d6+4, bite), or +11 ranged (1d3,
slingshot); Full Atk +10/+5 melee (1d6+4, bite), or +11/+6
ranged (1d3, slingshot); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ THE RUINS OF DENVER (EL 0)
medical incompatibility, cannibalism; AL Ghouls of Ember; In the distance you see the edges of a great
SV Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +3; AP 4; Rep +1; Str 14, Dex 16, necropolis, a fire-scorched cityscape whose majesty has
Con 14, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 8. been humbled by time and the elements. The towering
Occupation: Predator (Hide). tops of ancient skyscrapers have been shorn off, and
Background: Resentful (Navigate). rubble separates each of these isolated towers like seas
Mutations and Defects: Increased Movement, of ruin.
Radiation Immunity, Serrated Dental Development, Bizarre
Pigmentation (green skin), Cannibalism, Negative Chemical PCs following the ghouls encountered at the Forest of
Reaction. Corpses will note their tracks continue on into the outer edge
Skills: Climb +7, Hide +10, Jump +7, Knowledge of the city.
(Tactics) +1, Move Silently +5, Navigate +2, Tumble +5. If the PCs persist towards Ember, they will come across
Feats: Endurance, Improved Damage Threshold, Pack a number of signs posted a mile or so out from the city in
Tactics [B&L], Power Attack, Primitive Technology, Run, a rough “cordon”. These signs are made from older street
Simple Weapons Proficiency, Stealthy, Track, Weapon Focus signs and bits of billboards, and read (in crude Unislang)
(bite). like ransom letters made from newspaper clippings. The
Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee messages of these signs vary, but include: “BEwARE
Smash. RAdiaTION”, “RED fEVEr”, “TRESPASS = U diE”, etc.
Talents (Horde Warrior [B&L]): Flank Attack +1d6, The signs seem to have been posted by traveling merchants
Shared Glory, Flank Attack +2d6, Improved Feint. and other desert inhabitants, to warn others to stay away
Possessions: Slingshot, six sling stones. from the ruins for fear of radiation poisoning.

In reality the signs were in fact erected by the very ghouls in the low clouds coming down from the mountains.
of the city, in hopes of keeping outsiders away (Doomriders All around stand tall wooden poles, each fixed with a
included). If the PCs ignore these signs they find the horribly mutated skull with jagged fangs and misshapen
warnings are in fact true - the city is considered Moderately bone structure. Blood has been smeared on the
irradiated (as any active Geiger counter will indicate). yellowed teeth of most of these decapitated heads, and
Should the PCs press on, they come upon the outer reaches flies buzz angrily all around them. They appear to stand
of Ember, which happens to be the domain of a small ghoul as a warning against further intrusion.
tribe (see below). One of many ghoul clans vying for
control of the city, the ghouls will be quite interested when These totems were set up by the local tribe of ghouls (the
they arrive... “Bloodsippers”) to mark the boundary of their territory. The
skulls, mounted on posts, were garnished from enemy ghoul
D1. TOTEMS (EL 8) clans and serve as a warning.
Passing a line of rusted car hulks you find yourself When the party approaches the line of totems, a clutch of
approaching the outer limits of the ruined city. An enormous mutated aberrations emerge from hiding among
eerie green glow hovers over the city and is reflected nearby junk heaps to attack. Unless the PCs spot them
(they have a base Hide of +9), the creatures will likely win a

surprise round. In either case the utarns will attack different
victims, hoping to paralyze them and transfer their eggs
A cracked street leads deeper into the city, its
before moving on to new opponents.
pavement littered with bits of rotting paper and old
Advanced Utarns (4): HP 53 (see below).
bones. Large warehouses stand on either side of the
road, each covered in wild graffitti of many different
Advanced Utarn: CR 4; Large aberration; HD 7d8+21;
colors. Large windows, with smashed or missing glass
HP 53; Mas 17; Init +1; Spd 30 ft; Defense 15, touch 10,
panes, face the street from above.
flatfooted 14 (-1 size, +1 Dex, +5 natural); BAB +5; Grap
All of a sudden a rasping voice echoes out across the
+13; Atk +9 melee (1d6+6, bite); Full Atk +9 melee (1d6+6,
street. It must be coming from one of the warehouses,
bite); FS 10 ft by 10 ft; Reach 10 ft; SQ blindsight, paralysis,
but on which side of the street you can’t be sure.
impregnation; AL none; SV Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +5; AP 0;
“Who daaaaares walk the streets of the
Rep +0; Str 19, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 5, Wis 10, Cha 5.
Skills: Hide +9, Jump +11.
Feats: Weapon Focus (bite).
The disembodied voice belongs to one of at least half a
dozen ghouls hiding out among the old warehouses on either
D2. TRAP (EL 7) side of the street. They’ve been observing the party since
Garbage and old bits of paper have been blown they first arrived, and may already know something about
across the cracked pavement of this city street. The them if the ghouls at the Forest of Corpses managed to get
glow on the horizon is eerie. away. In any case, they give the PCs a chance to announce
There are lots of streets like this in Ember, but this one in Assuming the PCs answer, the voice replies as follows:
particular has been thoroughly trapped by the native ghouls
of this quarter. As the group moves down this street the “Keep to the street...the king is waaaaaiting for
lead part member may fall into the trap, which is cleverly you...”
hidden under a covering of wooden planks, covered and
camouflaged in garbage. The trap itself consists of a 30 ft. If the PCs go to investigate the source of the voice, the
deep pit dug into the earth, at the bottom of which are set ghouls hiding in the warehouses simply sneak away, either
rusted iron spikes. In addition, a flask containing a mildly hiding in the shadows or slipping out back doors or into the
explosive chemical has been suspended from the bottom of sewers. They’ll wait until later to fight...
the wooden planks, so that when someone falls through the
flask also drops with her; when it hits the bottom it cracks
open and explodes in a ball of flame, burning everyone in the
The street here is torn apart by an unnatural gash in
the earth, perhaps the result of some ancient earthquake.
Flaming Pit Trap: Disable Device DC 25, Search DC
Sickly yellow steam rises from the rocky crevasse, and a
16, DC 20 Reflex save avoids, 30 ft. deep (3d6, fall), pit
gurgling noise can be heard deep in the darkness below.
spikes (atk +10 melee, 1d4 spikes per target for 1d4+3 each),
A small “bridge” made from a few rusted pipes appears
triggers fireball (5d6, Reflex save DC 24 for half).
to be the only way across.

D3. BAND POSTER (EL 0) The “bridge” is only wide enough for one person at a time
As you walk along the eerily-deserted street you pass and appears to be the only way deeper into the city. The
beneath a huge, aging poster, partly destroyed. You take crevasse is probably too wide (20 ft.) to jump across.
just a moment to examine the old advertisement before However, so long as the PCs are careful there is no danger of
moving on. falling in.
The poster depicts four men, faces obscured by 30 ft. below the lip of the crevasse is a flooded cavern
shadowy hoods, and clad in black monk robes. They filled with thick, toxic muck. Anyone falling into this
appear to be walking among the ruins of a desolate cavern from above takes regular falling damage, and will
wasteland. Because the poster is so badly damaged also take 4d6 points of heat-based damage each round while
only two words, “Spree Killers”, can be made out. The immersed. Note that the fumes are also too poisonous to
rest of the large advertisement has disintegrated over breath, meaning that characters falling into the cavern will
the years, leaving only bare brick underneath. have to hold their breaths or begin to suffocate (see d20
The enormous poster actually once featured an advertisement PCs who have fallen into the sub-street cavern can climb
for an upcoming concert being held in pre-Fall Casper, but at out with a Climb check (DC 25).
the moment there is no way for the PCs to know this. Development: Once the PCs pass over this bridge and are
GM’s Note: An intact version of this advertisement may well out of sight, ghouls hiding in the nearby buildings will
be found by the party once they reach Casper in the fourth emerge and pull the pipes back across the crevasse, stranding
part of this series, Overthrow the Overlords.

the PCs on the other side. If the PCs end up getting into a cars, and beeping car horns. The din must echo through
fight at area D6 and flee, they will be very surprised to find the dead city for at least ten blocks.
their way back gone!
If the PCs agree to the King’s demands (see below), The large ghoul emerging from the hotel is the “King” of the
the ghouls will be ordered to replace the pipes when the Bloodsippers, and he has come to greet the PCs in his own
“negotiations” are over, letting the PCs leave freely. particular fashion. Make it clear to the PCs that there are a
large number of ghouls here (see below for exact numbers),
D6. THE KING (EL 17) and that they are outnumbered.
Orange glows from a number of bonfires light Luckily for the characters the leader of the tribe is willing
this huge intersection, lying in front of a dark and to engage them in conversation. In fact, that’s the only
foreboding hotel rising into the sky. Here, at ground reason he’s allowed them to get this far into his domain.
level, a large number of rusted and useless car wrecks Though they may be surprised when he addresses them in a
lie scattered throughout the intersection. civil tone, it soon becomes clear that he’s less than friendly...
As you enter the intersection you realize you’re not
alone. Green-skinned ghouls in tattered robes slink Who are you?
along in the shadows. A few scamper forward and sneer I am the King of the Bloodsipper tribe! You are in my
at you from just a few paces away, before running for domain!
cover. But for some reason they’re not attacking.
More ghouls emerge from side alleys, and even from Why were your ghouls so far from the city?
open manholes on the street. They take up positions In this city we are surrounded by other tribes, whose
between heaps of trash and rubble, or inside and on top power grows every year. The hunting grounds grow
of the wrecked automobiles, but wait silently. fewer, and we must cast our nets further to garner food
The great oak doors of the old hotel open, and a for the young. We prey only on the dead, I assure you,
large ghoul with yellow eyes emerges with a flourish, outsiders, unlike those who live deeper in the ruins...
carrying a scepter made from a human skull connected
to a stunted spinal column. As he comes forward, What do you know of the Doomriders?
head raised high, the assemblage of ghouls herald his The Doomriders? They have never set foot here! If
presence by howling, banging bones on the hoods of they want war with us, we will make Ember their grave!

[This is purely bravado on the part of the King,

but the other ghouls cheer, bang bones, and honk
their horns in applause]

So if you’re not our enemy, then I guess we’ll

just leave...
Not so, outsiders! You have wandered into
my domain! You must pay the toll...or face the
entire tribe!

What do you want?

The King is no fool, but since he’s rather primitive
the characters have some maneuvering room here
if they’re clever. Though he may have lost a few
ghouls to the PCs at the Forest of Corpses, the
King is willing to let bygones be bygones - if they
make it worth his time.
To the point, the Bloodsippers are beset on all
sides by rival ghoul clans, and the King wants
more than anything to bolster his warriors, making
them undefeatable in combat. If the characters
have lots of guns, he’ll want them. Any single
sophisticated weapon (or armor) owned by the
party is likely to be viewed as “magic” by the
ghouls, and the King will want it for himself. If
the characters refuse outright, the majority of the
tribe (which is already conveniently assembled)
will descend on them like a pack of wolves.


The ruins of Denver (known as “Ember” to most inhabitants of the Twisted Earth) are not fully detailed in this
adventure, as the vastness of the city would potentially require a whole book of its own. PCs venturing into Ember in
Shadows Loom will only have brief contact with the ghouls that are said to infest that place; see the main text for details.
At your discretion, any character making a Knowledge (Twisted Earth) check at DC 25 can be assumed to know
everything described on the ruins of Ember in the Darwin’s World 2nd Edition gazetteer. Thus they will be aware that
Ember is full of ghouls and other dangers.

Fortunately there is a way out. The characters may have Pigmentation (green skin), Cannibalism, Negative Chemical
to have to fork something over to appease the King, but what Reaction.
exactly they give over is open to debate. First and foremost Skills: Climb +7, Hide +10, Jump +7, Knowledge
the King will want powerful weapons the PCs might have, (Current Events) +1, Knowledge (Tactics) +1, Move Silently
from automatic weapons to lasers and/or rocket launchers. +5, Navigate +2, Tumble +5.
However, he may also be persuaded to take armor instead, Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Endurance, Improved
especially if the PCs describe it as making him “invincible”, Damage Threshold, Pack Tactics [B&L], Power Attack,
or turning him into a “juggernaut”, or something along those Primitive Technology, Run, Simple Weapons Proficiency,
lines. Use this as a chance to allow the players to role-play Stealthy, Track, Weapon Focus (greatclub).
negotiating their way out of a bad spot, but remember the Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee
ghoul King should ultimately get something valuable - not Smash.
some piece of junk (no matter how crafty the PCs are)! Talents (Horde Warrior [B&L]): Flank Attack +1d6,
Ultimately, if the characters make the King happy he Shared Glory, Flank Attack +2d6, Improved Feint, Flank
allows them to leave Ember alive. If the “negotiations” fail Attack +3d6.
(i.e. the PCs refuse), the King happily orders the tribe to Possessions: Leather armor, bone greatclub, minifusion
surge forward and tear the PCs limb from limb. cell (3).
GM’s Note: If it comes down to a fight the Ember ghouls
swarm in from all sides, hoping to overwhelm the party Development: If the PCs manage to retreat the remaining
with their numbers. Since they all have levels in the Horde ghouls will chase them back to area D5, where the PCs
Warrior [B&L] advanced class, they move to make the most find the “bridge” has been removed. With the party trapped
of their Pack Tactics [B&L] feats, flanking bonuses, and against the crevasse, the surviving ghouls will surge foward
Flank Attack abilities. If the PCs prove impossible to hit due en masse to kill them or push them over the edge and into
to high Defense, a few of the ghouls in the back rank may the steaming abyss.
use the Aid Another action (bolstered by the Horde Warrior’s
Shared Glory class feature) to help those in the front line SANDSTORM (EL 9)
with their attack rolls. A sandstorm has set in over the wasteland, turning
If the PCs manage to bargain their way out of this the sky a sulphurous yellow and casting everything in
encounter, award them experience as if they had defeated an the kind of shadows only seen at night - even though it
EL 10. is daytime. It also means you can only see a few dozen
Ember Ghouls (15): HP 58 (see Forest of Corpses). paces ahead of you.
King: HP 114 (see below).
Before the PCs finally get to Barter Town, a tremendous
King (Mutant Strong Hero 3/Horde Warrior 7 [B&L]): sandstorm descends on the northern reaches of the Forbidden
CR 10; Medium-size humanoid; HD 3d8+6 plus 7d10+14; Lands. It doesn’t matter from which direction the PCs
HP 114; Mas 17; Init +3; Spd 40 ft; Defense 21, touch 19, approach Barter Town; the sandstorm will affect the entire
flatfooted 18 (+0 size, +3 Dex, +6 class, +2 equipment); region for miles around.
BAB +10; Grap +12; Atk +12 melee (1d10+5, bone Characters may make a Survival check (DC 12) to foresee
greatclub, two-handed), or +13 ranged (by weapon); Full the approaching storm, but they won’t be able to avoid
Atk +12/+7 melee (1d10+5, bone greatclub, two-handed), or it. Unlike a normal storm (as described in the rules), the
+13/+8 ranged (by weapon); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ characters cannot use a Navigate check to find cover, since
medical incompatibility, cannibalism; AL Ghouls of Ember; the area they are in is completely flat and desolate.
SV Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +4; AP 4; Rep +1; Str 14, Dex 16, Within moments the full force of the storm hits the party,
Con 14, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 8. and vision is immediately reduced to 30 feet. Hearing is
Occupation: Predator (Hide). useless, and the sandstorm continues to inflict minor wounds
Background: Resentful (Navigate). on the PCs as they trudge onwards (1d2 points of lethal
Mutations and Defects: Increased Movement, damage each hour to anyone not protected by powered armor
Radiation Immunity, Serrated Dental Development, Bizarre or an enclosed vehicle).

Luckily for the PCs, a Navigate check (DC 17) indicates lord’s rules in his or her part of the settlement.
that they are only a few hours from Barter Town, so their After the Doomriders struck, fires gutted most of Barter
best bet is to hurry up and get there before the storm gets Town, and carrion-feeding creatures from the desert soon
worse. moved in. Most of these were simply rats or carrion raptors,
but recently a more powerful presence has moved into the
STORM HOOD ruins, a large pack of Black Talons (a tribe of sandmen living
Unfortunately there are “things” that live in - and profit from in this part of the Forbidden Lands). Following the stench
- the storms of the Forbidden Lands. At some point during of carnage here, and finding the walls crumbling and the
the storm an advanced storm hood [B&L] is swept up among defenders gone, they have had a spree eating the dead in the
the whirling sands and, carried on the raging gales (and streets. More information on the Black Talons can be found
concealed by the clouds of sand), searches for lost victims to in The Broken & The Lost: Tribes of The Twisted Earth.
prey upon.
Pick a character at random; the vampiric aberration will KEY TO THE RUINS
attempt to attach itself to that target’s face, hoping that her Most of the districts of Barter Town are now empty and
fellows lose track of her in the thundering storm. Since abandoned. Those sites of interest are highlighted below.
hearing cannot be used in a storm, the only chance the PCs
have is to see that their companion is having trouble (Spot B1. FRONT GATE (EL 0)
check DC 25 in the current conditions). Passing the rotting animals, a great wall, topped by
If the PCs do not sense something is amiss, they may lose hundreds of tattered flags on poles, finally comes in
one of their companions! view.
Advanced Storm Hood [B&L]: HP 71 (see below). Half-obscured by the storm, what you at first thought
were flags hanging atop the walls are suddenly revealed
Advanced Storm Hood [B&L]: CR 9; Small Aberration; to be over 500 decaying humanoid corpses, dangling in
HD 8d8+32 plus 3; HP 71; Mas 18; Init +0; Spd 5 ft., fly the air until bit by bit the wind tears chunks of them off
60 ft. (poor); Defense 11, touch 11, flatfooted 11 (+1 size); and whisks them away into the storm.
BAB +6; Grap +18; Atk +10 melee (2d6+3, bite); Full Atk
+10 melee (2d6+3, bite); FS 5 ft. by 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.; SQ Barter Town is a ruin, just like the Bartertowners said. It
Blindness/Deafness/Suffocation, Grappler, Grappling Bite, becomes clear to the characters, as they approach the western
Keen Sight, Special Defense, Vampiric; AL none; SV Fort gate, that the lords of Barter Town were probably the only
+6, Ref +2, Will +5; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 16, Dex 11, Con 18, ones to get out in time before the Doomriders attacked.
Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 2. Several hundred innocent Bartertowners were slaughtered
Skills: Spot +14. by the raiders and strung up on flagpoles until the sun, wind,
Feats: Toughness. and carrion birds took them away.
The sight of Barter Town’s near-total destruction should
BARTER TOWN be something to take the PCs aback, their first impression
of what exactly the Doomriders have in plan for all
The sandstorm shows no signs of
letting up. As you walk through the inhabitants of the Twisted Earth. At the same time, the party
relentless storm, wary of losing your has a mission to accomplish, and their first task is to get into
bearings, you suddenly see the dead the ruins of Barter Town and locate the lords’ maps.
body of a mule on the ground. Then
another. Then another. They appear to B2. BLOW ROW (EL 0)
be loaded down with goods from Barter Town, and were A number of ugly, dirty buildings crowd this small
probably too slow-moving to get away from the raiders quarter. Already you spot several corpses lying out on
who attacked the city. You must be getting close. the street, or slumped through open windows as if killed
while looking outside. Quite a few dead rats can be
Barter Town, built on the ruins of a pre-Fall town, was seen among the human bodies as well.
efficiently organized by its ruling lords to meet their
particular needs. Untrusting even of one other, each of the This ramshackle part of the settlement (formerly Lady
rulers of Barter Town took a separate “district” as his or Kiss’ domain) once catered to the more debased patrons of
her own, which they promptly established as the center of Barter Town, with every other building being some kind of
their individual power and influence in town. Each of the brothel, whorehouse, or transvestite burlesque show. Like
rulers of Barter Town generally specialized in one aspect of everywhere else in town this place collapsed like a house of
commerce: prostitution, gladiatorial games, slavery, or more cards when the Doomriders attacked, with the inhabitants
legitimate trades (i.e. selling water or gas). Walls were quick fleeing to the imagined protection of the Trade Market (area
to be built to mark the boundaries of each lord’s territory, B6), leaving these streets barren. A few looters who lingered
and private gangs of thugs hired to enforce that particular behind were overcome by the Doomriders as they breached



The PCs will find numerous bodies throughout Barter Town, all of whom were citizens and militia of the decrepit little
trading town. Slaughtered by the Doomriders, those that survived the initial attack were taken to the Doomwheel at the
center of town (see below) to be ritually executed. Only a few escaped execution, but these few were marched off to
Halidom, the Doomriders’ secret fortress.
Characters examining the dead will find no Doomriders among the fallen. Those that were killed were actually taken
by Master Merciless and his Doomriders to build up a sense that they are invincible.

the western gate (area B1), and were cut down in the streets. B4. COLLAPSED BUILDINGS (EL 0)
Their corpses can still be found stinking up the air around The buildings on either side of the street have fallen
Blow Row. in, completely blocking the streets with tons of broken
GM’s Note: The slums are empty now; even the rats, and blasted rock. You’ll have to find another way to get
which were drawn here by the dead, were stricken by the past this point.
disease carried by the Doomriders and quickly died off. The
presence of the dead rats may be a giveaway that there is This street is completely blocked, preventing the PCs from
some other force behind the scourge of the Doomriders - but going deeper into the ruins of Barter Town. They’ll have to
let the PCs come up with that revelation themselves. find another way around (see map).


You pass a building that looks like it may have been Old laundry suspended overhead flaps in the roaring
a bar. Looking inside you see at least a dozen dead breeze blowing down the street. Along the adobe walls
women scattered about the place. They are already of a nearby building you spot strange markings that
rotting, and flies buzz loudly in the air. resemble black, deformed handprints.

This bar/brothel just off of Blow Row was close to the front The markings on the wall were made with a natural
gate when the Doomriders attacked. Most of the men fled, black pigment, and were left by the Black Talons,
leaving the women to fend for themselves; the Doomriders who recently moved into the ruins of Barter Town
swarmed quickly through the streets and buildings, killing following the Doomrider attack. This is perhaps the only
everyone they found. The women were unable to get away. warning the PCs will get that the ruins are not completely
Treasure: PCs braving the stench will find 2d6 bottles of deserted...
cheap booze behind the bar (each bottle is worth 10-40 cp).

B6. TRADE MARKET (EL 0) guardsmen can be found here and there where they fell
As you approach this central square the nauseating defending the merchandise of their masters. A few vultures
stench of death is not long in coming. Old buildings line feed on these corpses, but will take to the nearby rooftops if
what must have been a bustling marketplace just a few approached by the party.
days ago, now deathly quiet and still. GM’s Note: Searching the warehouses proves fruitless,
In the center of the square you fall silent in the as the Doomriders took virtually everything of use with them
presence of something you have only ever heard of back into the desert.
before. A huge metal “Doomwheel”, over fifteen feet
high, has been built in the village square, its rim still B8. POOLS (EL 0)
adorned with brutal metal spikes ranging from one inch You enter a small square surrounded by tall buildings
to one foot in length. Currently tied to the wheel’s rim is on all sides. Fine particles of sand rain down from
a naked woman, her spine broken and her body impaled above, and looking up you see the sandstorm in full
in numerous places where the spikes pierced right force overhead.
through her. The dead bodies of dozens of men, women, Three large stone pools dominate the square,
and children lie all around the base of the wheel and all apparently once used in some kind of water purification
about the square, each apparently a victim of the same effort. Plastic sheets pulled over the pools collected
brutal execution device. Many of the corpses are bent evaporated moisture, leaving pollutants to settle at the
in gross and unnatural shapes, their spines and bones bottom of each pond. A dead body appears to have torn
shattered in countless places. through the plastic covers and now floats in one of the
When the wind blows the wheel shifts slightly with a pools, face down. The blood from the body taints the
mechanical groan, as if awaiting its next victim. entire pool red.
Somewhere in the distance you hear a garbled,
This was once the main marketplace of Barter Town, where inhuman moan, but from where you can only guess.
all manner of traders from across the Forbidden Lands and With so many dark windows and doorways, it’s
Desert of Nowhere came to do brisk, profitable business impossible to tell.
under the watchful eye of the town’s lords. Once the most
promising center of commerce in the north, it is now dead At one time, the simple mechanism of these evaporation
and empty. ponds allowed the lords of Barter Town to filter water
GM’s Note: The “Doomwheel” dominating the old brought in from (often dubious) outside sources. Being a
marketplace is proof that the Doomriders were responsible precious commodity, the water was sold at elevated prices
for the atrocity that befell Barter Town. Though considered to the town’s patrons - typically wasteland wanderers and
a powerful city by Twisted Earth standards (certainly scavs.
enough to rival Midway, Trade City, and Socorro), Barter Most of the water has evaporated since the attack, leaving
Town was nothing in the face of the Doomriders’ awesome the ponds with only a few inches of dirty, scummy water.
might. Having sacked the settlement in a lightning raid, GM’s Note: The “garbled moan” the characters heard is
the Doomriders gathered up the surviving members of the from the Black Talon lookout hiding atop the Water Tower
populace who weren’t fit for their purposes (i.e. to become (area B9), who can see down into this square from his
“recruits”) and ritually executed every one of them on the elevated perch. The sound alerts the other Black Talons
Doomwheel that they hastily constructed at the center of in town that enemies have been spotted. If the PCs pass a
town. Listen check (DC 30), they will be able to tell that the cry
The Doomwheel operates like the wheel of a watermill, came from the “east”.
but victims are strapped to it (or impaled on the spikes),
before the wheel is slowly rotated until the victim is literally B9. WATER TOWER (EL 8)
crushed alive. The device is too large to move, but a large An old horse cart sits at the base of a rickety wooden
group of PCs could tear it down given time. water tower. The wind roars overhead.

B7. WAREHOUSES (EL 0) Hiding atop the water tower is a single Black Talon, put
You hear the gutteral croak of buzzards as you pass by there to keep an eye out for potential enemies. If the
a few larger buildings. In the narrow corridor between characters passed through area B8 it will have spotted them
streets lie numerous dead bodies, many of them wearing and already raised the alarm with a gutteral cry; otherwise it
bloody, torn, leather armor. The vultures are grounded will have to make a Spot check to notice the PCs.
by the sandstorm, but watch you warily from their The Black Talon will observe the PCs and will not attack
perches on the backs of some of the dead. them, remaining hidden (Hide +12) until they move on. It
will then descend and follow them, out of sight, until they
This part of town was basically the domain of the regional encounter another group of Black Talons, at which time
merchants, who rented space from the lords of Barter Town it will move to attack them from the rear while they are
for their goods. A few dead bodies of privately-owned distracted.

If the PCs spot the Black Talon up on the water tower it
will leap to a nearby rooftop and run towards area B19,
joining the Black Talons there.
GM’s Note: Black Talons resemble typical sandmen,
but all of those present in Barter Town appear to be in the
early stages of some kind of disease (a Treat Injury check
at DC 17 will identify this as bubonic plague). Note that
there is no danger of getting the disease from these creatures,
Diseased Black Talon (1): HP 52 (see below).

Diseased Black Talon (Sandman Fast Hero 6/Strong Hero

2): CR 8; Medium-size Humanoid; HD 6d8+12 plus 2d8+4;
HP 52; Mas 15; Init +6; Spd 35 ft; Defense 20, touch 20,
flatfooted 18 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +8 class); BAB +6; Grap
+10; Atk +11 melee (1d6+5 plus poison, cat claw [B&L]),
or +8 ranged (by weapon); Full Atk +10 melee
(1d4+5 bite), +8/+3 melee (1d6+5 plus
poison, 2 cat claws [B&L]), or +8 ranged
(by weapon); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft;
SQ photosensitive, tremorsense; AL Black
Talons; SV Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +3; AP 3;
Rep +2; Str 18, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 12,
Cha 4.
Skills: Balance +8, Climb +7, Hide +12, Jump +6,
Knowledge (Tactics) +6, Listen +9, Move Silently +10,
Spot +3, Tumble +10.
Feats: Acrobatic, Blind-Fighting, Defensive Martial Arts, B10. BARBICAN (EL 0)
Exotic Melee Weapon Proficiency (cat claws), Improved A large adobe tower rises above the nearby buildings
Initiative, Multiattack, Poison Maker [B&L], Stealthy, at this spot. Its thick walls are pierced with firing loops,
Weapon Focus (cat claw). and a huge portcullis stands firm in the ground, behind
Talents (Fast Hero): Evasion, Increased Speed, which a set of iron-clad double doors still hold their
Opportunist. place.
Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash.
Possessions: Two cat claws [B&L], four doses of This tall building controlled access between the western
putrefied blood [B&L]*. and eastern parts of town and was intended to serve as a
chokepoint if the town came under attack. During the battle
* The purified blood used by the Black Talons constitutes some of the Barter Town guard force was able to retreat here
a significant part of their challenge. The statistics for this and fortify the building, but eventually the Doomriders broke
poison are: injury DC 11, initial 1d2 Con, secondary 1d2 through the side entrance (to area B9) and killed everyone
Con. inside.
The door and portcullis on the west side of the barbican
Development: See Darwin’s World 2nd Edition for more are both still in place, and as such the PCs won’t be able to
on the bubonic plague. Unless the players figure it out on pass through the building from that direction (unless they
their own, don’t let them know their characters are diseased have explosives). Alternatively the PCs could scale the outer
(or at risk of disease) until the sickness starts to set in. wall to reach the top of the tower, and climb down the far


The Black Talon “hunting” party followed the smell of death and decay to Barter Town, and are only here to feed on
the dead. The two sandslayers who lead the foray have bullied most of their men in staying above ground despite their
normal racial hatred for sunlight (though quite a few have deserted), but generally they remain confined to the inside of
old buildings or dark alleys where they are most comfortable.
With the sandstorm, however, the entire town is effectively shaded from the sun, and thus the Black Talons move
freely through the streets. Luckily for the PCs there are only a small number of sandmen in town by the time they

side, but the tower is 40 ft. tall and the wind in the sandstorm enormous flightless birds with huge sickle-shaped beaks
makes climbing difficult (imposing a -8 circumstance tearing at the corpses of numerous Bartertowners. One
penalty to Climb checks). If any character should fail her flaps its wings when it sees you, signaling to the others
check she would incur damage as appropriate to the distance that fresh prey has been spotted.
A pack of advanced carrion raptors, drawn to BarterTown
B11. BARRACKS (EL 0) by the odor of death carried on the wind, has moved into
The noise of the storm outside is muffled inside this this open square in search of food. The large flightless
building. The iron door leading inside has been torn off birds will be seen picking over corpses if and when the PCs
its hinges, and you immediately spot half a dozen dead emerge from the side streets (or barbican). The ‘raptors will
guardsmen in torn leather and chainmail armor lying all immediately move to attack the characters when they are
about the inner room. A few appear to have had their spotted.
arms, legs, or even heads lobbed off in a single blow. Advanced Carrion Raptors (5): HP 37 (see below).

During the attack on Barter Town a group of guards retreated Advanced Carrion Raptor: CR 4; Large Animal; HD
here to lock down the Barbican (area B10), but the raiders 5d8+15; HP 37; Mas 16; Init +4; Spd 45 ft; Defense 19,
simply cut through the outer (north) door with powered touch 13, flatfooted 15 (-1 size, +4 Dex, +6 natural); BAB
melee weapons (an Investigate check at DC 35 will identify +3; Grap +9; Atk +6 melee (1d10+3/19-20, bite); Full Atk
what was used to bring the door down). The guards put +6 melee (1d10+3/19-20, bite); FS 10 ft by 10 ft; Reach 10
up a valiant fight but were no match for their Doomrider ft; SQ tearing beak; AL none; SV Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +4;
assailants, and all of them were butchered here. AP 0; Rep +0; Str 14, Dex 19, Con 16, Int 2, Wis 16, Cha 6.
Treasure: Searching the dead bodies (Search DC 17) Skills: Jump +7, Listen +8, Spot +8 (+16 in daylight).
reveals a broken Ruger MP-9 (with 3 rounds inside). The Feats: Weapon Finesse (bite).
weapon can be fixed with a Repair check (DC 10; 20 cp in
spare parts). B15. ENTRANCE TO CUSTOMS HOUSE (EL 3)
This narrow alley leads to a small closed wooden
B12. ARMORY (EL 0) door. The building itself looks like the largest structure
You enter a small dark room, with empty shelves on in town.
the stone walls and empty ammo crates scattered about
the floor. This doorway (leading into the Customs House; area B16) is
trapped, set to trigger if anyone tampers with the door. The
This side chamber served as an armory for the town trap was set up by the Black Talons who are now skulking
guard, and was broken open during the fighting to help around town; they explored the Customs House interior
arm the Bartertowners. Alas, it wasn’t enough to stop the but found only an unsettling “calling card” left by the
Doomriders. Doomriders (see below), so they departed, leaving this trap
Treasure: PCs searching here find empty shelves and to prevent intruders from using this entrance.
ammo crates. In one of the crates sit two concussion Shotgun Trap [B&L]: Disable Device DC 18, Search
grenades, apparently overlooked during the battle. DC 22, +8 ranged (2d10 points of damage).


The interior of this large and imposing barbican is A large stone building looms over the rest of town.
cool and dark. It is empty inside, however, with a large From what you’ve seen so far it must be the largest
entrance on either side and bare stone underfoot. The structure in Barter Town.
eastern doorway stands open, the portcullis raised high
overhead. Before Barter Town fell the lords of the settlement demanded
a portion of all goods brought into town for trade by
Controls against the south wall control both entrances, using outsiders as a “tax”. The revenue from selling these goods -
a rusty but operational mechanical pulley system. PCs using from foodstuffs to water to slaves and scrap metal - served to
these controls could lift the portcullis and open the door keep the town running, and also filled out their own pockets.
leading to area B6 (or, alternatively, close the portcullis and Until the goods could be sold they were kept here, in the
door leading to area B14). town’s “customs house”.
The customs house is the largest structure in town, but the
B14. GIANT CARRION BIRDS (EL 9) Doomriders ransacked it when they captured the settlement.
Shacks and shanty hovels greet your eyes as you Most of the guards, still fearing what the lords of Barter
emerge into this square. Once again the smell of rotting Town would do to them if they showed cowardice, actually
flesh is noticeable in the air, and ahead you see four fought to the death to defend the storehouse. All of them
were killed, of course, and many of their bodies still lay

strewn about the outside of the building, stinking up the B18. EUPHORIA (EL 0)
nearby streets. Ugly, dirty streets wind and branch off in all
GM’s Note: The customs house is a cavernous building, directions. Most of the buildings in this quarter are
with at least two back rooms, but is now mostly empty and situated in the shadow of the great wall, and few are
bare. The attacking Doomriders left some odd trinkets larger than one or two stories.
inside, however, apparently for no reason. The Black Talons
also explored the empty building, but unnerved by the The corrugated metal shacks in this part of Barter Town
scene the Doomriders left inside, left it alone. Instead they (formerly Lord Rush’s quarter) all have ramshackle
retreated from the building and set up a trap on the western chimneys, which at one time belched a colorful mix of
entrance (see area B15). yellow, purple, and gray smoke clouds into the sky over
Treasure: The Doomriders left some bizarre trinkets here, town. All of these came from the drugs being smoked inside
apparently as some kind of “calling card” or artistic graffitti. the individual shacks; set up like old-fashioned “sweat
These include a small wooden ukulele (missing two strings), lodges”, paying customers were packed in and all manner
74 empty brass casings (7.62mm), six drained power clips, of weird narcotics lit up for inhalation and wild euphoric
a child’s pail and spade, a small globe (one side caved in), escapes.
and a tiny American flag on a short stick. At the top of this Flies and other insects infest this quarter now, feeding off
sit two tiny figurines (barely noticeable), a plastic groom and of dead bodies lying in the alleys or still packed together
bride taken from some ancient wedding cake... The meaning in shacks. The Doomriders swept through here quickly,
of the junk “sculpture” can only be guessed at. since the locals were by and large too drugged-up to mount
The Doomriders also overlooked some jerry cans filled a defense. Many were killed outright, while others were
with the equivalent of three tanks of gasoline. They can be marched off - giggling senselessly - to their deaths at the
found with a Search check at DC 35. Trade Market.
GM’s Note: When the PCs pass through this quarter, a
B17. STOCKYARD (EL 0) small group of diseased Black Talons, exploring on their
A few dead bodies litter this sandy square, where own away from the main raiding party (see area B23), will
dozens of wooden and rusted metal cages - each large hear them and immediately move to area B19 and hide
enough for ten men to stand in - sit in neat rows. A (Hide +12). They will observe the PCs from hiding as
wooden wall separates the rows of cells down the they pass by, and once out of sight will emerge to hunt the
middle, but all of the cells appear to have been smashed PCs. If spotted, however, they will simply surge from the
open. A few barred doors lie flat on the ground where building’s interior and attack. See area B19.
they were torn from their hinges. The PCs may notice the more recent tracks of the Black
Talons with a Survival check (DC 13); if they follow them
This squallid square was used by the Bartertowners as a they will be led to area B19.
huge open-air “prison” for the confinement of their slaves.
A small “city” of wooden cages fills the whole square, B19. DRUG DEN (EL 11)
where large groups of pathetic captives were locked up in Out of the darkness comes a number of ragged-
unspeakable misery until their owners found a buyer for looking humanoids with blue skin and disheveled, bone-
them. The place still has a strong odor of human waste. If white hair. Each bears a set of jagged cat claws, the
the PCs look around they notice that cages for men were blades glistening with a sickly green-black slime.
kept apart from those for women, separated by a wooden
wall running the length of the square (this wall allowed The Black Talons will immediately move to attack the PCs
off-duty guards to slip into the cages of women at night and if they’ve been spotted; otherwise they attempt to trail the
molest them, without their activities being seen by the male party as they move closer to area B23. In combat they close
slaves). into melee, using their poisoned cat claws and Opportunist
All of the cages appear to have been forcefully broken class feature to do as much damage as possible.
open from the outside, and the 100+ captives marched off. Diseased Black Talons (3): HP 52 (see area B9).
There are no dead bodies here. In reality most of the slaves Development: If these Black Talons are not encountered
were taken to the Trade Market to be ritually executed, but here, they will instead arrive as reinforcements when the PCs
those few found worthy were taken by the Doomriders back eventually fight the Black Talons at area B23. Drawn by the
to their fortress of Halidom. sounds of combat there, the sandmen here will arrive 1d4+4
GM’s Note: The evidence here at the stockyard may be rounds after the fighting begins.
seen as either an interesting look into the real nature of the
Bartertowners, or a vile and repugnant revelation, depending B20. GUARDHOUSE (EL 0)
on the moral bent of your players. Obviously this is A gut-wrenching stink emanates from this burned-out
evidence that the people they’re indirectly working for (the building. Peering in you see the charred skeletons of
lords of Barter Town) aren’t exactly “benevolent”, but then half a dozen guardsmen, still clad in sooty metal armor.
again this is the Twisted Earth - no one is.

The guards here tried to use this guardhouse as a bunker but Diseased Black Talons (3): HP 52 (see area B9); armed
the Doomriders simply tossed a plasma grenade through one with M1903 Springfield [B&L] and 3 rounds of .30-06
of the windows, killing the guardsmen instantly. ammo apiece.
Treasure: Most of the guards’ equipment was destroyed
in the blast, but one suit of chainmail armor is salvageable. B22. SNIPER NEST (EL 0)
Rushing into this building you are surprised to find no
B21. OPEN SQUARE (EL 10) one here!
You enter an open marketplace and are immediately
buffeted by the biting wind and sand. Suddenly The two “snipers” who fired at the PCs as they emerged into
gunshots peal out through the din of the storm! area B21 will have fled by the time the PCs go inside. A
search (Search DC 30) finds a concealed hole in the back
Two Black Talon “snipers” lie in waiting at area B22, just of the building, leading to a rough tunnel, which is already
across the square from where the PCs emerge. The two beginning to cave in on itself (thus the PCs can’t follow).
sandmen are terrible shots (lacking the Personal Firearms The two snipers fled through this passage, one of several
Proficiency feat, they have a total of +4 with their scavenged tunnels and pits dug by the sandmen to allow them to move
weapons), but being quite cowardly find the idea of killing around town unnoticed.
the PCs at range appealing. Development: If the snipers manage to get away they
The Black Talons win a surprise round automatically due will be in the battle at area B23.
to their concealed position. They will continue firing at the
PCs until they start heading in their direction. When the B23. FORT (EL 15)
characters get close they attempt to flee (see area B22). The walls of this old stronghold appear to have been
GM’s Note: Because they are firing from inside a badly damaged, with fire claiming most of the building.
building the Black Talons receive a +4 cover bonus to As you approach, the sandstorm blanketing the city
Defense and a +2 cover bonus to Reflex saves. seems in danger of causing even more damage to the
fragile ruin.

This was the stronghold of the lords of Barter Town, character is closest, rather than fighting with any real
their private “palace” here in town. It is also the party’s coordinated battle plan.
destination, for it is here that they’ve been sent to acquire Diseased Black Talons (5): HP 52 (see area B9).
the lords’ maps of the north. Somewhere in the burned out Diseased Black Talon Sandslayers (2): HP 71 (see
rubble the characters hope to find the maps - assuming they below).
survived the fire.
Unfortunately for the PCs the ruined fort is not Diseased Black Talon Sandslayers (Sandman Fast Hero
undefended. The Doomriders put the place to the torch, 3/Strong Hero 2/Sandslayer 6 [B&L]): CR 11; Medium-
but the two leaders of the Black Talons sandman tribe (both size Humanoid; HD 3d8+6 plus 2d8+4 plus 6d8+12; HP 71;
Sandslayers, an advanced class detailed in The Broken & Mas 15; Init +6; Spd 35 ft; Defense 24, touch 21, flatfooted
The Lost), have come to make the burned-out wreckage 22 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +9 class, +3 equipment); BAB +10;
of the fort their hideout. They are joined by a number of Grap +13; Atk +15 melee (1d6+4 plus poison, mastercraft
subordinates who will also attack the PCs when they stumble cat claw +1 [B&L]), or +12 ranged (by weapon); Full Atk
right into this, the main body of the Black Talons’ surface- +15 melee (1d4+4 bite), +13/+8 melee (1d6+4 plus poison,
scavenging force. 2 mastercraft cat claws +1 [B&L]), or +12/+7 ranged (by
Playing The Battle: A battle map is provided nearby weapon); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ photosensitive,
for running this encounter. Before combat begins, use tremorsense; AL Black Talons; SV Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +5;
miniatures to represent how the PCs investigate the ruins and AP 4; Rep +3; Str 17, Dex 14, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 4.
rubble, moving them round by round to simulate splitting up Skills: Climb +8, Hide +12, Jump +5, Knowledge
to look around, sifting through the wreckage, etc. The map (Tactics) +7, Listen +11, Move Silently +13, Spot +2,
they’re looking for is actually located in the central redoubt Survival +9, Tumble +10.
(the small room in the center of the map); once one or more Feats: Acrobatic, Blind-Fighting, Dodge, Improved
characters enters this area, the Black Talons spring their Initiative, Iron Will, Multiattack, Poison Maker [B&L], Sand
attack. in the Eyes [B&L], Stealthy, Weapon Focus (cat claw).
The Black Talons leap down from concealed perches on Talents (Fast Hero): Evasion, Increased Speed.
the outer wall, as well as emerge from tunnels burrowed Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash.
under the rubble, and thus start up in set places on the map Talents (Sandslayer [B&L]): Bone Armor +1, Trap
(“BT” for Black Talons; “SS” for Black Talon Sand Slayers). Making 1d6, Light Boldness (save), Bone Armor +2, Trap
Expecting to take the PCs completely by surprise, when Making 2d6.
the fighting begins they will generally go for whichever

Possessions: Two mastercraft cat claws +1 [B&L] (bonus
to attack), leather/bone armor, four doses of putrefied blood
After they leave Barter Town the
[B&L], 1d2 rounds of 10-gauge shotgun ammo.
characters have a chance to examine
the recovered maps in detail. Most of
GM’s Note: Black Talons use poison on their claws to
the maps are of the trade routes of the
make their attacks deadlier, as noted under the encounter
Forbidden Lands, but one (dating from
at area B9. In addition, all of the Black Talons in the
1891 no less) shows a land once called
raiding party have unwittingly become infected with plague
“Wyoming”. The Bartertowners have decorated this last
(acquired from the rats feeding off of the infected dead,
map with markings of their own, showing the location of:
before they too died off) and thus have reduced attribute
scores, already reflected in their stat blocks. Note that there
• A group called the "Cattlemen" - indicated with a
is no danger of getting the disease from these creatures,
generic label that covers most of southeastern Wyoming;
• A group called the "Salvation" (in or around the ruins of
Development: If the PCs use firearms or explosives the
other Black Talons at area B19 will be drawn here 1d4+4
• A group called the "Fee'Men" (in or around the ruins of
rounds after the fighting begins. They will enter the battle on
the north side of the battle map.
• "Mountain Tribes" - broadly indicated across the
mountain ranges of central Wyoming;
SEARCHING THE REDOUBT • "Tribal Empire" - vaguely indicated on the northern
Once the Black Talons at area B23 are dealt with the PCs edge of Wyoming;
can search the redoubt - the “bunker” at the center of the • "Zealots" - indicated across the Green River in the
fort (it’s still standing, even though the rest of the stronghold southwest part of the map.
burned down around it).
Inside the PCs find a small fortified war room, complete What these titles mean exactly, the characters cannot at
with planning table, chairs, maps on the table and walls, this point tell. It's not much to go on, but at least now the
and five small-arms lockers. The maps on the walls were party knows where to head if they're going to look for help
blackened from the heat of the fire, but the lockers appear to tracking down the Doomriders. The closest settlement of
be secure (each requiring a Disable Device check at DC 25 any considerable size appears to be Cheyenne - making it
to open), and inside the PCs find a total of four Browning their next ideal destination.
BPSs, 84 rounds of 10-gauge ammunition (that somehow The next adventure, The Long Drive, picks up as the
didn’t cook off in the fire), a control rod (no power source), characters leave Barter Town and head towards distant
and a single satchel charge C. On the table they find an Cheyenne.
antique sextant and a corium lantern, under whose weight
is pinned a slightly burned leatherbound case. Inside of this
case are a number of intact maps - the maps they were sent
to find!



The Long Drive is the
second in a series of
linked adventures
designed specifically
for higher-level
parties. In The
Long Drive the player
characters leave the ruins of
Barter Town, striking out into the great unknown of
the north on the trail of the Doomriders, a murderous
raider army. Entering a new land the PCs make
contact with a group known as the “Cattlemen”, a
primitive people who are desperate to get out of the
way of the Doomriders, should they return. Diverting
from their original goal (Cheyenne), the characters
aid the Cattlemen in driving a vast angoose herd
to their people’s ancestral stronghold of Stockyard.
But along the way the herd will pass through areas
devastated by the recent Doomrider incursion, and
cross paths with other dangers. If the characters do
well, they will earn the gratitude of the Cattlemen and
be set for a meeting with their faction’s leader at the
start of part three of the Halidom series.
The Long Drive should take characters from level
11 to 13 by the adventure’s completion. Player
characters will find certain skills particularly useful,
such as Drive, Handle Animal, and Survival, but none
of these are essential to succeeding in their mission.


