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Student Name: Eileena Murguia

Topic Approval Form

Period: 4

Topic Statement (full sentence): Exploring programs in Riverside that work with homeless youth.

Answer the following about your topic:

1. What is your prior knowledge about this topic?

My prior knowledge of this topic is that problems youth experience come from many sources such as mental illness,substance abuse,and violent environments.


What problems could you attempt to solve/address in connection with this topic?


Negative thinking which results in bad decisions.


Depression/suicidal thinking.


Feelings of isolation and lack of trust.


How can you attempt to solve one of these problems at Poly or in the local community (not globally)? What type of product do you anticipate completing (see ideas for final product).

One way I could attempt to work on the issue of negative thinking is to volunteer at a local youth center. I could share my own stories that may give them hope and motivation. An example of a product could be a brochure or flyer for youth resources for youth.

4. Explain how you might spend a minimum of 10 hours outside of the school day in the community

working toward this solution.

I plan on visiting at least two local programs who work with youth. I plan on reading about the program and the

topic of youth issues and interviewing the agency supervisors and/or staff to get there professional ideas about working with youth.

5. Explain how you might provide evidence of your work throughout the experience.

I plan on providing the interview questions,the completed interview sheets,and the names of the articles I will read on this topic.

6. Explain any obstacles you might encounter in your attempt to address this problem.

One obstacle might be that some of the agency supervisors might not want to talk to a high school student. Another problem might be that the supervisors may not allow me to speak directly with their clients do to confidently.

Your topic is Approved

Your topic is NOT Approved

Your next step is to complete the research questions. Remember, if you change your topic, you must resubmit this form for your NEW topic.


You will need to revise your topic and resubmit this formBEFOREyou begin work on the research questions.

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