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Sr. Engineer (Marketing)

Company NameAPE Power Private Limited
Dates EmployedFeb 2015 – Present

Employment Duration3 yrs

LocationKolkata Area, India

APE Power Private Limited (Kokata) is an APE Group Company, incorporated with an objective to operate as
a preferred partner in Engineering, Design, Consulting, Manufacturing and Installation from concept to
commissioning; of Electro-Mechanical Equipment for Small Hydro Electric Projects & Outdoor Sub-
● Designation : Sr. Engineer (Marketing)
● Duration : February 2015 to till dated

Responsibility: - Tendering and Procurement

 Tendering/Bidding Works for Small Hydro Power projects and sub-station.

 Realizations & Tender Studies for effective & optimized quotations.
 Determination of type of Hydro-Turbine (Kaplan/Francis/Pelton) & further classifications for a given
 Preparation of Tenders/Offers at Budgetary/Limited Bidding/International Competitive Bidding Levels.
 Preparation of Pre-qualification documents, Technical specification and GTP’s required for submission of
the technical Bid.
 Cost-Estimation of Electro-Mechanical Equipments for Power plant and sub-station
 Realization of End-User’s requirement providing quotation of Electro-Mechanical Package.
 Quoting for Tenders in stipulated time, utilizing the available resources to their best.
 Handling Post-Bid clarifications & reverting with effective & satisfactory resolutions till Award of Contract.
 Attending Client meeting for Tender submission, Pre-Bid clarification.
 Tracking with IPP’s released by Nodal agencies for Order availabilities and upcoming Projects.
 Handling Techno-Commercial discussions/negotiations of contracts for Electro-Mechanical Package of
Hydro Power Plants.
 Procurement all kinds of electrical & Electro-mechanical Materials for Power projects.
 Dealing with venders for getting quotation after sending Enquiry, making Comparative, Order finalization
& making LOI and purchase order.
 Negotiate with vendors for price finalization.
 Communicating & Coordination with Clients/ Consultant for approval of Drawing and documents.

Dates EmployedAug 2011 – Jan 2015

Employment Duration3 yrs 6 mos

LocationNoida Area, India
MECAMIDI HPP India Pvt. Ltd. is a Multinational Company, incorporated in February 1995 at India,
established as the leading company engaged in Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Erection and
Commissioning of Electro Mechanical equipment for Small Hydro Power Projects on EPC basis.
● Organization : MECAMIDI HPP India Pvt. Ltd. (Noida)
● Designation : Jr. Engineer (Electrical)
● Duration : August 2011 to January 2015.

Responsibility: - Open

 Carried out cost estimation of all electrical equipments for Tendering.

 Preparation of Technical Specification, GTP’s, SLD for Tendering.
 Carried out all Purchase related activity of Hydro Power Projects.
 Sending enquiries of materials to vendors for quotation.
 Negotiate with vendor for Price, Terms and condition finalization.
 Preparation of comparative statement and Purchase Oder or LOI.
 Follow-up to vendors for design modification, Material status, Inspection planning and timely delivery of
 Process the bills to account department for vendor payment.
 Arranging transportation for dispatch of materials.
 Carried out all field work like vender assessment and dispatch the materials.
 Verify vender drawings for LT panels, HT Panels, Generator, Transformers, Battery charger, Isolator, CT, PT
and etc
 Carried out Inspection & testing of Transformer, CT, PT, Panels, Cable, Breaker &Instruments at site &
vendor places.
 Visit to site for verify the project and materials handling arrangement.
 Handle procurement documentation in order to maintain detailed records
 Performing erection activity at site.
 Carried out Earth resistivity Test at site.