Halidom is a high-level series of
adventures that send the PCs off
on a perilous journey deep into
the heart of unknown country - the
lands of old Wyoming. Their goal:
to track down the Doomriders, a monstrous raider
gang with epic nihilistic goals, who by all accounts
have returned from a generations-long absence to
begin anew a campaign of destruction, sparing none
whom they find in their path. No mere raider war,
something behind the scenes seems to be driving the Braving the mighty citadel they must infiltrate its deep caves
vast armies of the Doomriders into a blood frenzy that could and assassinate whatever mysterious leader is behind the re-
only come from their legends of a “Second Apocalypse”. emergence of the hated Doomriders.
Homesteads, villages, and towns have been laid waste,
with every last inhabitant viciously slaughtered like ADVENTURE APPENDIX
livestock. What’s worse, a hideous disease is spreading Each installment of the Halidom campaign attempts to
through the lands the Doomriders have passed through, make use of new items, feats, creatures, and advanced
threatening even more lives. To end this great threat to the classes featured in other Darwin’s World expansions and
Twisted Earth the characters are hired to travel many miles, sourcebooks, both to introduce this new material to new
over mountains and open plains, through the territory of gamers as well as to challenge veteran players by making
new and unusual groups unheard of in more settled lands, to NPC villains more unpredictable. Several of these items,
the footstep of the great Doomrider fortress of “Halidom”. feats, and classes make more than one appearance in the

adventure, so an appendix has been compiled containing all
of the information pertaining to these new features.
North - into lands that few people
ADVENTURE MAP from south of Barter Town have even
Each part of the Halidom series includes a hex map refered been. This is desolate territory,
to as an “Adventure Map”. These maps are intended to serve blasted terrain. Sand-blasted, wind-
as a tool for you, the GM, allowing you to plot the party’s ravaged, and sun-scorched. Barter Town
progress during each adventure. Since time plays a factor is nothing but a memory now, and following the maps
in the overall success (or failure) of the campaign, keeping you found in the ruins of that settlement you’ve ventured
track of the distances they’ve traveled, day by day, will be north along an old merchant road. Unfortunately,
important. due to the recent sandstorm the road seems to have
In addition, the Adventure Maps also show the relative vanished, leaving only momentary glimpses of the weedy
locations of various encounter areas, including abandoned desert trail here and there. It’s hard to follow, and the
towns, destroyed villages, and special sites detailed in each fresh sands are loose, making travel extremely difficult.
adventure, for ease of reference. It seems like the desert surrounds you on all sides, and
the only break from the yellow monotony is the vague
TRAVEL ON THE MAP blue shapes of mountains, seen only at a great distance
Travel on each Adventure Map can vary depending on each far to the west.
party member’s typical move rate, encumbrance factors, Getting to Cheyenne won’t be as easy as you thought.
and whether or not they are traveling by foot, mount, or by
motor vehicle. Going off-road (i.e. across open terrain) will The Long Drive begins as the characters leave Barter Town
be slower regardless of the form of travel, but note that the and head northwest towards Cheyenne. This is a new land,
roads of the Twisted Earth are a shadow of what they once the territory of peoples they have probably never heard of
were; crossing an entire region in one day on the interstate before. At first the region they are passing through is a
is a thing of the past. Suggested travel speeds (in hexes per desolate one - miles and miles of open desert and desiccated
day) are given below. plains that seem utterly inhospitable to man. They find no
signs of other inhabitants, and it seems as if Barter Town was
On foot 6 hexes per day indeed perched on the northern edge of the world.
Mounted (horses) 8 hexes per day
Automobile 10 hexes per day
Note that in this adventure the party will be accompanying a If the PCs are moving by foot, or on horseback (or a similar
slow moving herd of cattle as they drive north, and because steed), their speed is largely unaffected by the recent
of this their progress after joining the Cattlemen will rarely sandstorm around Barter Town. Vehicles, however, have a
go above “On Foot” speed, even if they brought vehicles or much more difficult time, as their wheels get stuck and their
mounts. As such the adventure will probably take anywhere heavier weight mires them in the sand. Motorcycles and
from a week to 10 days. smaller vehicles are unaffected, but anything of H size or

Wyoming represents a “new frontier” for characters from the more traditional regions of the Twisted Earth. This land
lies beyond the known limits of “civilization”, but in reality the people here are not that much more primitive than those
of more familiar lands. There are three major groups in Wyoming: the Fee’Men, the Cattlemen, and the Salvation.
Much of Wyoming is dominated by a tribe known as the Fee’Men, tribal overlords who have taken control of the
plains through trade and cunning. Inheritors of a vast stock of medicines from before the Fall, they have traded their
“juju” to those who’ve needed it, in exchange for guns and ammunition. Building up their arms stockpiles through these
deals, at the same time the Fee’Men have stripped their neighbors of their means of defense, and slowly taken control,
“ruling” loosely from the ruins of Casper, and demanding tribute from those groups too weak to resist them. They are
now widely feared and despised.
The Cattlemen are descended from the state’s original ranchers, and now live dispersed across Wyoming’s grassy
plains, herding angoose, the mutant descendants of cattle. These people live a semi-nomadic life, and constantly strain
at the yoke of their Fee’Men masters.
The self-titled “Salvation” occupies the poisoned wreckage of Cheyenne. The ancestors of these people were white
supremacists and punks who hoped to exploit the chaos of the Fall to create their own “Aryan empire” on the plains.
After the nuclear war their ambitions were stunted by the demands of survival, until they too descended into backwards
savagery. Holding jealously to the ruins of their city, they have resisted all outsiders for years.

Roll Damage Effect
1-4 Negligible Vehicle becomes stuck, but can be freed with a Drive check at DC 30.
5-8 Minor As Negligible, but vehicle also takes 1d6 damage (ignoring Hardness).
As Minor, but vehicle is also immobilized due to a component breaking. The component can be fixed with a
9-10 Moderate
Repair check (DC 15, plus the expenditure of 55 cp in spare parts).
As Moderate, but the vehicle takes 2d6 damage (ignoring Hardness) and is immobilized. A more complex
11 Major component is broken, however, but it can still be fixed with a Repair check (DC 25, plus the expenditure of
275 cp in spare parts).
Something totally unforeseen happens; a major component (e.g. an axle) is broken, or the vehicle itself is
12 Catastrophic sucked down into the sand over the course of a few minutes. The vehicle is a total loss (cannot be repaired
or recovered).

greater finds driving in the fresh sand extremely challenging, FRESH WATER (EL 0)
requiring a Drive check (DC 30) for every hex traveled. The wind picks up as it rolls across the plains,
Roll for each vehicle in the party. A failure by more than 5 creating “waves” in the grass. Ahead the countryside
indicates that vehicle becomes mired; roll on the Table 1: is broken by a small trickling stream that wanders
Travel below to see just how badly: aimlessly across the flat open expanse.
Note that if the PCs do not carry around spare parts, they
cannot simply use “cp” to fix their problems! The seasonal stream found at this location is shallow enough
Continue rolling for every hex the party travels through, to ford, so it should pose no problem for vehicles or mounts
until they either abandon their vehicles or reach Plains to cross. The water is also fresh, allowing the PCs to refill
Country, the beginning of Wyoming’s vast open plains. all of their water sources. Note that in a week the stream
will dry up, so if the PCs return later they may not be able to
PLAINS COUNTRY (EL 0) benefit from the water source.
The trek is long, arduous, and lonely, but eventually
you enter a new region, where the terrain changes subtly CRASHED TRUCK (EL 0)
and broadens into a kind of world unseen anywhere else Up ahead you see the wrecked hulk of an old ten-
on the Twisted Earth. wheeled delivery truck that appears to have driven off
It has been days since you set out, and due to the the road and rolled onto one side. By the looks of it the
great distance traveled the flat desert landscape has vehicle must have been here since the time of the Fall;
begun to change. What began as desert and perhaps it is almost completely covered by rust. Painted on the
sporadic cactus vegetation has slowly transformed into partly-open rear door are the words “Wyoming Tribune-
the beginnings of a vast grassland. The parched yellow Eagle”.
and gray of the desert has now given way to a stunning
shade of green that stretches from horizon to horizon. The truck proves to be empty except for a few empty boxes
The sky is as blue as a flawless gemstone. and bundles of newspapers dating from before the Fall.
Most of these papers have disintegrated (or were carried off
The terrain here is not as bad as the area around Barter by the wind when the door lock rusted off, allowing the door
Town, so if the PCs managed to navigate their vehicles this to creak open), but a Search of the truck (DC 22) uncovers
far they find the worst of it is behind them. No more Drive one partly-intact front page. This page is reproduced as
checks will be necessary to travel through the plains. Handout #2. Note that the PCs will need to be able to read
The journey through this new land should be portrayed the language, Ancient, to understand the handout.
as alternately breathtaking and tranquil. The land seems
rich and fertile, with wild grass stretching for as far as the
eye can see. The mountains tower to the west, but to the SLAUGHTERED CATTLE (EL 0)
north and east the plains seem to go on forever. In areas You’ve gone more than half a mile from the path north
wildflowers grow in abundance, creating colorful and to investigate what at first looked like a dark mark on
fragrant carpets that can extend for a mile or more, and the grasslands. As you get closer, however, you see the
buzzing insects flit about in the air, night and day. discoloration originates from an entire herd of more
While it is beautiful, eventually, however, the PCs than fifty dead animals, lying sprawled out across the
will begin to stumble upon gruesome evidence of the grassy countryside. They appear to be some kind of
Doomriders’ passage through the region... mutant form of cattle. Clouds of flies buzz in the air,
GM’s Note: In areas shaded green on the Adventure attracted to the warm rotting flesh.
Map, the DC for finding food and water with a Survival
check is only 10 (see Survival, page 53 of the DW Survivor’s The characters have come across a herd of angoose formerly
Handbook). Other areas should still be treated as wasteland. belonging to a family of the Cattlemen tribe (see later for
more details on this Wyoming faction). The herdsmen of


this particular clan, on hearing the rumble of the Doomriders This area is filled with a great herd of angoose, mutated
on the horizon (as they headed south for Barter Town), descendants of pre-Fall cattle (for more on angoose, see
abandoned the herd and fled for their lives. The animals - Adventure Appendix). The local faction known as the
like any other living thing they stumble across - were made “Cattlemen” keep the six-legged beasts for food, dairy, and
sport by the Doomriders who slaughtered them in the fields leather, and their vast herds were at one time a common sight
and left them to rot. on the plains of old Wyoming.
PCs investigating the dead animals will note that these Leading this particular cattle drive is an older man named
are a mutated variant of regular cattle; see the Adventure “Lars”, a seasoned Cattleman rancher. Lars and his handful
Appendix for a description of the angoose. of helpers (youngsters from other Cattleman families) have
been tasked with moving this large herd northeast to their
THE HERD (EL 5) people’s ancestral “capital”, the small plains community
The grassy plains reverberate with the sound of of Stockyard (for more on this settlement see the next part
countless hooves, and the mooing of hundreds of of this series, Plaguelands). Lars is in a hurry, because the
animals. Ahead you see an enormous herd of weird recent resurgence of the Doomriders has everyone rightly
mutated cattle moving eastwards, kicking up clouds of worried. Already a number of Cattleman homesteads and
dust as they go. Two or three men on horseback appear herds have been eradicated, and his people are desperate to
to be keeping pace with the animals, but their numbers get out of the marauding mega-gang’s destructive path.
seem woefully inadequate for controlling such a huge GM’s Note: This will probably be the party’s first
herd. encounter with the Cattlemen. Unfortunately their first
contact won’t be peaceful; start the encounter by rolling

an attack against the lead character! One of the mounted Feats: Alertness, Animal Affinity, Endurance, Exotic
Cattlemen tending the herd (the youngest) will fire at them Melee Weapon Proficiency (Lasso), Guide, Mounted
with his bow. Because of the dust the PCs will only realize Archery, Mounted Combat, Primitive Technology, Simple
the Cattlemen are present when the arrow either hits - or Weapons Proficiency, Track.
whizzes over their heads! Talents (Tough Hero): Robust.
The dust kicked up by the herd gives all combatants a Talents (Post-Apocalyptic Hero): Wasteland Lore.
20% miss chance with ranged weapons beyond 20 ft. At the Talents (Plains Ranger [HDM]): Vigilant, Handler, Way
beginning of the encounter, only one of the Cattlemen will of The Land (Wyoming).
be present, firing his bow from the back of his horse. After Possessions: Lasso (see Adventure Appendix), hoof pick
two rounds of combat his companions (including the wiser (as spiked club), 50 ft. of rope, cowboy hat, hide clothing,
- and tougher - Lars) will rush from the other side of the herd canteen (full), horse, tack and harness.
to help out, but upon seeing the PCs will try and stop the
fighting before it gets out of hand. THE CATTLEMEN (CURRENT PROFILE)
Cattleman Youths (4): HP 30 (see below). Background: Resentful.
Lars: HP 52 (see below). Attitude: As the true natives of Wyoming, we have
been tending cattle since before the Fall; they provide us
Cattleman Youth (Mutant Tough Hero 4): CR 4; with meat, milk, and hides, and are all we need to survive.
Medium-size humanoid; HD 4d10+4 plus 4; HP 30; Mas 13; Outsiders threaten this time-honored way of life, and should
Init +2; Spd 30 ft; Defense 15, touch 15, flatfooted 13 (+0 be shunned - if not openly resisted.
size, +2 Dex, +3 class); BAB +3; Grap +4; Atk +4 melee Symbol: Angoose horns, angoose skull.
(1d6+1, machete), or +6 ranged (1d8, compound bow) or +6 Common Classes: Guardian, Plains Ranger [HDM],
ranged touch (lasso [HDM]); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ Survivalist.
medical incompatibility; AL Cattlemen; SV Fort +3, Ref +3, Common Mutations: Fragrance Development, Multiple
Will +3; AP 2; Rep +1; Str 12, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 8, Wis Stomachs.
14, Cha 10. Common Defects: Negative Chemical Reaction,
Occupation: Herdsman (Ride, Survival). Syncope.
Background: Resentful (Handle Animal).
Mutations and Defects: Multiple Stomachs, Negative The Cattlemen are direct descendants of the rural ranchers
Chemical Reaction. and cowboys who once roamed the open range of old
Skills: Handle Animal +2, Listen +4, Navigate +2, Wyoming. When the Fall came they fared somewhat
Profession +4, Ride +7, Spot +6, Survival +7. better than the people in the cities (being much more self-
Feats: Alertness, Archaic Weapons Proficiency, sufficient), but in time even the Cattlemen’s resources wore
Endurance, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lasso), Guide, thin. As the first raider gangs began to sweep the region, the
Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Primitive Technology, Cattlemen found it expedient to abandon their old ranchland
Simple Weapons Proficiency. for the greater part of the year, roving the dying grasslands in
Talents (Tough Hero): Robust, Stamina. a perpetual migration.
Possessions: Compound bow, 10 arrows, lasso (see The early Cattlemen recognized the value of cattle, both
Adventure Appendix), 50 ft. of rope, machete, cowboy hat, as a resource for their own needs as well as for trade, and
hide clothing, canteen (full), horse, tack and harness. as a result cattle (or more accurately, angoose, the creatures
native cattle have since mutated into) have always been an
Lars (Mutant Tough Hero 2/Post-Apocalyptic Hero 2/ important part of their culture. Horses, too, play a prominent
Plains Ranger 4 [HDM]): CR 8; Medium-size humanoid; role, since they are used in herding and also permit fast
HD 2d10+2 plus 2d8+2 plus 4d10+4 plus 2; HP 52; Mas 12; travel over the wide open spaces.
Init -1; Spd 30 ft; Defense 15, touch 15, flatfooted 16 (+0 While the Cattlemen have never really had a shortage of
size, -1 Dex, +6 class); BAB +6; Grap +8; Atk +8 melee food, the lack of medicine has always been a major issue
(1d8+2, hoof pick), or +5 ranged touch (lasso [HDM]); in their fight for survival. In earlier years, when the first
Full Atk +8/+3 melee (1d8+2, hoof pick), or +5/+0 ranged plagues swept through the region, they were particularly
touch (lasso [HDM]); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical devastated. Forced to make deals with the Fee’Men for
incompatibility; AL Cattlemen; SV Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +3; medical supplies, over time the Cattlemen relinquished their
AP 4; Rep +1; Str 14, Dex 8, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 16. considerable stock of pre-Fall weapons and ammunition
Occupation: Herdsman (Handle Animal, Ride). to save their children and families. These underhanded
Background: Resentful (Navigate). dealings left the Cattlemen with a hatred for the Fee’Men
Mutations and Defects: Multiple Stomachs, Negative matched by few. But as a result, today the Cattlemen
Chemical Reaction. are forced to make do with the most primitive weapons,
Skills: Handle Animal +13, Listen +4, Navigate +13 including such handmade arms as bows and spiked clubs.
(+21 in Wyoming), Ride +8, Spot +7, Survival +10 (+18 in Firearms are extremely rare among them, and when found
Wyoming), Treat Injury +10. are generally hoarded - if not hidden to avoid being taken by

the Fee’Men. What is the “Salvation”?
Even though they are essentially nomads, the Cattlemen Not much I can tell you there, I’m afraid. They’re
have a strong attachment to the grasslands of Wyoming. the folks who live in Cheyenne. Their money’s all that’s
As a result of this they have come to resent most outsiders good around here. But like I said, not much I can say
(whom they often equate with the Fee’Men, who also came - never been to Cheyenne m’self.
from “out of state” to usurp their way of life), but otherwise
they are largely neutral in attitude. [The PCs will learn more about the Salvation in the next part
of this series]
When the other Cattlemen show up on the scene, the oldest Have you seen where the Doomriders went?
(Lars) will try to stop the fighting, telling the younger Not m’self, nosir. Seein’ as how they pretty much
cowboys to stop angering the “outsiders”. If the PCs have kill everyone in their way, when we heard they was on
already killed the first youth he instead goes over to the the warpath Mack gave the order to start movin’ the
boy’s dead body, takes off his hat, and shakes his head as angoose herds back north to Stockyard - for safety. We
if the boy asked for it. Whether or not they’ve slain his can’t stand against them. ‘Course I heard they managed
helper(s), with a sigh he addresses the PCs: to get to a few of our homesteads before the people
could get out. As soon as this herd joins up with the
“Don’t know who you are, but by them guns I ‘spect others I’ve got to hustle and go get my own brood as
you ain’t from around these parts. You’ve wandered well.
into Cattlemen territory, and we don’t take kindly to
outsiders just moseying on through our land. Best Where is Stockyard? What’s it like?
explain yourselves.” Northeast of here. We’re headed there now. It’s huge,
the center of the Cattlemen range.
If the PCs explain why they’re here Lars will listen intently,
nod, and assure them that his people, the “Cattlemen”, have [“Huge” is obviously a relative term, as the PCs will learn
nothing whatsoever to do with the Doomriders. when they visit Stockyard in the next part of this series]
Lars comes across as a simple rancher, and while he
probably knows more about this land than they do, he still Who’s Mack?
doesn’t have a whole lot of answers for the PCs. Depending Mack’s our leader, boss of all the Cattlemen families.
on what questions the characters ask, here are his likely Knows a lot more about what’s going on than I do.
Can you take us to Mack?
Why did the youngster attack us? I’d love to help but I have a few problems of my own.
There ain’t but two other groups in this land and both I’ve got to get this here herd to Stockyard like the boss
of ‘em we don’t like. ‘Cepting of course thems they call ordered. Tell you what - you boys get some lassos and
the Salvation, which is a third I suppose, but they ain’t help me drive the angoose, and I’ll not only take you to
never come around here anyway. Nosir, I expect the boy Mack, I’ll pay you 25 ReichMarks for each head that
thought you were either one of them Fee’Men [spits], or makes it through. Got ourselves a deal?
else scouts from the Doomriders.
If the PCs are looking to make contact with the leader of the
How did you know we were outsiders? Cattlemen, Lars appears to be genuinely able to facilitate a
Seein’ as how y’all carry guns. Ain’t no one around meeting. Their best chance is to take Lars up on his offer
here have guns thanks to the Fee’Men [spits]. and help with the long drive across the plains.

Who are the “Fee’Men”? What’s a ReichMark?

Eh, they’re a more powerful tribe livin’ up north, Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of ReichMarks! It’s
around Casper thereabouts. Go way back, so’s they say, Salvation money - they print it in Cheyenne and it’s the
but not as long as us Cattlemen. Anyway, over the years only thing they’ll deal in. If you’re looking to get by
they made us give up our guns in exchange for food and here in Wyoming you’d better get some for yourself.
medicine when times were lean. Now they’ve got all the
hardware, and we’ve got nothin’. Your players may be alarmed by the term “ReichMark” (due
to its ties with Nazi-era Germany), but in all fairness their
[The PCs will learn more about the Fee’Men in the next characters probably won’t be. You can allow the players to
adventure, Plaguelands, and in part four of this series, make a Knowledge (Ancient Lore) or Knowledge (History)
Overthrow The Overlords, will head to Casper to deal with check at DC 30 to recognize the term; otherwise they should
the degenerate tribe once and for all] act as if ignorant of the term’s historic significance!

Keep in mind that Lars doesn’t have any ReichMarks on BRUSH FIRE (EL 7)
him, but he will assure the PCs they will be paid as promised There is a hint of charred embers on the wind, and
when the job is done. moments later a thick gray haze billows over the
plains. Leaping flames can be seen spreading across
MOVE IT OUT! the grassland. The Cattlemen continue moving the herd
Lars and any surviving helpers are hard-pressed to move northeast, but a few look worried as the fire approaches.
the herd all the way to Stockyard by themselves. With Lars rides up on his horse, squinting off towards the
the arrival of the PCs, however, Lars sees the potential for growing inferno.
additional hired help to accomplish the monumental drive “Brush fire,” he says simply. “The cattle ain’t gonna
north. He’s desperate - and, fortunately, so are the PCs. like movin’ through it. But we can’t afford to go around.
This adventure assumes the PCs agree to “sign on” with Time to show those steer who’s boss!”
Lars and help with the angoose drive. If the PCs refuse,
keep in mind that the drive north follows basically the The angoose immediately begin to get agitated as the
same route they’d be taking anyway (if they want to get to temperature in the air rises and the smoke begins to drift
Stockyard), so the events below are likely to occur whether through the herd. The PCs will have to react quickly to
or not they accompany the herders. If the party goes it alone, prevent the herd from breaking up.
simply modify the encounters as appropriate, as the angoose Each player character must make two Handle Animal
will not be present for each encounter. checks to keep the herd together. The DC for the check is
If the characters agree, continue with the following: 15. Note that in these special circumstances (being led by
Lars, a Plains Ranger) even characters who do not have
There aren’t enough horses to go around, but it won’t ranks in Handle Animal may use it untrained (they’re not
be hard to keep pace with the rambling herd. After a doing anything complicated, after all).
quick lesson of only half an hour, Lars has taught you For each PC that fails this check, 1d6 angoose are lost in
the basics of herding, using whistles, calls, and shouts the smoke and confusion, wandering off and out of sight.
to get the angoose to go where you want to. After Each PC can attempt a single re-roll (but not to help other
practicing with sticks and clumsily hurling lassos, Lars PCs, since everyone is assumed to have their hands full with
sighs and says it’ll have to do. It’s time to move out. their own animals), but doing so involves chasing down the
straying angoose into the fire. As a result, whether or not the
From here on out the party will be helping Lars and his PC succeeds in the re-roll she will take 2d6 points of fire-
Cattlemen move the angoose herd northeast towards based damage from the swirling brush fires.
Stockyard, their people’s stronghold on the plains. For Lars tells the PCs they have no time to go back and look
characters who are more used to mercenary or heroic work, for strays, so any angoose lost from failed rolls should be
they should find cattle herding a lot more challenging than deducted from the total number in the herd.
expected. Once each PC has made two checks, the herd clears the
The herd is big - 200 head strong - and while Lars has area of the brush fire and continues north.
levels in the Plains Ranger advanced class (see Adventure
Appendix), even he can’t control the whole herd by himself.
As a result, at various points in the adventure the PCs will
As the herd rumbles on, to the left you spot a man
have to struggle with keeping the herd under control. When
standing up in a nearby cluster of tall grass, urinating.
called for the PCs will make Handle Animal checks to
He’s a lanky individual, and as he watches the herd
sway the behavior of the herd, either keeping it in line or
slowly pass by he zips up his fly and steps out into the
struggling to bring it back under control, depending on the
open. Making eye contact with you he waves a simple
particular encounter.
Lars turns to register the man, then shakes his head
FAILING A CHECK as if to say “no thanks”. The man seems unperturbed,
If at any time a PC fails a Handle Animal check by more and runs back to the grass, retrieving a jumble of greasy
than 5, she not only fails to control the herd, she also auto parts, what looks like a jerry can of gasoline, and
angers a nearby angoose. To show its displeasure at being some other junk, holding the items in the air to show you
mishandled it will immediately shoot its quills or else gore what he has to trade.
the PC in question (see Adventure Appendix for the statistics
of an angoose). Once it has made an attempt (successful or The herd is unaffected by this encounter. Lars and the
not), the animal will break off the attack and return to the Cattlemen ignore the scav, and will continue moving the
herd. Lars will look unfavorably on any character who kills herd along if the PCs stop to converse with him. The PCs
one of his angoose, even if it “deserved” it! have plenty of time to deal with the man before the herd
moves on, and while Lars thinks it’s a waste of time, he
won’t stop them from dealing with the scav.

GM’s Note: The man identifies himself as “D.J.”, an ** D.J. tries to pass this off as a piece of important pre-Fall
“opportunistic trader”, but in reality he is little more than arcanum, but the label alone should get the party’s curiosity stirring.
a scavenger who is temporarily camping in the area (his In reality the old CD is just junk unless the PCs have some means
campsite is well-concealed among the tall grasses, making of playing it (such as an old vehicle with a CD player). See the
it virtually impossible to spot from far away). Like the nearby sidebar for more information on the disc.
few other wanderers who live in the border region between
Wyoming and the Forbidden Lands he knows a little of both, D.J. will sell any of the goods above, but anything else he
traveling back and forth between the desert and the grassy carries (see his statistics below) he considers vital to his
country looking for people to buy his baubles. survival and won’t part with. As for information, however,
D.J. is genuinely happy to see the PCs (especially if he is quite glib and will gladly talk for free.
they stopped to talk to him) as he has a number of wares If they ask him about the Cattlemen, D.J. seems surprised
he wants to unload. He has profited tremendously from (they’re in the company of Cattlemen, after all), but when
the Doomriders’ recent incursion, as they have destroyed he realizes the PCs aren’t from Wyoming describes them as
numerous settlements leaving their contents up for grabs. a nomadic group of herders who enjoy their freedom on the
D.J. has the following items for trade. Note that his prices open plains, and have a running rivalry with another tribe far
are slightly elevated... to the north (he’s referring to the Fee’Men, but he doesn’t
know the actual name of the tribe).
He warns the PCs to stay away from the ruins of
Item Qty Price
Trail rations 7 days 50 cp Cheyenne, as it has recently come under attack and thus the
Canteens (full) 3 75 cp inhabitants (“isolationist folk”) aren’t likely to be friendly
Survival kit 1 2,000 cp towards outsiders.
Juju potion (1d4+4) 4 150 cp He also warns them against staying out in the open plains
Light rod 3 50 cp too long, as he’s seen “strange flying creatures” soaring
Spare parts* * 5,000 cp overhead - “and they don’t look too friendly”. If asked to
Gasoline (tank) 2 50 cp describe these “flying creatures” he says he’s seen “giant
Doomriders CD** 1 200 cp bugs” - things he has ever seen before in these parts.
* D.J. carries a jumble of mechanical parts that could be used by D.J. knows nothing of the movements of the Doomriders,
the PCs for potential Craft projects. but can pinpoint on their map of Wyoming the general

The compact disc in D.J.’s possession is, coincidentally, Bride of the Prophet, Prophet’s bride
an old Doomriders album from before the Fall. If the Come on over to the other side
PCs manage to play the CD at some point during this Take my hand, baby, I’ll make you mine
adventure (or later in the campaign; the characters will Ridin’ with me till the end of time
gain access to a working CD player in part four of this
series, Overthrow The Overlords), most of the songs are Your father fears me, your momma cries
found to be head-splitting, hard metal music. Only one But you can live forever within my eyes
is even mildly significant, Bride of the Prophet, which is When my demons come for you, don’t you run
uncharacteristically psychadelic and hypnotic. The lyrics They’ll bring you to me, the Devil’s son
go as follows:
Unbeknownst to listeneres, the CD is filled with subliminal
Bride of the Prophet, Prophet’s bride messages that, if played for an extended period of time,
Come on over to the other side implant a subconscious suggestion in the mind of the
Take my hand, baby, I’ll make you mine listener. These suggestions draw the listener to the
Ridin’ with me till the end of time Doomriders, enamoring the listener with the band and
their followers, subtly prodding her to seek them out at
Won’t beg for princesses, won’t kneel for queens all costs. The CD has to be listened to repeatedly for the
Open call to thirty-somethings and early teens suggestions to work their way into the subconscious mind,
Perfect bride, for the perfect man however, and as a result will likely not effect the party
Outliving mountains as they turn to sand during this adventure.

Follow me, baby, I’ll make you my wife

Wedding and reception in the afterlife
Honeymoon in Hell, consummate in a tomb
New breed of spree killer springin’ from your womb

location of the only other towns he knows about: monstrosity with shaggy skin, covered in ugly cyst-
Wheatland, Douglas, and Lusk (each of these towns is like globules. The head of each of the beasts ends in
detailed in the next part of this series, Plaguelands). He a vertical maw that looks like an organic version of a
describes Wheatland as a relatively normal settlement, with bear-trap.
a fair number of “minks” (females); accordingly they tend “Damn,” is all Lars can muster, before the first of
to keep outsiders at arm’s length. The people of Douglas the “othybeasts” - a lumbering bull - attacks the lead
are primitive, producing only hides and foodstuffs for trade. angoose and kills it with one bite.
Lusk is “one big junk heap”, he says, with only a small tribe
living on the outskirts of the ruins; hardly worth visiting at An othydont herd has wandered into this hex on their yearly
all. D.J. suspects most of these settlements were attacked, migration from deeper in the Deserts of Nowhere. These
but he doesn’t know anything about their current state. bizarre mutated herd animals are notoriously ornery, and
If asked what he’ll do, D.J. says he’s heading south to the have decided to attack the angoose for getting too close.
Forbidden Lands where “it’s safer”! The PCs must deal with the othydonts before they inflict
D.J.: HP 39 (see below). any more damage on the herd. From the onset start keeping
track of rounds; every four rounds one angoose is killed for
D.J. (Mutant Post-Apocalyptic Hero 3/Scav 4): CR 7; each remaining othydont that isn’t being directly engaged by
Medium-size humanoid; HD 3d8+3 plus 4d8+4; HP 39; Mas the characters.
12; Init +4; Spd 30 ft; Defense 19, touch 17, flatfooted 17 The othydonts will continue attacking until the leader of
(+0 size, +2 Dex, +5 class, +2 equipment); BAB +5; Grap their own herd (the “bull”; see below) is killed, at which
+4; Atk +4 melee (1d6-1, rifle butt), or +7 ranged (2d6, time they give up the fight and wander/run off.
slug gun [HDM]); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical GM’s Note: Lars and the other Cattlemen will not be
incompatibility; AL none; SV Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +4; AP able to help in the battle; instead assume they are using their
3; Rep +0; Str 8, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 13. Handle Animal skills to keep the angoose from panicking
Occupation: Craftsman (Knowledge [Current Events], during the combat. However, even that is not enough to
Repair). keep the herd completely together.
Background: Feral (Hide, Navigate, Survival). For each PC that abandons the herd to fight, one angoose
Mutations and Defects: Multiple Stomachs, Adrenaline will stray during the combat. These angoose flee in all
Deficiency. directions, and will be too scattered by the end of the battle
Skills: Bluff +5, Gather Information +5, Hide +15, to round back up. PCs who choose to stay with the herd
Knowledge (Current Events) +3, Knowledge (Technology) must still make a Handle Animal check at DC 15 (one check
+4, Listen +6, Move Silently +4, Navigate +4, Repair +8, for the whole battle), or else lose an angoose to panic.
Search +10, Spot +6, Survival +9. Remember to mark off any angoose killed and/or lost
Feats: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Alertness, Armor during the battle, plus one for the angoose killed at the start
Proficiency (light), Forsaken, Personal Firearms Proficiency, of the encounter.
Radiation Sense, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Stealthy, Othydonts (8): HP 63.
Vulture. Advanced Othydont Bull (1): HP 112 (see below).
Talents (Post-Apocalyptic Hero): Wasteland Lore,
Survival Sense. Advanced Othydont Bull: CR 8; Large mutant beast; HD
Talents (Scav): Scav Scan, Sneak Attack +1d6, Scav 9d10+63; HP 112; Mas 24; Init +1; Spd 40 ft; Defense 20,
Survival. touch 10, flatfooted 19 (-1 size, +1 Dex, +10 natural); BAB
Possessions: Slug gun (see Adventure Appendix), +9; Grap +20; Atk +16 melee (4d6+10, bite); Full Atk +16
one box of 9mm ammunition (30), leather armor, combat melee (4d6+10, bite); FS 10 ft by 10 ft; Reach 10 ft; SQ
knife, trail rations, canteen (full), nine days of trail rations, improved grab, stampede, reactive hide, scent; AL none; SV
eleven days of water rations, four canteens (full), survival Fort +13, Ref +7, Will +3; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 24, Dex 12,
kit, four juju potions (1d4+4), three light rods, 5,000 cp in Con 24, Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 4.
mechanical spare parts, two tanks of gasoline, Rolling Stone Skills: Listen +8, Spot +6.
magazine. Feats: Alertness, Run, Weapon Focus (bite).

OTHYDONT HERD (EL 15) Development: There is potentially an easier way of driving
A terrible, monstrous braying can be heard across the the othydonts off before they can savage Lars’ herd. If the
grassy plain. In response the angoose seem frightened, PCs employ any kind of explosive device during the opening
and begin to get restless. Just then one of the young phases of the combat the othydonts will automatically
Cattlemen rides up from scouting up ahead. stampede in the opposite direction of the blast (of course, so
“Othy-beasts!” he cries. might the angoose, at your discretion...). If done correctly,
The angoose herd has just crossed paths with a pack the PCs might drive the othydonts off before too much
of large ogrish animals, bizarre creatures that defy damage is done!
ready categorization. Each resembles a four-legged

DEAD BODIES (EL 5) insects drop upon them, attempting to carry the angoose
The parched air hums with the sound of flies, which aloft and into the sky!
soon grows even louder than the noise of the passing
angoose herd. In moments you see why so many insects The creatures, advanced bug flyers (see Adventure Appendix)
have been drawn to the scene: strewn across your have been sent out by their mutant masters (see Evil
path are dozens of dead men, women, and children, left Blood) to attack groups wandering in the area. Unable to
rotting in the sun. Lars’ men are stunned into silence, distinguish one threat from another, however, the bug flyers
but Lars keeps his head and grimly prods them past the initially descend from the sky to attack the angoose, at first
carnage. ignoring the PCs. If the characters try to fight them off,
however, the remaining bug flyers still in the sky swoop
These men, women, and children were vagabonds native down to intercept them, too.
to the region, dispossessed folk driven to poverty in the The first half of the swarm focuses on incapacitating the
void between the spheres of influence of Wyoming’s major angoose with their poison, ignoring the PCs. To simplify
factions (i.e. they didn’t belong to either the Cattlemen, things, every round roll 1d3-1 (minimum 0) to see how many
Salvation, or Fee’Men). They were caught in the open angoose are paralyzed by the flyers’ poison. On the next
by the Doomriders on their recent foray to Barter Town round, any paralyzed angoose will be lifted up into the air
and were slaughtered to the last. None of the bodies has and flown off to the west-northwest (towards the mutants’
anything to interest the PCs, and if asked Lars will be unable compound). Note that each bug flyer can only lift and carry
to identify who they were. Taking off his hat in respect for a single angoose.
the dead women and children, he nonetheless seems more Meanwhile, the remaining bug flyers harass Lars, the
than happy to keep moving. Cattlemen youths, and the PCs with impunity, attacking at
GM’s Note: The smell of death is enough to rattle random and attempting to buy time for the others. If any PC
the angoose as they pass nearby. Each player character (or NPC) is paralyzed as a result of combat, if possible a bug
must make a single Handle Animal check to keep the herd flyer will descend on that character and lift her into the sky
together. Because the animals are already jittery from the as well. If the PCs are unable to stop them, they will carry
earlier othydont encounter, the DC for this check is 20. As the incapacitated character off as well.
before, in these circumstances the characters may use Handle During the battle don’t worry about rolling for stray
Animal even if untrained. angoose; the battle happens so fast that the animals don’t
For each PC that fails this check, 1d2 angoose wander have a chance to flee. Instead, simply deduct the number of
off and out sight. Like before, Lars and his men are eager angoose taken into the sky by the bug flyers from the herd
to leave this unsettling scene behind and won’t go back total.
for strays. However, commanding characters can try to Advanced Bug Flyers [REW] (10): HP 33 (see below).
snap Lars’ helpers out of their trepidation to assist them by
making a Charisma check (DC 20). If successful, the PCs Advanced Bug Flyer*: CR 7; Large Vermin; HD 6d8+6;
may re-roll any two failed checks. HP 33; Mas 12; Init +3; Spd 40 ft, fly 20 ft (good); Defense
Any angoose lost from failed rolls should be deducted 20, touch 12, flat-footed 17 (-1 size, +3 Dex, +8 natural);
from the total number in the herd. The herd then moves on. BAB +4; Grap +20; Atk +8 melee (1d6+5 plus poison,
Development: Characters examining the bodies will note sting); Full Atk +8 melee (1d6+5 plus poison, sting); FS 10 ft
that they have been partially eaten. This shouldn’t seem by 10 ft; Reach 10 ft; SQ keen sight, hive mind, tremorsense,
unusual, but the bodies here were actually chewed on by immunities, resistance to massive damage, poison, improved
roving silverdiscs (see the later section titled Evil Blood for grab, grappler; AL none; SV Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +4; AP 0;
more on what these creatures are up to). Rep +0; Str 20, Dex 16, Con 12, Int -, Wis 12, Cha 9.
Skills: Listen +8, Spot +8.
Feats: None.
Though you’ve only been with the herd for a day *Because these bug flyers are advanced in size, the DC of
or so, you find yourselves alert and ready when the their poison is increased to 19.
angoose on the outsides of the column begin to act
skittish. Looking around in expectation of trouble, Development: Lars and his men have never seen such
you suddenly look skyward as the air above the plains creatures and wish to put this area behind them as soon as
reverberate with a deafening hum. possible. Lars curses the bugs if they managed to snatch
Far overhead you see a swarm of enormous wasp- any of his herd into the sky, but he is too desperate to get to
like flying creatures, circling in the sky. Lars and his Stockyard to warrant chasing after them. Similarly, even
men cry out in terrified alarm. As you squint to get a if fellow Cattlemen (or even if some of the PCs) have been
better look, half of the swarm descends with a sudden paralyzed and taken, Lars holds the welfare of his tribe
change in course, dropping right down onto the herd of above any individuals who may have fallen on the way, and
angoose. The terrified animals squeal as the giant flying demands the party move on.

Any characters (PC or NPC) taken in this encounter will Rounds Angoose Lost
be found later in the section titled Evil Blood, at area 21). 1-5 None
6-10 1d6 head
11-15 2d6 head
ANCIENT HARVESTER (EL 12) 16+ 3d6 head
Night has gradually fallen over the plains, and
out here the moon seems to soar unfettered over the Individual PCs can offset these potential losses by choosing
countryside, bathing everything beneath the starry sky to remain out of the combat (these characters will be
in a watery blue glow. For miles all around you see assumed to be running off into the night after the cattle as
only tall wheat, growing wild and free, swaying in the they flee in all directions). Each character that remains out
midnight breeze. of combat can make a Handle Animal check at DC 15 to
The Cattlemen have settled down for the night, prevent 1d6 angoose from getting away.
pitching one or two small tents and lighting a campfire Advanced Mega Agrobot [B&L]: HP 162 (see below).
to cook a hasty meal. Weary from the long drive, they
nonetheless seem to find the time to share a few laughs, Advanced Mega Agrobot: CR 12; Gargantuan Robotic
but the sound of their merriment - and the glow of the Construct; HD 15d10+80; HP 162; Mas -; Init -2; Spd 40
campfire - seems terribly insignificant in this majestic ft.; Defense 14, touch 4, flatfooted 14 (-4 size, -2 Dex, +10
land. natural); BAB +11; Grap +35; Atk +21 melee (2d10+14,
The wind blows again and everybody falls silent razor shears), or +16 melee (2d8+9, slam); Full Atk +21
- a strange feeling sweeps over everyone in camp. melee (2d10+14, 2 razor shears), or +16 melee (2d8+9,
The angoose suddenly become restless, and begin to slam); FS 20 ft. by 20 ft.; Reach 15 ft.; SQ Robotic
bray in terror. A strange sound, carried on the wind, Construct, DR 4/-, Razor Shears, Spiked Roller, Command
just barely reaches your ears. A soft metallic whine, Level (IIC); AL none; SV Fort -, Ref +4, Will +1; AP 0; Rep
growing louder and louder as it approaches through the +0; Str 38, Dex 6, Con -, Int -, Wis 1, Cha 1.
darkness. Skills: None.
Feats: Cleave, Great Cleave, Power Attack, Sunder.
The Cattlemen have picked a poor spot to camp, as it lies
close to the ancient resting place of a pre-Fall colossus - an Treasure: Lars and any surviving Cattlemen will be
advanced mega agrobot [B&L]. Gargantuan robots such as astonished if the PCs manage to destroy the huge machine,
they were created during the twilight years of the Ancients and will approach only after it is clear the thing is destroyed.
to harvest great swaths of cropland with their mighty shears, While something of this sort (an agrobot) would not seem to
but after the Fall many were forgotten, and lay dormant. have treasure, a machine this size could be picked-over by
Unfortunately for the herders, the sleeping giant of metal and enterprising PCs for salvage. Assume that after 1d4 hours of
wire has chosen now to awaken... work the PCs can get 1d10x300 cp worth of mechanical and
The characters have one round to prepare before the electronic spare parts from the goliath machine.
gargantuan machine emerges from the night, set on a course
(a pre-set pattern that is no longer predictable) that will take
it right through the camp. The angoose have the sense to DEATH (EL 7)
scatter immediately, but Lars and his men are not quite so In the early morning light the sun beats heavily down
fortunate, stumbling to get out of their tents or away from from the clear sky above. The angoose herd slowly
the cooking fire as the metal monstrosity rolls into camp. As approaches the smoking remnants of a small settlement.
it encounters the PCs it attacks, using its razor shears in an The ashen look on Lars’ face betrays his concern, and
effort to reap everything around it. from the looks of the other cowhands you surmise that
GM’s Note: The advanced mega agrobot will attack the those who once lived here must have been Cattlemen as
nearest target with its shears; if more than one is within reach well.
it will divide its attacks up amongst them. Self-preservation “By the Mighty Bull!” Lars exclaims, “I’ve a family
protocols will cause it to roll towards (and onto) whichever of my own. For god’s sake I hope they’re alright...”
opponents does the most damage to it, in an attempt to crush
the source of the menace (using its Spiked Roller feature). The herd has come across the smouldering remains of a
Lars and his Cattlemen will attempt to flee with the herd, Cattleman homestead. The small settlement was in the
since their weapons have virtually no chance of damaging path of the Doomriders as they moved south to sack Barter
the thing, leaving the PCs to deal with it. The robot will Town, and logically came under attack as the raiders moved
fight until destroyed. through the area. Not a single soul was left alive.
In addition, as the battle progresses, more and more PCs taking the time to search through the settlement as
angoose manage to slip away into the night. Depending the herd slowly rolls by will find only dead bodies (men,
on how many rounds the battle lasts, a variable number of women, elderly, and children alike), most mutilated,
angoose will be lost. decapitated, or crucified. Since the population of the
community was quite small (perhaps five families, no

more), the effort did not warrant the construction of a and bring ‘em to Stockyard. They’ll know which way to
“Doomwheel”, and thus the people were simply slaughtered, head. Tell ‘em I sent you after them and they’ll do what
not ritually executed in the typical Doomrider fashion. you say.
There are signs, however, that somehow has been here “We’ll meet at Stockyard. I’m a man of my word, and
since the Doomrider attack. A Survival check (DC 30) your money will be waiting there.”
reveals that a pickup came here and three individuals
dismounted to search the ruins and scavenge what was left. To hasten their journey Lars gathers his remaining cowhands
The tracks of the truck can no longer be followed, however and together they wrangle up the loose horses, fit them with
(the pickup belonged to the mutants living in a nearby plains saddles, and give two to each character (one for each PC,
stronghold, who have been capitalizing on the Doomriders’ and another in case his family members might need mounts
destructive campaign by scavenging in their wake; more on to get moving).
this later). With that Lars tips his hat in solemn respect to the PCs,
GM’s Note: The smells of death moderately agitate the and returns to the herd.
angoose as they pass near to the smoking ruins, and while
Lars attempts to press the herd to move by quickly, the PCs
will need to help out. THE HOMESTEAD
Each player character must make a single Handle Animal A small ranch sits out in the middle of
check to make sure things go alright. The DC for the the grassy plain at this spot. An old
check is 20. As before, even characters who do not have ramshackle barn, bunkhouse, and a few
ranks in Handle Animal may use it untrained for this outbuildings lie clustered together to
purpose. provide protection from the harsh winds
For each PC that fails this check (and for each PC that that must sweep over this flat country in
chose to investigate the ruins), a single angoose strays. No winter. Several large corrals surround the homestead,
re-rolls are allowed. but they appear empty.
More than ever, Lars wants to press on so will tell the PCs Oddly, no one emerges to greet you - or drive you off.
to leave any strays that fall behind. Any angoose lost in this
encounter should be deducted from the total number in the Lars’ kin were packing up their worldly belongings when
herd. they came under attack. Not by the Doomriders themselves,
but by something that in these circumstances are just as bad:
a pack of silverdiscs, gargoyle-like avians that serve as the
HORSES (EL 0) airborne eyes and ears for a degenerate family of mutants
Up ahead you see a few horses milling about, grazing. living in the nearby plains (see the later chapter, Evil Blood).
The cattle continue moving on, kicking up dust, but Lars Following the recent incursion of the Doomriders, these
rides up, the concerned look on his face from the savage mutants have taken the opportunity to strike out from their
scene earlier today having turned into a fearful frown. secret compound and take what they want from the dead,
using their controlled animal “pets” to do most of the dirty
There are a total of a dozen horses. Unknown to the PCs, the work.
horses escaped when Lars’ family ranch came under attack While they’ve primarily been sticking to scavenging from
by a pack of silverdiscs, and fled here (see The Homestead, destroyed settlements, the mutants’ pet silverdiscs saw this
below). homestead on the open plains and moved in to investigate.
If the PCs ask what’s wrong, Lars notes that the animals Without their masters to control them one way or another,
bear his brand (a stylized “L”). He looks off to the northwest the silverdiscs have decided to make a meal of Lars’ family.
and squints, as if looking for something, then turns to the The silverdisc flock is now split up all over Lars’ homestead,
PCs and addresses them in a shaky voice - the first time his having caught his family by surprise and driving them into
voice has broken since they’ve met him: the old tunnels underneath the ranch (a common practice of
the plains people is to dig tunnels underground for water,
“Those look like my own stock. I ordered my kin storage space, and shelter in emergencies). A few of Lars’
to pack things up and start heading for Stockyard kin died when the monstrous avians appeared from the sky,
days ago. They never would have cut the horses free. but a few more are still alive, hoping to be rescued.
Something must be wrong. A good number of the silverdiscs are currently flocked
“I know I’ve demanded a lot from you folks, but I’ve atop the old barn (see below), but a few others are sneaking
one last favor to ask. I’ve got to stay with the herd and around above and below ground looking for prey.
see that it makes it through. Duty to the tribe comes
before even my own blood...”
A look of grave concern - and perhaps a little shame L1. BARN (EL 15)
- crosses his face as he admits this. Several grotesque, gargoyle-like creatures seem to
“But I’d be much obliged if you’d head out to my have taken up residence around the homestead, perching
ranch and see that the family’s okay. Get ‘em moving, on the rooftop of the old barn like a flock of birds. Some


of these emaciated creatures are yellow, green, or gray SV Fort +9, Ref +11, Will +4; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 17, Dex 20,
in color, but the underside of their wings are covered in Con 17, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 4.
shiny metallic scales that gleam brightly in the sunlight. Skills: Listen +7, Spot +10.
Other than a brief scuffle for perching space, the Feats: Flyby Attack, Wingover.
creatures are relatively still.
Development: These silverdiscs will eventually have to
A large part of the silverdisc flock has perched atop the be dealt with. If the party slips into the homestead and finds
old barn. No movement is spotted anywhere in the area, the tunnels underground, when they re-emerge later to lead
indicating that either the Cattlemen are hiding indoors, or are Lars’ family away the creatures perched here will certainly
already dead. spot them and take off after them. If this is the case the PCs
Unless the PCs have taken measures to sneak up on the will probably be attacked out in the open, and as a result
homestead, the silverdiscs will probably spot them at a great will have to defend Lars’ family - and themselves - from the
distance as they approach. The creatures croak a ghastly call silverdiscs’ repeated aerial attacks.
when the party is spotted, before taking to the air. Within
moments they fly over to the location of the characters, L2. CORRAL (EL 0)
wherever they are, sweeping down from the sky while using This corral - suitable for a large herd - is empty.
their Blinding Wings and Vital Strike abilities.
GM’s Note: If the PCs enter the barn they find it a Most of the angoose normally kept by the Cattlemen have
shambles; the silverdiscs tore through here looking for already moved out, since the animals are considered a vital
prey but only found a few goats (which they promptly resource to their people’s survival. A few animals were left
slaughtered). The PCs might mistake the dead carcasses for behind with the family living here, who hoped to lead the
small humanoids, however. last few beasts as they abandoned the homestead. Instead
In the back of the barn is a rough hole (a natural sinkhole these angoose were killed and devoured by the silverdiscs,
that formed years ago) leading down to a small cave below and now the corrals are conspicuously empty except for a
- see area L9. The hole is 20 ft. deep and there doesn’t seem scattering of bones, visible only with a Spot check (DC 31).
to be a way to climb down.
Advanced Silverdiscs (9): HP 51 (see below).
Advanced Silverdiscs [B&L]: CR 6; Medium-Size The smell of damp hay and animal sweat is strong in
Mutated Beast; HD 6d10+18; HP 51; Mas 17; Init +5; Spd this building. It’s also quite dark inside.
10 ft., fly 60 ft. (good); Defense 20, touch 15, flatfooted
15 (+5 Dex, +5 natural); BAB +6; Grap +9; Atk +9 melee This building was previously used as a stable for the
(1d6+5, bite); Full Atk +9 melee (1d6+5, bite); FS 5 ft. by 5 ranchers’ horses, which they used in their herding. The
ft.; Reach 5 ft.; SQ Blinding Wings, Vital Strike; AL none; animals managed to escape when a large silverdisc, stricken
with poison from one of the angoose, stumbled into the

