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Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionaries to Taguig City, Philippines sent by Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA

[2017] A Year in Review and a New Year in Preview [2018]

Dear Praying Friends, Jan. 2018 Praise Reports:

Since this is first and foremost a “prayer letter” it is need- 1. Praise the Lord that Pastor Courtney Lewis
ful to update you with a statistical outline of the progress with the (founder and pastor or Cornerstone Baptist
Lord’s work here in Tuktukan, Taguig City, Philippines. I certain- Church, Chicago, IL.) was able to be with us for
ly do not share this information in the spirit of pride or a weekend and preached God’s word.
“vainglory” but I offer this with thanksgiving and praise to God
for it is His mission field, and whatever we may accomplish we do 2. Praise God that one of our most faithful Sunday
so only by His grace. We are thankful to God for allowing us to School attenders finally got saved after much
find a suitable place to meet and hold regular church services and prayer. Her name is Cham-Cham. Please pray
ministries. Many gave toward the “Taguig Initiative” and we were for her spiritual growth.
able to acquire an air conditioner, hymnbooks, tables and chairs,
3. Praise the Lord for the blessing of fellowship
an electric piano, a podium, a wooden table, blinds for the win-
with many national pastors and missionaries at
dows, and a water dispenser. We opened our doors in March of
2017. Our meeting place can accommodate 50 and we are soon to a Bible conference in Bacoor, Cavite. Pastor
exceed it. Our children’s Sunday School has an average of 45+ in Barrera and the hard working folks of Berean
attendance. Our adult/teens Sunday School class has 10. The AM Bible Baptist Church did a wonderful job
service has an average attendance of 21, and the PM service has hosting Missionary David Cloud and Pastor
about 9. In 2017, we have seen 15 souls make professions of Courtney Lewis. They did a great job preaching
faith. We have baptized 4 believers. We held 4 evangelistic in- the Word of God and exhorted us to pray and
home Bible studies, and 4 discipleship in-home Bible studies. We work more. This is a much needed challenge!
held two successful mid-week prayer meetings and one special
Prayer Requests:
mid-week church service (a precursor to regular mid-week prayer
meetings no doubt). We held a 3 day Bible Club in Santa Ana and 1. Please pray for Cham-Cham’s mother, Marle.
established a good rapport with the village captain and communi- She just found out that she has breast cancer. I
ty leaders). We were able to host a missions team from Indiana was able to visit her and invite her to our
with their pastor. We also hosted 2 visiting pastors and 2 mission- church services. Please pray that she would
aries. We distributed 10 whole copies of the KJB, over 1,700 piec- come and that she too would come to the sav-
es of English John/Romans, & over 15,000 Tagalog gospel tracts.
ing knowledge of Jesus Christ.
We were able to sing Christmas carols at a local hospital in the
village where our mission-work is located. We continue to preach 2. Please pray for a mother and daughter that
every week to the men and women who are locked up in the vil- approached us and desire to get baptized. I will
lage jailhouse, and we also do follow up visits with them and their be meeting with them for two weeks to go over
families as requested. When the apostle Peter recounted the re- the doctrinal and practical aspects of baptism
sults of preaching the gospel in the house of Cornelius the Bible and church membership.
says that the Jerusalem church “...glorified God, saying, Then hath
God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life.” (Acts 3. Please pray for an opportunity to host a Bible
11:18). We desire to glorify God and so we declare to you dear Club in our village of Ususan. A family and a few
friends, a summary of the great things that He has done! children have expressed great interest in having
a summer Bible club. I dream that another
Updates are regularly posted on our webpage: www.hardecker.com.
church plant can occur after the Bible club, Lord
Also feel free to visit our YouTube channel for video greetings and
updates: Youtube.com/c/BillHardecker.

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