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IBM Sales and Distribution

Solution Brief

IBM Enterprise Asset

Management for oil
and gas
Optimizing asset performance in all your operations

As oil and gas companies prepare for a surge in worldwide consump-

Highlights tion, they need to cost effectively increase supply while maintaining
high health, safety and environmental standards. IBM Enterprise Asset
● Enable collaboration across opera- Management for oil and gas can help you drive higher reliability,
tions, engineering and maintenance safety, productivity and performance.
● Improve productivity and reduce
costs with a focus on reliability and Who owns reliability?
safety Asset and equipment reliability is not the responsibility of operations,
● Create a “common truth” about engineering or maintenance, but a function of the collaboration of all
asset condition and performance three groups. However, these groups often operate in distinctly sepa-
for sustainable improvement rate functional areas and don’t have visibility and transparency into the
activities of the other groups. IBM Enterprise Asset Management for
oil and gas enables collaboration and provides the right level of visibil-
ity and transparency into status, data and information about asset con-
dition, performance and reliability processes. For example:

● Change management—incorporates operating procedure,

engineering and maintenance changes in a single application.
● Incident management—integrates work and asset management with
health, safety and environmental incidents.
● Defect elimination—combines full defect lifecycle management
processes with work and asset management.
● Operator’s log—provides visibility into shift events, downtime, per-
sonnel on shift, maintenance and engineering.

Don’t just focus on reducing costs

Reducing operating and maintenance costs arbitrarily, without confi-
dence or “truth in data” about asset condition and performance, will
almost certainly increase these costs in the long run. Many companies
have reduced operating and maintenance budgets year-over-year
without any real direct visibility into true asset condition and
performance. To capture quality data and have a “common truth,”
IBM Enterprise Asset Management for oil and gas enables collabora-
tion across functional silos like operations, maintenance and engineer-
ing, and with internal and external service providers. The solution then
provides information about the performance of all enterprise assets and
their condition for better decision making about potential cost savings
and productivity improvements. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2010

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As your workforce and asset infrastructure ages, IBM Enterprise Asset
Management for oil and gas incorporates capabilities to help you meet Produced in the USA
April 2010
the highest levels of safety performance. For example: All Rights Reserved

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Operational excellence is an ongoing process
By definition, operational excellence has no end, but instead is a con-
tinuous improvement process that requires teamwork and collaboration
across operational business processes. To realize operational excellence
plans and deliver on the promise of increased production, availability
and reliability, oil and gas organizations must consider enterprise asset
management solutions that enable collaboration, built on a single plat-
form for the “common truth” in data.

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gas, contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit: