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The Hindu calendar and Almanac follows the traditional units of time keeping. Each day
is divided into auspicious and inauspicious timings. The specific period of Day assigned
to the Demon Lord Rahu is called Rahu Kal. We in South give a great deal of importance
to the Rahu Kal portion of the day which is considered inauspicious, and some of the
effects of the activities done during the Rahu Kal is reproduced below.

1. If Marriage is done during the Rahu Kalam, then it will produce “multiple marriages"
meaning that the marriage is likely to fail or the natives would have multiple life partners.

2. If the natives start going to the hospital during the Rahu Kal, then they will be forced
to go to hospital for number of times.

3. If the natives take medicines or go for surgery during the Rahu Kal, then they would be
compelled to do it again and again.

4. If the natives start or attend an interview during the Rahu Kal, then they will tend to
attend many interviews meaning that their interviews may not deliver the required results.

5. If the natives borrow money or lend money during the Rahu Kal, then the process will
continue in an endless manner.

6. If the dead body is taken for burial or the last rites are done during the Rahu Kal, then
the natives will be forced to repeat the process again and again.

7. If a travel is started during the Rahu Kal, the process will get repeated. If the travel is
done for leisure purposes, it will make them happy as the natives would be travelling
multiple times.
Hence anything good or bad, if it is started or done during the Rahu period will get it

Even as kids we were told to memorize the Rahu Kal timings and avoid doing any
important activity during this time. My close friend had taught me how to remember the
approximate timings of Rahu Kal each day by the mnemonic phrase is "7.30am Mother
Saw Father Wearing The Turban Suddenly"
The Rahu Kal exists for 1 hour 30 minutes each day.
The time is therefore assigned as under:
 Mother = Monday (7.30 AM-9.00)
 Saw = Saturday (9.00-10.30)
 Father = Friday (10.30-12.00)
 Wearing = Wednesday (12.00-13.30)
 The = Thursday (13.30-15.00)
 Turban = Tuesday (15.00-16.30)
 Suddenly = Sunday (16.30-18.00 PM)
The above timings are arrived at assuming that the Sun Rise takes place at 6AM.

The sun rise varies from place to place and various months too.When the Sun rise is
different, say 5.44 AM in a place in winter for example, then the timing mentioned above
has to be decreased by 16 minutes[6.00-5.44mins=16 minutes].

We come now to the question as to why Rahu Kal is considered bad?

Scientific reasons:
 Rahu and ketu are two mathematical points and really not planets.The places
where Sun and moon paths intersect by considering view from earth are called lunar
nodes. The north and south nodes of interactions are called as Rahu and Ketu in Hindu
 These lunar nodes are mixture of magnetic and gravitational forces of two
celestial objects, hence they show powerful impact on human beings. They directly
impact on neural transmission process of brain which carries signals to all parts of body
and also reflects blood circulation and heart functionality. During rahu kal period of the
day, the impact is maximum and it increases stress levels of mind,causing
inconsistency,besides tendency to do more mistakes leading to mental worries. So it is
best that people avoid important tasks at that time.

Next question is whether birth of a Child in Rahu Kal is considered bad?

The answer is- Not necessarily so.
It cannot be unilaterally ruled that birth during Rahu Kal is bad. It actually depends on
the placement of Rahu in Horoscope, its conjunctions, aspect, lord of the Sign where
Rahu is placed, etc.
I do hope I have given an idea of the importance and use of Rahu Kal in our daily lives.
Good luck.
Shyla JK

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