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January 09

About Magink

The Hall
at Patriot Place
presented by Raytheon

Magink Display Technologies is the world’s first developer and

provider of full-color Reflective Digital Displays. Magink is a privately
held company, founded in 2000, with offices in Israel, the US and the
UK. Magink enhances the large-scale display experience with its
breakthrough reflective technology delivering a natural,
non-intrusive, and warm visual experience while incorporating the
unparalleled flexibility of a digital platform.
Our Product Offering An Eco - friendly Alternative The Display Magink Module
Magink offers its product both to outdoor and indoor applications, Magink’s reflective digital displays offer an eco-friendly alternative Magink enables almost any surface of any size to be converted into
focusing on two main markets: to the bright lights and intrusive display technologies that are currently a dynamic full-color digital display, thus enhancing the way information
available on the market: is perceived, changing the urban experience as we know it.
Architecture and Design Market
Magink’s unique visual technology opens new creative horizons to Natural Experience – Magink’s display is reflective. It works with the Modular and Scalable Design - Magink’s product configuration is
architects and designers. Our one-of-a-kind product creates a new sun rather than against it, and at night, can be illuminated; similar designed around a modular array of digital tiles that can be assembled
paradigm in the usage of dynamic digital media in large architectural to a traditional billboard. The perceived image is easier on the eye and fitted to almost any size and shape.
spaces and urban environments. It’s natural, eye-friendly appearance and delivers a more natural and a visually compelling experience.
makes for a special viewing experience, one which enhances and Self Contained Display – Magink’s display is fully functional in a wide
blends into the overall environment without dominating its surroundings. Non-intrusive Experience – Magink’s display provides an appealing range of ambient conditions.
and warm visual experience, which enables advertisers to create ads
The Magink display can be integrated into numerous applications such that provide the “touch and feel” required for lifestyle products. Light Weight - Our product enables retrofitting on standard
as: building facades and atriums, museums, visitor centers, and other substructures.
creative applications. Energy Efficient – Magink’s display requires substantially less power than
other digital displays; it is energy-efficient. Power Consumption - Magink’s display consumes relatively little power
and works with standard power infrastructure.
Media Market Reduction of Pollutants – Magink’s technology reduces the carbon
Magink’s reflective technology is the only viable solution to the growing
footprint by eliminating the traditional outdoor media supporting
need to deal with the distractive light pollution and high power
logistics (printing, replacing and disposing of paper and vinyl prints);
consumption caused by existing digital platforms. The demand for
causing far less damage to the environment.
new eco-friendly technologies is on the rise.

Our display has no glare and is not distracting in any way to drivers.
Magink offers a product that is compatible with traditional printed
display regulations. Therefore, the potential of upgrading to digital
technology in areas that restrict the use of transmissive and emissive
displays is far greater.
Reflectivity and Morphing Environments The Digital Tile Concept
Magink’s reflective display opens up a new world of possibilities for Magink’s display surface is based on a lightweight, thin, tile-like
architects and designers. It is now possible to create morphing effects building block. The "Digital Tile" concept enables the surfacing of
in large spaces with mixed variable lighting conditions in locations large areas without affecting the integrity of the interior design,
like public atriums, museums, and retail outlets by simply changing creating surfaces that can change color and image digitally, generating
images and lighting conditions. a new visual spectacle in real time.

The reflective attribute of Magink’s display allows for new innovative The ability to provide a dynamic, real-time, digital surfacing tile
viewing experiences. You can now use theatrical lighting effects and represents a breakthrough in the digital display arena and design
multi-colored sources and filters to produce the most unexpected and conventions, providing new ways to design spaces and impact viewing
innovative effects in the industry! experiences by enhancing (and not dominating) the relevant areas.
Technical Specification

General Display Technology Reflective LCD - 3GV Full Color

Use Indoor/Outdoor

Tile Pixel Pitch 9 mm

Number of pixels 18 x 18 pixels

Dimensions WxHxD 6.7 x 6.7 x 2.8" (17 x 17 x 7cm)

Module Number of pixels 54 x 54 pixels

Dimensions WxHxD 20.5 x 20 x 4.7” (52 x 51 x 12cm)

Weight 27.5 pound (12.5 kg)

Display Attributes Fill factor 96%

Viewing angle
(vertical and horizontal) +/- 85 deg

Viewing distance Video >19ft (>6m)

Stills >26ft (>8m)
Stills -4 to 122 F (-20 to 50 C )
Working temperature Video 59 to 122 F ( 15 to 50 C )

Refresh rate Video 60 fps

Image transition <170 msec
Power consumption Stills average 2.6 w/sqft (26 w/sqm)
(display only) Video 5.4 w/sqft (54 w/sqm)

Dimensions modular (based on module dimensions)

Weight (display only) 11 pound per sqft (50 kg per sqm)
magink North America
55 Chatsworth Way Clifton Park,
NY 12065, USA
T. 1 646 713 7499 | F. 1 518 383 3799

magink UK
Culham Innovation Centre
D5 Culham Science Centre
Abingdon, OX11 3DB, UK
T. 44 1865 408 349 | F. 44 1865 408 301

magink display technologies

Neve-Ilan Communication Center,
P.O.Box 3670 Mevaseret Zion 90805, Israel
T. 972 2 533 6007 | F. 972 2 533 5731 | E. info@magink.com

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