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Construction of Track 4A TCF


Date Of Meeting : 20-10-2017

Venue: Meeting Room, Johor Branch Office Time : 03.30 PM- 04.30 PM
Venue : MIEI Johor Bahru
Subject : Construction of Track 4A TCF

Minuted By: Mr. Loo Kian Sing MOM NO : 01

Agenda : Discussion for project construction


Mr. Eric Tan Chor An MIEI

Mr. VG Murthy Govindasamy MIEI
Mr. Hew Wai Leong MIEI
Mr. Mohamad Fadli Bin Ismail MIEI
Mr. Loo Kian Sing MIEI
Mr. Vincent Wong Ting Shiang DYNA ELITE
Mr. Ee Chun Hong DYNA ELITE
Mr. Toh Choon Huat DYNA ELITE

MIEI , Subcontractors

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Signed and Agreed By:


Name : Loo Kian Sing Name :

Position : Mechanical Enigneer Position :
Company : MIE Industrial Sdn Bhd. Company :
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Construction of Track 4A TCF

1. MIEI informed that DYNA ELITE is awarded for the construction of TCF building DYNA ELITE
and infrastructure works as per BOQ. The preparation of LOA/PO is in the
process, and will be issued once it is done. Mobilization and work preparation
shall complete within one week.
2. MIEI informed DYNA ELITE that CTCI is currently reviewed the JMS & JHA DYNA ELITE
prepared for the job. DYNA ELITE to work with MIEI Team and adopt the
reviewed/approved JMS & JHA if applicable, and prepared for the outstanding
JMS & JHA required for the jobs.
3. DYNA ELITE confirmed to submit list of workers, machinery, mobilization plan DYNA ELITE
on Monday, 23rd October 2017.
4. MIEI informed DYNA ELITE that basic PPE and related certificate & DYNA ELITE
competency are required for the execution of work.
5. DYNA ELITE informed that two containers required for their workers, and to DYNA ELITE
submit proposed laydown required for the construction of TCF by 23/10/2017.
6. DYNA ELITE informed new team shall be formed. However, partially is from Info
Pengerang. DYNA ELITE informed that civil team is ready to start work.
7. MIEI informed DYNA ELITE that material approval, ITP and etc. are required to DYNA ELITE
be submitted for approval. DYNA ELITE is reminded to prepare material
submission is advanced.
8. DYNA ELITE informed that deliverable list for JMS, worker name list c/w permit DYNA ELITE
& CIDB details, and organization chart and etc. to be submitted by 23/10/2017.

9. DYNA ELITE is requested to prepare and submit the detail schedule and DYNA ELITE
manpower loading for TCF by 25/10/2017.
10. DYNA ELITE confirmed workers shall stay outside. MIEI informed DYNA ELITE INFO
to provide transportation and welfare for the workers.

11. MIEI informed that approval for short drawing is not required. However, DYNA INFO
ELITE shall forward accordingly for info, and ensure that they are in
accordance to engineering drawings.
12. MIEI shall arrange short HSE training for new workers with CTCI if required INFO
after the induction system is established.
13. DYNA ELITE informed scaffolding is required for the construction of roofing, INFO
and scaffolds to British Standard is used for the scaffolding.

14. MIEI requested DYNA ELITE to submit proposal on hoarding for construction DYNA ELITE
site at frontage area facing main road as an option for temporary chain fencing.
DYNA ELITE informed that minimum available thickness is 0.23mm TCT for
metal deck and shall submit the proposal by 23rd October 2017.
15. DYNA ELITE informed all fabrication inspection report will be prepared and INFO
endorsed in-house QC Inspector.
16. MIEI informed DYNA ELITE to provide motor and workmen compensation DYNA ELITE
insurance as per subcontract requirement.
17. MIEI informed that the construction shall be completed within 3 months include DYNA ELITE
mobilisation from date of this meeting.
18. MIEI informed that M&E works will be carried out by others. INFO
Construction of Track 4A TCF

19. MIEI requested DYNA ELITE to submit quotation for both internal and external DYNA ELITE
water supply and sanitary plumbing system as per RFQ sent. DYNA ELITE
informed that local Johor Bahru subcontractor shall be engaged for plumbing
20. MIEI informed that authorities submissions are handle by MIEI Consultant. INFO

21. MIEI informed DYNA ELITE to provide all necessary temporary utilities and DYNA ELITE
facilities for their construction work which includes temporary power supply
(genset), potable chemical toilets, portable water, etc.
22. MIEI informed DYNA ELITE to perform site visit urgently to access the site MIEI / DYNA
condition with MIEI team. DYNA ELITE to prepare for site survey and setting ELITE
out accordingly.
23. MIEI informed DYNA ELITE to submit sample of pvc coated chain link fence DYNA ELITE
according to the design drawings for both temporary and permanent fence for
approval before purchase.
24. MIEI requested concrete design mix from DYNA ELITE. MIEI suggested DYNA DYNA ELITE
ELITE to source from 2 reputable suppliers as an alternative for back up. The
concrete design mix shall be submitted on 24/10/2017 for Engineer’s review,
then prepare for trial mix accordingly.
25. MIEI requested DYNA ELITE to explore different construction method to DYNA ELITE
expedite the work, e.g. concrete pump for construction of warehouse slab and
others where applicable.
26. DYNA ELITE informed MIEI that crusher run shall be supplied from Kota Tinggi. INFO
MIEI informed latest sieve analysis shall be submitted for review.
27. DYNA ELITE informed that the steel fabrication work will be performed at their INFO
workshop at Pasir Gudang.

28. DYNA ELITE requested all related construction drawings from MIEI. MIEI shall MIEI
provide soft copy of latest drawings through dropbox as the capacity is large.

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