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Matho National High School

Matho Cortes Surigao Del Sur

First Grading Exam
S.Y. 2016-2017


I- Encircle the correct answer that corresponds the questions.
1.Elements of Thai Music uses pentatonic scale/seven-tone scale.
A. Harmony B. Texture C. Melody D. Form
2. Ensemble in Thailand consisting of woodwind and percussion instruments and
performed in either a loud outdoor style using hard mallets or in an indoor style using the
padded hammers.
A. Thai Ensemble B. Khruang-Sai C. Piphat D. Mahori
3. An orchestra that combines some of the percussion and wind instruments of the piphat
with a stretched string section.
A. Hoon Grabok B. Stick Puppet C. Mahori D. Khruang-sai
4. The combination of piphat and khruang-sai and basically it is played in women courts.
A. Mahori B. Solaw C. Ranaat D. Piphat
5. The name of this country before it was officially change was Tanah Melayu or Malaya.
What country is this?
A. Singapore B. China C. Malaysia D. Thailand
6. An instrument from Malaysia that has 2 strings and tunable it also ranges in 3 octaves.
A. Nafiri B. Erhu C. Rebana D. Tabla
7. One of the system tuning scales in Indonesia that has a pentatonic scales.
A. Pelog B. Ranaat C. Slendro D. Ching
8. One of the two scales in gamelan music of Indonesia that has seven notes.
A. Khim B.Klui C. Pelog D. Slendro
9. A classical vocal music in Indonesia that originated in West Java.
A. Kroncong B.Khim C.Solaw D. Tembang sunda
10. A country located in the southwestern section of the Indo-Chinese Peninsula in
Southeast Asia
A. Cambodia B. Laos C. Burma D. Myanmar
11. A Country located in the mainland of the Southeast Asia.
A. Burma B. Cam bodia C. Indonesia D. Laos
12. A classical entertainment music; played by upper classes.
A. Lakaoun Bassac B. Rhythm C. Mahaori D. Timbre
13. Social Functions usually played at religious festivals
A. Iwan Chin B. Bole C. Balinese Gamelan D. Gamelan
14.A Social Function in Cambodia usually ballet and ceremonial music played.
A. Suling B. Plenkar C. Gamelan D. Pin Peat
15. The country became a colony of British empire in the 19th century.
A. Myanmar B. Cambodia C. Laos D. Burma
16. What country was one of the most beautiful countries in southeast Asia also known as
A. Thailand B. Cambodia C. Singapore D. Indonesia
17. What country is the fourth most populous country and is the fourth biggest nation of
the world.
A. Indonesia B. Thailand C. Cambodia D. China
18. What do you call a female soloist singer in Indonesia who sings with a gamelan?
A. Gerong B. Pasindhen C. Pesindhen D. Garong
19. A term used for every kind of gamelan music in Java.
A. Wayang B. Karawitan C. Balinese D. Kendang
20. What was the Myanmar”s traditional folk music ensemble?
A. Chauk Lon B. Kyi Waing C. Hsaing waing D. Pat Waing
21. A 13 string angular harp with soft sound and a national instrument of Myanmar.
A. Pattala B. Saung gauk C. Padauk D. Taladok
22. What do called the Myanmar’s extensive collection of classical songs?
A. Mahagita B. Palang C. Karawitan D. None of the above
23. Music of Malaysia that was emerged during the pre-colonial period and still exist in
the form of vocal, dance and Theatrical sources.
A. Syncretic Music B. Acculturated Music C. Folk music D. Kelantan music
24. A country that was known for being the sole nation in southeast Asia and has never
been ruled by a western power.
A. Myanmar B. Thailand C. Singapore D. Cambodia
25. An orchestra that’s similar to the piphat of Thailand with instruments that are strictly
percussive but also integrates the use of an oboe.
A. Sep Noi B. Sep Nyai C. Lao D. Khene
II- Match column A to column B. Write your answer on the given space below. Write only
the letter.
Column A Column B.
1. A Cambodian musical ensemble or an orchestra A. Sep Noi
that usually accompanies ceremonial music. B. Silat Melayu
2. An Indonesian term for tempo. C. Dikir Barat
3. Refers to the unison male chorus that sings with D. Singapore
the gamelan E. Gerong
4. A gong-based musical ensemble commonly used F. Pinpeat
in funerals and weddings in East Malaysia. G. Irama
5. This is a form of martial art that is similar to H. Imperial Court Music
t’ai chi and originated in Malay Peninsula. I. Kertok
6. This is a musical ensemble in Malay Peninsula J. Cambodia
that consists of xylophones played swiftly and H. Sep Nyai
rhythmically in traditional Malay functions.
7. Form of classical music in Vietnam performed
in honor of the Gods and Scholars in temples.
8. An independent republic in southeast Asia,
comprises of one main island and about 50 small
adjacent islands off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.
9. This is also known as the mahori of Thailand
10. This is a type of musical form that is important to
Malaysia’s National culture performed by singing in
groups and often in a competitive manner.
III- Enumeration

1. What are the (8) eight Southeast Asian countries?

2. Names the six(6) instruments in hsaing waing Myanmar’s traditional folk music ensemble.


I- Encircle the correct answer that corresponds the questions.