building, leaving the doors open. to the bug flyers that the party encountered earlier in the
The silverdisc is still inside the stables, being considerably adventure. The fact that the two creatures (‘bug and
disoriented from the poison on the angoose’s quill. When silverdiscs) didn’t fight should seem odd to them, hinting
the PCs enter it will attack out of the darkness. at something unusual in their behavior that might warrant
GM’s Note: The silverdisc’s statistics (shown below) checking out later...
reflect the fact that it has been poisoned. Also note that since Development: If the party finds and rescues Sam, award
it is indoors, it is unable to fly (and thus benefit from either them experience as if they had defeated an EL 7 encounter.
of its special qualities).
Poisoned Large Silverdisc (1): HP 72 (see below). L5. SHED (EL 0)
A small wooden building sits here, facing out into an
Poisoned Large Silverdisc [B&L]: CR 7; Medium-Size empty corral.
Mutated Beast; HD 8d10+32; HP 72; Mas 18; Init +0; Spd
10 ft., fly 60 ft. (good); Defense 14, touch 9, flatfooted 14 This proves to be a small storage shed, and inside the PCs
(-1 size, +0 Dex, +5 natural); BAB +8; Grap +16; Atk +11 find saddles, hammers, nails, barrels of water, sacks of
melee (1d8+6, bite); Full Atk +11 melee (1d8+6, bite); FS 10 beans, branding irons (shaped into a stylized “L”), and other
ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.; SQ Blinding Wings, Vital Strike; mundane supplies necessary to run a typical angoose ranch.
AL none; SV Fort +11, Ref +6, Will +4; AP 0; Rep +0; Str The shed appears empty.
18, Dex 10, Con 18, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 4. Treasure: Some of the more useful items include several
Skills: Listen +7, Spot +10. hundred feet of rope, two oil lanterns (no oil), and at least
Feats: Flyby Attack, Wingover. two weeks worth of food and fresh water.
Development: If the PCs make a lot of noise that
Treasure: In addition to a dozen horse blankets, a identifies them as humans, they are surprised when a
complete set of smithing tools (hammer, tongs, anvil, etc.) voice whispers up through gaps in the shed’s floorboards.
are also kept in the stables. The tools could potentially The voice belongs to one of Lars’ adult sons (Tim), who
fetch a price of 300 cp if taken, but transporting them would excitedly explains to the characters that the rest of the family
require a vehicle of some sort. has taken refuge in the tunnels beneath the homestead. He
explains that when the “flying demons” attacked they went
L4. TRAILERS (EL 7) underground and constructed some barriers to keep the
A few rusted camping trailers from before the Fall sit creatures out of the tunnels. The family is holed up in the
here in the tall grass. southern part of the tunnel complex in a few caves, but they
don’t know how long they can hold out.
These old trailers were once used by the original inhabitants There is no way to reach the tunnels from this building
of the ranch as extra sleeping space for their ranch hands. short of smashing through the wooden floor. However, Tim
The Cattlemen generally neglected the trailers, and as a warns against this, telling the PCs the remaining silverdiscs
result they are badly rusted and appear quite dilapidated. will be drawn here by the noise. Instead, he tells the PCs
Unless the PCs search the trailers they’ll miss something there is a trapdoor in the bunkhouse (area L6) that leads to
of importance: inside one of the trailers is a little boy named the tunnels, but he warns them that several of the silverdiscs
Sam. Sam is Lars’ young grandson, and was out playing followed them underground so they should be cautious.
with his little sister, Georgie, when the silverdiscs attacked.
Sam managed to get away by running into the trailer and L6. BUNKHOUSE (EL 9)
keeping the door shut, but the beasts managed to snatch up A sudden crashing noise comes from inside this large
Georgie and take her away... wooden building, followed by more sounds of violence.
Sam is terrified and has been crying for hours; he believes
the rest of his family is dead. He will scream when the Two powerful silverdiscs have chosen now to fight for
PCs find him, possibly alerting any silverdiscs still around dominance. Unlike the other members of the pack, these two
the homestead to the party’s presence (if they haven’t been are not dominated by their mutant masters (their HD is too
warned already). With only a little bit of encouraging high), and thus have no loyalty to their “mission”. Having
(Charisma check at DC 14) Sam will be convinced to leave run out of human prey, the creatures have grown bored and
his shelter and go with the PCs. turned on themselves for entertainment.
GM’s Note: Sam has a tale he’s eager to tell the party When the PCs enter the large open bunkhouse is a mess,
(and his family). While he was hiding in the shack he with broken furniture and collapsed bunk beds strewn about.
saw his little sister taken to the barn, where, a few hours Two hugely-muscled silverdiscs face off against one another.
ago, a “giant flying bug” descended and took her from the When the PCs are spotted the larger of the two creatures
“gargoyles”. Sam watched as it took Georgie, screaming and lunges forward and attacks instinctively. The second almost
crying, into the sky. Sam says he saw it fly off to the south- seems to grin, and immediately hides, hoping to watch
southwest before vanishing. his rival get torn apart by the party. If the first silverdisc
Sam’s description of the “giant flying bug” corresponds

appears to be doing well, the second will join in, attacking get through.
whichever PC appears the most wounded. Since neither Barricade A (EL 9): This barricade is being held by
beast is controlled, they will flee if badly injured instead of John, Lars’ eldest son, who is armed with a spiked club and
remaining to fight. a corium lantern. Three large silverdiscs skulk just beyond
Advanced Large Silverdiscs (2): HP 85 (see see below). the barricade (on the PCs’ side), having failed to get through.
They are now remaining quiet, hoping John opens the
Advanced Large Silverdisc [B&L]: CR 9; Medium-Size barricade to peek around (but of course he isn’t that stupid).
Mutated Beast; HD 9d10+36; HP 85; Mas 18; Init +4; Spd If the silverdiscs spot the PCs they give up the ruse and
10 ft., fly 60 ft. (good); Defense 18, touch 13, flatfooted 14 attack, and John, hearing the combat, will shout excitedly for
(-1 size, +4 Dex, +5 natural); BAB +9; Grap +17; Atk +12 help!
melee (1d8+6, bite); Full Atk +12 melee (1d8+6, bite); FS 10 Large Silverdiscs (2): HP 72 (see below).
ft. by 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.; SQ Blinding Wings, Vital Strike;
AL none; SV Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +5; AP 0; Rep +0; Str Large Silverdisc [B&L]: CR 8; Large Mutated Beast;
18, Dex 19, Con 18, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 4. HD 8d10+32; HP 72; Mas 18; Init +4; Spd 10 ft., fly 60 ft.
Skills: Listen +7, Spot +10. (good); Defense 18, touch 13, flatfooted 14 (-1 size, +4 Dex,
Feats: Flyby Attack, Power Attack, Wingover. +5 natural); BAB +8; Grap +16; Atk +11 melee (1d8+6,
bite); Full Atk +11 melee (1d8+6, bite); FS 10 ft. by 10 ft.;
Since the silverdiscs are indoors and can neither fly nor Reach 10 ft.; SQ Blinding Wings, Vital Strike; AL none; SV
use their Blinding Wings trait, the EL for this encounter is Fort +11, Ref +6, Will +4; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 18, Dex 19,
reduced to 9. Con 18, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 4.
Treasure: A large number of packs, bags, and burlap Skills: Listen +7, Spot +10.
sacks lie strewn about the room (the family’s belongings, Feats: Flyby Attack, Wingover.
which they were packing for the exodus when the silverdiscs
attacked). Many of their belongings have been smashed or Since the silverdiscs are underground and can neither fly
destroyed by the silverdiscs, but a few items of value are nor use their Blinding Wings trait, the EL for this encounter
salvageable, including 3d10 corium pieces, an antique 19th is reduced to 9.
century silver fobwatch worth 50 cp as a timepiece (though Barricade B (EL 0): This barricade is being held by
if the party contacts a collector interested in ancient artifacts Tim, Lars’ youngest son, who regularly moves between
it might fetch a price of 250 cp), and one roll on the Random the barricade and the chamber beneath the shed (area L5),
Finds table (see Adventure Appendix). hoping to spot signs of movement on the surface. The
Development: A wooden trapdoor lies torn from its PCs may have spoken to him through the shed’s wooden
hinges in one ransacked part of the bunkhouse. The trapdoor floorboards (see area L5). If the PCs approach his barricade
leads to the tunnels beneath the homestead (areas L7-L10). he will open it, allow them entrance, then close it back up,
before sending them to area L10.
L7. CELLAR (EL 0) Barricade C (EL 0): This barricade is manned by Lars’
A short stair hewn from the earth leads to a small son, Jacob, who is armed with a pickaxe and a corium
cellar beneath the bunkhouse. A few casks, barrels, and lantern. Jacob is wounded (missing 10 hit points) after
sacks line the walls, several of which have been knocked having been bitten by the silverdisc currently feasting in
over, spilling their contents on the ground. A low, area L9.
natural tunnel leads off into darkness. John: HP 30 (see below).
Tim: HP 30 (see below).
The cellar is currently empty. Jacob: HP 30 (down to 20; see below).
Treasure: Most of the foodstuffs were taken by the
inhabitants of the homestead and packed for the exodus, but John, Tim, Jacob (Mutant Tough Hero 4): CR 4;
the silverdiscs ransacked them (see area L6, above). Still, Medium-size humanoid; HD 4d10+4 plus 4; HP 30 (varies);
a careful search will uncover another six days of food, and Mas 13; Init +2; Spd 30 ft; Defense 15, touch 15, flatfooted
fourteen days of water. 13 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +3 class); BAB +3; Grap +4; Atk +4
melee (by weapon), or +6 ranged (by weapon); FS 5 ft by 5
ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical incompatibility; AL Cattlemen;
L8A-C. BARRICADES (EL VARIES) SV Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +3; AP 2; Rep +1; Str 12, Dex 15,
A makeshift barricade of wooden planks, a bedframe, Con 13, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 10.
and bits of lead pipe blocks this rough earthen passage. Occupation: Herdsman (Ride, Survival).
Background: Resentful (Handle Animal).
The Cattleman family managed to build some makeshift Mutations and Defects: Multiple Stomachs, Negative
barricades to block the tunnels leading to area L10, and have Chemical Reaction.
positioned one young adult from the family (John, Jacob, Skills: Handle Animal +2, Listen +4, Navigate +2,
and Tim) at each barricade to make sure the silverdiscs don’t Profession +4, Ride +7, Spot +6, Survival +7.

Feats: Alertness, Archaic Weapons Proficiency, who survived and who was lost. Sam (see area L4), if not
Endurance, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lasso), Guide, already saved by the party, will be found by his relatives and
Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Primitive Technology, pulled from his hiding spot. The boy immediately tells his
Simple Weapons Proficiency. story, and the family will be horrified by what the young boy
Talents (Tough Hero): Robust, Stamina. has seen. They’ve already lost so much to the monsters, and
Possessions: Hide clothing, weapon (spiked club or now it seems one more of their kin is still in danger. They
pickaxe), corium lantern. turn to the characters for help.
Lars’ surviving sons and daughters tell the party that they
L9. CAVE (EL 8) will be alright to make the trip to the rendezvous on their
This cave resembles a pit with rough earthen walls. own, now that the silverdiscs have been killed. It’s only a
The ground is littered with the dead bodies of goats, few hours to Lars’ camp, and Lars’ sons assure the party they
as well as a severed angoose head and someone’s will be especially vigilant on the trail back. But they beg the
dismembered arm. Two large, gargoyle-like creatures party to go and get little Georgie and return her alive before
sit atop a heap of this charnel mess, taking their time as another member of the Cattlemen is lost to this tragedy.
they eat. As you enter the larger of the two turns and With what Sam has told them the characters can narrow
grins evilly at you, and a glimmer of metal shines from down where the bug flyers and silverdiscs came from,
one of its blood-soaked fangs. somewhere to the southwest of Lars’ homestead. With a
child still unaccounted for, the party must head out and
This cave connects to the old barn, and is a “back entrance” face whatever force is behind the strange cooperation of
to the underground caves. A pair of silverdiscs managed the silverdiscs and the bug flyers (if they lost any of their
to get in the cave from the barn above (area L1) and tried members in the Death From Above encounter, they may have
to pursue the fleeing Cattlemen, but were stopped by their all the more reason to head there and hopefully free their
hastily-constructed barrier. The two beasts are now content paralyzed friends).
just eating the remains of their previous victims (livestock
and one of Lars’ older daughters).
Large Silverdiscs (2): HP 72 (see area L8B).
This final section occurs after the party learns
Since the silverdiscs are underground and can neither of the origins of the silverdiscs and the
fly nor use their Blinding Wings traits, the EL for this bug flyers that have been terrorizing the
encounter is reduced to 8. plains. It should be clear to the party
Treasure: One of the silverdiscs has a gold wedding that while these threats are not related
band between two of its front fangs, which got stuck there to the Doomriders, they deserve attention
after it gobbled down one of Lars’ daughters. The ring is nonetheless.
worth 75 cp. Heading off to the southwest, by nightfall they come upon
Development: The sounds of combat will draw a rundown compound out on the plains that seems to have
encouraging shouts from the other side of the barrier (see been all but forgotten. After saving Lars’ family, the PCs
map), where Lars’ son, Jacob, stands guard. are about to discover what really is behind the strange avian
predators roaming the Wyoming skies...
Lars’ family are hiding in these two caves. The northern WHAT’S GOING ON
cave has a small cistern, and here Lars’ wife, Emma, is A large clan of mutants have long lived here, deep in the
taking care of their surviving grandchildren (a young boy plains of old Wyoming. Even before the Fall these people
and girl), who are both in a state of shock. The southern were looked down on as backwoods rednecks, defying the
cave has Lars’ older daughters, Celia and Gertie; Gertie is government’s attempts to push them westwards or integrate
badly injured from a silverdisc bite and needs immediate them into the cities. The early ancestors of the Cattlemen
medical treatment (she is unconscious and at -4 hit points, used to harass these folk, sometimes violently, often with the
but is stable). Celia is barely keeping her alive with her government looking the other way, in an effort to drive them
rudimentary medical skils. from what they deemed “prime ranching territory”. To this
day the mutants have a lingering hatred for the ranchers who
SAVING THE FAMILY now roam much of the Wyoming landscape - and a general
The family members are elated to see the party, even dislike for outsiders of all kinds.
though they are total strangers. If the PCs have dealt with True rustics, living on the edge of poverty these folk
all of the silverdiscs the family hastily gathers their last weren’t too concerned when the bombs began to fall;
few belongings and follow the party out from below the instead, they proved to be well-prepared for the holocaust,
homestead, telling the characters they must link up with and simply stayed where they were and hoped to wait out the
the other Cattlemen fleeing the Doomrider scourge. While war.
they get their things together the family also takes stock of Civilization never returned, and that suited these people

fine. The Cattlemen, facing hardships of their own, MUTANT TACTICS
soon forgot about these stubborn holdouts. Though they When the party arrives at the compound it is ostensibly night
considered themselves lucky to be as close to the earth time, which may actually be to the mutants’ advantage, since
as they were, the people here were nonetheless badly they have the Nocturnal mutation (already figured into their
affected by the fallout of the war. Already primitive, they stat blocks) and a few of them also have the Blind-Fight feat.
slowly degenerated into brutal savagery, and in only a few How they react to the party’s unexpected intrusion, however,
generations were no longer human at all. depends on what exactly happens. Be prepared to improvise
Over the generations the mutants developed a strange and and ad lib!
unprecedented affinity for animals - particularly mutated The maps of the mutants’ compound shows their starting
ones. Not a benevolent relationship, but one that allowed positions when the characters arrive. They will not generally
them to control strange mutant creatures living in the move from these areas unless they spot the party, hear the
nearby plains and use them for various ends. This ability sounds of combat, or if the alarm is otherwise raised. In
manifested as the Fragrance Development mutation, which this case the mutants begin to move around and prepare to
allowed them to emit an invisible scent that made creatures defend their home.
docile and controllable in their presence. Grampa is the quickest to react, since he’s also the
Opportunistic hunters, the mutants used this mutation to smartest in the family. A clever old mutant, he immediately
enslave reptilian avians that periodically swept down from draws his hand stunner and goes to alert his kin at areas 24
the high Rockies (silverdiscs). Recently, a freak sandstorm and 28, sending Pa to area 27 and then up to area 16 to find
brought a strange race of flying insectoids (bug flyers) Cletus (if he’s still alive). He leads Ma from area 28 to area
from far away to their doorstep, creatures they also quickly 25 to get Sissy, and all three then go to area 26.
subverted to their control. Remaining at area 16, Pa and Cletus call out for Aaron
The mutants still live in the shanty village they constructed at area 12 (who if alive will go to area 10 to rouse the
long ago, but they’ve abandoned most of the surface silverdiscs to action, leading them back to the surface town).
buildings for the tunnels beneath the town. During the war They then go back down to area 26 to join Grampa, Ma, and
years they dug underneath the village to create sheltered Sissy and arm themselves with the weapons stored in that
passages, but these are little more than the warrens of cave. Aaron will then leave via the underground passages to
burrowing madmen. Their controlled silverdiscs have find Junior at area 6 (if Aaron is dead, Cletus or Pa will go
begun to roost among some of the more run-down surface instead). Once Junior is alerted they move to area 18 and
buildings, however, and keep a deadly vigil, being sent out lead the advanced bug flyer warriors back to area 24 where
now and again to hunt for their masters. The mutants’ new the rest of the family will be waiting.
insectoid servants have begun to build strange mounds of The family sticks together in a fight, using the darkness of
their own nearby, and the buzz of their activity drones night the tunnels to their advantage (many of them have the Blind-
and day across the countryside. Fighting feat). They may split up to play cat-and-mouse
- and divide the party - but they know these tunnels perfectly
RECENTLY and will double-back or lead individual PCs into ambushes.
The mutants here are unusually bold. Sensing the panic on Before an expected battle Grampa uses his Coordinate
the plains, they have chosen now to move out and wreak and Greater Inspiration abilities if the PCs are near. He can
havoc in the Doomriders’ wake. They know nothing of the only affect three allies, however, so he will choose himself
cult, of course, but the movements of the Cattlemen have plus Cletus and Ma. If either of these is dead (or otherwise
tipped them off that something is wrong. Instead of running, not present), he will instead use his abilities on Aaron, Pa,
however, the mutants have decided to exploit the chaos and and Sissy, in that order. In combat he uses a hand stunner,
attack their neighbors. zapping weak-looking characters to hopefully paralyze them
The mutants have long relied on controlled silverdiscs as so they are easier for his kin to deal with. If the fighting
scouts and hunting beasts, sending the flocks of hungry avian goes badly, or if Grampa is badly injured, he will attempt to
predators out to lay waste to Cattleman ranches and farms. flee, leaving the family behind, and lock himself up in the
The Cattlemen never knew the source of the raids, however, secret hide at area 29.
simply assuming the silverdiscs had grown bolder and more Ma attempts to use the other family members as a
concerted. distraction in battle, using her ability to hide (Hide +12) to
The newly-arrived insectoids have proven interesting remain unseen before lunging from the darkness with her
to the mutants, who are intent on observing their ways. cleaver. As a Skulk she has the Sneak Attack ability that
They found a special egg brought with the ‘flyers from may inflict a little more damage than usual. With the Spring
wherever they came, and believe it must be important - but Attack feat she will run in, make an attack, and run back out
how important they haven’t yet figured out. The egg in into a darkened side tunnel, repeating the tactic again and
fact contained a future “hive mind”, now hatched, which if again.
allowed to reach maturity could spell disaster not only for Pa is not too clever - or brave. But if the family is in
the mutants foolishly trying to control the insectoids, but the trouble he may just have to fight anyway. He has a sawed-
entire region as well. off shotgun that he will use against tough-looking opponents,

and is quite free with the dynamite. At your discretion these Aaron is straightforward in combat, using his rifle to blast
explosions can either harm or hinder the party, by causing away at anyone he comes across. Other than that he simply
cave-ins (either caving-in on the party, or perhaps backfiring tries to stay with the other family members.
and burying Pa under tons of earth). Sissy is the least threatening, but she will also fight. Like
Cletus is eager to fight and charges headfirst into battle her husband she will pick up a chainsaw from area 26, but
with his hatchet. He will chase any PCs that break from the she doesn’t have the proficiency feat for it so fights with
fighting and find themselves fleeing into side tunnels. If he the regular -4 penalty. If Ma is killed in battle and Sissy
catches a character alone he tries to subdue her and drag her witnesses it, she will break from battle and go to area 28 to
off to area 27, the rest of the family be damned. play with her toys, regardless of what the rest of the family
Junior’s mastercraft chainsaw (a family heirloom) is is doing.
his main weapon in combat, and he will pursue the party
aggressively to defend his family. He will use Sunder to 1. FIRST VIEW (EL 0)
destroy the powerful weapons of the PCs if possible, evening The sky turns an ever-deepening red as the sun begins
the odds for the rest of the family. If Sissy is killed he will its swift descent behind the mountains to the west. It is a
fight to the death; otherwise, if reduced to 10 hit points or tranquil scene, but the restfulness of this land is broken
less, Junior grabs Sissy and tries to take her to area 29 where by an angry hum floating on the wind.
they will enter the secret room and begin medical treatment.

Ahead, in the dying of the light, you see a cluster of old 3. DEEP SHAFT (EL 12)
dilapidated buildings on a small island surrounded by a The low tunnel leads to a vertical shaft at the center
moat of greenish, toxic sludge. Old rusting shacks and of the mound. The roughly-hewn shaft descends into the
disintegrating huts sit on the island and on the nearby shore. darkness below, and a bad odor rises up to this level.
But the old settlement, whatever it once was, appears to have There doesn’t seem to be any easy way down.
seen recent construction; tall mounds of freshly-excavated
earth rise into the sky here and there, resembling gigantic This shaft leads down into the tunnels underground, passages
anthills. The reverberating hum seems to be coming from that connect the various chambers of the subterranean hive.
these. The tunnels were built by the bug flyers themselves, without
Finally the last ribbon of light vanishes from the horizon, the aid of the mutants living nearby, although the mutants
plunging the world into darkness. have watched the industrious creatures with great interest.
This shaft in particular is accessible only to flying
There has indeed been a lot of activity recently, as the creatures, but characters could rappel down if they brought a
mutants have worked to accomodate their new “pets”. The sufficient amount of rope (Climb DC 25). The shaft is 40 ft.
mutants have watched the bug flyers slowly construct several deep.
“mounds”, under which they’ve burrowed tunnels and GM’s Note: 1d3 rounds after the party reaches this shaft,
warrens below the ground. The mutants themselves confine a group of four large bug flyer warriors will begin rising
their activities to the island itself, using their Fragrance from the tunnels below, hovering slowly up the shaft. They
Development abilities to send their ‘flyers and silverdiscs out will attack the party on sight; this could be particularly
to do their bidding. Only rarely do they leave, and then only challenging if the characters are in the middle of climbing
to drive out to a destroyed settlement to scavenge for what down when the ‘flyers appear!
the family needs. Because these flyers are advanced in size, the DC of their
The mutants will not be expecting the party when they poison is increased to 19.
arrive, so the PCs tentatively have the element of surprise. Advanced Bug Flyer Warriors (4): HP 44 (see below).
It is also night when the party gets here, giving them some
means of cover (at least until they approach the “town”; see Advanced Bug Flyer Warrior: CR 8; Large Vermin; HD
area 13 below). 8d8+8; HP 44; Mas 12; Init +3; Spd 40 ft, fly 20 ft (good);
Defense 20, touch 12, flat-footed 17 (-1 size, +3 Dex, +8
2. MOUND A (EL 14) natural); BAB +6; Grap +22; Atk +10 melee (1d6+5 plus
What looks like a rocky promontory sticks out of the poison, sting); Full Atk +10 melee (1d6+5 plus poison,
earth here, and as you come near it proves to have been sting); FS 10 ft by 10 ft; Reach 10 ft; SQ keen sight, hive
assembled from all sorts of rubble, dirt, and debris. The mind, tremorsense, immunities, resistance to massive
sole tunnel entrance is split in two by a bridge of slimy damage, poison, improved grab, grappler; AL none; SV Fort
earth, making it look like two enormous oozing nostrils. +4, Ref +8, Will +4; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 20, Dex 16, Con 12,
Int -, Wis 12, Cha 9.
Just inside this entrance to the underground warrens are a Skills: Listen +8, Spot +8.
clutch of immature bug flyers, swarming along the ground Feats: None.
until their wings develop. Having just crawled up from
the tunnels below, they have yet to fully develop. They are 4. TOOLSHED (EL 0)
relatively small and are completely white, with thin shells A small metal shack sits here at the base of a nearby
that haven’t fully hardened. Despite being fragile creatures, mound of earth.
when they sense the PCs they will move to devour them.
Nymph Bug Flyers (9): HP 10 (see below). The door to this shack is locked with a padlock. It is
uninhabited, but it does contain some potentially-useful
Nymph [BNB] Bug Flyer: CR 5; Small Vermin; HD 4d8-8; tools.
HP 10; Mas 7; Init +3; Spd 40 ft; Defense 18, touch 14, flat- Padlock: Hardness 3, 5 Hit Points, Break DC 15.
footed 15 (+1 size, +3 Dex, +4 natural); BAB +3; Grap +10; Treasure: This toolshed contains eight shovels, two
Atk +6 melee (1d4+2 plus poison, sting); Full Atk +6 melee picks, a hatchet, two sledgehammers, three claw hammers, a
(1d4+2 plus poison, sting); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ bucket of rusty nails, and a half ton of irregularly-sized and
keen sight, hive mind, tremorsense, immunities, resistance to shaped wooden planks and boards.
massive damage, poison, improved grab, grappler; AL none;
SV Fort +0, Ref +6, Will +3; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 15, Dex 17,
Con 7, Int -, Wis 12, Cha 9. 4A. SHED (EL 0)
Skills: Hide -4, Listen +8, Spot +8. A large hangar-like building stands here at the edge
Feats: None. of the road. The door is locked with a huge rusted

The door to this large vehicle shed is locked with a padlock. check is failed by 5 or more the character controlling the
Inside the building is an old semi-truck cab, gathering rust. rope accidentally fumbles, causing the lift to freefall to the
Padlock: Hardness 3, 5 Hit Points, Break DC 15. shaft bottom, 40 ft. below, inflicting damage as appropriate.
Treasure: The truck is inoperable, but characters working Unfortunately for the party, at the bottom of the lift is one
it over for salvage will find 500 cp in spare parts, usable in of the mutants, a grotesque creature called “Junior”. Junior
Repair checks concerning vehicle repair. just recently watched a bug flyer return to the honeycomb
chamber (area 21) with a baby in its clutches, and used his
5. MOUND B (EL 6) Fragrance Development mutation to take the infant from it.
A large hole can be seen in the side of this huge Unable to stomach the thought of the baby being hurt, Junior
earthen mound, which rises overhead like a clumsily- took the child to his “wife” at area 25 to care for. He has
constructed tower. The hole extends downwards into returned to the tunnels feeling good about himself, but will
darkness. A caustic odor unlike anything you’ve react violently if he encounters the party, coming out of the
smelled before issues out from within and nearly knocks darkness and attacking for two rounds before fleeing towards
you to your feet. area 18 to rouse the bug flyers there.
If the party does not kill Junior, he will eventually run
There are signs outside of this particular hive hill that the back to his kin to alert the rest of the family.
mutants have visited this entrance in the recent past. The GM’s Note: An ugly mutant, “Junior” is Grampa’s pride
mutants constructed a primitive lift in the mound to access and joy. Grampa believes Junior is his son (and grandson),
the tunnels below, but recently had to abandon the hill due and dotes on him every day. Pa is bitter about the boy, as
to the appearance of a strange slime (green slime) that now he is a constant reminder of Grampa’s unwanted presence
clings to the tunnel ceilings. Thus the party will find the in his wife’s bed (see later for more on this); he takes out
entrance undefended. his frustration on Junior every chance he gets. Junior, being
Any creature entering this mound will be the target of the severely mentally retarded, is understandably confused,
slime, which drops down from above to consume victims. seeing Pa as his father and wishing only to be loved. He is
There are two separate patches in the tunnels (each marked oblivious to the hatred between the two men.
with an “X”), which will drop down one by one as the PCs Junior has recently taken a “bride”, his own sister, and is
go deeper. beaming with pride now that she is pregnant. Junior doesn’t
GM’s Note: Green slime deals 1d6 points of Constitution particularly hate the people of the plains, or the characters
damage per round while it devours flesh. On the first round for that matter, but will nonetheless see their intrusion as
of contact, the slime can be scraped off a creature (most a threat to his wife and his own unborn baby (even though
likely destroying the scraping device), but after that it must they are elsewhere, at area 25), and will attack the party on
be frozen, burned, or cut away (applying damage to the sight.
victim as well). Extreme cold or heat, or sunlight destroys Note that as a Guardian, Junior will receive his +2
a patch of green slime. Against wood or metal, green slime Defender bonus since he is “defending” his family.
deals 2d6 points of damage per round, ignoring metal’s Junior: HP 134 (see below).
hardness but not that of wood. It does not harm stone.
Junior (Mutant Strong Hero 5/Tough Hero 2/Guardian
5): CR 12; Large humanoid; HD 5d8+10 plus 2d10+4 plus
6. CRUDE LIFT (EL 12) 5d10+10 plus 3; HP 134; Mas 15; Init +1; Spd 30 ft; Defense
A rough shaft leads into the pitch black depths below. 20, touch 18, flatfooted 19 (-1 size, +1 Dex, +8 class, +2
At this level lie a collection of rusted shovels, picks, and equipment); BAB +11; Grap +19; Atk +18 melee (3d6+9,
buckets, and numerous irregularly-sized planks of wood. mastercraft chainsaw +3), or +11 ranged (by weapon); Full
Someone appears to have constructed a lift of sorts, Atk +18/+13/+8 melee (3d6+9, mastercraft chainsaw +3), or
which hangs suspended from a complex arrangement +11/+6/+1 ranged (by weapon); FS 10 ft by 10 ft; Reach 10
of ropes at the top of the shaft. A counterweight ft; SQ medical incompatibility; AL The Clan; SV Fort +12,
hangs down into the shaft. The lift itself is simply a Ref +5, Will +2; AP 6; Rep +2; Str 18, Dex 12, Con 15, Int
flat wooden platform, ten feet in diameter, apparently 6, Wis 10, Cha 13.
controlled by manipulating the weighted rope as one Occupation: Predator (Intimidate).
goes up or down. Background: Resentful (Handle Animal).
Mutations and Defects: Fragrance Development,
The lift was recently built by the mutants so they could Gigantism, Aberrant Deformity, Atrophied Cerebellum (Int).
descend into the bug flyer tunnels and collect the honey-like Skills: Disguise -5, Handle Animal +6, Intimidate +10,
sludge created in their nest. The lift is crude but effective, Knowledge (Tactics) +1, Ride +3, Spot +2.
and can support four Medium-size characters at a time, one Feats: Animal Affinity, Animal-Friend [B&L], Archaic
of whom must manipulate the rope (which controls an 800 Weapons Proficiency, Armor Proficiency (light), Blind-
lb. counterweight). Descending in the lift requires no check, Fighting, Exotic Melee Weapon Proficiency (chainsaw),
but ascending requires a Strength check at DC 15. If this Great Fortitude, Lingering Fragrance [HDM], Power Attack,

Primitive Technology, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Sunder, enormous flying insects can be seen hovering over a
Toughness, Vermin Master [HDM]. yawning hole at the dome’s summit.
Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee
Smash, Advanced Melee Smash. The large hole at the summit of this dome leads down
Talents (Tough Hero): Second Wind. into the bowels of the hive, connecting directly to the
Talents (Guardian): Defender +2*, Weapon Focus main honeycomb chamber (area 21). The bug flyers are
(chainsaw), Tactical Aid, Weapon Specialization (chainsaw). constantly active in the air above this, the main entrance
Possessions: Mastercraft chainsaw +3 (bonus to attack), to their warrens, entering or exiting on their various
leather armor, cleaver. indecipherable errands.
Area 21 lies 50 ft. below the surface entrance of the dome.
7. MOUND C (EL 0) Characters who deal with the bug flyers can move to the
A nauseating smell issues from this entry hole, but hole’s edge and look down into the chamber below. Getting
there doesn’t seem to be any undue noise from within. down there, however, will be a difficult prospect (Climb DC
Strangely, the ground is dusted with what looks like 25). Any fall will result in appropriate damage, and deposit
desert sand. the falling character(s) right in the middle of area 21.
GM’s Note: If the party approaches this large dome they
This entrance is unguarded, allowing the party to enter the will be exposing themselves to the half dozen bug flyers
hive mound unmolested. going in and out of the large hole at the summit of the great
GM’s Note: Characters searching the area around this earthen dome. If the PCs are spotted, the bug flyers drop
tunnel entrance will find a dusting of sand particles. A what they are doing and dart after them to attack.
character examining the sand and who makes a Knowledge Advanced Bug Flyers (6): HP 33 (see Death From
(Earth & Life Sciences) check and a Knowledge (Twisted Above).
Earth) check - both at DC 21 - can identify the sand as
being foreign to this region. A character who makes the 10. SILVERDISC NESTS (EL 20)
latter check by 5 or more identifies the sand as coming This part of town is utterly dark, lacking any lights
from the West Coast, in specific the area around the fabled whatsoever. Thankfully it is a bit removed from the
“Necropolis” (see Ruin At The End of The World for more on center of town, which has much more glaring light,
this location). The sand appears to have been carried here allowing you to move freely, confident of being unseen.
during a freak sandstorm in the past few weeks. It is quite Most of the buildings are very rundown, with broken
possible that the flying insectoids were brought here on the windows and sagging rooftops. From somewhere
winds of the same storm, explaining why they’ve never been nearby you hear a leathery flapping noise, but only for
seen in these parts before. a moment. Surrounded by darkness, you are suddenly
gripped by an ominous feeling that you are not alone.
Entering this tunnel you find the walls, floor, and This cluster of buildings on the edge of town has long fallen
ceiling to be covered in a viscous, grease-like ooze. into disuse by the mutants, but has since been taken over
From deeper within the mound comes a resonating, ear- by the clan’s silverdiscs as a place to nest. The malicious
splitting buzz. Eventually you come to a vertical shaft winged beasts live among the collapsed rooftops and attics,
descending through the earth to some dark abyss below. hiding from sight. As the party walks through this area, the
reptilian avians watch them from hiding, and once the party
Each character attempting to use this tunnel must make a realizes they have stumbled into their nesting area, they
Balance check (DC 17) or slip and fall on the grease-like immediately move to attack, emerging from holes in the
excretions of the mound’s bug inhabitants. Any character rooftops, broken windows, and open doorways.
who slips falls down the shaft (40 ft. deep) and hits the hard Large Silverdiscs (15): HP 72 (see area L8B).
rock below for the appropriate damage. Development: Any silverdiscs that survived from Lars’
At the bottom of the shaft are dozens of nymph bugs, homestead will be here as well.
which resemble large winged ants the size of small dogs,
their shells rubbery and white. The swarm of insectoids, 11. SLUDGE MOAT (EL 6)
clustered here for fresh air, will nonetheless move to eat the A dirty, stinking moat of greenish-amber muck forms a
party members that have literally fallen into their midst. ring around the heart of the old dilapidated compound.
Nymph Bug Flyers (25): HP 10 (see area 2). As you approach the moat you see dozens of stripped
bones from unrecognizable creatures - neither man nor
9. DOME (EL 13) beast - washed up on the nearby shore. The toxic odor
Standing in the middle of the open ground is an drifting off the river of chemical sludge is suffocating.
enormous dome of bare earth - the upper part of some
colossal subterranean hive. Even now a group of The mutants built this moat up over several years, naively

bringing chemical waste they found elsewhere and dumping
into a deep ditch they dug around their “fortress”, hoping Aaron (Mutant Strong Hero 3/Survivalist 5): CR 8;
to create a menacing barrier. Most of the toxins found their Medium-size humanoid; HD 3d8+6 plus 5d10+10; HP
way into the tunnels below, and have played a large part in 90; Mas 14; Init +4*; Spd 30 ft; Defense 21*, touch 19*,
the clan’s slow degeneration. flatfooted 17 (+0 size, +4* Dex, +5 class, +2 equipment);
GM’s Note: The toxins in the water have settled BAB +8; Grap +8*; Atk +8* melee (1d6+2*, rifle butt), or
somewhat over the years but are still corrosive; anyone +12* ranged (2d10, Winchester 94); Full Atk +8*/+3* melee
coming in contact with the water in the moat will suffer (1d6+2*, rifle butt), or +12*/+7* ranged (2d10, Winchester
severe burns and blisters, inflicting 1 point of acid damage 94); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical incompatibility,
per round for 10 rounds. A Treat Injury check at DC 21 nocturnal; AL The Clan; SV Fort +9, Ref +8*, Will +2; AP 4;
will stop the abnormal burns and prevent further damage if Rep +1; Str 10*, Dex 18*, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 13.
applied before the end of the full 10 rounds. Occupation: Guide (Navigate, Survival).
Background: Resentful (Handle Animal).
12. BRIDGE (EL 9) Mutations and Defects: Fragrance Development,
A rickety metal bridge spans the murky sludge moat Nocturnal, Aberrant Deformity, Atrophied Cerebellum (Int).
ringing the small village beyond. Animal skulls and Skills: Climb +8*, Disguise -5, Handle Animal +12,
curious windchimes adorn the rusting metal braces on Knowledge (Earth and Life Sciences) +5, Knowledge
this end. At the other end, a small rusting metal shack (Mutant Lore) +5, Navigate +7, Ride +6*, Spot +5, Survival
sits in darkness. +7.
Feats: Animal Affinity, Animal-Friend [B&L], Armor
This bridge connects the mutant settlement on the other side Proficiency (light), Endurance, Great Fortitude, Lingering
of the sluge moat (area 11) to the area outside. The bridge is Fragrance [HDM], Personal Firearms Proficiency, Primitive
reasonably sound and can be crossed on foot without danger; Technology, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Track.
vehicles will cause it to creak noisily, but even then the span Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee
won’t collapse. Smash.
Unless called to perform some other chore for his family, Talents (Survivalist): Called Shot +1d6, Way of the
sitting in the shack across the bridge will be “Aaron”, a Land, Hunter, Called Shot +2d6.
member of the mutant clan, along with a small silverdisc that Possessions: Winchester 94, 24 rounds of .444
he has taken as a “pet”. The youngest member of the family, ammunition, leather armor, night vision goggles, power cell.
Aaron still likes to stay on the surface (instead of the tunnels
below), and will be here enjoying the night air and starry * Increased due to Nocturnal mutation.
sky. He gets away with this by taking on the role of the
clan’s “night guard”, keeping an eye out for intruders near Development: If the PCs cut Aaron off from retreating
the bridge or any sign of disturbance among the bug mounds back into town, he will flee across the bridge and to area 10
to the south. to rouse the silverdiscs there, leading the pack back to town
If Aaron sees the party (whose approach will probably be to catch the party from behind.
heralded by his “pet” croaking in alarm) he will open fire at
them from a window in the shack, while his pet takes to the 13. EERIE SETTLEMENT (EL 0)
air and moves to attack the party up close. Because of his The cluster of buildings on the other side of the
position Aaron receives cover (+4 cover bonus to Defense, steaming quagmire resembles an old, rundown desert
+2 cover bonus to Reflex saves). Aaron will continue to fire town. There are lots of electric lights over doorways,
at the party until reduced to half hit points, at which time he in windows, and even along the streets, swaying
will attempt to retreat to area 16 to join his brother, Cletus, rhythmically in the wind. These create isolated pools
and raise the alarm. of light in the otherwise pitch black spaces between the
GM’s Note: Aaron is the youngest member of the rustic buildings and rows of iron shacks. Although the
family, and while his parents call him by his proper name town looks inhabited, it is strangely quiet.
his siblings call him “Red” for the unkempt mop of coppery
hair atop his freckled and mishapen head. Aaron was given The feeling that this settlement is inhabited is partly an
a rifle by Grampa and it has since become his favorite “toy”, illusion; in fact, the mutants live underground in dark,
which he uses to hunt varmints, wild dogs...and wandering sheltered tunnels, having abandoned most of the surface
characters. He’s also managed to get his hands on some old dwellings. They perpetuate the illusion that the town is
night vision goggles, which he wears in the dark to scan the inhabited, however, as it serves as a distraction from the
approaches to the family compound. He’s not a particularly tunnels underground (and the bright lights keep most animals
great shot, but what he lacks in marksmanship he more than away).
makes up for with destructive eagerness. The electricity in town comes from a primitive generator
Silverdisc (1): HP 42. constructed in a nearby building (area 14). The powered
Aaron: HP 90 (see below). lights create islands of light at night, making it difficult for

characters to move around completely unseen; apply a -4 have seen better days; a pickup and two sedans sit in the
circumstance penalty to all Hide checks in the settlement darkness of the garage, covered in rust and dents. The smell
proper. of fuel is strong throughout the building.
Treasure: The garage is unguarded, so the party can
14. GENERATOR (EL 0) investigate this place without fear of confrontation. The has
A loud and repetitive mechanical noise can be heard pump outside no longer works, but a search inside (taking at
coming from inside this corrugated iron building. One least 10 minutes) will reveal 30 tanks of ethanol, a collection
side of the building is open, and inside can be seen of rusting tools (comprising a basic mechanical toolkit,
an old rusting truck propped up on crates. The truck though there is no convenient way to carry all of these tools
is missing all four tires, and the one wheel - spinning as they are scattered all around the garage), a 70 ft. coil of
in place at high speed - is rigged up to a rotating belt tow cable, a fireman’s extrication tool, a welding torch and
which in turn is linked to a nearby generator of some goggles, and a barrel of fresh water (25 gallons).
kind. The labored “chug-chug-chug” of the truck As for the vehicles, they have deteriorated over the years.
engine corresponds to the flickering of the electric lights The pick-up is down to 26 hit points, and each sedan has
all throughout the village. only 14 hit points remaining. One of the sedans has a range
pack in the trunk containing six cans of beans. The pick-
Despite being a simpleton in many ways, “Pa” (see area 24) up has a rifle rack inside with a Remington 700 mounted
constructed a crude generator here using an old pickup and a on it; in the dashboard is a box of 74 rounds of 7.62mm
lot of ethanol fuel. The truck’s wheel turns a belt that winds ammunition.
a crank in the nearby machinery, generating a steady flow
of current. The mutants have linked most of the buildings 16. FOOD STORAGE (EL 10)
in town to this generator, and if the characters were to Insects buzz by the water’s edge, attracted to the
sabotage it, it would turn the lights out all across town (and yellow electric light over this crumbling building’s
underground). doorway.
Sabotaging the generator is as simple as shutting off the
truck engine, disconnecting the belt, or inflicting damage to This storage hut sits down by the waterside, and is little more
the generator machinery. All of these options are relatively than a crumbling cinderblock building. The mutants store
straightforward enough that they don’t require a check of a variety of foodstuffs here to keep them out of the damp
any kind to accomplish. tunnels below; most of these foodstuffs were taken after their
As soon as the generator stops working, however, all former owners were killed.
lights across the settlement will go dark. In response, Aaron When the PCs enter this building they will find a single
and Cletus will leave their locations (area 12 and area mutant here, having snuck out from below to grab a bite to
16 respectively) and separately head here to investigate, eat. He will be busy rummaging through the cans of food,
possibly resulting in the PCs bumping into one or both of shaking boxes trying to determine their contents, or simply
them somewhere among the darkened streets. taking a haunch of meat and sloppily biting a piece off. This
Unless the PCs inflict crippling damage on the machinery, mutant is “Cletus” (see below), and unless the characters
if either of the two men finally reaches this spot they will get have made a lot of noise he will probably be surprised.
the generator up and running again in a matter of minutes. GM’s Note: Cletus loves to play, not because he’s good-
Treasure: The generator apparatus is too large for the hearted but because mental retardation has left him with the
characters to realistically take, but there is a supply of mind of an eight year-old. Of course, his idea of “playing”
ethanol here that would be valuable if taken. There is the is to taunt and torture animals (and captives) for hours and
equivalent of nine tanks of ethanol in various jerry cans and hours before they inevitably die from injury or shock. Since
oil drums inside the building. his “pets” are always dying on him, Cletus will often let his
Development: A Search (DC 27) reveals a trapdoor in victims live, only to drag them off to his room (area 27)
the floor of this building that leads into the tunnels below the where he can “play” with them over and over...until they
town (see map). stop moving. Cletus no longer “plays” with the bug flyers,
as Grampa severely beat him after he killed one. He also
15. GARAGE (EL 0) leaves the silverdiscs alone, as the winged beasts mauled him
This large building sags with a rusted rooftop. Two when he got too close to their nest a few years ago.
large metal doors on deteriorating hinges face the Cletus wears faded, sweat-stained denim overalls,
street outside, and an old gas pump sits in front of the mismatched rubber boots, and a camouflage gas mask with
building, still bearing two numbers, “7” and “6”. tinted eye lenses over his pudgy, warty face (more to protect
his sensitive vision than to filter contaminants from the air).
The mutants keep their vehicles here, which they use to ride Underneath this he is quite deformed, his mongoloid face
out and scavenge (after the bug flyers and silverdiscs have mauled by a silverdisc bite that took his nose off and plucked
already killed a given community’s occupants). The vehicles out one of his eyes.
Note that as a Guardian, Cletus will receive his +2

Defender bonus since he is “defending” his family. party splits up) Cletus will use his axe, and if he overcomes
Cletus: HP 113 (see below). that victim he will drag that character down through the
trapdoor here to his “room” (area 27) to “play” with her...
Cletus (Mutant Strong Hero 5/Guardian 5): CR 10; If confronted by a large group, however, he lights up his
Medium-size humanoid; HD 5d8+10 plus 5d10+10 plus 3; dynamite cluster and throws it in the party’s midst like a
HP 113; Mas 14; Init +0*; Spd 30 ft; Defense 22*, touch grenade. He then goes for the trapdoor and descends into the
16*, flatfooted 22 (+0 size, +0* Dex, +6 class, +4 natural, tunnels below. On the round after the dynamite explodes,
+2 equipment); BAB +10; Grap +14*; Atk +15* melee the building collapses, sealing the trapdoor behind him
(1d6+9*, hatchet), or +10* ranged (by weapon); Full Atk (and inflicting damage as a Colossal falling object, for 10d6
+15*/+10* melee (1d6+9*, hatchet), or +10*/+5* ranged damage, Reflex DC 35 for half).
(by weapon); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical A Search (DC 27) reveals a trapdoor in the floor of this
incompatibility, nocturnal, blindness in light; AL The Clan; building that leads into the tunnels below the town (see
SV Fort +8, Ref +4*, Will +3; AP 5; Rep +2; Str 18*, Dex map).
10*, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 13, Cha 13.
Occupation: Predator (Move Silently). 16A. CISTERN (EL 0)
Background: Resentful (Handle Animal). This large stone building appears to have seen better
Mutations and Defects: Fragrance Development, days; black mold clings to the walls and the stone has
Nocturnal, Protective Dermal Development, Aberrant begun to crumble in places.
Deformity, Atrophied Cerebellum (Int), Photosensitivity.
Skills: Disguise -5, Handle Animal +9, Knowledge This building is unoccupied, and proves to contain a covered
(Tactics) +2, Listen +8, Move Silently +8*, Ride +2*, Spot cistern, which the mutants replenish regularly.
+8. A search of the cistern indicates a number of pipes at
Feats: Alertness, Animal Affinity, Animal-Friend [B&L], the bottom of the large indoor cistern pool, evidence that
Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Armor Proficiency (light), the water is piped underground. The characters may not
Blind-Fighting, Cleave, Lingering Fragrance [HDM], Power realize this, but this is a sign that there is more to the mutant
Attack, Primitive Technology, Simple Weapons Proficiency, homestead under their feet.
Toughness. Treasure: There is enough fresh drinking water here to
Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee allow the party to refill all of their containers if they choose
Smash, Advanced Melee Smash. to.
Talents (Guardian): Defender +2, Weapon Focus
(hatchet), Tactical Aid, Weapon Specialization (hatchet).
Possessions: Hatchet, leather armor, military gas mask, 17. NECTAR POOLS (EL 9)
boots, 1d4 dead rats or mice, dynamite cluster (four sticks), A surprisingly sweet and appetizing smell issues from
1d2 matches, two sets of zip-tie handcuffs. these dark side chambers. But looking inside you see
* Increased due to Nocturnal mutation. what looks like a pool of sticky mud. A low drone fills
the passages in each direction.
Treasure: Fresh food recently taken by the mutants is
stockpiled here. Unfortunately they are rather careless and These shallow ponds are filled with an unusual excretion of
haven’t done a good job preserving their loot, but there is the bug flyers, a curious - and aberrant - by-product of eating
enough here of use to the party that they probably won’t a particular kind of flower only found here on the Wyoming
need to hunt for a while. These foodstuffs include 55 cans of plains. The excretion is sweet and delicious (and also has
assorted canned goods, 26 ready-meals, 15 stale candy bars amazing restorative powers), and the bug flyers stockpile it
(still in their original wrappers), a 10 lb. sack of sugar, and here.
six packaged TV dinners (these have disintegrated inside). The mutants discovered this unusual product of the ‘flyers
The mutants have also taken some fresher foods including and have begun taking a portion of it to make a fermented
130 lbs. of potatoes, 30 lbs. of beets, eight large melons, two drink (see area 23). However, either Grampa or Junior (who
whole pigs (fresh), one whole pig (cooked and smoked), a have the Vermin Master [HDM] feat) must actively exert
horse carcass, and six full angoose carcasses (one of these is control over the ‘flyers to gain access to this chamber, as the
writhing with maggots). bugs don’t seem willing to part with the stuff (the insects use
Development: If faced with one opponent (such as if the it to keep their captive prey alive; see area 21).

