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Diversify your Business

with CloudBerry Backup

A value proposition for MSPs
Diversify your Business with CloudBerry Backup

As cloud storage becomes more affordable, organizations of all sizes are exploring new ways to meet
their increased storage demands and streamline operations. This steady decline in cost has made cloud
storage a viable alternative to traditional on-premise storage systems. Amazon Web Services charges as
low as $0.023 US per gigabyte for its high-availability S3 Standard storage tier and a very low $0.004 US
per gigabyte for its Glacier low-cost storage data archiving and long-term backup storage.These price
points make a compelling case for considering offloading part of the traditional, on-premises storage to
the cloud. Data backup, with its inherently high storage requirements and reliance on high-capacity
media has been one of the major beneficiaries of augmented storage resources enabled by the cloud.
Yet many small firms and their Managed Service Providers (MSP) either limit their data backup or don’t
offer backup at all because they do not recognize or exploit the full potential of the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud-based storage provides several advantages when compared to conventional on-premises

Universal availability
Data is available anywhere in the world; transmission and retrieval only requires high-speed internet

Reduced need for IT personnel to manage a sophisticated on-premises infrastructure

Moving objects to the cloud and recovering them is done effortlessly and doesn’t require special
knowledge. This eliminates the need to deploy or manage a complex storage infrastructure

High durability and redundancy

Data propagated to the cloud is highly-durable and redundant as it is replicated, sometimes to
separate locations, to increase storage reliability. This keeps your data safe for backup

Universal availability
Data is available anywhere in the world; transmission and retrieval only requires high-speed internet

Low storage prices opens up new opportunities to adopters

Balanced workloads
You can easily replace or complement local disk, tape, or NAS storage with cloud-based technologies

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Diversify your Business with CloudBerry Backup

Backup As a Way to Expand Your Portfolio

MSPs provide technical assistance on a variety of issues, including: Hardware purchases and
maintenance, software deployment, networking, web hosting, security, and other related tasks. Many
times a key component missing from this list is backup, which provides an opportunity for the MSP to
add additional value by:

1 Generating a new source of income through a backup service offering

2 Providing a more complete and consistent set of offerings as backup fills an important feature
desired and requested by customers, enabling MSPs to improve customer retention and
attract new ones
3 Boosting confidence because customer data is protected against loss or corruption and can be
recovered when necessary – this will make your customers happy and improve loyalty

Managed Backup to Assert Your Expertise

Managed backup means your backup tasks are performed in a centralized fashion by the MSP, instead
of relying on an inexperienced end-user. This has some clear advantages for the MSP:

Universal availability
The MSP controls the execution of backup jobs from start to finish and defining which elements to
back up, thereby reducing the possibility of error. Delegated responsibility also yields reduced
recovery windows (RTOs) and better-defined RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives).

Less congestion and clutter

The MSP designates the most efficient time intervals for backup activity, which optimizes traffic and
better balances workloads. Only the necessary objects are transmitted to the cloud, eliminating
duplicate, overlapping, or unnecessary traffic and storage.

A better customer experience

Positive feedback and a feelings that “my provider cares for me” will enhance customer loyalty
and generate more business
Relieving the end users of the hassle to single-handedly manage backup routines improves
customer satisfaction and generates positive “word-of-mouth”

The CloudBerry Managed Backup Impact

The CloudBerry Managed Backup Service is a robust and efficient solution designed to simplify the
backup process and cloud access while enabling MSPs to provide remote backup capabilities to their

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Diversify your Business with CloudBerry Backup

Once deployed, the service lets MSPs perform scheduled or ad-hoc backups of their servers and desk-
tops and remotely assist their customers in identifying the right items to back up, transmitting the
backup contents to the cloud, and restoring when needed. The service connects to the MSPs existing
Amazon S3 account and delivers hassle-free, automated protection of valuable data from a single
management console.
Data confidentiality is ensured. Through the mechanism of transparent data exchange, the MSP has no
access to the actual data residing on external sources. The MSP merely initiates the backup process and
oversees its completion, while the actual link being established is directly between the end user’s com-
puter and the cloud storage repository over a secure connection.

CloudBerry Authentication
Server and Authorization

Amazon S3,
Amazon Glacier User

MSPs can combine the remote storage capabilities with in-house provisioning to achieve a higher
degree of redundancy and optimize utilization of local storage assets. Additional service features

Optional encryption
Cloud-bound data can be encrypted with the latest Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithms
to prevent unauthorized viewing or eavesdropping.

Backup destination differentiation

You can opt to back up your important data internally to a local disk or NAS and utilize the cloud
repository for less-critical, archival purposes that involve large file sizes. By combining these two
approaches, MSPs can optimize workloads and enhance redundancy protection by duplicating
valuable backup data to the cloud

User segmentation and backup size restriction

You can apply special quota policies that stipulate the amount of data that users are allowed to
store on the cloud

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Diversify your Business with CloudBerry Backup

Backup monitoring and alerting

MSPs can track backup status to ensure they complete successfully. For failed or interrupted
backups, alerts can be triggered that contains the detailed log of the problem, facilitating a prompt

Incremental backups and file upload resumption

Incremental backups ensure only the modified portions of files are saved to the cloud, cutting down
on traffic and storage usage. Interrupted file uploads automatically resume from where they left off

Simplifies management
End-users can track their backup usage through the clear and concise web interface. Cloud
storage appears as a mounted disk in Windows Explorer to simplify cloud access

Branded user-interface & APIs

The CloudBerry team can white-label the user-interface and installer by integrating your company
name and logo with custom graphics into the solution to improve brand awareness. The CloudBerry
APIs allows MSPs to incorporate CloudBerry Backup functionality directly in the MSP software

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Diversify your Business with CloudBerry Backup

License fee
$299.99 for a 10 license pack (minimum purchase amount). Rebranding option is free for
customers with 20 or more licenses (with a nominal fee for those with fewer than 20 licenses)

Licensing term
License subscriptions are annual
Storage costs for Amazon AWS S3 Storage: $0.0233 GB/month.
Glacier storage: $0.004 per GB/month

Revenue assessment varies based on the type of storage selected, the applicable pricing policy, and a
number of other variables unique to each organization. Here is an example of cost and margin for each
license for an MSP that has 10 Desktop licenses total with a proposed margin of 35% per backup license
and proposed 40% per storage gigabyte:

MSP Cost per License Customer Co st per License

License cost (10

$2.49 / month $3.36 / month (35% margin)

1 TB storage and 250GB

download from Amazon $4.46 / month $6.24 / month (40% margin)
S3 Standard/month

Total cost per

$6.95 / computer / month (10 $9.60 / computer / month
computer/month (10

Total margin per


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Diversify your Business with CloudBerry Backup

Getting Started
These simple steps will help ensure a successful deployment of the CloudBerry Managed Backup

1 Sign up for the service free of charge

2 Create a trial user account that includes 2GB of free CloudBerry storage
3 Install the backup software on the user’s machine
4 Remotely manage backups through MBS Control Panel add the URL here
5 Monitor the backups

Check our getting started video

Cloud storage is becoming more cost-efficient and offers new opportunities to manage large volumes
of data for MSPs and their customers. Organizations can adopt a remote storage approach to shift
some or all of their regular backup tasks to the cloud in order to increase redundancy and lower strain
on the existing disk and NAS storage infrastructure. CloudBerry offers a powerful, easy-to-use, and
flexible backup solution to help MSPs remotely manage cloud backup and restore for their customers.

Sign up for a free trial today.

Managed Backup Service: http://www.cloudberrylab.com/mbs
Email: contact@cloudberrylab.com

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