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 Get Introducing of GRE revised General Test.

 Learn what is included in GRE Quantitative, Verbal, Analytical sections.
 Become familiar with the format and features of the GRE, including timing tactics, adaptive testing, scoring
and section order.
 You can get introduction from ETS official GRE GUIDE or you can watch Magoosh videos.


Remember you need to learn at least 35 words from Start working on building Mathematical concepts. For
Magoosh vocab for GRE. first of all, it’s important not this use Magoosh videos or Manhattan GRE Guides.
only to learn the literal dictionary definition (the Notes down all important concepts and formulae which
denotation), but also to understand the metaphorical will be told in videos, in your note book. Try to complete
use of the word in context (the connotation). For all videos in a week and learn all concepts and formulae.
example, the word “opaque” literally means “not
transparent”, but metaphorically it can mean “hard to
understand” or, describing a person, it can mean
“thickheaded, stupid.” Ultimately, you should strive to
learn both denotation and connotation of each word.
When u have learnt least 400 words come toward verbal Now come to Barron book, Start GRE MATH Review
section break down. sections. Begin working on the concepts told in Math
In Magoosh Video Lessons watch the video lessons for chapters and do complete all exercises.
Text Completion and learn all types of TC and strategies
to deal with the TC’s.
After TC’s come toward Sentence equivalence question
videos and learn what u need to deal with SE.
After this come toward Reading comprehension
Magoosh videos and learn all types of RC question and
In Official Guide, do the Verbal Reasoning Practice Sets When you have done all Barron’s Math Review chapters,
1- 6 come toward Manhattan GRE 5LB. Practice all its
With that keep on learning vocabulary from Magoosh chapters for quantitative sections. If you find some new
GRE vocab and learn all 1000 words tactics and techniques for solving questions, note down
Now give mock test given in start of Barron book and determine your position. Work on your deficiencies and
Now, give Barron’s two full tests given at end of the book and work on your mistakes and try to cover your weak
Now come toward ETS Power Prep Software and give its first test and know your progress. Determine mistakes you
have done, work on them and any weak concepts.
Keep on vocab learning and memorizing words, and keep Go through ETS official Guide section 5 & 6 and do the
on revising all words you have learn. Quantitative Reasoning Practice Sets 1-4.
Now need to go through ETS official Verbal guide and Go through ETS quantitative Guide. Use this book to
determine where you need to improve. identify areas in which you need more practice.
Now come toward Official ETS Book Tests 1 & 2. Complete all tests. Determine where u stand, if you need to improve
some areas work on your deficiencies and improve bad sectors.
Now come toward Baron’s GRE 6 Practice Tests Book and complete all its six tests. Make sure you are doing as many
timed sections as possible from various sources. If you can’t work through an entire section, always have a
stopwatch whenever you work through questions.
Now come toward McGraw Hill GRE Test Software and complete its all test.
Next, come toward Kaplan GRE Software and practice all its Quantitative and Verbal Sections.
Now, give Manhattan GRE GENERAL test online - Free one
Next, come toward Barron’s GRE Software and give its two full tests.
Next come toward ETS Power Prep Software and give its second test and determine where you stand.

Prepare by: Zeeshan Ali zee0143ali@gmail.com

 First of all, get general idea what is included in Analytical potion.
 In Magoosh Video Lessons watch all Videos in the Writing section.
 Learn about issue essay and get all factors you need to know for Issue essay. Like
 Essay prompts
 How to write introduction and introduction parts like hook, Thesis statement etc.
 Learn how to create essay body paragraphs and its essentials like Topic sentence, supporting ideas,
examples etc.
 Learn about conclusion and it important parts

When you have learnt all about Issue essay, try to write few issue essays.

 Learn all about Argument essay and its factors:

 About Fallacies and how to find them
 How to break down Argument essay for finding gaps
 How to explain fallacies in essay
 Learn how to write argument essay intro
 Learn how to write body para’s and conclusion of Argument essay

When u have learnt all about argument essay, try to brainstorm for least 10 argument topics for finding fallacies. When
u got enough of argument essay try to write 5-6 essays.

Link for GRE Material:

Recommended Material
 ETS’s Official Guide to the GRE book
 ETS’s Power Prep Software
 The Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions
 The Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions
 The Manhattan GRE 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems
 Magoosh GRE Videos
 Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Flashcards
 Barron’s GRE
 Barron’s GRE Software
 Barron’s GRE 6 practice Tests
 McGraw Hill GRE Software
 Kaplan GRE Software
 Issue Topics list
 Argument Topics list

Prepare by: Zeeshan Ali zee0143ali@gmail.com