The tunnels of the bug flyers reverberate with the sound of their constant buzzing. So long as there is a significant
number of these creatures still around, all Listen checks in underground tunnels should be made with a -4 penalty. This
penalty goes away if the characters manage to eradicate the bug flyers from the warrens.

GM’s Note: Although the mutants come and go freely Skills: Listen +8, Spot +8.
from these caves due to their control over the insectoids, the Feats: None.
bug flyers still guard it against intrusion. Three advanced
bug flyer warriors will be present in each cavern, ready to Treasure: Any character partaking of the “nectar” in its
attack the party if they enter. pure state will find it to be delicious and nutritious, with a
Advanced Bug Flyer Warriors (2): HP 44 (see below). single cup having the nutrients of a full meal. In addition,
the eater will be instantly healed of 2d10 points of damage.
Advanced Bug Flyer Warrior: CR 8; Large Vermin; HD The nectar has the tertiary effect of reducing the scarring
8d8+8; HP 44; Mas 12; Init +3; Spd 40 ft, fly 20 ft (good); incurred from more serious injuries, instantly healing any
Defense 20, touch 12, flat-footed 17 (-1 size, +3 Dex, +8 Cha damage a character may have taken from wounds.
natural); BAB +6; Grap +22; Atk +10 melee (1d6+5 plus Each pool in this chamber contains enough nectar for 6d6
poison, sting); Full Atk +10 melee (1d6+5 plus poison, doses, but sadly the nectar proves unsuited for porting. If a
sting); FS 10 ft by 10 ft; Reach 10 ft; SQ keen sight, hive vessel is used to hold the nectar, after 1d4 hours it gradually
mind, tremorsense, immunities, resistance to massive loses its healing abilities. It remains edible, however, and
damage, poison, improved grab, grappler; AL none; SV Fort despite having no unusual effects can still be used to make
+4, Ref +8, Will +4; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 20, Dex 16, Con 12, the mutant’s potent mead.
Int -, Wis 12, Cha 9.

18. GORE-COVERED WARRIORS (EL 12) The characters can destroy the helpless beetles, but
Four large winged insects occupy this chamber. they receive no experience reward for doing so since they
They appear to be busy cleaning one another, using currently pose no threat.
their mandibles and frontal appendages to clean the
tremendous amounts of blood and gore from their 21. HONEYCOMB CHAMBER (EL 13)
antennae and wings. Beams of weak light filter down through a large,
irregular hole in the ceiling of this huge domed
These large warriors have just returned from collecting prey chamber, revealing the night sky outside. In the glow
elsewhere, and are covered in blood and bits of human flesh of the moon can be seen a chamber floor composed
from their victims. The creatures will automatically be of dozens of honeycombed cells, like individual
surprised when the PCs enter the cave. “oubliettes” awaiting the arrival of new prisoners.
Advanced Bug Flyer Warriors (4): HP 44 (see area 3). Slime, mucus, and taffy-like organic sludge shores up
Treasure: A search of the bloody bits left rotting on the the walls of the earthen chamber, which echoes with the
floor reveals some incidental treasure, trinkets belonging deafening beat of many giant insectoids.
to some of the warriors’ prey - from all over the plains.
A Search check (DC 31) allows the PCs to pick out a There are several dozen “cell”-like honeycombs in this large
mastercraft kama +2 (bonus to damage) and a child’s toy, a underground cavern, hexagonal pits which the bug flyers are
crude wooden revolver painted silver, on the face of which slowly filling with future food supplies. These food supplies
have been crudely etched three letters: “W-W-G”. include anything the ‘flyers can catch on the open plains,
from angoose to captive humanoids.
19. INJURED INSECTS (EL VARIES) Each cell in this chamber is 10 ft. deep, with sheer
Entering this chamber you see a bug flyer, oozing walls made from a surprisingly resilient material (with the
a sticky white slime from its injuries, cowering in one Hardness and hit points of a cinderblock wall). Once a
of the rough niches along the wall. Another giant bug captive is deposited in a cell, the ‘flyers seal it at the top
of the same kind vomits a brownish goo it had been with the same material, returning every now and then to
carrying in its mandibles onto the wounded creature. inject a nutrient-rich fluid into the cells to keep the occupants
alive. This fluid is in fact the “sludge” produced by the
Any injured bug flyers that got away from the party in the bugs and deposited at area 17 (which the mutants have also
Death From Above encounter will be here, having their discovered is quite tasty and have begun to harvest to make
wounds “tended” to by another (uninjured) ‘flyer, which is mead; see area 23).
carrying some of the curative nectar from area 17. Note that The insectoids continue to care for their imprisoned prey
the description above only makes mention of one bug flyer; until they are ready to eat, at which time they break through
if more got away from the Death From Above encounter, the honeycomb roof and drag the poor victim out to be
modify the description accordingly. devoured by the whole hive.
If the PCs are spotted the bugs will move to defend the GM’s Note: Unless the characters already dealt with the
hive. insectoids outside (at area 9), when the characters enter
Advanced Bug Flyer (1): HP 33 (see Death From several bug flyers will descend through the hole in the dome
Above). to attack them - and defend the small but precious creature
Advanced Bug Flyer (1+): HP varies (wounded). that lairs here in the darkness.
The characters may not see it, but the creature the bug
flyers are defending is a single hive larva (see Adventure
20. HATCHLING BEETLES (EL 0) Appendix) that has just recently hatched from a special egg.
Entering this slimy cave you are startled by the sight The mutants witnessed its birth but don’t know quite what
of over a dozen large “beetles” writhing in the split to make of it, and the ‘flyers have reacted violently to keep
casings of their leathery white shells. The foot-long them away - not normal behavior for creatures that they
beetles seem immobile at the moment, their legs trapped control.
in the thick ooze that sheathed them inside their shells. The voracious little beast lurks in the shadows
(aprroximately at the point marked with an asterisk), hoping
The “beetles” are in fact immature giant tank bugs (a strain to let its minions deal with the party, but it will skitter forth
of giant insect introduced in Ruin At The End of The World; and assist them if things go badly.
see that book for details), but for the time being they are It isn’t clear what the larva is expected to become in the
immobilized in their shells, lacking the ability to break free. future, but by the voracity of its defenders it is most likely
In time - a matter of weeks - the slime will dry, allowing something important to the establishment of a new hive...
them to pull themselves out and eventually grow to full size Advanced Bug Flyers (6): HP 33 (see area 9).
- giving the newly-seeded hive a tremendous edge over the Hive Larva (1): HP 20 (see Adventure Appendix).
other inhabitants of the plains.

Development: Not all of the honeycomb cells are like substance that can be harvested from their honeycomb
occupied, but those that are contain random creatures; roll cells or from the ‘flyers’ nectar pools (areas 21 and 17
on the table below to determine what the PCs find if they respectively). Grampa has experimented with the honey and
manage to break open individual cells: has begun using it to create a potent mead-like concoction
that is not without value - despite its origins.
Roll Cell Contents
Grampa will likely be here when the party arrives at the
1-2 A panicked animal captured on the open plains (a cougar, mutants’ compound, making more mead. However, his
fox, wolf, etc.). The animal will attack whoever opens position is not static. See the Mutant Tactics sidebar for
its cell, before attempting to escape; details on how the clan reacts to the party’s arrival.
3-5 A live angoose snatched off of its feet by roving ‘flyers, GM’s Note: “Grampa” is the patriarch of the mutant clan,
now trapped by virtue of its size and weight in its cell; and while he is relatively ancient (70+ years old), he is the
6-7 A confused and terrified man, woman, or child (GM’s mean, cunning, and diabolic mastermind behind the family’s
discretion). The captive is panicked and will scream for continued existence. Grampa is missing most of his teeth,
help as soon as it detects motion through the translucent but he’s made a fine set of dentures from pig’s teeth, whose
cell walls, possibly alerting nearby ‘flyers (or any jagged edges allow him to viciously bite anyone who gets in
mutants in the tunnels); his way (his own family included). He is almost completely
8-9 If any of the characters was taken by the ‘flyers in an bald, and his head, hands, and legs are covered in vivid liver
earlier encounter (such as Death From Above), she spots and ugly moles. He also has a bulging beer gut that
will be found in this cell, slowly recuperating from her can no longer be contained in his shoddy overalls, spilling
injuries; out over his belt.
10 GM’s choice (feel free to put an NPC of your own Grampa is the real brains behind the mutants; he is by far
design, or even perhaps an unusual piece of treasure, in the smartest of the clan, using his sharp wits and years of
this cell). knowledge to keep things together. However, his demanding
position has made him bitter and angry, as often he has to
Treasure: The dead body of a mutant (formerly one do things himself because his inbred kin are too stupid to
of Ma’s sons) who came too close to the newly-hatched do it themselves. He is particularly ashamed of his own son
hive larva lies partly-convered in honey-like ooze near the (“Pa”), who has proven to be particularly stunted over the
chamber’s center. The terribly deformed corpse still clings years.
to a sawed-off shotgun (plus 1d4+1 12-gauge rounds). If he learns of the party’s intrusion Grampa will personally
go after them, since he doesn’t trust his family with
22. POOLS (EL 1) defending the homestead. He will arm himself and try to
This low ceilinged-cave hides what appears to be a lead whichever family members he can into the tunnels. A
pool of dark water. ferocious bully for many years, every member of the family
fears Grampa, and as a result can usually be brought together
The construction of the underground hive permits rainwater to work as a team once he threatens them.
to filter through the surrounding earth into these two large Unlike the other mutants, Grampa can and should prove to
chambers, where the fresh water pools into easily-accessible be a more cunning and devious adversary, giving the party
ponds. The water appears relatively clean, and can be used a real challenge. This is especially true if he can use his
by the party to replenish their water supplies, but it is in leadership qualities to bolster his younger (and dumber) kin.
fact somewhat contaminated from the odorous toxins in Note that as a Guardian, Grampa will receive his +4
the sludge moat (area 11). The water here is considered Defender bonus since he is “defending” his family.
poisoned (ingested, DC 12, initial 1d2 Con, secondary 1d4 Grampa: HP 82 (see below).
Con), though it seems to have no adverse effect on the bug
flyers. Grampa (Mutant Charismatic Hero 6/Guardian 8): CR
14; Medium-size humanoid; HD 6d6+6 plus 8d10+8 plus
3; HP 82; Mas 12; Init +4*; Spd 25 ft; Defense 20*, touch
23. BREWERY (EL 14) 20*, flatfooted 16 (+0 size, +4* Dex, +6 class); BAB +11;
The sweet heady odor of honey hangs heavy in the air Grap +14*; Atk +14* melee (1d8+3*, spiked club), or +16*
here, and flies and insects swarm outside the entrance. ranged (1d2+4 electricity plus paralysis, hand stunner);
Inside you find an underground winery of some sort, Full Atk +14*/+9*/+4* melee (1d8+3*, spiked club), or
with huge wooden casks along the walls and several +16*/+11*/+6* ranged (1d2+4 electricity plus paralysis,
wooden work tables running the length of the place. hand stunner); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical
Rusted collecting tanks and various buckets on the floor incompatibility, nocturnal; AL The Clan; SV Fort +8, Ref
contain what appears to be a syrupy “mud”. +11*, Will +3; AP 7; Rep +5; Str 16*, Dex 18*, Con 12, Int
10, Wis 8, Cha 17.
Since the arrival of their new insectoid “pets”, the mutants Occupation: Predator (Intimidate).
have discovered that the creatures produce a rich honey- Background: Resentful (Handle Animal).

Mutations and Defects: Fragrance Development, spent his life performing menial labor for the family. Badly
Nocturnal, Aberrant Deformity, Hunchback. deformed, Pa also suffers from slight mental retardation,
Skills: Bluff +14, Disguise -1, Handle Animal +15, with a diminished capacity to learn, listen, and make smart
Hide +6*, Intimidate +13, Knowledge (Current Events) decisions. Berated since childhood, he always harbored a
+9, Knowledge (Earth and Life Sciences) +4, Knowledge hatred of his father, especially after Grampa started sleeping
(Mutant Lore) +4, Knowledge (Tactics) +4, Listen +5, Move with his own wife. Though Pa ranted about it and even
Silently +6*, Repair +2, Ride +6*, Sense Motive +3, Spot threw a nasty tantrum, Grampa put Pa in line with a baseball
+5, Survival +3, Treat Injury +1. bat to the head - and now Pa has no woman to call his own.
Feats: Alertness, Animal Affinity, Animal-Friend Pa is not bold, smart, or brave enough to stand up to
[B&L], Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Armor Proficiency Grampa and win, so he keeps his place, quietly brooding
(light), Deceptive, Dodge, Lingering Fragrance [HDM], and taking his anger out on the “kids”. His wife, “Ma”, is
Personal Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank Shot, Primitive particularly troublesome, and if not for Grampa’s influence
Technology, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Stealthy, Pa would gladly strangle her to the death just to stop the
Toughness, Vermin Master [HDM]. abuse.
Talents (Charismatic Hero): Coordinate, Inspiration, If Pa should see Grampa or Ma in trouble (i.e. fighting the
Greater Inspiration. PCs) there is a good chance he will turn his back on them
Talents (Guardian): Defender +2, Weapon Focus (hand - or secretly watch from hiding as the characters kill them.
stunner), Tactical Aid, Weapon Specialization (hand stunner), Pa has little loyalty to his family or even the kids (who might
Defender +4, Greater Weapon Specialization (hand stunner). not even be his own), and if able he might even flee the
Possessions: Hand stunner, four power clips (40), homestead altogether once the characters attack.
handmade serrated dentures (allows a bite attack for base Note that as a Guardian, if Pa is forced to fight he will
1d8 damage), leather armor, spiked club, dynamite cluster receive his +2 Defender bonus since he is “defending” his
(four sticks), 1d2 matches, key ring (keys to all padlocks). home.
* Increased due to Nocturnal mutation. Pa: HP 137 (see below).

Treasure: This room contains a large amount of a rare, Pa (Mutant Strong Hero 5/Tough Hero 5/Guardian 2):
delicious substance similar to natural honey, brought from CR 12; Medium-size humanoid; HD 5d8+10 plus 5d10+10
area 17. This nectar is combined with water, yeast, and plus 2d10+4 plus 3; HP 137; Mas 14; Init +2*; Spd 30 ft;
sugar in the casks and left to ferment. Grampa keeps five 20 Defense 21*, touch 19*, flatfooted 19 (+0 size, +2* Dex, +7
lb. sacks of sugar here, fifty gallons of fresh water, over 100 class, +2 equipment); BAB +10; Grap +14*; Atk +15* melee
bottles, jars, and glass containers, and various implements (1d8+7*, spiked club), or +12* ranged (2d8, sawed-off
used in straining and purifying the mead. shotgun); Full Atk +15*/+10* melee (1d8+7*, spiked club),
The mead itself is good and several of the casks contain or +12*/+7* ranged (2d8, sawed-off shotgun); FS 5 ft by 5
the finished stuff; all told there are some 200 gallons of ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical incompatibility, diurnal; AL none;
prepared mead; each gallon, if sold, would be worth 25 cp. SV Fort +10, Ref +6*, Will +2; AP 6; Rep +2; Str 18*, Dex
14*, Con 14, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 13.
24. DINING ROOM (EL 12) Occupation: Repairman (Craft [structural], Repair).
Flies buzz noisily in this cave, which appears to Background: Resentful (Handle Animal).
have been decorated as a dining room of sorts. A long Mutations and Defects: Fragrance Development,
wooden table dominates the chamber, off of which sit Nocturnal, Aberrant Deformity, Atrophied Cerebellum (Int).
seven chairs of different sizes and styles. Virtually every Skills: Craft (electronic) +0, Craft (mechanical) +0,
inch of the table is covered with either a plate, cup, Disguise -5, Drive +3*, Handle Animal +4, Knowledge
tarnished platter, empty tin can, beer bottle, or serving (Tactics) +1, Listen +2, Navigate +0, Repair +9, Ride +4*,
bowl, many of which are still piled high with rotting Spot +2, Survival +2.
food. The floor all around the table is littered with Feats: Alertness, Animal Affinity, Animal-Friend, Archaic
strips of discarded flesh and a heap of animal bones, Weapons Proficiency, Armor Proficiency (light), Builder
helping to attract the flies. (Craft [electronic], Craft [mechanical]), Guide, Junk Crafter,
Lingering Fragrance [HDM], Point Blank Shot, Power
This is nothing more than the family dining room, a sty Attack, Primitive Technology, Simple Weapons Proficiency,
of garbage and rotting refuse cast off the table during the Toughness.
family’s gluttonous meals. At the time the party arrives, only Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee
a single member of the family will be here, “Pa”, engaged Smash, Advanced Melee Smash.
in gnawing on a few scraps until his wife, “Ma”, finishes Talents (Tough Hero): Remain Conscious, Damage
cooking (see area 28). Reduction 1/—, Damage Reduction 2/—.
GM’s Note: “Pa” resembles his father in many ways, Talents (Guardian): Defender +2, Weapon Focus (spiked
but the two men couldn’t hate each other more. Pa is losing club).
his hair and his teeth, but is relatively fit for his age, having Possessions: Sawed-off shotgun, 15 rounds of 12-gauge

ammunition, leather armor, spiked club, multipurpose tool, Feats: Animal Affinity, Animal-Friend [B&L], Archaic
dynamite cluster (four sticks), 1d2 matches, key ring (keys to Weapons Proficiency, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Insane
all padlocks). [HDM], Lingering Fragrance [HDM], Primitive Technology,
* Increased due to Nocturnal mutation. Simple Weapons Proficiency.
Talents (Tough Hero): Robust, Stamina, Remain
25. FAMILY ROOM (EL 5) Conscious.
The drone of buzzing flies is drowned out by the sound Possessions: Dirty dress, knife.
of crackling bluegrass music, distorted as it echoes * Increased due to Nocturnal mutation.
through these rough earthen hallways.
Entering this room you see a record player on an old Development: If the alarm is raised, Sissy will leave
stand, plus several rotting couches and chairs facing an Georgie here in the family room before joining the others
ancient TV set - despite the fact that it’s missing the TV in the fighting to defend the compound. Georgie remains
tube. The walls are shored up with rotting wood, and put, frightened as she is, but will begin to cry if she hears
hanging from each of the four walls are faded paintings the sounds of combat anywhere in the tunnels - possibly
of forests and mountains, each bordered with curtains leading the party here and to her rescue (Listen check DC 21
- as if to make it look like this was a normal human anywhere in the tunnels to hear her crying; a second check to
dwelling with windows looking out on the surface world. determine which direction to head).
If the party finds and rescues Georgie, award them
This cave is what passes for the “family room”. It is also experience as if they had defeated an EL 7 encounter.
where Georgie, Lars’ kidnapped grand-daughter, is being
One of the mutant clan’s females, “Sissy”, is staying with The sound of buzzing flies and dripping water echoes
Georgie, combing her hair, humming to her, and keeping her through this dark room. As you enter you see walls
calm. Sissy is mentally dwarfed and will not harm the child, and tables stained with blood, and rusted implements
and somehow Georgie senses this. A mere baby, Georgie is of murder - hooks, sickles, cleavers, and chainsaws -
terrified of the situation she is in but will make no move to hanging from chains on the ceiling.
GM’s Note: Barefoot and pregnant, “Sissy” is the least This room contains many of the implements used by the
combat-capable member of the clan. She has a head of long mutant clan when they go out and scavenge ransacked
red hair that she wears to her ankles, often covering her communities, after their beasts have driven the occupants
pretty, freckled face. She seems out of it most of the time, off. The selection of weapons is not impressive, just enough
however, thanks to the fact that’s she was born completely to make sure they can deal with the rare survivor or two who
deaf and blind. She is also moronic, and barely conscious of might still be alive or hiding out when they get there.
what is going on around her. Treasure: A search will uncover 20 knives, ten cleavers,
Junior is ostensibly her “husband” (and also her brother), five hatchets, a sickle, a sledgehammer, and two chainsaws.
but she doesn’t register or respond to his affection, or even Virtually all of these are covered in blood or caked with
when Cletus, Pa, or Grampa crawl into her bed when Junior gore; apparently the mutants see no point in cleaning them
is away, simply remaining catatonic through each sickening regularly.
ordeal. An unexpected trove of 24 sticks of dynamite is also kept
Sissy: HP 60 (see below). here, in a wooden crate lined with straw. In addition, the
Georgie: HP 1 (no combat attributes). mutants keep an atom gun here (no power source), but since
none of them knows how to operate it they will not use it
Sissy (Mutant Tough Hero 5): CR 5; Medium-size when defending their home.
humanoid; HD 5d10+5 plus 5; HP 60; Mas 13; Init +0*; Spd Development: If the alarm has been raised Grampa
30 ft; Defense 17*, touch 17*, flatfooted 13 (+0 size, +4* will lead the family here to arm themselves before going
Dex, +3 class); BAB +3; Grap +5*; Atk +5* melee (1d4+2*, out to hunt the party. There are plenty of weapons here
knife), or +7* ranged (by weapon); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 for the family members, and they will be sure to divide
ft; SQ medical incompatibility, autism, nocturnal, blindness, up the dynamite into 4-stick bundles that they will use as
deaf; AL The Clan; SV Fort +6, Ref +5*, Will +3; AP 2; Rep “grenades” (or to collapse sections of tunnel behind them, if
+1; Str 14*, Dex 18*, Con 13, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 14. need be).
Occupation: Furniture (Perform, Sleight of Hand).
Background: Resentful (Handle Animal). 27. CLETUS’ ROOM (EL 0)
Mutations and Defects: Autism, Fragrance This small cave is concealed behind a secret door (see map)
Development, Nocturnal, Atrophied Cerebellum (Int), that from the outside looks like a section of wooden shoring
Blindness, Deafness. (holding up the earthen tunnel wall). The door can only be
Skills: Handle Animal +6, Perform +4, Ride +6*, Sleight found with a Search check at DC 27.
of Hand +6*, Treat Injury +1.

but was instead kidnapped by the clan many years ago. Ma
The stink of death clings to the very earth of these has red hair and wind-worn skin. She has a few chipped
shored-up cave walls, which are lit by a small corium teeth and has been wearing the same sack-cloth dress for
lantern. In the light you see several dozen plastic over twenty years, but she lacks the physical deformities of
figurines of soldiers and Martians - some melted - as her adopted “kin”.
well as tin models of army tanks and an army of wind-up Raped by Pa after a quick “wedding” (“to make things all
walking duckies. Splashes of what can only be blood, legal-like”), Ma quickly descended into madness like the
along with several shattered bones, decorate the rough- rest of the mutants, and now considers herself a part of the
hewn floor in between piles of toys. family. This is her home, and she has become invested in
seing the family survive (especially now that more than half
This is Cletus’ room, where he sleeps and brings victims to the family are her own children). In fact, she has come to
“play” with. The remnants of his former “playmates” are acquire many of Grampa’s qualities, including the capacity
scattered throughout the room. to be exceptionally devious. She loathes her idiot husband,
If Cletus is able to capture one of the characters he will and frequently gives in to Grampa’s advances to strengthen
try to drag her down here to toy with before killing her. her position with him.
Fortunately for other characters, Cletus takes his time with Ma has given the clan five children, including Junior,
his victims, and unless they don’t find this place in a matter Sissy, Cletus, Aaron, and Donald (this last son was killed
of 1-2 hours, they should be able to save their comrade when he ventured too close to the bug flyers’ nest; see area
before she meets a most terrible fate. 21). Because of the clan’s ghastly sexual deviances, it’s not
Treasure: Sitting on a small stump (a table) is a corium clear who the father of the five children really are, however
lantern, providing the only light in the cave. Other items - a fact that Ma uses to maliciously torment her husband on
include 30 ft. of rusted iron chain, a small blowtorch, a an almost daily basis.
mallet, a dozen blood-caked iron pitons, a large whetstone Note that as a Guardian, Ma will receive her +2 Defender
(for sharpening Cletus’ axe blades), and a 1950s wind-up bonus since she is “defending” her family.
robot toy (eyes light up and arms move up and down as it Ma: HP 87 (see below).
Ma (Mutant Charismatic Hero 3/Fast Hero 3/Skulk
28. KITCHEN (EL 11) 4/Guardian 1): CR 11; Medium-size humanoid; HD 3d6
A subtle odor of burnt metal and smoke fills this room, plus 3d8 plus 4d8 plus 1d10 plus 3; HP 87; Mas 10; Init +2;
which turns out to be some kind of kitchen. Hidden Spd 40 ft; Defense 21, touch 21, flatfooted 19 (+0 size, +2
away in a small cave, the inhabitants of these tunnels Dex, +9 class); BAB +7; Grap +9; Atk +10 melee (1d6+2,
somehow managed to model it after a typical 1950s cleaver), or +9 ranged (by weapon); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5
home, complete with a Wedgewood range, KitchenAid ft; SQ none; AL The Clan; SV Fort +5, Ref +11, Will +8; AP
refrigerator, rusted toaster, and even a colorful cookie 5; Rep +3; Str 14, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 13.
tin on a nearby counter. A large cutting board sits on Occupation: Slave (Perform, Survival).
the counter as well, on which sits a skinned chicken, Background: Resentful (Handle Animal).
with a huge meat cleaver embedded into the wood Skills: Bluff +13, Disguise +3, Handle Animal +10, Hide
between the neck and the severed head. Flies hover +12, Knowledge (Tactics) +3, Listen +5, Move Silently +12,
lazily about the carcass. Perform +8, Ride +4, Sleight of Hand +12, Spot +4, Survival
+8, Treat Injury +4.
Ma, the matriarch of the mutant clan, spends most of her Feats: Animal Affinity, Archaic Weapons Proficiency,
time here preparing food. The kitchen is actually a marvel Blind-Fighting, Deceptive, Dodge, Insane [HDM], Iron
of the clan’s rudimentary engineering; the gas-operated stove Will, Mobility, Primitive Technology, Simple Weapons
works, and the refrigerator and toaster also operate thanks to Proficiency, Spring Attack, Toughness, Weapon Focus
the electricity from Pa’s generator (see area 14). Water from (cleaver).
the cistern (area 16A) is channeled through underground Talents (Charismatic Hero): Charm, Fast-Talk.
pipes (by pulling on a series of chains here in the kitchen) Talents (Fast Hero): Increased Speed, Improved
and pours down with reasonable pressure into the sink for Increased Speed.
cooking and washing. Talents (Skulk): Sweep, Sneak Attack +1d6, Skill
Ma will be here when the party arrives at the compound, Mastery.
preparing a meal. However, at any sign of alarm she will Talents (Guardian): Defender +2.
abandon the cooking to help defend the family against the Possessions: Cleaver, dirty dress.
intruders. Thus she may not be when they arrive. If she is,
however, she will scream maniacally as she takes the cleaver Treasure: The female mutants of the clan have
from the counter and attacks the first enemy she sees. accumulated some minor artifacts over the years, most of
GM’s Note: An unusually fair woman, “Ma” obviously which are found here. In addition to the operable appliances
did not come from the same stock as the rest of the family, (which are themselves valuable, if virtually impossible to

remove), these include a set of antique flatware in a silk- a crate containing twenty bottles of beer, a rusted camping
lined box (worth 500 cp), a large silver serving platter from stove, a kettle, a two pots, a first aid kit, two cans of medi-
the 1700s (worth 100 cp), a collection of silver christening spray, a box containing a dozen packets of powdered baby
cups engraved with a variety of family names (worth a total formula, a thermometer, six pillows (in protective cases), six
of 250 cp), and a silver Chester trinket box with hinged heavy blankets (in plastic bags), an oil lamp, a can of lamp
cover that holds several dozen horn, ivory, and amber oil, four flashlights, and a packet of four power cells.
buttons and knick-knacks (the box is worth 50 cp, the
contents another 50 cp). 30. BEDROOM (EL 0)
Under one cabinet is a Kenner Easy-Bake Oven toy, still A few cots sit about this messy, rank cave, the floor of
in its original box, which has become Sissy’s favorite toy. which is scattered with empty bottles and crumpled tin
However, she is currently being punished by Ma and is not cans, moldy soiled clothing, and other bits of refuse.
allowed to play. If Ma is killed Sissy will try come here
regardless of what is going on, pull out her little oven, and The mutants of the clan generally sleep here - that is, if
begin to play. they haven’t passed out at the dinner table from a night of
drinking, or fell asleep elsewhere just to be away from their
29. HIDE (EL 0) noisy kin. Ma tends to sleep in the kitchen (area 28); Sissy
Like area 27, this room is concealed behind a secret door in the family room (area 25), staring at the “TV” there.
that from the outside looks like a section of wooden shoring Cletus has his own “room” (area 27) as well. Only Grampa,
(holding up the earthen tunnel wall). The door can only be Pa, Junior, and Aaron are likely to sleep here, and then only
found with a Search check at DC 27. during the daytime (all of the mutants are Nocturnal).

This secret room appears to be well-stocked with rows

and rows of cardboard boxes and stacks of tin cans. The CONCLUDING THE ADVENTURE
walls are reinforced with wooden beams as if the room
was built to withstand an earthquake. Once the PCs rescue Lars’ family and destroy the mutants at
their stronghold, it’s only a few hours to the rendezvous with
This room is an emergency hide for the members of the Lars and the rest of the angoose herd outside of Stockyard.
family in the unlikely event that the homestead comes under Lars will be ecstatic to see the survivors, and horrified to
attack. Like the inhabitants of Lars’ own homestead, the hear what happened at the homestead, as well as the details
mutants here have a plan to hide out underground if attacked. of the mutants who were controlling the silverdiscs and bug
The hide is the family’s last-ditch retreat; they would flyers. Still, he’s grateful for what the PCs have done and
prefer to engage the party in hide-and-seek fighting in the when part three of this series, Plaguelands, begins, will take
dark tunnels, relying on their Blind-Fighting feats to have them to meet with the Cattlemen tribe’s leader, Mack.
the upper hand. But if they have to they will retreat here, But first things first - Lars will eagerly pay the characters
locking themselves in (with a padlock on the other side), and as promised, 25 ReichMarks for each head of cattle that
remaining quiet in the hopes they aren’t found. made it through. In addition, he gives the PCs a bonus 500
Padlock: Hardness 3, 5 Hit Points, Break DC 15. ReichMarks for saving his family from the silverdiscs and
Treasure: The room is stocked with food and supplies destroying the vile clan of mutants behind their marauding.
allowing the mutants to last quite a while in this hiding He is also extremely grateful for what they’ve done, and the
place. The supplies include four full boxes of C-rations (160 characters will be able to count him as an ally among the
meals, consisting of either turkey loaf or beans and weiners), Cattlemen for a long time to come.
eight office-style water-cooler tanks filled with fresh water, As the PCs take the ReichMarks in hand, they have a
chance to examine the strange bills.
Each is a faded grey or black slip
printed on low-grade paper. But
featured prominently on the face
of each is a large swastika. Any
character making a Knowledge
(Ancient Lore) or Knowledge
(History) check at DC 16 will
recognize this symbol and its historical
The plains stronghold of Stockyard,
and the party’s meeting with Mack,
are detailed in the next part of this


Plaguelands is the third that allow characters to adventure in radiated areas, as well
installment in a series of as underwater, may also be useful.
Darwin’s World adventures
designed specifically
for high level play. In THE HALIDOM CAMPAIGN
this adventure the player Halidom is a high-level series of
characters travel through a adventures that send the PCs off on a
region devastated by the recent perilous journey deep into the heart
Doomrider incursion, on a desperate mission to track the of unknown country - the lands of old
epic raider army back to its secret fortress deep in the Wyoming. Their goal: to track down
northlands. After learning all they can from the relatively the Doomriders, a monstrous raider gang
primitive Cattlemen, the party sets out for Cheyenne, the with epic nihilistic goals, who by all accounts have returned
bastion of a strange people known only as the “Salvation”, from a generations-long absence to begin anew a campaign
in the hope of finding out more about the Doomriders and of destruction, sparing none whom they find in their path.
where the fortress of “Halidom” lies. No mere raider war, something behind the scenes seems to
Plaguelands should take characters from level 13 to be driving the vast armies of the Doomriders into a blood
14 by the adventure’s completion. Player characters will frenzy that could only come from their legends of a “Second
find certain skills particularly useful, such as Balance, Apocalypse”.
Diplomacy, Survival, and Treat Injury, but none of these are Homesteads, villages, and towns have been laid waste,
essential to succeeding in their mission. Items or abilities with every last inhabitant viciously slaughtered like


Wyoming represents a “new frontier” for characters from the more traditional regions of the Twisted Earth. This land
lies beyond the known limits of “civilization”, but in reality the people here are not that much more primitive than those
of more familiar lands. There are three major groups in Wyoming: the Fee’Men, the Cattlemen, and the Salvation.
Much of Wyoming is dominated by a tribe known as the Fee’Men, tribal overlords who have taken control of the
plains through trade and cunning. Inheritors of a vast stock of medicines from before the Fall, they have traded their
“juju” to those who’ve needed it, in exchange for guns and ammunition. Building up their arms stockpiles through these
deals, at the same time the Fee’Men have stripped their neighbors of their means of defense, and slowly taken control,
“ruling” loosely from the ruins of Casper, and demanding tribute from those groups too weak to resist them. They are
now widely feared and despised.
The Cattlemen are descended from the state’s original ranchers, and now live dispersed across Wyoming’s grassy
plains, herding angoose, the mutant descendants of cattle. These people live a semi-nomadic life, and constantly strain
at the yoke of their Fee’Men masters.
The self-titled “Salvation” occupies the poisoned wreckage of Cheyenne. The ancestors of these people were white
supremacists and punks who hoped to exploit the chaos of the Fall to create their own “Aryan empire” on the plains.
After the nuclear war their ambitions were stunted by the demands of survival, until they too descended into backwards
savagery. Holding jealously to the ruins of their city, they have resisted all outsiders for years.

livestock. What’s worse, a hideous disease is spreading TRAVEL ON THE MAP

through the lands the Doomriders have passed through, Travel on each Adventure Map can vary depending on each
threatening even more lives. To end this great threat to the party member’s typical move rate, encumbrance factors,
Twisted Earth the characters are hired to travel many miles, and whether or not they are traveling by foot, mount, or by
over mountains and open plains, through the territory of motor vehicle. Going off-road (i.e. across open terrain) will
new and unusual groups unheard of in more settled lands, to be slower regardless of the form of travel, but note that the
the footstep of the great Doomrider fortress of “Halidom”. roads of the Twisted Earth are a shadow of what they once
Braving the mighty citadel they must infiltrate its deep caves were; crossing an entire region in one day on the interstate
and assassinate whatever mysterious leader is behind the re- is a thing of the past. Suggested travel speeds (in hexes per
emergence of the hated Doomriders. day) are given below.
On foot 6 hexes per day
ADVENTURE APPENDIX Mounted (horses) 8 hexes per day
Each installment of the Halidom campaign attempts to Automobile 10 hexes per day
make use of new items, feats, creatures, and advanced
classes featured in other Darwin’s World expansions and Plaguelands will probably only take up three to five days,
sourcebooks, both to introduce this new material to new possibly more if the characters stop to heal up at some point
gamers as well as to challenge veteran players by making during the adventure.
NPC villains more unpredictable. Several of these items,
feats, and classes make more than one appearance in the
adventure, so an appendix has been compiled containing all STOCKYARD
of the information pertaining to these new features. By the end of The Long Drive, the party had
accompanied a prominent Cattleman,
“Lars”, on an extended cattle drive that
ADVENTURE MAP took them from the southern edge of the
Each part of the Halidom series includes a hex map refered
grass plains to the doorstep of Stockyard.
to as an “Adventure Map”. These maps are intended to
Having rescued his family from a clan
serve as a tool for you, the GM, allowing you to plot the
of twisted mutants whose pet beasts had laid waste to his
party’s progress during each adventure. Since time plays
homestead, Lars was eager to fulfill his promise of payment
a factor in the overall success (or failure) of the campaign,
- and an introduction to his leader - when they arrived.
keeping track of the distances they’ve traveled, day by day,
The adventure begins as the party arrives at Stockyard
will be important.
in the company of Lars, his family and cowhands, and
In addition, the Adventure Maps also show the relative
whatever remained of the angoose herd.
locations of various encounter areas, including abandoned
towns, destroyed villages, and special sites detailed in each
Dust kicked up by herds of angoose fills the sky
adventure, for ease of reference.
around what looks like a feeble walled compound here
on the plains. Wooden corrals surround the complex
of cracked buildings and dilapidated barns, and inside


these is a motley collection of tents, carts, and even Stockyard, replenish their supplies, trade, or even help out
old-style Conestoga wagons. Refugees by the hundreds (see individual area descriptions for various opportunities).
sit in the shade or around cooking fires, watching the He’ll “be around town”, so once the PCs are done with their
latest herd arrive. All hands quietly watch and count business they can easily find him and set up a meeting with
the new arrivals to themselves, each tallying what was Mack.
lost on the journey - both in terms of cattle, and in the
Cattlemen who bravely led the herd through the gauntlet KEY TO STOCKYARD
to get here. The Cattlemen have long claimed an old prairie stockyard
The compound itself is not as impressive as you as their faction’s “home”, where folks from various rural
have been led to believe, just a cluster of old buildings communities once came from miles around for the annual
that appear to pre-date the Fall. But at least it looks roundup. That was before the Fall, of course, but the site,
reasonably safe. now known simply as “Stockyard”, is still at the center
of the Cattlemen community. The various families of the
On arrival Lars pays the characters as promised (as detailed Cattlemen bring their cattle through here every season on
at the end of The Long Drive), and promises to put in a good their way to distant pastures, and Stockyard serves as a kind
word with Mack. If the PCs like, he can take them to Mack of navigational center for their nomadic wanderings. It also
right away, but they can also take the time to look around

serves as their one true “stronghold” on the plains, though its Item Qty Price
usefulness as a defensive bastion is dubious at best. Hot meal - 50 cp (10 RM)
The stockyard is an aging complex of wind-worn buildings Water (liter) 30 20 cp (4 RM)
and sprawling pens, and the leader of the Cattlemen, Mack, Compass 2 50 cp (10 RM)
makes it his base of operations. A brief overview of the Corium lantern 2 90 cp (18 RM)
compound is detailed below. Hatchet 10 5 cp (1 RM)
Juju potion (1d4+4) 5 150 cp (30 RM)
Knife 10 2 cp (1 RM)
CATTLEPENS (EL 6) Mechanical tool kit (basic) 1 500 cp (100 RM)
The majority of Stockyard is surrounded by pens that Parka 10 30 cp (6 RM)
once held over 1,000 head of cattle. Now the herds are Rope (150 ft.) 10 30 cp (6 RM)
significantly smaller, of course, and the angoose have to
share space with small huts and tents set up by Cattlemen
families passing through the area. There are some 150-200 GM’s Note: The women who run the chow hall are faced
Cattlemen (including men, women, children, and elderly) with a dilemma, as more and more Cattlemen refugees arrive
living here now. at Stockyard every day. The problem: feeding them all.
GM’s Note: Characters taking the time to walk through While beef is no problem, the ladies are slowly running out
this overcrowded camp will find the tents here crammed with of other staples, and though it’s not an issue yet, pretty soon
numerous families getting ready to head out; dirty-faced their supplies on hand will be in danger of running out.
men, women, and children stare out at passing PCs with a PCs offering even the most meager of rations to the
mixture of reservation (as strangers) and wonder (as folks old women of the chow hall will be politely refused, but
carrying powerful weapons). Any food, water, or mounts if they persist their efforts, no matter how small, will be
they offer will be welcomed, however, breaking the locals’ appreciated, and the ladies will gratefully accept whatever
silence. the characters can give. Ready meals and canned foods
PCs being especially thorough in their tour of the camp would be nice, but trail rations are just as welcome.
will come across a small tent where a healer, Maisey, is If the PCs donate food to the Cattlemen, award them a
trying to treat the injury of a young cowboy who accidentally story reward equivalent to an EL 6.
shot himself in the foot (with his crossbow) while herding
cattle. The wound is getting infected, and with only RESTROOMS (EL 6)
primitive tools to work with it looks like she may have to These former public restrooms are still used as privvies,
amputate. She’s not above accepting help from the PCs, but the Cattlemen also draw water from the old pipes to do
however, and any character making a Treat Injury check (DC laundry out back.
15) or administering any sort of juju will be able to clear the GM’s Note: The morning before the PCs arrive one of
boy’s problems with little difficulty. As before, this little bit the water pipes broke, making it tough for the womenfolk of
of effort will go a long way towards improving the party’s the camp to draw water for baths, laundry, or cooking. The
relations with the Cattlemen. pipes could be fixed (assuming the PCs volunteer to do the
If the PCs assist in treating the boy, or willingly offer food, job), but the repair job would require welding tools and a
water, or mounts, award them a story reward equivalent to Repair check at DC 15 (but no spare parts).
an EL 6. If the PCs successfully fix the problem with the pipes,
award them a story reward equivalent to an EL 6.
The Stockyard once had a gift shop and rustic restaurant STANDS (EL 0)
catering to visitors who came to the annual cattle roundups This is where the old stands were set up, with enough seating
every year, as well as a concessions area set aside simply for for 500 spectators. The stands are rotted and rickety, but are
snacks and sweets. These areas are now used as communal otherwise still intact. A good number of young and elderly
cooking areas and chow halls, both for hungry Cattlemen camp here during the day to stay out of the sun; blankets and
and their families. Enormous steaks and baked beans have small cots are arranged neatly throughout the place.
been on the menu for over 200 years.
In addition to food, PCs keeping an eye and ear open will ARENA (EL 6)
eventually find someone willing to trade. Unfortunately This enclosed area has a dirt floor, and it was here that stock
the traders among the Cattlemen don’t have a huge stock of was brought to be put on display for the crowds. Auctioning
merchandise, and are limited to the items listed below. Note was also done here. The arena is now used both as extra
that the Cattlemen have no use for corium pieces and will housing for poorer members of the Cattlemen tribe, as well
only accept trade goods (the relative value being listed in cp) as to provide a sheltered area for sick animals, pregnant
or ReichMarks in their dealings! heifers, and young calves.
GM’s Note: As with the Cattlepens, party members
wishing to help out the locals can do so by treating the

injured and sick animals here, from horses to angoose Stockyard (Resentful): Semi-Nomadic; Population 230
heifers. A few Treat Injury checks (DC 15) will do the trick, (Homogenous Mutants), combatants 46, fertile 58; 2,300
and the Cattlemen - especially the children, who have grown cp limit; Assets 9,200 cp (Extra Breeders, Fertile Soil,
fond of one sick calf in particular - will be quite pleased Livestock).
with the PCs and begin passing on the good word to Mack Social Structure: Ironfisted Strongman.
(if the PCs have done a number of favors for the Cattlemen, Tolerance Level: Open to traders and select allies only.
you may have Mack reflect this in his monologue when they
finally see him with a friendlier tone; see below). MEETING WITH MACK
If the characters assist in treating the sick calf, award When the party arrives at Stockyard the local Cattlemen
them a story reward equivalent to an EL 6. are immediately awed by their weapons, armor, and gizmos
- having long given up these items to the Fee’Men (see later
EXCHANGE (EL 0) for details), the Cattlemen are certainly impressed by the
This roofed area was once the livestock exchange, but now arrival of the party - and grateful they’re here as friends,
simply serves as an extension of the arena. Mack’s second, rather than enemies. A few youths run up to ask about their
a full-blooded Arapaho named Zeke, is busy tending to “fancy firesticks” - while the womenfolk stand back and
local affairs, acting as Mack’s voice while he’s busy with whisper amongst themselves, some frowning disapprovingly,
the bigger picture. Though Zeke’s got his hands full with others smiling and giggling. Eventually, when they’re
organizing the Cattlemen refugees and sending them further ready, the PCs are shaken down for hidden weapons they
east, he has time for the PCs if they approach him. are escorted into the cavernous stockyard building and into
It’s obvious to the party that Zeke is a busy man. He the presence of the leader of the Cattlemen, a deeply tanned,
can’t tell them much, but if they’ve got free time or ask how heavily-wrinkled middle-aged man named “Mack”. Lars
they can help he’ll tell them about the sick folks who need is there to introduce the PCs to Mack, taking off his hat in
a healer in the Cattlepens, and the animals in the Arena that respect, signalling to the PCs to do the same.
could use some treatment. If they’ve already helped out, or Mack meets the PCs in one of the old offices. He
don’t have any medical knowledge, he’ll instead ask them immediately strikes the characters as a well-balanced mix of
to fix the water pipes in the Restrooms; just recently one of veteran frontiersman, pioneer sheriff, and grizzled fighter.
the pipes broke and the women can’t do the washing or draw He wears hides and leathers that smell of campfires and the
water for the kitchens. If the PCs can fix it, he’ll pay them open trail, with a brand in the shape of a steer’s head on his
100 ReichMarks for the job, and pass on the good word to forearm (a scar left over from his reckless youth), and keeps
Mack (if they haven’t already seen him). an old electric cattleprod close at all times. His head hair
and eyebrows are turning white, but he still seems to have
OFFICES (EL 0) sharp blue eyes.
These old offices have been taken over by Mack and his Mack is worldwise, moreso than most of his people,
guards. This is also where Mack and his family reside, and and isn’t as impressed by guns, armor, and fancy devices -
where the PCs will be taken when they’re ready to meet with though he knows how valuable they are. He doesn’t play to
the Cattlemen leader (see Meeting With Mack, below). the party’s ego; after all, he is the leader of a major faction in
the region, and though he’s primitive by their standards even
TRUCKS (EL 0) PCs of their level should feel obliged to pay him respect.
A few rusted and useless trucks sit out back behind the He’s not about to remind the characters who he is around
Stockyard, still hitched to their cattle trailers. The trucks here, but if they don’t show him the consideration he’s due it
were scavenged long ago for spare parts and even lubricant, will reflect in his general attitude of them.
and seem to offer nothing of value to would-be thieves. In any event, the party is here for answers, first about the
GM’s Note: Despite how it looks, any character making a Doomriders and, secondly, about the Cattlemen and other
Repair check (DC 15) on the trucks will find a partially-full groups of Wyoming. Listed below are the answers to the
tank of fuel in one cab (equivalent to five tanks of gasoline). most likely questions:
The Cattlemen may be convinced to part with the fuel for
free if the characters have made a good impression on them What do you know of the Doomriders?
so far; otherwise they demand a fair price (100 cp in trade The Doomriders have always been a danger to this region,
goods). just like any other region, but they haven’t been heard from
since the days of my pappy. They believe it’s their “duty” to
The Cattlemen don’t have many enemies out here, so their stamp out all life, and once this is accomplished, join the rest
state of alert will vary. A few Cattlemen will be positioned in of humanity in Hell by killing themselves too. Thankfully
the outlying buildings (see map), as well as at the west and they’ve been quiet for some time, but now something’s got a
east entrances to the main Stockyard building. bee in their bonnet, because they’ve re-appeared out of the
heart of the wilds up north and are rampaging all over the
countryside. They’ve already slaughtered a good number
of my people, and there’s no telling how the Fee’Men and

Salvation are faring against them. The following may or may not be mentioned, depending on
From the stories I heard as a boy there won’t be any how the party has been perceived by the leader of Stockyard.
stopping them. I’ve ordered my people to start moving the If the PCs have solved at least three of the problems here in
herds out into the Nebraska plains, but sooner or later the town (i.e. helping the healer, donating food to the cooks at
Doomriders will catch up. These are desperate times. We’re the chow hall, fixing the pipes in the Restrooms, tending to
ready to join the Salvation, if for nothing else than mutual the sick animals in the Arena), and also make a Diplomacy
protection. They may be weird, but they’ve got guns and check at DC 31, Mack will pass on the following offer:
armored cars and can put up a fight against the Doomriders
where we can’t. Speaking of the Salvation, I’ve got a proposition for you. Me
I can’t tell you where the Doomriders come from, but and my people have deliberated for long enough and we’ve
we’re just simple folk. If you want answers I suggest going decided it’s time to throw our lot in with them, for the sake of
to Cheyenne and talkin’ to them there Salvationists. survival. These are hard times we live in, but the Salvation
promises protection better than anyone else around. God
Will you stand up and fight the Doomriders? knows the Fee’Men aren’t doin’ their job.
Hell no, we’re not idiots! There are only a few hundred of us We’ve got a lot to offer them in return [motions to the
and we’d be nothing in the face of their onslaught. No, the angoose herds outside]. We need someone to deliver our
plan is to move east and stay out of their way. Sorry if that petition to Cheyenne. I expect you’ll probably be heading
disappoints you, son, but I have to worry about my people’s there, so if you deliver it we’d be much obliged.
Mack is willing to pay the PCs for their effort, but for the
What’s your take on the Fee’Men? time being the only thing he can offer is a fresh horse each
We used to range all over this area, but the Fee’Men drove and (in the future) 50 head of angoose apiece. More to the
us out of the better country up north. Most folks around here point, if the party does this for the Cattlemen they will be
don’t care too much for their kind. They’re a warrior tribe significantly changing the political situation in the region, an
who came from out of state during the time of the Fall and act that will at least earn them a significant story reward - see
kinda just “took over”. They came bearing medicine and Concluding the Adventure for details.
supplies for the people of this land, but ended up using their The PCs are not obligated to help Mack and his people,
juju as leverage to make new laws and subjugate the natives. and refusing to deliver their petition will have little effect on
Over time, as things got lean and diseases started to rear up, the adventure. Also, if the PCs did not help the Cattlemen
folks were forced to grovel at the Fee’Mens’ feet to get the out or came here directly before Mack could hear about it
things they needed to survive. The Fee’Men were real smart from Zeke, he won’t extend the offer anyway.
- I’ve gotta hand it to ‘em - because for every bottle of water,
every pill, and every potion they handed out they demanded Are you sure you want to ally with the Salvation?
guns and ammo in return. That’s why you’ll find very few [This conversation option will probably only come up if
guns out here - we traded ‘em away a long time ago. the characters return to Stockyard after visiting Cheyenne
‘Course that means the Fee’Men are sitting right on top and witnessing the Salvation for themselves. Considering
of virtually every gun in Wyoming. But the bastards seem their repugnant “background”, the PCs may come to think
to be content holed up in the ruins of Casper. It’s a fortress. joining them is a bad idea. If they approach Mack with their
Not sure what they’re gonna do about the Doomriders, but reservations, use the dialogue below]
chances are they’ll try to sit it out.
What choice have we got? The Salvation are our best
What can you tell us about the Salvation? chance against the Doomriders. Hmm. I suppose if we
Hmm. Not a lot really. They’ve held onto Cheyenne since could get our hands on some real weapons we could fend
before anyone can remember, and are the only group around for ourselves, at least long enough to move east, out of the
here that the Fee’Men don’t mess with - ‘cept maybe the region. Damn sad if it came to that, leaving these lands, but
Doomriders, of course. A bit odd, those Salvationists, but we’ve lived this long by learning not to be sentimental.
then aren’t we all. A few of our boys go out to their city each
year to do trade so we know they have things we don’t out If the characters somehow manage to secure a source of
here, like electricity and guns. ‘Course, they’ve got some weapons for the Cattlemen they could guide them away from
strange ways as well, and the city, well, let’s just say that joining the Salvation (if that’s something they want to do).
Cheyenne is a stinking pool of chemical sludge. Not sure Doing this won’t have an immediate effect on the Salvation,
why they call themselves the ‘Salvation’ either - they don’t but it will alter the balance of power in Wyoming for some
seem too friendly, and they sure as hell ain’t out to save time to come. Whether this ends up being good or bad for
anybody. Whatever they’re up to, they’re probably the only the region as a whole remains to be seen, but either way such
folks in Wyoming who can survive more than a few days a major development should earn the PCs a story reward
against the Doomriders. equal to an EL 12 encounter.


