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Some women are just totally focused on big dick, they may say they like average or

smaller ones, but are lying to themselfes, because as mentioned, they focus on big,
thick dicks (when asked, they can�t even give you reasons, because they honestly
said that big dicks hurt her). I guess there are women who always go for sexual
extremes, which also counts dick size in, because of psychological reasons. The
sexually most extreme girls I had affairs or relationships with, always had some
huge issues in their childhood/past. All of them had parents who got a divorce and
an abusive father, which equals not getting enough love and comfort (which is
obviously important as a child). So I guess they are diving into sexual extremes as
a substitute for that love and attention they didn�t get as a child. Didn�t have to
be true, just my experiences (unfortunately nearly every one of my ex-gfs or
affairs was like that, so I have some experience in that field).