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LESSON PLAN: PGCE WEEK 31 -1st period


TOPIC Presentation

LESSON TITLE One to one presentations

LEVEL 11 HL LESSON 50 minutes


Teacher’s name Alejandra Salas Villagrán

Previous Learning

* Students chose a 5 minute extract of one movie and analyzed it. They wrote an script and
summarized the information on an outline.


* Students will know a similar experience to their External Assessment Presentation.

* Students will understand common pitfalls to approach this task.
* Students will evaluate their peers and themselves recording their 10 minute analysis.

Lesson Objectives

* Perform a 10 minutes oral presentation

* Self evaluate your performance and justify your grade
* Evaluate your couple’s performance and justify your grade
* Explain to your partner how to improve his performance.

Summary of Tasks/ Actions

1. STARTER - Mindful reflection. (5 minutes)

2. Modelling instructions (5 minutes)
3. 1st round -Student A records. (10 minutes)
4. Evaluation (Peer and self evaluation, student A) (5 minutes)
5. 2nd round (Student B) (10 minutes)
6. Evaluation (5 minutes)
7. PLENARY: Feedback (10 Minutes)
Porpouse of activities

* Starter
Before students begin recording. They will be asked to be conscious about their learning
experience. And to think about what they know, the strategy they have in mind, and how do
they know this information. They will be asked as well to think about how practice, self
evaluation and peer evaluation pushes their thinking into a new direction and to be aware of
new challenges and puzzles that may surface as a result of what they hear, read, watch, or

Main Task
a).-First round 10 minutes.
Student A will record his movie analysis. Student B wont interrupt and will just listen, this way
Student A will be pushed to concentrate and keep going even if he commits a mistake.
b) The peer and the self evaluation will be done according to the rubric, both students will be
capable to recognize areas of strength and weaknesses. As student A, analyzed the same
movie, he will be capable to examine a different interpretation and assessed if the arguments
given by Student A are sufficient to justify his argument.

The process will be repeated in an inverse way.

Plenary: Students will exchange papers and compare their grades to their self-evaluation, they
will analyze the information written and then, they will be able to explain to the their partner how
to improve.


1.- Audio, g-classroom

2.- Self and peer evaluation

3. Learning skills (rubric)

Materials/ Equipment

Projector and woksheets.

Take home task