Mack will be grateful for all that the PCs have done for his people, but the bulk of the Cattlemen are moving for shelter
deep in the plains country to the east. The Cattlemen may have given the party a glimpse of the political situation here
in Wyoming (including a hint as to the nature of the Fee’Men and Salvation), but they are clearly a backwards folk with
little in the way of useful information about the Doomriders.
For the player characters the clear course seems to be to head towards Cheyenne, the home of the Salvation.
Hopefully someone there will be able to point them towards the secret fortress of the Doomriders.

Mack (Mutant Tough Hero 7/Guardian 4): CR 11; DOUGLAS (EL 8)

Medium-size humanoid; HD 7d10+14 plus 4d10+8 plus 7; The old road passes through the ruins of a destroyed
HP 90; Mas 15; Init +0; Spd 30 ft; Defense 18, touch 16, community, the walls of its Ancient-era buildings still
flatfooted 18 (+0 size, +0 Dex, +6 class, +2 equipment); showing bullet holes and abundant splatters of blood:
BAB +9; Grap +11; Atk +12 melee (3d6+2 nonlethal, stun signs of a terrible massacre. Bodies of primitive tribal
baton), or +9 ranged touch (by weapon); Full Atk +12/+7 folk, who must have made the abandoned pre-Fall town
melee (3d6+2 nonlethal, stun baton), or +9/+4 ranged their home, lie strewn everywhere.
touch (by weapon); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical Coming to the center of town you see a large iron
incompatibility; AL Cattlemen; SV Fort +10, Ref +4, Will Doomwheel dominating the central square. The bodies
+5; AP 5; Rep +6; Str 14, Dex 10, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 10, of little children hang impaled and from each of the
Cha 13. ‘wheel’s twelve spikes. All of them are naked and -
Occupation: Herdsman (Handle Animal, Navigate). perhaps thankfully - dead. Some even appear to have
Background: Resentful (Ride). been mutilated and carved up, like sides of meat at a
Mutations and Defects: Multiple Stomachs, Immune- butcher’s shop.
System Abnormality. Wandering through the heaps of dismembered torsos
Skills: Diplomacy +3, Gamble +2, Gather Information and limbs lying in the shadow of the ‘wheel are a few
+3, Handle Animal +5, Intimidate +12, Knowledge (Current large, feral dogs. A few of the creatures look quite
Events) +6, Knowledge (Tactics) +4, Navigate +10, Ride +6, sickly, sporting numerous egg-sized lumps on their
Sense Motive +4, Survival +7. bodies that have turned a bruised black in color. They
Feats: Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Armor Proficiency appear to have been feeding on the dead for some time
(light), Confident, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lasso), Great now.
Fortitude, Guide, Iron Will, Mounted Archery, Mounted
Combat, Power Attack, Primitive Technology, Renown, Just one of several tiny tribal communities in the region, the
Simple Weapons Proficiency. inhabitants of Douglas came to occupy the ruins of this pre-
Talents (Tough Hero): Robust, Stamina, Damage Fall town several generations ago. The dozen or so villagers
Reduction 1/—, Damage Reduction 2/—. here relied almost exclusively on hunting and gathering for
Talents (Guardian): Defender +2, Weapon Focus (stun food and water, and the Fee’Men for protection. With a
baton), Tactical Aid. tenuous relationship with the Fee’Men (who made seasonal
Possessions: Leather armor, cattleprod (as stun baton), visits to demand tribute, in the form of pemmican and hides),
power beltpack (10), cowboy hat, huge silver belt buckle the villagers just thanked themselves that they had the
(worth 50 cp), canteen (full). Fee’Men as overlords, rather than enemies.
The inhabitants of this town were taken completely by
LEAVING STOCKYARD surprise by the Doomriders, who rode out from the plains
like a sweeping horde. The people panicked and attempted
Cheyenne is a long way from Stockyard,
to flee north along the old road, but were caught in the open
but navigating with the aid of the maps
and slaughtered (see Slaughter, below). Those who couldn’t
they found in the ruins of Barter Town
keep up with the main body of refugees - mainly the children
(see part one of this series, Shadows
and elderly - were caught in the streets and promptly
Loom) the party should be able to get
exterminated before the Doomriders moved on.
there without any trouble.
Mingling among the bodies of the village’s children is a
Between Stockyard and Cheyenne are miles and miles of
pack of advanced carnages who’ve recently grown fat from
flat grassland, similar to the country the party passed through
the abundance of corpses; they’ve also come to contract
in the previous adventure, The Long Drive. Dotting this
the plague as a result of close contact with the Doomriders’
seemingly abandoned countryside are a few sites of interest,
which the characters may (or may not) stumble upon as they
The carnages will permit the party to poke around town
head for Cheyenne.
but after 10-15 minutes, if the characters are still present,
they grow ornery and aggressive. They will eventually

attack the PCs to drive them off. Since the Fee’Man collector is lying on the sack, the PCs
Diseased Advanced Carnages (5): HP 30 (see below). will only find it if they handle the bodies.

Diseased Advanced Carnages*: CR 3; Medium-size MASSACRE (EL 0)

Mutated Animal; HD 4d8+12; HP 30; Mas 17; Init +1; You come across a tragic scene out on the open plain.
Spd 40 ft.; Defense 12, touch 11, flatfooted 11 (+1 Dex, +1 It would resemble a battefield if it weren’t for the fact
natural); BAB +3; Grap +5; Atk +5 melee (1d6+3, bite); Full that most of the dead look like simple villagers. Dead
Atk +5 melee (1d6+3, bite); FS 5 ft. by 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.; SQ horses and murdered men lie strewn about an area
Scent, Sense Disease; AL none; SV Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +1; roughly 100 yards long; no one seems to be moving.
AP 0; Rep +0; Str 15, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6. As you walk through the assorted dead you are
Skills: Jump +4, Listen +3, Spot +4, Survival +4 (+8 immediately drawn to the sounds of a possible survivor.
when tracking by scent). Following the sound of weak coughing you find a man,
Feats: None. lying on his back against a dead horse, struggling
to breathe. He appears badly injured, but worse are
* While carnages can generally sense disease these creatures the gangrenous spots on his fingertips and lips. He
were desperate for food, and as a result all of the carnages is apparently quite ill, but with weak hands he begins
carry the plague (they have taken initial damage of -1d2 feeling around for the hand axe that lies just out of
Con, reflected in the stat block above). Any bite injury reach...
from one of these creatures forces the victim to make a
Fortitude save at DC 16 to avoid becoming infected with the The man, James (originally from Wheatland; see below),
septicemic form of the disease. is in the advanced stages of the pneumonic plague and is
Treasure: Among the corpses the PCs will find two items already on his way out. He eyes the party suspiciously as
from the Random Finds table (see Adventure Appendix). they approach, attempting to arm himself but finally giving
up. Unsure of who they are, but unable to move, he is at
SLAUGHTER (EL 0) their mercy.
Carrion birds float over the open prairie, and the old A Treat Injury check (DC 17) immediately identifies
cracked roadway ahead is strewn with many corpses. James’ disease and that, sadly, he is a lost cause. Anything
It’s like a battlefield, only the dead include far too many the characters can do for him will be appreciated, however,
non-combatants. and will give him just enough strength to speak to them for a
few moments:
The villagers escaping from Douglas made it this far before
the Doomriders caught up to them and attacked. Not a single “Whoever you are, you’re a little too late for
villager escaped with his life. Most of those who made it me...[wheeze]...The Doomriders, they did this. They
this far were adults; the elderly and children were left behind killed...everyone. Came out of the north, not much
in the panic (and were slaughtered in town). chance to get out of their way. We heard the folks living
GM’s Note: PCs searching the bodies find three corpses in Douglas got hit...tried to get everyone out but Jesse
that stand out from the rest (they are draped in the blood- thought it was suicide, said we’d be caught out in the
soaked remains of ratty orange capes with the acronym open and slaughtered...[weak cough]...Guess Jesse was
“FEMA” stenciled on them). These are the bodies of right...They killed most of us on the way through, hacked
three Fee’Men, a “collector” and his two bodyguards who us from the back of their vehicles, then just kept driving
came to Douglas a while ago to gather tribute for the tribe. on...Me and Chuck were pretty cut up, but at least we
They were here when the town came under attack, and were alive. Chuck was worse off than me, couldn’t walk,
were among the first to flee, leaving the town undefended. so I built him a shelter and tried to take care of him. We
Though the cowardly Fee’Men tried to get away unnoticed, both started getting sick soon afterwards, Chuck moreso
the movements of the other adults (who followed them than me. He died yesterday. I guess today’s my day to
in panic) gave them away. They met the same fate as the die.
others. “I ain’t scared, but you’d better get going. This place
Treasure: Searching the bodies the PCs only find a few is diseased. If you see Jesse, tell her I’m sorry...Tell
blankets, boots, and sandals. The people fled so fast they her she was right and I was wrong, and it got them all
weren’t able to take their belongings. killed. Tell her...I’m...sorry...”
The Fee’Men carry amongst them six javelins and two
suits of leather armor. The Fee’Man collector also lies With that the man dies. In his delirious state he can’t tell the
draped over a sack filled with “tribute” taken from the people PCs who Jesse is or where they can find her.
of Douglas, which consists of 2d10 ReichMarks, 2d6 rounds Treasure: Once he is dead the PCs can search the man;
of 10-gauge ammunition, a corium lantern, and a stoppered he only has a hand axe, leather armor, one day of trail
gourd. Inside the gourd is a minty-smelling liquid (a total of rations, and an empty canteen.
five doses of fever potion [B&L] - see Adventure Appendix).

WHEATLAND (EL 6) Jesse is rightfully suspicious of the characters, and
The sky up ahead is darkened by a cloud of ugly black defensive of the women and children she’s taken it upon
smoke, and vultures can be seen soaring high overhead. herself to protect. She will answer most of the characters’
Thus you find it no surprise when the ruins of a small questions, including about hiding out to avoid the
town come into view. Doomriders, but has little knowledge of their whereabouts
Entering town you find only empty streets, flanked on or the composition of their forces. She observed one of
both sides by the cracked and wind-stripped remains the Doomriders (through a slat in a ventilation duct) as he
of old pre-Fall shops and storefronts. Armless and snooped around town; she describes him as a man clad in
headless mannequins stare lifelessly out through the strange “humming” metal armor (a Doomrider elite, clad
dust-caked windows as you walk past; not a sound in powered armor). He came close to finding them, but to
reaches your ears except for the crunch of your feet on their relief was recalled to his vehicle when the Doomriders
the cracked main street. started to move out.
Jesse is eager for news of the men who left town; though
The community of Wheatland appears to be completely initially angry with James, she is afraid for him and the
deserted, but in fact a group of women and children are others. If the PCs came across the remains of the menfolk
hiding out in town. (see Massacre) and tell Jesse about it, the women will
When word of the attack on Douglas reached here panic be devastated. Bringing them the bad news about their
began to break out, and the men and women gathered to husbands, brothers, and sons is significant, and should result
decide on a course of action. Two prominent townsfolk rose in a story award equal to an EL 6 encounter.
to the occasion, a brother and sister pair named James and Development: If the PCs ask who the little girl was
Jesse. James wanted to lead the townspeople out of town referring to as she ran (the “Wild West Girls”), Jesse and the
before the Doomriders arrived, hoping to slip past them other women feign ignorance, pretending it was just a child’s
and hide out on the prairie. Jesse considered his idea but, imagination. A Sense Motive check against her Bluff of +8
never being one to hide her opinion, told James they would gets the PCs to realize she is hiding something, but whoever
be sitting ducks out in the open. Not only that, many of the these “Wild West Girls” are, none of the women will say,
children and elderly would be unable to keep up. She came even if forcefully interrogated...
up with the idea of hiding in town using the crawlspaces and The Wild West Girls, a new “faction” of Wyoming, are
attics of the old stores; if they were quiet, and stayed out of detailed further in the next part of this series, Overthrow the
sight, the Doomriders might simply pass through. Overlords. For now the surviving inhabitants of Wheatland
The debate quickly got ugly and ended with James and will protect these legendary womens’ identities, and thus the
the men of the village leaving with as many horses as they PCs will be able to learn nothing more about them.
could take, and Jesse leading the women and children into
the crawlspaces. WHIRLYBIRD (EL 0)
The Doomriders drove through town just a few days ago. Up ahead a small cluster of tall grass and vegetation
They stopped to search for supplies, but failed to discover breaks up the monotony of the open plains.
the women hiding just down the street. After only fifteen
minutes the vehicle-mounted army was gone. The women This looks like just another spot of wild vegetation on the
have been hiding ever since, though, as they are too afraid plains, but in fact the elevated clump of grass conceals a
to come out and risk being seen. They have no idea what very bizarre find. If the PCs enter the tall grass and search
happened to James and the other men (see Massacre). they soon stumble upon a vehicle almost perfectly concealed
GM’s Note: While the PCs are in town, allow a single by the localized terrain.
Spot check (DC 17) to notice a youngster (perhaps 7 or 8 The craft is an antique Pitcairn AC-35 enclosed autogyro,
years old) peeking around a corner, armed with a shiny cap with its rotors swung back and the entire craft covered in
gun, and wearing a silver sheriff’s badge. If the PCs pursue a camouflage net. The vehicle is flat green, and bears only
the child she shoots in their direction before running away, four letters on the tail “RCAF”. It appears to be locked up
yelling back at them “You’ll never get us! The Wild West tight (Disable Device DC 20 to unlock).
Girls will save us!”. The kid, against Jesse’s strict orders, GM’s Note: The autogyro is laden with special long-
is out “investigating”, and thinks this is just a game. She’s range fuel tanks, and in fact was flown here from Canada.
not very fast, and leads the characters into an old dress shop The autogyro flew here with a single operative on board,
- and right to the women’s hiding place. who landed the craft here and took great pains to conceal
When the characters catch up the women will all be it. The autogyro is undefended, but the PCs will be unable
terrified, but quick diplomacy (no check needed) will get to operate it as it is missing some vital engine components
the women to calm down and convince them that the party (which apparently were removed deliberately).
members are not, in fact, Doomriders. Sooner or later a For more on this operative and his goals, see the final
charismatic young woman steps forward and identifies adventure in this series, Halidom.
herself as “Jesse” - and states that if they have any business Treasure: The autogyro itself is empty except for
with the people of Wheatland, that they must talk to her. three old maps, of the United States, Mexico, and Canada

respectively (worth 200 cp each). None of the maps has any
additional markings on them, so there is no way to determine The small city of Lusk was directly in the path of the
where exactly the aircraft came from (though the “RCAF” Doomriders as they moved south from Halidom and across
on the ‘gyro’s tail should be a clue). Also in the autogyro is the plains (towards Barter Town). Only a small tribe of
a cannister of fresh drinking water (one gallon), two ready people lived here, on the outskirts of town, and their fragile
meals (macaroni & cheese, flax porridge, and timbits), community was destroyed in a lightning attack.
a flaregun with three flares, a fire extinguisher, and two Now living among the ruins of the plains town is a single
WWII-era clips of 9mm ammunition (64). The fuel bladders survivor, a native of the village who hid beneath an oxcart
contain the equivalent of 20 tanks of jet juice. when the Doomriders struck. Too terrified to emerge
If the PCs manage to repair the autogyro (which will from his hiding place, he witnessed his entire community
require them to eventually find the missing engine parts) it slaughtered like animals. The scene has driven him insane,
should be treated as a light helicopter. especially the sight and sounds of his own children being
impaled on the Doomwheel. What’s worse, he was the
town’s chief...
CARNAGES (EL 7) The man now dwells near the edge of town, having
The tranquil scenery is broken by the sight of several built himself a small “throne” at the foot of a large rusting
dead men strewn out in the open of this vast prairie. Doomwheel left by the Doomriders. Dead bodies lie all
A few large mutant canines move about the field of around, having been picked to the bone by vultures. The
corpses, their blood red eyes warily narrowing on you man sits in this chair brooding virtually all day long, his
as they continue to feed on the dead. beard growing unkempt and his skin cold and clammy from
the rain. The PCs might even mistake him for a corpse, if it
The dead bodies in this hex belonged to a small group weren’t for the fact that when the PCs arrive his eyes follow
of travelers who were moving through the area when the their every movement.
Doomriders came upon them. They were massacred to the The man will not answer any questions, and will simply
last. Most of the corpses show signs of being “disrupted” watch the PCs from behind his tangle of wet, matted hair.
(i.e. shaken apart by focused sonic energy); a few have Eventually he croaks a single demand: pay homage to him
injuries reflective of close-combat fighting against powered or die. If the PCs ask how, he merely repeats his demand
melee weapons. None of the bodies have anything of value and grips the sword at his side. If they refuse, or walk away,
to the PCs, as they had been thoroughly searched after being he attacks.
killed. The man is totally crazy, so any “homage” will do -
A number of large carnages are currently scavenging from kneeling, bowing, placing money at the foot of his throne,
the dead. This particular group has grown big and strong singing his praise, etc. Once this is done he relaxes his grip
due to the recent campaign of the Doomriders. on his weapon, but remains silent; he will answer no queries.
The carnages will watch the party warily but will only act Crazy Chief: 65 (see below).
if the party disturbs the corpses of the dead men, at which GM’s Note: The man will begin combat by drawing his
point they will attack thinking the PCs are competitors for sword and attacking whichever PC upsets him the most.
food. Note that the man is insane and has the Inured To Pain feat
Advanced Carnages (5): HP 30 (see below). (see Adventure Appendix), which gives him DR 2/-.
Development: If any of the characters happens to be a
Advanced Carnages: CR 3; Medium-size Mutated Animal; child (or appears “child-like”, such as might result from the
HD 4d8+12; HP 30; Mas 17; Init +1; Spd 40 ft.; Defense 12, Dwarfism mutation), the chief begins to quietly weep on
touch 11, flatfooted 11 (+1 Dex, +1 natural); BAB +3; Grap seeing that character. A few rounds later he pulls the sword
+5; Atk +5 melee (1d6+3, bite); Full Atk +5 melee (1d6+3, from his side and ritually cuts open his intestines (killing
bite); FS 5 ft. by 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.; SQ Scent, Sense Disease; himself), leaving the PCs to ponder what exactly happened
AL none; SV Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +1; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 15, here.
Dex 13, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6.
Skills: Jump +4, Listen +3, Spot +4, Survival +4 (+8 Crazy Chief (Mutant Dedicated Hero 4/Strong Hero 4/
when tracking by scent). Barbarian 2): CR 10; Medium-size humanoid; HD 4d6+8
Feats: None. plus 4d8+8 plus 2d12+4; HP 65; Mas 15; Init +5; Spd 35
ft; Defense 23, touch 18, flatfooted 22 (+0 size, +1 Dex, +7
LUSK (EL 10) class, +5 equipment); BAB +9; Grap +10; Atk +12 melee
The sky thunders, and rain begins to fall. A small (1d8+3, mastercraft longsword +1), or +10 ranged (2d8, zip
smudge of gray and brown sits along the roadway gun); Full Atk +12/+7 melee (1d8+3, mastercraft longsword
ahead, apparently a pre-Fall town or settlement. +1), or +10/+5 ranged (2d8, zip gun); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach
As you approach, you spy a few large black vultures 5 ft; SQ medical incompatibility, DR 2/-; AL none; SV Fort
watching you from the cover of an old storefront, sitting +8, Ref +5, Will +4; AP 5; Rep +2; Str 13, Dex 13, Con 15,
just out of the rain. You have a bad feeling about this... Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 13.

Occupation: Herdsman (Handle Animal, Survival). MISSILE SILO
Background: Tribal (Hide). This area once comprised a vast military reservation spread
Mutations and Defects: Increased Movement. out across eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska, part of
Skills: Bluff +3, Disguise +3, Hide +13, Intimidate +7, a complex network of inter-continental ballistic missile silos
Knowledge (Current Events) +4, Listen +8, Sense Motive under the command of the 90th Space Wing (operating out of
+6, Spot +8, Survival +11. Francis E. Warren Air Base). Most of these silos expended
Feats: Alertness, Archaic Weapons Proficiency, their missiles during the nuclear exchange of the Fall; those
Deceptive, Improved Initiative, Insane [HDM], Inured that didn’t were destroyed by a wave of foreign warheads
To Pain [HDM], Personal Firearms Proficiency, Primitive saturating whatever threat was left. The devastation left all
Technology, Remove Defect, Simple Weapons Proficiency, of the silos dead and empty shells, and seeded the area with
Track, Weapon Focus (longsword). high levels of radiation.
Talents (Dedicated Hero): Empathy, Intuition. One ancient missile silo is located in this hex, and PCs
Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee passing near it may have a chance to discover and explore
Smash. its ruins. Unfortunately the entire hex is considered Highly
Talents (Barbarian): Rage 1/day, Junk Armor. irradiated, so if the party plans on exploring the silo they will
Possessions: Mastercraft longsword +1 (bonus to attack), need to be prepared.
metal junk armor, Zip gun (.50AE), one juju potion (1d4+4).
TORRINGTON (EL 10) An area roughly one mile in diameter appears to be
In the distance you see an ugly mark on the grass stripped of all vegetation, leaving only broken ground,
plains, the remains of a small industrial town along a weirdly-deformed rocks, and boulders that appear to
long stretch of overgrown railroad tracks. A few rusted have been burned to a glass-like finish. Towards the
steel towers rise over the abandoned streets; two or center of this devastated area lies a cluster of rocks,
three deserted railcars lie empty on the tracks. which conceals a gaping black abyss that descends into
No one calls out as you approach the edge of town, darkness below.
but an acidic smell reaches your nostrils and stays with
you as you explore the area. Eventually you come to a The enormous hole is roughly 30 ft. by 30 ft. and is quite
small factory yard near the center of town, but it, too irregular. Once it comprised the main silo hatch for the
appears empty. ICBM, but collapsed rock and encroaching sands have
Rusted oil drums lie all over the dingy yard, where obscured its original dimensions. It now looks like a
huge puddles of oily water have collected on the uneven “natural” rift.
ground. Just when you were convinced this place was GM’s Note: There are enough rocks and boulders here
deserted, however, a shifting sound, followed by a to allow the PCs to secure a rope or grappling hook for
distorted “borble-pop”, signals the arrival of some descending into the silo below.
bizarre creature... Development: Any noise from this area will attract the
attention of the advanced rad wolves at area M2, who will
Unless the characters retreat quickly down a side street (and emerge to attack the party.
out of town), a huge blob of highly-reflective, animate ooze
slithers out from one of the pools of chemical waste. It is the M2. RAD WOLF CAVE (EL 11)
sole inhabitant of the town, which has remained abandoned A huge pile of boulders close to the gaping entrance
since the time of the Fall. The creature is a mirror ooze to the old silo appears to have a small “cave” in it.
[REW], and it will creep towards the party in a single-
minded effort to consume them. If it is damaged to below 40 A pack of powerful rad wolves lives in this cave, only
hit points it will attempt to flee back into the reflective, oily leaving to hunt other mutated animals in the nearby plains.
waters from which it came. If they are disturbed (or if they sense the PCs near the
Advanced Mirror Ooze (1): HP 134 (see below). entrance to their cave) they will move to attack.
Advanced Rad Wolves (4): HP 76 (see below).
Advanced Mirror Ooze: CR 10; Huge ooze; HD
12d10+68; HP 134; Mas -; Init -2; Spd 20 ft, swim 20 ft; Advanced Rad Wolves: CR 7; Large animal; HD 9d8+36;
Defense 6, touch 6, flatfooted 6 (-2 size, -2 Dex); BAB +9; HP 76; Mas 15; Init +0; Spd 50 ft; Defense 15, touch 9,
Grap +24; Atk +16 melee (2d6+9 plus 1d4 acid, slam); Full flatfooted 14 (-1 size, +6 natural); BAB +6; Grap +17; Atk
Atk +16 melee (2d6+9 plus 1d4 acid, slam); FS 15 ft by 15 +12 melee (1d8+8, bite); Full Atk +12 melee (1d8+8, bite);
ft; Reach 10 ft; SQ acid, blindsight, ooze, reflective, sonic FS 10 ft by 10 ft; Reach 10 ft; SQ immunities, irradiated,
immunity; AL none; SV Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +4; AP 0; Rep trip; AL none; SV Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +4; AP 0; Rep +0;
+0; Str 29, Dex 7, Con 18, Int -, Wis 14, Cha 3. Str 24, Dex 10, Con 19, Int 5, Wis 12, Cha 6.
Skills: Hide -10.
Feats: None.


Skills: Listen +5, Move Silently +3, Spot +5, environment (a biproduct of the Fall), and is unusually warm
Survival +5 (+9 when tracking by scent). to the touch. This radiation permeates all of the water in the
M3. LEDGE (EL 0) GM’s Note: To proceed further into the complex the
Descending into the darkness your lights reveal a characters must swim. This should pose a number of
narrow stony ledge that rises just above the waters of an logistical problems, since they probably aren’t prepared for
underground pool. an underwater exploration. Further complicating the matter
is that the PCs may be relying on NBC suits to avoid the
The ledge itself lies 40 ft. below the entrance to the cave radiation, and NBC suits are certainly not ideal for scuba
- just within reach of the typical rope a well-prepared group diving.
will likely carry. PCs failing their Climb check by more However the PCs decide to proceed (if at all), they’ll
than 5 may fall into the pool (area M4) , but can easily need light sources to see underwater, as well as the ability
drop into the water to avoid taking damage. If they do fall to breathe underwater and reduce the threat of radiation.
into the pool, however, note that the waters are Moderately Light rods and corium lanterns will work underwater,
irradiated. and an advanced breathing apparatus (or simply holding
The ledge is the only place for the PCs to touch ground their breaths) might help them swim. As for radiation, if
in the silo shaft itself; the rest of it is completely flooded. they’ve discarded their suits they must rely on rad-purge or
Although it shifts under their weight, the small rocky ledge potassium iodide tablets to help them survive.
will support the entire party and their gear. As a final consideration, most weapons will not operate
underwater, including most modern-era firearms and
M4. POOL (EL 0) electronic devices (including most advanced weapons,
The waters of this unnatural pool are dead calm. energy shields, and other gizmos)!
From what you can see the dark waters fill the entire
shaft from this point on, and must be extremely deep. M5. FLOODED LEVEL (EL 10)
[This level lies 30 ft. beneath the surface of the waters
The “pool” was created by water penetrating the complex above. Since most PCs travel at half speed swimming (as
from the surrounding bedrock, and over the years has almost a full-round action), it should take them two rounds to get
completely flooded the old missile silo. The water itself is to this level, plus another two to get back to the surface - an
also Moderately irradiated due to radioactive elements in the important consideration if they’re holding their breath]


Since most of this adventure location is flooded, a special appendix has been set up to outline underwater combat
(see Appendix: Underwater Combat). Area M4 also offers some suggests as to what will (and what won’t) work
underwater. Finally, you should also refresh yourself on the rules for swimming and drowning; see page 74 of d20
Modern for rules on Swimming, and page 213 for rules on Drowning.
Also note that some of the ELs listed for encounters in the flooded sections of the silo have been increased to reflect
the fact that the PCs will be operating at a disadvantage against their opponents.

Swimming downwards the last remnants of light This old maintenance room suffered from catastrophic
from the surface diminish, and you feel strangely seismic damage when the area was hit during the nuclear
isolated in this deep, man-made shaft. But your lights war. It appears empty.
weakly illuminate a submerged ledge, and two tunnels Treasure: Most of the tools scattered about the room are
stretching off in opposite directions. Both tunnels are too rusted and ruined to be salvaged, but a Search check (DC
pitch dark. 18, full-round action) of the lockers will find one that is still
jammed shut. A Strength check (DC 18, full-round action)
Two advanced blindworms inhabit this level of the silo. will force it open, revealing its contents: a multipurpose tool
Their positions are marked “a” and “b” on the map. The and two light rods.
two monstrous brown worms will slither out of these side
passages to attack the PCs one round after the party swims M7. SILO BOTTOM (EL 0)
down to this level. They will try to attack the PCs while they [This level lies 60 ft. beneath the surface of the waters
are still in the central shaft, as they are superior swimmers, above, i.e. 30 ft. below area M5. It should take the PCs
allowing them to move to prevent the PCs from fleeing to two rounds to get to this level from area M5, and a full four
the surface by swimming over the group and attacking from rounds to reach the surface]
The blindworms receive a +9 bonus to their Hide checks Your lights reveal what appears to be the bottom of
since they are underwater; it is quite possible they will take the silo. Bits of debris lie scattered across the bottom,
the PCs by surprise. Because the PCs will be at a significant from miscellaneous rubble to rusted metal scaffolding,
disadvantage in this encounter, the EL is increased to 10. metal tubing, and encrusted electronic equipment and
Mutated Advanced Blindworms (2): HP 112. machinery. Powdery sediment covers everything, and is
slightly disturbed when you swim past. A tunnel against
Mutated [BNB] Advanced Blindworm: CR 7; Large the east wall leads off into darkness.
Mutant Beast; HD 8d10+32; HP 112; Mas 18; Init +1;
Spd 10 ft, swim 15 ft, burrow 5 ft; Defense 19, touch 10, This is the bottom of the silo, and marks the deepest point
flatfooted 18 (-1 size, +1 Dex, +9 natural); BAB +8; Grap in the complex. The silo bottom is empty, but the PCs may
+17; Atk +13 melee (2d6+7, bite); Full Atk +13 melee attempt to search anyway (each attempt is a full-round
(2d6+7, bite); FS 10 ft by 10 ft; Reach 10 ft; SQ blindsight; action; keep track, since the PCs may start running out of
AL none; SV Fort +10, Ref +7, Will +1; AP 0; Rep +0; Str oxygen).
20, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 3, Wis 8, Cha 3.
Mutations and Defects: Radiation Immunity, Sensitivity M8. LADDER SHAFT A (EL 0)
(Acid). [This shaft lies 40 ft. from area M7. It should take the PCs
Skills: Hide +1 (+9 in water or junk), Listen +3, Spot +3. three rounds to reach this spot]
Feats: Alertness.
The five ladder shafts (areas M8, M9, M10, M11, and M12)
M6. MAINTENANCE (EL 0) once provided access to different parts of the old silo, but
[This chamber lies down a 30 ft. tunnel leading from area most have collapsed and no longer go anywhere. This is one
M5. It should take the PCs two rounds to get here - and of them.
another two to get back to area M5]
Your lights have led you down a flooded tunnel, in [This shaft lies 30 ft. from area M8. It should take the PCs
which dirt and ancient debris still floats in the greenish two rounds to reach this spot]
waters. You finally enter a small, partially-collapsed
room. Old tools lie scattered about the ground, covered Like area M8 this shaft collapsed under the strain of the
in orange rust, and a bank of lockers lie pitted and nuclear impacts that saturated the region during the Fall.
corroded nearby. The shaft is blocked by impassable rubble.

This shaft appears empty, and the remnants of a
M10. LADDER SHAFT C (EL 12) disintegrated metal ladder lie strewn about the shaft
[This shaft lies 20 ft. from area M9. It should take the PCs floor. At the top of the shaft is a metal ceiling with a
two rounds to reach this spot] secure metal hatch, both badly rusted.

A large shaft leads upwards at this point, but you are The shaft here is identical to the shaft at area M10, but the
surprised to see it hasn’t collapsed. Instead, the shaft ladder providing access to the hatch (and the level above) is
terminates at a rusted metal ceiling, against which a no longer usable.
closed hatch sits securely. A ladder runs the height of
the wall. M12. LADDER SHAFT E (EL 0)
Sediment that has settled on the bottom of the shaft [This shaft lies 30 ft. from area M11. It should take the PCs
suddenly kicks up in a blinding cloud. Something is two rounds to reach this spot]
down here with you!
A shaft leads up to a metal ceiling overhead. A rusted
This shaft is the home of a huge advanced blindworm, which hatch is barely discernable against the rusted ceiling.
sits obscured by the sediment on the floor. When the PCs
enter it kicks up the sediment creating a blinding cloud 30 As with the shaft at area M10, the PCs will have to smash
feet high by 30 feet wide by 30 feet long as a free action this hatch open. However, doing so causes the chamber
- filling the whole room. The cloud of dirt provides total above area M14 to start flooding.
concealment; i.e. creatures within the affected area suffer the
effects of total darkness. M13. HABITAT (EL 0)
The blindworm is unaffected of course (it has blindsight), Though this area had been kept airtight by the sealed
and will move to attack the PCs while they are unable to hatches, water is already sweeping through the room,
effectively defend themselves. exploding from the shaft you just entered through. A few
Because the PCs will be at a significant disadvantage in pieces of furniture are picked up by the rising water and
this encounter, the EL is increased to 12. crash against the far wall. The thundering crash of the
Mutated Huge Advanced Blindworm (1): HP 180 (see water is all you can hear.
This was a small off-duty rec room for the personnel who
Mutated [BNB] Huge Advanced Blindworm: CR 11; manned the silo on 24 hour shifts. It featured a small couch,
Huge Mutant Beast; HD 12d10+60; HP 180; Mas 25; Init a table for meals, a ping-pong table, and a television set, as
+0; Spd 10 ft, swim 15 ft, burrow 5 ft; Defense 20, touch well as a small kitchenette.
8, flatfooted 20 (-2 size, +12 natural); BAB +12; Grap +29; GM’s Note: The PCs have two minutes (20 rounds) to
Atk +19 melee (2d8+13, bite); Full Atk +19 melee (2d8+13, search this room before it completely floods. If they are out
bite); FS 15 ft by 15 ft; Reach 10 ft; SQ blindsight; AL none; of breath they can breathe the air here, but it proves to be
SV Fort +14, Ref +8, Will +3; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 28, Dex 10, extremely stale (Fort save DC 23 to avoid being shaken, a
Con 22, Int 3, Wis 8, Cha 3. condition that will last until that PC can get fresh air).
Mutations and Defects: Radiation Immunity, Sensitivity Treasure: A Search (DC 18) will net the PCs some minor
(Acid). items including 1d8 ready-meals, a cigarette lighter, and 1d3
Skills: Hide +1 (+9 in water or junk), Listen +4, Spot +4. pieces of HEVE candy.
Feats: Alertness, Increased Damage Threshold, Power
Attack. M14. COMMAND CENTER (EL 6)
Water rushes through the hatch you just came
GM’s Note: Once the PCs deal with the huge advanced through, sweeping metal debris and other rubble with
blindworm they can swim to the top of the shaft and it. You find yourselves in a small control room of some
investigate the hatch. The hatch is rusted shut, so they’ll sort, filled with enormous computers and machines, all
have to smash through it. When opened they find it leads covered in a sticky sort of rust. A slimy green substance
to area M13, but in opening the watertight hatch they also covers everything, and remains luminous even after you
allow the water of the complex to flood into the chamber turn your light sources away.
(since water finds its own level, once the watertight hatch
opens the water level will start rising rapidly, slowly filling One round after the party enters the room a creature steps out
area M13 in a matter of minutes). from behind a bank of computers and rubble. The creature
resembles a humanoid skeleton covered in a black tarry
M11. LADDER SHAFT D (EL 0) substance, and a luminous green slime (similar to the stuff
[This shaft lies 20 ft. from area M10. It should take the PCs seen sticking to everything in the room) drips from its vacant
two rounds to reach this spot] eye sockets, mouth, etc. The creature is in fact a night

terror, an ancient corpse found and inhabited by an animate oily, disintegrating uniform is a gold stage V access card.
form of ooze, which will direct its host body to attack the Unless the PCs specifically state they are
first intruder it senses. searching the room, they will leave behind the
The night terror is not a difficult creature for the PCs at plasma pistol partly buried in the rubble blocking the north
this level, but the danger it presents lies not so much in the part of the room. The plasma pistol has a full minifusion
damage it can do to them, but the damage it can do to their cell. Finding the pistol requires a Search check at DC 33.
equipment. The night terror’s threat is its acidic touch; since
this is a melee touch attack, it should be able to get a hold RACETRACK (EL 13)
of the first character’s NBC suit (or other protective device) As far as roads go Highway 26 (the highway running
rather easily and dissolve it with a single hit (Reflex save DC diagonally across the adventure map) is relatively clear.
19 or it is destroyed). If the PCs don’t kill it quickly, it may Over the years the Salvationists have scavenged most of the
go on to ruin any breathing apparatus they have brought, or vehicles abandoned on the highway or left to rust in deserted
even their weapons! farms and ranches within sight of it; various Doomrider
Night Terror (1): HP 30. cells, too, have taken anything else that might be of any use
GM’s Note: The characters have one minute (10 rounds) to their fleets of vehicles. Wanderers and traders were a
to fight the night terror and search the room before it rare sight on Highway 26 even before the resurgence of the
completely floods. If they are out of breath they can breathe Doomriders of Halidom, and now no one dares the open road
the air here, but it proves to be extremely stale (Fort save DC for fear of being caught by them. As a result, Highway 26 is
23 to avoid being shaken, a condition that will last until that desolate.
PC can get fresh air). Note that the night terror is not killed Recently, however, a small gang of bandits moved into
or diminished by water, so if it is still alive it will pursue the area through which the PCs just happen to be passing.
them underwater! Taking advantage of the diminished Salvation presence on
Treasure: The night terror wears the slimy remnants of the old interstate, they’ve decided it’s worth risking being
an old USAF uniform. Clipped to the breast pocket of the caught by the Doomriders to make a little bit of money.

They’ve heard the stories of the plague and seen the dead Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash.
bodies out on the plains, but times are desperate and these Talents (Raider): Chaps and Chains +1, Bloodthirsty
bandits have nothing left to lose. Cry, Chaps and Chains +2, Horrifying Kill.
The bandits occupy the dusty, abandoned remains of an Possessions: Tactical vest, chainsaw, sawed-off shotgun,
old stock car race track situated along one long stretch of thigh holster, 7 rounds of 12-gauge ammunition, sunglasses,
Highway 26. The race track dates back to the 1950s (old cigarettes, silver and turquoise cigarette lighter (200 cp),
faded signs from America’s “golden era” still decorate the canteen (full), three days of trail rations, bedroll, battle cycle,
stands and announcer’s booth), and not a whole lot of the three extra tanks of gasoline, day pack, ready syringe, four
original track and buildings remain - just enough for the doses of stimshot B.
raiders to hide their vehicles in and to keep out of the killing
sun during the day. Kingsley Kid: The young man known as the “Kingsley
Kid” was raised by motorcycle nomads and learned
THE BANDITS to ride at an early age. After his folks died he made a
The bandits originally numbered five individuals, but two living performing cycle tricks at places like Midway and
passed away from the plague after they spent a few days the temporary trade towns of the Forbidden Lands. He
scavenging dead bodies up and down Highway 26. Now developed a taste for booze early in life, and is now an
only three make up the “gang”, including Dean (the original alcoholic well before his prime. As hard times hit the ‘Kid
leader), a showy “trick motorcyclist” named the Kingsley migrated north hoping to find paying audiences in Wyoming,
Kid, and their mute but deadly companion, a destined [B&L] but instead hooked up with Dean and his gang. The ‘Kid
that they’ve nicknamed “Shade”. doesn’t have much of a taste for banditry, but will do
whatever it takes to survive.
Dean: Dean is a real motorcycle ganger, and though not
even the Kingsley Kid knows it, he was once a member Kingsley Kid (Mutant Fast Hero 2/Tough Hero 2/
of the Wastelords who was exiled for the murder of a Daredevil 4): CR 8; Medium-size humanoid; HD 2d8+2
commanding officer. Dean is a real cool customer, and plus 2d10+2 plus 4d10+4; HP 50; Mas 12; Init +3; Spd 30
has no ambition to be anything more than he is: a road ft; Defense 22, touch 22, flatfooted 19 (+0 size, +3 Dex, +9
bandit. Dean has shoulder-length brown hair and a stubbly class); BAB +4; Grap +4; Atk +4 melee (1d8, spiked club),
brown-and-gray beard, and a huge tattoo of a red skull on or +3 ranged (3d6, M79); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ
one shoulder. He wears dusty jeans, an old bulletproof vest, medical incompatibility, DR 1/- vs. bludgeoning; AL none;
mirror sunglasses, and cowboy boots. SV Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +0; AP 4; Rep +1; Str 11, Dex 16,
Though he’s grown fond of the ‘Kid, if Dean has a chance Con 12, Int 13, Wis 8, Cha 14.
during any losing battle to flee he will do so, with or without Occupation: Wanderer (Navigate, Ride).
the boy. Background: Radical (Drive).
Mutations and Defects: Skeletal Fortification, Cystic
Dean (Fast Hero 2/Strong Hero 2/Raider 6): CR 10; Fibrosis.
Medium-size humanoid; HD 2d8+4 plus 2d8+4 plus Skills: Balance +12, Concentration +7, Craft
6d10+12; HP 71; Mas 14; Init +1; Spd 25 ft; Defense (mechanical) +6, Drive +17, Jump +6, Navigate +6, Perform
28, touch 20, flatfooted 27 (+0 size, +1 Dex, +9 class, +8 +6, Pilot +5, Ride +9, Spot +3, Tumble +14.
equipment); BAB +9; Grap +11; Atk +12 melee (3d6+4, Feats: Acrobatic, Drive-By-Attack, Endurance, Mounted
chainsaw, two-handed), or +10 ranged (2d8, sawed-off Archery, Mounted Combat, Personal Firearms Proficiency,
shotgun); Full Atk +12/+7 melee (3d6+4, chainsaw, two- Post-Apocalyptic Technology, Primitive Technology, Simple
handed), or +10/+5 ranged (2d8, sawed-off shotgun); FS 5 ft Weapons Proficiency, Vehicle Dodge, Vehicle Expert.
by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ none; AL none; SV Fort +7, Ref +6, Talents (Fast Hero): Evasion.
Will +2; AP 5; Rep +2; Str 15, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 10, Wis Talents (Tough Hero): Second Wind.
10, Cha 12. Talents (Daredevil): Fearless, Nip Up, Action Boost
Occupation: Predator (Intimidate). (Daredevil).
Background: Radical (Drive). Possessions: M79, six 40mm fragmentation grenades,
Skills: Drive +15, Escape Artist +6, Hide +6, Intimidate spiked club, colorful jumpsuit, bottle of whiskey, battle
+15, Knowledge (Current Events) +2, Knowledge (Tactics) cycle (w/Kicker modification [RT]), one extra tank of jet
+2, Move Silently +6, Pilot +3, Ride +3, Survival +4. juice, canteen (full), three days of trail rations, bedroll, basic
Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Armor Proficiency mechanical toolkit.
(medium), Drive-By Attack, Exotic Melee Weapon
Proficiency (chainsaw), Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Shade: Shade is a member of the race known as the
Personal Firearms Proficiency, Post-Apocalyptic Technology, “destined” [B&L], a culture hunted to the brink of extinction
Power Attack, Primitive Technology, Simple Weapons by the shadow people. Shade had his tongue cut out by a
Proficiency, Vehicle Expert, Weapon Focus (chainsaw). particularly sadistic shadow people chief, but managed to
Talents (Fast Hero): Evasion. escape the destruction of his tribe. He wandered far north

hoping to regain his strength, but eventually turned to eating What happens assumes Dean and his men are able to use
rats just to survive. Dean found him and “recruited” him, Spot (or Listen) to hear the PCs coming. If they haven’t
offering him food, water, and spoils in exchange for his been detected the bandits will split up and hide among
amazing skills with two nunchaku. Shade has worked for the old Racetrack buildings, sniping from cover (possibly
Dean ever since, but he has no attachment whatsoever to allowing Shade to use his Called Shot class feature) to try
the gang. Dean and the ‘Kid both know this, and as a result and drive the party off. If one of them is killed, the others
neither trusts the eerie-eyed mute. will return to their cycles and try to drive away.
A map of the Racetrack is provided nearby as a general
Shade (Destined [B&L] Fast Hero 5/Survivalist 4): guideline for playing out the battle there.
CR 11; Medium-size Humanoid; HD 3d8+9 plus 5d8+15 On the Interstate: If the battle takes place on the
plus 4d10+12; HP 95; Mas 16; Init +2; Spd 30 ft; Defense Interstate, Dean and his men will start hidden among
21, touch 19, flatfooted 19 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +7 class, +2 the grasses; since it is dark, they have a good chance of
equipment); BAB +9; Grap +13; Atk +13 melee (1d6+4, remaining unseen. On the first round they start up their
nunchaku), or +11 ranged (2d10, 7.62mm pipe rifle); Full motorcycles (allowing the PCs to make Listen checks at
Atk +11/+11/+6 melee (1d6+4, 2 nunchaku), or +11/+6 DC 18 to avoid being taken by surprise), then ride right
ranged (2d10, 7.62mm pipe rifle); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 into the party, using Drive-By Attack to hit and run. The
ft; SQ Paralyzing Gaze, Poisonous Blood; AL none; SV Fort Kingsley Kid lays down grenades with his M79 to split the
+7, Ref +10, Will +4; AP 5; Rep +2; Str 18, Dex 14, Con 16, party up to make this easier. They continue to attack until
Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 6. the PCs are killed or flee, or if one of their number is taken
Skills: Climb +8, Drive +4, Hide +11, Listen +7, Move out. If they manage to drive the PCs off they take any dead
Silently +7, Navigate +14, Spot +7, Survival +15. party members back to the ‘track to loot; if they are the
Feats: Alertness, Armor Proficiency (light), Exotic Melee ones forced to flee, however, they will flee back to the dark
Weapon Proficiency, Exotic Melee Weapon Proficiency, Racetrack grounds, abandoning their cycles and making a
Personal Firearms Proficiency, Quick Draw, Stealthy, Track, game of cat-and-mouse among the old bleachers and stands.
Two-Weapon Fighting.
Talents (Fast Hero): Evasion, Uncanny Dodge 1, INTERROGATION
Defensive Roll. The bandits at the racetrack aren’t members of the
Talents (Survivalist): Called Shot +1d6, Way of the Doomriders, and have none of the fanaticism of that cult.
Land, Hunter. As a result, if the PCs manage to capture them they may get
Possessions: Two nunchaku, 7.62mm pipe rifle, 13 a chance to interrogate their captives to learn information
rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, leather armor, canteen (full), on what’s been going on. Both Dean and the Kingsley Kid
three days of trail rations, bedroll, battle cycle, two extra are good for information; only Shade, who has remained
tanks of gasoline, one juju potion (1d4+2). detached during his brief stint with the raiders, knows
nothing of use to the PCs.
FIGHTING THE BANDITS Depending on the results of their Intimidate check, consult
Dean, the Kinglsey Kid, and Shade will attack the PCs, but the chart below to see what the PCs can learn.
when and where depends on the circumstances. If the PCs
travel along Highway 26 during the day, there is a good
chance Dean and his men will be weathering the heat at the DC 13 The bandits have only been here for a week or so,
Racetrack - thus, the PCs won’t be attacked on the open and have been laying low due to recent sightings
road, and if they wander off to investigate the signs leading of the Doomriders. They started out by picking
to the ‘track, may in fact take the bandits by surprise as they only on unarmed passerby, but haven’t seen
camp. anyone in days.
At dusk, and all through the night, Dean and his bandits DC 16 The bandits have seen lots of dead bodies on the
will not be at the ‘track, but will instead be hidden among roads, the victims of the recent Doomrider raid,
the tall grasses flanking the highway. If and when they spot and have noticed signs of disease. They plan on
the PCs coming down the interstate they will start up their getting out of here in a few days - they won’t be
motorcycles and ride out to attack. back.
At the Racetrack: A number of old roadsigns up and DC 20 The bandits know the Doomriders recently moved
down Highway 26 point out the Racetrack, and neither Dean south to attack Barter Town, but recently returned
nor his men thought to tear these down. As a result, the PCs and “went north” again. They have no idea where
will know a racetrack exists in the area, and may check it the secret hideout of the Doomriders is located.
out. During the day, Dean and his men will be resting in
the shade beneath the Grandstands (see map), and won’t be DC 24 The bandits heard a rumor that the Doomriders
prepared for the attack. attacked Cheyenne, but withdrew soon after.