1. Refers to the development of the reproductive organs, which are determined by the presence,
and absence of hormones.
A. Biological Gender Dimension C. Gonadal Basis
B. Structural Development D. Male Reproductive System
2. Refers to the male and female reproductive organ.
A. Male Reproductive System C. Structural Development
B. Gonadal Basis D. Biological Gender Dimension
3. A soft and tubular organ that hangs in front of the body and is the external sexual organ of the
A. Scrutom B. Penis C. Epididymis D. Testis
4. A male reproductive gland that produces sperm and sex male hormones.
A.Testis B. Penis C.Scrutom D. Epididymis
5. The female reproductive organ that produces eggs and female sex hormones.
A. Vagina B. Uterus C. Ovary D. Cervix
6. The genes on the sex chromosomes that determine the gender of an individual and controls the
sexual characteristics..
A. Organ B. Gonad C. Genes D. Genetic Basis
7. A coiled J-shaped tube located at the back of each testicle and stores the sperm for two to four
days after they have been produced.
A. Epididymis B. Genes C. Chromosomes D. Structural Development
8. A pouch of skin that hangs behind the penis which houses the testes and protects the sperm by
keeping the temperature lower than the normal body temperature.
A. Testes B. Courtship C. Scrotum D. Penis
9. A two very fine tubes that extend from each ovary into the uterus.
A. cervix B. Vagina C. Birth Canal D. Fallopian Tube
10. A narrow structure within the inch long canal connecting the lower end of the uterus to the
upper portion of the vagina.
A. Cervix B. Birth Canal C. Vagina D. Anus
11. A hallow, muscular, pear-shaped organ located between the two ovaries.
A. Vagina B. Testes C. Fallopian tube D. Uterus
12. A hallow tube leading from the cervix to the outside of the body.
A. Ovary B. Ovum C. Cervix D. Vagina
13. One of the common sexual health disorders or the inability to have children.
A. Fertile B. Fertility C. Infertility D. Fertilled
14. A transmission of traits or biological characteristics from parent to child.
A. Habits B. Age C. Heredity D. General Factors
15. Smoking and drinking is one of the example of this factors that adversely affects the hormones
of the reproductive system.
A. Habits B. Age C. Heredity D. General Factors
16. Part of the body that produce adrenaline for energy production.
A. Offspring B. Adrenal Gland C. Maternal D. Sexual
17. What do you call a cancer cells form a mass of tissue.
A. Sexuality B. Colustrom C. Cellular D. Malignant tumor
18. The spread of cancer cells all throughout the body parts is called__________.
A. Miosis B. Metastasis C. Morpis D. Memphies
19. Refers to any disease characterized by the uncontrolled growth and spread of useless abnormal
A. Tissue B. Danger C. Cancer D. Cancerous
20. X-rays of the breast that detect cancer is called________.
A. Monogram B. Mammogram C. Meligram D. Hologram

II- Write YES if you agree on the following statements, write NO if you disagree. Use the second
column for your answer.
1. Males and Females have more differences than similarities.
2. Homosexuality is immoral and unnatural.
3. Pornography encourages sexual acts.
4. Sex education is a responsibility of the parents to their children.
5. Premarital sex leads to consequences that may affect the family.
6. Extramarital sex will lead to separation and broken family.
7. Abortion is immoral.
8. Contraception is the woman’s responsibility.
9. Reproduction is the main reason for marriage.
10. Reproduction is not a right but a privilege.

III- Enumeration
1. Name the different types of family planning.

1. A silk produced from the cocoons of Thai silkworms.
A. Lao silk B. Thai silk C. Cambodian silk D. Worm silk
2. Leaves serve as steady diet of the caterpillars.
A. Berry leaves B. Guava leaves C. Mango Leaves D. Mulberry leaves
3. Type of weaving which is weavers tie and dye portions of weft yarn before weaving begins.
A. Traditional B. Uneven twill C. Furnishing D. Ikat Technique
4. A single or two-color fabrics, which are produce weaving three threads so that the color of one
thread dominates on one side of the fabric.
A. Tapestries B. Ikat technique C. Uneven twill D. Textiles
5. What is the national check scarves worn almost universally by Cambodians which is made of
A. Sihn B. Krama C. Chongkiet D. Kampot
6. The Lao women ankle-long skirt whose form is undeniable but whose patterns are unique to each
A. Wrap skirts B. Pidan C. Sihn D. Krama