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THE THEORY OF NAVIGATION axp NAUTICAL ASTRONOMY, PLANE AND SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY, WITH EXAMPLES FOR THE USE OF MARINE CADETS. WILLIAM THOMAS READ, M.A., Px.D. Heap Masree, H.M.S. “Woncestes.” LONDON : : BELL AND DALDY, YORK STREET, COVENT GARDEN. 1869. ISG e. my. MLMLoN AnD DEARLINO, PRINTERS, INTRODUCTION. Tax following pages contain the proofs of the principal Formule of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, and the Theory and “Investigations” of the various Problems of Nautical Astronomy in general use. The Formule are so divided into Classes, and numbered, that they may be easily referred to. At the end of the work are Exercises in the Solutions of all cases of Plane and Spherical Triangles, together with Questions (some ot them analytical) depending upon a ready knowledge of the various Formule previously proved. These Questions, with tho exception of a very few, are original in their nature; but they are not very numerous, as the work is, mainly, and in pretension, theoretical. Some of the Problems, worked out as Examples, are well known amongst Mathematicians, and are to be found in all standard works on Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. For a few Investigations in the latter science, I am in- debted to sources acknowledged where those methods are inserted. As a representation of the course of Theory, taught on board the “Worcester” Training Ship, where, I may add, the want of such a work has been for a long time much felt, it is hoped, that, apart from the interests of those for whom it has been compiled, it may prove of use, generally, to others, who are making Navigation and Nau- tical Astronomy their chief objects of study. W. T. READ. HLM.S. “ Worcester,” January, 1869.