DC 28 The bandits heard the Fee’Men have locked CHEYENNE
themselves up in Casper and are refusing Read or paraphrase the following as
to emerge from their fortress to fight the Cheyenne comes into view for the first
Doomriders. The bandits laugh at this, since they time:
think it’s ironic that Wyoming’s self-proclaimed
“defenders” - the Fee’Men - are too afraid to What must be the city of Cheyenne
come out and fight! finally comes into view. Nestled at the
foot of a low mountain range, the city sprawls like an
enormous brown and gray carpet, but despite its size is
DEAD PATROL (EL 0) entirely dwarfed by the lush green plains that stretch off
Along the old highway you see an armored car lying on its to the furthest horizon. The sun breaks through distant
side, burned up from a catastrophic crash. clouds, creating golden pools of light on distant parts of
the prairie, but none of it seems to touch the city itself;
The characters have stumbled upon a strange vehicle instead, thin plumes of smoke cast ominous shadows
abandoned along the road, some kind of armored “scout over Cheyenne.
car”. Several dead bodies lie nearby, apparently cut down in
a heated firefight. The bodies are all of men, wearing long The small city of Cheyenne was targeted by nuclear strikes
trenchcoats and dusty WWII German helmets. A Salvation mostly due to it being home to the headquarters of the 20th
symbol (in this case a red hand-painted swastika) features Air Force, as well as the 90th Space Wing. Operating out of
prominently on the side of the vehicle. Francis E. Warren Air Base, the 90th Space Wing at one time
The dead men have no weapons, ammo, food or water, and coordinated the 319th, 320th, and 321st Missile Squadrons
the radio inside their vehicle has been physically destroyed. (combined they controlled 150 Minuteman III missiles). If it
The vehicle’s fuel has been siphoned off, leaving it empty. weren’t for the significant nuclear threat, the city might have
GM’s Note: The party has come across the remains of a escaped destruction; instead, it was a major target.
Salvation scouting force sent out to follow the Doomriders During the Fall, the primary effort of federal disaster
after Cheyenne was attacked. They were discovered by workers was aimed at re-opening the energy resources in and
the Doomriders as they trailed behind the army and were around Casper, and when that city became cut off due to the
butchered before they could get away. There’s nothing disintegration of law and order, Cheyenne was essentially
the PCs can do for the dead men, but if they eventually left to its own devices. Since most of the city was destroyed
pass word of what they found here in Cheyenne the in the nuclear attacks, it was actually a low priority in the
Salvationists will be solemnly grateful. At your discretion grand scheme of the war effort, and though thousands were
the Salvationists may offer the PCs a small reward for the left homeless, hungry, and sick from radiation and burns,
information (anywhere from 25 to 50 ReichMarks). little help was forthcoming.
When it began to be clear that federal resources were
going to be squandered elsewhere before any aid would be
SWARM (EL 0) directed at Cheyenne, a little-known group from the rural
As you press onwards towards the foot of the area outside of Cheyenne decided to step in. Or, to be more
mountains, you hear a sudden rustling sound in the precise, the catastrophe of the Fall was like an answer to
tall grass, coming from the west. In moments the grass their prayers.
erupts with hundreds and hundreds of ugly black, gray, Entering into the vaccuum left after the last federals
and brown rats, which swarm past and through your abandoned the city, a group from the International
midst. The animals don’t attack, but instead surge National Socialist Party (little more than a Wyoming white
eastwards and out into the plains. supremacist militia) literally marched into the ruins of
Cheyenne with all the fanfare of a military parade. Though
These rats escaped from the Salvation meat packing plant they claimed to have come to help the people of Cheyenne,
in Cheyenne and as such are not in fact diseased. The initially they were met skeptically and with some ridicule
characters won’t know this, of course, and may try to destroy - and protest. But what first began as an almost comical
the swarm thinking they are combating the plague. trickle of a few white supremacist groups quickly grew into
If the PCs don’t intervene, after a few minutes the entire a flood; drawing on shaky alliances with other supremacist
swarm moves away and disappears from view among the groups lying outside of the nuclear devastation (including
grasses of the plains. cells in rural Colorado and Nebraska, who journeyed in
truck convoys and even by foot to get there), the militia
recruited vast numbers of young Neo-Nazis and members of
other like-minded groups (such as the National Vanguard,
National Alliance, and the Christian Identity) to their cause.
Disorganized at first, something in the sudden changes of

the Fall instilled in many of these radical groups a sense that Cheyenne was to become the model capital of their new,
now was “their time”. As word leaked out that Cheyenne white, Christian nation.
needed help, most realized that by coming to the city’s aid In terms of the cities of the Twisted Earth, Cheyenne is a
they were legitimizing their movements in the public eye. major center of population, with just over 5,000 inhabitants.
They came at first with food, water, and medicine for But it is also a city with a decidedly unique character, the
the sick and starving of Cheyenne, but they also brought center of an aberrant community called the “Salvation”.
with them trucks, guns, and practiced goose-steps. In the With origins among the racist militias of the pre-Fall world,
early hours the arrival of the INSP and its allies met with the Salvation took over the city after the Fall and once hoped
protests and even outright attacks by enraged minority to make it their staging point for the creation of a greater
groups, but in less than a week the militias were able to take “white Aryan nation”. Instead they slipped into a slow
relatively peaceful control of the city. Declaring themselves decline, absorbing perhaps too much of their beloved “Aryan
as “emergency custodians” until federal authority could culture” over the years. Since the Fall the Salvation has
again be imposed, they set up a junta-like government and managed to keep a firm grip on the city, and in the process
began administering to the city. Most of the city’s surviving its people have developed a violent mentality that is directly
minority communities fled in the the first few weeks, looting modeled on the bloody history of Nazism.
what they could before heading out on the barren highways, When the characters come to Cheyenne it should be both
hoping to find safety - and sanity - anywhere but in a surprise and an enigma; there is evidence here that the
Wyoming. The militias were stretched too thin to stop them, original founders had less than admirable ideas in store for
and besides, they didn’t really want them around anyway. the region (i.e. conquest), but now, far in the future, the
Of course, not all of these supremacist groups were far- Salvationists are merely trying to survive like everyone else.
sighted enough to realize that the United States was done But controlling the largest city in the area, the Salvationists
for, or that for the time being at least it was every man stand the best chance of helping the PCs out on their live-
for himself. But the INSP did, and with this in mind they saving (and life-taking) mission.
recognized that their idea of a white-only region could now
be achieved in the absence of government authority; their Cheyenne (Degenerate): Ruins (above ground); Population
ultimate goal was actually within reach. It wasn’t long 5,000 (Mixed Human and Eugenic Surrogate), combatants
before the INSP began to take control of the new arrivals, 1,600, fertile 3,300; 48,000 cp limit; Assets 192,000 cp
and through either tact, diplomacy, bribery, or outright (Electrical Generation, Expert Juju Doctors, Water Source).
violence organized them all into one governing body: the Social Structure: Single Strong Ruler w/ Advisors.
Salvation (a term derived from their efforts to “save” the Tolerance Level: Trade only outside community.
people of Cheyenne from the chaos of the war). And

After establishing themselves in Cheyenne, over years the early Salvationists attempted to breed a “pure” race free
of mutation, but these efforts were to prove disastrous - a combination of thinking that was both too naive and too
ambitious, and technical prowess that was too primitive and too crude. Like their repugnant ancestors, the Salvation
dreamed of breeding a whole generation of happy, blond-haired, blue-eyed children that fit the Aryan ideal. Instead,
many of the early experiments were monstrosities that had to be destroyed. Eventually the scientists got it right - but
a strange phenomenon appeared that defied explanation: dopplegangers. Many of the children of these eugenics
experiments were born as twins, triplets, or quadruplets. All blond, blue-eyed, and uncannily identical in appearance.
Though most rejoiced at their healthy children, soon it became clear that what the experiments had done had simply
robbed the Salvation’s future citizens of their individuality. Not only physically, but mentally as well. Certain aptitudes
cropped up consistently, but at the same time so did deficiencies. Eventually the experiments ceased, but since the
survivors of these tests went on to have families themselves, many children continue to be born with striking similarities
to one another.

Making A Salvationist Character

With the GM’s permission future characters can be from the Salvation. Most Salvationists are pureblood humans of
a Degenerate or Visionary Reinventor background. At your option Salvation characters may be of the Eugenic race
instead, following all of the rules for eugenic surrogates (as presented in The Foundationists) except as noted below.
A Salvation eugenic will be from a Degenerate or Visionary Reinventor background. She receives the Post-
Apocalyptic Technology feat for free, and up to two eugenic feats, one of which must be Doppleganger (see Adventure
Appendix). Their choice of remaining eugenic feats is limited to Empathic Twin, Freakish Size (see Adventure
Appendix), Enhanced Mental Faculties, and Enhanced Physical Performance. However, unlike the standard eugenic
surrogate, a Salvation eugenic does not have to roll for medical incompatability when taking ancient medicines.


spreading out of control in the narrow and winding streets of

WHAT’S GOING ON NOW the city. It didn’t take long for those in power to realize the
The Salvationists heard about the Doomriders sweeping pathetic Doomrider attack was just a ruse to get the disease
down from the north and were already preparing their to do the Doomriders’ dirty work; if they couldn’t find a cure
defenses for an attack when the first Doomriders appeared soon, the whole city would be wiped out.
on the plains to the east. A small force, perhaps only a score Just when things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse,
strong, nonetheless came like a swarm of angry bees at the huge mutant “death squads” began appearing all over the
city of Cheyenne, apparently in a mad dash to assault the city, attacking vital government installations. No one knew
front gates. Though caught by surprise the Salvationists where they came from, or who they served, and with their
were able to mount an effective defense, and stopped the resources already spread thin the Salvation government
raving Doomriders just a few dozen yards from outside the collapsed. These mutant “ubermen” have slowly been taking
walls. over the city, district by district, and driving the diseased and
Breathing a sigh of relief, many of the Salvation citizens beleagured citizens into hiding.
thought the danger was over, and prepared to return to their A madman, calling himself “Dr. Geisteskranke”, is behind
chores. The military began sifting through the wreckage of the sudden and unexpected takeover of Cheyenne. A genetic
the Doomrider force, and even started bringing their dead scientist formerly employed by the Salvation in their past
into the city to burn them. It wasn’t long before the first attempts at creating a eugenically-bred race of pure people,
signs of plague began to spring up in the ragpickers sent when these early experiments failed catastrophically the
to carry the dead, as well as the soldiers who had fought doctor was essentially put out to pasture. Growing old and
the Doomriders at the gates. Before the Salvation city bitter, the doctor retreated into the city’s old abandoned
government could get a handle on the disease, it was already cathedral and instead started fomenting a plan of revenge.


Corium pieces have no value in Cheyenne; instead, the Salvation prints their own money on low-grade mint paper
produced in the city. These “ReichMarks” are gray or black bills, and are the official “currency” of the Salvation.
Though not widely seen outside of Cheyenne, they are prized by wanderers and traders because they are useful when
trading with the Salvationists.
Though the ReichMark is the official currency, ironically most people in Cheyenne rely on ration cards for survival
and for barter. Ration cards are issued by the Salvationists to each registered citizen, and can be exchanged for one meal
at government soup kitchens set up near work camps, factories, and other settled areas within the city. The diet of most
Salvationists consists of red cabbage, rattewurst (sausages made from rat meat), and more importantly, government-
manufactured beer, and as a result ration cards are highly prized. They are also often traded, and serve as an unofficial
form of currency with the rowdy masses.

For years Dr. Geisteskranke has continued his research, 1. REFUGEE CAMP (EL 0)
but instead of breeding a “master race”, he has changed his Lying within sight of the outer walls of Cheyenne is
aims somewhat, working on perfecting a eugenic “super- a rough-and-tumble settlement of tents that seems to be
soldier” that will replace the existing ranks of Salvation some kind of rag-tag refugee camp. Barking dogs and
soldiers in the defense of Cheyenne. Inspired by a need the sound of activity can be heard from within.
to exonerate himself (and fueled by his own teetering
sanity), the mad doctor managed to create a race of organic This refugee camp sits dangerously close to the outskirts of
constructs with only the most rudimentary tools. As the Cheyenne. It is populated almost exclusively by foreigners,
lust to clear his name spiralled into maniacal insanity, Dr. mostly pioneering traders from the south who make the
Geisteskranke conceived of a plan that he alone believes long journey to Cheyenne to acquire rare Salvation goods.
is a brilliant one: with a core of these eugenic soldiers he However, the recent attack by the Doomriders (and the
has moved to take over the city’s defenses, with or without appearance of the plague inside the city walls) forced the
the consent of the Salvation government. Since they won’t Salvationists to push all foreigners out. The “refugees” have
listen to him, he has no choice but to take Cheyenne by built a temporary camp at this site, within sight of the walls
force. He believes what he is doing is for the benefit of of Cheyenne, waiting to find out more about what is going
the Salvation, which he sees as especially true after the on - and living each day knowing the Doomriders could
government’s botched effort to stem the tide of the disease. return at any moment.
He will do anything to make sure the city is defended by Despite the lingering sense of dread the people in camp
a more “capable” leader (namely himself), and when the are relatively friendly and welcoming, being a cosmopolitan
characters enter the picture will see them as just another collection of traders and merchants from all over. PCs
“bacteria” to be purged. looking for provisions, minor trade items, or simply a
With the plague spreading through the streets, and the mad place to camp and learn more about Cheyenne will find
doctor’s lumbering creations stalking the city, Cheyenne is in the refugees quite willing to do business - and hungry for
a real bad way. news from the outside. One or two merchants are currently
renting space in their tents as boarding houses, so if they’re
KEY TO CHEYENNE looking for a place to rest (or simply a place to stay until
The following details encounter areas in the city of they can figure out what to do next) the camp should be
Cheyenne. The characters will arrive on the eastern side of accomodating.
town, outside a refugee camp recently set up by foreigners The characters can find lodgings and a warm meal here
expelled (due to safety concerns) from the city. The party’s for a reasonable price. The refugees have been living off of
exploration of Cheyenne will likely proceed from there. sausage, cabbage, and beer taken from the city in the chaos
ensuing from the Doomrider attack, three foodstuffs that
seem abundant in Cheyenne (see the ReichMarks and Ration


PCs asking around the camp can learn a few rumors from other inhabitants of the camp. A Gather Information check
(DC 18) will reveal one rumor per success.

• The city recently came under attack by the Doomriders, but the Salvationists were able to defeat the small force sent
against the city walls. Still, something is going on in town because the Salvation has completely sealed the city off.
It could just be that they're expecting a second attack any day now!
• Salvation? Don't know what they're "saving", but it ain't us, that's for sure. Eh, I heard that a long time ago they
came here to help the people of Wyoming, but that's the same line the Fee'Men use. I smell bullshit.
• A lot of people have been getting sick in the past few days. Rumor has it the Salvation has closed the entrances to
Cheyenne to control the spread of the mysterious illness.
• Stay away from the sausages they serve around here, if you know what's good for you. They're made from rat.
• Most of the traders will be packing up and heading back to the Forbidden Lands as soon as they can. It's almost
impossible to hire on caravan guards though, since most believe anyone caught out on the plains by the Doomriders
won't stand a chance. Ah...you interested in making some money?
• Maybe everyone else is leaving, but I'm staying right here until this whole thing blows over. Seeing as how the
Doomriders couldn't breach the city, it looks like Cheyenne is about the safest place in all Wyoming!
• Word is Barter Town has been sacked! It can't be true - what's next, Midway?!
• A lot of people are wondering why the Doomriders have risen again - why now? I heard a long time ago that they
believe in a Second Apocalypse, when the last survivors of the Fall will be wiped from the face of the Earth once
and for all. I tell you that's what's got them on the rampage - the time has come!

Cards sidebar). Most of the people they meet are willing treasure!
to pass on a rumor or two; as mentioned the inhabitants GM’s Note: If the PCs accept his offer and go looking for
consist mostly of outsiders (merchants and scavs), staying the card, refer to the Missile Silo adventure location. If the
in Cheyenne only briefly before attempting to flee out of PCs return to the camp within the next three days and give
Wyoming to the more familiar Forbidden Lands. Most folks Otoc the access card he admits to being a bit surprised, but
are talking about the recent rise of the Doomriders, and thanks them. In return he keeps his part of the bargain, and
everyone is speculating what has brought them back from gives them the following information: “Before the Fall a
obscurity to raid once again. Everyone has their opinion, but nutty native of the Casper area was rumored to have stashed
the predominant one seems to dwell on the possibility that a great treasure underground. The man, Fenton Walsh, died
their prophesized “Second Apocalypse” is coming. See the before the location of this treasure was ever revealed. I’ve
Refugee Camp Rumors sidebar for more details. come to understand that before he passed on he bought a
property some ways out of the city called ‘Cosmic Lanes’,
Otoc the “Trader” but he never did anything with it. I’ll wager the treasure is
A certain individual named “Otoc” will attempt to make buried there.”
the party’s acquaintance when they visit the camp. Otoc Otoc has no idea what the treasure is, and this is literally
is a tech looter, and though like most of his kind he won’t all the information he can give the party (“Cosmic Lanes” is
advertise it, he won’t deny it either. Staying at a fellow detailed in the next part of this adventure series, Overthrow
merchant’s tent (renting a single cot), Otoc is eager for the Overlords).
company, and will be more than willing to share a drink - Otoc: HP 112 (see below).
and a few stories - with the party if they happen to rent tent
space while in camp. Otoc (Mutant Charismatic Hero 10/Dedicated Hero
According to Otoc he is just “passing through”, but by the 2/Tech Looter 4): CR 16; Medium-size humanoid; HD
looks of him he seems to be a scavenger of no little skill. If 10d6+10 plus 2d6+2 plus 4d10+4; HP 112; Mas 12; Init +7;
the PCs ask if he’s a tech looter (directly or indirectly) he Spd 30 ft; Defense 26, touch 21, flatfooted 23 (+0 size, +3
will smile knowingly and admit he’s had some success in the Dex, +8 class, +5 equipment); BAB +9; Grap +9; Atk +9
area finding lost technology stashes from before the Fall. He melee (1d4, pistol whip), or +13 ranged (2d12, laser pistol);
liquidated most of the stuff, but he’s still looking to pick up Full Atk +9/+4 melee (1d4, pistol whip), or +13/+8 ranged
some loot on his way south and out of the Doomriders’ path. (2d12, laser pistol); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical
If the players role-play this meeting well Otoc may incompatibility; AL none; SV Fort +9, Ref +12, Will +9; AP
take a liking to them. If this is the case he may pass on to 8; Rep +6; Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 6.
the characters an interesting tidbit: he claims he knows Occupation: Academic (DW) (Knowledge [Ancient
information about a great treasure that he believes is in the Lore], Knowledge [Technology]).
area, but from the stories he’s heard it’s probably too big for Background: Advanced (Disable Device).
one man to carry. Instead, he offers to tell the party where Mutations and Defects: Neural Mutation - Telepathy,
the treasure is located (so they can have it themselves) but Bizarre Pigmentation (white hair).
only if they do him a small “favor”... Skills: Bluff +0, Computer Use +8, Decipher Script +6,
His generosity should trigger alarms, but in reality Otoc Diplomacy +8, Disable Device +18, Forgery +4, Gamble
has done very well for himself in Wyoming and now wants +4, Gather Information +18, Investigate +4, Knowledge
to get out before the Doomriders come. He has a lot of trade (Ancient Lore) +16, Knowledge (Business) +9, Knowledge
goods that he can exchange for corium in Midway or Trade (Current Events) +8, Knowledge (Technology) +16, Listen
City, but he can’t leave without one little item, an access +10, Move Silently +7, Navigate +9, Profession +8, Repair
card he believes can be found right here, only a few miles +8, Search +9, Sense Motive +4, Spot +8, Survival +11.
from Cheyenne. Feats: Advanced Technology, Agile Riposte, Alertness,
If the PCs look willing Otoc tells the PCs what he needs Armor Proficiency (light), Armor Proficiency (medium),
done - he wants them to visit the ruins of an old missile silo, Dodge, Futuristic Firearms Proficiency, Improved Initiative,
which he admits is “bound to be heavily radiated”, where an Iron Will, Meticulous, Point Blank Shot, Post-Apocalyptic
access card of the kind he’s looking for (namely, a gold stage Technology, Primitive Technology, Quick Draw, Simple
V) is likely to be found. He says the personnel who ran old Weapons Proficiency, Trustworthy, Weapon Focus (laser
silos had access cards like the one he’s searching for, and as pistol).
a result it should be no trouble finding one inside. If asked Talents (Charismatic Hero): Fast-Talk, Charm, Favor,
he can give the PCs directions to the silo (see the adventure Dazzle, Captivate.
map), if they haven’t visited it already. Talents (Dedicated Hero): Skill Emphasis (Gather
Otoc has no medicine to combat radiation (otherwise Information).
he’d just go there himself), and is relying on the PCs’ Talents (Tech Looter): Sneak Attack +1d6, Contacts,
resourcefulness to get the task done. If they decline his offer Ancient Sense, Beat Feet.
Otoc will simply shrug but will have no bad feelings towards Possessions: Laser pistol, two power clips (20), belt
them - but he certainly won’t part with his secret about the holster, light-duty vest, survival kit, canteen (full), combat

knife, rope, grappling hook, bao ding balls, four doses of and the look of “malnourishment” stems directly from the
rad-purge shot, 600 ReichMarks, 150 cp in baubles, small wasting effect of the disease. With this evidence the PCs
pouch (contains assorted gemstones worth 1,000 cp total). realize these Doomriders were in a weakened state (and
possibly even on the verge of dying) when they assaulted
2. OUTER ZONES (EL 0) the defenders. As a result, it seems clear that this was most
Eventually you find yourselves approaching the city likely a suicide attack from which they didn’t expect to
proper, the air thick with the smell of carnage. The return.
smoke you saw before appears to be coming from fires If the PCs care to ask the scavengers about the battle,
on the very edge of town. A half dozen wrecked vehicles the men and women don’t know much, but can offer the
sit here and there; a few stripped-down motorcycles following:
and a lightly-armored dune buggy that were apparently
destroyed in some recent battle. Dead bodies still “Battle, a few nights ago. Doomriders came out from
lie strewn about the dusty field, and clouds of flies the northeast and attacked the city - all to the sound of
swarm in the air. Most of the bodies are badly rotted, their awful music. Audacious bastards. Just twenty-five
suggesting they’ve been here for several days. or so of ‘em. The Salvation got ‘em good, though, cut
Up ahead a number of men and women in plain ‘em down to the last man [smiles].
brown and gray clothes, wearing rags over their faces, “Wouldn’t go in town if I was you,” mentions
are busy scavenging from the dead bodies; they watch another, “something real bad going on in Cheyenne.
you warily before returning to their looting. They say Them Salvationists have warned they’ll shoot anyone
nothing as you pass by. trespassing on sight.”

If the PCs mention they want to examine the bodies or 3. CHECKPOINT (EL 0)
wreckage, the scavengers won’t interfere - but watch Just a little while later you come across a checkpoint
guardedly. The remaining bodies yet to be hauled away of some sort, a small concrete bunker just outside the
comprise a handful of Doomriders - left behind to rot once outer wall that has been pitted by gunfire. No one seems
the Salvationists realized they were diseased. Anything of to be there, however.
real value they may have had has already been taken into In the distance you hear the sporadic “pop-pop-pop”
the city, so there’s little left of note (the vehicles are also so of gunfire.
badly burned that there’s nothing to scavenge from them,
though one of them appears to have been fitted with a huge Ominously the PCs find this checkpoint, on the very
sound system). But the bodies themselves are unsettling edge of the city, to be abandoned. It is within sight of the
to behold - in fact, this will likely be the first encounter scavengers poking through the wreckage at area 2, who will
the PCs have with Doomriders (dead or alive), and their watch the party from a safe distance if they investigate the
first impression of their elusive quarry should be alien and checkpoint. None of them will come any nearer, however;
strange: the Salvationists have made it clear that anyone going past
this point may be shot on sight.
The dead raiders seem somehow terrifying even in Regardless, the party will find no one present, and no one
death, as if even without the spark of life they still posed will come to answer their calls...
a threat to the people of this earth. With a mixture of
interest and quiet awe you look over these men, these 4. INSIDE THE WALLS (EL 0)
legendary monsters from the wasteland, and wonder Inside the walls Cheyenne looks like an industrial
from where they drew the power to keep the people of nightmare. Dripping metal pipes, overhead grain
this land in fear. It’s hard to believe they were in fact conveyors, a web of power lines, and the deteriorating
members of that legendary cult. Each simply resembles remains of train tracks sprawl everywhere. Corrugated
a badly malnourished man, his half-naked body covered steel appears to have been used in abundance in the
in deep ritual scars that look like a horrifying pattern reconstruction of those buildings that fell during
of pain and constant torture. Though rot has set in they the Fall, and the patina of rust touches everything.
look miserable and sickly, as if in life it was only their Everything seems to be decaying. Pre-Fall graffitti
mindless devotion and nihilistic hatred that sustained covers virtually every surface, and prominently featured
them. are spraypainted swastikas and racist slogans. It’s as if
the city’s inhabitants were nothing more than punks and
Any character making a Treat Injury check (DC 17) will skinheads...
note signs that indicate all of the Doomriders were in
the late stages of the bubonic plague: a few have visible The characters are about to find out just how close to the
buboes formed on their necks, underarms, and groins; mark they are with their initial impression of the Salvation.
others have gangrenous limbs (suggesting they must have For now, however, they are faced with an eerily-empty street
made the journey here while wracked with immense pain); leading deeper into the city.


Somehow Dr. Geisteskranke has managed to take over the city’s old pre-Fall alert system and converted it to broadcast
his own messages across the city. There are hundreds of these “air raid sirens” all across the city, which the Salvationists
revived for their own use to signal attack, but the mad doctor has taken them for his own, and will use them throughout
this part of the adventure. Wherever the PCs go in the city they are likely to pass one of these air raid sirens just in time
to hear one of the doctor’s latest broadcasts.
Dr. Geisteskranke’s messages are pure madness, a mixture of odd patriotic slogans, delusional attempts to win the
terrified Salvationists to his side, and outright rants and tirades against those who prevented the doctor from hatching
his plan in the first place (more on this later). These messages play seemingly at random, and can be heard throughout
a neighborhood thanks to the volume they are played at. In each case weird classical music accompanies each message,
which Dr. Geisteskranke plays continuously in his lair in the old Cathedral.
The PCs will have no way of communicating with or responding to these messages, since the sirens are simple, one-
way speakers. A siren can be destroyed or dismantled with only 10 minutes of effort, however.

5. TRADE QUARTER (EL 0) time soon: the intersection ahead is filled with dozens of
Beyond the checkpoint you enter a depressed dead bodies, of men, women, and children, their bloated
neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. It appears corpses being picked at by swarms of flies. Their angry
to be an old run-down quarter that the Salvation found buzzing sickeningly blends in with the music blaring
expedient to use as a place for outsiders to reside while from the nearby speaker system.
conducting business with the city. It looks, feels, and
indeed even smells like a ghetto, but it is silent - no one There are over thirty dead bodies in this square, all former
is on the streets. Salvation citizens who succumbed to the plague after the
Doomriders attacked the city gates (see area 2, above).
The trade quarter sits on the edge of town, and consists of After attempting to bring the area under martial control to
old neighborhoods that burned down during the Fall. Up stop the outbreak from spreading, the Salvationists withdrew
until recently the Salvation used this area as a convenient their forces into the city when Dr. Geisteskranke staged his
place to do trade with outsiders, without having to let them attempted takeover. As a result the disease victims were left
into the city proper (the Salvationists descend from an without any assistance, and eventually perished. There is no
extremist people, after all). Small-time traders from the rural one left alive.
areas outside the city would often set up camp here, scavs Characters examining the dead will find they died of the
visited to do a brisk trade, and every year the Cattlemen pneumonic form of the plague (Treat Injury check DC 17), as
would bring herds here for sale. Up until a few weeks ago is evidenced in their physical condition: weakened bodies,
the lords of Barter Town also did business here, trading blood-soaked clothing, etc.
Cartel-bought fuel for miscellaneous goods.
Now the trade quarter is abandoned. When the outbreak 7. SALVATION SOLDIERS (EL 11)
began to sweep through town the Salvationists ejected all As you come into this intersection a hail of gunfire
foreigners from the city, leaving this place empty. sprays just inches from your head. Across the street,
Treasure: A few hours of searching may (at your behind a barricade of broken stone from a crumbling
discretion) net the party 1-2 rolls on the Random Finds table building, are several soldiers brandishing oily black
(see Adventure Appendix). submachineguns and wearing helmets with welding
masks over their faces. One of them also carries
6. PLAGUE VICTIMS (EL 0) something that look like a flamethrower, but is tipped by
A faded recording of crackling patriotic music a strange-looking “radar dish”, which begins to hum
comes to life, blaring through the streets. The weirdly- and vibrate violently as he aims it in your direction.
distorted music seems to be coming from an old air-raid One of the men yells from behind his mask,
siren standing on one corner of a nearby intersection. “Intruders! KILL THEM!”
The music plays nonsensically for a few moments before
a voice - that of a spirited elderly man - addresses the The party’s first encounter with Salvationists should give
city: them a sense of what the Salvationists are about and, more
“Citizens of the Salvation! The time is now to importantly, that the situation in Cheyenne isn’t necessarily
rise and join your mighty new army, and see to the black and white. You may want to cup your hand over
destruction of our enemies! Each man’s duty lies with your mouth while you talk to simulate the soldiers speaking
brandishing a weapon; each fraulein’s behind him, through their masks, or simply describe to them what
ready to staunch his wounds!” amounts to a WWII Nazi stormtrooper (though the soldier
Ironically it seems no one here will be “rising” any with the curious-looking gun - a blitzgewehr - should give

This warehouse is the current hideout of a trader with
the dubious name of “Fair-Deal” Freddy. Freddy is
from Tucumcari, far to the south, and was trapped in
Cheyenne when the Doomriders attacked. When Dr.
Geisteskranke’s experiments attempted to take over
and the city fell into chaos, he decided it would be
best to find a safe place for his wares (and himself)
and wait until the dust settled.
Fair-Deal Freddy is an affable sort and
extremely happy to see someone else on the
streets (especially people from his homeland;
that is, anywhere outside of Wyoming), as he
hasn’t seen anyone in over a day and was afraid
Dr. Geisteskranke’s “monsters” had taken over,
leaving him stranded. Freddy eagerly strikes
up a conversation with the party; he knows
nothing of the fate of Barter Town, and will be
eager for news of the trails south to the Forbidden
Freddy can provide very little information on
what’s going on, other than to say that after the small
force of Doomriders attacked the city gates everyone
thought the Salvation had won, but soon after people
began falling sick. The Salvation city government was
attempting to lock down those quarters that the disease
was sweeping through, when all of a sudden strange
mutant monsters (which he will describe as “plodding
giants”) began appearing all across the city.
Apparently someone inside the city was
attempting a takeover. From listening to
the broadcasts for the past few days Freddy
believes the man behind it calls himself “Dr.
Geisteskanke”, and is apparently of the mind
that what he is doing is actually “saving” the
Salvation from themselves. He knows nothing more about
them reason to believe the Salvation has made some leaps it, however, and knows nothing about the inner parts of the
and bounds in technology). city.
Because they are under attack by Dr. Geisteskranke’s GM’s Note: If the PCs are interested, Freddy will be
minions, the Salvation soldiers have orders to shoot anyone willing to exchange their corium pieces for ReichMarks on
caught out on the streets; because of this there won’t be any a 1:1 basis. Unfortunately he only has a few goods left to
chance for the party to talk. trade, limited to the following:
If the PCs put up stiff resistance and kill two of their Item Qty Price
number, the remaining Salvationists will make a fighting ReichMarks 5,000 1 cp
retreat deeper into the city. Pepper spray 1 40 cp
Salvation Soldiers (3): HP 57 (see Salvation Soldiers Power cells 3 50 cp
sidebar). Potassium iodide tablets 6 100 cp
Blitz Trooper (1): HP 57 (see Salvation Soldiers sidebar). Chemical supplies* * 8,000 cp
Ethanol (tank) 20 10 cp
Juju potion (1d4+2) 5 50 cp
8. FAIR-DEAL FREDDY (EL 0) * Fair-Deal Freddy carries an assortment of chemical supplies that
The sound of gunfire echoes in the distance as you could be used by the PCs for potential Craft projects.
walk down this desolate street. Ahead you see a small
building with a cart outside, laden with goods and Development: Once he exchanges information with them,
its top secured with canvas. A man peeks out from Fair-Deal Freddy will want the characters to reciprocate. In
the large barn door of the building and looks visibly particular Freddy tries to subtly pump them for information,
relieved. He motions for you to come inside quickly. hoping to learn about why they’re here in Cheyenne. He is
particularly interested in any contact they may have made


SALVATION SOLDIERS Possessions: Slug gun (see Adventure Appendix),

three boxes of slug ammunition (90), tactical vest, one
Salvation soldiers dress in gray longcoats, wear WWII
fragmentation grenade, trenchcoat, red armband, helmet,
German helmets, and carry crude submachineguns and
trench shovel, canteen (full), ration card, two doses of
clusters of “stick grenades”. Each man wears an imposing
super-steroid (see Adventure Appendix), 1d4 cigarettes,
mask over his face, both to inspire dread as well as to
1d4 matches, 2d10 ReichMarks.
protect the soldiers against factory smoke and the brilliant
flash from their “lightning guns”. They also regularly use
Blitz Trooper (Strong Hero 3/Guardian 4): CR 7;
special steroids that enhance their combat performance.
Medium-size humanoid; HD 3d8+9 plus 4d10+12; HP
Usually one out of every squad of Salvation soldiers
57; Mas 16; Init +2; Spd 20 ft; Defense 22, touch 16,
will be specially trained in the use of the blitzgewehr, or
flatfooted 20 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +4 class, +6 equipment);
“lightning gun” (see Adventure Appendix).
BAB +7; Grap +10; Atk +11 melee (1d6+6, rifle butt, two-
The statistics below are modified to reflect steroid use.
handed), or +10 ranged touch (3d12, blitzgewehr [HDM]);
Full Atk +11/+6 melee (1d6+6, rifle butt), or +10 ranged
Salvation Soldier (Strong Hero 3/Guardian 4): CR 7;
touch (3d12, blitgewehr [HDM]); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5
Medium-size humanoid; HD 3d8+9 plus 4d10+12; HP
ft; SQ none; AL Salvation; SV Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +3;
57; Mas 16; Init +2; Spd 20 ft; Defense 22, touch 16,
AP 3; Rep +1; Str 16, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha
flatfooted 20 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +4 class, +6 equipment);
BAB +7; Grap +10; Atk +11 melee (1d6+6, rifle butt, two-
Occupation: Military (DW) (Intimidate).
handed), or +10 ranged (2d6, slug gun [HDM]); Full Atk
Background: Degenerate (Knowledge [Tactics]).
+11/+6 melee (1d6+6, rifle butt), or +10/+5 ranged (2d6,
Skills: Climb +6, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (Current
slug gun [HDM]); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ none; AL
Events) +2, Knowledge (Tactics) +3, Listen +3, Sense
Salvation; SV Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +3; AP 3; Rep +1; Str
Motive +3, Spot +3, Survival +3.
16, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 10.
Feats: Advanced Technology, Armor Proficiency
Occupation: Military (DW) (Intimidate).
(light), Armor Proficiency (medium), Futuristic Firearms
Background: Degenerate (Knowledge [Tactics]).
Proficiency, Post-Apocalyptic Technology, Primitive
Skills: Climb +6, Intimidate +4, Knowledge (Current
Technology, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Urban Warfare
Events) +2, Knowledge (Tactics) +3, Listen +3, Sense
[F/MG], Weapon Focus (blitzgewehr [HDM]).
Motive +3, Spot +3, Survival +3.
Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee
Feats: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Armor
Proficiency (light), Armor Proficiency (medium), Personal
Talents (Guardian): Defender +2, Weapon Focus (rifle
Firearms Proficiency, Post-Apocalyptic Technology,
butt), Tactical Aid.
Primitive Technology, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Urban
Possessions: Blitzgewehr (see Adventure Appendix),
Warfare [F/MG], Weapon Focus (slug gun [HDM]).
power backpack (50), tactical vest, trenchcoat, red
Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee
armband, helmet, trench shovel, canteen (full), ration card,
two doses of super-steroid (see Adventure Appendix), 2d10
Talents (Guardian): Defender +2, Weapon Focus (rifle
butt), Tactical Aid.

with the Cattlemen, and if the PCs let slip they’re carrying Fair-Deal Freddy isn’t lying; he has no ill-will towards
the Cattlemen petition to the Salvation (assuming they got on the Cattlemen, though he doesn’t particularly like the
Mack’s good side and were offered the job), he’ll be ecstatic. oppressive regime of the Salvationists. He plans on paying
Fair-Deal Freddy is a smooth-talker, like any good the Cattlemen well for their cattle, and is no swindler. It’s
merchant, but he’s also honest and up-front with the PCs. up to the PCs whether or not they take him up on his offer,
Freddy tells the party he’ll be willing to buy the petition however. If they do, he proves good on his word and pays
off of them for a “cool 20,000 cp”, immediately. If asked them as soon as they produce the petition.
why, he admits he’d rather the petition not make it into Fair-Deal Freddy: HP 40 (see below).
Salvation hands. Freddy is a merchant, and he has his sights
on the Cattlemen herds; he hopes to buy a large chunk of Fair-Deal Freddy (Mutant Charismatic Hero 3/Trader
the Cattleman stock, move it south, and sell it for food (and 7/Trade Master 1): CR 11; Medium-size humanoid; HD
big bucks) in Midway or Tucumcari. He knows that if the 3d6 plus 7d6 plus 1d6; HP 40; Mas 11; Init +1; Spd 30 ft;
Cattlemen and Salvation join up, the Salvationists will be Defense 19, touch 17, flatfooted 18 (+0 size, +1 Dex, +6
the ones calling the shots from now on; if this happens the class, +2 equipment); BAB +4; Grap +3; Atk +3 melee
chance of buying the cattle will be next to nil (the Salvation (1d4-1, pistol whip), or +5 ranged (2d8, S&W M29); FS 5 ft
wants the food for their army). by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical incompatibility, immune to

poison; AL none; SV Fort +4, Ref +8, Will +10; AP 5; Rep of the current “Salvation”. The signs were discarded here
+7; Str 8, Dex 12, Con 11, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 16. once the takeover was complete, and have naturally been
Occupation: Merchant (Gather Information). forgotten in the intervening years.
Background: Visionary Reinventor (Diplomacy). Padlock: Hardness 3, 5 Hit Points, Break DC 15.
Mutations and Defects: Superior Kidney Development.
Skills: Bluff +16, Diplomacy +19, Gather Information 10. IMMOBILIZED ARMORED CAR (EL 12)
+23, Handle Animal +10, Knowledge (Business) +14, The rumble of falling bricks echoes through the
Knowledge (Current Events) +7, Knowledge (Twisted Earth) streets, accompanied by the roar of a struggling engine.
+4, Navigate +12, Profession (Trader) +15, Ride +5, Sense Around the corner you see a large armored car, which
Motive +5, Survival +5. has run right up onto the sidewalk and into the corner of
Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Iron Will, Leadership, a building. Dust fills the street as the vehicle attempts
Market, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Post-Apocalyptic to break itself free, its wheels spinning.
Technology, Primitive Technology, Remove Defect, Silver All of a sudden the turret hatch of the armored car
Tongue, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Trustworthy. opens, and a massively-muscled humanoid, criss-
Talents (Charismatic Hero): Fast-Talk, Coordinate. crossed with pulsing black veins, starts climbing out.
Talents (Trader): Ear to the Ground, Money Talks, When the creature turns around its face is revealed
Going Once, Going Twice, Read The Signs, Sucker Born - a mass of molten flesh with little or nor recognizable
Every Minute. features except for two glowing green eyes.
Talents (Trade Master): Distribution Network, Improved
Cohort. The party has stumbled upon a pair of Dr. Geisteskranke’s
Possessions: Leather armor, magnetic shield A, power lumbering creations, humonguli (see Adventure Appendix),
beltpack (18), S&W M29, 100 rounds of .44 magnum as they clumsily attempt to drive a captured Salvation
ammunition, belt holster, bullet belt, 5,000 ReichMarks, armored car down the street. The vehicle is currently
20,000 cp, pepper spray, three power cells (30), six immobilized after having driven into a wall.
potassium iodide tablets, 8,000 cp in chemical supplies, 20 As soon as the humonguli spot them they will move to
tanks of ethanol, five juju potions (1d4+2). attack the party. Luckily for the PCs the two creatures
abandon the armored car, emerging to fight them in melee
9. WAREHOUSE (EL 0) combat. Since they are simple-minded constructs, they will
A large stone warehouse sits on this street, the fight until destroyed.
panes of its upper-story windows cracked, smashed, or Humonguli (Body) (2): HP 90 (see Adventure Appendix).
completely obscured by dust and grime. Treasure: The armored car is too badly damaged to be
driven, and repairing it would take time (not to mention a
A padlock secures this warehouse from the outside, but it is heavy mover capable of pulling it free). The armored car
relatively easy to break (see below). Inside the PCs will find does mount an M2HB in the turret, but removing it from its
a reasonably secure place to hide and/or rest if they need it. turret mount would require metal-cutting tools. In any event
Stone steps lead to the second floor catwalk which provides the machinegun has a supply of 100 rounds of .50 caliber
a good view of the nearby streets. ammunition (linked).
The warehouse is filled with dust and cobwebs, and
appears to have been abandoned for decades, if not centuries. 11. FACTORY (EL 0)
It is mostly empty except for a huge pile of debris in the The old cracked streets are dwarfed by huge grimy
center of the warehouse floor, covered by an enormous gray factory buildings in this part of town. On the other
canvas sheet. Beneath the sheet is an extensive collection side of the street from you sits an abandoned truck, its
of disintegrating wooden signs, perhaps once intended for bed covered with a canvas sheet.
a demonstration. However, the water damage and extent
of decay seems to indicate that the signs are very, very old. Up until recently this area was a revived part of Cheyenne’s
Some random slogans are listed below: industry, which the Salvationists had struggled to patch
together with scavenged materials over the course of several
White Pride World Wide decades. Dr. Geisteskranke’s mindless automatons were able
Blood And Honor to wreak havoc on the area in only a matter of hours, and
Our Race Is Our Nation now the streets are abandoned.
Reclaim Your Christian Identity There are quite a number of these dirty, smoky, complexes
Aryan Brotherhood = Salvation throughout Cheyenne, which produce everything the
Unsere Ehre Heisst Treue Salvationists need, from light bulbs to clothing to leather
goods and miscellaneous metalware.
The collection of signs were in fact brought to Cheyenne Treasure: If the characters examine the truck it proves to
generations ago by the white supremacists who took the city be a standard moving truck, with a single tank of gasoline.
over in the months following the Fall - i.e. the ancestors If the characters search the cargo bed they find a random

assortment of goods in the back. Roll twice on the following them, not just because of the swastika tattoos and piercings
table to determine the truck’s cargo: that make them look like skinheads, but also because of the
strange “doppleganger” phenomenon in the Salvation. If
Roll Contents
asked directly about this Bauer may (if so inclined by virtue
1-2 2d4 cartons, each containing 100 light bulbs of being made Friendly) explain a little about the Salvation’s
1d4 cartons, each containing five cans of eugenic “obsession”.
3-4 In any event, Bauer isn’t interested in a fight. He is
machine grease
wounded from recent action and is also beginning to show
5-6 1d4 boxes, each containing 10 army helmets
the signs of the plague. Having a somewhat happy-go-lucky
1d4 boxes, each containing a bundle of 1d3+2 attitude of defeatism, he is willing to listen to the party
Salvation uniforms instead of shooting at them.
2d4 cartons, each containing with 100 nuts and
9-10 If the PCs are diplomatic and make a small offering (such
100 bolts
as some minor medical care or even a cigarette), Bauer
11-12 1d4 boxes, each containing 1d3 gas masks thanks them and proves willing to talk. Here is what he
12. SCREAMS (EL 0)
You hear a woman’s hysterical screaming coming What’s going on in town?
from somewhere nearby. Unable to find the source, you Total chaos. First the Doomriders attacked, then these
climb to the top of a nearby building to get a better look strange creatures appeared out of nowhere, all over the
around. Several streets away you see a woman in drab city, and began taking over key installations. The army is
gray clothing lying on a rubble-strewn street, trapped in a rout, hiding out, trying to fight back. Not much hope,
under a fallen beam. She screams as three ogrish it seems; I haven’t heard of anyone coming back after being
beings approach. You watch helplessly as they walk up sent out to fight.
to her, looking down at her without any emotion. As two You wouldn’t happen to have a smoke, would you?
of them begin to walk on, the third notices a jackhammer
lying nearby, and walks over to it, picking it up. What can you tell us about the creatures?
Like a curious child the golem-like figure fumbles with A few of the other soldiers started calling them “golems”,
the device before accidentally switching it on, drowning after some legendary creature from the past. They’re slow
out the woman’s screams. For a moment you think it’s but extremely tough, and seem unnaturally resilient. I
forgotten about the woman, until it turns and puts the have no idea where they come from, but some madman
jackhammer to her head. has taken over the airwaves and is claiming they’re his
“children”. From what I’ve seen there are two distinct
Out of sheer curiosity one of the creatures, a humongulous types; the “brawn” and the “brains”. Most of them are pure
(Brain), has decided to see what a jackhammer will do to a muscle, but a few seem to have more smarts and are actually
human skull. The PCs won’t be able to reach the scene in “curious”.
time to save the woman, and by the time they get there the
humonguli will have moved on. What can you tell us about the Doomrider attack?
Hmpf! I was there, guard duty at the city gates. Out of
nowhere these raving maniacs came screaming for the
13. INJURED SOLDIER (EL 0) checkpoint gate. There were twenty or so, riding up in the
This area looks to have been badly damaged in the middle of the night blaring God-awful music from one of
fighting for the city. Dead Salvation soldiers lie here their vehicles. Never seen weapons like theirs before - no
and there, apparently no match for the enemy that has bullets, just a pulse of sound and the next second their
conquered their city’s streets. victims were crushed, smashed.
Rummaging through the dead is an injured soldier, The Doomriders were making for the gate but we disabled
one arm and hand bleeding, a bandage wrapped around their vehicles with hand grenades and small arms fire.
his head. When he senses your presence he spins Reinforcements began arriving and it looked like a lost
around and raises his gun in alarm, but doesn’t fire. He cause for the raiders. But the surviving Doomriders just
looks quite ill. abandoned their vehicles and tried to charge the wall and
climb over it - like angry rats. They were finally cut down by
The man is Sharfuhrer Niles Bauer, a Salvation soldier who our lightning guns before they could get over the fence.
somehow has managed to survive not only the Doomrider
attack, but also the takeover by Dr. Geisteskranke’s [Unless the players make the connection themselves, allow
humonguli. Though he’s wounded he should strike the PCs a Knowledge (Tactics) check at DC 18 for the characters
as somewhat familiar, since he looks a lot like some of the to realize that this doesn’t sound like a probing attack, but
other Salvation soldiers they may have encountered. In fact, rather a deliberate attempt to kill themselves at the gates of
now that they think of it, a lot of Salvationists look alike to Cheyenne. Additionally, if the PCs examined the Doomrider

bodies in the outskirts of the city (see Arriving In Cheyenne), secure it. Unfortunately, the creatures are quite clumsy, and
an Int check (DC 20) brings up the possibility that the in the chaos of the takeover accidentally unleashed the caged
Doomriders attacked the city merely to spread the disease rats - and now they are escaping!
they were carrying. Since it is clear they were too ill to fight, There are several humonguli here, but they are pitifully
the fanatics charged knowing they would die, and that once unsuited to rounding up escaping rats, which swarm all over
their bodies were taken into the city to be buried (or burned) them, bite them ineffectively, and trip them up as they rush
the disease would spread to whoever handled them] underfoot. When the constructs spot the party they eagerly
turn from their frustrating task and move to attack.
What can you tell us about the outbreak? During the fighting there are literally thousands of rats
I think it started with the Doomriders that attacked the gate. underfoot, scrambling to get away from the plant. Roll once
After the battle a few higher-ups came down and looked over each round for each humongulous and each PC. On a roll of
the scene, and immediately ordered us to burn the corpses. 1 on 1d6 that individual cannot act that round, as she is being
They said they found signs of disease, and the officers took swarmed over/tripped up by the angry rats.
off in a hurry. But it wasn’t long after that people started GM’s Note: The “plant” is actually a pre-Fall sausage
getting sick. Those of us who handled the corpses probably factory, and long ago the first Salvationists used it to create
picked it up without even knowing it. Before we knew what various beef and sheep sausages for the survivors of the war.
was happening the disease had already gotten a foothold in Eventually the old plant became so badly infested with rats
the city. that it was in danger of being shut down. But not being too
Those bizarre monsters appeared soon after. They seem proud to switch to a more convenient food source (and faced
totally unaffected by the disease. Unfortunately it’s been with dwindling herds of other livestock), the Salvationists
murder on our men - not to mention the civilians - and no simply started catching the rats and turning them into
one has the strength to stop them. sausages. To this day rattwurst (“rat sausage”) is a staple of
the typical Salvationists’ diet.
Can you take us to your leader? Large numbers of rats sometimes escape the plant,
You really want me to take you there? It won’t be easy. But sending workers scurrying everywhere to catch them. Those
I’ll do it if you promise to help us - I’ve seen a lot of people that manage to flee the city can often be found in swarms
ill and the weaker ones, the bratlings - you know, children seemingly roaming the countryside at random, but these
- don’t have long. Do we have a deal? inevitably fall prey to birds or other predators.
Humonguli (Body) (5): HP 90 (see Adventure Appendix).
If the characters agree to help, Bauer will take the party Development: If the PCs use an area-effect weapon
towards area 18, Salvation party headquarters, by way of (such as a grenade) at any time during the battle the rats will
area 15, 16, and 17. immediately break off the attack and disperse into nearby
Sharfuhrer Niles Bauer: HP 57 (as Blitz Trooper; see alleys and down sewer holes.
Salvation Soldiers sidebar).
Development: Bauer carries the pneumonic plague, and if 15. HIDEOUT (EL VARIES)
a character has any close contact with him she must make a Sneaking through back streets you are alarmed when
Fortitude save (DC 15) to avoid catching the disease. the triumphant music once more starts up, blaring
across the district. For a moment you think you’ve been
14. MEAT PACKING PLANT (EL 14) spotted, as the old man’s voice comes over the crackling
The stench of rotting flesh permeates the dirty airwaves again.
neighborhood around this huge factory, a sure sign that “Citizens of the Salvation! Your traitorous leaders
a slaughterhouse lies just beyond the fence. Spotlights have allowed destruction, disease, and chaos into the
sweep around the perimeter as if it was a high security city! Rise, and turn your arms against them!”
prison. Nearby, a group of lumbering humanoids seems Ironically the streets are empty, and no one hears the
to be searching around for something. patriotic call to arms.
The loud speakers at each corner of the compound Ahead you see what looks like a large factory looming
crackle on. With a background of triumphant music an over the streets. You catch the faint odor of cooked meat
old man’s voice declares: and boiled cabbage.
“Remember, protein is an important part of each
citizen’s diet! Any diminishing of our capacity to If the characters enter this building they find a large group
provide for the people is intolerable!” (40+) of Salvation civilians in hiding. Wounded men,
women, and weeping children are all crammed into the
The city’s meat packing plant was and is central to the factory, the roof of which has fallen in leaving the interior
Salvation’s survival, and under normal circumstances strewn with rubble. A few are preparing food for the injured
employed a huge number of Salvation citizens each day. among them.
Dr. Geisteskranke recognizes the importance of the plant to When the party enters the people seem to take little notice
the city’s continued existence, and has sent his creations to of them; they are far more concerned about the Doomriders

and “golems” than a small group of intruders. As long as the have taken a few things from abandoned stores and shops
characters don’t seem to be attracting any undue attention along their route. Since these establishments were already
(i.e. making too much noise, since the people are hiding out) deserted the soldiers don’t think of themselves as “looters”,
the civilians don’t give them any trouble. and any suggestion to the contrary will automatically anger
GM’s Note: Enterprising PCs might take the opportunity them, possibly leading to an escalation in tensions.
to try and sell some of their spare rations to these desperate The stolen items include a six pack of beer, 200+1d100
Salvation citizens. Generally speaking they’ll meet at least ReichMarks, a mastercraft special response vest +2 (bonus
one or two interested parties, who are more than willing to to Defense), and a fancy gold necklace worth 200 cp.
overlook the fact that the characters are outsiders to fill their
bellies. The possible items PCs can sell are shown below, 17. ORPHANAGE (EL 0)
along with the amount (in ReichMarks) that the civilians will A dreary brick building stands here, overlooking a
be willing to pay for them. cobblestone street. Most of the windows are boarded
Item Max Offer Item Max Offer up, but a few tiny faces peek out curiously as you pass
Canned food 40 RM Ready-meal 60 RM by. Each belongs to one sad-looking child or another,
Dehydrated pill 20 RM Salt Pills 40 RM almost all of whom look identical to your eyes.
HEVE candy 10 RM Soup mix 10 RM
Power bar 20 RM Synthihol 40 RM This building is an orphanage that was built to accomodate
Ration card 20 RM Trail rations 10 RM the abnormal number of orphans growing up in the city.
As a direct result of the Salvationists’ past experiments
In addition to being hungry, a few of the refugees appear to in eugenics, an inordinate number of twins, triplets,
be ill. A Treat Injury check (DC 17) will identify at least quadruplets, etc. were born in recent generations. Unable or
half a dozen who have the plague, but if the PCs make this unwilling to support so many children, many families have
fact known it will cause a panic. Those civilians who are made the choice to give a child to the government orphanage
not sick will attempt to drive the plague victims from their to be raised. A staff of midwives run the orphanage, but with
midst, but the ruckus will also draw 2-4 humonguli (body) so many children individual care is almost unheard of; in all,
(see area 10) to the scene in a matter of a few minutes. the operation of the orphanage resembles a cruel pre-Fall
parochial school. A visit here will be strangely haunting;
16. REPUGNANT SOLDIERS (EL 6) dozens of expressionless, blond-haired, blue-eyed children
A group of soldiers in long gray trenchcoats stand watch passerby from the barred windows of the orphanage,
idly in this street. They seem to be reasonably at ease, many of whom look uncannily identical to each other.
smoking cigarettes and joking nervously, but when you The orphanage is currently closed down due to the
approach they immediately raise their weapons in your violence in the city and the threat of disease. The
direction and shout “Halt!” headmistress of the orphanage has turned off all the lights
in the hopes that the strange creatures wandering the streets
These Salvation soldiers are little more than thugs, though will pass the orphanage by. When the party shows up she
the PCs probably won’t know it. These soldiers were will appear at one of the windows and attempt to “shoo”
ordered to man a checkpoint a few blocks away but deserted them on. Neither she or her staff want any attention drawn
their post when they heard reports of the “creatures” taking their way!
over the streets despite all opposition. The soldiers are GM’s Note: If the PC are persistent there is a chance (at
hiding out in this alley, and will be extremely trigger happy your discretion) that the headmistress will help the party
when the party startles them. in some small way just to get them to leave. Examples
Although they’ve deserted their post, the soldiers still might include directing them to the nearest concentration of
have some lingering sense of duty and will be untrusting civilians, providing a meal, or giving minor medical care to
of the PCs, immediately sensing that they are outsiders. wounded PCs.
Aggressive (and frightened), they grill the party at gunpoint
about who they are and what they are doing here. They 18. HEADQUARTERS (EL 0)
don’t seem to trust the characters, but by their behavior the A red banner proudly emblazoned with the crooked
PCs should get the impression they’re not up to any good cross of the Salvation flutters from the top of a huge
either. bunker complex in the center of a blasted park. Miles
Ultimately the soldiers just want to be left alone, and if the of barbed wire sheath this massive headquarters like
party uses diplomacy to navigate this encounter they should prickly iron hedgerows, and bleak concrete pillboxes
come out without a fight. The Salvation deserters won’t provide a deadly field of fire against all who approach.
hesitate to shoot the party if they become threatening, so the A churning black column of smoke rises from
party’s safest bet is to just try and talk their way past. somewhere in the city. Here and there a few armored
Salvation Soldiers (4): HP 57 (see Salvation Soldiers cars are mired in the mud outside of the headquarters,
sidebar). and skinheaded Salvation thugs work busily to free
Treasure: In addition to deserting their post, the soldiers them, while an angry sergeant yells at them to keep

them working. Large German shepherds bark angrily Heidler is the leader of the Salvation. After spending years
and strain at their tethers as you approach, drawing as a Salvation thug and soldier, he rose to prominence
the attention of numerous soldiers. In the distance you through acts of bravery - and savagery. Like all true
can hear classical music playing over the city, but here Salvationists he began as little more than a racist punk on the
it seems the Salvationists have torn down every air raid streets, but over the years earned the fear of of the people.
siren (they now lie in a heap on one side of the park), if Over time he also learned the truth that the Salvation as
only for some momentary peace and quiet. a whole has not yet come to terms with: that the warped
beliefs of their ancestors have little application now, and
The Salvationists guarding the headquarters will be to survive the Salvation must make drastic changes to their
suspicious of the party, but if they have been brought here by outlook - else fade away.
Sharfuhrer Bauer (see area 13) they can negotiate a meeting Despite this remarkable wisdom Heidler still comes off
with the Salvation leader, Wolf Heidler (see below). After a as a man who defiantly resists (and dislikes) outsiders. He
brief exchange of friendly insults with Bauer the guards offer also defies his own age, and has on more than one occasion
the PCs some cigarettes before patting them down for hidden killed subordinates who have plotted to overthrow him. This
weapons. Any visible weapons are, of course, confiscated brutality makes sure other Salvationists respect him, and
for the time being. loyalty in the ranks has never been higher. And while the
Once inside the PCs have to wait until Heidler is ready Salvationists may look like just another “gang” to outsiders,
to see them; he is busy coordinating with his advisors they are entrenched in their city and bound inseparably
over where to position soldiers throughout the city, which from the citizenry, whom they protect (for better or for
checkpoints to reinforce, and of course, what to do about the worse). For years they’ve worried about the resurgence
disease. of the Doomriders, and now that they have risen again the
It’s only because of the recent outbreak of the disease Salvationists were preparing for a fight for their lives.
that Heidler will see the PCs at all. The powers behind the Instead the Salvation has been dealt an underhanded blow.
Salvation are well aware that they’ve mistakenly allowed First the spread of the plague inside the walls of the city,
disease into the city and it is already running rampant. They and now with the betrayal of Dr. Geisteskranke. These two
may not like outsiders but they’re not fools - they now forces have proven crippling, and though they are a proud
realize that the first Doomrider attack was just a ploy to get and vengeful people, the Salvation needs outside help...
the disease inside of Cheyenne. They must do something
soon or their forces will be too weakened to stop either Dr. What can you tell us about the Doomriders?
Geisteskranke or the Doomriders when the time comes. I don’t have time to discuss the Doomriders right now.
When the PCs enter the scene Heidler (like pretty much We’ve got monsters all over the city and a madman has
everyone else they’ve met in Wyoming so far) sees them as taken over the public address system. You take him and his
outsiders, but he’s a cunning strategist and excellent judge minions out and then we can have a little chat.
of character, and knows they are men of no little skill and
expertise. His own resources are already tied up in fighting Who is the “madman” anyway?
Geisteskranke’s minions, but the PCs offer a definitive His name is Dr. Geisteskranke. Last remnant of an extinct
“edge”. generation. Men whose brains were probably too big for
their own good. He and his kind tried to breed purity into
Entering the command center you are not impressed the Salvation and instead fucked it all up. Thanks to them
by what you see. Two ancient Nazi flags hang against two out of every three kids look like identical twins, even if
one concrete wall, in between which sits a framed they aren’t related. Anyway, as the last of his kind he went
portrait of none other than Adolf Hitler. into self-imposed exile - out of protest when the old hospital
The leader of the Salvation is relatively young was allowed to burn to the ground. Thought he died or
considering his position, but he has the eyes of a wolf. something, at least until this.
He stands well over six feet and is pure muscle, his skin The good doctor seems to have dabbled in some mad
deeply tanned and contrasted by a head of short hair, science, alright. He’s somehow made a race of “golems”
dyed white. He is handsome except for a vertical scar that he’s used to take over the city by force. My men
across the right side of his face and a faded tattoo of are powerless against them, and for every one we bring
a swastika between his eyes. In short he is the angry, down ten of us are torn to pieces. And Geisteskranke’s
hateful culmination of a life of arrogant and militant also managed to take over the public address system, and
racism. bombards us night and day with his bullshit.
“I’m Wolf Heidler, and I lead the Salvation. Let’s get
this straight - my people don’t like outsiders, but right What do you want us to do?
now it looks like that’s exactly what we need. So are you Kill the freak. Simple enough, if you can dodge his
prepared to help? Or are you just wasting my time?” “golems”. They’re pretty goddamn tough and seem resistant
to our lightning guns. You take him out and we’ll share what
we know about the Doomriders.

What do you know about the disease? Physical Performance (Con) [F/MG].
It’s everywhere now. Want some history? Back in the day Skills: Intimidate +12, Knowledge (Current Events) +10,
the disease was called the “Black Death”. From what the Knowledge (Tactics) +12, Listen +6, Sense Motive +6, Spot
old books say, in the regions it swept through it often killed +6, Survival +5.
over one-third of the population. It isn’t clear where the Feats: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Armor Proficiency
Doomriders came in contact with the disease, but it appears (light), Armor Proficiency (medium), Heroic Surge, Iron
they’re carriers, using their own infected cultists like “living Will, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank Shot,
weapons” to spread it everywhere they go. Post-Apocalyptic Technology, Precise Shot, Primitive
The disease has to be stopped, not only for the sake of the Technology, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Urban Warfare [F/
Salvation, but for the people of your land as well. Even as MG], Toughness, Weapon Focus (slug gun [HDM]).
we sit here squawking refugees fleeing the Doomriders have Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee
probably taken the disease far and wide. We’ve got to stop it Smash.
at its source, then turn our full efforts towards treatment. Talents (Guardian): Defender +2, Weapon Focus
(rifle butt), Tactical Aid, Weapon Specialization (slug gun
What exactly do you need to treat the plague? [HDM]), Defender +2.
Unfortunately our mad doctor friend is the only one left Talents (Champion): Rallying Cry +2, Improved Tactical
with the medical knowledge to know. The last of our great Aid, Rallying Cry +3, Awesome Presence, Challenge.
scientists are dead, the doctors all gone. We’re all just thugs Possessions: Slug gun (see Adventure Appendix), three
now, killers and warriors. The kids don’t give a damn about boxes of slug ammunition (90), mastercraft tactical vest +3
science, just glory. But I expect you’ll be able to find our (bonus to Defense), camo uniform, red armband, canteen
cure from that crazy bastard Geiseksranke. So don’t forget (full), two doses of super-steroid (see Adventure Appendix).
to find out before you put a bullet through his skull.
Where can we find Dr. Geisteskranke? The distant sound of streetfighting has faded here,
At first we didn’t have any idea, but after a while we noticed only to be replaced by an odd burbling sound. A
his forces keep pouring out from the northwest side of stinking miasma of vapor seems to hover over this
town, across the flooded quarter, in the vicinity of the old quarter, where some kind of tremendous chemical spill
cathedral. I’ll send ahead and have my men secure you appears to have occured long ago. Apparently the
a boat to cross the quagmire. In case you hadn’t noticed inhabitants of Cheyenne avoid this quarter altogether;
Cheyenne’s a real shithole and the water out there is it’s easy to see why, since the flooded streets - more like
deadly. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on Geisteskranke’s canals - harbor a sickly, amber-colored water.
“golems”. Just stick to your boat and get across as fast as Echoing from somewhere across the flooded quarter
you can. the loudspeaker continues to belch forth its music - and
that annoying old man’s voice:
Heidler is wary of the PCs but if they agree to hunt Dr. “Do you think you and your Doomrider masters can
Geisteskranke down and deal with him he’ll authorize defeat us? Even now I spawn more of my creations in
his men to give them each four clips of any standard my laboratory. For each that you slay, another rises!”
ammunition (that is, most readily-available modern-era
firearms), three stimshot Bs (in ready syringes), and one dose Cheyenne is notorious in the region of Wyoming for being a
of hercurin apiece. That’s the only help he can afford to vile, poisonous town, whose sky is often adrift with noxious
squander on them. clouds. Like many cities pre-dating the Fall, long ago
Cheyenne became poisoned with the pollution of industry.
Wolf Heidler (Eugenic Surrogate [F/MG] Strong Hero Even before the Fall the city was considered “dirty”, but
3/Guardian 7/Champion 7): CR 17; Medium-size now, generations after the holocaust, it is a toxic swamp.
humanoid; HD 3d8+12 plus 7d10+28 plus 7d12+28 plus 3; Large parts of Cheyenne are now flooded with stinking,
HP 168; Mas 18; Init +2; Spd 20 ft; Defense 31, touch 22, noxious, chemical sludge. It’s a wonder the Salvationists
flatfooted 29 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +9 class, +10 equipment); have managed to do as well as they have considering the
BAB +17; Grap +20; Atk +21 melee (1d6+6, rifle butt, danger this poses to long-term habitation of the city, but the
two-handed), or +20 ranged (2d6, slug gun [HDM]); Salvationists are nothing if not a determined people.
Full Atk +21/+16/+11/+6 melee (1d6+6, rifle butt), or GM’s Note: A number of buildings in this quarter have
+20/+15/+10/+5 ranged (2d6, slug gun [HDM]); FS 5 ft by 5 been isolated by the toxic spill like “islands” (see nearby
ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ none; AL Salvation; SV Fort +14, Ref +9, map), at the center of which is a prominent, isolated complex
Will +10; AP 7; Rep +7; Str 16, Dex 15, Con 18, Int 11, Wis known as “Murkwatch”. For more on Murkwatch, see area
12, Cha 10. 21 below.
Occupation: Military (DW) (Intimidate). The flood waters filling these flooded areas is only about
Background: Degenerate (Knowledge [Tactics]). six feet deep, but they are by no means safe or healthy.
Eugenic Feats: Doppleganger [HDM], Enhanced Any character being immersed in the waters of this quarter



The west side of the city (and beyond) is taken up by the radiated remnants of what used to be F.E. Warren Air Force
Base. Here the ruins quickly disintegrate into blasted and decaying neighborhoods. Beyond this lies a region of scoured
terrain; an eerie greenish glow dances on the exposed surfaces of broken buildings, collapsed stores, and the wrecks of
old military vehicles left here to rust.
As described at the beginning of this section, F.E. Warren was targeted by nuclear strikes to cripple the missile-
launching capabilities of the 90th Space Wing. Virtually all of the base was leveled in the initial blast, and the nuclear
firestorm claimed the rest. Over the years the radiation levels have died down somewhat, but are still significant enough
that the Salvationists keep away. Strange creatures (such as rad wolves) are sometimes sighted among the old ruins.
The ruins of F.E. Warren are Highly irradiated thanks to nuclear detonations intended to cripple the base (with its
control of several hundred nuclear missiles it was a natural target). Grass doesn’t grow in F.E. Warren, and natural
forms of life are unheard of. A few creatures do make the radiated sands their home, but there are invariably ghastly
mutant variations of more recognizable animals and beasts.

takes 1d6 points of acid damage per round until she can 15 ft; Reach 10 ft; SQ keen sight, immunities, fast healing 5,
get out. Any character that takes damage for four or more DR 10/-; AL none; SV Fort +12, Ref +7, Will +3; AP 0; Rep
consecutive rounds becomes scarred from the corrosive +0; Str 25, Dex 10, Con 19, Int 9, Wis 9, Cha 1.
chemicals in the water, permanently losing -1 Cha (to a Skills: Hide -4, Listen +3, Move Silently +4, Spot +3,
minimum of 1). Swim +20.
The Salvationists are used to living in this polluted Feats: Improved Initiative, Multiattack.
cityscape and generally employ special aluminum-hulled
boats to get around. 21. MURKWATCH (EL VARIES)
Development: If the PCs come here after meeting with Through the yellow miasma of steam you see an
Wolf Heidler (see above), there will be several Salvation island created from the crumbling shell of a cluster of
soldiers here with a Naden N14 fishing boat (see Adventure old buildings. An old jetty seems to be the only safe
Appendix). The men will briefly show the party how to place to land.
operate the boat before seeing them off. The eerie music finds its way even out here, and the
madman’s voice echoes across the swampy ruins:
20. THE THING (EL 12) “Onward, my brave soldiers! Our time is at hand.
A quiet burbling noise echoes across the misty, No one will dare attack the Salvation with you as our
flooded quarter. army!”

The toxic chemicals in the flooded quarter have brought a Up until recently Murkwatch was an important installation
slow, painful death to many of the creatures that once lived of the Salvation garrison, providing an unchallenged view
in the city, but some beasts have become warped as a result of the surrounding flooded district. The Salvationists used
of living on or near the waters, gaining mutant abilities and it as a watchpost over the ruins, building a small dock that
an unearthly relisience to pain. One such creature dwells allowed soldiers and supplies to be ferried out to it.
underneath the waters in this area, lying in wait for a boat Dr. Geisteskranke’s humonguli have taken over
(such as the one the PCs are using) to pass overhead. The Murkwatch, overtaking the Salvation defenders and tossing
creature is a warped advanced pit creature, which uses the their bodies into the surrounding waters. Motoring up in two
warped template (see Adventure Appendix). separate boats, they avoided detection by donning Salvation
The warped pit creature will emerge with an explosion uniforms over their bodies and welding masks to conceal
of water, appearing right beside the party’s boat, and their faces. The crude deception worked long enough until
immediately attacks them. The initial splash of corrosive they could land at the jetty, at which point they stormed the
waters does 1d6 points of acid damage (no save) to everyone island and took it by force.
on the boat. The pit creature continues attacking until it is The humonguli have taken over Murkwatch and now
killed - which may be no easy task. command the approaches deeper into the city. As the PCs
Warped Advanced Pit Creature (1): HP 168 (see below). pass through the area under the shadow of the island fort,
they will come under attack from the forces there.
Warped [HDM] Advanced Pit Creature: CR 12; Huge
Mutant Beast; HD 12d10+48; HP 168; Mas 19; Init +4; Spd W1. MACHINEGUN NEST (EL 13)
25 ft; Defense 11, touch 9, flatfooted 10 (-2 size, +1 Dex, +2 The eerie silence is suddenly disrupted by the “rat-
natural); BAB +12; Grap +27; Atk +17 melee (2d6+7 plus tat-tat” of a heavy machinegun firing from the island.
1d6 acid, bite); Full Atk +17 melee (2d6+7 plus 1d6 acid, Bullets tear into the nearby waters as the unseen gunner
bite), +15 melee (2d4+4 plus 1d6 acid, 2 claws); FS 15 ft by finds his range. The next shot may not be so inaccurate!


Three humonguli are positioned at the machinegun nest Once the PCs come ashore the humonguli here abandon
on the eastern side of the island. Hiding behind a rusted, the machinegun and move to stop them as they climb up
armored gunshield, the crew has an exceptional view of the from the jetty, engaging in hand-to-hand combat to do so.
approaches to the island (and the jetty). The humonguli
don’t know how to use the heavy machinegun so well, but W2. JETTY (EL 0)
they have orders to defend the island and will thus open fire A rickety, ramshackle jetty of rusted metal and
as soon as the party is spotted. bobbing bouys sits in the shadow of the island. A rusted
All three humonguli remain behind the gunshield; treat bell clangs softly as the waters lap steadily against the
them as being behind three-quarters cover (+7 bonus to nearby rock. A small boat sits docked against the pier.
Defense, +3 bonus to Reflex saves). The machinegun is an
M2HB with 100 rounds of linked .50 caliber ammunition, The jetty was built to make landing on the island easier. A
but because none of the creatures knows how to operate the single outboard motorboat (another Naden N14) sits here; it
gun they take a -4 to their attack rolls with it. is in good condition.
Humonguli (Body) (3): HP 90 (see Adventure Appendix).
Development: The humonguli attempt to fire at the W3. BARRACKS (EL 0)
party’s boat, hoping to cause it to sink before it gets to the The door to this building has been torn from its
jetty (or deeper into the city). If the characters are forced hinges. Inside you see a row of spartan bunkbeds and
to swim, see area 19 for information on the effect of the lockers, but the place is in total disarray. Mattresses lie
chemical pollutants in the water. scattered about, their stuffing torn out and discarded.
One of the lockers is turned on its side, and there is a
profuse amount of blood everywhere.


The garrison of Murkwatch was quickly overtaken by the fascinated with exploring the creature’s inner workings.
humonguli, and none of the soldiers were left alive. After If the characters attack, the two humonguli turn to fight
tearing this place apart the curious constructs moved on. them.
Treasure: One of the lockers contains a weathered Humonguli (Brain) (2): HP 90 (see Adventure
copy of White Power, a pre-Fall skinhead magazine. The Appendix).
magazine might be worth 100 cp to someone interested in
such relics. Treasure: While there is blood everywhere from the
In addition, under one bed is a rotting old newspaper. Just brutal dissection of the mutant cat, this place was at one
the top half of the paper (the National Enquirer) is readable, time a communal mess area. Boxes inside of the various
and this is reproduced as Handout #3. cupboards contain 2d20 cans of edible food and 1d6 bottles
of Salvation beer.
W4. MESS (EL 12)
Entering this place is like walking into a butcher’s W5. LATRINE (EL 0)
shop - or a mad scientist’s laboratory. Blood has been This place smells even worse than it looks.
splashed liberally across the walls, and the only light -
from a bare bulb fixture swinging wildly from the ceiling A simple latrine formerly used by the Salvation soldiers. A
- casts weird shadows everywhere. large swastika has been spraypainted on the wall above the
Standing beneath the light are two of the monstrous toilet, along with other lewd (and pedantic) graffitti.
golems, their eyes glowing a hateful green. They appear
to be dissecting some kind of badly-mutated cat... W6. WATCHPOST (EL 0)
You enter a small shack with shuttered windows on all
The two humonguli (brain) were dispatched by Dr. four sides. A flimsy metal table sits in the center of the
Geisteskranke to assist civilians who might need medical room with an electric lamp sitting on it, along with a few
care, but without him over their shoulders they have begun scattered playing cards, glass objects, and a radio set.
to get “curious” about their new surroundings. When the
party enters the pair are busy dissecting a dead warped This area is simply a covered watchpost, allowing sentries
housecat they pulled from the polluted waters. The two to keep watch over the flooded quarter even in bad weather.
will ignore the PCs unless they are attacked, as they are

PAGE 100
There is no one here right now. barricades around the building proper are signs reading
Treasure: The characters can take the electric lamp (it has “VERBOTTEN!” Apparently someone has transformed
a full power cell), but the radio proves to be missing some this old church into a veritable fortress...
vital components. A requisition order for the needed parts Again the music fills the air, this time louder and more
can be found in the table drawer, but obviously this does the triumphant. The old man shouts with glee to anyone
party no good. The glass objects include a crack pipe, an who will listen:
empty pill bottle, a used ready syringe, and a cassette tape of “The Doomrider agents have found their way into the
the band Skrewdriver (worth 50 cp). city! Rise my children, rise all good men of Cheyenne!
Find them and KILL THEM ALL!”


Eventually the PCs will make it Tall walls of stone, metal, and junk fill in the gaps
across the flooded part of the city and between this compound’s numerous crumbling buildings.
make landfall in the isolated quarter
where Dr. Geisteskranke’s cathedral- These walls were built by Dr. Geisteskranke’s humonguli,
laboratory stands. who dragged junk and concrete slabs from all over the
The entire quarter is draped in a thick, choking fog when quarter to construct them. Climbing a wall requires a Climb
the PCs first land, a result of the chemicals in the poisoned check at DC 25.
waters. The district seems dead and quiet, the buildings
sagging, depressed, and dilapidated. The vibrant gang BARRED ENTRANCES (EL 0)
graffitti of past generations has faded; the entire place seems The great stain glass windows and huge ornate
to be leeched of all color. wooden doors of the cathedral appear to be blocked
with metal shoring, bars, and wooden planks. Those
A great Gothic cathedral towers over the crumbling that aren’t are completely bricked over. There doesn’t
neighborhoods of this district. But by the looks of it the seem to be any way in.
building appears to have been abandoned for decades,
and where rotting wooden planks don’t cover every Every last window and door into the Cathedral has either
window and door, the rusted hulks of cars and trucks been boraded over, shored up with corrugated iron, bricked
do. All around are fields of junk and garbage, from over, or simply closed off with the rusted remnants of old
rusting auto parts to organic refuse that has begun to crushed vehicles and trucks. Characters looking for a
grow a sickly yellow grass. Painted on some of the way into the Cathedral from street level will meet with no

PAGE 101
success. Unless they have high explosives to blow their way mechanical or electronic crafting projects. In addition,
into the church, the PCs will have to find another way in. an old rusted refrigerator that the mad doctor mistakenly
dumped here (or, more accurately, had his constructs dump
JUNK HEAPS (EL 0) here) still contains some medical supplies, including one
The area surrounding the old cathedral is filled with dose of K-O shot, two doses of rad-purge shot, and one dose
junk of all kinds. A large, ruined building overlooks of superegen. Note that all of these medicines are in liquid
the yard, which appears to have huge holes in it on the “shot” form and are contained in their own sealed bottles;
lower stories. however, since there are no syringes, the PCs will have to
supply their own.
Over the past few years, out of sight from his fellow citizens,
Dr. Geisteskranke has slowly scavenged and scrounged the BULWARK (EL VARIES)
surrounding neighborhoods for whatever he needs for his This crumbling building overlooks the rest of the
mad projects. Most of the equipment he found he tore apart seemingly deserted compound by the cathedral.
for their essential parts, bringing the rest out here to dump.
As a consequence the cathedral is encircled by a “moat” of This building in fact hides the secret underground entrance
sifting metallic refuse. to the cathedral, constructed long ago during the time of the
GM’s Note: The yard is overlooked by the “Bulwark”, a Ancients. Dr. Geisteskranke discovered the subterranean
tall building where a number of Geisteskranke’s humonguli passage connecting the two buildings and, over time,
are positioned. Armed with a small cannon, the creatures decided to seal up the cathedral proper and rely solely on this
have orders to shoot at anyone approaching the cathedral. as the way in and out. Needless to say the building is well-
If the PCs are spotted by the sentries atop the Bulwark, guarded.
they immediately open fire with the cannon (treat as an
M2A2 Bradly 25mm cannon). See the Bulwark, below, for A. ENTRANCE (EL 13)
details. The “entrance” to the Bulwark is simply a huge hole in the
Treasure: Characters scrounging through the yard will ground floor wall. However, inside a number of humonguli
find 1d4 x100 cp worth of metallic parts usable in any

PAGE 102
(body) will be waiting for the party,
hiding in the various rooms (each
marked with an asterisk “*”).
When the PCs are about halfway
into the room they will emerge to
attack from all sides.
Humonguli (Body) (3): HP 90
(see Adventure Appendix).


The bottom floor of the ruined
building is scattered with rubble,
but a huge pit in the ground (with
an old stone staircase) leads into
the darkness below. This staircase
leads to a horizontal tunnel that
runs directly to area G1 of the


The stairs from below lead
to this upper floor, where Dr.
Geisteskranke’s creations have
set up a cannon to guard the
compound. The cannon was
taken from a Bradley armored
fighting vehicle and is fixed on
a movable mount, but where it is
located already provides it with
a good view of the cathedral and
surrounding compound.
Two humonguli (brain) man
the cannon at all times. One acts
as a spotter (using its Spot of +5)
and gunner, and the second is the
“commander”. The commander
uses its Plan talent (bonus +11)
to help the gunner during combat. mourning angels, and lofty pillars and buttresses that
They will continue firing until the intruders are killed or disappear into the darkness overhead. Scores of votive
move out of sight/range. If the PCs climb to this level the candles provide weak illumination up a flight of marble
humonguli will abandon the cannon and move to fight them stairs leading the way you came, leaving most of the
in melee combat. upper structure obscured in darkness. Light barely
Humonguli (Brain) (2): HP 90 (see Adventure manages to penetrate the blocked windows, all of which
Appendix). have been boarded over; those stray beams that do are
diffused by curtains of cobwebs and sheets of dust.
As you enter the cathedral it is immediately obvious
CATHEDRAL (EL SEE BELOW) it is no longer a place of worship; at least not spiritual
The cathedral has been sealed off from the outside, and the worship, though by the looks of it it could well be
only way to enter it is through a concealed underground described as a “temple” to science. Leaving the
passage leading from the Bulwark. The passage is unlit and lower tunnel you enter the cathedral proper, which has
filled with fallen rubble, but if the PCs press on down the been almost completely converted into one enormous
passage they will emerge inside the lofty, crumbling church. laboratory.
Machinery pitted with rust and age fills almost every
At the end of the dark passage a narrow flight of inch of the place. Chains, wires, and power cables
spiral stairs leads upwards into the enormous cathedral. dangle down like the canopy of an electronic jungle.
It is a truly gigantic building, filled with hideous pre- Enormous tanks filled with a strange, luminous green
Fall architecture: leering gargoyles, weeping saints, liquid rise from floor to ceiling like gigantic pillars;

PAGE 103
bubbles continuously rise through these glowing shafts, creations, he has two of his smartest creations do the work
obscuring what appear to be motionless humanoid for him; two humonguli (brain) will be here when the party
bodies suspended in the murky fluid. As you wander comes to finish the doctor off (see below).
like Alice in Wonderland through the laboratory, Treasure: A large glass jar on the cart holds eight doses
your footsteps are accompanied by the crackling of a of chloroform. The other medical tools, though looking
phonograph record playing somewhere in the cathedral. quite impressive, are mostly impractical and would thus
An electric crackle suddenly fills the air, and a part barely amount to a single first aid kit.
of the cathedral that had previously been dark suddenly Sitting on one of the tables are a smattering of blood-stained
lights up with a blinding, blue-white light. The other papers. These papers detail Dr. Geisteskranke’s research,
machines of the place are dwarfed by a colossal and outline the procedures needed to create humonguli (see
contraption that now comes into view, set in the place Adventure Appendix for the actual methods). These papers
where the old pipe organ once stood, it’s burnished are valuable, and unless the PCs specifically state they are
steel face covered in banks of dials, switches, and taking them, the papers - and their contents - may end up in
handwheels. Two huge parallel electrodes rise above the wrong hands (see part five of this series, Halidom, for the
the massive machine, between which an arc of blue possible repercussions).
lightning dances wildly and erratically.
Dwarfed by this machine and illuminated solely by G4. PARTS STORAGE
this unearthly glow you spot another tank filled with This looks like a madhouse, with mechanical and electronic
fluid - but instead of a half-formed humanoid body parts scattered everywhere. The doctor’s creations bring
inside, bobbing up in down in the bubbling tank is a all sorts of junk here, which Dr. Geisteskranke has them
human brain... rummage through regularly to scavenge for parts.
Treasure: The junk here amounts to 5,000 cp worth of
G1. SUBTERRANEAN STAIRS raw materials, which could be used for Craft [electronic] or
These stairs simply lead back underground, and back to [mechanics] projects. In addition, a Search check (DC 38)
the Bulwark. They are the sole means in and out of the finds an undamaged healing pack among the pile of parts,
cathedral, and characters navigating them will find them which the doctor apparently missed. The device has no
coated in a slick layer of slime (residue from the the passage power source, however.
of newly-created humonguli). Any movement beyond
walking speed requires a Balance check (DC 18) to avoid G5. CHEMICAL SUPPLIES
slipping and falling prone. Dr. Geisteskranke originally arranged this small chamber
as neatly as possible, with lots of jars, cannisters, and other
G2. LABORATORY vessels, all labeled in his own (illegible) shorthand. Since
The interior of the Cathedral is overrun by machinery and he no longer has a physical body he relies on his creations to
electronic equipment of all kinds. Some are recognizable fetch things for him, and as a result the room is a mess, with
as pre-Fall machines (such as domestic appliances and car broken bottles and puddles of chemicals on the floor.
parts), but employed in a manner they weren’t originally Treasure: The remaining supplies still intact in this
intended for (i.e. refrigerators that when opened prove to chamber include the equivalent of six doses of mild acid,
be filled with spinning tape reels, or a carbuerator that been three doses of potent acid, and two doses of concentrated
converted into a small plasma centrifuge), while others acid, as well as ten doses each of arsenic, blue vitriol,
are completely makeshift devices, put together from an and strychnine. Other chemical supplies amount to about
assortment of unrecognizable, rusting parts. 15,000 cp worth of material, which could be used for Craft
The laboratory is always filled with sound and activity; [chemical] projects.
lights blink on various consoles, computer screens flash
strings of unreadable code, test tubes bubble and steam, G6. GENERATOR PLATFORM
sparks fly from frayed power cords, etc. The generator is a marvel of electronics and mechanical
engineering, a wondrous contraption created by the doctor
G3. OPERATING PLATFORM himself. It supplies the power needed to give his creations
This platform overlooks the main laboratory, and is reached the “spark of life”, as well as to discharge bolts of lightning
via the steps from the level below. This area resembles a within the Cathedral itself (a defensive mechanism; see
makeshift medical operating theatre, with a few wheeled below). Normally the machine is kept off, but when the
gurneys (stained with all manner of fluids) standing here and doctor activates it the massive machine pulsates with energy
there. A wheeled cart holds a huge assortment of wicked- and almost seems “alive”.
looking implements (syringes, bone saws, scalpels, serrated
forceps, etc.), many of which are caked with dried blood and G7. GROWTH TANKS
other grotesque viscera. These large glass tanks rise from the floor of the Cathedral
Since Dr. Geisteskranke can no longer operate on his to the roof, and are filled with a swirling, bubbling, glowing

PAGE 104
green fluid. Through the glass PCs can see the vague shapes me. I understand your hesitation - I am a marvellous thing
of motionless creatures. Every now and then one shape or to behold. I dare say a terrible thing, to one unaccustomed
another will twitch violently, but this sudden movement to the marvels of science. But I like you - and because of
always ceases after just a few moments. that I will answer your questions before I destroy you.”

G8. LIVING QUARTERS You’re...a...brain?

This is the one part of the old Cathedral that Dr. Yes! Of course! Once the powers of creation were at my
Geisteskranke tried to keep separate from his work. It is no fingertips, it occured to me that the human body is such an
longer in use, as the doctor has discarded his old physical inefficient vessel. In fact, not necessary at all - as you can
body for a more “convenient” vessel (see below). see. With the aid of my smartest creations I had my brain
The old chapel looks like the well-appointed den of a 19th removed and placed in this nutrient-rich tank. It’s all in the
century aristocrat, but just a little too filled with clutter to be nutrients, gentlemen! If you take one thing from this place,
described as “neat”. A large mahogany desk, a high-backed let it be the knowledge that nutrition is of vital import!
chair upholstered in soft green leather, an extensive library
of books, an antique globe, an antique reading lamp, and a Uh, okay. What is this “work” you speak of?
small bed in a niche along the wall are the main furnishings. Refining the mistakes of the past - to guarantee an
Treasure: There are at least 20,000 cp worth of books in everlasting future for the people of the Salvation. I am a
this room alone, but this is divided up amongst at least 50 builder, gentlemen, the builder of a new, glorious army. An
separate titles. Getting these valuable books (on everything army that will aid us greatly in defeating those mindless
from genetics to eugenics, to anatomy and chemistry) out nihilists, the Doomriders. With this army we will be
would be a difficult proposition. One of these books is undefeatable, and our glorious city will remain stalwart
whimsically titled the manual of golems, and details bizarre against their onslaughts!
mystical procedures for making animated constructs (the
tome doesn’t work, of course, but might fetch an additional How exactly are you “building” an army?
price of 1,000 cp to a collector). Aha! Curious, are we? Perhaps there is a brain in those
On his desk there is a silver tea set sitting on a silver little pin-heads of yours! Over the last few years I have
platter. These ornaments might be worth 500 cp to the right pored over the failed eugenics programs of our past and
buyer. found several glaring errors in not only the process, but in
the critical thinking of those of us who foolishly attempted
G9. JUNK ROOM to make a “perfect race”. You see, we were wrong on a
Dr. Geisteskranke never really used this room, and it is still fundamental level, and all of our work was then of course
filled with junk he carelessly threw here flawed - doomed from the onset.
Treasure: A Search check (DC 33) uncovers a laser But I have since found another way, a much more efficient
pistol, three power clips (30), rubber coveralls (granting acid way. I’ll admit I thought my creations were invulnerable
resistance 10), and a keychain amongst the junk, to which to weapons, yet you stand victorious. No matter, a simple
are attached 1d4 unmarked keys; what these keys actually alteration of the process and they will be even more powerful
open is entirely up to you. They could open doors here in than before!
the Cathedral, or they could be keyed to entirely separate
buildings and/or locations throughout Cheyenne (not entirely The city is wracked with disease - can you help?
practical now, but if the PCs ever return to Cheyenne these Yes, yes, in due time. Once I have complete control I can
keys could be useful). guide my efforts towards the synthesizing of doxycycline, a
tetracycline antibiotic. Hmm. But the materials may not be
Talking To The Doctor available. If not I may be able to brew up some gentamicin,
When the PCs first see the brain suspended in the tank, give an aminoglycoside antibiotic, but of course that will not
them a moment before reading the following: suffice for the young. But you see now why my research is
all the more important - my creations are totally immune to
The mad doctor’s voice fills the cathedral from a number disease! To fatigue! To the psychology of defending a city
of fluted speakers placed throughout the maze of wires and under siege! They will tirelessly guard the walls while we
computers. Only moments later do you realize that the sleep, and while we recover from whatever the Doomriders
“voice” isn’t coming from someone hiding in the shadows, can throw at us.
but rather from the brain suspended in the fluid tank. Wires
and tubes connect to the tank itself, and it is through these FINAL CONFRONTATION
that he must somehow be able to transform his thoughts into Eventually Dr. Geisteskranke will grow tired of talking to the
audible words. characters and will, with a dissatisfied sigh, attack. When
“I am a man involved in important work, vital to the he attacks (or in response to the PCs attacking), he activates
survival of the people of the Salvation. You’ve beaten my a special defensive mechanism. The air shudders with a
creations in battle time and again and now you stand before subsonic rumble. The characters’ hairs stand on end. The

PAGE 105
smell of ozone precedes a sudden burst of light as a blinding and Life Sciences) +25, Knowledge (Mutant Lore)
blue arc of electricity dances between the electrodes atop the +8, Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +14, Knowledge
mighty machine. In an instant a bolt of lightning erupts from (Technology) +22, Repair +21, Research +22, Sense Motive
the generator (G6) and strikes the closest character! +6, Spot +15, Treat Injury +8.
Every round Dr. Geisteskranke (or rather his brain) can Feats: Advanced Technology, Builder (Craft [chemical],
control the generator to generate a bolt of lightning as an Craft [electronic]), Combat Expertise, Dodge*, Heroic
attack action. The bolt can strike anyone and anything in the Surge, Master Artificer [F/MG], Medical Expert, Point
Cathedral. The lightning bolt acts just like the spell of the Blank Shot*, Post-Apocalyptic Technology, Precise Shot*,
same name (see page 350 of d20 Modern), inflicting 10d6 Primitive Technology, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Weapon
points of electricity damage to each creature in the area of Focus (laser pistol)*.
effect (a 5 ft. wide line; Reflex save DC 16 for half). Talents (Smart Hero): Savant (Knowledge [Earth and
The doctor will target whichever PC happens to be closest Life Sciences]), Savant (Craft [electronic])
to his tank each round, using his Heroic Surge feat to create Talents (Tinker): Jury-rig +2, Tinkering, Tech Weapon*,
two bolts per round until he runs out of daily Heroic Surge Tinkercraft, Jury-rig +4.
uses. His humonguli will move to intercept the party and Talents (Scientist): Scientific Method, Scientific
keep them away from the tank for as long as possible. Improvisation, Protected By The Code*, Smart Weapon*,
Dr. Geisteskranke also has the option of using his lightning * Due to his current state Dr. Geisteskranke can no longer
bolt to shock those fluid tanks that contain unfinished use these feats and talents.
humonguli. Each of these tanks is marked with an asterisk
(“*”) on the map; if he uses the lightning bolt to hit a tank,
the surge of electricity not only wakens the creature, but CONCLUDING THE ADVENTURE
also ruptures the tank, freeing the creature inside. A newly-
animated humonguli (body) will immediately join in the The adventure ends when the PCs defeat
battle to help defend its creator on the following round. Dr. Geisteskranke in his cathedral-
Each time a tank bursts a tidal wave of mineral-rich green laboratory. With the mastermind of the
goo sweeps throughout the laboratory area (G2), forcing humonguli destroyed, the remaining
anyone in contact with the ground to make a Reflex save constructs fight without direction. Over the next few days
(DC 24) or be swept off her feet and knocked prone. This Heidler and his men fight a bitter but ultimately successful
includes any humonguli on the lower level of the cathedral. battle to hunt the last construct down and eradicate their
threat to the city.
Cheyenne is in ruins, and the people of the city are dying
PLAYING THE BATTLE (EL 17) in droves. With the Salvation on the verge of collapse,
Dr. Geisteskranke’s brain is located in a huge tank at the foot Heidler has another mission for the characters.
of his mighty generator (area G6). Two humonguli (brain), When the PCs show up to ask Heidler about filling them
wait by the operating table on the middle platform (area in on the Doomriders, he readily agrees to the exchange of
G3). The PCs should be located near area G1 or G2. information. You can play this meeting any way you like;
Dr. Geisteskranke’s Brain: HP 170 (see below). in the ruins of the Cathedral, in Heidler’s bunker, or an
Humonguli (Brain) (2): HP 90 (see Adventure unofficial visit to whatever warehouse/abandoned building
Appendix). the PCs have taken over until they recuperate.
Additional Humonguli (Body) Reinforcements (4): HP
90 (see Adventure Appendix). What can you tell us about the Doomriders?
The Doomriders’ story is as old as this land. They say every
Dr. Geisteskranke’s Brain (former Eugenic Surrogate few generations they spill out from the north, spreading
[F/MG] Smart Hero 3/Tinker 7/Scientist 5): CR 15; across the plains like a terrible horde, killing anyone in their
Large Construct; HD 15d10+20; HP 170; Mas -; Init -5; path. Wherever they go they are preceded by screeching,
Spd 0 ft; Defense 24, touch 4, flatfooted 24 (-1 size, -5 Dex, grating music. We learned to fortify our walls against their
+20 natural); BAB +0; Grap +0; Atk +0 melee; Full Atk +0 attacks long ago, and have generally been spared their direct
melee; FS 10 ft by 5 ft; Reach 0 ft; SQ construct traits; AL assaults, but others haven’t been so lucky.
Salvation; SV Fort -, Ref -5, Will +3; AP 0; Rep +0; Str -, The Doomriders are a death cult bent on the destruction
Dex -, Con -, Int 17, Wis 17, Cha 10. of all life. They organize themselves in a quasi-monastic
Skills: Computer Use +9, Craft (chemical) +16, tradition, or so I’m told, and it is through this form of
Craft (electronic) +26, Craft (mechanical) +10, Craft whacked religion that they manipulate their followers to
(pharmaceutical) +5, Craft (structural) +10, Disable Device perform acts that would be impossible to sane men. They
+9, Investigate +9, Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) are fearless, ferocious, and utterly berserk. But despite
+9, Knowledge (Current Events) +14, Knowledge (Earth each individual’s unpredictability in battle, recently some

PAGE 106
malevolent force has begun to coordinate and direct them Delivering the Cattlemen petition to the Salvation will result
with terrible effect. We’re not sure who or what this force in a significant change in the balance of power in Wyoming.
is. More superstitious men like the tribals out on the plains Because of their involvement in this (for better or worse),
believe they are directed by the whispers of the Devil issuing the PCs should be awarded a story reward equal to an EL 12
forth from Hell itself, goaded on into destroying all that God encounter.
had put on this Earth. But I believe that there’s something
very mortal behind their power - a man, a single individual A NEW MISSION
with such great charisma that he can draw together so many Once they’re done answering his questions, Heidler asks
madmen under a single banner. the party if they learned which medicine they need to fight
the plague. Assuming the characters tell him, he has a
What do you know of their methods? proposition for them:
They believe in ending all life; men and animals alike. To
prevent future generations from being born they slaughter all You men have done right by us. I have an offer for
females and children they come across, and even most men you. There’s only one place to find the medicine we
fare no better. Most such victims are ritually executed upon need to fight the plague: the Fee’Men. I really don’t
a device they call a “Doomwheel” - but I am sure you’ve care how you do it, but we need you to go to Casper and
come across one in your travels, right? get the medicine before it’s too late. Bring it here so we
We’ve heard stories that some men are marched off after can begin distribution.
their raids, but these poor bastards are never heard from In exchange for retrieving the medicine from the
again. It could be that their captives are brainwashed and Fee’Men I will tell you the whereabouts of a scholar - a
turned into willing converts, or they simply could be ground climatologist - who knows this region better than any
up and used to lubricate the Doomriders’ war machines. It’s man, living or dead. If anyone knows where the secret
quite possible; reports of their armies describe their vehicles Doomrider fortress is, it will be him. Do we have a
as being adorned with bones, flaps of human skin, and deal?
belching streams of boiling blood. The tribal folk believe
their vehicles to be “alive”, possessed by the evil spirits of What Heidler is suggesting is another task, to retrieve a
Doomrider warriors who died in previous battles. vast stockpile of medicines for the Salvationists from the
Despite their insanity, they also have great power at their hands of the Fee’Men. The Salvationists may not be the
fingertips. Years of raiding have won them ancient weapons most desirable allies at this point, but the stakes are high - if
and armor, of a kind we haven’t seen since the Fall. These Heidler is to be believed, the entire city of Cheyenne is on
days we must make do with what primitive weapons we can the line. In addition, he seems to offer a tantalizing bit of
forge here in the city, but their armies use sonic disruptors, information that will help bring their torturous quest to track
swords of power, and things that have remained forgotten the Doomriders down to an end. Whoever this “scholar”
since the time of our forefathers, and turn them against is, the PCs need him to finally pinpoint the Doomriders’
whoever they come across with impunity. They don’t care mountain fortress of Halidom.
for the resources they squander, because to raiders like them If the PCs agree, read the following:
there is no use saving for tomorrow - there is only today.
Excellent. Here’s one last piece of information,
We came here with a petition from the Cattlemen. Will something you probably didn’t already know: When
you allow the Cattlemen to join your people? the Doomriders attacked the city, we noticed their force
[This assumes the PCs came here with the petition signed by split in two. One half was thrown against the city, but
Mack] the other headed west into the mountains, towards
the ruins of Laramie. It’s up to you, but I’d suggest
Hell, we’ve wanted to bring them into our ranks for a following them to see what they’re up to. Once you
long time. The Cattlemen are independent spirits and make the hump across the mountains, swing around
have been wary of returning to a sedentary life, but they north and you’ll get to Casper in no time.
have tremendous resources that would be of great value Good luck.
to us. Manpower, a knowledge of the lands east of here,
and of course their herds which could be used to bolster Assuming the PCs agree to deal with the Fee’Men for the
our own fragile food supplies. In return we can offer sake of the Salvation, Heidler sends them off without further
them civilization, safe walls to shelter within, and an army delay. They are outfitted with fresh provisions (beer and
- with guns - to protect them against the Fee’Men and the rattewurst) and, if they so choose, either four riding horses
Doomriders. or a single economy car and three tanks of gasoline. Then,
We agree to the Cattlemen’s petition, and look forward to it’s off to Casper...and part four of the Halidom series,
our future union. We could use some new blood. Overthrow the Overlords.

PAGE 107
USELESS BILLS the surrounding countryside.
By the end of the adventure the players may be wondering Symbol: White swastika on a red background.
how they can spend the ReichMarks they’ve found or been Common Classes: Guardian, Tinker.
paid. Unfortunately, for much of the adventure Cheyenne is Common Mutations: None.
in a state of siege, and there aren’t too many people willing Common Defects: None.
to do business.
At the adventure’s conclusion, however, Heidler will make The most noteworthy aspect of the Salvation is the fact
certain items available to the party for their mission through that it has managed to keep control of Cheyenne for more
the mountains to Laramie/Casper. This includes a wide than 200 years. Unfortunately, like many groups, the long
variety of equipment, and while the basics are available, nuclear winter, the relentless tides of disease, and the slow
many items the PCs are probably hoping for (i.e. advanced but drastic climate changes thwarted most of their ambitions
weapons, armor, and gizmos) are sadly not for sale. This - in this case to create a “greater white nation”. Simply
isn’t because Heidler is holding out on them; they simply marching hundreds of gun-toting goons (no matter how
aren’t available. Keep in mind that the Salvationists will fervent they are) into a city isn’t enough to keep it running or
only deal in ReichMarks; if the PCs want to use corium maintain the technology of the modern era; in time, the lack
pieces, they will exchange them at a rate of 5 corium pieces of scientists, educated men, and technical specialists spelled
per 1 ReichMark in value. a slow technological decline.
The Salvation today still manages to hold onto their city,
Item Qty Price and presents a violent, militant face that has kept the other
Slug gun [HDM] 4 220 RM (1,100 cp)
inhabitants of Wyoming in check for years (in fact, its
9mm ammunition (50) 16 40 RM (200 cp)
5.56mm ammunition (20) 7 30 RM (150 cp) “skinhead” tradition is perhaps what the Salvation is best
7.62mm ammunition (20) 5 30 RM (150 cp) known for). But culturally they have become dwarfed, and
10-gauge buckshot (10) 4 40 RM (200 cp) in the absence of progress have instead regressed, becoming
12-gauge buckshot (10) 6 30 RM (150 cp) stunted in many aspects of society.
Box magazine 16 25 RM (125 cp) The Salvation is ruled by a Fuhrer (“leader”), who is
Satchel charge A 1 300 RM (1,500 cp) elected from the military junta by his peers. The junta,
Tear gas grenade 4 100 RM (500 cp) like a dictatorship, maintains strict control over the city,
Electrical tool kit, basic 1 500 RM (2,500 cp) its fledgling industries, its agricultural efforts, and in many
Multipurpose tool 1 75 RM (375 cp)
ways, even the minds of its citizens. Order is maintained
Power cell 8 50 RM (250 cp)
Power clip (10) 5 400 RM (2,000 cp) through strict rules and an army of extremely loyal troops
Walkie-talkie, basic 3 100 RM (500 cp) who brandish cheap knock-off Schmeissers and “potato-
Binoculars, standard 2 50 RM (250 cp) masher” grenades, all of which are made through crude but
Chemical light sticks (5) 2 10 RM (50 cp) effective cottage industries.
Flashlight, standard 2 50 RM (250 cp) Ironically the extreme racism that created the Salvation
Antitox 4 375 RM (1,875 cp) began to die out long ago, the result of their society
First aid kit 1 300 RM (1,500 cp) gradually “maturing”. Confronted by inevitable mutation
Medical kit 1 900 RM (4,500 cp) and change, early wild-eyed experiments into eugenics
Ready syringe 4 50 RM (250 cp)
to breed a “pure” race were disasters, based on faulty
Stimshot B 8 1,000 RM (5,000 cp)
Trail rations (day) 21 3 RM (15 cp) idealism and quack science. Most current inhabitants of
Water (day) 21 10 RM (50 cp) Cheyenne had a parent or grandparent who survived these
Gasoline (tank) 30 20 RM (100 cp) eugenics experiments, and thus twins, triplets, and even
Gauss pistol* 2 800 RM (4,000 cp) dopplegangers (see the Salvation Eugenics sidebar) are
Chainsword* 1 600 RM (3,000 cp) remarkably common to this day. These children also serve
Sonic rifle B* 1 2,000 RM (10,000 cp) as a very visible reminder to the people of Cheyenne how
low the Salvation’s extremism has brought them.
* These items were taken from the dead Doomriders who Today the Salvation is a crumbling, fascist army ruling
attacked the city, and are being made available to the PCs over the bombed-out ruins of an ancient city. But the drab
due to the importance of their mission. gray uniforms, steel helmets, and Nazi armbands conceal
a people that, whether conscious of it or not, are trying to
THE SALVATION (CURRENT PROFILE) move forward and shed the skins of their past - all while
Background: Degenerate, Visionary Reinventor. struggling to maintain their identity apart from the more
Attitude: The leaders of the Salvation have a vision, primitive groups of Wyoming (including the Fee’Men and
and as far as they’re concerned nothing will stand in their Cattlemen). The racism of their neo-Nazi forefathers is still
way. They aren’t out to conquer the world, or even their strong, but most in power prefer to sidestep such issues when
neighbors, but who’s to say that’s not on the agenda for the convenient, especially when it concerns outsiders (there is
future. For now, however, the Salvation are merely trying to a great fear that their own racism will isolate them from the
maintain their power and grip on the ruins of Cheyenne and outside world, something the Salvation desperately wants

PAGE 108


Condition Slashing or Bludgeoning Movement Off Balance?****
Has a swim speed -2 attack/half damage normal No
Successful Swim check -2 attack/half damage* quarter or half** No
Firm footing*** -2 attack/half damage half No
None of the above -2 attack/half damage normal Yes

* A creature without a swim speed makes grapple checks underwater at a -2 penalty, but deals damage normally when
** A successful Swim check lets a creature move one-quarter its speed as a move action or one-half its speed as a full-
round action.
*** Creatures have firm footing when walking along the bottom, braced against a ship’s hull, or the like. A creature
can only walk along the bottom if it wears or carries enough gear to weigh itself down - at least 16 pounds for Medium
creatures, twice that for each size category larger than Medium, and half that for each size category smaller than
**** Creatures flailing about in the water (usually because they failed their Swim checks) have a hard time fighting
effectively. An off-balance creature loses its Dexterity bonus to Armor Class, and opponents gain a +2 bonus on attacks
against it

to avoid). For the time being the Salvation prefers to keep UNDERWATER COMBAT
outsiders at arm’s length, but over time they hope to expand Land-based creatures can have considerable difficulty when
their presence in the markets of the south, with the help of fighting in water. Water affects a creature’s Defense, attack
the traders of Barter Town and others. rolls, damage, and movement. In some cases a creature’s
In recent years the Salvation has had trouble with the opponents may get a bonus on attacks. The effects are
Fee’Men and the Cattlemen, both of whom resent the summarized in the accompanying table (see below). They
Salvation’s existence (the former moreso than the latter). apply whenever a character is swimming, walking in
The Fee’Men believe they alone are the caretakers of chestdeep water, or walking along the bottom.
the people of Wyoming, and the Salvation’s power and
technological edge (as small as it may be) threatens their Ranged Attacks Underwater: Thrown weapons are
dominance in the region. The Cattlemen look down on the ineffective underwater, even when launched from land.
Salvation’s totalitarianism and seeming inflexibility, are Attacks with other ranged weapons take a –2 penalty on
impatient to see it change, and prefer to live free among attack rolls for every 5 feet of water they pass through,
the plains anyway. But with the recent resurgence of the in addition to the normal penalties for range. At the
Doomriders the Cattlemen are becoming more and more GM’s discretion certain weapons may not operate at all
willing to throw in their lot with the Salvation if only for underwater. Suggested examples include firearms, lasers,
safety and security. and particle weapons.

APPENDIX: UNDERWATER Attacks from Land: Characters swimming, floating, or

treading water on the surface, or wading in water at least
COMBAT chest deep, have improved cover (+8 bonus to AC, +4 bonus
on Reflex saves) from opponents on land. A completely
Part of the Plaguelands adventure submerged creature has total cover against opponents on
takes place entirely underwater, and land.
as a result special rules may come into
play, particularly those concerning submerged actions and
combat. These rules are taken from the SRD, with slight
modifications to reflect the non-magical nature of Darwin’s

PAGE 109


Overthrow The Overlords has already ravaged Cheyenne and the lands to the south.
is the fourth adventure in a But Casper is a fortress, and the characters will have to find
series specifically designed some way to get the medicine without getting caught, or else
for higher-level parties. In face the entire tribe in a bloody free-for-all.
Overthrow The Overlords Overthrow The Overlords should take characters from
the player characters leave level 14 to 16 by the adventure’s completion. Player
the diseased ruins of Cheyenne characters will find certain skills particularly useful, such
o n an arduous trek over the Laramie as Climb, Drive, Jump, Read/Write (Ancient), and Spot, but
Mountains. Their ultimate destination is Casper, the none of these are essential to succeeding in their mission.
stronghold of the reviled Fee’Men tribals, who have held the
region in their iron grip for generations. They alone hold
the medicines that will be needed to fight the plague that THE HALIDOM CAMPAIGN
Halidom is a high-level series of
adventures that send the PCs off
on a perilous journey deep into
the heart of unknown country - the
lands of old Wyoming. Their goal:
to track down the Doomriders,
a monstrous raider gang with
epic nihilistic goals, who by all
accounts have returned from a
generations-long absence to begin
anew a campaign of destruction,
sparing none whom they find in
their path. No mere raider war,
something behind the scenes seems
to be driving the vast armies of the
Doomriders into a blood frenzy that
could only come from their legends
of a “Second Apocalypse”.
Homesteads, villages, and towns
have been laid waste, with every
last inhabitant viciously slaughtered
like livestock. What’s worse,
a hideous disease is spreading
through the lands the Doomriders
have passed through, threatening
even more lives. To end this great
threat to the Twisted Earth the
characters are hired to travel many
miles, over mountains and open
plains, through the territory of new
and unusual groups unheard of in
more settled lands, to the footstep
of the great Doomrider fortress of
“Halidom”. Braving the mighty
citadel they must infiltrate its deep
caves and assassinate whatever
mysterious leader is behind
the re-emergence of the hated

PAGE 110

Wyoming represents a “new frontier” for characters from the more traditional regions of the Twisted Earth. This land
lies beyond the known limits of “civilization”, but in reality the people here are not that much more primitive than those
of more familiar lands. There are three major groups in Wyoming: the Fee’Men, the Cattlemen, and the Salvation.
Much of Wyoming is dominated by a tribe known as the Fee’Men, tribal overlords who have taken control of the
plains through trade and cunning. Inheritors of a vast stock of medicines from before the Fall, they have traded their
“juju” to those who’ve needed it, in exchange for guns and ammunition. Building up their arms stockpiles through these
deals, at the same time the Fee’Men have stripped their neighbors of their means of defense, and slowly taken control,
“ruling” loosely from the ruins of Casper, and demanding tribute from those groups too weak to resist them. They are
now widely feared and despised.
The Cattlemen are descended from the state’s original ranchers, and now live dispersed across Wyoming’s grassy
plains, herding angoose, the mutant descendants of cattle. These people live a semi-nomadic life, and constantly strain
at the yoke of their Fee’Men masters.
The self-titled “Salvation” occupies the poisoned wreckage of Cheyenne. The ancestors of these people were white
supremacists and punks who hoped to exploit the chaos of the Fall to create their own “Aryan empire” on the plains.
After the nuclear war their ambitions were stunted by the demands of survival, until they too descended into backwards
savagery. Holding jealously to the ruins of their city, they have resisted all outsiders for years.

ADVENTURE APPENDIX On foot 6 hexes per day

Each installment of the Halidom campaign attempts to Mounted (horses) 8 hexes per day
make use of new items, feats, creatures, and advanced Automobile 10 hexes per day
classes featured in other Darwin’s World expansions and
Overthrow the Overlords will probably be the longest
sourcebooks, both to introduce this new material to new
adventure in terms of travel time, as the party must first
gamers as well as to challenge veteran players by making
go to Casper, then return to Cheyenne at the end of the
NPC villains more unpredictable. Several of these items,
scenario. However, since they were offered a car by the
feats, and classes make more than one appearance in the
Salvationists at the end of Plaguelands, their travel time will
adventure, so an appendix has been compiled containing all
be significantly decreased (unless they chose not to take it),
of the information pertaining to these new features.
and should probably take no more than a week to 10 days.

Each part of the Halidom series includes a hex map refered SETTING OUT
to as an “Adventure Map”. These maps are intended to serve At the beginning of Overthrow the
as a tool for you, the GM, allowing you to plot the party’s Overlords the PCs are ready to head out
progress during each adventure. Since time plays a factor from the ruins of Cheyenne and into the
in the overall success (or failure) of the campaign, keeping Laramie Mountains. According to their
track of the distances they’ve traveled, day by day, will be newfound allies, the Salvation, a group of
important. Doomriders was seen heading this way not
In addition, the Adventure Maps also show the relative long before the attack on Cheyenne. Thus it seems the best
locations of various encounter areas, including abandoned option for tracking their elusive quarry down.
towns, destroyed villages, and special sites detailed in each There are other motivators as well. Disease brought by
adventure, for ease of reference. the Doomrider army is devastating the people of the low
country, including the citizens of Cheyenne. There is a very
real possibility that if the characters cannot find a drug to
TRAVEL ON THE MAP treat the plague, the people of Wyoming will be too weak to
Travel on each Adventure Map can vary depending on each
resist the Doomriders when they finally move to exterminate
party member’s typical move rate, encumbrance factors,
them all.
and whether or not they are traveling by foot, mount, or by
Thus the adventure begins as the characters turn to the
motor vehicle. Going off-road (i.e. across open terrain) will
mountains, putting Cheyenne (and the Salvation) behind
be slower regardless of the form of travel, but note that the
them, and setting their sights on Casper, the home of the
roads of the Twisted Earth are a shadow of what they once
Fee’Men, who alone have the medicine needed to combat
were; crossing an entire region in one day on the interstate
the outbreak of plague. Crossing the mountains won’t be
is a thing of the past. Suggested travel speeds (in hexes per
an easy task; too many years have passed since the Ancients
day) are given below.
maintained the old mountain roads, and strange dangers
await them in the mountain heights.

PAGE 111
Colossal mountains tower ahead of you, the Reach 5 ft.; SQ Mange, Reinforced Batter, Stoicly Stupid;
beginnings of a vast range that stretches from horizon AL none; SV Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +2; AP 0; Rep +0; Str 15,
to horizon. The shale gray mountains look formidable, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 4.
their jagged tops laced with a permanent layer of ice Skills: Balance +11, Climb +11, Listen +2, Spot +2,
and snow, buffeted by powerful winds that sweep the Survival +2.
ominous clouds against the mountaintops to the sound Feats: Weapon Finesse (head butt).
of thunder. Towering pine forests carpet deep gulleys,
ravines, and valleys in between the megalithic peaks, Development: If the party is in a car (instead of on foot),
but above them the mountains are just barren rock. the dumb creatures charge en masse in an attempt to drive
You’ve taken an old highway leading west from the vehicle off the cliff. Each time the boulderheads strike
Cheyenne into the mountains. The grade has gotten their vehicle in a given round, the driver must make a Drive
steep, and the asphalt is cracked and at times entirely check to avoid being knocked off the road (DC 10 + 2 per
missing from generations of neglect. Old highway boulderhead successfully hitting the vehicle in a round).
guardrails have been swept off of the trail by years of
storms, and now the only thing you have to go by are VILLAGE OF STATUES (EL 8)
the remnants of cracked concrete dividers. The forest The mountain road continues to wind up into the
has encroached onto the old highway on all sides, and heights, but you are stunned as you turn a bend and are
as you enter higher elevations, the first clouds begin to confronted by an enormous head made of solid stone.
touch the ground, creating a damp, cool fog. Standing over six feet tall, the crude sculpture has angry
eyes, a fanged mouth, and a lolling, serpentine tongue.
The Laramie Mountains are a rugged natural barrier to
travel, but so long as the PCs remain on or near the old The stone head is just one of several outer markers placed
highway they should have no trouble finding their way. by the vanished tribesmen of a local mountain tribe, in a
GM’s Note: Here in the mountains the DC for finding superstitious effort to ward off the Doomriders. The heads
food and water with a Survival check is only 10 (see represent vengeful protector spirits, and the tribals hoped
Survival, page 53 of the DW Survivor’s Handbook). they would be enough to keep their village safe. As the
party approaches the village they notice more and more of
WILD BOULDERHEADS (EL 10) these enormous stone heads, but despite the great number of
The mountain road rises higher and higher, winding statues, the village proves to have been laid waste recently.
its way around the edge of a mountain. The trail is GM’s Note: As the characters search the village they
rocky and rough, and far, far below you see the rusted encounter two tribal warriors who are just as surprised to
remnants of an old station wagon, crumpled on the see them. The two tribals are wary of the PCs but it soon
rocks several hundred feet below. becomes clear to them that the characters aren’t Doomriders.
On the trail ahead is a flock of strange mutated If the characters seem interested, cautiously they engage in
goats, with long mangy coats of tangled hair and huge conversation.
oversized skulls. A few of the larger ones turn and bray The two tribal warriors only speak Gutter Talk, so
angrily as you approach. communication may be a problem. However, if the PCs
can understand them they quickly learn that the two tribals
A small flock of advanced boulderheads [B&L] blocks the (named “Tabo” and “Na’Nor”) are adventurers from a
party’s path along the narrow trail. The road is all but gone different tribe, “far west of the mountains”. This is not their
now, but the remaining trail hugs the treacherous cliffside. village, they explain; in fact, they came here hoping to find
Being large males of mating age, the boulderheads see the allies in their struggle against the Fee’Men (the villagers
party’s intrusion into their territory as a direct threat. The who once lived here, they say, were said to have in their
boulderheads attack the PCs on sight, charging into their possession a handful of “powerful weapons” from the time
midst and attempting to use bull rushes to knock individual of the Ancients). Instead they found a village completely
characters off the mountain path and to their deaths on the destroyed.
rocks below. If asked the men openly admit they came here on their
The actual height of the cliff is 200 feet, so anyone being quest to find a “magical artifact”, a legendary stone called
knocked over will take considerable damage from the fall the “Eye of Il-Omen” which according to their mythology
(20d6, Reflex save DC 30 for half). features prominently in the people being saved from a “great
Advanced Boulderheads [B&L] (5): HP 45 (see below). threat”. They had hoped to bargain with the villagers to get
weapons to aid in their journey.
Advanced Boulderhead [B&L]: CR 5; Medium-Size Tabo and Na’Nor have heard of the resurgence of the
Mutated Animal; HD 7d8+14; HP 45; Mas 15; Init +3; Doomriders and were sent by their people to recover the
Spd 30 ft.; Defense 17, touch 13, flatfooted 14 (+3 Dex, Eye. The tribal men claim the Fee’Men took the Eye of
+4 natural); BAB +5; Grap +7; Atk +8 melee (1d8+3, head Il-Omen years ago from a now-extinct tribe who refused
butt); Full Atk +8 melee (1d8+3, head butt); FS 5 ft. by 5 ft.; to bend to their will. When the Fee’Men took the Eye, it is

PAGE 112
said, it condemned all of the villages to death at the hands of +7, Treat Injury +7.
the Doomriders. Feats: Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Armor Proficiency
The two tribals are very superstitious and continuously (light), Power Attack, Powerful Archer [HDM], Primitive
refer to the belief that if the Eye is recovered and given back Technology, Toughness, Track, Weapon Focus (spear).
to the mountain tribes, it will signal the beginning of the end Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee
of the Doomriders. They don’t know what magic it holds, Smash.
but they do know it is tied to prophecy, and prophecies are Talents (Tribal Hunter [LP]): Hunter, Archaic Weapons
not to be doubted. Specialization, Quick Kill +1 Die, Craft Bone Weapon.
If asked specifically about the Doomriders the two tribals Possessions: Bone spear, compound bow, 10 arrows,
claim to know where the Doomriders are! If the PCs ask leather armor, waterskin (full), trail rations, one juju potion
where exactly, the two men offer to show the PCs where they (1d4+4).
saw the Doomriders - on one condition: if they agree to go
to Casper and recover the Eye of Il-Omen from the Fee’Men. Na’Nor, Fast Hero 4/Tribal Hunter 4 [LP]: CR 8;
Tabo and Na’Nor aren’t bluffing, but they will only agree if Medium-size humanoid; HD 4d8+4 plus 4d10+4; HP 48;
the characters promise to help them recover the Eye. If the Mas 12; Init +2; Spd 30 ft; Defense 21, touch 19, flatfooted
party accepts, Tabo and Na’Nor will accompany them and 19 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +7 class, +2 equipment); BAB +7;
take them to the ruins of Laramie. Grap +10; Atk +10 melee (1d8+4, spear, two-handed), or
GM’s Note: The village is empty, having been destroyed +10 ranged (1d8+5, compound bow); Full Atk +10/+5 melee
by the Doomrider contingent that later moved on to Laramie. (1d8+4, spear, two-handed), or +10/+5 ranged (1d8+5,
At one time the people here collected power clips and a few compound bow); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical
Ancient weapons as religious relics, but the Doomriders took incompatibility, adrenaline surge; AL none; SV Fort +4, Ref
them when they ransacked the village. As a result, the ruins +6, Will +4; AP 1; Rep +2; Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10,
hold nothing of value to the characters. Wis 14, Cha 7.
Tabo: HP 60 (see below). Occupation: Predator (Intimidate).
Na’Nor: HP 48 (see below). Background: Tribal (Survival).
Mutations and Defects: Adrenaline Control, Aberrant
Tabo, Strong Hero 3/Tribal Hunter 5 [LP]: CR 8; Deformity.
Medium-size humanoid; HD 3d8+6 plus 5d10+10 plus 3; Skills: Blimb +5, Balance +4, Hide +6, Move Silently +6,
HP 60; Mas 14; Init +2; Spd 30 ft; Defense 19, touch 17, Navigate +2, Sleight of Hand +4, Survival +5, Tumble +4.
flatfooted 17 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +5 class, +2 equipment); Feats: Archaic Weapon Proficiency, Armor Proficiency
BAB +8; Grap +11; Atk +14 melee (1d8+9, spear, two- (light), Point Blank Shot, Powerful Archer [HDM], Precise
handed), or +10 ranged (1d8+3, compound bow); Full Atk Shot, Primitive Technology, Stealthy, Track, Weapon Focus
+14/+9 melee (1d8+9, spear, two-handed), or +10/+5 ranged (compound bow).
(1d8+3, compound bow); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ Talents (Fast Hero): Evasion, Uncanny Dodge 1.
medical incompatibility, adrenaline surge; AL none; SV Fort Talents (Tribal Hunter [LP]): Hunter, Archaic Weapons
+7, Ref +6, Will +3; AP 1; Rep +1; Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, Specialization, Quick Kill +1 Die.
Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 7. Possessions: Compound bow, 20 arrows, spear, leather
Occupation: Predator (Intimidate). armor, waterskin (full), trail rations, gourd (filled with
Background: Tribal (Survival). fermented boulderhead milk; worth 20 cp).
Mutations and Defects: Adrenaline Control, Aberrant
Deformity. Development: The tribals are affable fellows and though
Skills: Climb +7, Disguise -8, Intimidate +4, Jump +4, they take their mission seriously, are not above opening up
Knowledge (Tactics) +2, Listen +4, Navigate +3, Survival their supply of fermented boulderhead milk and sharing it


The legendary “Eye of Il-Omen” is a large, round opal the size of a human eyeball. The stone is pink, but oddly enough,
a small red discoloration on one side of the stone looks very much like a malevolent “pupil”. The stone itself was mined
from the rocks of western Wyoming by slaves of the NuChurch (whose clergy have become obsessed with precious
gemstones, using gems of increasing value to show one’s status in their religious heirarchy), but was secreted away
by escaped workers and smuggled to the mountain tribes. Eventually it fell into the hands of the Fee’Men when those
tyrants butchered the village that hid the stone (as punishment for not paying tribute).
A mythology has since risen around the “Eye”, a prophecy that claims that so long as the Eye remains apart from
the people who died mining it from the earth, the whole world is in great peril. With the rise of the Doomriders this
prophecy seems to be coming true. But there is hope; according to the tales if the Eye is recovered, and returned to the
mountain people, it is a sign that the dark days facing Wyoming are soon to end.

PAGE 113
(and embellished stories of their exploits) with their new The puppeteers will only cease to be a threat if they are
traveling companions. The two heroic tribals should be discovered and killed, or if the PCs manage to get away.
portrayed something as comic relief (a strong warrior and his Puppeteers (20): HP 1 (see pages 253-254 of d20
crafty archer friend), but they are no joke when things get Modern).
serious in later encounters. Since Tabo and Na’Nor will be Treasure: A search of the cars at the rest stop nets the
with the PCs for most of the adventure - they plan on going party three sleeping bags, a portable four-man tent (takes 15
to Casper to get the Eye of Il-Omen - they should become minutes to set up), a package containing 1d2 power cells,
trusted friends and companions. Along the way the two and 1d4+1 ready meals.
tribals will pull their own weight, carrying their own gear,
taking equal risks in combat - and demanding an equal share ROPE BRIDGE (EL 13)
of any treasures the party finds. Despite the steady descent of the past few miles,
The first order of business, however, is for Tabo and the terrain here has quickly gotten more and more
Na’Nor to lead the PCs to Laramie, where they last saw the treacherous, jack-knifing back and forth down through
Doomriders. According to the men they passed the ruins of the mountains. Ahead of you stands an old rope bridge,
Laramie a few days ago, and heard “ungodly music” from a the only way across a broad rocky chasm. Jagged
compound on the edge of town. This should be a sure sign outcroppings rise up on either side of the expanse,
that the Doomriders are (or at least were) in the area... bracketing the bridge and chanelling the wind down the
CURSED LAKE (EL 20) The bridge itself is of indeterminate age; moss grows
Your slow ascent seems to have leveled off, indicating on the old rope, and a few of the wooden planks are
you’ve finally reached a pass. Ahead the old highway missing.
seems to reappear again. From here on out the journey
should be all downhill. The bridge appears to be the only way across the chasm
On the edge of the road is a small highway rest stop; (short of climbing down a sheer cliff). Testing proves it to
a few rusted cars sit in the old lot, abandoned. The rest be rickety but reasonably stable. It is 60 ft. long.
stop overlooks a calm mountain lake ringed with reeds If the characters cross the bridge, when they reach about
just fifty yards or so away from the highway. The scene halfway (30 ft.) a group of small albino “pygmies” rise from
is peaceful and serene. hiding (Hide total of +22) behind the rocks above the gorge.
Underlings, they pick up large rocks and begin dropping
The party has come across a mountain lake near the them down on the PCs from a lofty height of 40 ft.
remnants of the old highway. The lake looks like a good Every round the rocks scatter across the PCs and the
place to replenish their water supplies (the water is visibly rickety bridge. The underlings don’t care if they hit the
clear), but living among the lake vegetation, lily pads, and PCs or the bridge; if the bridge is hit, it may eventually
skimming on the surface of the water are a swarm of 20 be destroyed, causing the party to plummet to the chasm’s
puppeteers. bottom.
The puppeteers will attempt to dominate the party if GM’s Note: The underlings have a small cave nearby,
they come near the shores of the lake. One at a time, using and a number of their tribe were killed as they foraged by
their lesser domination psionic powers, they will attempt to moonlight when the Doomrider force currently at Laramie
dominate the characters. Being only four inches long they passed through the area. The diminutive tribesmen want
will hide (Hide +20) among the reeds ringing the lake, and revenge, and don’t care whether the PCs are associated with
thus detecting them will be difficult (even if the players the Doomriders or not!
become suspicious from having to make multiple saving Every round anyone on the bridge (and the bridge itself)
throws, they may not necessarily make their Spot checks will be subject to damage from Medium-size falling objects.
to notice the creatures that are subjected them to mental There will be one falling object for each remaining underling
assault). on the rocks above (they can only drop one per round
If any character is successfully dominated the puppeteers apiece). The underlings drop rocks on random characters,
will call her to “lay among the reeds” as if relaxing. The requiring a normal ranged attack roll. Note that each time
rest of the party will likely sense nothing is wrong, as that an underling misses a PC the rock instead strikes the bridge.
character goes out of sight and the puppeteers attempt to Each falling object does 4d6 points of damage (base 1d6,
make her a thrall (requiring seven successful uses of the plus 1d6 for every 10 ft. increment fallen after the first).
lesser domination ability). A character that becomes a thrall Since the bridge is rickety and swaying, characters
will let the puppeteers infest her (beneath her clothing, crossing it can only move 1/2 their base speed, and then only
where the rest of the PCs can’t see), and will carry the as a full-round action (if they make a Balance check at DC
creatures away from this place on the party’s journey north. 20 this instead becomes a move action). If the bridge breaks
Eventually the blood drain will kill the thrall, but by then it falls from under the PCs’ feet, causing the characters to fall
the puppeteers should have dominated another member of 100 feet to the bottom of the ravine. Falling in this manner
the group... results in 10d6 points of damage (Reflex save DC 20 for

PAGE 114
half). mountains.
If the bridge breaks, or if they take more than three When the players are ready, continue reading the
casualties, the underlings flee. following:
Underlings (6): HP 33 (see below).
Rope Bridge: Hardness 5, 30 Hit Points. A while later you approach the walled settlement on the edge
of town. Spears ring the outer wall, and on these dangle the
Underling (Underling Strong Hero 6): CR 6; Small badly rotted corpses of men, women, and even children.
Humanoid; HD 6d8+6; HP 33; Mas 14; Init +3; Spd 20 ft; All of a sudden you think you hear thunder, then the
Defense 17, touch 17, flatfooted 14 (+1 size, +3 Dex, +3 sounds of rain. But electric guitar and strange psychadelic
class); BAB +6; Grap +4; Atk +10 melee (1d8+3, spear, keyboards soon join in, and you realize it is only eerie music
two-handed), or +10 ranged (4d6, dropped rock); Full Atk echoing through the ruins of the village. A crackling voice,
+10/+5 melee (1d8+3, spear, two-handed), or +10 ranged recorded centuries ago, drones out these words:
(4d6, dropped rock); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ keen
sight, photosensitive; AL Underlings; SV Fort +4, Ref +5, Riders on the storm
Will +4; AP 3; Rep +1; Str 14, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 8, Wis Riders on the storm
12, Cha 10. Into this house we’re born
Skills: Climb +6, Hide +12, Knowledge (Tactics) +1, Into this world we’re thrown
Listen +3, Move Silently +7, Swim +4.
Feats: Athletic, Blind-Fighting, Power Attack, Primitive This is the settlement where the tribals at the Village of
Technology, Ritual Scarification [B&L], Stealthy, Statues saw “Doomriders”, and it is here they will bring the
Troglodyte, Weapon Focus (spear). party if they’ve agreed to help them recover the Eye of Il-
Talents (Strong Hero): Extreme Effort, Improved Omen from the Fee’Men.
Extreme Effort, Advanced Extreme Effort. As the characters are aware, a small group of Doomriders
Possessions: Rocks, three spear, one juju potion (1d4+2). splintered off from the force that threw itself against the
walls of Cheyenne, making its way through the mountains to
LARAMIE (EL 15) Laramie. Thrilled by the devastation they wrought on Barter
Eventually the mountains recede into hills, and in the Town, these men were nonetheless diseased and likely to die.
valley beyond you see the sprawling remains of an old But Master Merciless (see part five of this series, Halidom,
city, dark and empty. A small walled village appears to for more information on this powerful general) agreed to
sit on the outskirts of the ruins, perhaps a community of their pleas to be sent looking for more people to kill beyond
ruin-pickers and scavs, but ominous black smoke rises the mountains. Since many of them were in the advanced
from the burned buildings inside. stages of the plague and would probably be dead before they
got back to Halidom, Merciless granted them their request.
The small city of Laramie was a university town of little The diseased Doomriders made their way through the
importance before the war. When war broke out over mountains and ended up here, outside of Laramie. Passing
two hundred years ago, however, the town’s inhabitants through the Village of Statues they laid it to waste, and later
largely abandoned it; the students left to go home, and the they stumbled on some underlings and killed those that
natives, many of them already prepared for the coming they could (see Rope Bridge). Eventually they found this
conflict, packed up what they could and headed out into the defenseless settlement at the edge of the city ruins and, in a
mountains. lightning attack, overwhelmed the populace and killed them
Following the mass exodus of civilians the U.S. military all.
moved in to secure the rail lines through Laramie. These Still filled with murderous zeal the Doomrider patrol was
rail lines became vital when the Great Enemy’s forces in ready to move on, when their members finally succumbed to
the Pacific coast states were no longer containable, and as the plague. They never made it out of Laramie. Now only
U.S. troops began being pushed into the Rocky Mountains. a single Doomrider remains, a complete madman who has
Military supplies passed through Laramie every night, until decided to stay and kill anyone who foolishly crosses his
finally the city came under heavy attack from conventional path.
bombing in the last stages of the war. GM’s Note: The village outside Laramie resembles
The damage to Laramie was extensive enough that a typical ruin-pickers’ settlement, and is not really that
the army eventually pulled out, abandoning the railyards remarkable. A few dozen ramshackle huts and corrugated
altogether. In the following weeks fires from the initial raids iron shacks surround a muddy central square, and a low wall
burned out of control, destroying virtually everything in the (meant to keep domesticated animals in and animal predators
city. out) made of brick, highway dividers, and walls of stacked
Laramie is a ghost-town now, and was completely tires surrounds the entire settlement. The front gate - a truck
abandoned except for a small community of scavengers trailer pulled by oxen - stands open. The buildings, some of
and scroungers living on the edge of town. It is their small which are burning, are empty.
compound burning that the PCs see as they descend from the Most of the slaughtered villagers were carefully removed

PAGE 115
from where they were struck down by the Doomriders’ Occupation: Predator (Hide).
powerful weapons and vertically impaled on the spears and Background: Radical (Intimidate).
stakes visible from outside the walls. Mutations and Defects: Neural Mutation - Precognition,
If the PCs follow the music drifting through the compound Bizarre Pigmentation.
they are drawn to an abandoned car sitting outside of a dark Skills: Balance +7, Hide +18, Intimidate +14, Jump +13,
building (formerly the chief’s lodge), its tape player still Knowledge (Tactics) +9, Move Silently +7, Tumble +7.
playing the slightly distorted song (the Doomriders’ cover Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Blind-Fight, Cleave,
of a Doors classic). Strung up outside of the building is the Defensive Martial Arts, Dodge, Doomrider Initiate
chief of the ruin-picker community, who appears to have [HDM], Elusive Target, Exotic Melee Weapon Proficiency
been tortured almost to the brink of death; he is only barely (chainsword), Improved Initiative, Insane [HDM],
breathing, and is unconscious, and blood streams from his Post-Apocalyptic Technology, Power Attack, Primitive
empty eye sockets and mouth. His eyes and tongue have Technology, Sadist [HDM], Simple Weapons Proficiency,
been torn out. Weapon Focus (chainsword).
Tactics: As soon as the party makes its way here and Talents (Fast Hero): Increased Speed.
finds the chief, a ghostly figure emerges from hiding (total Talents (Strong Hero): Melee Smash, Improved Melee
Hide +28) among the rusted cars in a nearby alley. A man, Smash, Advanced Melee Smash.
stitched up in form-fitting black leather armor, somersaults Talents (Raider): Chaps and Chains +1, Bloodthirsty
towards the PCs before leaping into the air, drawing a Cry, Chaps and Chains +2, Horrifying Kill, No Survivors,
chainsword as he lands at the chief’s feet. Assuming he gets Chaps and Chains +3.
surprise he immediately attacks the bound and helpless chief, Possessions: Mastercraft chainsword +1 (bonus to
automatically slaying him with his first attack, triggering attack), mastercraft leather armor (bonus to Defense), power
his Horrifying Kill ability. Whether or not the PCs are backpack (29).
affected by the brutal and bloody execution, the Doomrider
then uses an Action Point to get a free attack against any PC The only part of Brother Pig that isn’t covered in shiny
within reach, using his No Survivors ability (if more than black leather is his head, which is sickly, pale, and entirely
one player character is within reach - for example, if they hairless. His eyes are an unusual pink color and have pupils
gathered around the chief to examine him - he will try to kill as small as pin heads. Large lumps cluster beneath his chin
the weakest one first, hoping to demoralize the party even and resemble gross, egg-shaped “jowls” - a sign that he is
further). infected with bubonic plague and beyond help (he has taken
Keep in mind that because this Doomrider has the Sadist the initial damage of -1 Con, as reflected in the stat block
[HDM] feat, he will get a +1 morale bonus to his attack rolls above).
and saves after killing the chief. Since this bonus stacks, Once Brother Pig is killed the PCs can search the village.
if he inflicts damage equal to or greater than any other Unfortunately he proves to be the only Doomrider left, so
opponent’s Mas in a single attack, he will gain an additional it is clear that Tabo and Na’Nor were mistaken in thinking
+1 morale bonus to attack rolls and saving throws for the rest this was the Doomrider’s “secret hideout”. A few other dead
of the combat. If he kills multiple PCs, this bonus will only Doomriders are found in the chief’s building, all of whom
increase! appear to have died from the plague. For fun Brother Pig
Brother Pig has one final tactic. Since he is afflicted has assembled the corpses in lewd positions suggestive of an
by the plague, if he is grappled or pinned he will cough orgy.
at his opponents in an effort to infect them. This is Treasure: Besides what Brother Pig carries there are
effective, requiring the character grappling with him to some other valuables here, mostly consisting of items
make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or become infected with the brought by the Doomriders before they died off, but also
pneumonic form of the disease. some treasure taken from the villagers from the Village
Brother Pig: HP 151 (see below). of Statues and the inhabitants of Laramie. These include
two suits of mastercraft leather armor +1 (applying their
Brother Pig (Mutant Fast Hero 2/Strong Hero 5/Raider mastercraft bonus to Defense), an RPG (no ammo), a laser
8): CR 15; Medium-size humanoid; HD 2d8+2 plus rifle, a pulse laser rifle, seven power clips, a magnetic
5d8+5 plus 8d10+8; HP 151; Mas 12; Init +6; Spd 35 ft; shield A, a power beltpack (2 charges), a power backpack (3
Defense 29, touch 23, flatfooted 27 (+0 size, +2 Dex, +11 charges), and two rolls on the Random Finds (see Adventure
class, +6 equipment); BAB +14; Grap +17; Atk +18 melee Appendix) table.
(3d6+7, mastercraft chainsword +1, two-handed), or +16
ranged (by weapon); Full Atk +18/+13/+8 melee (3d6+7, RUIN (EL 0)
mastercraft chainsword +1, two-handed), or +16/+11/+6 Placid waters lap quietly against the shore of this
ranged (by weapon); FS 5 ft by 5 ft; Reach 5 ft; SQ medical large lake. A small cluster of old vehicles, huts, and
incompatibility; AL Doomriders; SV Fort +8, Ref +9, Will shacks sits right on the shoreline like an abandoned
+7; AP 6; Rep +4; Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 14, village.
Cha 7.

PAGE 116
This “village” was in fact a small refugee camp in the the spying of something just under the surface of the lake, or
first months after the nuclear war. It is now apparently hearing a “splash” in the distance as an involute swims away.
abandoned. At night the involutes may be a little more bold, venturing
Characters investigating the ruins of this village will out of the lake and onto shore to investigate strange lights
find only an empty shell of a settlement, put together from (i.e. campfires), or to poke through the party’s campsite
makeshift building materials and the very vehicles the while they sleep. The involutes will always flee if detected,
original refugees came in (campers, RVs, vans, etc.). All of waddling back to the lake to dive in and out of sight. They
these are completely rusted over, and appear to have been will only fight if attacked, and will always try to make a
thoroughly scavenged over the years (i.e. they are missing fighting withdrawal back to the lake where they can dive in
vital components that would make them run, and anything and swim to safety.
else of value). Even if captured, an involute is no longer capable of
Treasure: The original refugees, who later became the human speech. As a result, though an involute captive may
involutes of Haunted Lake, took virtually everything with understand the PCs, it will have no way of communicating
them when they went underwater. The place is now mostly its thoughts short of hand signals or drawing in the soil. In
empty, but with a Search check (DC 34) the characters any event the involutes know nothing of the Doomriders, or
find an intact set of curious wind chimes made from sticks any surface-dwellers for that matter, and will have little or
and fishbones. The wind chimes are shaped like fish and nothing to tell the PCs.
“mermen”, and makes soft music in the wind. It is unclear If the involutes emerge onto land they will come prepared,
who made the chimes, or why they are here when everything drenching their claws in a water-resistant, oily black
else was taken (in reality the chimes were made on a whim substance. This substance comes from a deep-dwelling
by an unusually talented involute from the Haunted Lake, mutant lake fish, whose intestinal fluids also happen to be
who left them here since the chimes would serve no practical a potent toxin. This poison has the following qualities:
purpose underwater). The chimes are worth 50 cp. Injury; DC 23; initial 1d6 Dex, secondary 1d6 Str.
Involutes (Adult), Fast Hero 5 (3): HP 34 (see
HAUNTED LAKE (EL 7) Adventure Appendix).
Mountains looming in the distance to the east are Treasure: If the PCs found the wind chimes at the lake
reflected in the cool rippling waters of a large lake village and recognize that someone (or something) might
splitting the dry countryside like a jagged shard of blue be living in the waters, they may be tempted to return the
ice. intricate bone sculpture to its creator. If the PCs throw the
chimes into the lake, the involutes (who will be watching
This large lake is not a natural feature. During the from hiding underneath the waves) will be surprised and
time of the Ancients a series of reservoirs were built here, will accept the curious art, thinking it is a gift. In return they
intended to provide freshwater irrigation to the surrounding gather up some things that have proven useless underwater,
grasslands. When the nuclear war erupted, sick and dying and bundle them up in an old fishing net. One hour after
residents of Casper fled here hoping to find relief for their the PCs throw the chimes into the water the net (and its
burns (and radiation illness) in the reservoir’s waters. “baubles”) simply washes up on shore near where the party
Those who survived built a small village on the shores waits. The bundle contains a small glass paperweight
of the lake (see Ruin), but over time this settlement was sculpted in the shape of a snail (worth 10 cp), a rusted spark
abandoned. No one knows where the people went, and plug (counts as 50 cp in spare parts towards repairing an
ever since the lake has been considered “haunted” by the inoperable vehicle), the rubber nipple from a baby bottle, a
primitive tribes of the mountains. As a result, no one ever compass, and a minifusion cell (2 charges left).
comes here.
GM’s Note: In reality the people who came to the TRONA (EL 0)
reservoir’s shores soon after the Fall were affected by The wind buffets you as you approach what appears
a strange form of mutation. Their children, and their to be a primitive settlement, built around the ruins of
children’s children, began to “de-evolve”, with each some small Ancient-era complex. Expecting a scene
successive generation becoming more and more fish-like - of carnage, you are surprised as you see a group of
and monstrous. In time they abandoned their village for the villagers warily watching you approach from the edge
deep waters of the reservoir, and have remained there ever of town.
There is a small chance (GM’s discretion) that the The village of Trona has stood on this site, on the west
creatures beneath the waves - involutes (see Adventure side of the Laramie Mountains, since before the Fall.
Appendix) - will make an appearance if the party travels Originally nothing more than another trona plant (of which
along the lake, or camp on its shores overnight. The many dot the Wyoming landscape), the rusty old facility was
involutes are only barely human now, and emerge onto land re-occupied by a group of refugees less than two generations
only if curious. ago. The current inhabitants once came from an Arapaho
During the day a sighting of an involute will simply be reservation up north, but when their homes came under

PAGE 117

attack by desperate folk fleeing the cities during the latter their own, Heesis, an attractive young woman who was
years of the Fall, they left to face the great unknown. recently taken by the Fee’Men as their “tribute” payment.
Relying on their wits, the refugees managed to survive the When a Fee’Men collector (and his bodyguard of Fee’Men
chaos of the times and eventually settled here. warriors) came to take her, Heesis’ father put up a fight and
Like a handful of other small tribes in the area, the people was badly beaten. His daughter is to become the new wife
of Trona have no loyalty to either the Salvation, Cattlemen, of the Fee’Man chieftain - and will likely spend the rest of
or Fee’Men, and for years attempted to live free of these her life in Casper - and for what the Fee’Men have done the
factions and their influence. But barely scraping by through villagers are in an uproar.
hunting (and seasonal trade with the scrap-peddlars that The villagers are wary of outsiders but can tell right
used to live outside Laramie; see Laramie), the villagers away that the PCs aren’t Fee’Men (the Fee’Men have a
were devastated when one year an outbreak of diseased lice unique appearance; see later for details). However, being
threatened their peaceful and fragile existence. a proud people the villagers won’t come out and explain
Searching out a treatment, the people of Trona were forced their troubles unless the characters directly engage them
to make contact with the Fee’Men and enter a Faustian pact. about it; instead they simply ask the party’s business and, if
The Fee’Men were more than willing to trade medicines peaceful, let them pass through the settlement. The people
with the villagers to cure the outbreak, but in exchange they of Trona seem to have little to trade (food and water can be
had to accept “vassalization”, paying regular tribute as the replenished here, however), though one of the villagers has
the Fee’Men saw fit. At the time the people of Trona were some horses that he will be willing to sell - for 400 cp apiece
desperate and accepted the risky proposal, but over time (in trade goods; corium pieces and ReichMarks have no
have come to bitterly resent the Fee’Men and their umbrella value here).
of “protection”. If the PCs ask around the village, they learn the following
The tribe is currently mourning the loss of one of tidbits:

PAGE 118
 The party can find food and lodgings for a fair price are readily available, and they have a juju doctor capable
here. Horses are also available if the party asks of making juju potions (each heals 1d4+2). These potions,
around. along with mastercraft spears and shields made in the
 The Fee'Men are not liked at all in Trona. The people traditional Arapaho way, might be made available to the
of Trona have long tried to live free, only to fall party if the locals come to view them favorably.
under Fee'Man domination in the past. Up until now At the very least the party could secure shelter in Trona
their relationship was tolerable, but just recently the for a reasonable cost (a few cp in trade goods per character),
Fee'Men came through and took "tribute" from the giving them a chance to heal injuries from previous
villagers, and in the process one of their elders was encounters.
badly beaten. A small map is included here; details of the village, if
 News from Casper is that the chief of the Fee'Men needed, are left up to you.
cast out his only son for some unknown transgression.
The chief then put out a call for all villages under A Horse Corral (Covered) E Living Area
Fee'Men "protection" to present their finest daughters Gathering Place Artifact Stash (Fuel,
to the Fee'Man collectors, who were to select a new B F
(Hollow) etc.)
bride for the chief. This bride will bear the chief a C Hide Maker G Juju Doctor
new heir. Elevated Causeways
D H Spear-Maker
 A girl from Trona, named Heesis, was selected by (Lookouts)
the Fee'Men collectors and taken back to Casper,
where she is to be wed against her will. The villagers
would like to have Heesis returned to them, but can COSMIC LANES (EL VARIES)
do nothing on their own since they are relatively Dark, angry clouds crowd the sky over the plains.
powerless against the Fee'Men. The mountains, high an